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27 May 2010

No. 16

Dear Members of the St Patrick’s Family, It is good to be back from chilly Canberra. It was an excellent gathering and, as I have mentioned previously, I had the opportunity of sharing a little of our Community’s experience from Elliott’s death and the immense show of Community spirit that evolved from this tragic event. This was an overwhelming sign of support from my fellow Principals and the wider EREA Community.

East Timor Project Would you like to spend 5 days in East Timor building a school? St Patrick’s, St Edmund’s and St Lawrence’s Colleges are sending a team of 3 adults and 9 students to the Christian Brothers mission villages in East Timor in July to construct a 2 classroom school in a week at Samalate 3.


Samalete 3 is a poor rural community in East Timor and is located in the mountains, high on a North/South ridge, approximately 90 minutes’ drive southwest of the capital, Dili. Job Scope The project is to construct, on a concrete slab, a school building approximately 18m x 7.5m containing 2 class rooms. The project is to be completed within the duration of 1 week inclusive of departure and return to Brisbane. Materials are to be sent in containers from Australia.

Accommodation Accommodation for the volunteers will be at “Dan’s motel” which sleeps 12. The quarters are secure and have 2 dormitories, each containing 6 beds, and an adjoining living area. Although beds are supplied, each person is to bring their own sleeping bag. An ablution block, although rustic, is on site. Other details: The cost of the trip will be approximately $1600 which will cover all travel, accommodation and food. If you are interested, particularly if you have a building background, please contact me at the College on 3631 9000. Have a great week. God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

STUDENTS Frank Torrisi • Year 7 Camp was held this week and the boys arrived back on Wednesday afternoon very tired but happy. Thanks to Mr Loudon, Mr Alvisio, Mr Johnson, Mrs McDonald, Mr Battersby, Mrs Weyers, Mrs Parker and Mr Clark for their efforts in ensuring the boys had a safe and productive camp. • Uniform: All students should be wearing the winter uniform during Term 2 and 3. All students must wear a tie. The College bag should be used by all students in Years 5 to 10 when travelling to and from school. All students in Years 10 to 12 should wear the College blazer to and from school. Please support the College and ensure that your son is following College guidelines. • Absentee information: When your son is absent from school, please contact the College’s absentee line on 3631 9077 before 9am. This is really important as it allows the College to accurately track student attendance. •

Block Exams: All students in Years 11 and 12 receive block examination privileges. Students in

these year levels only come to school during the examination block when they have examinations. While at home it is important students utilise this time productively for examination preparation. When attending school for examinations it is important students stay in the grounds of the College. IPods and mobile phones are not permitted to be used in the school grounds. For students who are staying at school to study, the library will be available. • Student Office – A few matters will assist the Student Office to help all students and parents. Please update your contact details – phone numbers and email addresses. Please be aware that PA announcements can only be made at break times during the day to minimize classroom disruptions. This means that messages cannot always be forwarded immediately to students. This restriction on the use of the PA will also result in students not being able to be called to the Student Office to be

collected by parents. If you are to collect your son during the day for an appointment please ensure he has a note in his diary to show his teacher so he can leave his classroom and meet you at the Student Office.

Year 11 Dinner Dance and Year 12 Formal - Letters have been sent out and payment is due on 18 June. Students who did not receive a letter should see Mrs Fowlie in the Student Office. • Lost Property—there is an abundance of lost property in the Student Office from lunch boxes to uniforms and particularly shoes (black leather and sporting). There is a also large amount of lost property from camps that was left behind. If your son is missing gear please check the table outside Mr Torrisi’s office. At the end of this term we will be doing our usual donation to St Vincent de Paul of any lost property which has not been claimed before then. Please come in and check it out.

COLLEGE DEAN David Gardiner It has been a very busy fortnight with camps and retreats for Years 7, 9 and 10. I would like to thank the staff for their continued dedication and willingness to give up extra time to allow these activities to occur. The retreats continue to provide our young men with wonderful times of reflection and the camps are vital in forming young males on their journey to adulthood. Mr Matthew Hawkins, Mr Mark Ellison and the House Deans provided outstanding leadership for our young men over a number of days last week, and over twenty staff have been involved with camps for three days duration. This time away from the classroom, and offices, places extra demands on staff with regard to their class teaching and

following up emails and phone calls. I appreciate their ongoing efforts to support the young men of St Patrick’s. Over thirty Year 11 students have been interviewed this week for the Leadership Formation Opportunities being offered. This program involves three aspects – the East Timor project as outlined by Dr Carroll, a three week immersion experience in India with Father Liam, and a six week educational exchange to the USA or to Canada. These are excellent opportunities for our students. It has been very pleasing to hear the young men speak so glowingly about the way they have changed during their journey at St Patrick’s and about their desire to

continue to develop and step out of their comfort zone. The quality of the boys’ applications has been very impressive. I will name the successful students next week. With this week’s Calling, your son should have also brought home the 2010 St Patrick’s Family and Business Directory. I would like to congratulate and thank Mrs Julie Parker for her great efforts in the production of the new directory. The directory should assist families in contacting other families for matters such as social and transport arrangements and schoolwork. I also strongly encourage you to support the local businesses that have generously supported the directory.

STUDIES Chris Campbell This year has seen some positive developments in the use of contemporary technology at St Patrick’s College. The most significant of these developments has been the launching of the new look College webpage. In turn, this has created opportunities for more effective channels of communication between the College, students and parents. The use of Parent Lounge and Student Café are examples of this improved interaction. As I have often stated in this column and

at parent meeting opportunities, this three way process of communication is vital to the effective running of the College in all areas, academic, pastoral and mission. Hence, I encourage all parents and boys to log on regularly through either Parent Lounge or Student Café. The progressive marking system will keep all concerned up to date with student achievement. Task sheets relevant to current units of study have been posted. I believe it is important for parents to access these task

sheets, with a view to becoming as knowledgeable as possible regarding the activities your sons are required to complete. Look for opportunities to talk to the boys about their tasks. Talk through the assignments with them. The more they can articulate what they must do, the greater their chance of completing assignments thoroughly and proficiently. Being involved as much as you can in your son’s academic ventures can only yield positive results.

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We have passed the halfway mark in Term Two and are only a few short weeks from the end of term examinations. I would ask that teachers, parents and students remember that while there are many co-curricular distractions at this time of year, our core business at St Patrick’s is education and academic results should be your first priority. I suggest that parents and students consider the results of Term One and the suggestions made at Parent-Teacher interviews in April. By now over 90% of the term’s content will have been taught and students’ study routines should be including all of this work. Remember ALL students in Years 8-12 should be spending at least 20 minutes studying mathematics EVERY night. Study is in addition to the normal nightly homework that would be set at the end of every lesson, and in addition to any other assignments that are due. Study can involve: Re-reading the textbook Re-writing your notes from class Re-completing the set homework from past weeks to improve proficiency Doing additional exercises from the textbook or from other resources If students find they do not have enough time to do this, they need to cut back on their extra-curricular activities. For students who have missed lessons, it is vital that they catch up on the missed work. They will need to get a copy of the missed work from another student and complete the homework that was set in their absence – teachers will not have time to re-teach material in normal classes, but will be able to direct students to where they can obtain the information. Finally, I would like to direct students to my “Teacher Page”, which can be accessed through the Student Café portal on the College website. Next week I will be uploading revision sheets for each of the Mathematics subjects in Years 10-12. If you have any questions, I can be contacted via email at Ben Greenfield Head of Mathematics (Years 10-12)



8B HPE Test


8F HPE Test


8A Drama Test



Bus St Test

Fri B 11 Jun 3-4

Maths Test

Tue A 15 Jun


3-4 (5)

Maths Exam


Drama Test Science Exam


Wed A 16 Jun 6-7

Science Test

9B PE Test

3 3


YEAR 12 8.50 8.50 12.00 12.00

CC SoR-Cancelled S1M1 12A Engin CC History CC MultiStrand

8.50 8.50 8.50 8.50

S2C1 Accounting O210 Indonesian CC Geography C201 Music


S2G1/2 Graphics


E201-2, E208-9 REE CC Maths B (2)



CC Mar St


Eng Comm Test

12.00 12.00

CC Tech Prodn S2C1 Accounting


10A HPE Test

8.50 8.50

CC Maths A CC Maths B (1)


Shop A Th Test 11.00

3-4 (5)

Science/Core Science Exam

8.50 8.50 12.00

C201 Music M1F1 Vis Arts S2G1/2 Graphics

8.50 8.50 12.00

S1W1/2 Furnishing E209 Maths C CC Economics


Shop B Th Test


S1W1/2 Furnishing


Bus St CR Test

8.50 8.50 12.00

CC Maths A CC Maths B CC PE


CC Physics

8.50 8.50 12.00 12.00

CC Maths C S1M1 11A Engin CC Geography CC MultiStrand


CC Marine St

12.00 12.00

CC IPT S1M1 12B Engin

8.50 8.50

CC IPT S1M1 11B Engin

8.50 12.00

CC Physics S201, O211 SoR (Draft return session)

9A PE Test Music Test

Thu A 17 Jun

Fri A 18 Jun



3-4 (5) 3-4

Core Maths


Adv Maths (2)

Adv Maths (1)

NOTE: 9 Jun Per 3-5 12 REE Exam 8 June Per 3 10 SoSE; Per 3-4 10 Geog; Per 3-4 (5) 10 History 7 Jun Per 4-5 9 Shop A Theory; 8 Jun Per 3-4 9 Graphics; 9 Jun Per 3-4 Shop B Theory

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IDENTITY & MINISTRY Mark Ellison hands up. Unfortunately, due to the camp program half of these students were unable to attend, and after some illnesses and other clashes we ended up with 16 young men who toughed out this experience. These boys were outstanding and have all reported back as to what an eye opening experience it was. Probably the biggest eye-opener was the brick moving challenge in which the boys were required to carry bricks back and forth for an hour and a half. As I took on the slum conditions myself, I can tell you that just 10 minutes in I was looking for a break, but Josh Duke, Mitch Hall, Tom Drew and Harry Galvin, amongst others, astounded me with their ability to continue carrying 8 bricks at a time for over an A short ceremony will be held before the hour. It was a very sobering moment to 1st Rugby game against St Laurence’s this see pictures later that night of 12 year Saturday to signify the importance of this old boys carrying 8 bricks on top of their event. heads with another one in each hand, and to hear that these children do this type of Slum Survivor work for up to 14 hours a day, every day As part of the Year 10 retreat program, of their lives. While our boys were paid last week we offered students the 50 cents for their efforts, these children opportunity to take part in a “Slum work for nothing other than to repay Survivor” retreat in which we attempted debts owed by their parents – debts that to simulate, in a very small way, what life they themselves will pass down to their is like for the 1.2 billion people who live children. in slums around the world. When we The sleep out, which was colder and more asked the Year 10 class who would like to uncomfortable than expected for most of volunteer to do hard and tedious manual us, gave us a good indication of the labour most of the day, eat a piece of conditions faced not only by the billion bread for lunch and a small bowl of rice people living in slums, but also by the 105 for dinner, and sleep outside in 000 Australians who are homeless each cardboard boxes, I was extremely night. All of the boys spoke about how impressed, although not really that determined they now are to take action to surprised, when 60 St Pat’s boys put their

National Reconciliation Week This week is national reconciliation week with yesterday being celebrated as National Sorry Day. This week is again a celebration of both the Australian government’s apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for injustices of the past and the progress that has been made in recent years to redress these issues, and a reminder of the need for all Australians to continue to work towards achieving reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. To find out what more you can do please visit or

help those who endure these conditions every day, and just as importantly, or perhaps more so, how much the retreat made them appreciate what they have in their own lives. The small bowl of rice we shared together for dinner was certainly one that we savoured and the strong community feel at dinner was a great example of the sense of community that the poor of the world often experience in sharing the little that they have with one another. A very big thank you goes to Mr Steve Copping and Mr Paul Corfield who also took part in this retreat, and all the other House Deans and students who were outstanding in the rest of both the Year 10 and Year 9 retreats that took place last week.

Mark Mewburn DEPRESSION is a real concern for a significant number of young people. Some access counselling, some are prescribed antidepressants and some simply suffer in silence. For those who are not yet ready to access support from a mental health professional, there is a study being done by University of Melbourne regarding Mood Memos, that might help. More information is available at:

Victoria Point High School Auditorium, Victoria Point. Tickets are $40 if purchased online at http://

Generation Next Seminar features speakers like Michael Carr-Gregg. The seminar will focus on providing essential and up to date information for parents and carers about problems relating to bullying, school violence, drugs and alcohol, cybersafety, mental health and related issues that affect young people and on constructive solutions to these problems. The seminar will be held on SUNDAY afternoon, 20 June, at the

CONNECT is a website offering a wide range of information, referral options, web links and workshop opportunities on issues concerning educational and personal development in young people. This is a Brisbane based service and is well worth a look.

Coming Events • Nursing and Health Careers Expo – Sunday 6 June – Convention Centre 10am -3pm • Day in the Life of a Chartered Accountant: Brisbane Convention Centre – Wednesday 9 June 6-7:30pm – Yr 1012s - Free/smart casual/drinks and nibbles provided – MUST register at students • Tertiary Studies Expo - This expo showcases a wide variety of Tertiary studies options: Universities, TAFE, Private providers. 17-18 July 10am-4pm

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ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR OF SPORT—LUKE DONATINI Congratulations • Bentley Brown (Yr10) – Played for the Queensland White Under 15 Volleyball, finished in 4th place at the recent National Titles. • Jacob Johannessen (Year 10) – Named as a shadow player for the Under 15 Queensland Schoolboys Volleyball Team • Lawrence Graham, Mitchell Dale and Jacob Johannessen (all Year 10) – competed for Metropolitan North at the recent Queensland Under 15 Schoolboys Championships and placed 3rd overall. • Lachlan Bradley (Year 8) – Selected into the Metropolitan North Under 15 Schoolboys Baseball Team. • Pearson Locke (Year 5) and Thomas Berry (Year 5) – Selected into the Bramble Bay Cross Country Team to compete at the Metropolitan North Cross Country Championships next Tuesday. Pearson came first and Thomas came eighth. • Jacob Caruana, Matthew

Hollingsworth, Liam Hawkins (all Year 7) - Selected into the Bramble Bay Cross Country Team to compete at the Metropolitan North Cross Country Championships next Tuesday. Jacob came first , Matthew came second and Liam came eighth. • Aaidan Benn (Year 5) – will represent Queensland in Indoor Football (Footsal) at the upcoming National Championships later this year. • Hayden Connell (Year 8) and Nick Pokia (Year 8) – were members of the Little League Baseball team that won the State Titles of Little League Baseball Queensland. Next week they will compete and represent their region and State at the National Titles on the Gold Coast from 4 to 9 June. Both students have also been selected from the State Titles to represent Baseball Queensland in Beijing, China, in August, 2010. Best of Luck • The SPC CIC Cross Country Team – Students in Year 5, 6 and 7 will represent St Patrick’s College at the Combined Independent Colleges

(CIC) Cross Country Championships next Wednesday, 2 June. We wish them all the best of luck. • SPC Cross Country Runners – A group of over 30 SPC Cross Country Runners will compete at the up and coming Metropolitan North Cross Country Championships next Tuesday, 1 June. We wish them every success as they compete to gain selection into the Met North Cross Country Team. ROAR ACTIVE FOOTBALL PROGRAM – GRADES 5 – 7 The One Day Rapid Program will once again be conducted at St Patrick’s College. The cost is $20 and includes: 90 minute coaching session One (1) ticket to a Roar home game at Suncorp Stadium Rapid Fire Inflatable Field Limited numbers (of participants) When: Monday 1 June Where: St Patrick’s College Back Oval Time: 3.15pm – 4.45pm Forms are available from the College Student Office

RUGBY CO-ORDINATOR—HEATH MACKINTOSH Rugby St Patrick’s College Vs St Laurence’s College (AWAY) Saturday 29 May 2010 SLC Playing Fields, Nathan Road, Runcorn Time

Crawford Oval Field 1

Lehmann East Field 2

O’Neil Oval Field 4

Field 5







13A (QRRA Referee)


12 noon






2ndXV (QRRA Referee) 1stXV (QRRA Referee)

16A (QRRA Referee)


14A (QRRA Referee)


PLEASE NOTE: • QRRA Appointed Referees for SPC 13A, SPC 14A, SPC 15A, SPC 2ndXV, SPC 1stXV. • Canteen will be in operation on the day at SLC Playing Fields • Sports Medicine will be on site on the day

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D RUGBY CO-ORDINATOR CONT’D—HEATH MACKINTOSH CIC Rugby St Patrick’s College Vs Anglican Church Grammar School (HOME) Saturday 29 May 2010 Curlew Park – Curlew Street, Sandgate TIME 8.00am 9.00am 10.00am 11.00am

Curlew Rugby 1 SPC 5A Rugby (Christian van der Nest- Referee)

Curlew Rugby 2 SPC 5C Rugby (Reimon Raukete – Referee)

SPC 5B Rugby (Christian van der Nest – Referee) SPC 7B Rugby (Michael Hoffman – Referee) SPC 7A Rugby (Regan Kelly – Referee)

SPC 6B Rugby (Nathan James – Referee) SPC 6A Rugby (Regan Kelly – Referee)

FOOTBALL CO-ORDINATOR —LUKE DONATINI St Patrick’s College Vs St Laurence’s College (AWAY) Saturday 29 May 2010 SLC Playing Fields, Nathan Road, Runcorn Time


Field 7


Lehmann West Field 14A












2ndXI (Referee – AIC Allocated) 1stXI (Referee - AIC Allocated)






PLEASE NOTE: • AIC appointed referee for SPC 2ndXI, SPC 1stXI. • Canteen will be in operation on the day • Sports Medicine will be on site on the day CIC Football St Patrick’s College Vs Anglican Church Grammar School (HOME) Saturday 29 May 2010 Curlew Park – Curlew Street, Sandgate TIME

Curlew Football 1



SPC 7A Football (Darryl Griffith – Referee)



SPC 7B Football (Darryl Griffith – Referee)


Curlew Football 2 SPC 6A Football (Josh Sneath – Referee) SPC 5A Football (Josh Sneath – Referee)



Curlew P&F Football 3 SPC 5B Football (Brayden Teeuwsen – Referee) No Game


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ACTIVITIES CONT’D DIRECTOR OF CULTURE —GEOFF SAMUELS QDU DEBATING Tonight Year 10 Team (1) will conclude the third round of debates by arguing in the affirmative “That we should reserve seats in Federal parliament for Indigenous Australians” against St Columban’s College(1) at Northside Christian College at 8.15pm, not 7.00pm as previously timetabled (QDU changed the time due to forfeits by other teams). The draw for the fourth round of debates is as follows: Grade

Date and Topic

Time and opponent


Team members must arrive 1½ hours prior to debate time


Team 1 7.00pm Aff vs Bribie Island SHS (2) Team 2 7.00pm Aff vs Bribie Island SH S (1)

St John Fisher College


2 June; That the government should not fund private schools

Team 1 7.00pm Aff vs St Margaret’s (2) Team 2 7.00pm Neg vs Padua College (2)

St Margaret’s College



Team 1 7.00pm Neg vs Grace Lutheran (1)

Northside Christian College


9 June; That we should compel priests to disclose the details of confessions in trials

Team 1 7.00pm Aff vs St Paul’s (2) Team 2 8.15pm Aff vs North Lakes State College (1)

Albany Creek SHS


2 June; That the West should fund democratic movements in oppressive regimes

Team 1 8.15pm Neg vs St Columban’s (2) Team 2 8.15pm Aff vs Matthew Flinders Anglican (1)

St Patrick’s College


Team members must arrive 1½ hours prior to debate time

AIC CHESS Friday night was a great night. 16 Boys, some weary from the Year 9 and 10 camps, made the trip out to St Peter’s Lutheran College. Based on recent round results, we were going in as favourites. However, the main focus of the St Patrick AIC team is too... 1) Play smart and efficient chess. 2) Respect the opposition and their individual abilities. Chess is a complicated game. Being over confident can change the momentum of a game in a second. Round 1 produced very pleasing results. I found myself punching the air at the conclusion of most games, signifying yet another win. All teams, including the Junior As, were leading going into Round 2. Round 2 saw the men of St Patrick’s dominate the majority of games. The Open A team won 13-3, the Senior B team won 12-4, the Junior A team won 10-6 (YAY!) and finally the Junior B team won 14-2. We still have three teams fighting it out against the likes of SLC and SEC for a premiership. This Friday night is going to test not only our ability but our focus as well. SLC are the AIC defending champions and have been for the past five years. Despite this, we will be ready and we will give 110%. I am asking for all parents, team members and friends to turn up this Friday night and offer your support. A positive result could see St Patrick’s achieve our best overall result in AIC chess, EVER! Fight the good fight. Paul Arcodia Chess Coordinator.

BIS COMPETITION Next Tuesday, 1 June, we will be hosting Nudgee Junior College in Round 3 of the Debating, Public Speaking and Chess competitions. All activities will be conducted in the Morrisey Building commencing at 7pm. It would be great to have a good number of staff, parents and students in attendance to support our young men and to enjoy a great night of friendly rivalry.

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DARE YOU TO HAVE A LAUGH TODAY!!!    QUARTER FINAL TIME!!    Please support our teams in the quarter final round of Theatresports.    Team  Beefcake at  Grace Lutheran College, Mewes Road, Rothwell on Monday 31 May at  7pm  Teams Smile and Wave and Leggings are not Pants at St Patricks College, Callan Centre, on  Tuesday 1 June at 7pm.   

                                                                                                                                          BEEFCAKE                                                        SMILE AND WAVE                                       LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS 

Chemistry News Last Saturday fifteen St Patrick’s men entered the annual RACI National Chemical Analysis Competition which was held at various venues across the country. 95 teams competed at the University of Queensland, St Lucia, and our 1st team, comprised of Oscar Ryan, Marc Roset and Daniel Row, performed at such a high standard they were awarded “excellent team” status and qualified for the national finals to be held on 16 October. Nine teams from this venue qualified on Saturday. St Patrick’s was the only AIC college and the only “boys only” school good enough to progress to the finals. On the whole our boys did particularly well. The competition has teams of three performing individual chemical titrations to determine the exact concentration of sodium hydroxide and acetic acid solutions when given hydrochloric acid of a known concentration. Their results are compared to actual concentrations; the differences are squared and then totalled. Oscar had a difference of one and Marc and Daniel had four, meaning the team had an overall score of 33 (12 + 42 + 42). Ipswich Girls’ Grammar, the winners on the day, had a score of 5. Over half of our boys had an individual raw score less than 5, and 13 of the 15 were within 1% of the of the true acetic acid concentration. Anthony Curcuruto achieved a perfect score of zero as his analysis was exactly correct. Back in the school laboratories, all Year 11 and 12 Chemistry students are well under way with their Extended Experimental Investigations – Year 11 are investigating water quality and Year 12, polymers. These important assignments are all due next week.

Instrumental Music It has come to our attention that a small number of boys are lingering after music tuition and missing classes. The individuals concerned have been issued with final warnings and will be removed from the music program if this behavior continues. Please note the following: No student should miss an entire lesson due to music. The lessons last 30 minutes meaning that there is plenty of time to be in class for the beginning or end of each lesson. The timetables are designed so that they will not clash with the same subject more than once or twice per term. Every music student is to have a copy of his music timetable in his diary to present to teachers on request. Occasionally if a student has missed a lesson through no fault of his own, he will be offered a make up lesson. In this case we ask the tutors to make a note to that effect in the student’s diary indicating the date and time of the lesson.

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The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:Tuesday Morn BBQ— Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am—9.00 am

Thursday Morning BBQ — Humpybong School 7. 30 am—9.00 am

Thursday Evening Street Van — Brisbane City 5.00 pm—8.45 pm

Saturday Night BBQ—Sandgate Rotunda 5.45 pm—8.30 pm

Tuesday, 1 June Matthew Rowe, Sam Hansen, Brandon Fourie, Jack Grindrod

Thursday, 3 June Matthew Rowe, Sam Hansen, Brandon Fourie, Jack Grindrod

Thursday, 3 June Nick Byrnes, Matt Lidement, Blake Henley, Sam Barry, Ivan Sladojevic, Brad Hamilton

Saturday, 29 May Joshua O’Loughlin, Gerard Denkes, Riley Pennisi, Rhys Bayliss

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mr Ellison ASAP.



Fri          28/05 

Debra Phillpot, Alf Messina, Maria Neilson, Leanne Carroll, Vera Woods 

Mon      31/05 

Rosary Guppy, Chris Row, David Row, Maggie McGowan 

Tue        01/06 

Jo Humble, Michelle Smith, Sara Cronk, Tracey Hethorn 

Wed      02/06 

Mary Brodie, Sue Henley, Andrea Meade, Jane Doyle 

Thu        03/06 

Julie Blansjaar, Liz Divine, Jeana Scott, Vicki Robinson 

Fri          04/06 

Evelin Liddell, Fiona Prince, Joanne Casey, Chris Jones 


Come and join us for a mid-year get together . When: Time: Where: RSVP:

Tuesday, 8 June, 2010 6.30pm. Prince Oriental Chinese Restaurant, Toombul Shopping Centre Friday, 4 June, 2010

Hope to see you there! Corpus Christi Procession The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, Corpus Christi, procession will take place on Sunday, 6 June, at 2pm at Nudgee Junior, Twigg Street, Indooroopilly, with Bishop Joseph Ouderman OFM, Auxiliary of Brisbane, presiding. Pope Benedict stated that “The Eucharist is the source of every form of holiness, and each of us is called to the fullness of life in the Holy Spirit.” It would be good for as many families from St Patrick’s College as possible to attend.

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Hat embroidered with D. Turk Hat embroidered with B. Woods and a Coffey House Shirt—Please return to Ben Woods Year 8 Coffey 9 or to the Student Office Hat embroidered with L. Bolton Grey jumper and green St Pat’s Jacket (Size 16) with name of Saseve on tag and hat embroidered with Saseve Hat embroidered with J. Kennedy Hat embroidered with M. Cornish

O’Rourke House As always it has been a busy term for O’Rourke and the entire St Patrick’s community. AIC and CIC Rugby and Football are well under way and it is great to see so many participants across all age groups. The atmosphere at Curlew Park on Saturdays has been outstanding, with great numbers of SPC supporters present. The SPC Chess and Debating teams have set the standard, winning week after week. At the Inter-House level, O’Rourke is in 2nd position after achieving 2nd place in both Cross Country and Chess. O’Rourke students are continuing our support for East Timor orphans through our weekly money collections. Congratulations to O’Rourke students, Luke Squire, who was co-captain of CIC Swimming, Liam Kelly, the captain of Football, and Daniel Bourke, who is the captain of Debating. Finally, good luck to all students as we approach the end of the term and examination block. Please see Mr Carlill for details

O’Rourke House Captains

Uniform Shop BLAZERS are continuing to come in. Please get your son to check if his is here.

Helpers required for Grandparents Liturgy

PERFORMAX SKINS – Knee length $36. Ankle length $53.

Thursday, 3 June, 2010 Commencing at 9.00am Please contact Helen Righetti on 3631 9014 if you are able to assist


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Australia v Ireland Rugby Pre-game Cocktail Event Saturday, 26 June, 2010. The Mimiki Foundation together with The Summit Events (above the Iceworks) are proud to be hosting the 2010 Australia v Ireland Pre-game Cocktail Event with special guest speaker, Tony McGahon, Head Coach of Munster Rugby. Date: Saturday, 26 June, 2010 Time: 3:30pm – 7.30pm Venue: Summit Events Centre, Level One, Iceworks Building, 157 Given Terrace, Paddington. Cost: $100 per person (premium canapes, beer, wine and spirits) 7.30pm-12.00am – If you're not going to watch the Rugby game live at Suncorp Stadium, please feel free to stay at Summit Events to view the test match on the big screen. Full cash bar provided and all proceeds will be directed to the Mimiki Foundation.

Bookings essential - numbers limited. RSVP by Thursday, 17 June, 2010 PAYMENTS can be made via the website:

Our Guest Speaker Tony (Dumper) McGahan, Director of Rugby The 37 year old joined Munster in February 2005 as Defence Coach and the following season - with his role expanded to Defence / Backs / Skills Coach - played a central role in Munster securing their first ever Heineken Cup title. He enjoyed further Heineken Cup success in 2008 when Munster triumphed against Toulouse and last season, his first season as Munster Director of Rugby, took the squad to the semi final of the Heineken Cup and victory in the Magners League.

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P & F NEWS Last Wednesday the P&F hosted a Parent (Pastoral) Information Night. I hope that everyone who attended was able to take away some useful information. Thanks go to Mr Frank Torrisi for arranging the evening and to the guest speakers, Senior Constables Nathan Russell and Diane Kratochvil of the Qld Police, Sophie Morson, Child Psychologist form Child Youth and Mental Health Service (CYMHS) and Rebecca Maurer, Psychologist from Youth Community Team (Hothouse). All Entertainment Books should have either been paid for or returned to the College if not required. If you have not already done so, please make arrangements as soon as possible. If you have any queries, please contact Lesley Palmer on 0421 524 991. We have had a very good response so far and we appreciate your participation. The next fundraising for the P&F is an ongoing venture. Gary Greinke, the Manager of Mal Meninga’s Fruit Market at Taigum has started a fruit/vegie home delivery service and for every $45 pack sold the P&F would receive $5. Customers would email their completed order form to the Fruit Market and arrange payment direct to the Fruit Market. The packs can be fully customised to suit your family and delivery is free. Please see the flyer in this week’s Calling for more information. Did You Know??? In 2012 the College will celebrate its 60th year and there will be lots of celebration and activities planned. This will also be a very good time to showcase the Jack Stevens Room which will be the College’s Official Archive Room. The next P&F meeting is Wednesday, 16 June, at 7.30pm in the Library Diane Hamill—President H: 3205 5180 (after 6pm) Mob: 0413 130 863

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May 28 Year 11 Social Justice Excursion / AIC Chess Rnd 4 / CIC Cross Country Trial

May 29 AIC Rugby/Football Rnd 4 / CIC Rugby/Football Rnd 5

May 31 Theatresports Quarter Finals

June 1 Met North Cross Country / Year 11 Acc Test / Theatresports Quarter Finals / BIS Chess

June 2 CIC Cross Country / Theatresports Quarter Finals / QDU Rnd 4 Yr 9/12

June 3 Grandparents Liturgy

June 4 AIC Chess Rnd 5

June 5 AIC Rugby/Football Rnd 5 / CIC Rugby/Football Rnd 6

June 7 Year 9 Shop A Theory Test

June 8 Year 9 Graphics Examination / Year 10 Geography Examination / Year 10 History Examination

June 9 UNSW Science Competition / Year 9 Shop B Theory Test / QDU Rnd 4 Yr 8/11

June 10 Year 11-12 Examination Block / Year 10 Graphics Examination / Year 9 Business Studies Test

June 11 Year 11-12 Examination Block / Year 8 Maths Examination / Year 10 Shop A Theory Test

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Issue 16 - Calling - (27 May 2010)  
Issue 16 - Calling - (27 May 2010)  

It is good to be back from chilly Canberra. It was an excellent gathering and, as I have mentioned previously, I had the opportunity of sha...