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My name is Shanne Stines, and I am a third year student, currently studying Architecture at the University of Waterloo. I enjoy roadtrips, writing, rehabilitating injured birds I find on my walks, pen sketching and weather photography. I am interested in creating accessible architecture; bringing beauty, innovation and sensibility to those who find themselves in less fortunate situations, and making architecture less a prize of the elite, and more a tool for the masses. II









into the courtyard 1

elevate. connect. play! 9

cambridge crystal 17

stagger. cantilever. modulate 23

the palette 31

heitler houstoun architects 35 curriculum vitae 38 letters of recommendation 39










i n t o

t h e

c o u r t y a r d

Buildings exceeding a certain dencity become self-contained microenvironments by nature; the larger they become, the more program they need to sustain their populations, and by this means, the more independent they become from their surrounding context. This project aims to conteract that phenomenon by means of terraced interior courtyards which will serve as spaces which will encourage public interaction with the building. The process of manufacturing, from design to final sale will be once again revealed to the public.

3 A

d e s i g n

i n d i v i d u a l 2 0 1 6

s t u d i o

view from southwest

site plan


ground floor plan

into the courtyard

example office plan (+11)

example light industry plan (+6)

example residential plan (+14)















initial massing studies

into the courtyard

vertical fins provide shading. density increases around the ring of production space for privacy and reduced light pollution.

vertical cores provide upward circulation.

diagrid and column grid provide structural support.

floorplates provide lateral support.


experiential section

into the courtyard


e l e v a t e .

c o n n e c t .

Elevate. Connect. Play! targets the disparity between low and high-income areas on the Don Valley and their access to nature, via trail system. The program is split into two structures; an administrative centre that consists of a basic block corkscrewing around a circulation core, to bring users from the city on the plateau, into the ravine; and an extended platform that, while level, offers different experiences to users, depending on the topography below it.

2 B

p l a y ! d e s i g n

i n d i v i d u a l 2 0 1 5

s t u d i o

axonometric drawing

site plan


transverse sections of skybridge depicting change in vertical relationship with ground.

longitudinal section, depicting skybridge and administrative buildings in their entirety

elevate. connect. play!

Elevate. Connect. Play! provides a series of immersive outdoor spaces that at once gives an opportunity for the less privileged children of Flemingdon Park to access and interact with nature, as well as connect the community to the existing trail system on the other side of the river, and therefore, with the rest of the city of Toronto. The outdoor interaction program is unique in its ability to provide different experiences to the users, in relation to the topography of the site, via a sky-playground, as well as to connect to the existing trail system, via a simple ground trail system.


administrative building, first floor plan

skybridge plan

elevate. connect. play!

administrative building, second floor plan

administrative building, third floor plan


various interior and exterior renderings

elevate. connect. play!


c a m b r i d g e

c r y s t a l

The Cambridge Crystal aims to use the traits possessed by crystals to activate the site of galt that lies at the nexus of three important zones; the private-residential east, the public-commercial west, and the public infrastructure to the south - a major bus terminal. The Cambridge Crystal does just that; it mirrors its surroundings, and in that way, becomes a beacon. It provides a hard edge between the public-commercial core and the residential zone, where there was no hard edge before.

2 A

d e s i g n

i n d i v i d u a l 2 0 1 4

s t u d i o

harris street

ainslie street

warnock street

wellington street

shade street

water street

main street

view from southwest

lutz street

site plan


first floor plan with section cuts

cambridge crystal

from the top left, counterclockwise: second floor plan third floor plan fourth floor plan


cambridge crystal

longitudinal section looking west

transverse section through pool looking north

transverse section through core looking north

transverse section through auditorium looking north




A study into the transofrmation of the unused urban, “junk,” space of Cambridge, Ontario into low-density housing, “Stagger. Cantilever. Modulate,” is a modern take on the Victorian row-house that is made modular in order to fit into various spacial conditions and different urban contexts, in addition to the urban condition studied here.

modulate 1 B

d e s i g n

s t u d i o

c o l l a b o r a t i o n 2 0 1 4

approach from the east.

site plan

24 N

site plan and section

stagger. cantilever. modulate.


first floor plan

section looking north

stagger. cantilever. modulate.

exterior rendering, looking east

interior rendering, looking towards church


1. steel cladding 2. awning window 3. light steel frame 4. wall assembly 5. steel truss system 6. casement window 7. shared concrete wall 8. cement board 9. wood siding 10. hip roof detail 11. concrete foundation

exploded axonometric drawing

stagger. cantilever. modulate.


t h e

p a l e t t e

A new artistic community has emerged from the rubble of Detroit. They see the city as a blank canvas waiting to be coloured. The canvas is a symbol of hope, of a fresh start, fo endless possibilities. All they need is a place to begin. They have the talents to recolour their city. We will give them The Palette. We propose to enlist local artistic talent to work in creating murals, graffiti art, and found-object sculpture with which to adorn the walls and spaces of the public rooms. In doing so, we celebrate and reward the hidden gifts of Detroit’s creative class while using their skills towards rejuvenating their community.

c o m p e t i t i o n c o l l a b o r a t i o n 2 0 1 5

exterior rendering







8. 7.





12. 13. 14. 1. cafĂŠ 2. exhibition hall a 3. gallery a 4. hotel lobby 5. exhibition hall b 6. tickets/vault 7. kitchen 8. restaurant 9. gallery b 10. auditorium a 11. gallery c 12. classrooms 13. auditorium b 14. backstage/storage 15. dressing rooms

ground floor plan

the palette


lobby rendering

Michigan Central Station is to be repurposed as a dual gallery and residential space. The ground floor, the former concourse of the train station is to be repurposed as a gallery and presentation space, with multiple galleries, and auditoriums for both graphic and dramatic presentations.


h e i t l e r

h o u s t o u n

During the summer of 2016, I worked in New York at Heitler Houstoun Architects as an intern. There , I worked on many projects, many of which took advantage of my skills with rendering software. This project however, provided me with an opportunity to excercise other skills. This is the proposed plan of a skii lodge area for the National Winter Activity Center, a winter activity center for underprivileged urban children, found in New Jersey.

a r c h i t e c t s w o r k

t e r m

c o l l a b o r a t i o n 2 0 1 6


curriculum vitae 608-121 acorn place mississauga, ontario l4z3n3

work experience


e: w: t: 1-647-391-1304

Heitler Houstoun Archietcts 2016Digital 3D Printing Intern architect; designed Adobe Creative Suite (Ai + library in Nicaragua; Dw + Id + Ps + ) completed working drawing Autodesk AutoCAD sets. Autodesk Revit Taylor Hazell Architects 2015 Autodesk Inventor Architectural assistant; HTML Code collaborated on restoration Microsoft Office projects; completed working Rhinoceros 5 drawing sets; worked on HCD plan for King-Spadina Area. Sketchup Scotiabank Real Estate 2015 Vray Junior designer collaborated Analog Hand Drafting (Graphite + on interior design projects; filed work reports; completed Ink) Hand Modelling (Basswood + working drawing sets. Museum Board + Foamcore) Region of Peel 2014 Interior renovator overhauled 50+ year old spaces; communicated with senior citizens to address their concerns.



University of Waterloo 2013- Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies Expected Graduation: 2018 Cambridge, Ontario

Waterloo President’s Scholarship Ontario Scholar Physics Proficiency Award English Proficiency Award Visual Arts Student of the Year

2013 2012 2012 2011 2011


January 18, 2016

Shanne Stines 608 – 121 Acorn Place Mississauga, ON L42 3N3 To Whom It May Concern: Shanne Stines worked as a co-op architecture student (University of Waterloo) at Taylor Hazell Architects Ltd. from September through mid-December, 2015. During this time he carried out his assignments in a professional and efficient manner. Shanne performed his work with care and diligence, and always worked well with other project team members. Shanne primarily worked on seven assignments. As a team member he helped architects and principals. This work involved a great deal of organization, including careful presentation of complex presentation materials for client meetings. Needless to say, we were pleased with Shanne’s contribution to the work of the firm during his time here, and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


Jill Taylor, OAA, FRAIC, MAA, NSAA, AAPEI, CAHP Principal


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s h a n n e . s t i n e s @ l i v e . c a 1 - 6 4 7 - 3 9 1 - 1 3 0 4

Shanne Stines - Selected Works 2016 (OUTDATED)  
Shanne Stines - Selected Works 2016 (OUTDATED)