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The Anti-Social Behaviour Bill is coming. Heard about it? Don't worry, you will. The Scottish executive is pushing for this new law which is aimed at getting young people off the streets and into trouble.

They are blaming the problems of poverty and lack of facilities on youth. This is an unacceptable attack on young people - and SSY is fighting back against it.For a report on this bill - see pages 4 and 5.

What's the real story in Iraq? - See centre pages - A Web Magazine for Socialist Youth in Scotland Our media is owned and controlled by multinational corporations, who wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the wallet. This is why we need new information resources. The internet is one place where you can find a whole range of information, most of it nonsense, some of it useful. Amongst the debris floating about the net we can find the occasional website which gives an insight into what is happening to people around the world and at home, and what the real story is. wants to playa role in this process. Visit it and pass on your ideas, experiences and opinions.

"Bling, The Goldie Lookin Chain are a hip-hop group. If you're thinkin of P Oiddy or Ja Rule, think again, because the GLC reject the commercial side of mainstream hip hop which has led to many MCs rapping . about the same things (eg how good they are, how hard they are or how they are back) The GLC respond to this lack of creativity with "Shit to me" and the chorus: "J-Lo means shit to mel P Oiddy means shit to mel Ja rule means shit to mel Fuck you Alicia Keys" The GLC also put to shame rappers who boast about how good their OJ is. The track "My OJ" is a spoof of the countless songs that follow the formula of the rapper boasting and the OJ proving him right with some scratching. Instead they say" My OJs so bad he's good." Accompanied by some truly

isn'-c i-c" awful scratching. They also criticise British rappers (specifically the So Solid Crew) for just copying their American counterparts with the song "21 ounces." Unlike these rappers who sound like they wish they were from the USA, the GLC are proud that they come from Newport (Wales) and rap not only with their own accent but also with their own vocabulary. But the GLC criticise the hiphop scene best by showing everyone how it should be done with the crazy originality of "Half-man Half-machine", "Monkey Love" and

"Soapbar". If there were any justice in the world then these Newport c1ats would be absolutely huge. You knows it. Alfred Archer.

An-ti social behaviour? The police will have explicit power to break up groups of young people hanging around on the streets. The government will put electronic tags on young people from the age of 12, even if they have not committed a crime. There will be curfews imposed in working class areas to stop young people staying out late at night. This is the Scottish executive's vision of a new Scotland. ''Talking tough", antagonising young people and handing out more punishments is more of a priority than providing decent facilities Communities minister Margaret Curran, who drew up the bill, says, " Communities, once healthy and robust, have fallen into a spiral of poverty and despair; but it doesn't have to be like this" Well, you can't disagree with that! Margaret even goes on to admit that this decline is due to the actions of an "anti-social minority" .. Unfortunately, when she puts the blame on this "anti-social minority", she isn't talking about successive Tory and New Labour Governments who have bled our communities dry,

dismantled the welfare state and burdened us with privatisation, debt and the Poll Tax/Council Tax. Neither is she talking about the Labour controlled councils who have rolled over and let all this happen. Nope, Margaret and co are trying to convince us that poverty and boredom are the fault of "young people, whose very presence is sometimes a threat". Could this be the very same young people who have no proper facilities, no prospect of work, no vote, no minimum wage, no benefits, nothing to do and no hope for the future? Good thinking, Margaret. Let's attack one of the most vulnerable groups in society to take the blame for the problems caused by Labour's neglect of the working class. Never mind that Shelter, a major Scottish charity, has warned that it will lead to an increase in Scotlands homelessness problem, or that the Scottish Convention on Human Rights has warned that the bill will

infringe young people's human rights, or that top police officials have even commented that they are against the bill, that they don't need it, and that it will lead to more resentment against them. The Bill also had one of the shortest ever periods of public consultation,. to make it hard for people like us to respond. And it also has some of the worst research - it's not backed up by the knowledge and experience of social experts, youth workers or criminologists, just backed up by the slander and dribble of New Labour spin

Let's make one thing clear. SSY is not saying that Youth Crime isn't a problem in communities. It's a real problem. Most Youth Crime is committed against young people anyway. But the way to tackle the issue is by providing youth services, facilities and support, instead of scapegoating and stigmatising. Jobs and the vote might be a help as well. But then, if you give the neds the vote, you'll have to find someone else to blame, won't you Maggie?

What is Anti-Social Behaviour anyway? The Grand High Wizards of Scottish Socialist Youth have spent months compiling this cryptic quiz Only those who possess true wisdom will have the answer. Question:-Which

of the following

is "Anti Social Behaviour"?

(A) Closing down public facilities like swimming pools, schools and community centres (B) Detaining children and babies for years in a prison because they have the wrong immigration papers (C) Subsidising private firms who fire thousands of workers in favour of cheap labour in the far east (D) "Loitering in groups of more than two at street corners" Send in your answer on the back of a postcard, sealed down evelope or police caution to SSY (see address on back page). The first correct answer drawn out of the bulging mailbag will get a copy \ of Tommy Sheridan and Alan McCombes' book, Imagine and an anti-war t-shirt. Second place gets an enamel SSP red star badge. Third Place can spin. Competition ends December19th

"$ddddm hds the edpdcit~ to Ldl~nchWf'v11J in 45 minl~te~"... The death of Dr David Kelly and the ensuing Hutton Inquiry seems to have had every political correspondent the length and breadth of the country absolutely fascinated. Every newspaper, television station and online news resource has poured over virtually every word of the Inquiry.. In this article, Willie Duncan examines what the real issues are .. AT FIRST GLANCE it may look like the government is getting a real pasting over the issue of their illegal war in Iraq. However, the reality is that the media have got their priorities all wrong on the issue. Few of us would disagree that the death of Dr Kelly is a tragic waste of human life that deserves to be investigated. The media, though, should be focusing on the tragic waste of the lives of thousands of innocent men, women and children who were killed as Bush and Blair, with complete contempt for humanity, reduced Baghdad to rubble. Nor should we forget the hundreds of US and British lives sacrificed fighting an unjustifiable war for reasons that, like Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction, are impossible to find. Evidence The simple fact is, the public was lied to by Bush and Blair over the case for War with Iraq. We were told that Iraq had WMD yet months on, none has been found. Even Donald Rumsfeld has been forced into a humiliating climb-down and now claims that Saddam Hussein "Probably destroyed his WMD's before the war". In fact, the only real evidence the US ever had of Iraq's WMD capability was a bundle of old receipts stashed in a drawer in the Whitehouse.

Oil No one disagrees that Saddam was a brutal tyrant. Socialists have always opposed his regime, even when the US were arming and funding it. However, Bush's claim the War was about regime change and democracy, rather than oil and strategic military advantage is fooling no one.

Indeed, if the US Government was intent on eradicating a leader who was undemocratically elected, holds illegal WMO's and has an appalling human rights record, they could have started looking a little closer to home.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair's justification for War was based on a 10 year old thesis that had been plagiarised from the Internet and a number of claims that have already been proved to be lies. While George and Tony boast that they have liberated the Iraqi people, the reality is that what we are witnessing in Iraq is occupation, not liberation. If the Iraqi people are ever to be free, the US occupation must end now. Circus The Hutton inquiry - and the media circus surrounding the late Dr Kelly _ is in a sense nothing more than a sideshow. The real issue facing the prime minister must not be swerved. That issue is the fact that he has given the public inaccurate evidence to back up the drive to an illegal war. For their brutal assault on civilians in the name of capitalism, He, along with President Bush, should also be charged as war criminals. The death at Dr Kelly is not the beginning, nor the end - it is just a spot on the landscape of a very big picture which clearly shows the prime minister with blood on his hands.

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allover europe young people

are revolting.....

Join us at the ESF in Paris. November 12.15 • • • •

No more war International Solidarity Equal status for youth End low pay. better ,working conditions

for all


12.15 Nov Buses leaving from



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roadmap to where?

Jayyab abu-Safiah is a 20 year old socialist from the (he-Leila group in Palestine. Jayyab is coming over to Scotland in October to speak about the Israeli occupation and the intifada. What is happening in Israel/Palestine? The British media

like to portray

the situation as an ancient tribal feud between two ethnic groups who just can't get on together. reality is very different.

The Israel

is run by fundamentalist Zionists who believe that the whole region is rightfully theirs and that Palestinians and Arabs should get out. If you are Jewish, and are born in New York, London or St Petersburg,

then you can go to

live in Israel, and will be given money

to build a horne, and help

to find a job.


if you

are an Arab who has lived your whole life in Palestine, and you leave, you will not be allowed return to your homeland.



Premier Arial Sharon, like many of his colleagues, has a bloody history of assisting and eviction

in the murder

of Palestinian


zens, and the governrnenthe leads has a policy of sending tanks and bulldozers into Palestinian towns, causing death, destruction and misery .

On October 18th Jayyab abu-Safiah will be speaking as part of the "Socialism 2003" event in Glasgow. Young people from all over Scotland are invited to corne and hear him,

to find out

what the media tell us.


The Jasmine Road is a new play being produced by Theatre Workshop about life in Palestine, and the relationship between an exiled palestinian and a young ISM activist. The acclaimed play is on from 9th to 25th October in Edinburgh, tickets are ÂŁ8 for normal people and ÂŁ4 for leftfield readers. Contact "Theatre Workshop; 34 Hamilton Place,Edinburgh. Box Office - 0131 2265425

Keeping ....

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Scotland fascist free

In the last year the far-right British National Party has won eighteen wards i~ English local elections. This shows that we can never be complacent when dealing with fascist organisations. The BNPhave exploited poverty and people's confusion over asylum seekers to spread their poisonous ideology of race-hate, homophobia, prejudice and violence. The BNPalso used its success in England to relaunch itself in Scotland, standing one list candidate in the May elections. Its woefully low number of votes once again reflects the fact that organised fascism thankfully has no political foothold in Scotland; presently the BNPhere is made up of a handful of thugs and psychopaths. Arguably the main reason for this is the rise of the Scottish Socialist Party, which provides a progressive focus for disillusioned voters who are fed up with Blair's new tories. Unlike England, Scotland has a party which combats the issues of poverty, bad housing, low pay and unemployment which fascism seeks to exploit. Our alternative socialist vision of society is helping to stop Scottish fascism in its infancy. You too can join in this struggle. If you come across any nazi activity, be it leaflets, posters, stickers or even public meetings get in touch with us. No to poverty. No to racism. No to fascism.

Scottish Socialist Youth Special Conference Sunday November 30th A K Bell Library

Perth All Welcome




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A man in a funny hat once said to me, "You have th'e right to remain silent". I was lost for words. However,this is one right that most of us in SSYcould not be accused of over-using. And it's true what they say, your rights are worth nothing unless you know what they are.

know your


Imagine if we lived in a society where all these rights were part of our law, everybody knew about them, and we could rely on them being upheld.

The charter was a great success,and is being re-printed this winter. It Is worthwhile getting a copy (fyou're a member of SSYor just interested in knowing your rights.

With this in mind, Scottish Socialist Youth produced a Youth Charter, which details what rights we have at present, and outlines our vision for the future of Scotland's youth. The charter includes our demands for the right to vote at 16, the right to resist, the right to decent, well paid work, the right to strike, the right to a

join SSY

proper home, the right to congregate, the right to freedom of expression and the right to a healthy body.

Copieswill be available soon from the address below, so please get in touch. You have the rightnot silent! Ed

to be

return to: SSY, 73 Robertson St, Glasgow, G2 8QD or phone 0141 221 7714 email









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