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Why we love Android Apps and you should too Popular Android Apps One of the most popular and user friendly mobile phone operating systems is Android. With its attractive interface and easy navigation, it is no wonder that this mobile OS is the most preferred platform for the thousands of mobile apps that are being developed. The use of Smartphones is increasing on a daily basis, leading to wider use of this mobile platform. Android application development has come a long way since its birth. From chat messengers to games, there are scores of android apps available in the market. Android development companies in India are competing with each other to create interesting and attractive apps for various e-commerce platforms and games. They are even coming up with “Indian-based” games and apps for the large audience in the country. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular android apps that have stood the test of time: Whatsapp Giving a whole new dimension to chatting, whatsapp has been topping app download charts almost since it was released. Though it is a cross-platform app designed to work on multiple platforms, it finds major use in android phones. Gmail The mobile version of this well known email platform is used by almost every android phone user. Most mobiles come with a built-in Gmail app. Angry Birds This game from Rovio has a craze that is not abated. A perfect pass time for commuters and the teens, it’s no wonder that this game app is downloaded pretty often. Skype Most of the business communication takes place via Skype these days. Corporate employees generally prefer to have this app in their mobile, so they will be able to contact their clients even when they are away from their workplace. Twitter

Saying more with less gained popularity with Twitter. This social media platform is being used by most celebrities around the world to share their thoughts. The latest news comes out in Twitter even before it reaches the news rooms. Facebook Messenger The omnipresent Facebook found its way into the smaller screen with the Facebook Messenger. Offering easy connection to their Facebook friends and non-stop notifications, this android app has become a must-have for most youngsters. These popular games have gained popularity in leaps and bounds since they were introduced. Do you want your company app also to gain such worldwide popularity? It all lies in the Android app development team. Look for an android development company in India that understands your business needs and custom creates an app for you.

Why we love Android Apps and you should too  
Why we love Android Apps and you should too  

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