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I n te rviewing Skills Assignment Phase One: Due 10/26 – (this is due last, but work on setting this up ASAP!) Conduct an informational interview with someone in your intended field. If you don’t know anyone in your field, start asking around – approach friends, relatives, professors, etc. to see who they may know in your field. Once you have identified someone, call and ask to spend about 15-20 minutes with him or her. You will conduct a thorough informational interview (see online tutorial and lecture notes for more information.) Then, turn in a 2 page typed report about your experience. The report should include the name, company, and title of the person you interviewed (pleaseattach his or her businesscard to the report), along with a report of some the most salient information you obtained during the interview. You cannot interview a family member, a random acquaintance or just your friend who happens to have a business….get at least one degree of separation out of your immediate network, and make this a really meaningful assignment. Go for the big interview!! Phase Two: Due 9/28 Participate in the “speed interviewing workshop.” You will be asked several questions in rotating fashion....seeworkshop preparation handout for details. Phase Three: Due 10/03 Fishbowl Interview Time: 8-10 minutes per interview, 20 minutes per team. This assignment will be conducted in “fishbowl format.” That is, you will work in groups of 6-8 people. Two people will be involved in the interview, and 4 will observe and evaluate. This is a peer evaluated assignment. Specifics of the Assignment: • Each person will select a job title they would like to hold immediately upon graduation. • Integrate the information from the lecture in your planning. Refer to the interview prep packet. Use the STARformat in answering questions. • Read Chapter 6 in textbook for further information • Just to keep things interesting, at some point in the interview, the interviewer should throw in a question that is either unethical, unlawful, or poorly phrased or delivered . For a list of illegal interview questions, do a quick Google search. Integration into the interview should be a subtle move, and should flow naturally in the course of the conversation. The purpose of this is to keep the audience on their toes, as well as to stimulate brief discussion following each interview. Responsibilities of the Interviewer: • Establish rapport. • Ask Questions. Construct questions using guidelines from lecture/handout. Focus primarily on behaviorally based questions. There is no need to do any research on your partner’s job position —this is the responsibility of the interviewee. • Closethe Interview Responsibility of the Interviewee: • Be prepared to answer the questions, and ask intelligent questions of the interviewer. • Give your partner appropriate information about the position that you are applying for. • Be skilled at integrating the STARformat into your answers. (Remember, everyone needs to prepare to serve as both an interviewer and an interviewee.) Be sure to:

 Practice with your partner—this should not feel scripted or read. It must be conversational in nature, and should definitely have the feel of a real interview.

Interviewing Assignment  

interview assignment

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