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27 January 2011

No. 1

Dear Members of the St Patrick’s Family, Welcome back to the 2011 Academic Year. I trust that your Christmas break was an enjoyable one and that the holiday period has allowed batteries to be recharged for what will be another very full year in 2011. Over the last few weeks we have been inundated by vision from flooding and tragedy throughout Queensland. I hope that you have been able to escape the devastation seen in places like Goodna, Graceville etc. Something that has overwhelmed me in recent time is how, in the face of adversity, people bind together and that spirit of assistance and genuine care and concern permeates to the surface. If you are aware of families within our St. Patrick’s College Community who need support, please contact me. This edition of the Calling is somewhat special as it is the first of the fully electronically distributed editions. The student office will have a small number of hard copies available for collection. In 2011 the calling will still be distributed on Thursday. The College will use email addresses as supplied by families. If there are updates to your email address please inform the College Office. Over the holiday period a considerable amount of work was done and there is still some to be completed. The new building is not operational at this stage and I believe that we will be able to use it in the latter part of this term (March hopefully). A significant project over the holidays was the construction of a new Student Office and Sick Bay. This new office space is situated in the middle of the College and will allow better access for students and parents. With the new student office in operation, the old student office has been converted into the Curriculum Office. The new toilets are approaching completion and should be operational by the end of next week. There has also been an extensive painting and cleaning program undertaken over the holidays to insure that the College is looking smart for the start of the year. I want to acknowledge the work of Mr Murray Schultz and his grounds, maintenance and cleaning staff for the outstanding work they have done over the holidays. With the start of a new year we welcome new staff to the College. The following teaches join St. Patrick’s College in 2011:Ms Susan Corfield—English, Religious Education Mr John Cross—House Dean Mrs Kathleen Ferguson—Learning Support Ms Katarina Georgakis—Head of Curriculum—SOSE

Mr Luis Marin—Geography, English, Religious Education Ms Emily Rotta—Counsellor Mr Matthew Seers—Curriculum Leader—Blended Learning

As well we welcome the following non-teaching staff:Mrs Donna Flanagan—Learning Support Aide Mrs Sharon Petty—Cleaner Mr Stuart Quine—IT Assistant I take this opportunity to welcome each of these people to St. Patrick’s College. Over the holidays Mr Mark Partridge accepted a position in Canberra and Mr Clinton Hall has extended his leave for 2011. In other staff news, congratulations to Mr Jonathan Brough on the birth of his daughter Jasmin, Ms Kath Sleba on the birth of her son Lewis, the successful Kidney transplant operation for Mrs Julie Parker and your prayers for Mrs Margaret Travers for the tragic loss of her son Christopher. There is a significant amount to share with the College Community and I will do so in subsequent issues of the Calling. I would also encourage families to attend the various Information Nights over the next few weeks as a way to make contact and keep informed. I wish everyone the best for 2011. God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

STUDENTS Frank Torrisi but where a boy is repeatedly late Welcome to the new school year- A very without any significant reason, he will warm welcome to all our families for the be required to make up time after start of what we hope will be a safe, school. happy and successful year. I encourage  Public Transport:St Patrick’s is a all students to take up the many great school but it can be let down in opportunities that are offered at St its public image if the students are Patrick’s. Students who are involved and poorly behaved on public transport. participate in College life become well The College will not tolerate poor connected to the broader community and behaviour on public transport. have a greater sense of belonging. Students misbehaving in this area will face a range of consequences as a The standard we expect from the boys is result of their actions. No food or drink is to be consumed on the buses. high and challenges them to grow. A strong sense of personal and school pride  Lockers: All students in Year 8 to 12 comes from the way the students present have been issued with a locker together with a combination lock. It is themselves at school. I have outlined a the students’ responsibility that they number of focus areas for 2011. do not disclose their combination to  Uniform: A reminder for all students anybody. Students who damage or that the uniform is to be worn lose their lock will be required to correctly at all times. This includes replace it at a cost of $15. shirts tucked in and socks pulled up.  Diaries: Our student Diaries are an Students in Years 11 and 12 must important tool for the organisation wear their school ties correctly at all and communication. All College times. This includes top buttons done policies and procedures are located up. within the diary; I ask that you take  Hair and Grooming:In order to the time to read and discuss these maintain a high standard of dress together with your son.The diary is and grooming so as to present an school property and I ask that you appropriate image of the College to assist in ensuring your son’s diary is the broader community and to each free from stickers and graffiti. To other, it is an expectation that hair help improve the students’ be kept neat, tidy and above the organisation we expect them to have collar, ears and eyebrows at all their diaries in every lesson. All times. homework should be recorded in the  School Bag: All students in year 5 to diary and parents will be able to 11 are expected to carry the St check what homework and Patrick’s School Bag to and from assignments the boys have. To school each day. It is highly promote communication between recommended that if students in student’s staff and families, we ask Years 12 have a St Patrick’s College that every student has their diary bag they use it also. signed by his parent/guardian every week. This is necessary for all  Mobile Phones, Ipods and other students from Years 5 to 12. Notes electronic devices are not permitted regarding absences, lateness, early to be used in the College grounds. If departures or general enquires a student is caught using these should be written in your son’s diary. electronic devices a consequence will Lost diaries will need to be replaced occur. at a cost of $15.  Student Absences: Parents are  School Bags:To assist in reducing requested to telephone the College congestion students are not permitted Absentee line on 36319077 by to carry their school bag throughout 9.00am when their son is absent. A the day. Students may use a SMS text message will be sent to Drawstring Bag or the St Patrick’s parents’ mobile phone at Satchel only to carry their books, approximately 11.00am each day if subject equipment and sports gear we believe a student is absent from for lessons. school or classes without explanation.  ID Photos- Every student will have his  Lateness:The school bell goes at photo taken this Thursday 27 January 8.28am and all boys are expected for his ID card. These will be to be present at this time. On distribute in a few weeks and will be occasions, a bus or train may be late





important for borrowing from the Resource Centre, public transport and general identification. Please ensure your son is neatly attired and groomed for his ID Photo. Year 6 Camp will operate during Week 5 (21 February to 23 February). All Year 6 students are expected to attend their camp as part of their overall curriculum. Forms for the camp have been distributed this week and must be returned by Friday 4 February. Year 8 Camp and Retreat Program will operate during Week 5 (21 February to 25 February). All Year 8 students are expected to attend their camp and retreat as part of their overall curriculum. Forms for the camp have been distributed this week and must be returned by Friday 4 February. Year 8 Immunisation BCC forms were distribute this week and must be returned completed by Friday 4 February Year 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 House Family Night and Parent Information Evening will be held next Monday from 6.00pm to 8.45pm. It is an important social, curriculum evening and I invite every Year 5-9 family to attend. The evening is an opportunity to meet your son’s House Dean, Group Tutor, Big Brother, Classroom Teacher and other parents from the same year level and House.

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you all again and if there is any way I can assist you please do not hesitate to contact me.

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STUDIES Chris Campbell In past generations we lived in a much simpler world. We did not have access to anything like what is available to us now. There was no internet, no Facebook, no Playstation. Very little which could distract us. When they spoke of these school years my parents talked about evenings spent completing homework, playing board games like draughts, or chess or reading before bed time. Family entertainment consisted of sitting in the lounge room listening to the radio. They didn’t even have television.

More and more we see travelling and experiencing new destinations and cultures as an important part of growing up.

So, why should any of this present as a problem? Well, unfortunately for St. Patrick’s it is presenting as just that—it’s becoming a problem. The problem is not the lure of travelling to other destinations. That is a good idea and I agree that we benefit from seeing other parts of the world. The problem is the timing of the trips. When people are choosing to go it is becoming more and more common for Not only that, the world was a larger families at the College to head off at any place. Obviously not in terms of actual time during the term for an interstate or size, but a larger place because of the overseas trip. Always the argument is challenges and difficulties in getting that this is a great opportunity, but I’m not anywhere. If a family had a car it was sure I agree in using that argument to nowhere near as good a motor as cars justify a 2-3 week or greater leave of today. Our highways were the same. Nothing like the multi lane works of art of absence during the term. Your 2010. Often times the road was only one opportunity to attend school is also a lane total so when cars approached from great opportunity. I am always asked that whether missing a few weeks would the opposite direction you had to pull to the left and drive in the gravel at the side be a disadvantage the answer is yes. of the road. Plane travel was almost College policy is that we do not complete unheard of and the cost made it only for exams before the scheduled date and it is the wealthy. the exam block at the end of term which seems to be hit most often. I am not sure As we know times have changed. With that having students complete exams at TV, Movies, magazines and the internet the beginning of the next term is also we get to see on a daily basis, what the viable in the long term. By then, we are rest of the world looks like. But not only moving on to new work. Teachers will that. All of these other countries are have marked papers and recorded super keen for us to visit. Tourism has marks, it is not always convenience to go become one of the great earners for back and correct work that was scheduled every country in the world. Just think. Skiing in the Swiss Alps, surfing in Hawaii, to be marked weeks before. travelling around Europe. And as part of our culture we are encouraged to go.

Often parents ask if work can be set for students to take with them. This too is somewhat unrealistic without teacher direction, very often the work on it’s own will lack meaning and a context. I may seem old fashioned but I do feel that during term time boys should be at school. Obviously, this does not become my decision. As families you make your own calls on what you will do and when and I can’t change that. But I do feel that with the increasing number of people doing this, something needs to be said. We have talked this year of going from good to great, in an academic sense that is unlikely to happen unless we are fully committed to our studies and cannot deliver that commitment unless we are here. I am not sure we can continue to make concessions by extending assignments or rescheduling exams. Term time is for study and if people choose to be away then it is likely that they will miss out on undertaking assessment which is a great disadvantage. Your personal decisions are your own business but our expectation is that you will be here focused and committed throughout the year.

COLLEGE DEAN David Gardiner Welcome back to all our families and a very warm welcome to all our new families. I certainly hope it is a positive year for everyone involved with St Patrick’s. All our students need to remember there are simple guidelines for success at St Pat’s. Get involved, do your best, show respect and be wear the St Pat’s uniform with pride. Day One of the school year was a great start. I love seeing the new crop of Year 5s all excited about their first step of their journey at St Pat’s; the nervous excitement of so many parents; and the action leadership shown so superbly by our Year 12s. I hope there are many more such

days throughout this year. I had a fantastic break, highlighted by four weeks with 8 of our current Year 12s undertaking an Immersion to India. It is a wonderful experience for these young men but it also is a good experience for me personally. I learnt a lot and grew in so many ways through an amazing array of experiences and meeting so many incredible people. I will write more significant details in upcoming Callings. We also welcomed four Exchange students this week Aaron Lattimer and Thomas Nichini from Vancouver College in Canada and Michael Rojas and Zachary Flint are from Archbishop Moeller High in

the USA. We hope they have an enriching stay at St. Patrick’s and in Australia. I thank the Harris, Myers, Venter and McSween families for hosting our special guests.

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MINISTRY Matthew Hawkins I am excited at the beginning of any new year. I like the opportunities that come with a relatively blank page, and I like the idea of looking at fresh ways to approach old challenges or events. In essence, I think a new year gives us cause to look at things in a new way, from a new perspective perhaps. Sometimes, life throws events and experiences at us which challenge, frighten, confuse and even hurt us. Life also throws us experiences which cause us incredible joy, surprise and excitement. Often, whether positive or negative, these experiences force us to change the way we see things, to shift our perspective. I firmly believe that any time we shift our perspective, especially when we shift it in a way which makes us see life from the standpoint of someone else less fortunate, then that is a profoundly positive experience for us. In recent times, I have had two experiences which have significantly shifted my perspective, and as a result, I hope I can live a more worthwhile life for others. The first happened in India in December. I was fortunate enough to accompany Fr Liam, Mr Gardiner, Mr Phillips and eight Year Eleven students on our annual India Immersion Program, and it is fair to say that the immersion was packed full of profound experiences, but I would like to share just one. I met an eight year old girl named Boishaki; she is

a lovely girl and a student at Loreto Sealdah School in Kolkata. She is what is referred to at that school as a “Rainbow Child”, meaning they can more or less come and go as they please, but are always welcome and appreciated. These kids are either orphans, homeless or come from families who are not able to look after them. I had a conversation with Boishaki about Christmas, and she became very excited when she told me she was going “home” from school for three days over Christmas, and that last year, her mum gave her 2 rupees (approximately 5 cents) and a guava for Christmas. As a father of two young children, soon to be going home for Christmas and a multitude of gifts from friends and relatives for my kids, Boishaki’s story and her excitement touched a nerve for me. It made me look at my approach to Christmas through new eyes; indeed, it shifted my perspective.

Creek, and as he stood looking at it, “two blokes in a ute” came by, stopped, looked at Martin, and laughed. Martin told us he was at first very angry, but then after a while, felt good about it. When he saw I was confused by that, he explained that had his boat not been smashed, he would not have understood what so many others were going through. He felt pity for those two blokes, because they simply “didn’t get it”. I am extremely grateful to both Boishaki and Martin for the lessons they gave me during my Christmas break. I hope I can use their inspiration to help me a have a wonderful and worthwhile year. I wish you all the same as you embark upon 2011. I wish all new families to St Patrick’s a very warm welcome, and look forward to meeting you soon. In the coming Callings under this section, look out for details on how students and parents can get involved in our service programs including the Paddies Van, as well as articles from our Campus Ministers, Mr Paul Corfield and Mrs Marthy Watson about all things to do with Identity and Ministry at St Patrick’s.

The second experience came about when a number of St Patrick’s staff took the Paddies Van out during the recent floods to cook for many people cleaning houses in the suburbs of Milton, Auchenflower, New Farm and West End. The day we were in New Farm, Martin, a regular patron of the Paddies Van saw us and came to say hello. He told us the sad story that he had in recent times been . living on a small house boat on the river, and that unsurprisingly, it had not survived the flood. In fact, he found his boat smashed against rocks near Breakfast

Boishaki, a “Rainbow Child”, with AP Identity, Mr Matt Hawkins, India Dec 2010

The aftermath in a Brisbane street, January 2011

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MINISTRY CONT’D Emily Rotta Welcome back to the New Year which brings many exciting opportunities and challenging experiences. It is through these opportunities that we learn and grow into who we are today. This New Year brings me, Mrs Emily Rotta, to St Patrick's as the College Counsellor. I am very excited about this new appointment and look forward to working with the St Patrick's Community. Please feel free to contact me as my door will always be open to you and my ear ready to listen. I have extensive professional qualifications and personal experiences that allow me to connect with students and their families in various situations. Together we will help work through any situation that may arise. My goal is to provide a Personal Welfare and Career Counselling service which is of the highest professional standard and aims to support all members of the St Patrick's community. Students, families and staff are able to seek assistance and support relating to personal, career and educational issues. As the College Counsellor I can help with personal concerns such as anxiety, depression, family and peer relationships, self esteem, stress, transition to new school, referral to specialists, family concerns, anger, accommodation, conflicts, coping strategies, self esteem, grief and loss…. there are many issues you might wish to seek assistance with and if you’re not sure if I can help, I welcome your enquiry. I also offer Career counseling providing students opportunities to explore their career options and alternative career pathways, as well as providing current course and career information and

prepare students for post-school career management. Previously I have worked as a: Guidance Officer with Education Queensland in the Logan District, Teacher of Business, VET, BCT, Math’s & Accounting, Volunteer Youth Mentor with the Smith Family, Taxation Accountant, Business Trainer and Pizza Maker. I am also a Professional Member of the Queensland Guidance & Counselling Association (QGCA) and the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) as well as a Justice of the Peace Qld (Qualified). I gained my Master of Educational Studies – Guidance and Counselling though University of Queensland (UQ) – St Lucia, Graduate Diploma of Education – Secondary -Senior Business, Accounting and Math’s at Griffith University – Mt Gravatt and a Bachelor of Commerce – James Cook University – Cairns. A little bit about me, I love to travel to exciting exotic adventurous destinations, one of my favourite trips was when I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Peru. It was a four day camping adventure that saw us hiking a total of 45km and climbing three passes. The highest and first pass 'Dead Women's Pass' was 4,200 meters. This trip was definitely an eyeing opening and soul searching experience that lead me into the Lost City of the Inca's 'Machu Picchu' with very weary legs from the 10,000 staggered stone steps. With all my adventures I gain insight, experience and mental strength.

That is just a little insight about me and now I look forward to gaining more insight into the St Patrick's Community. May we all have a wonderful Year and appreciate and value the experiences and people in our lives. Emily Rotta College Counsellor 07 3631 9073 "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." —Maya Angelou Making an appointment If you would like to make a time to speak with me, you can contact me directly or alternatively, you may wish to speak first with your Group Tutor, a Teacher or your House Dean who can make an appointment on your behalf. My office is located in the O’Connor Building where Mark Mewburn's – College Counsellor’s office used to be.


Our first Parent Son Retreat will be held 26-27 March at Koonjewarra Retreat Centre, Springbrook. Cost is $60 per person. This retreat is open to any student in Years 5-12. If you would like to attend please contact Mrs Helen Righetti on 3631 9014 by Monday, 28 February, 2011

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ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR OF SPORT—LUKE DONATINI Welcome back to what will be another full and exciting sporting year for all involved in CIC, AIC and representative sport at St Patrick’s College. During the Christmas Holiday break a lot of sporting endeavours were undertaken with some significant performances and achievements. Before outlining some of the sporting highlights, I would first like to thank all the St Patrick’s College students, parents, and staff who so graciously gave up their time to participate and assist with training, sporting camps/clinics and tournaments.

Primary Track and field Championships in Bendigo, Victoria.  Hamish Chapman (Year 8) selected in the Queensland 12 years and under Indoor Cricket team. He will compete at the Australian Indoor Cricket Championships in Melbourne in July.  SPC Under 14 Gold Half season Cricket Team – Won the Brisbane North Junior Cricket Half Season Cricket Premiership. This team was coached be SPC Old Boy, Regan Kelly. The SPC Under 15 Cricket Team came second (2nd) in their competition. Guy Rushton U13 (4 for 14 runs off 7 The 2010/2011 holiday period overs) Cheyne Moodley U15 (4 for 38 incorporated: off 9 overs ) Damien McMahon U14 (7 for 6 runs off 4 overs – Double Hat Trick)  The inaugural SPC First XI Cricket tour – All achieved bowling ‘Hat Tricks’ during to Adelaide took place in December the recent BNJC Half Season Cricket  The annual SPC Swimming Camp Competition whilst representing St Patrick’s College. which was held at the Runaway Bay Super Sports Centre with 40 SPC swimmers and 6 coaches in attendance; SPORT COMMUNICATION IN 2011 The Calling  Those participating in the annual The calling is undoubtedly St Patrick's Christian Brothers Cricket Week College number one communicator of managed to get three days of games sporting news. In saying this some details given the poor weather conditions; may be omitted due to late notice (mid  SPC Volleyball Training over 3 weeks week) or changes. with over 30 volleyball players and their coaches involved at training sessions. Other Avenues of Communication  Volleyball Trials incorporating many If information is not placed within ‘The Calling’ due to the lateness of the SPC teams and coaches trialing against information or unforeseen changes all other Colleges in full day trials. students must be responsible enough to:  First Rugby Training and First  Listen to any ‘Student Office’ Football Training continued over the announcements holiday period.  Listen to daily messages and  SPC Strength and Conditioning messages passed on during Tutor Group sessions being held weekly during the Meetings. holidays with a large number students taking advantage of these well structure  Look on Sporting Notice Boards (near sessions designed and run by Corey Tuckshop) Meehan.  Contact Coaching Coordinators for their Sport with any concerns. Outstanding Achievements Parents can: Congratulations to the following SPC  Contact Sports Information Line. athletes who achieved higher sporting achievements or representation over the  Refer to the ‘Calling’ Christmas break:  Look at the College Website  James Ives (Year 12) – scored 52 Contact Mr Ryan Schultz (Coaching runs for SPC First XI (off 87 balls) vs Administrator) on 3631 9045 or Nudgee College First XI during Christian Brothers Cricket Week.  Jacob Butterworth (Year 11) – Following are the names of coordinators Placed 2nd (Silver) in the Under 15 100m and contact details for this term’s sports. Hurdles at the National Secondary All  Cricket - Mr. Ryan Schultz Schools Track and Field Championships in Melbourne.  Volleyball – Mr. Chris Carlill  Ryan Shepherd (Year 6) – Placed 1st (Gold) in the Under 10 High Jump at the  Swimming – Mr Shane Bowden National Primary Track and Field Championships in Bendigo, Victoria. As you all can appreciate, successful th  Kurt D’Amico (Year 9) – Placed 7 communication is sometimes the key to in the Under 13 Triple Jump at the smooth running of events. If we are all National Secondary All Schools Track and mindful of the above processes that are in Field Championships in Melbourne. place, we will be up to date and in the  Darcy Roper (Year 8) – Placed 6th in know. the Under 12 Long Jump at the National

Canteen Assistance Required During Cricket and Volleyball Season We are very fortunate to have the assistance of some loyal Sport Support Group volunteers to operate the Curlew Park and Callan Centre Canteen on ‘Home’ games. This will be of great service and benefit to both players and spectators on those Saturdays. If you are able to assist in operating the canteen at Curlew Park, please contact Mr Donatini (Director of Sport) ASAP for more details. All money raised from the Curlew Canteen goes to the SPC Sports Support Group which uses these funds to the betterment of the SPC Sporting Program and Facilities. Please also feel free to introduce yourself to the canteen volunteers on any Saturday and lend some assistance. They would really appreciate your help. Metropolitan North Regional Sport Information All students and parents requesting information regarding any up and coming Met North Regional trials are asked to go to the Met North Website to find out such information Metropolitan North Trial Information for the following Sports (Cluster Day 1) have been posted on the Met North Website.

 Regional 18 Years Baseball Trials (Contact Mr Ryan Schultz)

 Regional 19 Years Softball (Contact

Mr Ryan Schultz)  Met North regional Swimming (Contact Mr Shane Bowden)  Regional 15 Years and 19 Years Volleyball (Independent District Trial is Friday 4th February – please see Mr Carlill for further details)  Regional 19 Years Tennis - No trial, nomination only Tennis (19) selection information and nomination forms have been posted on the Tennis page (Contact Br Chris Pritchard) For further information regarding these and other such trials please see the Coaching Coordinator for that sport. For any sport that does not have a coordinator (eg baseball etc) please see Ryan Schultz (College Coaching Administrator).

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D How to Access Met North Trial Information 1. Look up the Met North web site and then click on the sport you wish to find information about. 2. Once in sports specific section scroll down and if there is a prompt that says ‘08 Sports Name Trials’, click on the ‘read more…’ 3. This will let you access the trial letter/ notification, down load all relevant information regarding the trials. If there is no information regarding trials then nominations have not yet been called for.

SPC Football  All SPC Football players wishing to make Under 15A Football or 16A Football in 2011 are to be at the first preseason training session this Friday morning, 28th January on the College Back Oval. Training commences at 6.45am until 8.00am. Please be ready to You can also down load from the Met start training at 6.45am. North website a calendar that outlines all  All SPC Football players wishing to trail dates for the whole 2011 sporting play First XI Football in 2011 MUST be at year. preseason training on Tuesday and By following these procedures, it is hoped Thursday mornings at Curlew Park. Training commences at 6.45am until that all information will becomes more 8.00am. Please be ready to start training easily accessible and everyone will have a clearer understanding of when trials are at 6.45am. being called.

collect ‘Availability for Selection’ forms etc. to be filled out and signed by the school Principal, Dr Michael Carroll before taking ALL forms to the appropriate sporting trial and handing them into the Carnival Convenor with any required levy to be paid.

4. Lastly, your son will then need go to Student Office at St Patrick’s College to

CRICKET CO-ORDINATOR—RYAN SCHULTZ AIC Cricket - Trial St Patrick’s College Vs St Peters Lutheran College




9:30 - 5:15


1:00 – 5:30pm


1:00 – 5:30pm


8:15 – 12:45


8:15 – 12:45


8:15 – 12:45


1:00 – 5:30pm


1:00 – 5:30pm


1:00 – 5:30pm

Venue Mayer Oval (Turf) Curlew Park Oval 1 Curlew Park Oval 2 Curlew Park Oval 1

Curlew Park Oval 2 Stolz Oval (Turf) St John Fisher Syn 3

Stolz Oval (Turf) St John Fisher Conc 1

Location (entrance) Harts Rd, Indooroopilly Curlew Park, Shorncliffe Curlew Park, Shorncliffe Curlew Park, Shorncliffe Curlew Park, Shorncliffe Lambert Rd, Indooroopilly St John Fisher College, Bracken Ridge Lambert Rd, Indooroopilly St John Fisher College, Bracken Ridge

Players are to be dressed in cricket whites or SPC sports uniform and MUST wear a SPC cricket hat/cap or plain white cricket hat/cap. All other forms of head wear is unacceptable. Appropriate footwear MUST be worn at all times. Definitely no thongs. Private Transportation Will Be Required

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D CRICKET CO-ORDINATOR CONT’D—RYAN SCHULTZ CIC Cricket Matches Internal Trial Matches Sat. 29th January 2011 Team




Year 7

7:30am – 12:25am

St John Fisher Oval 3 and 4

St John Fisher College, Bracken Ridge St John Fisher College, Bracken Ridge Curlew Park, Sandgate

Year 6

7:30am – 12:25am

St John Fisher Oval 1 and 2

Year 5

7:30am – 12:25am

P and F Oval 1 and 2 (concrete)

Players are to be dressed in cricket whites or SPC sports uniform and MUST on wear a SPC cricket hat/cap or plain white cricket hat/cap. All other forms of head wear is unacceptable. Appropriate footwear MUST be worn at all times. Definitely no thongs. Private Transportation Will Be Required 2011 CIC and AIC CRICKET Due to the interrupted first week of Term 1 the ONLY training sessions for the first week back at school will be held on Thursday 27th Jan and Friday 28th Jan. These sessions will be used to conduct trialing and to select teams for the weekend and only trial vs SPLC (Sat 29th Jan).

First Week Training: Thursday 27th Jan

Friday 28th Jan

1st XI, 2nd XI

2nd XI/ 3rdXI, 4th XI

15 A/B/C






The following week all training will run as per the 2011 Training Schedule.

2011 Training Schedule: Monday and Wednesday

Tuesday and Thursday


3:30 – 5:00pm

3:30 – 5:00pm

3:30pm – 5:00pm

Specialist Coaches: Charles Brauer, Mark Ellison, Jacob Judd: Bowling, Batting and Fielding Under 14 A, B, C

Specialist Coaches: Charles Brauer, Mark Ellison, Jacob Judd: Bowling, Batting and Fielding 1st XI, 2nd XI

3rd XI, 4th XI

Under 13 A,B,C

Under 15 A, B, C

Year 5 A,B,C

Year 6 A,B, C

3rd XI, 4th XI

Year 7A, B, C

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D RUGBY CO-ORDINATOR —RYAN SCHULTZ FIRST XV RUGBY TRAINING Week 2 will see the current First XV Squad split into two squads. The two squads that will then train throughout Term 1 will be the First XV Training Squad and the First XV Developmental Squad. First XV Squad: The First XV Training Squad will consist of players who the coaching staff thinks will push for a First XV position in 2011. Training Tuesday 6:30am – 8:00am Curlew Park Friday 6:30am – 8:00am Curlew Park First Developmental Squad: The First XV Developmental Squad will consist of the remaining players from the original First squad, First Training Squad members not showing full potential and promising underage rugby players. Training Wednesday 6:30am – 8:00am Back Oval Letters for the developmental squad will be sent out in the near future.

VOLLEYBALL CO-ORDINATOR —CHRIS CARLILL AIC Volleyball – Trial St Patrick’s College VS St Peter’s Lutheran College St Peter’s Lutheran College Gym Time

Court 1


Court 2


















1 VI


3rd VI




St Peter’s Gym: Enter off Lambert Road, Indooroopilly Volleyball Players are to be dressed in correct SPC Volleyball uniform or SPC sports uniform. All other forms of clothing is unacceptable. Appropriate footwear MUST be worn at all times. Definitely no thongs to be worn. Private Transportation Will Be Require

GYM CO-ORDINATOR—COREY MEEHAN GYM NOW OPEN JUNIOR SCHOOL LUNCH: MON, WED, FRI. From the second week of term one the school gym will now be open during junior lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I would like to encourage any boys in the junior school to come along and have a look inside the gym and try out some of the various exercises available to them. These sessions will only be open to students in years 5 through to 7. Junior school students will not under any circumstance be allowed to use weights, instead modified bodyweight exercises and technique will be the focus. If any parents have any questions regarding their son participating in resistance training please don’t hesitate to contact me, my details are: 3631 9028

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D DIRECTOR OF SWIMMING—SHANE BOWDEN AIC Swimming Time Trials Date: Friday 28th January 2011 Venue: Langlands Pool, Panitya St, Stones Corner Bus and coach parking – Panitya St (is a dead end street with no real turning circle) otherwise parking can be found on Old Cleveland Rd or Main Av. Time: Warm-Up 4.30pm / 5.00pm start – 6.30pm approx finish (could be earlier) Format: 50M time trial event only. Each College is required to provide its own time keepers and recorders. No limit to competitors. Order of Events: Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Freestyle  

Canteen facilities will be operating Please secure all valuables. Swimmers are to be confined to their own College seating area where possible.

St Patrick’s College will run a bus that will depart the college at 3.10pm and will return at approximately 7.15pm. The bus will depart from Yundah Street and return to Yundah Street.


Greetings all. The 2010/2011 swimming season is now is now in full swing following the completion of the annual swim camp and the commencement of training from this Thursday January 27 at our Redcliffe training base. Training days and times for the remainder of the term will follow as detailed below. A bus will be provided to take students from the pool to school at the completion of training during each morning session, and to Redcliffe Pool on Thursday afternoons. Current Olympic and Australian Coach Ken Wood and his team will continue to coach our swimmers whilst at Redcliffe. Please note that our first carnival will commence for all AIC students this Friday the 28th of January at Langlands Pool, Cooparoo. It would be great to get as many students as possible to this meet so we can start recording times and begin looking at students to represent the College at the AIC carnival. It would also be good for the boys to start getting some race experience leading into the bigger carnivals. The bus will leave St. Patrick’s at 3:15pm,arriving back at the College at 7:15pm. Students will need to bring their St. Patrick’s togs, goggles and towel. They will also need to bring some afternoon tea and be wearing their school uniform. Nominations are also already being taken for the upcoming Metropolitan North Secondary Swimming Carnival. Students will need to fill out their details on the respective forms in the Student Office, obtain Dr Carroll’s signature to compete and pay $15 to Mrs Lee Schultz in the front office to cover nomination costs. Nominations need to be in by Friday the 18th of January.

Training Times Term 1, 2010 Monday (Sandgate) Tuesday (Sandgate) Wednesday (Redcliffe) Thursday (Redcliffe)

6:15am – 7:30am 6:15am – 7:30am 5:45am – 7:30am 3:45pm – 5:00pm

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D DIRECTOR OF SWIMMING—SHANE BOWDEN AIC Swimming Time Trials Date: Friday 28th January 2011 Venue: Langlands Pool, Panitya St, Stones Corner Bus and coach parking – Panitya St (is a dead end street with no real turning circle) otherwise parking can be found on Old Cleveland Rd or Main Av. Time: Warm-Up 4.30pm / 5.00pm start – 6.30pm approx finish (could be earlier) Format: 50M time trial event only. Each College is required to provide its own time keepers and recorders. No limit to competitors. Order of Events: Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Freestyle  

Canteen facilities will be operating Please secure all valuables. Swimmers are to be confined to their own College seating area where possible.

St Patrick’s College will run a bus that will depart the college at 3.10pm and will return at approximately 7.15pm. The bus will depart from Yundah Street and return to Yundah Street.

DIRECTOR OF CULTURE—GEOFF SAMUELS Welcome to another exciting year at St Patrick’s. It was great to meet so many of our new students on Monday and to see our new seniors doing such a great job in their white shirts. Once again this year we are offering a wide range of cultural activities for students. Many of these will commence early in this term so please note the sign-up dates for the various activities. MUSICAL This year’s musical “The Wedding Singer” will be staged in conjunction with St John Fisher College during the final week of May. Auditions will be held here at the college on Wed Feb 2 (years 11 & 12) and Friday Feb 4 (years 5 – 10). Auditions will be staged in the Callan Centre from 3:30 to 5:00pm on each day. For more information or to receive an ‘audition pack’ see Ms Garside or Mr Samuels. INSTRUMENTAL PROGRAM Detailed information regarding the Instrumental Program is available on the college website or from the Cultural Office. Lessons will commence in week 3 of this term. Please collect an enrolment form from the student office or cultural office and return to student office by Friday Feb 4. CHESS Mr Arcodia will head up our chess programs again this year. Chess Club will be held in the Resource Centre each Monday after school. The Interhouse Chess Competition will commence during week 4. Please see your House Dean to register your interest. Trials for AIC teams will be held later in the term. DEBATING Ms Morgan has been appointed as Debating Coordinator for 2011. Students from years 8 to 12 will be given the opportunity to represent the college in QDU debating. Information regarding workshops and trials will be provided later this term. Boys in years 5 to 7 will have the opportunity to compete in the Brisbane Independent Schools Competition (BIS) in May and June. See Mr Reid for information on BIS teams. PUBLIC SPEAKING Ms Hewitt is our coordinator this year. Over the next few weeks four of our senior boys Thyman Venter, Aaron Loader, Liam Polkinghorne and Giles Beveridge will compete in the Lion’s Youth of the Year competition. We wish them well. Details regarding upcoming events will be posted in coming weeks. Boys in years 5-7 can compete in the BIS competition in May/June. ART CLUB This year Ms Spencer will expand the Art Club program with separate Junior and Senior clubs running. Details on dates and venues will be posted soon. FILM CREW Boys in years 10 to 12 who would like to be part of this year’s Film Crew should see Mr Corfield to register your interest by Friday Feb 4th. YEAR 7 MUSIC STUDENTS Could all year 7 students who play stringed instruments need to bring their instruments to class on Monday week 2. A reminder to all year 7 music students to bring their program book “Standard of Excellence” or “All for Strings” to their lesson on Monday week 2. Mr Will.

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College Birthday Tomorrow, Friday 29th January, St Patrick’s College celebrates its Birthday, founded and opened in 1952 with a roll call of 172 students and four Brothers of whom one is still alive, Br Brian Saward in whose honour the big Shop A & B workshops are named. Today we have 1128 students and a staff of 120. We are preparing for our Diamond Jubilee in 2012!

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The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:Tuesday Morn BBQ— Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am—9.00 am

Thursday Morning BBQ — Humpybong School 7. 30 am—9.00 am

Tuesday, 1 February TBA

Thursday, 3 February TBA

Thursday Evening Street Van — Brisbane City 5.00 pm—8.45 pm

Saturday Night BBQ—Sandgate Rotunda 5.45 pm—8.30 pm

Thursday, 3 February TBA

Saturday, 5 February TBA

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mr Ellison ASAP.

Uniform Shop A HUGE THANKYOU TO ALL VOLUNTARY HELPERS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL TRADING. You were amazing and I am very grateful for your help – Helen Trappett, Lisa Wagner, Maggie & Daniel McGowan, Cheryle McMahon, Mandy Crossan, Sharyn Mula, Oriana McLaughlin, Adele Collie, Margaret Webb, Kim Matthews, Debra Phillpott, Louise Stringer, Mary Brooke, Marie Cross, Joanne John, Kerry & Saxon Johannessen, Jenny Cotton, Christine Wilson-Row. VOLUNTARY HELPERS REQUIRED FOR TERM TIME TRADING. Roster is once a month for times as below. Please see me or ring 36319055 if you are able to help. Thankyou. BLAZER FITTINGS will be during the course of Monday 31 January. All students in Years 10, 11, 12 requiring blazers will be sent over for sizing. A deposit of $65 is required for order to be placed. TERM TIME TRADING HOURS TUES 12-4, WED 10AM-2PM, THURS 7.30-11.30AM




Fri         28/01 

Debra Phillpot, Sandra Messina, Maria Neilson, VeraWoods,  Maggie McGowan 

Mon     31/01  Gerry Polkinghorne, Jen Smith, Michelle Steen  Tue       01/02  Michelle Smith, Sara Cronk, Cheryl Jahnke, Sarah Carson  Wed     02/02 

Mary Brodie, Sue Henley, Andrea Meade, Jane Doyle, Margaret  Armitage 

Thu       03/02  Jeana Sco , Vicki Robinson, Julie Blansjaar  Fri         04/02  Evelin Liddell, Fiona Oakes, Michelle Litchfield, Jane Gregory 

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January 28 AIC Swim Meet

January 29 AIC Volleyball/Cricket Trial / CIC Cricket Trials January 31 Year 5-9 Parent Info Evening and House Family Night

February 1 Spirit Assembly February 3 Year 11 Parent Information Evening

February 4 AIC and CIC Swim Meets February 5 AIC Volleyball/Cricket Rnd 1 / CIC Cricket Rnd 1

February 7 Year 12 Leadership Afternoon and Parent Information Evening

February 8 Academic Assembly

February 11 Induction Mass / AIC and CIC Swim Meets

February 12 AIC Volleyball/Cricket Rnd 2 / CIC Cricket Rnd 2

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Issue 1 - Calling - 27 Jan 2011  

Welcome back to the 2011 Academic Year.

Issue 1 - Calling - 27 Jan 2011  

Welcome back to the 2011 Academic Year.