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Popular Mobile App Development Platforms From professional mobile app development outsourcing companies in Bangalore to freelance app developers, everyone wants to create apps that will give them an edge in the mobile market. Though the name says mobile apps, these applications are also developed for personal digital assistants and tablets. The user interface of these apps are specifically designed taking into consideration the small screen size, screen resolution and data download speed of an average Smartphone. Let’s take a look at the popular mobile app development platforms: RhoMobile This app development platform is based on Rhodes, which is an open source framework. Its RhoHub offers a hosting environment while the RhoSync acts as a server and helps sync all the relevant data. An advantage of using this platform is that you just need to write the code once, and then you can use it to run the app on different devices. AppMakr This DIY application platform features an interactive dashboard for easy customization of the features and functions. It has a number of features such as Google Maps integration, high resolution photo galleries, video streaming, chat rooms and more to help create interesting and attractive apps. Good Barber Suitable for developing iPhone and Android apps, this free platform allows you to create apps without coding. So, even if your coding skills are not very strong, you can develop an app using this platform. PhoneGap With this platform, you can create HTML and JavaScript based applications that can run on Android, Symbian, iPhone and Blackberry phones. You can also add camera, GPS, sound and other features to your applications with this platform. BiznessApps

As the name states, this platform is the perfect choice to create business-related applications. From shopping carts to notifications and analytics, it has loads of in-built features that make app development a breeze. ShoutEm Using this platform, you can develop applications and publish them in Google Play and iTunes. It comes with plenty of in-built features and also gives you the option to integrate your app with content platforms such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and more. If you have the time, money and resource, you can create a mobile application for your company using one of the popular tools. But if you want to create a professional mobile app that can be customized to meet your requirements and preferences, then you should think of outsourcing the mobile app development. In Bangalore, you will find plenty of companies that can do the job for you in almost no time.

Popular Mobile App Development Platforms  

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