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S S T M E D I A C L U B N E W S L E T T E R / N o v- d e c 2 0 1 1

By students For students Our First Orientation Camp 2011

Te a c h e r s ‘ D a y

RHD Bazaar





s r o t edi

Orientation Camp 2011 -


Teachers’ Day - Gwendolyn RHD Bazaar - Wen Yue Summary of 2011 Our Voices -

Genevieve Sandy

Fun Facts - Bing Jue Graphic Design - Reuven

2 / Nov-Dec 2011

I felt uneasy at times as I didn’t know my classmates well., but the Orientation got us closer and we got to know each other better through the games and activities they gave us. Liu Guo Jin S1-08

This year’s orientation to me was really fun. The Orientation gave me a good grasp of my classmates personalities and quirks. Mac Attack was also highly useful for me being quite the technophobe back then. The camp was the most fun part as there were activities that were scary yet taught me more about myself and my classmates, whom I would be spending a lot of time with within the next two years. This year’s orientation was a blast! As a PSL, it was a completely different experience, with the roles being reversed. I had never realized what the facilitators had to go through for us till now. It wasn’t always fun and games for the them and much work was done and effort put in behind the scenes. All the leadership training that we had gone through was tested.

Terisha-Ann Tan S1-09

Christian S2-08

Orientation Camp

I am glad and grateful that I was given this opportunity to be a PSL for the Secondary 1 students as 2011’s Orientation was indeed somewhat more exciting I was able to make use of this opportunity to imthan the previous year, not to mention an almost prove my leadership skills and contribute my servcomplete revamp in the Orientation programme. For a ice to the school. Additionally, I was also able to start, there were more pairs of hands, not the teachers but the Peer Support Leaders (PSLs). An inaugural batch build and bond relationships among the Secondary dance was also held, to the song of Fireworks (by Katy 1 students and show them the school’s culture. Perry). Also, SST has 3 new cheers, created by the PSLs.

-C h e r i n

Denise Lim S2-04 / 3

Class parties & Games with teachers. 209 with Ms Tan and Ms Choo here.

smiling for Ms Lim & Ms Seah ke. the camera. Nice ca

Teacher’s Day -G w e n d o ly n

On 2th September 2011, SST held its second Teacher’s Day Celebration. To start off, our principal, Mr Chua gave a speech: The 2011 Teachers’ Day Message. Students gave their gifts to their respective teachers. Then, all students held a one-and-a-half-hour class party for the teachers. Each class decorated their classrooms in their own creative ways to welcome the teachers. Food were brought in by students for both them and the teachers to enjoy. Following the party was the Teacher’s Day Concert where both Sec 1 and Sec 2 students could feature their talents on-stage. In addition, it provided a platform for CCA clubs to show what they had learned. SST’s Wushu club’s performance awed both teachers and students alike with their form and swordsmanship. After the Wushu performance, some Secondary 1 students performed the song “Never Give You Up” originally by Rick Astley with creative dance movements and hand gestures. Following that, Secondary 2 student and Media Club chairman Abu sang his captivating medley of two popular songs: “Price Tag” by Jessie J and “Perfect” by Pink. Afterwards, Ming Yong, a Secondary 2 student, played the amazing song “Wind Song” by Japanese composer Kotaro Oshio. Then, there was a game show named “Can you see it?” hosted by Secondary 2 students Hao Yang and Vivek. We were supposed to identify the teacher from viewing a picture showing a part of his/her anatomy. Some teachers shown in the show was Mr Ng, Mr Johari, Mr Yeo, Ms Seah, Mr Ingham and Mr Lam. For example, a lower part of the Mr Lam’s face was shown. Mr Yeo’s ear was shown too. After this entertaining game show, there was a engaging guitar performance by some Secondary 1 and 2 boys. They played songs from the 1960’s to early 90’s and teachers were allowed to guess the name of the songs played. Our SST showchoir group performed a interesting song and dance item of the song “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. This Teachers’ day event allowed us to appreciate our passionate teachers who have put in a lot of effort into this event and have a lot of fun at the same time.

4 / Nov-Dec 2011

Teachers’ Day Performances. Mdm Zuraida naming retro songs performed.

ers were Not only the teach talented the by ed entertain performances!

Our young SST entreprueners manning their stalls. The corridors, outside the library, Ourspace & the canteen full with vendors and customers!

Nerf Guns!

Racial Harmony Day Bazaar -W e n Y u e

On the 21st of July 2011, The School of Science and Technology (SST) conducted a Racial Harmony Day Bazaar which was to allow students to apply skills learnt in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) lessons as well as to raise funds for charity. The Secondary 2 students, all whom are veterans of 2010’s I&E Bazaar had to work within a budget of $80. Shawn taking it in the face...the person who came up with this stall must be a genius

The stalls of the Secondary 1 students consisted mainly of games stalls. The range of diversity of these stalls came to include novelty games, Nerf gun shooting competitions and S1-05 had a stall where one had to throw water-soaked sponges at a volunteer. The stalls of the Secondary 2 classes sold mainly packet drinks, instant noodles and small snacks. The Secondary 2 s set up their stalls in and around the canteen, while the stalls for the Secondary 1 classes were set up in locations including but not limited to the Basketball court, Ourspace and the exhibition area. Notable classes include S2-09, who sold bubble tea and was very popular. All of them had fun during the bazaar.

an on toy Canteen stalls...ny 3 2-0 by ll sta car...nice

Darts...SO C LOSE!!!

/ 5

Summary -G e n e v i e v e

Orientation Camp 3 days and 2 nights filled with fun just to welcome the Sec 1s

Badge Ceremony

Badge Ceremony, where Sec 1s are officially announced into the SST family

Sec 1s during Rope Course

CNY Celebrations

Time to celebrate the start of a new Chinese year with performances and Yu Sheng

Mr Max Lam on stage with Lion Dancers

Sec 1 Cohort waiting to recieve their badges


SST Open House

National Day Celebrations

The day for all those who had put in effort to be recognized

Time to stop and take a look at SST’s modules and what we offer!

Let us all celebrate Singapore’s 46th birthday together as a whole school!

Mr Chua with the Guest-of-Honour

SST students showing a parent their work

Enthusiatic teachers on stage

6 / Nov-Dec 2011

Track & Field Meet


It is the day! Where we all compete with each other in an Inter-House competition and see who would turn out to be the winner

It is the day where we all get a glimpse of our potential juniors, carefully selected by our teachers and the day where they would experience what it is like in a typical SST classroom

Student doing word splash on the board

SST’s very own cauldron

Students working on iPads

Our Voices

-S a n d y

Thoughts of students on real-life situations...


with brand-new Siri

Love or Hate? I have personally used Siri, so one thing about Siri is pronunciation, accent doesn’t really play a part. So, I can still schedule meetings more conveniently with Siri. Jurvis Tan S2-02

I’m quite convinced to just buy the iPhone 4 but if it really would help us in oral, I will consider since pronunciating is quite slurred around here, even for me. Eunice Loo S2-08

Siri can’t recognize some people’s accents like most speech recognition tools, so the iPhone 4S is just like the normal iPhone with an extra S. If you have to force yourself to say it clearly it’ll be useless and annoying. Praveen S1-07 / 7

Donald Duck was banned from Finland because he doesn’t wear any pants

cells in the The longest living brain cells human body are the tire lifetime which live for an en

Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes

on their back Only humans sleep

Fun Facts -B i n g J u e

rd “colorful” to If you mouth the wo you are saying “I like ks someone,it loo love you”

8 / Nov-Dec 2011

If the population of China walked past you in single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction

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