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in All areas of life

Guruji is one of the most important teachers of Meditation, consciousness and Education in the world today. He is a computer scientist, an aeronautical engineer and management graduate from Western Ontario University, Canada. Guruji’s prime aim is to offer a training that would transform the participant into joyful loving individual and that is what Siddha Samadhi Yoga does. Guruji is the founder of Life Yessence Academy (LiYA) Liya is a voluntary organization, to enlighten the members of public by way of making themselves aware of the huge potential within. It has more than 600 Centres in India and 15 centres abroad.


We have a great task ahead of us, The commitments we have to our own lives and to the lives of everyone around us.

This can only be accomplished by us not focusing on the task but by focusing on ourselves, to allow ourselves to be truly happy and useable. •

We pledge to give nothing but our best. This includes ourselves, our possessions, our word, our honour and our citizenship.

We do not do this to elevate ourselves above others or to belittle ourselves. We do this recognizing that it is the opportunity to discover the best in us.

We will not make anyone our slave, nor will we submit as a slave to anyone. In true partnership,we shall discover ourself in everyone

Be free from all Diseases

A dramatic relief from chronic diseases like ‌ Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Asthma, Arthritis,

Insomnia, Hyper Tension, Vertigo, Heart Ailments etc.

Within 15 days

The ISP (Infant SSY Program) guides Parents on how to bring up children right from the stage of conception to 8 years.

ISP deals with the overall development of the child covering the Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional and Spiritual aspects.

Blossoming of Great Individuals For the age group of 7 to 12 years. The child develops Physically, Mentally, Socially, Emotionally and Spiritually

This is a training to enhance creativity, health, Excellence & Enthusiasm In the children

100% Memory This program is for the benefit of

children from 8th to 10th standards This is based on RCRT Techniques

Benefits of the RCRT : •Students remember their subject forever. •Gain concentrated perusal of any subject. •Revision of previously read material in a few minutes. •Complete recapitulation possible after years.

The essence of Management Management is not about ·


Controlling others · Beating the competition Making profits for shareholders · Optimizing production · Creating jobs

Management in fact is the art of getting into the heart of the person and inspiring him to do whatever is required to be done, on his own accord.

To multiply and manage One’s business 100 times, EFFORTLESSLY Professional Insights is a Management Program, with a difference. It is a blend of contemporary western thought and traditional Indian wisdom. Corporate life in the 21st century is riddled with minefields of impossible deadlines, cutthroat competition and rapidly evolving technology; thereby leaving the Manager stressed, dis-eased and insecure . Pi empowers them to bring about a change. A change that helps them to enrich every aspect of their life - professional as well as personal. A change that opens up immense possibilities. AND Achieve their targets Effortlessly

Enhancing a child’s potential to the maximum This is for pre-primary & primary students upto 4th standard

These are nursery & primary schools set up all over India with the vision that the children from these schools will go to Rishi Gurukulams (Residential Schools). They are already groomed in the culture of service (seva), and are living for everyone. They are very happy individuals.

Going within for 2 days in intensive Silence. These are camps held in small groups of 12 to 24 participants in different farm houses / resorts in very natural & scenic spots close to the city.

One learns to be silent on his own and is able to continue the same sadhana weekly from his home.

The result of this is tremendous explosion of creativity, expansion in their business and improved relationships with all around.

Your Child, Nature & You This is for parents & children to develop beautiful bond amongst themselves.

The nature camps are held regularly in different scenic spots so that the parent and child can come close to nature.

This is also specially for children so that they start to enjoy nature and become one with it.

Weekly Gatherings Coming together to being together to working together.

Weekly gatherings form the most important part of one’s Sadhana after the SSY program.

This keeps you in touch with the knowledge & the spirit.

Positive Health Food Positive prana food is vital to the body.

All fruits, nuts, sprouts, greens and most of the vegetables come under this category.

SSY program speaks and teaches experientially, the advantage of these natural types of food.

Each of us are individually responsible to keeping our city clean

Clean India programs are held in all centers of India where SST is taught.

The one who undergoes this program naturally becomes aware of his surroundings and helps in keeping the city clean, by

Doing Nothing!

Food for All

There is enough food in the world for all of us.

Anna Prasad Kshetra is a place to share this plentifulness.

It is the most wonderful way to enhance togetherness amongst people.

Developing all villages in India Development of all Villages in India is the prime concern of Guruji.

SSY is conducted for an entire village in 3 days.

People in these villages get freed from tobacco and alcohol addiction.

This leads to greater harmony and transformation in villages

Where Traditional Education Elevates Modern Technology

Our young leaders master the art and science of living.

Guruji’s vision is to nurture every young heart of these schools to be a future Vivekananda who will spread the wisdom in their own unique way… in all fields of life…

A school where Tradition

and Technology meet A school where‌.

Learning is fun Teachers are mothers

Children are allowed to grow in freedom, Learning through Play and creativity

Bringing all Religions together We have been trading, working and eating together but we are not praying together.

This is the last span to be bridged by all the religions.

Our Ashrams Rishivan – Dehri Gondi Ashram – Bhadravati Rishi Valley – Aurangabad Rishi Kshtra – Vinukonda Shrimata Annapurneshwari Tapo Kshetra – Bangalore

Rishi Kshetra – Vizag Rishi Kshetra – Hyderabad Rishi Kshetra – Gubbi Rishi Van – Goa Rishi Kshetra – Nandigram Rishi Kshetra – Pune Rishi Kshetra – Cannanore

LiYA Centres SSY Communication Centre (SSYCC) for all queries regarding LiYA programmes – 022 32520000 Mumbai – 022 26440376 Bangalore – 080 26631909 Hyderabad – 040 23707212 Vizag – 0891 2543107 Anantpur – 0877 2288833 Shimoga – 08284 3348991 Tirupathi – 0877 2288833 Panaji Goa – 0832 2741569 Ahmedabad – 079 26606315 Rajkot – 0281 2432055 Delhi – 011 26917121 Bhadravati – 0839 4429141 Hospet – 0836 2771771 Magalore - 0824 2439277 Mysore – 0824 2439277

H.O. : LiYA 176, 31ST cross, 11th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560011

LiYA Centres SSY Communication Centre (SSYCC) for all queries regarding LiYA programmes – 022 32520000 •Dharwad – 0836 2351905 •Indore – 0240 2443751 •Aurangabad – 0712 2549349 •Nagpur – 0253 581889 •Pune – 020 25536517 •Solapur – 0217 2605484 •Ambala – 0171 251853 •Ludhiana – 0161 2728579 •Jaipur – 01410373119 •Nagarjuna – 040 23525669 •Vijaywada 0866 2542127 •Guntur – 0863 232557 •Karimnagar – 0878 2253435 • H.O. : LiYA 176, 31ST cross, 11th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560011

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