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19 April 2012

No. 11

Dear Members of the St Patrick’s Family, I hope that your Easter was an enjoyable one and it provided an opportunity for you and your family to share some time together and enjoy the extended break. Despite the fact the school was on holidays much has been happening over the holiday period. The tours to Canberra, Sunshine Coast, rugby and soccer camps, cross country training and the rugby fixtures against St Laurence's were all very successful. My thanks to the staff, parents and students involved in these activities and congratulations on the results and effort given to these activities. As well as student activities taking place the staff have been very busy ensuring that the College is ready for Term 2. The ongoing maintenance program continued with painting, cleaning and repair work being carried out. As well, the new change room and toilets, entrance wall and first aid room exteriors at Curlew Park are nearly completed in preparation for the upcoming seasons. Also, the first stage of converting the Jack Stevens Room into the College’s ‘History’ room was completed with the installation of new display cabinets. As you can see, a fair bit of work was done over the break. Term 2 is traditionally a full and busy term and this will be very true for this year. Already we have had Parent-Teacher interviews and the College 60 year photo completed and the sporting and cultural programs are in full swing. It is very important that all students begin this term well and set a good platform for the remainder of the term. Homework, study and revision, attendance at training and good organisation are key factors in ensuring Term 2 is successful for all students. At the end of last term we farewelled Mr Mark Ellison. Mr Tim Walker will undertake the role of Curriculum Leader Justice & Peace for the remainder of 2012 and Ms Stevie Hepburn will join St Patrick’s College and be taking Mark Ellison’s classes. I take this opportunity to welcome Stevie to St Patrick’s College. As already outlined Term 2 is a full term for St Patrick’s College with many events happening. I wish to draw your attention to 3 specific events.

∗ ∗ ∗

School Renewal Program (2 - 4 May) Confraternity Rugby League Carnival (24 - 29 June) St Patrick’s College 60 Year Gala Dinner (4 August)

The School Renewal Program will enable us to examine how we operate as a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition and how we can enhance this. The Confraternity Carnival is a significant event for St Patrick’s College this year and will need the support of the entire St Patrick’s College community to ensure its success. Helpers are required and you can sign up or find out more by viewing the College Website. The third event is our 60 year Gala Dinner. Whilst the dinner is early next term we need to begin to organise tables, book our tickets and get past, present and future families as well as our Old Boys to the dinner. We are aiming to have 800 people at the dinner and have a number of guest speakers, auctions and plenty of fun. The College Website has more information about the dinner and tickets may be booked via the College office. We need your support. Finally this week I extend an invitation to parents to attend our ANZAC Liturgy on Tuesday 24 April at 9.30am and the Spirit Assembly on 26 April at 8.30am. I hope you have a great term and thank you for your support . God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

Confraternity Carnival Volunteers Needed


ANZAC Day This is one of the most signiďŹ cant days for our Naon. Next Wednesday there will be thousands of ceremonies and marches throughout our country. As usual our local Sandgate ANZAC Day Parade will be held, commencing from behind the Sandgate Police Staon at 9am. It is important that we show our respect for our current men and women serving our country plus to all those who have served throughout the years. I invite all of our St Patrick’s young men to put on their College uniform and take the me to show their respect and join in the parade next Wednesday. Please meet Mr Gardiner behind the Sandgate Police Staon near the Bowls Club around 8.30am on Wednesday 25 April.

Shore to Gate It was a really posive ďŹ nish to Term 1 with so much eort and so many smiles during our annual Shore to Gate. The number of students running is great to see and the overall involvement was exceponal. The day had a fantasc atmosphere surrounding it. It is expected that every student return his sponsor/donaons card. Even if the expected minimum $20 has not been collected every student will need to return his card to his Group Tutor by Tuesday 24 April. The students who collected over $100 should have a le8er from me regarding their trip to Wet and Wild next Monday. Other rewards will be handed out on 24 April.

Inter-House Cross Country The annual Inter-House Cross Country will be held at Curlew Park on Thursday 26 April. Students are to wear their full PE/Sports uniform to school on this Thursday and bring their hats, lunch and water bo8les. Rugby and Football training will be held as normal on the Thursday a?ernoon. Books and equipment for Periods 1 and 2 will also be required. The tuckshop will be open at Morning Tea and a free sausage sizzle will be provided at Curlew Park. Drinks will be available for sale at Curlew.

Canberra Tour Congratulaons to the 35 young men who represented their College so proudly in Canberra during the recent Rugby/Football tour. Each of the young men invited to tour did an outstanding job with regards to appearance, manners, spirit, skills and sportsmanship. I really enjoyed the tour and the boys certainly contributed to the overall success of the tour. We won three out of the four games played in Rugby and Football and the standard was very high throughout. The boys were also treated to a special a?ernoon with an old boy, Jesse Mogg, inving the boys to an ACT Brumbies training session. The whole Brumbies squad of 30 players were fantasc with their me in talking to the boys and having photos taken. Some of our touring squad also a8ended the Canberra Raiders and Nth Qld Cowboys NRL game. It was great to see our students really get involved in the non-game acvies with over four hours spent in the War Museum as well as the Questcom Science Centre. Thanks to Mrs Jo Edgar, Mr Michael Alvisio and Mr Marn Alvisio for being a part of the tour and being so posive throughout the tour.

CURRICULUM ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL CURRICULUM - MR CHRIS CAMPBELL It was encouraging to see the large numbers of parents who a8ended this week’s parent / teacher interviews at the College. Strong lines of communicaon between parents, students and teachers is a vitally important component of the College curriculum. I was pleased that the discussions were of a highly posive nature. The common message coming from the interviews was the need for modern day scholars to commit themselves to the discipline of study. At mes, this commitment may prove frustrang and stressful. As well, the first term of a school year can o?en be parcularly challenging. Inially the insnct may be to opt out of the subjects which are proving most troublesome, in favour of courses which may now seem more inving. My experience has shown that this type of midcourse subject movement is rarely successful. Generally, the best outcome is achieved as a result of the students’ tenacity in staying with their

original choice. What may seem inaccessible at the beginning, may o?en prove to be a rewarding educaonal experience. Consider the development of any skill. This could be the playing of a musical instrument or parcipaon in a sport, for example golf or tennis. We tend to understand that the only road to improvement is through me spent pracsing the skill. This is o?en repeve and me consuming. Success at school is very similar. Mastering the processes involved in a subject is also developing a skill. How much me do we spend reading, wring, compleng mathemacal or scienfic processes. If we choose Graphics or Art, do we spend adequate me drawing so as to improve our skill level? I’m sure we can agree that taking up the piano, then giving it up in the space of 3 months will mean we will never be able to play. School work is the same, even if at the moment the work is tough, let’s commit ourselves to the subject. Let’s work at developing our processes and skills. Let’s ulmately enjoy the sasfacon of mastering something that was not always easy for us.

DEBATING COORDINATOR - MS ZOE MORGAN Round 2 of QDU Debang kicked off last night with our Year 11 team and one of our Year 9 teams in acon. The Year 9’s tackled the tricky, though topical, area of democracy, arguing against the forced imposion of an ability test to determine a person’s right to vote. The young men of Year 9 were in excellent form with Lachlan Kuhr again shining as first speaker. Alister Kerr and Ma8hew Weekes made their 2012 Debang debut and both men argued with clarity and enthusiasm. This team are undefeated this year and their form last night bodes exceponally well for future rounds. Be sure to get along to a debate and join the quickly growing crowd already lucky enough to have seen them in acon. Coming off their incredibly comprehensive first round victory our Year 11 team went into their first short preparaon debate confident and prepared. Unfortunately the team were narrowly defeated, even with Harrison Kecek and Chrisan Panaretos’s almost 9 minute speeches respecvely. The final decision was such a tough call that we will consider a review of the outcome. As always, debang is proving acon-packed. Be sure to get along soon to take in a match of the ‘thinking man’s game’. Next week – NOTE THURSDAY DEBATES (owing to the public holiday) – 26 April Year 12 – Firsts – St James, Spring Hill 7:00pm Year 12 – Seconds – Genesis College, Bray Park 8.15pm Year 10 (Ms Hewi8) - Genesis College, Bray Park – topics issued at 7.15pm and debate beginning at 8.15pm Year 10 (Mr Wa8s) – Genesis College, Bray Park – topics issued at 6.00pm and debate beginning at 7.00pm




Every Monday and Thursday a?ernoon (3:15 – 4:30pm)


In the Library The study club is open to students from all year levels, however we are acvely promong this to students in Years 10-12 to come to Study Club.

Students may use Study Club for any subject area that they need to work on. Students will also be able to work in study focus areas (Maths, English, Science, etc.) and encouraged to solve problems as a group or to work on group work projects. Library resources will be available for those students who may not have access to internet or computers at home. For more informaon please talk with Mrs Dacy OR Mr Crowley

ANZAC DAY STALL There will be a stall in the breezeway on next Tuesday (24 April) at Morning Tea, Junior and Senior lunches.

Tattoos 50¢ Ribbons $1-00 Pens $2-00 Badges $5-00



Start of Term Welcome back to Term 2. I hope all families enjoyed the me with friends and families. All families would have received their son’s Term 1 Report over the Easter break and I hope there has been an opportunity to sit down and discuss the results and comments with your son. This Term is a very short term. It is important that boys get into the roune of regular homework and study. All boys should be compleng regular homework each night. If your son claims he has no homework please contact his teachers. It has been a calm and posive start to the term. A few reminders will maintain a posive environment. ♌ ♌ ♌ ♌ ♌ ♌ ♌

All students should be wearing the College e in a neat, correct manner. Long pants are to be worn by all Year 10-12 students. Black or grey socks only are to be worn under the long trousers (no white socks). Year 10—12 students should wear their blazers to and from school from the beginning of Week 2. (All ordered blazers have arrived and are available from the Uniform Shop) All students must have their diaries with them every class and use it every class. All students in Years 5-12 must use the College Bag to and from school every day. Parents/Guardians must sign their son’s diary every weekend. Please contact your son’s House Dean if you have any concerns.

Year 7 and 9 Camp Forms were distributed at the end of Term 1. Please return these to the Student OďŹƒce or class teacher by Friday 27 April.

Inter-House Cross Country Carnival Will be held on Thursday, 26 April (Week 2). This is the next major Inter-House event and we expect every student to a8end and parcipate. It is a Special Event Day and hence absent students will require a medical cerďŹ cate to explain their absence. The Cross Country course can be run/walked by students of all ďŹ tness levels. Students will a8end school in their sports uniform. All students will a8end classes for Period 1 and 2; this will be followed by the Term 2 Spirit Assembly. All students will walk down to Curlew Park and will be dismissed by approximately 3.00pm. Students can be picked up from Curlew Park and buses will pick up students from Curlew Park.



Then he said to Thomas, “Put your ďŹ nger here and see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it in my side. Do not doubt but believe.â€? Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!â€? Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.â€? (John 21:27-29)

College sta members could tell you they knew whenever they had entered a room in which Mark had been the last person – the lights and every other device were always o! We knew that if Mark spoke about caring for the environment on a College Assembly, he was not just speaking about it – his words were always supported by acon.

Over the Easter period, we were given a chance to reect on this, one of our greatest challenges as people of faith. Unlike Thomas, we have not been given the opportunity to see or feel the wounds of the risen Christ – we are asked to believe without the empirical evidence that so many people crave today.

Professionally, Mark did such a great job in the newly created role of Curriculum Leader Jusce and Peace that other schools in our naonal Edmund Rice Educaon Australia network are taking our lead. He leaves St Patrick’s sta and students the luckier for having spent me with him, and we will do our best to live up to the standard that he set for us in terms of commitment to jusce and peace.

At Tuesday morning’s Mass, the above passage from John’s gospel was read and reected upon by Fr Liam. For me, it was a wonderful reminder of my own faith, both its challenges and its joys. In my own faith journey, I have had a number of doubts, and have handled these doubts in various ways. As such, I am a great admirer of people of unshakeable faith, people who have a close relaonship with God, and know what it takes to try to bring about the Kingdom of God here on earth. I have been fortunate to know some people who ďŹ t that descripon. Many are Religious, like Fr Liam, but many are not. Mark Ellison is one of those people. Mark unfortunately le? us at the conclusion of Term 1 to take up a wonderful opportunity to do more Jusce and Peace work at St Joseph’s Nudgee College, but it would be remiss of me not to make special menon of Mark and his unbelievable dedicaon while at St Patrick’s.

I would like to conclude by once again inving members of the St Patrick’s College community – students, parents and friends – to come along to our weekly Tuesday morning Mass at 8am in the Fr Liam Chapel in the Waterford Building. You are more than welcome. As you enter and make the sign of the cross, perhaps you will take up Fr Liam’s challenge and u8er the simple yet profound words of Thomas: “My Lord and my God�. Have a great Term 2 everyone.

Throughout the ďŹ nal weeks of Term 1, many people made comments, in both public and private, about Mark. There was much posive repeon in these comments, but perhaps the words that most frequently came up were “genuineâ€? and “authencâ€?. In short, Mark always walked the walk, not just talked the talk. We are all movated and driven by dierent goals – somemes money, somemes presge, somemes recognion. It is fair to say Mark is someone who is driven by the ambion to leave the world a be8er place than how he found it. He does this in his home life and in his work life. He does it in simple and complex ways. St Patrick’s 6


INDIA IMMERSION DUNCAN MOIR In trying to describe my (me in India, I could explain our i(nerary and nearly four weeks of the amazing ac(vi(es and sites. However, on reflec(on, I think a more effec(ve way of explaining my true experience of India might be by sharing this simple story ….. My immersion in India is by far the best experience of my life. There were a number of aspects that made this experience truly remarkable and extraordinary. However I will focus on the one area that meant the most to me. In Kolkata, we visited Loreto Day School, an instuon that caters for both the girls and the young ladies of Kolkata. The school is run by the Loreto Sisters and is led by Sister Cyril Mooney. Whilst Sister Cyril gives her students an educaon in academic pursuits, she also gives them an educaon in compassion. She accomplishes this goal by organising and operang an extensive range of social jusce programs. Although they are all worthy programs, none of them affected me the way the “rainbow children” did. The rainbow children are a group of girls that are given housing, educaon and three meals a day. They have been taken out of a variety of undesirable and vulgar situaons that we could scarcely imagine. Even though these girls have experienced much hardship and all their worldly possessions fit into a metal container no bigger than your average toolbox, they are some of the happiest children I have ever had the privilege of meeng. Though they are materialiscally poor by our standards, they never go anywhere without a smile on their face. This was one of the most enlightening experiences of the immersion for me. In spite of having next to nothing in terms of possessions, they do not complain about their situaon. Instead, they make the most of the opportunity Sister Cyrill has given them. In many ways I admire them for this, I can safely say that I would not last long in the world that they live in. A world in which you must give everything you’ve got and hope that it is enough to li? yourself up from the poverty that surrounds you. I suppose that when you receive opportunity upon opportunity, and privilege upon privilege, you can take these things for granted and consider them rights, rather than gi?s.



Instrumental Music Lessons Term 2 lessons have commenced this week. All metables have been distributed via Tutor Groups. If you have not received a metable or have any quesons about the metable please see Mr Samuels in the Cultural Office located in the breezeway. Copies of all music metables have also been posted on the cultural pages of the College website.

Ensemble Program All ensemble groups will be rehearsing from next week. Times for each group are as follows. JUNIOR VOCAL GROUP Years 5 – 8, Monday Lunch(RODGERS) JUNIOR GUITAR ENSEMBLE Years 5 – 8,Tuesday 7:30am (RODGERS)

SENIOR VOCAL GROUP Years 9 – 12, Friday Lunch (RODGERS) SENIOR GUITAR ENSEMBLE Years 9 – 12,Wednesday , 7:30am (RODGERS)

PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE Years 5 – 12, Wednesday 7:30am (C203) JUNIOR CONCERT BAND Mr Will, Wednesday 3:05pm (C203) SENIOR JAZZ ENSEMBLE Mr Fisher, Wednesday 3:05pm (Callan)

SENIOR CONCERT BAND Mr Will, Wednesday 4:00pm (C203) STRINGS ORCHESTRA Mr Sirsom, Wednesday 3:05pm (RODGERS)

Inter-House Theatresports We will be conducng our first ever INTER-HOUSE THEATRESPORT COMPETITION during Friday lunchmes this term. The details for this new program are as follows. ♦ This compeon is run on a purely ‘for the fun of it’ basis. No points will be counted towards the House shield. ♦ It is designed to provide students with some lunch me entertainment and to promote parcipaon in Theatresport. ♦ The compeon will be conducted in lunch mes in the Waterford Auditorium commencing week three. ♦ Each house is to provide a team of 4 players two from Years 9 &10 and two from Years 11 & 12) ♦ Nominaon forms will be distributed in week one ( House Leaders / Senior students can complete the nominaon forms and return to Mr Samuels) ♦ All games will be conducted and judged by a team of staff / past-students with Theatresport experience. ♦ The compeon will be conducted in two pools (POOL A = 5 teams; POOL B = 4 teams) ♦ A draw for Houses in each pool will be conducted on Assembly week one. ♦ The top two performing teams in each pool will progress to the final round. ♦ Proposed dates: Pool A = Friday May 4,,Pool B = Friday May 11, Finals = Friday May 18.

AIC Chess AIC Chess for 2012 commences Friday 27 April with an away game at St Peter’s Lutheran College. Players will be transported to and from the match in the College mini-bus. Teams will be presented on a Spirit Assembly next Thursday, 26 April. It is vital that all team members are commi8ed to all training sessions. See Mr Arcodia for any further informaon regarding the chess program, .



Our expectaons for ALL SPC students (without excepon) are: ♌ ♌ ♌ ♌

♌ ♌

Kind and courteous behaviour at all mes. Use of appropriate language at all mes (swearing of any descripon on or o the playing ďŹ eld will not be tolerated). Correct dress standards both on and o the playing ďŹ eld at all mes. All Year 8 to 12 students who remain at AIC rugby/football events to spectate MUST change into FULL College Formal Uniform (this will include black belt, College grey socks and black school shoes). All students will be required to wear their College e in Term 2. Posive and encouraging cheering only (negave cheering and taunts will not be tolerated). Respect the decisions of game referees and venue oďŹƒcials at all mes.

SPC sporng events are not ‘social funcons’ for our students to interact with girls from other schools. Those students a8ending an SPC sporng event are there to compete on the sporng ďŹ eld and/or to support other SPC sporng teams who are compeng. Any St Patrick’s College student who does not follow the above menoned expectaons on ‘game days’ may very well be asked to leave the sporng venue. Further acon may be take in the preceding week should it be deemed necessary.

Rugby and Football Training 2012 As most are aware we have had some changes in training mes of both rugby and football in 2012. This is largely due to ďŹ eld availability and coach availability. In the past we have looked at many ways to cater for all our teams on a Tuesday and Thursday a?ernoon but all have proven to be somewhat ineecve with reduced areas to train, limited resources and coaching sta diďŹƒcules. The decision to trial (in 2012) the training of some teams in the mornings (rather than a?ernoon) has assisted greatly with this and has allowed both rugby and football to deliver a much be8er program with more training space and access to coaching sta that previously were not available. We will constantly be monitoring all aspects of our training of rugby and football so that we can deliver the best program possible. We thank all involved for their understanding and cooperaon with these changes in training in 2012.

SPC Trimester Two Sporng Coordinators Following are the names of coordinators and contact details for next term’s sports. Rugby – Mr Heath Mackintosh Football – Mr Josh McCloughan Cross Country – Mr Paul Toohey 10


SPC Rugby and Football Fixture Calendar 2012 Round





21 April

AIC vs VILL (H) CIC vs PAD (H)

Home at SPC (Curlew Park, Sandgate) Home at SPC (Curlew Park, Sandgate)


28 April

AIC vs SPLC (H) CIC vs SLC (H)

Home at SPC (Curlew Park, Sandgate) Home at SPC (Curlew Park, Sandgate)


5 May

AIC vs SLC (A) CIC vs TSS (A)

Away at SLC Playing Fields (Nathan Rd, Runcorn) Away at TSS Prep (Lupus Street, Southport)


12 May

AIC vs MCA (H) CIC vs MBBC (A)

Home at SPC (Curlew Park, Sandgate) Away at MBBC (Manly Road, Wynnum West)


19 May

AIC vs SEC (H) CIC vs GT (H)


26 May

AIC vs IONA (A) CIC vs BBC (A)

Home at SPC (Curlew Park, Sandgate) Home at SPC (Curlew Park, Sandgate) BACK TO SHORNCLIFFE DAY—TEAM PHOTO DAY Away at IONA (North Rd, Wynnum West) Away at BBC (Miskin Street, Toowoong)


2 June

AIC vs PAD (A) CIC vs PAD (H)

Away at PAD Playing Fields (Elliott Road, Banyo) Home at SPC (Curlew Park, Sandgate)


9 June

AIC vs VILL (A) CIC vs NC (A)

Away at VILL Playing Fields (Manly Rd, Tingalpa) Away at NC (Sandgate Road, Boondall)

Please Note: The information supplied above is the current information available to us at this point in time. Changes to venue information may occur as the season commences and progresses.

Outstanding Achievements Darcy Roper (Year 9) – selected into the Metropolitan North Under 15 Touch Football Team to compete at the Queensland Championships at Bald Hills in June. Lorenzo Skelton (Year 10) - selected into the Metropolitan North Under 15 Rugby League Team to compete at the Queensland Championships in Toowoomba in May. Chrisan Ramsay (Year 11) & Alex Bhugon (Year 11) – both selected into the Metropolitan North Hockey Team to compete at the Queensland Championships in Gympie in May.

SPORTS INFORMATION LINE (WET WEATHER) The telephone number for St Patrick’s College Sports Information Line/Wet Weather Update is 3631 9080. Please be reminded that in the event of wet weather, any changes to the published schedule for sporting fixtures will be made just before 7.00am on the day of the fixtures. 11


Curlew Park Canteen Roster – Saturday 21 April All parents who have a son/s parcipang in Rugby or Football for St Patrick’s College in 2012 are requested to assist with the operaon of the Curlew Canteen and BBQ on ‘Home’ games at Curlew Park. As the canteen provides a vital service to all who a8end Curlew Park, we would like ALL parents a8ending on the day to give up a li8le of their me at help out the College and the SPC Sports Support Group by assisng in the Canteen or BBQ. The allocated mes will allow all to sll watch their son play rugby or football as all allocated mes are during their warm up/ preparaon prior to the commencement of their game. Remember that all proceeds from the Curlew Canteen and BBQ go directly back into benefing your son and the College’s sporng program. Below is the roster for this Saturday (21 April) – We ask that you make yourself available to assist with your allocated me slot.





7 A Football

5A Football


13A Football

14 A Football


5A Rugby

7B Rugby


15A Football

7B Football


6A Rugby

13B Rugby

16A Football

14B Football

14A Rugby

2ndXI Football

10.00am 11.00am 11.30am 12.00pm 1.00pm 2.00pm

3rdXI Football 15A Rugby

16B Rugby


16A Rugby

2 XV Rugby SPC 1st XV Rugby

St Patrick’s College — Mouth Guard Fundraiser For every mouth guard made by Bracken Ridge Denture Clinic $10 goes directly to St Patrick’s College. Teams can order colour matching mouth guards or players can choose their own colours!!! Teams can come on a Saturday or Sunday or players can make their own appointments. (after hours available)

PRICES Junior Mouth Guards (Years 5 - 7) $80.00 Senior Mouth Guards (Years 8 - 12) $120.00

Bracken Ridge Denture Clinic ABN: 82361931575

2 Wurley St Bracken ridge 4017 PH: 0403706685 Ken Warland RDT/RDP Dental Prosthetist Medicare Provider No. 4279081H

New Dentures Full & Partial Repairs & Relines



SPC RUGBY St Patrick’s College Vs Villanova (AIC) and Padua College (CIC) Saturday 21 April, Curlew Park, Sandgate Time

Rugby 1 (Edmund Rice)

Rugby 2 (Edmund Rice)

Rugby 3 (Grundy)








SPC 13




SPC 14




SPC 15

12 noon







SPC 2nd XV



SPC 3rd X



PLEASE NOTE: • QRRA Appointed Referees for SPC 13A, SPC 14A, SPC 15A, SPC 2ndXV, SPC 1stXV. • Canteen will be in operaon on the day • Sports Medicine will be on site on the day

SPC FOOTBALL St Patrick’s College Vs Villanova College (AIC) and Padua College (CIC) Saturday 21 April, Curlew Park, Sandgate Time 7.30am

SPC Football Oval 1 SPC 7A

8.20am 9.35am

Time 7.30am

SPC Football Oval 2 SPC 6A

Time 7.30am

SPC Football Oval 3 (P&F) SPC 5A









SPC 7B 9.10am





SPC 7C 10.00am




SPC 15B 11:00am




PLEASE NOTE: • AIC appointed referee for SPC 2ndXI, SPC 1stXI • Canteen will be in operaon on the day • Sports medicine will be on site on the day

VIL 14C vs VIL 14D Internal Trial

SPC 3rd XI

GAME TIMES PER HALF: [1stXI – 40 min] [2ndXI, 16A – 35 min] [13A, 14A, 15A – 30min] 13


Introducing Paladin Head Gear SPC colours with College crest

All orders are to be done direct to Paladin

Try on head gear (for sizing – S, M, L) is available from SPC Sports Department (located within SPC Gym)






COMMUNITY NOTICES The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:by:ROSTER FOR UPCOMING SERVICE PROGRAMS Tuesday Morn BBQ— Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am—9.00 am Tuesday, 24 April Mitchell Holland, Riley Campbell, Tyler Brinkhoff, Tom McInnes, Jayden Carson

Thursday Morning BBQ — Humpybong School 7. 30 am—9.00 am

Thursday Evening Street Van —Brisbane City 5.00 pm—8.45 pm

Saturday Night BBQ—Sandgate Sandgate Lagoon 5.45 pm—8.30 pm

Thursday, 26 April

Thursday, 26 April

Saturday, 28 April

Connor Westwood, Tai Reupena, Isaac Nolan, Jeromy Slater, Travis Browning, Mana Cecil, Daniel Herold, Issak Woods

William Kulpa, Corbin Steinmuller, Tom Lahey, Ethan Rigby, Lachie Rologas

Jake O’Halloran, Aidan Woods, Sam Cronk, Jon Cusick

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.

UNIFORM SHOP 60th anniversary POLOS and CAPS are in stock ready for supporters for the Rugby/Soccer Season. BLAZERS ordered have nearly all been collected. Only a few still to be picked up. Thankyou. TROUSERS & TIES also in stock. TERM TIME TRADING HOURS TUES 12-4pm, WED 10AM-2pm THURS 7.30-11.30am.




20/04 Jenny Evans, Trisha Fitzpatrick, Maree Denkes



Jen Smith, Michelle Steen, Tricia Vesely



Donelle McVeigh, Suzanne Steiger, Sharyn Mula, Francesca Jacovelli






Guistina Lawlor, Tabitha Baker, Marianne Refoy, Mandy Crossan


27/04 Debra Phillpot, Sandra Messina, Vera Woods



WEEK ONE April 20—Year 7 Armidale Rugby Tour begins April 21—Rugby Football Trials/AIC v VILL (H)/CIC

WEEK TWO April 23—Shore to Gate Rewards Day—Wet n Wild April 24 — ANZAC Liturgy—Period 1 April 25 - Anzac Day—Local Parade at Sandgate commencing at 9.00am April 26 - Spirit Assembly (Rugby/Football/Chess) - Inter-House Cross Country - QDU Rnd 2 Year 10/12 April 27 - AIC/CIC Rugby/Football Round 1 (H)


Issue 11 - Calling - (19 April 2012)  

I hope that your Easter was an enjoyable one and it provided an opportunity for you and your family to share some time together and enjoy th...