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22 May 2014

Dear Members of the St. Patrick’s College Community This week marks the halfway point of the term and as such highlights the need for all students to be actively involved in their learning. By now students across all year levels will have a range of assignments due or becoming due. I spent a couple of hours last weekend looking over some assignment work my daughter in Year 7 has coming due. She has four pieces of work due over the next couple of weeks. We sat down and planned when she was going to do her planning work, when the drafts are due and when she is going to complete each assignment. Whilst I met some resistance from her about having to organise her work and having to do some extra work we ‘battled’ through. I share this story with you because as a parent it is sometimes (often) challenging to work with your child to ensure work is done and done to an adequate standard. However, despite this ‘battling’ it is very important that we both support and challenge our children. Over the next couple of weeks these ‘battles’ may increase as the workload increases. However, as parents we need to provide that support and we need to sometimes make the difficult decisions. However, remember we are not alone. As parents, we need to support each other. Good luck over the next few weeks. Last week I spent some time in Fremantle with the EREA Principals from across Australia. Whenever we gather in this group I feel energised and affirmed by the fact that firstly, we at St Patrick’s College are part of a bigger group and secondly, that what we do at St Patrick’s College is of a high standard. Our conference focussed on ‘Learning, Leading and Liberation.’ This theme challenged me to examine what I do as a leader at an EREA school and specifically at St Patrick’s College. It also challenged me to examine how I and the St Patrick’s College community can continue to provide a liberating education. The infusion of justice into our curriculum and the inclusive nature of our school and our classrooms are key to fostering an inclusive and liberating environment. As a College community we need to collaborate our achievements, acknowledge our success and examine ways that we can continue to enhance our great College. This challenge must remain at the forefront of all that we do. Earlier this week, we conducted two parent information nights—one specifically for Year 12 families, and the second for all within our community. Both nights were aimed at offering a holistic educational experience for parents, staff and students. My thanks to the large number of families who supported these nights and I hope that they assisted in that difficult job of parenting. Our AIC and CIC sporting program continues to progress with games against Padua this weekend. It is great to see the large numbers of parents attending the matches and supporting their sons. In talking to some parents last weekend at Iona there were some unaware that I was taking some leave in Term 3. I thought that I might detail what is happening in Term 3 both for myself and the subsequent staffing changes that will ensue. I will commence my leave on Friday 20 June and will return on Tuesday 7 October. During this time I will undertake some travel to London, Ireland an the United States as well as visiting the Tiwi Islands and attending a conference on Boys’ Education. Some of the travel will be with my family and I must say I am looking forward to this opportunity to travel as a family. As a result of my leave there are a number of people who will assume Acting roles in my absence during Term 3. They are : Acting Principal: Mr Frank Torrisi Acting Deputy Principal: Mr Ray Celegato Acting Assistant Principal Student Formation: Mr Charles Brauer Acting Treacy House Dean: Mr Dominic Crowley I will catch up with people over the next few weekends and remind students of the changes also over the coming weeks. I am looking forward to the leave and am very confident that the people undertaking the acting roles will be excellent. Finally this week please keep in your thoughts and prayers Mr Finlay Lester, Mrs Judy Kelly and Mr Steve Graham, all of whom are recovering from recent surgery. Have a great week. God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

A Catholic Boys' School in the Edmund Rice Tradition Catering for Years 5 to 12

College Dean Student Formation I would like to thank all the parents who attended our parent education evening on Tuesday. It was great to see over 200 parents in attendance and hopefully all gained an insight into “Dealing with the Digital Teenager”, walking away with some strategies to incorporate into your household to manage this challenge. The evening provided some theoretical background but also some practical tips when dealing with teenagers and their digital devices. I have placed the PowerPoint on the “Student Life” section of Connect. If you are unable to view the information please do not hesitate to call. Thank you to the Parents and Friends Association for their support of these programs. We are planning now for our Parent Information Sessions for 2015. If there are topics or speakers that interest you, please email me the details or topics of interest.

LOST PROPERTY There is a large amount of lost property that is picked up at the end of each day. Ngaire O’ Driscoll is able to return a certain amount of the items collected because it is named or labelled. However a large amount cannot be returned


Mr Frank Torrisi because no name is found on the items. It is requested that all families please take the time to label your son’s clothing with a permanent marker. At the end of the term any lost property that is not claimed and not named will be either returned to the Uniform Shop to be resold or will be donated to St Vincent de Paul.

ST JOHN FISHER DANCE Year 8 to 12. Friday 23 May. 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Cost is $10.00. The venue is the Killoran Centre at St John Fisher. ID is required. Appropriate clothing needs to be worn including footwear. It is expected that normal school rules and expectations will apply at this event. St Patrick’s College is the only school invited and it is expected that our young men are fine ambassadors for our College. No singlets or thongs allowed.


In cases in which your son suffers accidental bodily injury resulting in:-

Your son may be covered for medical expenses incurred as a result of accidental bodily injury provided that the expense is not one that is covered by Medicare. Further, the Medicare “gap” is not covered under the Policy. This cover is subject to a $7,500 limit. Examples of medical costs which will be covered under this section of insurance include physiotherapy and chiropractor fees since these are not unusually reimbursable by Medicare.

    

To receive any benefit under the Non-Medicare Medical Expenses Section the activity giving rise to the bodily injury must result for an activity related to attending school or engaging in organised sporting, work experience (secondary school only) or youth activities organised by a voluntary organisation e.g scouts.

One of the benefits that the College offers its students is insurance cover for accidental bodily injury through its SchoolCare Insurance Policy.


Permanent Disability Burns Fractures Loss of or Damage to Teeth Dislocations/tears/ruptures

An insurance benefit in the form of lump sum payment may be payable (subject to the specified policy benefit). This cover is for accidents which occur anytime and anywhere.

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The ambit of the SchoolCare Insurance Police is wide and covers other possible eventualities not discussed in this newsletter. If you require any further information on this topic please feel free to contact the College.

AP Identity Tomorrow, 23 May, will mark a significant day in student advocacy in an Edmund Rice context in Australia. St Patrick’s College will host the third national event for “ERA (Edmund Rice Advocacy) for Change”, after the first in Brisbane in March last year followed by the Melbourne launch late in 2013 at Parade College. The advocacy network continues to grow, with not only more Queensland schools now becoming involved, but also schools in Victoria and New South Wales. In fact, as you read this Calling article, “ERA for Change” is being spoken about at an international Edmund Rice Education gathering in Nairobi!

Mr Matthew Hawkins imitate. I think these are the two great values our world needs today and for Australian society today, my God, isn't that what it is all about? We are so scared of the outsider. We are so scared of people who are different from us. I think this is where our schools need to come in and say: ‘This is what we stand for – tolerance and inclusion. Everyone is part of the family. Everyone eats at the same table.’

Tomorrow, we will pose some questions to our participants: is everyone welcome at our table? If so, are we all eating the same standard of meal? Who is being served first? Does everyone have a chance to speak? These are challenging questions for all of us – individually, as school groups, and as a wider Edmund Rice school network. “ERA for Change” as a Tomorrow, 120 students and 20 staff from 11 schools will network, and particularly St Patrick’s College is excited and gather to learn, share story, celebrate and be challenged around the theme of inclusion. A key word in the title of the honoured to lead the way in this area, and continue to make day is “Welcome”, as is the Edmund Rice Education Australia the gospel message of welcoming the stranger (Mt 25) a lived reality in our daily context. Charter touchstone of “Inclusive Community”. In 2012, Br Phillip Pinto, the then Congregational Leader of the Christian Brothers made this statement:

Keep your eye on next week’s Calling for photos and reports from the day! If you would like to know more, please have a look at

How does an Edmund Rice school show that it is tolerant, show that everyone is included? … I think these two elements of Have a great week. tolerance and inclusion, in a world where we are suspicious of one another, suspicious of difference. That is a great alternative value to give young people … Young people learn by example. If we have that in our hearts, people will have something to

Saturday 24 May is the Solemnity of Our Lady Help of Christians, Patron of Australia.

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AP Curriculum With the conclusion of the NAPLAN testing and the exam block some weeks away, there would appear to be little at present to interrupt normal routine. As such, this is an excellent opportunity for all students to embark on a mid term study plan. By this I am not referring to the nightly homework or the completion of assignments. I am suggesting there is a great opportunity to spend 30-60 minutes each evening completing some extra work in subject areas. For example, on a Monday a student may decide to spend half an hour undertaking some extra maths problems. On Tuesday evening a student may choose to log on to a data base and do some extra reading regarding a topic being studied in History.

SOSE DEPARTMENT Year 10 History: Australian History Competition On Wednesday 28 May the two Year 10 History classes will be involved in the Australian History Competition. This is a 45 minute competition that tests students’ knowledge on the three depth studies that are explored in the History Course:   

World War II Indigenous Rights and Freedoms Migration Experiences/Popular Culture/ Environmental Movements

The students will be provided with a sheet of stimulus for this exam, and the questions will be based on this stimulus. Students’ use of the historical inquiry skills as well as their historical content and understandings will be tested in this competition. At this stage of the year we have not yet covered all of the depth studies outlined above. Therefore the advice is to read up on these topics if you would like to explore them in more depth. The Resource Centre has some excellent texts based on these themes, and the use of the Internet and Databases will also be of assistance. Sample questions and further information on this competition can be found at the Australian History Competition Website, or alternatively you can speak with Mrs Tilley. Good Luck Year 10 History Students!

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Mr Chris Campbell My sense is that this type of extra work is a sound investment as the end of semester exams will come around soon enough. What is important is that students go into this period with a sense of confidence that no matter what they are asked, they will have the necessary knowledge and skills for success. This can be best achieved by laying the foundation now. Many thanks to parents and Year 12 students who attended Monday evening’s Information Night. All OP eligible students should have received their current estimates. Predictions are encouraging but we can never know for sure what the final outcome will be. The best course of action is to keep working as diligently as possible.

AP Staff & Administration

Mr Ray Celegato

TERM ONE CO-CURRICULAR PHOTOS AND FORMAL PHOTOS The co-curricular photos taken on 21 March have been placed on the AdvancedLife website for viewing and purchase. Go to and use the order code V61 4FP 9T2 to view and purchase photos, which will be returned to the College once processed and then sent home with your son. The next co-curricular photo day will be on 31 May at Curlew Park . The formal photos are also now available to view and purchase online. These photos will be sent directly to your home. The College’s login code is V61 4FP 9T2 select EVENTS from the left hand column. Please note that the AdvancedLife website is best supported with Google Chrome or safari for Applemac.

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Director of Culture Below is a brief overview with links to the Cultural Connect pages containing more detailed information on each of the activities.

MUSIC Coordinator - Stephen Fischer Congratulations to the Senior Band on a great performance on Tuesday’s assembly!! MUSIC CAMP!! DATE CLAIMER: July 10/11 we are proposing to run a "Music Intensive: Day Camp" at school as preparation for our big events and ventures in Term 3. These include preparations for Showcase, Celebration of Excellence as well as performing in the community at events such as Einbunpin (July), Catholic Colleges Music Festival (August), Jazzin' Up the Mall - QSM (July). Details will be released on the web page soon! Instrumental tuition – Timetables are listed on CONNECT Ensembles Rehearsals – See CONNECT for details For further information refer to the INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PAGE click here

DEBATING Coordinator - Lorraine O’Sullivan Draw for QDU fixtures is now available on the Debating Page (see link below) For further information refer to the DEBATING PAGE click here BIS Junior Cultural Competition Coordinator- Mrs Andrea Hey The young men of the BIS competition started out with a bang in our first round on 29 April against Terrace. We had a win against Terrace with Amber Stanley’s Year 7 debating team with Ben Simpson achieving best speaker. The public speaking team were fabulous and Jack Wright, Year 6 received best speaker. Congratulations to all speakers on the night. The BIS competition also includes Chess, the boys all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Mr Geoff Samuels THEATRESPORTS Coordinator - Marthy Watson We had an exciting evening at Theatresports on Tuesday night where two of our teams competed in the first round of the Queensland Youth Theatresports competition. Both teams played very well and our senior team got the nod and is now through to the quarters. They ended the night with a great game of Musical Genre Replay where they got a resounding applause from the audience.

Date Claimer Upcoming rounds for Theatresports Please check the webpage for team lists and training times (see link below) For further information refer to the THEATRESPORTS PAGE click here ROUND




Year 9



Year 11 THURSDAY 29TH MAY, 7 pm

VENUE St Joseph's College (Nudgee) Albany Creek SHS

PUBLIC SPEAKING Coordinator – Jonathan Brough All grades can compete in the School Oratory Comp later in the year. For further information refer to the PUBLIC SPEAKING PAGE click here

CHESS Next Tuesday the competition will be held at St Patrick’s College against St Laurence’s, beginning at 7pm. It will be held in the Morrissey Building. All chess, public speaking and debaters could you please let your coach or Mrs Hey know if you will be in attendance. Art Club Coordinator - Katie Moro Junior Art Club: Years 5 -7, Thursday 3:00pm – 4:30pm Senior Art Club: Years 8 - 12, Friday 3:00pm – 4:30pm For further information refer to the ART CLUB PAGE click here 6 | St. Patrick’s College Calling

Coordinator - Scott Little Congratulations to Open A and Junior A teams on strong wins last week against IONA Chess Club: Mondays 3:00 – 4:15pm ROUND 4 ROUND 5 ROUND 6 ROUND 7



For further information refer to the CHESS PAGE click here

Director of Sport Round 4 of our CIC and AIC Football and Rugby this Saturday is against Padua College. Our CIC (Year 5 to 7) games are at home on Saturday at Curlew Park against Padua College, with our AIC (Year 8 to 12) games all being played away at Padua College’s playing fields, 222 Elliott Road, Banyo. We do ask that all students are at the venue at least 45 minutes before the start of their game and that any student who comes along to support or stays behind after their game is dressed in the College’s Formal Uniform. Please refer to information supplied on Connect or the College App for details about both times and exact playing venues.

FOR SPC FOOTBALL INFORMATION Click on the below link – Sport/Football/default.aspx

FOR SPC RUGBY INFORMATION Click on the below link – Sport/Rugby/default.aspx

SPC GYM Term 2 Gym Timetables are now up on Connect. Please click on the below link for further details: click here

SPC CROSS COUNTRY Our CIC Cross Country ‘Lead-Up Meet’ for this Friday 23 May will be held at Curlew Park, Curlew Street, Sandgate. Please click on the below link for further details: click here

SPC BASKETBALL For information about Term 3 Basketball, please refer to Connect. Please click on the below link for further details: click here

WET WEATHER Sports Information Line The telephone number for St Patrick’s College Sports Information Line is 3631 9080. Please be reminded that in the event of wet weather, any changes to the published schedule for sporting fixtures will be made just before 7.00am on the day of the fixtures (via Information Line) St Patrick’s College App The St Patrick’s College App will also be updated (send through a notification) should there be any cancellations or changes in sporting events due to wet weather.

Mr Luke Donatini OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS Alfred Dela-Pena (Year 9) and Quinn Storrie (Year 9) – represented St. Patrick’s College this week at the Queensland Schools Table Tennis Championships. St Patrick’s College entered one team of two players into this competition, held on Tuesday 20 May, at the Brisbane Table Tennis Association, Windsor. Our team of Alfred Dela-Pena and Quinn Storrie breezed through the preliminary rounds, defeated Brisbane Grammar 2 in the Quarter Finals, Grace Lutheran in the Semi Finals and Brisbane Grammar 1 in a tight final, 3 – 1. With Ben Gould away on National duty, the team held the line for the 4th consecutive year winning Gold and the Queensland Trophy. Well done Alfred and Quinn; St Patrick’s College is proud of you. CURLEW PARK CANTEEN ROSTER CIC ROUND 4 Parents of students participating in Rugby and Football for St Patrick’s College are requested to support the College by assisting in the Curlew Park Canteen during the below allocated times SPC Team Parents Required To Assist In Curlew Canteen 7A Football 6A Football 7B Rugby 6C Rugby 5C Rugby 7A Rugby 6B Rugby 5B Rugby 7B Football 6B Football 5A Football 6A Rugby 5A Rugby 5B Football 6C Football Extra Volunteer Assistance Required Please


7.00am – 7.30am

7.30am – 8.20am

8.20am to 9.10am

9.10am – 10.00am

It is VITALLY IMPORTANT that we have parent support with the Curlew Park Canteen. All funds raised through the canteen go directly back into St Patrick’s College Sport. Without ample parental assistance such a facility cannot operate.

St. Patrick’s College Calling | 7

Rosters PADDIES VAN ROSTER Tuesday Morn BBQ Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am - 9.00 am

Tuesday Evening Street Van Brisbane City 5.00 pm - 7.30 pm

Thursday Morning BBQ Humpybong School 7. 30 am - 9.00 am

Saturday Night BBQ Sandgate Sandgate Lagoon 5.15 pm - 7.30 pm

Tuesday, 27 May Michael Lawlor, Corwin Mabugat, Kurtis Morris, Jack Pike, Matt Pollard, Dylan Richardson

Tuesday, 27 May Ben Rooney, Jayden Carson. Trevor Baker, Tyler Brinkhoff

Thursday, 29 May Rohan Slater, George Smith, Creedance Watson-Feilo, Nathan Whyte, Josh Wilmott

Saturday, 24 May Tobias Batson, Finn Neil, Callum McFarlane

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.




The Term 2 school fee accounts were emailed or posted on the 7 April and were DUE FOR PAYMENT ON THE 22 APRIL, 2014 – unless alternative payment arrangements have been put in place.

Other acceptable payment methods are Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card, Cheque.

Please note that if your account has extra levy charges these will need to be paid separately.

TERM TIME TRADING HOURS TUES 12-4pm, WED 10am-2pm, THURS 7.30am-11.30am

If you did not receive a Term 2 account please contact Karen Mattingley on 36319082 or via email on .





Deb Philpot, Dale Gordon, Louise Stringer


Debbie Birthisel, Rosary Guppy, Di Teizel


Sharyn Mula, Susan Brady, Kylie Galway, Maree Bishop


Patricia Macmillan, Leigh Shaw, Tania Harris, Cathy Weir


Michelle Brinkoff, Jane Gregory


Deanna Ryan, Gina Macpherson, Lorette Atkinson

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AP Identity

Mr Matthew Hawkins

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Date Claimers

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May Calendar

Calling issue 15 (22 may 2014)  

This week marks the halfway point of the term and as such highlights the need for all students to be actively involved in their learning.

Calling issue 15 (22 may 2014)  

This week marks the halfway point of the term and as such highlights the need for all students to be actively involved in their learning.