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Educating the Whole Child in Partnership with Parents

St. Anne School

Our doors are open and we welcome you!

Develop the Whole Child

Pursue Excellence

The path to a bright future begins each day in the classrooms and on the beautiful campus of St. Anne School. Here, our students receive one of the most important lessons of all – a lifelong love of learning. Everyday, St. Anne students find limitless opportunity to pursue existing passions and to uncover interests they never imagined.

We believe there is an intellectually curious learner within every child – one who continuously strives to think critically, seek answers, and solve problems. It’s a tremendous gift to help our students discover the power of their own minds. At each stage of their development, we introduce them to innovative, creative, and time-honored teaching methods to help them grasp and apply the information that will shape their academic and spiritual life.

Our private, Roman Catholic school, recognized by the Diocese of Orange, provides an introduction to the educational, academic, social, and religious disciplines that create a strong sense of self and prepares our students for future success. As your family will discover, everything we do here is true to our core values of faith, character, community, excellence, and balance. In an atmosphere of support and close personal attention, we work in partnership with parents to help each child realize his or her full potential. We set high standards for our students and provide them with superior teachers, facilities, and technology to meet them. We celebrate the individual and provide our students the opportunity to take risks and grow. Each student is challenged, encouraged, supported and given the means to develop a unique understanding of what allows him/her to thrive. St. Anne offers a broad range of classes and extracurricular opportunities to ensure that each student grows into a wellrounded, resourceful, and curious individual – a whole child.

We maintain a strong commitment to project-based learning, where students work to explore real-world problems and prepare presentations to share with fellow classmates and teachers demonstrating what they have learned. Our teachers are constantly working to adapt teaching techniques and structure course work to help each student learn in his/her own way.

We believe that well-rounded, experienced children are better prepared to successfully tackle real-world challenges and the basis begins here at St. Anne School.

Our athletic program encourages every student to discover him or herself as an athlete. Students have the opportunity to challenge themselves individually, as well as to be a member of a team. With 10 different sports offerings spread over three different seasons, there is a place for everyone. We believe participation is important for every student, regardless of ability level. Valuable

There are many ways to engage young minds. We believe it takes a

lessons, such as discipline, sportsmanship, self-confidence,

wide range of academic, religious, artistic, athletic, and co-curricular

responsibility, and hard work, are sometimes more easily acquired

activities to broaden our students’ perspective and prepare them

outside of the classroom and on the playing field or court.

for what lies ahead. That’s why we offer extensive programs that foster creativity, individuality, leadership, and physical fitness.

The arts are an integral part of our education, and are intended to provide students with an outlet for independent, creative expression.

We also firmly believe in experiential learning through out-of-classroom activities and field studies. From Kindergarten to grade 8, field studies take our

Our program offers a deep and broad experience in both the

students to learning experiences locally, as well as Sacramento,

visual and performing arts. Our faculty, many of whom are

El Capitan, Astro Camp, Catalina Island, and Washington, D.C.,

professional artists themselves, have a true talent for bringing

all included as a part of their experience at St. Anne School.

out each student’s creative potential, which they demonstrate

Throughout their time in Lower School, students embark on

through art exhibits, play productions, orchestra concerts, and

more than 16 field trips and field study excursions, offering

singing competitions. In addition, for those students looking

a myriad of opportunities and experiences. Students also have

for more technical positions in the arts, the members of the

the opportunity to participate in our Future Problem Solving

St. Anne Theater Tech Crew manage props, moving sets, and

program, FIRST LEGO League, and a variety of after-school

the lights and sound board during play productions.

programs to meet their diverse needs.

Early Child Development Center

St. Anne School

The individual talents of students are nurtured while the individual needs are supported in a collaborative and loving atmosphere.

The St. Anne Early Child Development Center is a place where children know they are loved, cared for, and respected. Here we offer a high quality, developmentally appropriate Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten program for children two years of age to six years of age. We provide an introduction to academics, the arts, and motor skills with warm, nurturing, and responsive interactions. The most important goal of our early childhood curriculum is to help children become enthusiastic learners. This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts. We teach them how to learn, not just in Preschool, but throughout their lives. Brain-based research suggests that superior learning takes place when classroom experiences are enjoyable and relevant to children’s lives, interests, and experiences. Utilizing Creative Curriculum provides an avenue for all children to excel while appealing to their imaginative thinking and inspired interest levels.

“I’ve always felt like I belong here at St. Anne for as long as I can remember. My whole family is involved with the school, even my grandparents.”

At St. Anne, we feel that a strong community working together is beneficial to the entire school. We celebrate the community in a number of events

St. Anne also strives for regular interaction in the community at large. Our Middle School children have required community service hours as part of their education. Orchestra, show choir, and athletes regularly participate in events throughout the community. Students and parents can always be found representing the school at community celebrations with their St. Anne pride in full display.

throughout the school year. Starting with our Back to School

We strive to foster a vibrant community of students, faculty, staff, and parents all working seamlessly in a holistic and happy environment. We have a unique philosophy of operating

BBQ, Back to School Night, and Fall Carnival, to our annual

the school in partnership with parents that is seen by parent

fundraising gala “Festival of Knights,” sporting events, State of

involvement in the classroom and on campus, to our Board of

the School presentation and performances from our talented

Directors, comprised of parents, who work diligently in an

students, our community comes together regularly to celebrate

advisory capacity to school administration.

the children, their school, and each other.

Lower School

St. Anne School

Balance and breadth of exposure to a wide range of disciplines help to develop wellrounded, resourceful and curious individuals.

St. Anne Lower School combines rigorous academics, spirituality, and values into a proven program where mastery of skills is emphasized for each individual student. Children exit the Lower School with a solid foundation rooted in problem solving, creative expression, leadership, and global citizenship. The teachers, staff, and administration take a unique approach to learning. Each student at St. Anne is given time and attention necessary to educate the whole child. We believe that educating the mind and soul of each student is necessary given the pressures in today’s society. The Lower School curriculum takes a student-centric approach to learning by stressing the acquisition of foundational skills across all subject areas. In addition to learning how subjects relate to each other, children discover how they, as students, relate to learning. No classroom project is complete until our students have reflected on what they learned, where they struggled, and how they soared. Understanding how they learn propels St. Anne students to develop their own thinking and articulate what they know about both the curriculum and themselves.

We teach them how to speak confidently and express their ideas in a respectful manner.

The secret to helping a child do his or her best is to bring out the best in that child.

We help them become articulate through speech, writing, technology, and the arts. We instill in them a strong work ethic

That’s why we place an emphasis on teaching our students

so they are prepared for any academic, emotional, physical,

to be responsible citizens. We believe that moral integrity is

or social challenge they may face. We help them realize they

the cornerstone of strong character and development starts

are truly valued and possess all the qualities of a good citizen.

at a young age at home and school.

In turn, they will learn how important it is to offer their time, energy, and talents to make a difference in their school, their community, and the world.

“The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.”

It’s a process that begins by providing our students with a strong foundation that fosters an understanding, consideration, and acceptance of others and their cultural differences. We encourage students to consistently demonstrate moral integrity and personal accountability by being respectful, honest, and compassionate to themselves, their family members, teachers, classmates, and community.

Middle School

St. Anne School

We set high standards for our students and provide them with superior teachers, facilities and state-ofthe-art technology necessary to meet them.

The St. Anne Middle School program builds directly from the foundation laid at the lower grades and prepares students for success at the high school level and beyond. One hundred percent of St. Anne students graduate and go on to the high school of their choice, both public and private. The pursuit of excellence is central to everything we do. Our interdisciplinary curriculum ensures students go beyond learning a single subject, fostering an understanding of how all subjects are related. Students also advance their critical thinking, problem solving, writing, and public speaking skills so they are fully prepared to thrive far beyond St. Anne School. We set high standards for our students and provide them with superior teachers, facilities, and state-of-the-art technology necessary to meet them. From Preschool to Middle School, our students discover a lifelong love of learning that will ensure their own personal development and future success.

St. Anne is re-conceptualizing the “idea” of school by creating inspiring learning environments from state-of-the-art tech labs, to tailored individualized lessons, and collaborative group projects. We want to redefine what education at its best

Our focus on STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, math) learning helps our young learners apply their knowledge and skills to situations by establishing a holistic approach to learning. It’s a comprehensive and

could — and should — look like. It’s no surprise to find laptops or

collaborative educational approach that seamlessly integrates

tablets in every St. Anne classroom. Students in each division

the various subject areas into the teaching and learning process

develop technological literacy, critical thinking, and collaborative

allowing students to explore, analyze, and create while making

skills. We feel that technology often allows for new ways of

meaningful real-world connections in the context of their faith.

teaching and learning for our students.

Develop creative thinkers, innovative problem solvers, effective communicators, and emerging leaders.

This is an important time for children. They need a safe, loving environment where they can become creative thinkers, innovative problem solvers, effective communicators, and passionate leaders. We are confident you will observe and feel this environment at St. Anne School. Since 1992, we have thrived in Laguna Niguel and seen alumni go on to the very best high schools and higher learning institutions. We have the pleasure of seeing our students’ hard work pay off as successful, creative, passionate adults blazing their own trail in the world.

Uniting as a community lies at the heart of our school. Preschool, Lower and Middle School students, as well as parents, faculty, and staff gather for Mass once a week to pray, reflect, and learn. Such gatherings are important to our school’s communal life. St. Anne welcomes students of all faiths and respects the religious beliefs of all members of the diverse school community. St. Anne School’s religious curriculum is based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. We promote our Catholic identity through religious instruction, faith formation, and spiritual development in an environment enriched by students from other faith backgrounds. We are proud of our Catholic faith and use it as the platform to teach about God, Jesus Christ, the sacraments, human dignity, the Commandments, prayer, and Christian service. There is a wonderful rhythm to each day, marked by a routine of ceremonial observances for students of all ages. We share a moment of prayer every morning, before each meal, and at the end of the last class. We are committed to helping our students become educated, thoughtful, wise, compassionate, and humble by living out the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our religious formation program is designed to preserve, enhance, and supplement students’ religious upbringing in their homes and churches.

Making the right school choice for your child – your family – is a critical decision. That’s why we invite and encourage you to join us on campus anytime. Come experience life at St. Anne. Our doors are open and we welcome you!

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St. Anne School Admissions Viewbook  

The path to a bright future begins each day in the classrooms at St. Anne School. Here, our students receive one of the most important lesso...

St. Anne School Admissions Viewbook  

The path to a bright future begins each day in the classrooms at St. Anne School. Here, our students receive one of the most important lesso...

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