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Softball Rules for Greek Olympics Section 1- Eligibility 1. Teams must submit rosters by the deadline decided upon by the Interfraternity Council. Section 2- The Field 1. Bases will be set at 70 feet apart. 2. The pitchers mound will be 35 feet from home plate. 3. Home plate will consist of a regular octagon shaped base, as well as an extension piece behind home plate. 4. A line will be drawn ten feet from home plate on the third base line. a. This line will be a force out line for all plays at the plate (more info in General Rules). 5. No bases will be anchored and therefore are likely to move around. Defensive players will not be allowed to purposefully move bases to prevent runners from touching the base. Any player caught moving the bases will allow the runner to advance one base. Section 3- Teams and Game 1. Teams will consist of ten players a. One of those players will be the rover, who may play at any position on the field. b. Teams must have at least eight players to start the game. 2. Free substitution is allowed so long as players are on the official roster. Players may reenter as often as they would like as long as they do not change places in the batting order. a. A player who replaces another must also replace them in the lineup. 3. Games will be six innings long. a. Should the home team be winning going into bottom of the sixth inning, they will not play that half inning. b. Should the score be tied after six innings, extra innings will be played. c. No inning shall start after 50 minutes of play, unless it is either the semi-finals or finals game. 4. Teams will have two minutes to warm up in between innings. Section 4- Pitching Rules 1. The ball must be thrown in a slow pitch manner. a. The ball must be thrown at an arc going at least the height of the player and no more than twice as high as the batter’s height. If it is not it will be called a ball. b. If the batter elects to try to hit the flat pitch and misses it shall be called a strike. If the batter hits a flat pitch, the ball in play. 2. Batters will start at a 1-1 count. a. 3 strikes equals an out. A batter with two strikes who fouls the ball off will be called out. b. 4 balls will equal a walk to first base. 3. A ball that hits either home plate or the extension will be called a strike. a. Anything else will be called a ball. Section 5- General Rules 1. 3 outs will transition to the next half inning. 2. Any ball that is forced out of play will be ruled dead and all runners will receive two bases from their position at the time of the throw. 3. Sliding will be allowed in order to avoid a tag, but not to break up a double play (in order to prevent injuries).

4. In the event that a play at the plate is happening on a non-force the play will be a force out once the player crosses the ten-foot line. a. A runner who is heading home on a non-force play and crosses the ten-foot line, the catcher or any defensive player must touch the pentagon portion of home plate to get the player out. The play essentially becomes a force out one they have crossed the ten foot line. b. The runner must touch the extension portion of home plate to be called safe 5. The catcher may not block home plate with their leg or body in order to prevent collisions. He must extend his glove out should there be a play at the plate. 6. Any runner in the basepath hit by a batted ball is out. 7. There will be no bunting allowed. Any bunts will be automatically called a strike. 8. There will be no leading off or stealing of bases by runners. They may leave the base once the bat strikes the ball. 9. The inflield fly rule is in effect if there is a runner on base. The umpire must call right away. 10. An overthrow of the ball into foul territory will result in a one base advance. Section 6- Equipment 1. No metal cleats will be allowed. 2. Soft softballs will be used and provided by the Interfraternity Council. 3. Both aluminum and wooden bats will be used. 4. Bats, gloves, cleats and any safety equipment will be provided by the individual team.

Greek O Softball Rules