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Prime Minister's Visit 2014

On 3rd April 2014, PM Lee Hsien Loong paid a visit to School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST). Meredith Teo (S301), a student reporter accompanying the entourage, has captured the highlights of PM Lee’s two hour visit. Together with SST’s Media Club students, they have produced a digital scrapbook for PM Lee as a memento of his time in SST.

I'm Justin from S409 and my aspiration is to be a proud member of the United 
 Nations. I wish to be an advocate for 
 human rights and equality at an 
 international level, and change the world for future generations.

I’m Kuzhalini from S408 and my aspiration is to be a surgeon so that I can help people and save lives. For now, I am ready to do my part to contribute to society in any way I can.

I’m Meredith from S301 and my aspiration is to be a humanitarian worker for World Vision. My passion lies in serving the 
 community and I hope to transform the lives of 
 children in underprivileged communities by tackling the causes of poverty and 

PM Lee and Mrs Lee were given a warm welcome at the 
 school foyer by our Board of Director Chairman, Professor 
 Su Guaning, and our Principal, Mr Chua Chor Huat.

PM Lee also met the other members from our Board of Directors, as well as our MOE Cluster Superintendent Mrs Edelweis Neo. From L to R: Mr Daniel Yeong (Member, SST Board of Directors), Mr Chua Chor Huat (Principal, SST), Prof Su Guaning (Chairman, SST Board of 
 Directors), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Mrs Lee Ho Ching, Mrs Edelweis Neo (Cluster Superintendent West 5, Schools Division, Ministry of 
 Education), Ms Looi Mei Fong (Deputy Principal, Ngee Ann Polytechnic) and Mr Sin Kin Ho (Member, SST Board of Directors). iv

Exhibition Studio

PM Lee entered the Exhibition Studio where Justin kicked off the visit with an introduction of our school’s history as well as its mission and vision.

Kuzhalini shared about the Global Citizenship Programme and her experience during the trip to Nepal. She then described the Applied Learning approach in SST that she experienced as a student before bringing the entourage to view some science projects done by the students for Investigative Skills in 
 Science (ISS) module in Sec 2.


One of the projects presented was the solar house project 
 by Chi Han (S308) and Xiao Tao (S306). PM Lee was 
 intrigued by their project and asked the presenters many 

Another group of student consisting of (fr L to R) Sarah (S302), Yun Hui (S308), Jia Wen (S307) and Angeline (S308), described their project on Aquaponics to Mrs Lee and Professor Su. Their project involved a method of rearing fishes and growing 

Ji Hao (S307) and Bryan (S308) enthusiastically shared about their weather observation system to Mrs Edelweis Neo and the rest of the entourage.

On the way to the next stop, PM Lee weaved his way through the canteen where he stopped to speak with some of our Upper Sec students who were 
 having their recess. He readily obliged to their requests for selfies with the students, much to their delight and excitement.

SST Graffiti Art Wall Justin explained to the entourage 
 this piece was created in collabora-
 tion with a graffiti artist to 
 commemorate our school’s Official 
 Opening Ceremony on 13 May 2013.


At the Biotechnology lab, a Sec 4 student, Wai Kit (S409), shared various
 fascinating facts he learnt in Biotechnology about the food fermentation process.

Dawn (S409) and Dylaine (S405) were also on hand to 
 demonstrate in the use of some of the equipment.

PM Lee was fascinated by the E.Coli sample infused with Jellyfish genes, which caused it to glow a bright neon blue. He said that it 
 was “worth a picture” before taking out his mobile phone to snap 
 a few pictures.

Mathematics Lesson The entourage was then given a sneak peak at how the 
 Applied Learning approach is translated in practice when we dropped in to observe Mr Nur Johari Bin Salleh’s 
 Mathematics Lesson. Mr Johari is a Senior Teacher who has been with SST from the start. PM Lee and Mrs Lee were immersed in the lesson and had the opportunity to solve a mathematical problem using
 the TI-inspire, with a group of students from S4-09. 
 PM Lee laughed heartily when Mr Johari addressed him as “My student, PM Lee”. Everyone was engaged in solving the “murder” and also had fun in the process.

SSuperTree The SSuperTree is a batch gift to our school from five Pioneer Cohort girls. Our seniors, Grace and Eunice, shared about the philosophy and thinking behind the structure’s design before inviting PM Lee to 
 activate the multi-sensory display via an Android device.

PM Lee and Mrs Lee were 
 impressed by the work of the five Pioneer Cohort girls who managed to put together the complex 
 electrical components although they did not take Fundamentals of 
 Electronics as their Applied Subject.

3D Models at ADMT Studio In SST, we take Art Design Media and Technology (ADMT) in Sec 1 and 2. Gabriel (S307)
 shared how the ADMT teachers take students through the design thinking process to develop 
 a better understanding of the potential users’ needs which in turn helps to inform and 
 influence the design process.

Two Sec 4 students, Carissa (S409) and Godfrey (S407) then talked about how ADMT has built a good foundation for them to take Design Studies as an Applied Subject at Upper Secondary. 

PM Lee praised the ADMT 
 presenters for the creativity
 in their designs, before 
 proceeding to the Media 
 Production Room.

Interview with PM Lee The Sec 4 Media Studies students were given an 
 invaluable opportunity to apply what they had learnt when PM Lee kindly agreed to an interview with Justin (S409) and Jia En (S406). The team will then carry out post-production work to produce a short video clip of this interview with PM Lee, which can be viewed at:

SST Inc HQ In SST, we have the ICT Talent Development Programme for
 students who are passionate about programming. The SST Inc HQ is a specially designed space for the ICT TDP students to gather and experience what tech start-ups do in the real world.

Praveen (S407), Warren (S307) and Ziyue (S306) 
 demonstrated the use of the SST Lens, an app created by our very own students. PM Lee was invited to pen a message on the photo which was then uploaded to the SST Students’ Blog.


On their way out, PM Lee and Mrs Lee were pleasantly surprised to see the 
 entire school had gathered to greet them with loud cheers and applause.

Robotics PM Lee then visited the Robotics room. Our Robotics Club is a niche CCA in SST that has achieved commendable results in international competitions. More importantly, they have moved into research to 
 design robots for activities that humans cannot undertake.

Alyssa (S307) and Irfan (S307) guiding PM Lee and Mrs Lee in 
 controlling the robots to move the ball into the goalpost.

 (S308) and Ragul 
 (S407) proudly showcased their robots.

Reception PM Lee and Mrs Lee with some of our teachers who attended
 the reception to share about their teaching experiences in our school.

They spent time interacting with the students and there were many lighthearted moments during their conversations.


PM Lee leaving a message for our school on the poster which will be displayed at our Exhibition Studio.

Mrs Lee looking on while Meredith showed PM Lee a sneak preview of this digital scrapbook.


PM Lee and Mrs Lee with our Board of Director members and Cluster Superintendent. 
 From L to R: Mr Daniel Yeong, Mr Chua Chor Huat, Prof Su Guaning, PM Lee, Mrs Lee, 
 Mrs Edelweis Neo, Ms Looi Mei Fong and Mr Sin Kin Ho.

PM Lee and Mrs Lee thanked Justin, Kuzhalini and 
 Meredith for hosting them. A group photo was taken to 
 remember this special day when they had the privilege 
 to show PM Lee and Mrs Lee around the school.

Dear PM Lee and Mrs Lee, It was a great honor and privilege for SST to host both of you today. It was both an eye-opening and humbling experience. We hope you have enjoyed the visit as much as we did! Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to visit us.

Produced by: Meredith Teo (S301) Joshua Leong (S402) Isaac Lim (S408) Ng Ying Liang (S408) Loynes Poh (S402)


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