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28 April 2011

No. 12

Dear Members of the St Patrick’s Family, I trust that your Easter Break was an enjoyable one and that it allowed some time to recharge those batteries in preparation for the term ahead. Despite the fact that there have been 2 weeks of holidays, a large number of staff, students and parents were involved in a range of activities over the holidays. Congratulations to all of those who participated in the various tours and training camps. The reports have been very positive, both on and off the field. Over the holidays there was also a considerable amount of work done around the school. This included air-conditioning in the O’Connor Building, work on the Park Parade entrance, final works on the new building and the general cleaning and maintenance associated with a holiday program. Again my thanks to the college staff who were involved with this work. The new building is now completed and classes began in there this week. It will take a little time to fully integrate into the building but at this early stage the reaction to the teaching spaces has been very positive. Parents are welcome to have a look through the building. Next Tuesday, Fr Liam will celebrate the first mass in the new chapel at 7.45am. All are welcome. The chapel will be named ‘The Father Liam Chapel’. A name for the new building has not been finalised but I hope to discuss this at the next P & F and Board meetings and make an announcement following these meetings. This term is a very short term and has a significant amount of activity included in the eight weeks. It is imperative that all students focus on their school work, their co-curricular activities and their school routines from Day 1. The Parent Teacher meetings this week provide an excellent opportunity to focus on the academic aspects of the term and importantly allow students and parents set goals and strategies to achieve the best possible results for Term 2. This weekend the AIC rugby and soccer teams participate in a trial against Villanova at Curlew Park and the CIC teams play Moreton Bay Boys College. I remind all AIC players that the College uniform is to be worn on game days and those students coming along to spectate (irrespective of year level) need to wear their College uniform also. The Sports Support Group operate the Canteen at Curlew Park and they have invested a considerable amount of money back into Curlew Park. They need your help by volunteering some time on the canteen. Please assist in this area. I also remind all spectators that both AIC and CIC have a code of conduct for spectators. Put simply it expects spectators to cheer positively, and avoid all abusive and non sporting comments towards players and officials. I ask all St. Patrick’s College spectators to cheer ferociously for all the St. Patrick College teams but within the spirit of the game and to respect the officials. I am looking forward to a great season ahead. Finally this week I wish to acknowledge the special Anzac Ceremony that was conducted on Wednesday morning. This year we were fortunate to have Sgt Tino Siliato, father of Nick (Year 12) and Chris (Senior 2009) address the College. He shared his story, his views as a military person and what Anzac Day means to him and offered some special advice to the young men. We also had representatives from the Sandgate RSL Sub Branch and a number of past and present students who formed the honour guard. It was a very special day and thankyou to all involved. I look forward to the Term 2 journey. God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice Mass Thursday 5 May Commencing at 9.00am in the Callan Centre—All Welcome

COLLEGE DEAN David Gardiner Canberra Tour – Congratulations to the 35 young men who represented their College so proudly in Canberra during the recent Rugby/Football tour. Each of the young men invited to tour did an outstanding job with regards to appearance, manners, spirit, skills and sportsmanship. I really enjoyed the tour and the boys certainly contributed to the overall success of the tour. Thanks to Mr Luke Donatini, Mr Tim Hoysted and Mr Josh McCloughan for being a part of the tour and being so positive throughout the tour. Anzac Day –It was wonderful to see such a large contingent of over 60 St Pat’s boys take part in the local Sandgate ANZAC Day Parade. It is important that we show our respect for our current men and women serving our country plus to all those who have served throughout the years. To see so

many young men put on their College uniform and take the time to show their respect at the end of a holiday period was very positive. Well done to all our boys who attended ANZAC Ceremonies on Monday. Shore to Gate – It was a really positive finish to Term 1 with so much effort and so many smiles during our annual Shore to Gate. It is expected that every student return his sponsor/donations card. Even if the expected minimum $20 has not been collected every student will need to return his card to his Group Tutor by Wednesday 4 May. The students who collected over $100 can collect a letter from the Curriculum Administration Office regarding their reward to Wet and Wild on Friday 6 May. Other rewards will be handed out on May 6.

Family and Business Directory – Each student will be given a copy of the 2011 St Patrick’s Family and Business Directory. It is a useful reference for contacts amongst our St Pat’s families. The Directory also contains information of a large number of businesses who are supporting St Patrick’s. I encourage you to support them in return. If you require a second copy they will be available from the Student Office. Inter-House Cross Country—The annual Inter-House Cross Country will be held at Curlew Park on Thursday 5 May. It will be preceded with the Feast Day of Edmund Rice Mass and the Trimester 2 Spirit Assembly in the Callan Centre. Students are to wear their full PE/Sports uniform to school on this Thursday and bring their hats and water bottles. Rugby and Football training will be held as normal on the Thursday afternoon.

STUDENTS Frank Torrisi •

Start of the Term—Welcome back to Term 2. I hope all families enjoyed the time with friends and families. All families would have received their son’s Term 1 Report over the Easter break and I hope there has been an opportunity to sit down and discuss the results and comments with your son. This Term is a very short term. It is important that boys get into the routine of regular homework and study. All boys should be completing regular homework each night. If your son claims he has no homework please contact his teachers. A few reminders to maintain a positive environment. All students should be wearing the

College tie in a neat, correct manner. Year 10—12 students should wear their blazers to and from school from the beginning of Week 2. (All ordered blazers should be available from the Uniform shop) Year 10 and 12 Students to wear long trousers each day in term 2 and 3 All students must have their diaries with them every class and use it every class. All students in Years 5-11 must use the College Bag to and from school every day. Parents/Guardians must sign their son’s diary every weekend. Please contact your son’s House Dean if you have any concerns.

Year 7 and 8 Camp Forms were distributed at the end of Term 1 please return these to the student office or class teacher by Friday 29 May.

The Interhouse Cross Country Carnival will be held on Thursday, 5 May (Week 3). This is the next major Interhouse event and we expect every student to attend and participate. It is a Special Event Day and hence students absent will require a medical certificate to explain their absence. The Cross Country course can be run/walked by students of all fitness levels.

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STUDIES Chris Campbell Reports were posted home during the holidays. By now, parents and boys will have had an opportunity to review term one performance. Term one was unusually long. It is to be expected that staying focused, particularly in the final third, presented its challenges. For the most part, I felt the students responded to those challenges very positively. In reviewing academic performance it is often of value to ask a series of questions:

• • • • • •

Was I always on time to class, with the correct equipment? Did I always complete my homework? Did I submit drafts on time? Were these drafts completed as thoroughly as possible? Were assignments presented as per the College assignment policy? Do I allow enough home study in order to maximize my performance? Are my sporting, social and part time work commitments organised around my schoolwork or is schoolwork something I try to fit in when I can?

The key to success depends on two important components. One is attitude, the other is balance. Term two is quite short. It is also a term when large numbers of the boys play rugby or football. This is great. I believe boys should be involved in the extra curricular life of the school. However, in doing this, students must be prepared to prioritize and sacrifice. This is attitude. Being focused on a strong academic performance means that we must make a mutual decision to commit wholeheartedly to our school work. There is nothing wrong with having interests away from school. It doesn’t hurt to have a part time job and learn the responsibilities which go with this. Nevertheless, these outside commitments should not become so many, that there is no time left for schoolwork. This is balance.

that the classes to which the student wishes to transfer are already full. In the case of Years 10 and 12, there is no option to transfer. Courses in these year levels are two years in duration. Students have generally been in these subjects for all of last year as well as term one. In reality there are only three terms left. This is not long enough to undertake a new area of study. Grades 9 and 11 also present difficulties in that students have ground they need to make up. As indicated before, there may not be room in other classes. My message for term two is perseverance and application. I encourage all boys to make the commitment to study. By making it a priority, all students put themselves in a position to achieve their best possible results in the all important end of semester one exams.

For students looking to improve their performance this term, I suggest addressing some of these questions. At times, the first reaction by older students to an unsatisfactory performance is to look for a subject change. My feelings generally are that this is not a preferred option. A stronger commitment to existing courses, as much of a grind that this may be, will often yield satisfying results. Subject changes are also problematic in

Years 5-7 Learning Support The Learning Support Room in Morrissey will be open at lunch for students during the following times: Year 6 -Monday Year 5 -Wednesday Year 7 -Friday. Students will be able to do activities, have help with or do their homework.

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IDENTITY & MINISTRY Matthew Hawkins Welcome back to Term 2. I am sure everyone is thinking and hearing the same things this week – “It’s going to be a crazy term”; “It’ll be over in a flash”; “How will we get everything done?” etc etc. And yes, this is a short and busy term, which is both great and a little frightening at the same time. A central theme to Term 2 is, quite joyfully, holidays. We’ve just come back from an extended holiday, we will soon be counting down to June/July holidays, and throughout the term, we have a couple of extra holidays thrown in for good measure. Over the Easter Weekend, I reflected upon this concept of holidays – school holidays and public holidays, because I believe holidays say much about who we are as a society. Firstly of course, it is important to remember that the term “holiday” actually derives from the term, “Holy Day”, traditionally to mark a particular religious festival. We have of course just come from the most important of these in the Easter period, where we mark the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Holidays, or Holy Days, are indeed reserved for very important occasions.

So, holidays are more than just an opportunity to relax and unwind, though this in itself is extremely worthwhile. Holidays are symbols of what our society thinks important. This is particularly evident in public holidays. During Term 2, we will celebrate four public holidays. The first of these was ANZAC Day on April 25. As a nation we celebrate this, not to glorify war, but to pay respect to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It reminds us of who we became as a nation on April 25 1915, and who we are today as a result.

workers. It is a celebration of justice for many people also, and a symbol that balance in our lives is important – in the early days, the principal aim was to achieve an eight hour day – eight hours of work, eight hours of sleep, eight hours for the family and for rest. Do we all get the balance right?

A great religious leader of our times, the great Dalai Lama, has a different focus on happiness when he states that true happiness is found in kindness and compassion. He goes on to say that genuine happiness comes when you see some usefulness in your life. These qualities are not things you can hold or see, but they make you feel good, and they certainly leave lasting impressions on other people. He said: “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

And of course on June 13, we mark our British history and allegiances when we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday, even though Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday is actually on April 21. This reminds us, as if this Friday night’s wedding wasn’t Easter Monday was celebrated this week reminder enough, that we a part of the also and saw the culmination in the central Commonwealth and that the Queen is point of our Church Calendar – the Easter indeed our Head of State, and that Britain will always be a major part of Weekend. This is an interesting one, in that obviously in Australia today, we have who we are, whether we eventually become a republic or not. many non-Christians, and yet it is not just Christians who receive the holiday for Easter, or Christmas for that matter. I like So, yes, this term will be busy, but at least it will teach us a little more about who we this fact, because it reminds me that are as Australians – people who believe although we do not all share the same in celebrating together, who believe in beliefs, we are happy as Australians to all celebrate together at the same time to the significance of sacrifice, who believe in balance and the importance of family, mark a significant event in the lives of who believe in respecting where we come many of us. from. To me, Australia sounds like not a bad place to be. When we celebrate Labour Day on May 2, we are celebrating our history as a nation of workers – we celebrate the Have a great term. economic and social achievements of

Emily Rotta

In Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness - a state of mind or feeling such as contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. As human beings we all want to feel happy and not just every now and then. If we had our way we would probably give sadness a miss altogether. In our search for happiness we are often led to believe that if we owned more, bought more, achieved more or won more we would find happiness, but is it found in spending, accumulating or competing with others? Sadly we may give our children the impression that happiness is something you can buy or conquer, or even worse, that someone else has control of our happiness. The reality is, that if we get the ‘ingredients’ right for happiness, then nothing can stop us from being happy, even in difficult times. It’s our choice.

In order to provide our children with the skills to pursue happiness here are some suggestions. Show by your example, encourage, or teach your child: • No one is responsible for happiness except yourself • Happiness is a choice, so choose it • Be happy – rejoice in your gifts and talents • Surround yourself with people that are uplifting and who bring out the best in you

• •

• • • • •

Work towards self- improvement but not at another’s expense Be forgiving to yourself, and to others – none of us are perfect That no matter what you pursue it is important to do your best (whether at home, school, work or in the community) To laugh as often as is possible To care for others, and to look out for others, and if you see something unjust then do something about it To do good deeds for others – it will make you feel good too. To be grateful for what you have (envy creates discontent) To greet the new day with a smile, and be glad to be alive to enjoy it

Happiness is not just about meeting our own needs. We are social beings. The more we connect with others and consider others the easier will be our own pursuit of happiness.

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D DIRECTOR OF SPORT—LUKE DONATINI CONGRATULATIONS • Brother Chris Pritchard - a finalist in the Bob Spence medal. This was presented at the Annual Dinner on Friday the 8th of April. This recognises the Top 10 Cricket Umpires in the Brisbane Premier Grade Competition. Ultimately it was won jointly by two First Grade Umpires. • Tom Giuliano (Year 6) – selected into the Metropolitan North Under 12 Australian Football Team to compete at the Queensland Championships in June at Sandgate AFC. • Hayden Acutt (Year 12) - selected into the Metropolitan North Under 19 Hockey Team to compete at the Queensland Championships in May at the State Hockey Centre, Colmslie. • Ross Maybury and Gerard Warland selected into the Bramble Bay Primary School Hockey Team to compete at the Met North Regional Hockey Championships in May. Fitted Mouth Guards – Some Important Information The following information is to factually explain why you should choose a professionally fitted custom made mouth guard. Traditionally, there are three different types of mouthguards: 1. Stock Mouthguard This is the lowest cost option for parents. It comes in varying sizes and is ready to wear. It offers the least protection for the athlete. It may interfere with speech and breathing because this mouthguard requires that the jaw be closed to hold it in place. It also can be easily dislodged during impact, which renders it ineffective when protection was needed. Further, if dislodged the mouth guard could cause obstruction to the upper airway, especially if the athlete was concussed in the incident. A stock mouth guard IS NOT CONSIDERED ACCEPTABLE AS A FACIAL /DENTAL PROTECTIVE DEVICE. 2. Boil and Bite Mouthguard These mouthguards can be purchased on-line or over the counter. They are softened in hot water and self-moulded to the teeth. These also have poor retention and are easily dislodged. This type of mouthguard tends to wear thin and does not last long. At the first International Symposium on Dental Biomaterials (1993) Dr J. Park reported that Boil and Bite mouth guards provided a false sense of protection due to the dramatic decrease in thickness when the athlete bites it into place during its softened state. IS NOT CONSIDERED ACCEPTALBE AS A FACIAL/DENTAL PROTECTIVE DEVICE. 3. Custom Made Mouthguards Professionally Custom made mouthguards are a superior product. They are the best choice for optimal fit and retention. Although the professionally fitted mouth guard costs considerably more, the cost-benefit ratio clearly shows it to be a worthwhile investment and numerous studies have shown that it reduces the incidence, severity, and extent of oral injuries. They fit the teeth like a glove and securely hold them in place. When worn on the upper teeth, speech and breathing is totally unaffected. It is strongly encouraged that this type of mouthguard be worn for a wide range of sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby, gymnastics, mountain bike riding, martial arts, skate boarding, rollerblading, cycling, hockey and volleyball. Custom fitted mouth guards can only be provided by a qualified and registered DENTIST OR DENTAL PROSTHETIST. If your son (or daughter) requires a new fitted mouth guard, we ask that you please contact /make an appointment with the Bracken Ridge Denture Clinic, 2 Wurley St Bracken Ridge. The clinic is run by a St Patrick’s College family and they have kindly offered to donate some of the proceeds of each mouth guard back to St Patrick’s College. All money raised from this venture will go towards the purchasing of further equipment for our new College Gym. Below is a flyer outlining all details of what we would hope to be a successful fundraising venture and service to our College Community. So if you are requiring a mouth guard this year please support this initiative.

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ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES CONT’D RUGBY COORDINATOR — HEATH MACKINTOSH SPC Canteen Roster for Saturday 30th April (Rugby and Football) It is expected that parents of students playing Rugby or Football for St Patrick’s College assist with the running of the Canteen and BBQ on ‘Home Games’ at Curlew Park. Below is the Canteen Roster for this Saturday. It is vitally important that we have parents assist with the canteen. All proceeds go directly back into SPC Sport benefiting your son whilst he is at St Patrick’s College. AIC Rugby St Patrick’s College Vs Villanova College Trial Matches Saturday 30th April 2011 Curlew Park, Sandgate

Time 7.30am – 8.30am


8.00am – 9.00am


8.30am – 9.30am



9.00am – 10.00am



10.00am – 11.00am



11.00am – 12.00pm



12.00pm –1.00pm




1.00pm – 2.00pm




2.00pm – 3.00pm




Rugby 1 (Edmund Rice)

Rugby 2 (Edmund Rice)

Rugby 3 (Br Grundy)


CIC Game


CIC Game









12 noon






SPC 3rd XV Vs VILLA 3rd XV


SPC 2nd XV Vs VILLA 2nd XV


SPC 1st XV Vs VILLA 1st XV

PLEASE NOTE: • QRRA Appointed Referees for SPC 13A, SPC 14A, SPC 15A, SPC 2ndXV, SPC 1stXV. • Canteen will be in operation on the day • Sports Medicine will be on site on the day

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Elanora Park Granada Street, Wynnum – UBD Map 143 (G14) 9:30am









Vs NJC 6B Nudgee Junior College Indooroopilly Jack Bowers East Oval 10.50am Vs NC 6C Rugby Oval 3 Curlew Park, Sandgate 8.00am Vs GT 6C Rugby Oval 3 Curlew Park, Sandgate 9.00am

Elanora Park Granada Street, Wynnum – UBD Map 143 (G14) 8:30 am Vs NC 5A Rugby Oval 1 Curlew Park, Sandgate 9.00am Vs GT 5C Rugby Oval 1 Curlew Park, Sandgate 8.00am




CIC and AIC Rugby Training will be held this Friday Afternoon (April 29) from 3.30pm to 5.00pm FOOTBALL COORDINATOR — JOSH MCLOUGHLIN AIC Football St Patrick’s College Vs Villanova College Trial Matches Saturday 30th April 2011 Curlew Park, Sandgate Time 8.30am

SPC Football Oval 1 14A

Time 8.30am

SPC Football Oval 2 13A
















3rd XI


PLEASE NOTE: • AIC Appointed Referee for SPC 2ndXI, SPC 1stXI. • Canteen will be in operation on the day • Sports Medicine will be on site on the day

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6A 6B




MBBC Football Oval MBBC 9:45 am Vs VILLA 7C Field 5 Villa Playing Fields 9.10am MBBC Football Oval MBBC 9:00 am MBBC Football Oval MBBC 8:15 am MBBC Football Oval MBBC 7:30 am Vs VILLA 5D Green Field 3 Villa Playing Fields 10.00am Vs VILLA 5D Gold Field 4 Villa Playing Fields 10.00am

CIC Football Venue Locations and Addresses MMBC - Moreton Bay Boys, 302 Manly Rd, Manly West-UBD Map 163 (I 11) VILLA - Villanova College Playing Fields, Manly Road, Tingalpa - UBD Map 162 (K14)


St John Fisher and St Patrick’s Colleges presents

Thursday 26th, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th May Callan Centre 7.30pm Tickets go on sale from Tuesday 3rd May 7.30am St Patrick’s College Resource Centre $15 per ticket - Cash/Cheque Only Page 8

COMMUNITY NEWS STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES  Semester 1, 2011, online applications for the the Students with Disabilities Scheme will be accepted    

To lodge an online application for this program, go to: Further enquiries to: 3336 9192 or

FUNDRAISING EVENTS FOR THE U16 NEW ZEALAND TRIP MOTHERS DAY STALL A Mothers Day stall will operate on Wednesday 4 May and Friday 6 May during both breaks SAUSAGE SIZZLE a Sausage Sizzle and Cold Drinks- $1.50 each After training on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at Curlew Park

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COMMUNITY NEWS CONT’D The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:-

Tuesday Morn BBQ— Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am—9.00 am

Thursday Morning BBQ — Humpybong School 7. 30 am—9.00 am

Thursday, 5 May Tuesday, 3 May Jake Anderson, Zachary BurcherRobert Guppy, Karl Haughey, Webb, Hayden Connell, Kylan Andrew Lee, Jake Maguire, Harrison Ives, Theodore Joshua O’Loughlin, Michael Peart Grace, Pahany, Ryan Pearson

Thursday Evening Street Van — Brisbane City 5.00 pm—8.45 pm

Saturday Night BBQ—Sandgate Sandgate Lagoon 5.45 pm—8.30 pm

Thursday 5 May Liam Hannant, Aidan McArthur, Reece Atkinson, Philip Lambre

Saturday, 30 April Harrison Hanelt, Nathaniel Batson

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mrs Righetti ASAP.


Any clean plastic bags for recycling through the shop would be appreciated. Thankyou TRADING HOURS TERM TIME TUES 12- 4PM, WED 10AM-2PM THURS 7.30-11.30AM



Fri         29/04  Victoria Sutton, Maggie McGowan  ***HELP NEEDED***  Mon     02/05  PUBLIC HOLIDAY—LABOR DAY  Tue       03/05  Michelle Smith, Sara Cronk, Cheryl Jahnke, Sarah Carson  Wed      04/05  Mary Brodie, Sue Henley, Andrea Meade, Jane Doyle, Margaret Armitage  Thu        05/05  Jeanna Scott, Vicki Robinson, Julie Blansjaar, Liz Kelly  Fri          06/05  Kim Oakes, Michelle Litchfield   ***HELP NEEDED*** 

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April 29 CIC Cross Country Meet (A) April 30 AIC Rugby/Football Trial (H) / CIC Rugby/Football Rnd 1 (A)

May 02 LABOUR DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY May 04 QDU Rnd 2 Yr 8 Sen A / NAPLAN Practice / Per 3-4 Yr 12 Geography Test

May 05 Edmund Rice Day Liturgy / I/H Cross Country May 06 Yr 12 QCS Practice Per 3-5 / AIC Chess Rnd 1 (H) / CIC Cross Country Meet (A)/ Shore to Gate Rewards Day May 07 AIC Rubgy/Football Rnd 1 (A) / CIC Rugby/Football Rnd 2 (A) May 09 Kairos 3 & 4

May 10 Kairos 3 & 4/ NAPLAN Yr 5,7,9 May 11 NAPLAN Yr 5,7,9 / QDU Rnd 2 Yr 10 & 12

May 12 NAPLAN Yr 5,7,9

May 13 AIC Chess Rnd 2 (A) / CIC Cross Country Meet (A) May 14 AIC Rugby/Football Rnd 2 (H) / CIC Rugby/Football Rnd 3 (H) / Back to Shorncliffe Day

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Issue 12 - Calling - 28 April 2011  
Issue 12 - Calling - 28 April 2011  

I trust that your Easter Break was an enjoyable one and that it allowed some time to recharge those batteries in preparation for the term ah...