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SSY Peace Home Constituition What is a Peace Home? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

It is a Home where the owner is also a guest and a host. Whoever comes as a guest, knows how to be a host. Every guest respects the necessary privacy required for the long-term host. Food is brought and prepared collectively. It is not a hotel to serve the guest. Anybody is welcome to use common halls, verandahs and available rooms, caring for other guests. Guests may be provided with mattresses and woolen blankets wherever possible. Bedspreads must be brought by guests like the way they bring their clothes. Bathrooms and kitchen are taken care of by all the guests including cleaning and maintenance. Guests should not expect services of a cleaner. There is usually a facility for washing your clothes and drying them. Guest should responsibly use washing machines etc when available. Guests are expected to get up and be ready by at-least 7 am and participate in daily sadhana of Asanas, Pranayams, Meditation, Bhajans etc and share the task of providing food. At least two or more families are residing and hosting so that one of them is always present to welcome guests. Guests make voluntary donations for the food shelter and love they receive and take responsibility for improving the facilities for guests. There are lockers for keeping valuable things (and the personal suitcases, where possible) of guests.

Advantages of Peace Homes : 1. 2. • • • •

You are not a lonely family without much help or interactions with neighbors. You have other loving families with you By extending love with the other families, all kinds of facilities will multiply for you and your family Vehicles like cars and motorcycles. You can host a number of guests without strain. There is always somebody to look after your Home and you can very profitably use it as a Guest House, (even though voluntarily) It is a very economic and loving environment where people from other towns and around the world can feel at Home. You yourself will have large spare facilities for yourself all around the world.


To get all these benefits, you have to learn to expand yourself to include more people as family. This will happen through `SSY Nobody' sadhana.

For enjoying much bigger possibilities, please see SSY Peace Village Group on Face Book. 3.

You can start collective businesses and provide jobs for all people in the Peace Home and extra for others in community.

Businesses like. a) b) c) d) e) f) g)

Play Homes and crèche for children. LKG and UKG schools. Old age Home. Naturopathy- massage and back ache relief centers, Beauty care centre. Catering food to parties. - Because we have a large kitchen and food storage facility. Party hall etc.

The list is infinite.

How to create a Peace Home? 1. 2. 3.

The owner host must find a suitable family to look after the Peace Home and provide them at least one private room for the family to reside. The owner host can raise donations for Annaprasad for Peace Home. Peace Homes can be created by like minded families living together by renting or buying big bungalows in cities for extra facilities for more people to join. It will become like community living. Another alternative is to buy or rent a series of apartments and make the thing into a Peace Home. Ideal one is a Big Bungalow; preferably on the outskirt of the city. But the need for such Peace Homes in the down town area is also important. We can ask Government to allot land for 'Peace Homes' like the way they give it to Schools, Temples, and Playgrounds and to organized associations, like the YMCA, Social clubs

Natural Evolution of Peace Homes 1. 2. 3.

The more the number of the guests that want to use the facility of Peace Home, the richer it gets. The guests will automatically bring more facilities for guests to stay. The guests are given a customs clearance on how the Peace Home works so that they can convert their own Homes into Peace Homes. This is how Peace Home revolution evolves.


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Register yourself as a Peace Home in Peace Home registry in "SSY Peace Homes" groups in FB (Face Book) so that people everywhere can become aware of the existence of the Peace Home. Put a sign- board in the corner of the street directing people towards your Peace Home. Use the standard Peace Home logo for easy identification. Register yourself with the Police and other required offices so that you get quick help in case of un-understanding intruders. It is better to start living together with known people and families. As the Peace Home becomes strong, extra families for living together can be inducted easily. People can become members of the Peace Home association just like in 'Couch Surfing' on the web. Identification of the guest becomes very easy and Guests comments on the Peace Home will also be available on website for the members. A membership identification card will ease the interactions as they become familiar with the custom of Peace Homes. A person need not be a member of the Peace Home club to use the facilities. They only have to be given a thorough custom clearance for staying in the Peace Home and they have to arrive at a particular time to register themselves with the Peace Homes for clearance. Members can make prior reservation so that they are given a priority accommodation of the highest standard available at the Peace Home.

Organizational Help Until the web site of SSY World is created with facilities like "Couch Surfing", people can become members of `SSY Peace village' or "SSY Peace Home" group in Face Book and start receiving web support_ They can join and start living in a nearby Peace Home along with like- minded Peacehomians. They can also get support to go and stay in various Peace Homes around the world. It will make your stay and food very easy, economical and establish worldwide camaraderie. If you can offer your Home to be a Peace Home and you are looking for families to stay with you, this website or face book group `SSY Peace Homes' will help. You may encounter some difficulty with some vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in kitchen until two kitchens are available for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Keep it vegetarian until then.

Legal Structure For long time residents and creators of these Homes, a legal structure is required on investments and sharing of contributions by guests. These will be given to the members on request. Laws are different in different countries and have to be appropriately formulated. Hint 1 - Convert that Peace Home property into a trust-With main participants as trusties.

Hint 2 - You get back the investments by selling the property to the trust for a prize which The trust can pay back at a convenient pace from the earnings. Hint 3 - Earnings to the trust can come from the various sources like: a) b) c) d) e)

Every permanent resident pays rent and food charges as maintenance fees. Annaprasad donations from guests and donations. Donations from guest. Renting the place for programs and parties. Catering foods to other parties with our large facilities. Providing jobs for the women who are residents for the Peace Homes. f) Open a day care centre for children and do Matrumandir as an enterprise by the residents. g) Income from old age home.

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