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26 January 2012

No. 01

Dear Members of the St Patrick‟s Family, Welcome to 2012 and I trust that your Christmas and New Year break was enjoyable and restful. This year is the College‟s 60th year and is shaping up to be a very full and rewarding year. The beginning of a school year is always exciting and is filled with a sense of nervousness, enthusiasm and uncertainty. On Monday I had the pleasure of welcoming a large number of students and their parents to the St Patrick‟s community. As a teacher, seeing these young people beginning their educational journey is one of the highlights for me. My comment to them was to enjoy their journey, make the most of the opportunities available at St Patrick‟s College and be a proud “Paddies Boy‟. Such advice is true for all of us as part of the St Patrick‟s community and I encourage each of you to immerse yourself in St Patrick‟s College and enjoy this special 60th year. By now the students have collected text books, calendars, timetables, diaries and laptops and begun the routine of a school week. It is imperative that a good „school routine‟ is established early and that issues such as homework, training, and study take over the more relaxing „holiday‟ program. Over the next couple of weeks there are a series of parent information nights for different year levels where more specific information relating to your son‟s educational journey is discussed. I encourage parents to attend these meetings. Effective communication is critical in a successful educational journey at St Patrick‟s College. The Calling is produced each Thursday and hosted online, The College Calendar details the major events during the year and the College website forms a major source of information and communication. The use of email and the student diary also facilitate effective two way communication. I encourage all families to utilise the range of communication medium available. St Patrick‟s College hosts a strong and diverse co-curricular program that allows students to participate in a variety of activities, develop relationships, enhance their skills and importantly engender a sense of school rapport and pride. I encourage students to be involved in the College‟s co-curricular program and similarly encourage parents to be part of this program also. The various activities available contribute to building strong relationships between students, staff and parents, that is a key aspect of the holistic education at St Patrick‟s College. „Get Involved.‟ As we begin a new school year could I ask all parents to be aware of the students and road safety as you drive around the streets near the College. Please avoid „double parking‟, stopping across driveways and on the zebra crossing. As per last year, I encourage parents to use Yundah Street or Signal Row for drop off and pickup. Please avoid Pier Avenue (bus stop), Park Parade (very narrow) and driving into Twamley Street. Please assist by following road rules and showing courtesy to the students, fellow drivers and our local community. The police will be patrolling the streets and will issue infringement notices. The bus stop in Yundah Street has recently been relocated to Pier Avenue. This relocation will necessitate some significant alterations to our pick up and drop off procedures. It must be noted that the bus zone area is in Pier Avenue and as such parents should not park, drop off or pick up in this zone. Yundah Street allows parents to drop off and pick up also. With these changes of bus stop locations I now ask that parents avoid Pier Avenue if possible and use Yundah Street as an alternative. As well I would encourage parents to use Signal Row and Eagle Terrace as pickup and drop off areas and also to avoid Park Parade as a drop/off pick/up site as it is a very narrow street and the buses will now be travelling down this road. I apologise for the late notice but the changes have only just happened. Thank you for your understanding. There are many things that happen at St Patrick‟s College, however, our core business is the provision of a quality education. The provision of a good curriculum, quality teaching, a supportive learning environment and effective communication are key components to a quality educational program. There are many indicators to the effectiveness of an educational program however, academic results are a key such indicator. The 2011 Year 12 OP results were very strong with 6 students being awarded an OP1, 4 with an OP 2, 3 with an OP 3, 7 with an OP 4, and 9 with and OP 5. This gives a total of 29 students or 27% (from 104 OP eligible students) gaining an OP 1-5. Furthermore, 58% received an OP1-10 and 81% were 1-15. These are excellent results and reflect hard work by the students, quality teaching and strong parental support. The Academic Assembly on 7 February will acknowledge and congratulate the 29 OP 1-5 students. In the coming weeks there are a number of Parent Information Evenings scheduled. I strongly encourage parents to attend these evenings as they are designed to give parents a better understanding of what is happening with regards to their son‟s education. Similarly, I ask parents to note Sunday 12 February in their diaries. This is the date for the 60 year celebration Mass and this will be followed by the College Open Day. This is the first of the 60 year celebrations and I encourage everyone to attend and enjoy this special day. Finally this week, I wish everyone the best for 2012 and look forward to the journey ahead. God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

COLLEGE DEAN DAVID GARDINER WELCOME BACK to the new school year. I hope everyone has had a good break and are looking forward to this year. It should be a great year with the College‟s 60 Year Anniversary celebrations to provide some memorable highlights. I had a tremendous holiday, spending two weeks in India with ten of our Year 12 students on our Immersion program, followed by three weeks hiking in New Zealand. The contrast was quite incredible but one that has me feeling very healthy and fresh. I warmly welcome all the new students and their families to St Patrick‟s. I hope your journey is an extremely positive and successful time. We also welcomed this week our four exchange students - Alex Payandeh and Aidan Peck from Vancouver College in Canada and Zac Priest and David Sehlie from Archbishop Moeller College in Cincinnati USA. The rain has not helped the start of school, but the boys seem to be in a positive mood and the Year 12s have been excellent in leading from the front. It is a big year for our Seniors and their active start has set a good tone for the rest of the student body to follow. Ricardo Thomas, our College Captain, spoke on Assembly this week of his goals for 2012 and asked all the students to think of their goals. A definite action towards a successful and happy year is to set attainable goals and decide on actions that are required to reach these goals. I encourage all parents to sit down with their son and discuss his goals and actions for 2012. Some simple targets and set actions will go a long way to providing a solid basis for a successful year. THE 2012 ST PATRICK’S FAMILY AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY is about to go to the printers. This publication is a useful tool with all the College‟s families listed for easy reference. Families find it beneficial in contacting other families to arrange lifts to cocurricular or College events or to arrange social activities. The Directory also provides a list of Businesses that support the College. I invite all families to actively support these businesses and to refer to the Directory whenever seeking a business. The businesses are also listed on our College website. An application form is included in this edition of the Calling if you would like to put in a last minute addition to the 2012 Directory a final proof must be completed by Friday 3 February. If you are still interested in advertising in the 2012 Directory please complete the form and contact Mrs Robyn Donaldson (36319039 or THE 60 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION MASS AND OPEN DAY WILL BE HELD ON SUNDAY 12 FEBRUARY. This should be a very special event for this year and we would like to see as many students and families involved on the day. Students can be involved by being a tour guide and/or assisting in a particular department area. It is a great opportunity to showcase to the past, present and future St Pat‟s students the wonderful people and their talents across the College. Please encourage your son to give up some of his time on the Sunday 12 Feb to be a part of this community. The Mass will commence at 11am and Open Day will run from 12.00 pm to 2.00pm.

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL CURRICULUM — CHRIS CAMPBELL The first week of the academic year was dedicated to an orientation program designed to gather and provide information and resources to the students. The most significant undertaking was the issuing of computers as part of the College‟ s1 to 1 laptop program. Students in Years 7-9 received netbooks as per 2011, whilst students in Year 10, received a larger laptop. All boys and parents are reminded that they are required to understand and abide by the acceptable use policy for the device. In terms of acceptable use, it is important to outline a couple of key initiatives. The computer does remain the property of the school. As such it is essential that all students are aware of their responsibility to look after the device. When not being used, the laptop must be placed into its carry bag and stored inside the student‟s locker or school bag. Could we ask that all students refrain from leaving the carry bags unattended during lunch breaks, College Assemblies or when in specialist classes such as Design Technology or Health and Physical Education. When moving to and from school the laptops should be placed into the student‟s College school bag. Students must resist the temptation to change any of the settings on the computer. We ask for co-operation in supporting this policy. Boys are not permitted to customise screens, save games or music on the device. Our belief is that it is a school resource and as such must be reserved for school work only. Throughout 2012 it will become more common for Years 7-10 students to receive units of work along with tasks, electronically. Teachers are currently working on planning terms focusing on utilising the laptops as a valuable and integral resource when designing units. Could I ask all parents and boys to refer to the academic policies in the Student Diary. As much of our work is assignment based, it is important that everyone is aware of relevant policies in this area. I am sure we will capitalise on the excellent beginning in that 2012 will be a challenging and rewarding time for all.

Monday January 30

Thursday February 2

Year 5 - 9 Parent Information Evening

Year 11 Parent Information Evening






A very warm welcome to all our families for the start of what we hope will be a safe, happy and successful year. I encourage all students to follow three simple guidelines, Respect ourselves and others, Respect the learning environment and Respect the St Patrick‟s environment. The standard we expect from the boys is high and challenges them to grow. A strong sense of personal and school pride comes from the way the students present themselves at school. I have outlined a number of focus areas for 2012.

Parents are requested to telephone the College Absentee Line on 36319077 by 9.00am when their son is absent. A SMS text message will be sent to parents‟ mobile phone at approximately 11.00am each day if we believe a student is absent from school or classes without explanation.

All students in Years 7 to 12 have been issued with a locker together with a combination lock. It is the students‟ responsibility that they do not disclose their combination to anybody. Students who damage or lose their lock will be required to replace it at a cost of $20.

YEAR 6 CAMP will operate during LATENESS

The school bell goes at 8.28am and all boys are expected to be present at this time. On occasions, a bus or train may be late but where a boy is repeatedly late without any significant reason, he UNIFORM will be required to make up time after A reminder for all students that the uni- school. form is to be worn correctly at all times. This includes shirts tucked in and socks PUBLIC TRANSPORT pulled up. Students in Years 11 and 12 St Patrick‟s is a great school but it can must wear their school ties at all times be let down in its public image if the and must be worn correctly. This in- students are poorly behaved on public cludes top buttons done up. transport. The College will not tolerate poor behaviour on public transport. HAIR AND GROOMING Students misbehaving in this area will In order to maintain a high standard of face a range of consequences as a dress and grooming so as to present an result of their actions. No food or drink appropriate image of the College to is to be consumed on the buses. the broader community and to each other, it is an expectation that hair be DIARIES kept neat, tidy and above the collar, Our Student Diaries are an important ears and eyebrows at all times. tool for the organisation and communication. All College policies and proceSCHOOL BAG dures are located within the diary; I ask All students in Years 5 to 12 are ex- that you take the time to read and dispected to carry the St Patrick‟s School cuss these together with your son. The Bag to and from school each day. It is diary is school property and I ask that highly recommended that if students in you assist in ensuring your son‟s diary is Years 11 and 12 have a St Patrick‟s free from stickers and graffiti. To help College bag they use it also. improve the students‟ organisation we expect them to have their diaries in To assist in reducing congestion students every lesson. All homework should be are not permitted to carry their school recorded in the diary and parents will bag throughout the day. Students may be able to check what homework and use a Drawstring Bag to carry their assignments the boys have. To promote books, subject equipment and sports communication between student‟s staff gear for lessons. and families, we ask that every student has their diary signed by his parent/ MOBILE PHONES, IPODS guardian every week. This is necessary and other electronic devices are not for all students from Years 5 to 12. A permitted to be used in the College note regarding absences, lateness, eargrounds. If a student is caught using ly departures or general enquiries these electronic devices a consequence should be written in your son‟s diary. will occur. Lost diaries will need to be replaced at a cost of $15.

Week 4 (20 February to 22 February). All Year 6 students are expected to attend their camp as part of their overall curriculum. Forms for the camp have been distributed this week and must be returned by Friday 3 February.

YEAR 8 CAMP AND RETREAT PROGRAM will operate during Week 5 (20 February to 24 February). All Year 8 students are expected to attend their camp and retreat as part of their overall curriculum. Forms for the camp have been distributed this week and must be returned by Friday 3 February.

YEAR 8 AND 10 IMMUNISATION BCC forms were distributed this week and must be returned completed by Friday 17 February.



will be held next Monday from 5.45pm to 8.30pm. The House aspect of the Parent Information Evening is for all new students at the College. This will commence from 5.45pm in House areas. A sausage sizzle will be provided. It is an important social, curriculum evening and I invite every Year 5-9 family to attend. The evening is an opportunity to meet your son‟s House Dean, Group Tutor, Big Brother, Classroom Teacher and other parents from the same year level and House. I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you all again and if there is any way I can assist you please do not hesitate to contact me.




012 is a significant year for St Patrick‟s College – it is a year of celebrations. This year, we celebrate 60 years as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. Importantly, we also celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Edmund Rice, the Founder of the Christian Brothers. Br Ambrose Treacy, after whom our Treacy House is named, was a pioneer for the Brothers in Australia, and it is 100 years this year since his death – Br Treacy is buried locally at the cemetery at Nudgee. The “Treacy Trail” later this year will celebrate his legacy.

some of Brisbane‟s homeless and marginalized continued throughout the Christmas break. The Paddies Van does help people by providing a meal, but it is much more than that. It is a meeting point, a social gathering, a chance for our students to challenge their perceptions of the homeless through hearing their stories and building relationships. If you would like to support the Paddies Van in 2012 through volunteering, donations or sponsorship, please contact me here at the College.

I would like to welcome new families to St Patrick‟s. I know that you will feel a part of this Further, within our St Patrick‟s community, there is community very quickly. On behalf of the Identity much to celebrate in 2012 – some significant birth- and Ministry area of the College, I wish you all the day milestones for some staff members (though my very best for 2012. courage does not stretch so far as to name the staff members who have recently turned 50, 60 and 80!). There are recent engagements, imminent weddings and births for staff members, along with the numerous other achievements that 2012 will undoubtedly bring for our students. As a College, I think we have much to celebrate at this time in our history. The fact that we continue to have young men exit our gates with not only the skills but also the desire to make the world a better place is testament to our authenticity as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. Our focus on gospel values remains key to the education we provide, just as it did in January 1952. We are an inclusive community, and in 2012, we have students from many walks of life with different abilities in different areas. Edmund Rice believed in liberation through education, and we continue this ideal today through providing a curriculum which empowers and inspires our students to stand up for the marginalized. This year will be our second year with the unique position of Curriculum Leader – Justice and Peace, already making significant enhancements to our curriculum design and content.

Edmund Rice

We highlight the notions of justice and solidarity at St Patrick‟s not only through our curriculum, but also through the co-curricular opportunities we provide. In the coming weeks, you will hear and read some stories from our most recent Year 11 India Immersion group, again led by Fr Liam Horsfall during December. Many of our local community will have also seen the Paddies Van driving the streets throughout the holiday as our ministry with 5

ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR OF SPORT— LUKE DONATINI We welcome you all to another sporting year at St Patrick‟s College and look forward to many fulfilling and memorable moments of CIC Sport, AIC Sport and representative sport in 2012. During the Christmas holiday break many sporting events were undertaken with some significant performances and achievements by students from St Patrick‟s. Before outlining some of our sporting highlights, we would first like to thank all the St Patrick‟s College students, parents, and staff who gave up their time to participate and assist with training, sporting camps/clinics and tournaments over the 2011/2012 holiday break.

THE 2011/2012 HOLIDAY PERIOD INCORPORATED:        

The annual SPC Swimming Camp which was held at the Runaway Bay Super Sports Centre with 37 SPC swimmers and our coaches in attendance; Those students participating in the annual Christian Brothers Cricket Week managed to compete in four games of cricket (given some poor weather conditions which were experienced). SPC Volleyball training commenced with their respective coaches involved at training sessions. Some of our SPC Volleyball players trialled against other AIC & GPS Colleges in a full day trial at BBC. Potential First and Open Basketball players spent some time training together during the break with SPC Basketball Coaches. First Rugby training and First Football pre-season training continued over the holiday period. Football Clinics were also held at Curlew in the last week of the holidays. SPC Strength and conditioning sessions were held weekly during the holidays with a strong number of students taking advantage of these sessions supervised by Corey Meehan.

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS Congratulations to the following SPC students who achieved higher sporting achievements or representation over the Christmas break:  Juan Fourie (Year 12) – batted extremely well during Christian Brothers Cricket Week with scores of 105, 62, 58 and 17. Juan was rewarded for his batting efforts by being named in the Honorary Australasian Christian Brother‟s Cricket Team, awarded Best Batsman for the Cup Division and presented with the Br Chris Pritchard Christian Brothers Cricketer of the Year for St Patrick‟s College. Well done Juan!

Darcy Roper (Year 9) – Placed 1st (Gold) in the Under 14 Triple Jump (12.41m) at the National Secondary Track and Field Championships at University of Queensland, Brisbane. Darcy‟s jump also broke the College Record (his own that he set at AIC in 2011). He also secured 3rd (Bronze) at the National Championships in the 90m Hurdles with a time of 13.42sec. This was also a new College hurdles record previously held by Dominic Shipperly.

SPORTS INFORMATION LINE (WET WEATHER) The telephone number for St Patrick’s College Sports Information Line/Wet Weather Update is 3631 9080. Please be reminded that in the event of Wet Weather, any changes to the published schedule for sporting fixtures will be made just before 7.00am on the day of the fixtures.



SPORT COMMUNICATION IN 2012 THE CALLING The calling is undoubtedly St Patrick's College number one communicator of sporting news. In saying this some details may be omitted due to late notice (mid week) or changes.

OTHER AVENUES OF COMMUNICATION If information is not placed within „The Calling‟ due to the lateness of the information or unforeseen changes all students must be responsible enough to:  Listen to any „Student Office‟ announcements  Listen to Daily notices and messages passed on during Tutor Group Meetings.  Look on Sporting Notice Boards (near Tuckshop)  Contact Coaching Coordinators for their Sport with any concerns. Parents can:  Contact Sports Information Line.  Refer to the „Calling‟  Look at the College Website  Contact Mr Ryan Schultz (Coaching Administrator) on 3631 9045 or Following are the names of coordinators and contact details for this term‟s sports. Cricket - Mr Ryan Schultz Volleyball – Mr Chris Carlill Swimming – Mr Shane Bowden

As you all can appreciate, successful communication is sometimes the key to the smooth running of events. If we are all mindful of the above processes that are in place, we will be up to date and in the know.

CANTEEN ASSISTANCE REQUIRED DURING CRICKET AND VOLLEYBALL SEASON We are very fortunate to have the assistance of some loyal Sport Support Group volunteers to operate the Curlew Park and Callan Centre Canteen at „Home‟ games. This will be of great service and benefit to both players and spectators on those Saturdays. If you are able to assist in operating the canteen at Curlew Park, please contact Mr Donatini (Director of Sport) ASAP for more details. All money raised from the Curlew Canteen goes to the SPC Sports Support Group which uses these funds to the betterment of the SPC Sporting Program and Facilities. Please also feel free to introduce yourself to the canteen volunteers on any Saturday and lend some assistance. They would really appreciate your help.

METROPOLITAN NORTH REGIONAL SPORT INFORMATION All students and parents requesting information regarding any up and coming Met North Regional trials are asked to go to the Met North website to find out such information - Metropolitan North Trial information for the following sports (Cluster Day 1) have been posted on the Met North Website. Cluster Day 1 will be held on Monday 13 February 2012. Regional 19 Years Basketball Trials – Windsor Royals, Newmarket Regional 19 Years Softball – Downey Park, Windsor Regional 15 Years and 19 Years Volleyball (Independent North District Trials will be held– please see Mr Carlill for further details). Regional Trials will be at Boondall Sports Centre, Boondall. Regional 19 Years Tennis (TBA) – (please frequently check Met North website) For further information regarding these and other such trials please see the Coaching Coordinator for that particular sport. For any sport that does not have a coordinator (eg basketball etc) please see Ryan Schultz (College Coaching Administrator).


ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR OF SPORT— LUKE DONATINI HOW TO ACCESS MET NORTH TRIAL INFORMATION Look up the Met North web site and then click on the sport you wish to find information about. Once in sports specific section scroll down and if there is a prompt that says „ Sports Name Trials‟, click on the „read more…‟ This will let you access the trial letter/notification, down load all relevant information regarding the trials. If there is no information regarding trials then nominations have not yet been called for. Lastly, your son will then need go to the Sports Office (located in College Gym) at St Patrick‟s College to collect „Availability for Selection‟ forms etc. to be filled out and signed by the school Principal, Dr Michael Carroll before taking ALL forms to the appropriate sporting trial and handing them into the Carnival Convenor with any required levy to be paid. You can also down load from the Met North website a calendar that outlines all trail dates for the whole 2012 sporting year. By following these procedures, it is hoped that all information will become more easily accessible and everyone will have a clearer understanding of when trails are being called.




SPC Cricket

***Due to the wet weather all scheduled AIC Cricket trials versus St Peters and CIC trials versus BBC for this weekend have been cancelled. *** The following alternative arrangements have been made to ensure that each age group has had sufficient training/trials for Round 1 next week. CIC Alternative Arrangements: Where: When:

Premier Cricket 33 Southpine Road Brendale Year 5 Year 6 Year 7

8am – 9am, Saturday 9am – 10am, Saturday 10am – 11am, Saturday

AIC Alternative Arrangements: Where: When:

Bracken Ridge Indoor Sports Centre 337 Bracken Ridge Road Under 13: Under 14: Under 15: Opens:

9am – 10am, Saturday 10am – 11am, Saturday 11am – 12pm, Saturday 12pm – 2pm, Saturday

It is VERY IMPORTANT that any student wishing to play cricket this year attend the above sessions. Selections for the following week will be picked from this Saturday’s training and any other training sessions prior.


ACTIVITIES cont’d SWIMMING CO-ORDINATOR— SHANE BOWDEN Our first swim meet for AIC swimmers in on this very Friday (January 27) and CIC swimmers the second Friday (February 3). There will be buses taking the students to and from the venue. This Friday‟s meet is at Langlands Pool, East Brisbane and should finish by 6:30 pm. The boys will be back at school by 7:30pm. Boys competing should place their name on the bus list in the Student Office. Training also begins in earnest Monday, January 30. Times are below.

Swimming times for Term 1 are as follows: MONDAY (SANDGATE POOL) 6:00am – 7:30am TUESDAY (SANDGATE POOL): 6:00am – 7:30am WEDNESDAY (REDCLIFFE POOL): 5:45am – 7:30am THURSDAY (REDCLIFFE POOL):

3:45pm – 5:00pm

There will be buses to take the boys to school after morning training and a bus take the boys to Thursday afternoon training at Redcliffe. Parents will need to drop the boys off to morning training and pick up after Thursday training.

 VILLANOVA INVITATIONAL A.I.C. SWIMMING TIME TRIALS DATE: FRIDAY 27TH JANUARY 2012 VENUE: LANGLANDS POOL, PANITYA ST, STONES CORNER Bus and coach parking – Panitya St – bus bays on right as you turn into Panitya St (is a dead end street with no real turning circle) otherwise parking can be found on Main Av. Time: Warm-Up 4.30pm / 5.00pm start – 6.30pm approx finish (could be earlier) Format: 50M time trial event only. Each College is required to provide at least 2 time keepers and recorders. No limit to competitors. Order of Events: Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Freestyle Lane Draw:

1 SEC 5 Pad


3 Villa 4 Ash 7 SLC 8 Iona

Canteen facilities will be operating Please secure all valuables. Swimmers are to be confined to their own College seating area where possible.

St Patrick’s College will run a bus that will depart the College at 3.10pm and will return at approximately 7.15pm. The bus will depart from Pier Avenue and return to Pier Avenue.


ACTIVITIES cont’d VOLLEYBALL CO-ORDINATOR— CHRIS CARLILL AIC Volleyball –Trials St Patrick’s College Vs St Peters Lutheran College 28th January 2012 Callan Centre – Pier Avenue, Shorncliffe Please Note : A Canteen will be in operation at the Callan Centre


Court 1


Court 2















3 VI








2nd VI





1 VI

Players are to be dressed in SPC sports uniform (or SPC Volleyball Playing Shirt) and SPC sports shorts. All other forms of clothing are unacceptable. Appropriate footwear MUST be worn at all times. Definitely no thongs. Private Transportation Will Be Required

SPC Confraternity Coach 2012 We are calling for anyone within the St Patrick’s community who is interested in coaching the 2012 Confraternity Rugby League squad (Open age group) for this year’s carnival being hosted at Curlew Park by St Patrick’s College. The date of the Carnival will be 25th-29th June 2012. Please email Mr. Ryan Schultz (SPC Coaching Administrator) and pass on the following information:

   

Name Contact details (phone numbers, e-mail address etc) Rugby League Coaching Qualifications Rugby League Coaching Experience Blue Card Details (If you have one. If you do not we can arrange for your application)



INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Co-curricular music lessons are elective and open to all students at the college. Lessons run on a rotating timetable for 30mins once per week during the school day, and are organised in groups of two or three, or students may elect to take private one-onone lessons. Group lessons are charged @ $16.50 per lesson, and private lessons @ $27.50 and are billed on a term by term basis as an addition to your school fees. Students are generally required to bring their instrument to school on the day of their lesson and store it in the appropriate area. However, the following instruments are provided at school for lesson use: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Drum Kit & Percussion (excluding sticks/mallets). HOW TO ENROL If you are a continuing student who wants to continue your tuition as per 2011 you are automatically enrolled in the 2012 program. If you were enrolled in the 2011 program and wish to withdraw from the program or change your instrument, email Steve Fischer to notify him of the change If you are wanting to join the program in 2012 please complete the form below and return it to the student office by Monday, January 30th. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------My child _________________________________ (Name of Student)

____________ (Tutor Group)

would like to enrol in the following instrument(s):



Percussion Percussion Drum kit






Baritone/ Euphonium

Bass Clarinet



French Horn


Classical Guitar

Double Bass

Alto Saxophone

Contemporary Guitar

Tenor Saxophone

Bass Guitar






Do you require a private or group lesson?

Private (one-on-one $27.50 a lesson) Group (maximum 3 students per group $16.50 Do you require assistance in purchasing/hiring an instrument?



If your child has any experience in playing any of the above instruments, please describe briefly. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Parent’s Signature:_____________________________ Student’s Signature: ___________________________

Date:_______________________ 12


CHESS Chess Club will commence on Monday February 6 (WEEK 3) in the Library from 3:15 to 4:30pm . All boys are welcome to participate and no formal enrolment is required. Please see Mr Arcodia or Mrs Mair (Library) for details. Interhouse Chess will commence in week 4 with house reps from each grade needed. Sign-up sheets will be available in Tutor Groups during week 3.

DEBATING Ms Morgan is coordinating our debating program again in 2012 after a hugely successful 2011 Debating will be contested for all boys in Years 7 to 12 Sign up for QDU Debating will be conducted after Assembly next Tuesday.

ART CLUB / FILM CREW RECRUIT If you‟re a creative student looking for something new to try, you should give Art Club or Film Crew a go! It‟s a great way to make new friends, learn new skills and showcase your creativity.


Year Levels

Junior Art Club

Years 5-8

Senior Art Club

Years 9-12

Film Crew

Years 9-12

Times Term 1 & 2 Only Thursday 3.05 – 4.30pm Term 1 & 2 Only Friday 3.05 – 4.30pm All year Monday 3.05 – 4.30pm (plus some additional film shoots)

Ms Katie Spencer will be recruiting new members for all the clubs at the end of Assembly on Tuesday 31 January. Members from last year will need to re-apply and she can‟t secure places. These clubs have all become very popular over the last few years, so first in best dressed! Anyone can join – you just need to demonstrate a love of art/film and a commitment to meetings.

ID PHOTOS Students who missed having their ID photo taken can have it taken on Friday 3 February.



WORLD WETLANDS WEEK 2012 Brisbane City Council‟s Environment Centres will host a series of free activities for World Wetlands Week between, 28 January – 5 February, to raise awareness and celebrate World Wetlands Day which is held annually on the 2nd February. Come and meet Ellie, the Eastern Curlew who flies all the way from Siberia to Moreton Bay and learn about the amazing journey that her and the other 50,000 migratory birds make each year to visit Moreton Bay‟s wetlands. Boondall Wetlands Reserve is Brisbane‟s largest protected wetland and is part of Moreton Bay – recognised as an internationally important wetland under the Ramsar Convention. So come along to find out more, and help preserve our wonderful wetlands. You can get involved in the celebrations by participating in a variety of the activities, including, bird and mangrove walks, childrens‟ craft sessions and check out he discovery stalls that are being held at Queen Street Mall, Nudgee Beach and Sandgate foreshore. Bookings are essential so please call the Brisbane City Council call centre on 3403 8888. For further information call Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre on 34031490. To see out what more events that are happening during the week check out the link below.












COMMUNITY NOTICES cont’d The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:-

Tuesday Morn BBQ— Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am—9.00 am

Thursday Morning BBQ — Humpybong School 7. 30 am—9.00 am

Thursday Evening Street Van — Brisbane City 5.00 pm—8.45 pm

Saturday Night BBQ—Sandgate Rotunda 5.45 pm—8.30 pm





Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.

UNIFORM SHOP BLAZER FITTINGS will be conducted Monday 30 January during the course of the day. Students in Years 10,11,12 require a blazer during Terms 2 & 3. Orders will only be placed once the $65 deposit has been received. THANKYOU TO THE VOLUNTARY HELPERS who have contributed greatly to another successful Back To School – Elaine McMahon, Sharyn Mula, Oriana McLaughlin, Joanne John, Elise Lutter, Lisa Wagner, Adele Collie, Margaret Webb, Marie Cross, Kim Matthews, Kirsty Royley, Louise Stringer, Mary Brodie, Mandy & Mackenzie Crossan, Natalie Hahne, Debra Philpott, Helen Masters, Gaby Morrison, Chris Wilson-Row, Jackie Lewis, Jen Smith, Wendy Abbey, Kerry & Saxon Johannessen, Ramona & Elijah Huxtable. HELP NEEDED FOR ROSTER ONCE A MONTH. If you are able to help in the Uniform Shop during trading hours as listed below please ring 36319055 or see me in the shop. Many Thanks. TRADING HOURS FROM WEEK 2 TUES 12-4PM,WED 10AM-2PM, THURS 7.30-11.30AM.




27/01 Debra Phillpot, Sandra Messina, Vera Woods


30/01 Wendy Herold, Jen Smith, Tricia Veseley, Michelle Steen


31/01 Sandra Harrison, Cheryl Jahnke - HELP NEEDED


01/02 Mary Brodie, Andrea Meade, Jane Doyle, Margaret Armitage


02/02 Karen Jacobsen, Shelley Paine, Victoria Sutton, Carmel Moir


03/02 Evelin Liddell, Kim Oakes, Joanne Casey



January 23 Year 5,8, 12 and all new students begin January 24 All students begin January 25 Photos are taken for Student ID Cards January 26 Australia Day January 27 AIC Swim Meet January 28 Volleyball/Cricket Trials (H) January 30 House Family Night Year 5-9 Information Night January 31 Spirit Assembly February 02 Year 11 Parent Information Night February 03 AIC/CIC Swim Meets February 04 AIC Cricket/V’Ball Rnd 1 (A) CIC Cricket/V’Ball Rnd 1 (H)


Calling - Issue 01 - (26 january 2012)  

Welcome to 2012 and I trust that your Christmas and New Year break was enjoyable and restful.

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