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30 January 2014

Dear Members of the St. Patrick’s College Community Welcome to 2014 and I trust your Christmas break (albeit now some time ago) was an enjoyable one for you and your family. A special welcome goes to all those who join the St. Patrick’s College community for the first time in 2014. I hope that your journey will be fulfilling and rewarding. 2014 is shaping up as another great year in which our teaching and learning, our spiritual journey and our co-curricular opportunities will all be major areas of focus, and in which that special St. Patrick’s College community experience will continue to grow. As well as welcoming new families and students, we also welcome new staff to St. Patrick’s College including Ms Kate Belfrage, Mr Chris Brown, Mrs Jane Collins, Miss Kelsey Duke, Mr Jonathon Hall, Ms Sharon Nehring and Mr Robert Yeo. They will combine with our existing staff to form a formidable group of people who will be charged with leading your son’s academic journey this year. Over the holidays there were a couple of late staff changes. Mr Mitchell Johns accepted a position at Padua and Mrs Sharie Faloon (College Office) decided to take 12 months leave. Mrs Sandra Fowlie has moved to the College Office and a new appointment will be made for the Student Office in the coming weeks. Many staff, parents and students have already been involved in a range of activities over the holidays, including swimming, volleyball, cricket, the gym and the immersion to India. Training and games commence this week and I encourage parents to utilise The Calling and St. Patrick’s College Connect to keep up to date with what is happening, when and where. Effective communication is critical and again this year the College will use St. Patrick’s College Connect, email, the St. Patrick’s College APP, Facebook , The Calling and student diaries as means of communication. Everything that is happening will be available through these media. Over the holidays work completed at the College included removal of the newsagency building, refurbishing of some of the classrooms in the Saward and O’Connor Buildings, painting throughout the College, and general maintenance and cleaning. My thanks go to the maintenance, grounds and cleaning staff for all their efforts in preparing the school for the start of the year. I wrote to parents over the holidays regarding the introduction of two additional bus runs. Details of routes and times are available on the College website as well as information about fares and tickets. The new bus runs have been introduced to assist the increasing number of families from these areas. Whilst there may well be some ‘teething’ issues, I am confident that the new runs will be successful in providing a safe and convenient service for many families. Next week the College will be hosting a series of information evenings. I encourage all families (not just our new families) to come along and connect with the staff and other families as well as receiving important information regarding your son’s journey at St. Patrick’s College during 2014. Details of the information nights are available from the College calendar and website. Next week the College will also hold a Spirit Assembly on Tuesday and the Year 12 Induction Mass on Friday. I invite all parents to these events also. Over the next few weeks I will share more information regarding planned initiatives and how we can all work together to ensure 2014 is a great year. I begin my eleventh year as College Principal with great enthusiasm and excitement, and I invite you to join me on the St. Patrick’s College journey of 2014. Have a great week

God Bless Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

Date Claimers Year 5‐9 Information Evening ‐ Monday 3 Feb Senior Induction ‐ Friday 7 Feb Principal’s Morning Tea ‐ Tues 11 Feb

A Catholic Boys' School in the Edmund Rice Tradition catering for Years 5 to 12

College Dean Student Formation WELCOME TO THE NEW SCHOOL YEARA very warm welcome to all our families for the start of what we hope will be a safe, happy and successful year. I encourage all students to take up the many opportunities that are offered at St Patrick’s. Students who are involved and participate in College life become well connected to the broader community and have a greater sense of belonging. On Wednesday morning the whole school gathered and welcomed the 270 new students across the College. It is important that all students feel safe and accepted at St Patrick’s College. If there are any concerns regarding the wellbeing of your son please do not hesitate to contact House Deans in the first instance. The standard we expect from the boys is high and challenges them to grow. A strong sense of personal and school pride comes from the way the students present themselves at school. I have outlined a number of key areas that required support from parents to ensure a clear and consistent message from both home and school is given to our young men.

UNIFORM: A reminder for all students that the uniform is to be worn correctly at all times. This includes shirts tucked in and socks pulled up. Students in Years 11 and 12 must wear their school ties at all times and must be worn correctly. This includes top buttons done up. HAIR AND GROOMING: In order to maintain a high

Mr Frank Torrisi we believe a student is absent from school or classes without explanation.

LATENESS: The school bell goes at 8.28am and all boys are expected to be present at this time. On occasions, a bus or train may be late but where a boy is repeatedly late without any significant reason, he will be required to make up time after school.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: St Patrick’s is a great school but it can be let down in its public image if the students are poorly behaved on public transport. The College will not tolerate poor behaviour on public transport. Students misbehaving in this area will face a range of consequences as a result of their actions. No food or drink is to be consumed on the buses.

LOCKERS: All students in Year 8 to 12 have been issued with a locker together with a combination lock. It is the students’ responsibility that they do not disclose their combination to anybody. Students who damage or lose their lock will be required to replace it at a cost of $15.

YEAR 8 CAMP AND RETREAT PROGRAM will operate during Week 4 (17—21February). All Year 8 students are expected to attend their camp and retreat as part of their overall curriculum. Forms for the camp have been distributed this week and must be returned by Wednesday 5 February.

standard of dress and grooming so as to present an appropriate image of the College to the broader community YEAR 8 AND 10 IMMUNISATION BCC forms were and to each other, it is an expectation that hair be kept neat, distributed this week and must be returned completed by tidy and above the collar, ears and eyebrows at all times. Friday 7 February

SCHOOL BAG: All students in Year 5 to 12 are expected to carry the St Patrick’s School Bag to and from school each day.


from 5:30pm to 8.15pm. It is an important social and curriculum evening and I invite every Year 5-9 family to MOBILE PHONES, IPOD’S AND OTHER ELECTRONIC attend. The evening is an opportunity to meet your son’s DEVICES are not permitted to be used in the College House Dean, Group Tutor, Big Brother, Classroom Teacher grounds. If a student is caught using these electronic devices and other parents from the same year level and House. a consequence will occur. I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you all again STUDENT ABSENCES: Parents are requested to telephone and if there is any way I can assist you please do not hesitate to contact me. the College Absentee Line on 36319077 by 9.00am when their son is absent. A SMS text message will be sent to parents’ mobile phone at approximately 11.00am each day if

2 | St Patrick’s College Calling

AP Strategic Operations Welcome to 2014. As we start another school year we are always looking for ways to make College-wide communication easier for our families. We offer a number of ways to access important information at the College, some of the key methods are: The College Website: In addition to providing information about the College generally, staff contact details and key policies and reports, the website also provides a link to the Parent Portal (and student equivalent – Student Café). Parent Portal: This site, accessible with the username and password details provided is the key information source for current parents. If you are looking to ensure your personal details are up to date, find out information about your son’s classes or work out when sport/cultural training is happening this is the site to access. Facebook: Provides great updates about life inside the College. Be sure to become a friend College App.: Freely available through both Itunes and Android. In addition to giving vital information about various opening hours, events and training times, the app provides last minute updates about sport/cultural cancellations or changes.

Ms Zoe Morgan The Calling is one of the best way to receive weekly news about the College. As the Calling is now electronically distributed, most of the sporting/cultural information (game times and schedules, training times etc.) that families would have traditionally seen in this publication will now be published via an electronic ‘link’ that will redirect the reader to the relevant section of the Parent Portal-Connect Page. Parents and students can access this sporting and cultural information directly from the Parent Portal (or the student equivalent, Student Café) at any time. If information is not placed within The Calling due to the lateness of the information or unforeseen changes all students must be responsible enough to:  Check the appropriate Connect page.  Listen to any ‘Student Office’ announcements.  Listen to daily messages and messages passed on during Tutor Group Meetings.  Look on Sporting/Cultural noticeboards (near Tuckshop).  Contact the relevant Coordinators for their activity with any concerns.  Parents can:  Contact Sports/Cultural/Excursion Information Lines  Access the Parent Portal (via the link from the College website)  Refer to The Calling  Stay connected through Facebook and the College App.

St Patrick’s College Calling | 3

AP Identity

Mr Matthew Hawkins Australians all, let us rejoice…

I really like Australia Day. There really is quite a lot for us rejoice about – we indeed are a very lucky country. This year, I found that there was something extra to rejoice about, and it happened when the different recipients of “Australian of the Year” were announced in various categories. It reminded me that in our national anthem’s first line, there is a very important word: ALL. Australians ALL, let us rejoice. The inclusion of this three letter word cannot be understated. When P.D. McCormick wrote those words so many decades ago, he chose very carefully to use the word “all”. It is not only a privileged minority or indeed majority who should rejoice in being Australian; no, it is all of us. And when I heard who our Australians of the Year were for this year, I thought, “Perhaps we’re on the way to this being a reality.” Let’s look at our winners and whom they represent: Australian of the Year: Senior Australian of the Year: Young Australian of the Year: Australian’s Local Hero:

Adam Goodes – AFL Champion, Leader, Anti-Racism Activist Fred Chaney – Reconciliation Advocate, Human Rights Activist Jacqueline Freney – Paralympic Champion, Role Model Tim Conolan – Children’s Charity Founder, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

So, who is it that we hold up in Australia as our role models, our heroes? Clearly, it is people who fight the good fight; people who strive to make a difference in our society; people who try to make the lives of those around them better. And these are of course the very same goals we have as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. Over 200 new students began their journey at our College this week. Our hope for each of those young men is that when the time comes for them to leave St Patrick’s, they have the knowledge, the skills and the desire to make their home, community, society and world a better place for all people. That’s right, for ALL people. As a Catholic school community, we will certainly do our very best to nurture the minds and the hearts of these young men during their time here. On behalf of the Identity Team here at St Patrick’s, Mrs Helen Righetti (PA to the AP Identity), Mrs Marthy Watson (Campus Minister), Mr Paul Corfield (Campus Minister), Mr Luke Royes (Head of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education) and Ms Selena Fisk (Curriculum Leader Justice and Peace), I would like to warmly welcome new families and welcome back continuing families. Please continue to read this column throughout 2014 for a mixture of upcoming news and the odd reflection aimed at perhaps leading to some discussions around the dinner table. Welcome again, please contact me any time if you have any questions, and I wish you ALL a wonderful 2014.

MORNING VOLUNTARY COLLEGE MASS Every Tuesday morning, at 8.00 am, during term time, there is a voluntary morning Mass in the College Father Liam Chapel, upstairs in the Waterford Building. Staff, students, parents and friends are always cordially welcomed to attend and encouraged to come along and pray for their families, loved ones, academic, social, sporting successes and any other prayers and blessings sought. God is generous and also provides instruction and support through the Scriptures and Eucharist. Come and bring your friends and your friends’ friends too.

4 | St Patrick’s College Calling

AP Curriculum Very soon we will be well into the academic year and students will be busy with coursework in their respective classes. It is important that a productive relationship between the student, parent and teacher is established and maintained throughout the year so that each student has the best possible chance of achieving his goals. Therefore I would like to provide some information that will help parents support their sons as they progress through the year.

Mr Chris Campbell using a range of strategies. If set work is finished early, ask the teacher for direction rather than wasting the remaining time. Ensure homework is recorded in the student diary.

AT HOME 20-35 minutes of homework (depending on year level) is expected every night of a day that a student has a lesson in a particular subject. When all subjects are combined this will amount to a couple of hours per night. This could involve: Finish work as prescribed by the teacher; or THE CLASSROOM repeating questions/completing questions from the day’s Students should consider whether they can copy notes down and actively engage with the class discussion at the tasks that have not been attempted; or revising work from a previous exercise/s to consolidate understanding; or same time. The priority should be to listen and to ask for clarification. Notes can be summarized later on. A student working ahead through upcoming exercises as prescribed by the term planner. Completing work from online should ask specific, well-thought out questions if he is resources which will often be placed onto teacher or class struggling to understand a concept. For example in a pages on SPC Connect. This is an excellent resource for Maths class; “Sir, how did you find that x=3 if 3x=9? What students and parents. Students should also revise did you do at that step?”, rather than “Sir, I don’t get it.” continuously undertaking one extra 20 -30 minutes When work is set, students should work productively, session each week per subject. Ideally the time and day of asking questions regularly. This is crucial as difficulties this weekly revision session is set consistently. Use the need to be identified early. term planner as a guide. Intensive revision should occur regularly in the week prior to exams. This involves blocks If difficulties do arise, there are several options a student of one hour or more at a time, starting at least a week can take. Students should attempt to use all of these strategies regularly: Ask the teacher for some clarification. before and then up until the exam. Applying these Ask a peer (class mate) for help. Refer to notes provided by strategies whilst working collaboratively with the class the teacher and try to work through the problem. Refer to teacher is the most effective means by which a student can achieve his best results. Extra help can be sought in some worked examples in a text book or on SPC Connect. For subjects such as Maths at weekly lunchtime tutoring if students with access to laptops, with the teacher’s necessary or at afternoon study club when subject guidance they may find sites and resources that help to teachers are often available. The use of external tutors can break down and explain a concept. The emphasis is for be helpful but it is recommended the strategies outlined autonomy to be developed as a student progress, here be considered in the first instance especially in the Senior School. This refers to a student’s ability to identify and rectify problems and difficulties

Aussie Typhoon Survivor Darryl White Helps Philippines Village Old Boy Darryl White, survived last year’s November Philippines typhoon and is now living in the Philippines and helping the people in a devastated village on Biliran Island. With the support of many in the community , he is aiming to buy land for the people to grow and maintain crops ,which will ensure a resilient food supply and work, in an area of extreme poverty and little employment.

It’s great to hear news of our Old Boys continuing to ‘answer the call’ by helping those at the margins. If you are keen to learn more or assist the white family in their efforts you can connect via Facebook Adopt a village Biliran Island or email Teresa at BiliranVillage @

His long term goal is to purchase two houses and land to be used by families who will take orphans into their care. Darryl’s mother, Sandgate resident Teresa White started fund raising activities for ‘Adopt a Village, Biliran Island the Philippines’. To-date through sausage sizzles and donations of $2,035 , two large boxes full of medical supplies, clothes and shoes have been sent, directly to help the people.

St Patrick’s College Calling | 5

Director of Culture

Mr Geoff Samuels

Welcome to 2014 and the first addition of our new streamlined, web-linked Cultural News. We are looking forward to a busy start to the year with many of our programs recommencing in the next couple of weeks and some exciting new activities commencing!




Coordinator - Stephen Fischer Instrumental tuition (small group & individual) commences week 2 Ensembles commence week 3 (sign up Tuesday week 2, Morning Tea - Breezeway) New Year 5 & 6 program: students are given the opportunity to extend their tuition on their classroom assigned instrument for just $10 per lesson. All enrolment details and forms are on Cultural website For further information refer to the INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PAGE StudentLife/Culture/instrumental/default.aspx

Coordinator - Katie Moro Junior Art Club: Years 5 -7, Thursday 3:00pm – 4:30pm Senior Art Club: Years 8 - 12, Friday 3:00pm – 4:30pm Sign up Tuesday week 2, Morning Tea - Breezeway For further information refer to the ART CLUB PAGE artclub/default.aspx

Coordinator - Scott Little Chess Club: Mondays 3:00 – 4:15pm commences in week 2 INTERHOUSE CHESS commences week 3 (Lunchtimes, Waterford Bldg) Chess sign up for AIC teams will be held during Term 1 Below is a brief overview with links to the Cultural web For further information refer to the CHESS PAGE pages containing more detailed information on each of the activities. Chess/default.aspx

DEBATING Coordinator - Lorraine O’Sullivan Sign-up for QDU Teams - Tuesday week 2, Morning Tea – Breezeway QDU competition commences in week 6 (March 5) BIS competition commences late April INTERHOUSE DEBATING commences in week 6 during house assembly time. For further information refer to the DEBATING PAGE Debating/default.aspx

6 | St Patrick’s College Calling

THEATRESPORTS Coordinator - Marthy Watson Sign up Tuesday week 2, Morning Tea - Breezeway INTERHOUSE COMPETITION – Training commences in Term 1 INTERSCHOOL COMPETITION – Commences in May (Training through term 1) For further information refer to the THEATRESPORTS PAGE theatre/default.aspx

PUBLIC SPEAKING Sign up Tuesday week 2, Morning Tea - Breezeway Boys in years 11 and 12 can compete in local competitions eg. Rotary, Lions Clubs etc commencing in Term 1 All grades can compete in the School Oratory Comp later in the year For further information refer to the PUBLIC SPEAKING PAGE (coming soon!!)

Director of Culture

Mr Geoff Samuels

St Patrick’s College Calling | 7

Director of Sport We welcome you all to another sporting year at St Patrick’s College and look forward to many fulfilling and memorable moments of CIC Sport, AIC Sport and representative sport in 2013. During the Christmas holiday break many sporting events were undertaken with some significant performances and achievements by students from St Patrick’s.

Mr Luke Donatini  Finn Neil (Year 10) – During Christian Brothers

Cricket Week scored 53 runs verse Christian Brothers High School, Lewishan.  Ryan Hollyman (Year 12) - During Christian Brothers Cricket Week took 5 wickets for 14 runs off 6 overs verse St Thomas College, Canterbury NZ. Included in these 5 wickets Ryan bowled a ‘hat trick’. Before outlining some of our sporting highlights, we would  Rory Livingstone (Year 11) - During Christian Brothers first like to thank all the St Patrick’s College students, parents, and staff who gave up their time to participate and Cricket Week took 5 wickets for 13 runs off 10 overs verse assist with training, sporting camps/clinics and tournaments Kavanagh College, Dunedin NZ. over the 2013/2014 holiday break. The 2013/2014 holiday period incorporated:       

SPORT COMMUNICATION IN 2014 The annual SPC Swimming Camp which this year was The Calling (some changes in accessing information) The calling is undoubtedly one of St Patrick's College held on the Gold Coast with 38 SPC swimmers and number one communicators of news. As the Calling is now our coaches in attendance; electronically distributed, most of the sporting information Students participating in the annual Christian (game times and schedules, training times etc) will now be Brothers Cricket Week competed in five games of published via an electronic ‘link’ that will redirect the reader cricket over the course of seven days. to St Patrick’s College Connect Page/s on the College’s A group of SPC Volleyball players accompanied Mr Website. Tim Walker and Mr Tim Hoysted to the National Volleyball Schools Cup in Melbourne. (Parents and students can also assess all sporting SPC Volleyball training commenced with their information directly from the Connect site at any time.) respective coaches involved at training sessions. Our SPC First Volleyball squad trialed against other Please also be aware that on occasion information may be AIC & GPS Colleges in a full day trial at Brisbane Boys omitted due to late notice (mid week) or changes. These will College and then another trial verse Gregory Terrace. be uploaded directly onto Connect as soon as notifications First Rugby training and First Football pre-season have been received. It would be advantageous to also check training continued over the holiday period. Connect later in the week as some changes may have SPC Strength and Conditioning sessions being held occurred. weekly during the holidays with a strong number of students taking advantage of these sessions Following are the names of coordinators and contact details supervised by Mr Corey Meehan. for this term’s sports.

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS Congratulations to the following SPC students who achieved outstanding sporting achievements or representation over the Christmas break:  Jye Okamura (Year 9) – During Christian Brothers Cricket Week scored 75 runs verse Nudgee College.

Cricket - Mr Ryan Schultz Volleyball – Mr Tim Walker Swimming – Mr Doug Locke

Sports Information Line (Wet Weather) The telephone number for St Patrick’s College Sports Information Line/Wet Weather Update is 3631 9080. Please be reminded that in the event of Wet Weather, any changes to the published schedule for sporting fixtures will be made just before 7.00am on the day of the fixtures.

8 | St Patrick’s College Calling

Director of Sport

Mr Luke Donatini 1 For further information regarding these and other such trials please see the Coaching Coordinator for that particular sport. 2 For any sport that does not have a coordinator (eg baseball etc) please see Ryan Schultz (College Coaching Administrator). 3 How to Access Met North Trial Information Look up the Met North web site and then click on the top of page tabs - Sports. Scroll down and click on the sport which you want to find information about. 1. Once in sports specific section scroll down and click on ‘read more…’ under the trial notice heading. 2. This will let you access the trial letter/notification, down load all relevant information regarding the trials. If there is no information regarding trials then nominations have not yet been called for.

Canteen Assistance Required During Cricket and Volleyball Season We are very fortunate to have the assistance of some loyal Sport Support Group volunteers to operate the Curlew Park and Callan Centre Canteen on ‘Home’ games. This is a great service and benefit to both players and spectators.. If you are able to assist in operating the canteen at Curlew Park, please contact Mr David Rowe or alternatively Mr Luke Donatini (Director of Sport) ASAP for more details. All money raised from the Curlew Canteen goes to the SPC Sports Support Group which uses these funds to the betterment of the SPC Sporting Program and Facilities. Please also feel free to introduce yourself to the canteen volunteers on any Saturday and lend some assistance. They would really appreciate your help.

Lastly, your son will then need go to the Sports Office (located in College Gym) at St Patrick’s College to collect ‘Availability for Selection’ forms etc. to be filled out and signed before taking ALL forms to the appropriate sporting trial and handing them into the Carnival Convenor with any required levy to be paid (usually $20).

Metropolitan North Regional Sport Information All students and parents requesting information regarding any up and coming Met North Regional trials are asked to go to the Met North Website to find out such information Metropolitan North Trial Information for the following Sports (Cluster Day 1) will be posted on the Met North Website. Cluster Day 1 will be held on Monday 17 February and Tuesday 18 February 2014.  Regional 15 Years and 19 Years Volleyball (Independent North District Trials will be held– please see Mr Walker for further details)  Regional 19 Years Tennis (please see Br Chris Pritchard for further details) Regional 19 Years Cricket

CRICKET Saturday 1 February 2014  CIC Cricket Trials – St Patrick’s College vs Nudgee Junior College  AIC Cricket Trials – St Patrick’s College vs St Peters Lutheran College Cricket Team Lists For ALL information pertaining to the above mentioned

You can also download from the Met North website a calendar that outlines all trail dates for the whole 2014 sporting year. By following these procedures, it is hoped that all information will becomes more easily accessible and everyone will have a clearer understanding of when trails are being called

please go to College Connect page link) – cricket/default.aspx Players are to be dressed in cricket whites or SPC sports uniform and MUST on wear a SPC cricket hat/ cap or plain white cricket hat/cap. All other forms of head wear are unacceptable. Appropriate footwear MUST be worn at all times. Definitely no thongs.

St Patrick’s College Calling | 9


Mr Tim Walker

Saturday 1 February 2014 AIC Volleyball Trials – St Patrick’s College vs St Peters Lutheran College (Callan Centre – St Patrick’s College) Team lists will be posted in the tuckshop undercroft on Friday. Your son should check what team he is in on Friday. For ALL information pertaining to the above mentioned please go to College Connect page (click on the below link) Sport/Volleyball/default.aspx Players are to be dressed in SPC sports uniform (or SPC Volleyball Playing Shirt) and SPC Sports Shorts. All other forms of clothing are unacceptable. Appropriate footwear MUST be worn at all times. Definitely no thongs. Private Transportation Will Be Required

SPC CONNECT Over the coming weeks all volleyball information will be accessible onto the SPC Connect pages for Volleyball. The Calling will include the direct link to this page. This will hopefully make it more efficient for you to access information quickly.

UNIFORM All students will need to wear SPC Volleyball Jersey, green PE shorts and white socks on game days. You can purchase an SPC Volleyball Jersey from the Uniform Shop. It is not essential for the trial. But will be required for Round 1 on the 8th February. Students should train in their PE uniform or volleyball uniform. TRAINING Training will generally be held at Boondall on both Tuesdays and Thursdays 3.30pm – 5.00pm with the exception of the U15 and 1st teams. Please see the Connect page for all training information. There are some days where Boondall is unavailable, and as a result teams will train at school running on an alternate schedule.

MET NORTH CARNIVALS Any student wishing to trial for Met North U15 and U19 will need to see me by Monday 3 February to collect relevant information.

THANKS to all the coaches and players who trained hard over the holiday break. It’s now time to test our mettle against one of the tougher volleyball schools in the AIC. See you courtside.

PARENT/PLAYER HANDBOOK On the weekend your son will receive a copy of the SPC Volleyball Handbook. This will also be accessible via SPC Connect.

SPORT SUPPORT GROUP The first meeting for 2014 will take place on Monday 3 February at 7pm in the College Boardroom. All parents, especially those with sons heavily involved with sport are welcome to join this happy volunteer group.

10 | St Patrick’s College Calling


Friday Afternoon/Evening 31 January 2014 AIC Venue: Langlands Pool, Panitya St, Stones Corner (Villanova College hosting) CIC Venue: St Peter’s Lutheran College Pool, Harts Road, Indooroopilly (St Peter’s College hosting) Bus transportation will be provided both to and from the College. For ALL information pertaining to the above mentioned please go to College Connect page Sport/Swimming/default.aspx

Mr Doug Locke

possible. We only have 5 weeks until Championships! Please refer to the Connect pages for training times. CIC (Yr 5-7) & AIC (Yr 8-12) Carnivals Friday nights Please note the expected finish times. We will arrive back in Pier Ave approximately 75 minutes after the completion of the expected finish time. CIC – St Peters Lutheran College Warm up 4pm, finished by 6.15pm AIC – Langland’s Pool Panitya St, Stones Corner Warm up 3.30, finished by 6pm

Any enquiries please email ALL students MUST be dressed in SPC Sport Uniform to Doug Locke Swimming Coordinator and from swim meets. All other forms of clothing are unacceptable. Appropriate footwear MUST be worn at all times. Definitely no thongs. SPC Swimming Program The CIC & AIC swim season is now in full swing. Students are encouraged to attend as many training sessions as

Cross Country

Ms Liz Devine

Sunday Shufflers meet every Sunday morning for a social run with the bonus of improving fitness for all sports . Cross Country runners should be considering this as a good way to start some pre-season training. Our season begins officially in early March. WHEN: WHERE:

6am , every Sunday morning Plaza, St. Patrick’s

We run for around an hour yet all levels of fitness can participate. We finish off every session with a dip in the pool and a chat. Come and join in and improve your fitness for 2014!

St Patrick’s College Calling | 11


12 | St Patrick’s College Calling

Br Chris Pritchard

Director of Sport SPORT SUPPORT GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2013 St Patricks College has a number of support groups that work tirelessly throughout the year to assist in the development of the facilities and the young men of St Patricks College. The Sport Support Group is one such group, a group of dedicated volunteer parents and friends that have an interest in the sporting endeavours of the young men of St Patrick College. The current Sport Support Group continues the great work of Sport Support Groups of the past. Names like O’Shea, Shultz, Walsh, Stanton , King, James, McCarthy , Lang, Duke, Jones, and Tyrrell just to name a few of the past committee that built a great tradition of support throughout the school, in the early days they worked with just a BBQ and an esky but their philosophy still holds today. The 2013 committee continues their traditions we work with the school community to build better facilities for the young men of St Patrick College to be proud of, places such as Curlew Park. Over the years the Sport Support Group have supplied new goal post both rugby and soccer, assisted in the cost of the Curlew scoreboard, cricket nets, the aluminium seating around the park, Ground improvements, the upgrade of the Canteen Precinct, synthetic wickets and even in the droughts supplied water to the fields, and the list goes on. This year some of the funds have been spent Student sportsmen National / State $2,500.00 Aluminium seating and tables $3,650.00 Share in the cost cricket nets $5,000.00 Specialist Coaching $2,000.00 Lane ropes, lap clock and Back stroke Flags for the pool area $5,800.00 Melbourne Volleyball National Tournament $1,000.00 Total $17,950.00

Fund raising opportunities in 2013 were limited somewhat as we would have usually had a major event to kick start our funds, this year was a little difficult as we had a few changes through the year and were limited on time and man/women power. In saying that even though we did not have a major fund raiser with the inclusion of a formal canteen at both Curlew Park and Callan Centre throughout

Mr Luke Donatini the sporting calendar we should achieve a similar outcome to last year where the committee raised funds in the vicinity $56,000.00. Members of the Sport Support Group assisted at the school social also selling drinks and food items rising $3,133.00. This year the SSG also assisted a number of sporting teams raise fund through raffles at Curlew Park and at the Callan Centre assisting in the cost of the training camps raising around $2,000.00. None of the fund raising could have been achieved without a great group of people behind the scenes working to ensure sports at St Patricks is a success, people like Luke Donatini who no matter when I am at school I see working hard on his next project, Murray Shultz and the team of grounds men that in winter are setting up before dawn, the great group of parents and friends that turn up each month to the Monthly SSG Meeting to discuss the next sporting endeavour and how we can assist, and all those parents that take the time to assist in the canteens or selling raffle tickets or just turn up to support the boys. There are a few people I would like to thank personally as without these people Sport Support would not be the success it has been over the past years, David Row, Br: Chris Prichard who are the rock of the Sport Support Group and Amanda Stringfellow who works to ensure the Callan Centre runs smoothly when we have a home game. We also have a number of committee members who find 2013 to be their final year as their son’s journey will have come to a close at St Patrick College so to Neil Gordon and Eamonn Riordan “Thank you” for all the effort you have put into not only the SSG but the St Patricks community for many years. This Year we also so saw the Birth of a new support team and it would be remiss of me not to mention them, the BOYS of the BATTALION that is Paddies Battalion the group of young men that have turned up with their battalion shirt on everywhere this year not only sporting events but cultural also creating a great support base and atmosphere for the boys. I hope this Battalion becomes a tradition and the baton is past to the next generation of recruits when this group of Battalion boys final battle is over. In closing I would just like to say to all thank you and we look forward to greater things in years to come, if you have ever wanted to get involved in the school community and have been hesitant, don’t be . We all started where you are join us next year in the Sport Support Group we need new people with new ideas to create now opportunities for the young sports men of the future. Best Wishes Ian Johannessen Chairman

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Rosters PADDIES VAN ROSTER Tuesday Morn BBQ— Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am—9.00 am

Tuesday Evening Street Van — Brisbane City 5.00 pm—7.30 pm

Thursday Morning BBQ — Humpybong School 7. 30 am—9.00 am

Saturday Night BBQ—Sandgate Sandgate Lagoon 5.15 pm—7.30 pm

Tuesday, 4 February Adam Aquilini, Jacob Arthur, George Aspey, Joseph Beveridge, Oliver Blansjaar, Braeden Boyd

Tuesday, 4 February Bruce Fraser, Johannes Hoenensteiger, Robert Macmillan, Joshua Potter, Spencer Ballard, Bruce Fraser

Thursday, 6 February Jay Balhatchet, Ethan Callaway, Jacob Cameron, Kevin Carroll, Brandon Clover

Joshua Willmott, Nathaniel Lake, Sam Ricks

Saturday, 1 February

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.

UNIFORM SHOP THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN TO THE AMAZING VOLUNTARY HELPERS WHO HAVE HELPED THROUGH THE BACK TO SCHOOL TRADING PERIOD – Jane Gregory, Marie Cross, Sharyn Mula, Mary Brodie, Cheryle McMahon, Oriana McLaughlin, Jennifer Smith, Kerry and Saxon Johannessen, Louise Stringer, Debra Phillpott, Kylie Small, Kim Matthews, Jacqui Lewis, Ramona Huxtable, Adele Collie, Margaret Webb, Judy Ringer, Veronica Wicks, Anna Herold. YOU ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

BLAZER FITTINGS for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will be conducted throughout the day on Monday 3 February. A deposit of $65 is required to activate your order and blazers will be delivered near the end of Term 1. FROM WEEK 2 TERM TIME TRADING HOURS TUES 12-4PM, WED 10AM-2PM, THURS 7.30-11.30AM





Gina Macpherson, Lorette Atkinson, Deanna Ryan


Lorraine Durigon, Alison Broughan, Mary McHugh


Cheryl Jahnke, Donelle MVeigh, Sue McPhillips


Mary Brodie, Andrea Meade, Jane Doyle, Margaret Armitage


Karen Jacobsen, Julie O’Neill, Madeline Avci


Carmel Moir, Natalie Dore, Tania Caruana, Michell Warnecke

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Calling issue 01 (30 january 2014)  

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