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15 May 2014

Dear Members of the St. Patrick’s College Community As part of my research for my PhD thesis I identified that a key characteristic of a Catholic School is ‘community’. Last year the College conducted research to identify some of the key characteristics of St. Patrick’s College. Last Saturday this sense of community was clearly evident. From early on Saturday morning until dark the St. Patrick’s supporters were loud and vocal with their support. Back to Shorncliffe Day was a hugely successful day on and off the field. There were great numbers of old boys, parents and students at the grounds throughout the day. My thanks to the Sports Support Group and their many volunteers, the Parents and Friends who hosted the very successful Mothers Day stall, and the Old Boys Association who also staged a very successful after-match gathering at the end of the day. Finally, my thanks to the many St. Patrick’s College staff who also worked very hard throughout the day to ensure its success. This week the students in Years 5, 7 and 9 have been participating in the NAPLAN Tests. The boys have been well prepared by their teachers and I have been very impressed with the way the boys have approached this challenging week. As well as the NAPLAN Tests this week, the Year 6 students have been involved in their camp program. The College’s camp program forms an important part of the holistic educational experience offered to the students throughout all year levels. Next week there are two important opportunities for parents to continue their partnership in their son’s education. The first is on Monday evening when the College hosts an important Year 12 parent information evening. In their final year of schooling, a strong partnership between staff, parents and students is critical and this meeting is a vital part of this process of working together. The second gathering in the Parent Education Evening. Dr Ian Lillico is the guest speaker and he will deal with the important topic ‘Dealing with the Digital Teenager’. The meeting will be held in the Callan Centre commencing at 7pm. I encourage parents to come along and hear Dr Lillico. As a result of my leave in Term 3 and Mrs Katie Moro on maternity leave some Acting House Dean roles have been finalised. Xavier House- Terms 3 & 4 - Mrs Janet Garside Treacy House - Term 3 - Mr Dominic Crowley Finally this week, I am pleased to advise the St. Patrick’s College Community that Mr Finlay Lester, who sustained a significant head injury, has been released from hospital and is continuing his rehabilitation from home. This is great news for Finlay. Have a great week. God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal


A Catholic Boys' School in the Edmund Rice Tradition Catering for Years 5 to 12

College Dean Student Formation

Mr Frank Torrisi

I hope all the mothers were spoilt last week on Sunday for Mother’s Day. Our young men are lucky to have such YEAR 12 PARENT INFORMATION EVENING incredible women in their lives and I hope that you were All Year 12 parents, together with their sons, able to spend the day enjoying some quality family time. are invited to attend the information evening on Monday 19 May commencing at 6.30 with some finger It is important that students are keeping on top of their food. The evening will explore important information academic commitments as we progress through the term. regarding the QCS Test and the calculations of OPs, general Students should be receiving regular homework and a student progress observations and areas of focus number of assignments are starting to draw closer to their concluding with an opportunity to ask questions during a Q due dates. It is important as parents that we are able to & A session. The evening will conclude at approximately guide our sons with their homework or assignments. If your 8.oopm son is not receiving regular homework please do not hesitate to contact his subject teacher. PARENT EDUCATION EVENING The College will hold an information evening on Tuesday 20 STUDENT DROP OFF May. The topic of the evening will be “Dealing with the We would be appreciate it if parents did not drive up digital Teenager”. Dr Ian Lillico will be the presenter. Please Twamley Street to drop off their children. It is a safety reserve a seat by telephoning Maxine Nott on 3631 9031 concern as we have large number of staff and students who use this street as an entrance into the College. We need to be also mindful that we share this street with our residents. Your cooperation in this matter would be ST. JOHN FISHER DANCE Year 8 to 12, Friday 23 May from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Cost is appreciated. $10.00. The venue is the Killoran Centre at St. John Fisher. ID is required. Appropriate clothing needs to be worn, WEEK 5 “HAIR WEEK” including footwear. It is expected that normal College rules Next week is ‘hair week’ as it is halfway through the term. I and expectations will apply at this event. St. Patrick’s College ask that you check your son’s hair and if required, make the is the only school invited and it is expected that our young necessary arrangements to have their hair cut to meet the men are fine ambassadors for our College. No singlets or College guidelines before the start of next week. I ask that thongs allowed. you check your son’s diary (page 28) for the full Hair and Grooming Policy.

AP Curriculum NAPLAN This week our Year 5,7 and 9 students undertook the 2014 NAPLAN Tests. The tests were held over three days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was very pleased with the way our young men approached these exams. Students arrived with all the necessary equipment, moved quickly into the test rooms and settled quickly to work. Results for the tests will be available in September.

Mr Chris Campbell contributed in a major way to the successful running of the tests. Thanks also to Mrs Nott in the Curriculum Office for her assistance in the organisation of these days.


On Monday evening, 19 May, there will be a Year 12 Information Evening. The evening will commence at 6:30 in In recent years our results have been pleasing with most St. the Callan Centre, where finger food and light refreshments Patrick’s students achieving above the state average. I am will be available. From 7pm, members of the College confident that we will do as well again this year. A number of Leadership Team will address the gathering. I will be people worked hard to ensure the smooth running of the speaking in particular about individual subject performance, NAPLAN Tests. I would like to make particular mention of the QCS Test and the impact on OP calculations. Mrs Elizabeth Gibb and her Exceptional Learner’s team. A number of our students were eligible for special provision, A final note regarding the importance of being familiar with ranging from the use of technology, to extra time and/or all College policies. This is particularly relevant at present, as readers. Mrs Gibb and her team were particularly efficient in once again we move into a period of assignment the organisation of these adjustments. Also, Mrs Lorraine submission. The most accessible place for policies such as O’Sullivan who took on the job of allocating and supervising the “Assignment Policy” or “Academic Integrity” Policy is in teachers to the test. This was a substantial task and the Student Diary. 2 | St. Patrick’s College Calling

Campus Minister Last weekend Mother’s Day was celebrated and I certainly hope all of our young men used this chance to show how much they love all the mothers in our community. When I was a teenager I think I probably often took for granted the things that my mother always did for me and my family. I certainly think because our mothers do the things they do, every day without thought or hesitation, it becomes easy for us to take them for granted. Our mothers are everything, they become a “jack of all trades”, they are tutors in almost every subject from Year 5 Math right up to Senior Biology. They are nurses when we are sick, they are the shoulder sons and daughters seek in our hardest times and they are the centre of our universe. Edmund Rice was certainly a man who realised the importance of all the women in his life. He witnessed the warmth and generosity of his mother in the community as a young child. He experienced the precious moments with his wife and child before his wife was tragically killed in a riding accident. Edmund realised the hole this left in his life and sought strength in Mother Mary.

Mr Paul Corfield

LIVE BELOW THE LINE In Week Five from the 19 – 23 May, we will be holding our annual Live Below The Line Challenge. For 5 days in May, participants in Live Below the Line will be challenged to eat only as much per day as can be purchased for $2.00 a day. The hope is that by doing this we will gain a better understanding and empathy of the challenges faced by people living in extreme poverty the world over. As many as 1.4 billion people live on circumstances similar to this all over the world, every day of their lives.

We would like to encourage as many boys as possible to do this. However, we do understand that due to some students’ commitments throughout the week that this may not be possible. If boys are unable to participate for the full week we would like boys to challenge themselves to live like this As a father to be, I already see the bond my wife has with the for perhaps one or two days. child growing inside of her. While I feel a connection to my child to be, I don’t yet have the same connection as my wife In encouraging boys to do this, we recommend starting with feels as our child stirs inside her every day. This wonderful $10 and doing their shopping for the week with that money. bond that only a mother can experience shows us the They can then divide their meals from the shopping. Boys beauty of the relationship we have with the mothers in our could also choose to work as a group of four and put their lives. We’d offer this prayer as a reflection of how much we money together, making one person in the group value these women: responsible for the meals each day. To see what it is like to live like over 1.4 billion people in our God our Creator, we pray: world, challenge yourself to Live Below The Line. for new mothers, coming to terms with new responsibility ; for expectant mothers, wondering and waiting; for those who are tired, stressed or depressed; for those who struggle to balance the tasks of work and family; for those who are unable to feed their children due to poverty; for those whose children have physical, mental or emotional disabilities; for those who have children they do not want; for those who raise children on their own; for those who have lost a child; for those who care for the children of others; for those whose children have left home; and for those whose desire to be a mother has not been fulfilled. Bless all mothers, that their love may be deep and tender, and that they may lead their children to know and do what is good, living not for themselves alone, but for God and for others. Amen.

St. Patrick’s College Calling | 3

AP Curriculum

4 | St. Patrick’s College Calling

Mr Chris Campbell

AP Staff & Administration

Mr Ray Celegato

TERM ONE CO-CURRICULAR PHOTOS AND FORMAL PHOTOS The co-curricular photos taken on 21 March have been placed on the AdvancedLife website for viewing and purchase. Go to and use the order code V61 4FP 9T2 to view and purchase photos, which will be returned to the College once processed and then sent home with your son. The next co-curricular photo day will be on 31 May at Curlew Park . The formal photos are also now available to view and purchase online. These photos will be sent directly to your home. The College’s login code is V61 4FP 9T2 select EVENTS from the left hand column. Please note that the AdvancedLife website is best supported with Google Chrome or safari for Applemac.

St. Patrick’s College Calling | 5

Director of Culture


Below is a brief overview with links to the Cultural Connect pages containing more detailed information on each of the activities.

MUSIC Coordinator - Stephen Fischer MUSIC CAMP!! DATE CLAIMER: July 11/12 we are proposing to run a "Music Intensive: Day Camp" at school as preparation for our big events and ventures in Term 3. These include preparations for Showcase, Celebration of Excellence as well as performing in the community at events such as Einbunpin (July), Catholic Colleges Music Festival (August) and Jazzin' Up the Mall - QSM (July). Instrumental tuition – Timetables are listed on CONNECT Ensembles Rehearsals – See CONNECT for details For further information refer to the INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PAGE click here


Coordinator - Marthy Watson Teams for Youth Theatresports Queensland Competition have been finalised and were presented to the College this week. Congratulations to all teams and we wish you well in the first round of games! Please check the webpage for team lists and training times (see link below) For further information refer to the THEATRESPORTS PAGE click here ROUND 1


Coordinator - Lorraine O’Sullivan Inter-House Debating – SEMI FINALS: Note- first team listed is the affirmative team. JUNIOR DIVISION Semi-final 1 THURSDAY May 22 House assembly


“Violent video games should be banned” Top 3 teams Middle 3 teams MOONEY v COFFEY v TREACY QUANE




St. Patrick's Year 12 TUESDAY 20 College Two teams May , 7 pm 60 Park Pde Shorncliffe St. Joseph's College MONDAY (Nudgee) Year 9 26MAY, 7 pm 2199 Sandgate Rd Boondall Albany Creek SHS THURSDAY Year 11 Albany Forest 29MAY, 7 pm Dr Albany Creek

Lowest 3 teams KENNEDY v PUBLIC SPEAKING RYAN Coordinator – Jonathan Brough 0206 0208 0210 All grades can compete in the School Oratory Comp later in the year For further information refer to the PUBLIC SPEAKING Senior teams = one student from Years 10, 11 and 12. PAGE click here SENIOR DIVISION Semi-Final 1: THURSDAY May 22 House Assembly

Topic “That climbing Mt Everest CHESS should be banned”. RICE v O’ROURKE RYAN v Coordinator - Scott Little XAVIER v KENNEDY COFFEY Chess Club: Mondays 3:00 – 4:15pm commences in week 2 E202



Draw for QDU fixtures is now available on the Debating Page (see link below) BIS competition commences late April. For further information refer to the DEBATING PAGE click here

ART CLUB Coordinator - Katie Moro Junior Art Club: Years 5 -7, Thursday 3:00pm – 4:30pm Senior Art Club: Years 8 - 12, Friday 3:00pm – 4:30pm For further information refer to the ART CLUB PAGE click here 6 | St. Patrick’s College Calling
















For further information refer to the CHESS PAGE click here

Director of Sport This Saturday we enter into Round 3 of CIC and AIC Football and Rugby. All our CIC (Year 5 - 7) games are at home at Curlew Park v Iona College. Our AIC (Year 8 - 12) games are also v Iona College, away at Iona College, 85 North Road, Wynnum West.


This Friday our Cross Country team will be attending an invitational cross country meet at Nudgee College. There As in previous weeks, it is extremely important that we have will be 7 other GPS schools and 2 AIC/ CIC schools attending. all students participating in Football or Rugby for St Patrick’s PLEASE NOTE: OUR PLANNED CIC MBBC MEET THIS College available to play this Saturday. Can we please once FRIDAY HAS NOW BEEN REPLACED BY THIS NUDGEE again remind everyone that all students who come along to MEET AND TRANSPORT ARRANGEMENTS HAVE support or stay behind after their game (of Football or CHANGED. Rugby), are to be dressed in our College’s Formal Uniform. Distances will be: Please refer to information supplied on Connect or the 10yrs 2km College App for details about both times and exact 11/12/13 primary – mixed race 3km playing venues. 13 secondary – 3km 14/15 4 km For SPC Football Information: 16/ open 6km Click on the below link – Times: Sport/Football/default.aspx 4.15 11,12,13 primary 3km 4.17 16/Open 6km For SPC Rugby Information: Click on the below link – 4.35 14/15 4km 4.37 10 2km Sport/Rugby/default.aspx 4.45 13 secondary 3km There will be a canteen in operation. Outstanding Achievements A bus will be available from school to Nudgee but boys will  Matthew Munday (Year 10) – won gold at the recent need to find their own way home from Nudgee College. It will be held at the track (front of the College/ Sandgate Queensland Secondary Schools Under 15 Volleyball Road). The bus will leave school at 3.05pm. The events Championships as a member of the Metropolitan North should be completed by 5pm. Boys will be given their green Regional Schools Volleyball Team. SPC sports shirts at school on Friday afternoon. They are to  Mr Tim Walker compete in an SPC athletics singlet or SPC sports shirt. (SPC Rice House Dean) – successfully Shoes must be worn and jumpers should be brought to coached the Metropolitan North change into after the event. Normal uniform is to be worn to Regional Under 15 Schools Volleyball school on Friday. Boys are to sign up on the bus list in the Team to a gold medal victory at the library. recent Queensland Secondary Schools Under 15 Volleyball Championships. SPC GYM Term 2 Gym timetables are now up on Connect. Please click on the below link for further details: CONGRATULATIONS ADAM EDGAR Adam, in Year 11 and Rice House, Sport/Football/Draws%20%20Training%20Information/ departed Brisbane with his Mum on Uniform/GYM%20-%20T2%20HOURS.pdf Friday 25 March for the British Isles and a possible Professional Football SPORT SUPPORT GROUP selection, returning to Brisbane, Sunday We wish to thank most sincerely all those good people 11 May. who assisted us in the Curlew Park Canteen, the BBQ area, and those who worked tirelessly in the Mother’s Day FuncAdam trialled with Glasgow Rangers, Middlesbrough, and tion Room Tea & Coffee Day. To all who bought tickets in Birmingham City over six weeks. The experience was one of our Framed Wallaby Jersey Raffle, the meat trays for the a life-time claimed Adam. Since returning, Adam has been Cross Country Straddie Tour, and those who had their cars offered a further pre-season training with the Glasgow washed for the Treacy Trail, we also offer a big thank you. Rangers, beginning in July. Adam is happy to be back at St. Patrick’s College with his Band of Brothers for the remainder of the current AIC Football season.

Back to Shorncliffe Day was wonderful made more so by our good parents and friends. St. Patrick’s College Calling | 7

Rosters PADDIES VAN ROSTER Tuesday Morn BBQ Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am - 9.00 am

Tuesday Evening Street Van Brisbane City 5.00 pm - 7.30 pm

Thursday Morning BBQ Humpybong School 7. 30 am - 9.00 am

Saturday Night BBQ Sandgate Sandgate Lagoon 5.15 pm - 7.30 pm

Tuesday, 20 May Jayden Graham, Ethan Green, Kurtis Kerr, Fraser Killen, Tom Kulpa

Tuesday, 20 May James Koda, Johannes Hoehensteiger, Ryan Hollyman, Ben Woods, Aiden Woods

Thursday, 22 May Declan Matheson, Doug McLachlan, Sean Minor, Naheb Ngalmi, Bailey O’Keefe

Tobias Batson, Finn Neil, Callum McFarlane

Saturday, 24 May

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.




The Term 2 school fee accounts were emailed or posted on the 7 April and were DUE FOR PAYMENT ON THE 22 APRIL, 2014 – unless alternative payment arrangements have been put in place.

Other acceptable payment methods are Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card, Cheque.

Please note that if your account has extra levy charges these will need to be paid separately.

TERM TIME TRADING HOURS TUES 12-4pm, WED 10am-2pm, THURS 7.30am-11.30am

If you did not receive a Term 2 account please contact Margaret O’Rourke on 36319087 or via email on .





Maree Denkes, Jenny Evans, Joanne Tebble, Leanne Hume


Bernadette Wagauou, Vicki Jeffrey


Chris Hare, Janelle Lakey, Fiona Foster


Shelley Paine, Susan Botting, Alyson Gilpin, Shelli Hulcombe


Mandy Crossan, Guistina Lawlor, Marianne Refoy, Tabitha Baker


Deb Philpot, Dale Gordon, Louise Stringer

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Calling issue 14 (15 may 2014)  

As part of my research for my PhD thesis I identified that a key characteristic of a Catholic School is ‘community’. Last year the College c...

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