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PROM 2010

May 11, 2010

Forever Young By Kaila Vogt News Editor This year’s Prom, themed “Forever Young,” will be held on Saturday, May 22nd at the Great Hall in St. Paul. While the actual dance won’t start until 8:30 pm, preparations for the Grand March, which starts at 5:00 pm, will begin earlier that day. At least one of the students going must be a junior or senior attending Eagan High School but he or she is allowed to bring a guest as long as that guest is a sophmore, junior, senior or under the age of 21. Students planning to attend prom must follow EHS and District 196 rules and expectations. There will be no tolerance for alcohol, tobacco or any controlled substance before, during, or after this event. Tickets are $30 per person and will be sold during all lunches from May 13th to May 20th. Guest forms must be filled out prior to purchasing tickets.

Photos by Rita Kovtun

Senior News By Mayzong Lee News Writer Photo by Rachel Larson

Graduation Parties: How to Make Yours Work By Weronika Janczuk Co-Editor in Chief It’s that season again— graduation party palooza. I have some suggestions, for those graduating and hosting. What’s the cheapest and most efficient way to go about hosting a party?

Senior Hosts WHAT TO WEAR This is kind of a balancing act for the graduate. If you’re inviting only very close friends and family, those who’ve known you since you were a baby, for example, then you’re free to dress up however you feel most comfortable. Otherwise, if you’re having an open house with half of your graduating class and many others attending, dress comfortably, but keep in mind that you should stand out, even if only

a little, if people are swarming your house. Bright, summery colors, at least for girls, are a must, whereas guys . . . well, you just need to make it work. WHAT TO SERVE I suggest coming up with some kind of theme. It may be as simple as ‘traditional foods in my family’ or may be more meal-based, such as ‘desserts.’ Characterizing your party by what you’re going to serve will help guests figure out what time is best for them to attend and to look forward to something specific. Some suggestions: - desserts - ethnic foods - genre foods (i.e., Italian) - breakfast foods - catered foods (i.e., Quizno’s) - personal foods (i.e., favorite food as a kid) There are a variety of

options. Just within the dessert category, you can do an ice cream, mix-your-ownsmoothie, or yogurt parfait bar. If you’re going to cater, you should be sure to plan the catering in time: a few weeks in advance will be key and most locations will likely ask for a deposit. If you’re employed at a locale that serves food—Caribou is another example—there are ways to plan through your manager or boss some relatively inexpensive catering, even if that location doesn’t typically cater. Be creative: it will make your graduation party unique and memorable. You’re also welcome to cater through corporations such as Lunds & Byerly’s. If you Google its catering service, you’ll find some okay prices. You should also look for Graduation Parties Continued on page 8

As the senior class of 2010 waits for its graduation date it knows that, consisting of upperclassmen, it will be granted special privileges. Receiving senior privileges from the school administration has become a tradition in many high schools. This year’s class privileges consist of the “tradition privileges” such as seniors not having to report to school on June 7th though the 11th and not having to take final exams unless they are failing or struggling in a certain area. Another senior privilege that has always been given is being allowed to go outside in designated areas during study hall or lunch. Furthermore, a senior privilege that many students enjoy is being able to order food from outside vendors. In order to do so, however, students must first receive permission from Dr. Hedlund. All the food must be arranged through a presold method. Dr. Hedlund, who is the head of the senior committee along with Ms. Lee and 18-20 senior representatives, decides what the senior privi-

leges are to be and then brings them to Dr. Reikowski in order to see if they are within the district policies. Once the privileges are “okayed” they are finalized and then given a date of when to be handed out. Though students may not know this, graduation planning starts in October and follows throughout the school year as class representatives discuss what the class wants. When asked, Dr. Hedlund said, “[We] work hard to make sure that it’s their graduation [we want to make it] so that it’s unique.” Even though we all graduate from Eagan High School, each individual graduating class has its own defining personality. Dr. Hedlund also adds that “this year is a great group of kids [because] they know that what they’re doing is right.” Nevertheless, being a senior does not automatically mean that you are to receive a badge. In order to be given a badge a senior must be eligible to graduate and all school fees must be paid by May 12th. In addition, all unexcused absences must be Senior News Continued on page 8

Eagan Independent | Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Cheating: a moral dilemma

By Kaila Vogt News Editor On April 28, 2010, the International Olympic Committee stripped the Chinese gymnastics team of its Olympic bronze medal from the 2000 summer Olympics. It was discovered that at the time Chinese gymnast Dong Fangxiao was only 14 years old when she competed for her country. As a result the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team was given the bronze medal. In 2008, when Fangxiao worked as a national technical official at the Beijing Olympics she listed her birthday as Jan. 23, 1986. That would have made her 14 years old at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. When registering for the 2000 Olympics it was recorded that her birthday was Jan. 20, 1983, making her eligible to compete. In addition Fangxiao has also blogged about being born in the Year of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac calendar. This would signify her being born between Feb, 20, 1985 and Feb. 8, 1986, also making her

get the satisfaction of wintoo young. ning and being the best at Controversy around that time, but is it worth the gymnasts’ ages has been goguilt of knowing you broke ing on since the 1980s when the rules? Also, there are minimum age of competiserious consequences if you tors was raised from 14 to 15. get caught. In this case the The age limit was once again Chinese 2000 Sydney sumraised in 1997 from 15 to 16. mer Olympic team lost their The International Olympic Committee made these changes in order to prevent injuries from developing among young athletes. Other age debates include speculation about Photo courtesy of the age of some Chinese gymnast Dong Fangxiao holds up gymnasts on her gold medal at the Sydney Olympics. China’s 2008 summer Beijing bronze medals but this can Olympic team. Many media also be applied to school. reports and internet records Cheating has become a suggested that some of the common action among many girls on the gold medal winhigh school students. Whethning team could have been as er it is cheating on a test or young as 14. copying a homework assign This upsetting new story ment cheating has become emphasizes two realities that an accepted action in schools high school students deal across the nation. with regularly: the incidence The methods of cheating of cheating in everyday life are getting more and more and the question of what age creative from candy bar wrapis appropriate for athletes to pers with formulas, to recordcompete at a serious level. ing podcasts or putting notes This brings up the queson the inside of water bottle tion: What good is winning labels. Many students justify if you cheat? Sure, you may

cheating as “teamwork” in order to get things done, but that doesn’t mean it should be accepted. From personal experience I have seen cheating become a popular activity in our school. And while the consequences may be great, the pressure to succeed is greater. If students didn’t feel the need to get good grades, their need to cheat would also not be there. That’s not to say that there wouldn’t be cheating, but a lot less of it might occur. This incident also calls in to question the appropriate age at which athletes should be allowed to compete in serious sports. If you consider high school sports serious competition, is it okay to have seventh and eighth graders play up? On one hand more students are allowed to play, thus growing the sports program. Plus, if they are good players, the team will do better in games or competitions. But, on the other hand, students who have waited their turn for a varsity spot are denied that chance because younger students are given that spot. In addition, the point the International Olympic Committee made was that these young athletes are at greater risk for injury when they play up.

Fan Favorite, but for how long?

By Rachel Berryman Sports Editor The Minnesota Twins debuted their new home, Target Field, against the Boston Red Sox a few weeks ago. They won the game 5-2 and the new stadium received numerous rave reviews from those at the game. Everything from the field to the food to the handicap accessibility has been praised, and the new stadium has become a highlight of the season. Although there has been a lot of love for the new field so far, how long will it last? So far there hasn’t been too much bad weather interfering with games, and the Twins have been winning. But if weather threatens to change the schedule, or their home field advantage diminishes, will fans still love the new stadium? So far in the 2010 season, there have been relatively few days of bad weather and it has been unseasonably warm. This has led to some great baseball games and fans

were happy about having an outdoor stadium. However, if there is an unseasonably cold season, or lots of rainy days, will fans flake on the field and team they are so loyal to now? Although we Minnesotans pride ourselves on our cold weather tolerance, we can also be fair weather fans, literally. We are also not used to having our sports teams play outside in our sometimes unpredictable weather. Until the 2009 season, all of our professional teams and the U of M football team played indoors. Once the Gophers made the move outdoors last season, there was a lot of excitement over the new stadium. However, even as the first season went on there was an increasing amount of empty seats every game. The Twins have sold a good number of tickets for every game, but bad weather could drive some fans away. People who live outside of the metro area will be less likely to make the drive to the game if there is a possibility of a cancellation or reschedule. So far it hasn’t been a problem this season, but, looking to the future, it could be a reason for decreased attendance. Another positive from

the Metrodome is the great home-field advantage that the Twins enjoyed. During their two World Series runs, the Twins won all of their home games, and none of their away games. Also, since their 2001 season, the Twins are 139 games over the .500 mark

Photo courtesy for victories at home, and 22 games under the .500 mark on the road. Teams such as the Chicago White Sox dreaded coming to the Metrodome which gave the Twins a huge advantage over their rivals. This could change as a result of Target Field and negatively impact the Twins’ record. As of May 4th, the team still had a good record (17-9), but whether or not they continue this strong start as the season goes on is still a question. Hopefully it can carry over to the Target Field. However, the two

atmospheres are very different. The Metrodome has a lot of different features, and therefore the Twins had an advantage over teams who weren’t used to having to catch balls blindly, or play under a Teflon roof. This often worked to their advantage, and fans could count on wins at home over the years. Now that their outdoor stadium is more similar to others around the country, this advantage is likely to decrease. The team has been making up for this loss so far by playing well, but its large home field advantage might not be there to help them in the future if the team is struggling. Although Target Field is a beautiful facility, the longterm fan reaction is still to be determined. So far, as with most new stadiums, the response has been positive, and fans enjoy being outdoors again. However, how the weather and the loss of the Metrodome advantage affects the team is still to be determined, and it could very well change how the fans react to Target Field.

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Eagan Independent | Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Technology in School Classrooms By Alanna Thelen News Writer

Photo by Michelle Metcalfe

The new iPad is just one of the ways thattechnology is being incorporated into the classroom.

On April 3, Apple’s iPad was released around the nation. This new device is handheld and is revolutionary as far as commercial technology goes. One will be able to do numerous things on the iPad. Apps will allow iPad owners to search the internet, check email, watch video, view and share photos, access maps, read iBooks, and keep calendars, to name a few. It can also be used for work purposes with apps that allow one to create presentations. The iPad can also simply be used as an iPod. Eagan High School will soon be making it easier to incorporate this tool and




By Seth Lynch News Writer

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

Nibbles is to the right and Bits is to the left.

Photo courtesy of api.ning

A group of pigs swarms forward.

Armed to the Snout A group of pigs stumbled upon a quite impressive find in a field in Germany: a loaded World War II antiarmor rocket launcher. While checking for food in a muddy field, a startled farmer found himself attempting to disarm a pig who started ramming the Panzerfaust with its snout. The farmer assumed that agitating a 60+ year old explosive would be a bad idea. After securing the pigs, he called the police. The device was located and then destroyed because it was too risky to move. Details of the destruction are not available, but there are multiple instances where German police forces have shot possible explosives with 12 gauge shotguns until detonation or the threat became nullified.

Goats on the Inside A prison in Uncasville, Connecticut, has been overgrown with weeds, poison ivy, and other difficult-tomanage plants in its yard. It recently found a solution. Two goats by the name of Nibbles and Bits are the newest addition to the Radgowski prison system. “They’ll eat just about anything,” stated Warden Coletti as Nibbles chewed on the corner of his fleece jacket during a recent photo shoot. Only minimum security prisoners (those on good behavior or near the end of their sentence) get to work with or near the goats. The have their own fenced-in area made by the inmates from the wood of trees in the area. Inside they have their own designated sleeping stops, shelter from rain, and a playground of boards and logs. Everyone seems to love Nibbles and Bits, both caretakers and inmates alike. Other prisons have begun to look around the state and have noticed. Prisons have now also started to look for goats of their own.

other technologies into the classroom in a pilot program starting this month. Students in Mr. Taylor’s 5th hour Research Paper class, Mrs. Shoe-Corrigan’s 2nd and 4th hour AP Government classes, and Mrs. Anderson’s 3rd hour CIS: Literature class will be the guinea pigs in this program, testing to see if adding extra computers to the system of computers at Eagan will work without slowing down or crashing the system. The pilot program will allow students to use laptops, iPads, or even cell phones as a research tool and a tool for writing papers in these classes. The students taking part in the pilot program will be mostly seniors. “A lot of them were thinking of getting

them for college,” explains Ms. Anderson, one teacher who will be taking part in the program. “I think it’s a good idea to let kids use their own things.” A few concerns have arisen. First, there is a concern that the extra people signed onto a server will either slow down or crash the school’s computer system, which is the reason for only trying the program out in a few classes. Second, there is also a concern that students’ devices could be stolen. With more electronic devices being used in the classroom, students run a greater risk of technology theft. Another problem that can be encountered is software compatibility. There are some programs that may need

to be used in class that are only available on Mac laptops and others that are only available on PC laptops. An additional concern that teachers have is that students will be using their laptops for purposes other than researching or typing papers. “We want them to research, not be searching the web,” says Ms. Anderson. Mr. Taylor, another teacher who will be testing this program with one of his classes says, “[The program] is a first step, logical step, in getting the entire school to access wireless information.” He also explains his hopes for the program. “I’m looking forward to seeing what we come up with. I hope it becomes a natural, useful tool.”

Mock Crash A Check For Students

By Joe Stelman News Writer

On Thursday, May 20th, Eagan High School will host its biennial mock crash demonstration in the EHS student parking lot. The mock crash will occur during CAT time of the school year’s last cycle of FLEX days as a mandatory activity for all juniors and seniors. Employed as a successful deterrent against reckless teen driving for much of the school’s history, the staged crash features the combined efforts of the EHS chapter of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and the work of Eagan police, firefighters, and state troopers. The day’s events are coordinated primarily by three-year SADD advisor Alyssa Hanson and EHS’s campus officer and police liaison Officer Joe Marshall. As a compelling manifestation of a real-life accident scene, the mock demonstration utilizes a rehearsed performance based on a tragic crash scenario. The staged narrative unfolds over a prom-night setting, in which two prom couples ride home in the same vehicle operated by an intoxicated student driver and ultimately strike a family in another car. Audience exposure to this general scene begins in the parking lot where the crash has been staged, moments after the accident. The audience learns that the crash was fatal for nearly every member involved. To depict the scene in an even more real and personal light, each member of the crash will be depicted by student actors. The roles of the two fatally injured prom couples will be performed by SADD president Mehek Masood and Josh Evans, seniors; and junior Lauren

Stopfer and senior Jacob Schornak. “The point is to show the impact of drunk driving and what can happen,” explains SADD advisor Alyssa Hanson. As supported by SADD, a student organization devoted to the awareness of student challenges and social issues, the crash epitomizes a haunting message of the dangers of uncontrolled student behavior. As those involved in the mock crash planning illustrate, the point could not be more aptly demonstrated two days before the junior and senior prom. “It’s all about what can happen on prom night,” says SADD president Mehek Masood. Perhaps the most heartgrabbing part of the demonstration, however, is a presentation given by a family that lost three sons to the very incident of reckless driving. At the beginning of the mock crash event, students will listen to the testimony of Connie and Nathan Backstrom, parents who lost sons Matthew, Jacob, and Justin in a local accident involving another drunk driver in 2004. As victims of such a tragic ex-

perience, the Backstroms have given over a hundred presentations to teenagers in efforts to prevent similar occurrences to others. As Masood explains, the Backstrom story “hits home” for many. “People are really touched by it,” says Masood. “They realize that it’s not a laughing matter but really serious.” While the Backstrom testimony is undoubtedly overpowering, still other students will succumb to the dramatic reenactment of the accident scene which will feature the volunteered participation of the Eagan Police Department, firefighters, Minnesota State Troopers as well as a medical helicopter for the staged victims, all under the coordination of police liaison Officer Joe Marshall. Among the vivid and traumatic real-life portrayals of the accident scene, SADD leaders stress the goal of preventing teenagers from creating such scenarios. When students are pitted against the real horrors of an accident scene, the hoped for reaction is likely to resonate among many.

Photo courtesy of The mock crash can be a huge reality check for the dangers of drinking and driving especialy prom night.

Eagan Independent | Tuesday May 11, 2010


Prom 2010: Forever Young By Tara Huusko Features Writer

Popular Prom Theme Ideas

Some of the most popular prom themes across America seem very typical for a high school dance. You have the Paris themed prom, which is one of the most popular at (a prom decorations provider). Aside from Paris, other popular themes include Casino, Hollywood, Arabian, Castle, Disco, the Fifties, and, yes, Twilight themes. Eagan’s prom theme this year, Forever Young, is listed as one of the top prom themes for 2010. Here are

some other prom themes from across the nation. Footloose: The city of Elmore City, Oklahoma, made history in 1980 in a way it never expected. It held its first prom and it ended up being the inspiration for the 1984 hit movie Footloose. Thirty years later, Elmore City held a Footloose themed prom to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the city’s first prom. As can be expected, “Footloose” was the first song. A Red Carpet Affair: Phoenix Academy, Lake Ter-

race, CA Opposites Attract: Piper High School, Sunrise, FL Arabian Nights: Laguna Beach High School, Laguna Beach, CA Mario Brothers: Swanson High School, Swanson, TX Jamaican Me Crazy: Coachella Valley High School, Coshella, CA Mardi Gras: Pickens High school, Pickens, SC Catch 22: East Brunswick High School, East Brunswick, NJ Moonlight Masquerade:

What are you Wearing?! A Timeline of Prom Attire

By Tara Huusko Features Writer

The 50s

In the fifties they slow danced to “Love Me Tender” by Elvis Presley…and went home without any thoughts of obscenities. All attire images courtesy of

The 70s

The best part of the prom attire in the 1970s is the big hair…and big glasses…and big dresses. The popular prom song in the 1970s was “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago. The 70s was when prom became more similar to what it is today.

Prom of the Future

The Duct Tape Prom Attire (for a chance to win a scholarship)

The 60s

The most popular prom song choices in the 1960s were “Don’t Worry, Baby” by the Beach Boys, and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” by the Shirelles. Notice the classic style (for tuxes and dresses), and little variation in the attire the sixties and seventies.

Jurupa Valley High School, Mira Loma, CA Night At The Oscars: Moultonborough Academy, NH Memories of Tonight: Parry McCluer High School, Buena Vista, VA How Time Flies in 2005: Muskegon High School, Muskegon, MI Night In Paradise: Marietta High School, Marietta, OK Hollywood: Fitzgerald High School, Warren, MI Themes courtesy of promdress. net

Photo Courtesy of

Word in the Halls

By Christine Gates Features Writer

“What’s your favorite high school event or tradition?” “Football games.” –Calleigh Steichen (9) “Spirit days, by far spirit days.” –Erin Chappuis (9) “Homecoming is fun…” –Zack Bonifacio (11) “Either pep-fests or the last day of school.” –Kelly Ryan (11) “Football games and that kind of stuff, everyone’s there.” –John Williams (10) “Tennis matches.” –Jenny Rudnicki (10)

The 80s

The 80s means shoulder pads, bright colors and, of course, lots of ruffles. Music includes “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper and “Livin’ on a

Prayer” by Bon Jovi.

Harry Potter courtesy of Warner Brothers

Prom of the Future

Unknown to most muggles, Hogwarts’s version of prom is far superior to all others.


Eagan Independent | Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Films for Those Staying Home

By Sarah Swenson Features Writer As long as teen movies have been popular, movies focusing around prom have been frequently made and popularized. Many movies, if not based around the prom, have a scene or two included somewhere throughout. Here’s a list of some of the more famous prom movies throughout time- particularly the ones that had a major focus around prom- so that you can rent them in preparation for, or in lieu of going to the actual dance. Horror Carrie (1976): This movie, adapted from a Stephen King novel, focuses on an unpopular girl named Carrie White who happens to have telekinetic powers. When her classmates play a prank on her by dumping a bucket of pig’s blood onto her head, she goes berserk, spelling out tragedy for everyone involved. Prom Night (2008): Donna Keppel, played by Brittany Snow, goes to prom three years after her former teacher killed her entire family. Little does she know that their murderer has escaped from jail and is out to kill everyone around her. The original version of this film was released in Canada in 1980. Comedy Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997): In high school, Romy and Michele were slightly less than popular and were made fun of frequently, especially at their senior prom. Ten years later, they decide to go back to their high school reunion to seek revenge by pretending that they are extremely successful business women who invented Post-It notes. Jawbreaker (1999): When three popular girls accidentally kill their best friend in a pretend kidnapping, they attempt to cover it up using any means possible. This includes bribing Fern, the only witness, into staying silent by transforming her into one of the most popular girls in school. However, Fern turns on the girls and decides to reveal their secret at the school prom. American Pie (1999): In the first film of the franchise, four best friends decide to lose their virginity by their senior prom. The movie follows their attempts to do so and the chaos that ensues after they make this pact. Saved! (2004): This movie follows the senior year of Mary, a pregnant student at a Baptist high school. Ostracized from her popular Christian friends, she befriends the misfits at their school. The

climax of the movie comes at the school prom, when the feud between the two groups reaches a boiling point. Romantic Comedy Footloose (1984): Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) moves to a conservative town in the Midwest and convinces many of the teenagers to go against what they had been taught. They decide to fight the ban on dancing in the town in order to hold a senior prom. On the way, Ren falls in love with Ariel, the pastor’s daughter. Pretty in Pink (1986): In one of the most famous movies of the 1980s, Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) is a girl from “the wrong side of the tracks” who falls in love with Blane, a rich and popular boy from her school. However, her childhood friend and neighbor Duckie has feelings for her as well. At the high school prom, she must decide between the two boys that she cares for. Drive Me Crazy (1999): When a popular and preppy high school senior (Melissa Joan Hart) gets dumped by her prom date, she must act quickly in order to find a date. To do so, she enlists her grungy neighbor (Adrian Grenier) into pretending to go out with her. But, first, she tries to make him more popular in an attempt to make her original date jealous. She’s All That (1999): After breaking up with his girlfriend, a popular boy (Freddie Prinze Jr.) makes a bet that he can turn anyone into a prom queen within six weeks. To do so, he gives an artsy girl a makeover. In the process, they find out that they have more in common than they originally thought. Never Been Kissed (1999): A 25-yearold copy editor, played by Drew Barrymore, gets the opportunity to go back to high school in order to write about it for the newspaper. In the process, she decides to become more popular than she had been before and takes the chance to relive her high school prom. She must decide whether to follow her heart or her dreams of becoming a journalist. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999): An adaptation of the classic Shakespearian play The Taming of the Shrew, the movie follows two sisters. Bianca is a sophomore that is young and popular, but not allowed to date until her older sister Kat (played by Julia Stiles) does. To do this, Bianca and her would be boyfriend enlist Patrick (played by the late Heath Ledger) to woo Kat and get them to go to prom together.

Spotted at Prom: By Megan Westlund Features Writer

EHS Teachers

Ms. Heilman

Ms. Szcepanski

Ms. Keller

Scoops for Troops On Sunday, May 2nd, Ring Mountain Creamery Café hosted Scoops for Troops, an annual fundraiser for American soldiers. Located in Eagan off of Cliff Lake Road, Ring Mountain served appropriately colored red, white, and ice cream, as well as all items on its regular menu. All who bought ice cream during the event helped contribute directly to Tribute to the Troops. Celebrity scoopers, live music and a silent auction served to attract people of all ages and make the event a success. In a statement released on Facebook, Ring Mountain employees stated that they “seek to honor and remember all who have fallen and gone before us. We are extremely proud of all the men and women, past and present, who wear the uniform of our country.”


Eagan Independent | Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Entertainment The Recipe for a Summer Blockbuster: A Preview of Upcoming Movies By Pearce Olson so. With an estimated $200 Features Writer million budget and a great 4.The Twilight Saga: Summer is the time for plot this movie is Eclipse – June 30 going to camp, playing sports, going to be sweet, Even if this and hanging out by the pool, and has the posmovie completebut it’s also the season for sibility to rule the ly sucks, which blockbuster films. The forsummer film scene. it probably will mula is quite simple. (Ladies please First, get a well known 2. Robin Hood don’t egg my director that knows how to – May 14 house) its still turn a movie into big profit. It’s almost been a going to make a Next, get some famous actors decade since Rushaystack of mon- the ones that demand more sell Crowe has had ey because the that $20 million per picture fit a hit but I think this “Twilight” cult Poster courtesy of of obsessed fans the bill perfectly. Third, have could be his return will inevitability an outrageous budget. There to fame. The action seems to be no limit to the and storyline looks see it multiple amount of money film compa- promising, the only problem times, for those shirtless shots nies are dishing out for these it’s opening a week after “Iron of Jacob. summer hits. Finally, sprinkle Man 2” and frankly could get on a good amount of special overlooked. 5. Inception – July 16 effects. This current sleeper flying un In this environ 3.Toy Story der the big buzz radar could ment movies that only 3 – June 18 challenge “Iron Man 2” later have a good story and With the origion in the season. This film good acting will never nal Toy Story catches my attention because survive. Summer movie voices returning it pairs Leonardo DiCaprio, goers want to see innolike Tom Hanks one of my favorite actors vative animation, lots of and Tim Allen, with a world class filmmaker gun fights, and massive this could be the like Christopher Nolan, who explosions. Here is a list final installment directed “Batman Begins” and of a few big name movies that would “The Dark Knight”. The plot releasing this summake the films seems quite original and with mer. an estimated budget of $160 Poster courtesy of an amazing trilmillion the special effects are ogy. With Pixar 1. Iron Man 2 – behind it all, the going to be killer, especially in May 7 lines at the theIMAX 3D. Robert Downey Jr. is one of ater are going to be long for the biggest names in Hollythis highly anticipated film. wood right now and rightly

Coffee and Sandwiches Cuqui’s Café By Sarah Swenson Features Writer

Cuqui’s Café is a recently opened coffee and sandwich shop located on the corner of Highway 3 and Diffley. It is replacing Primo Café, which was in the location for only a few years. The menu features hot and cold sandwiches, along with pita pizzas, salads, and of course, several selections of coffee beverages. Upon entering Cuqui’s, one sees a large counter off to the right, and a fireplace on the left. The space itself is relatively small, but there are several tables as well as couches throughout the restaurant, and the outdoor patio is another place to sit. The restaurant is painted with different shades of blue, yellow, and green, and there are several paintings along the walls of the restaurant. In addition, a large bookshelf holds reading material for people to browse through. When I went to Cuqui’s, the restaurant was very quiet. We were the only customers in the entire restaurant, which made for a somewhat awkward experience. However, the mother and daughter that were working were very friendly and helpful in decid-

Twenty Questions


By Kristine Gates Features Writer

Jenny Rudnicki

1. If you could go to any 3 places in the world, where would you go? Greece, Germany and Egypt. 2. What’s your worst pet peeve? When people snap their gum. 3. Whose life would you like to see made into a movie? My dad’s.

Photo by Kristine Gates

4. What are the 3 things you love most and why? My Dog, my camera, and surfboard. 5. If you could have an entire city depopulated for a week to explore with your friends, which would it be, and what would you do? Paris, and we would climb the Eiffel tower and have a massive game of hide and go seek. 6. What’s your favorite horror movie? I don’t like horror movies. 7. What was your favorite toy as a kid? Barbies 8. What is the most often played artist on your iPod? Spice Girls 9. What was the funniest thing you did as a kid? I was just crazy. 10. If you showed up to school naked and you had to explain yourself with just one sentence, what would it be? “Here I am.” 11. If you could have any superhero power, which would you pick? I could read peoples’ minds. 12. If you could be in any movie, which would you be in? 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler

ing what to order. The fact that they were related made the whole experience a little more personable and charming. The service was quick, although the fact that there were only two customers may have helped that fact. We went a little earlier than peak hours, but the women seemed used to having next to no one there. In fact, one of the women sat on the couch and worked in a crossword puzzle book after we had been served, as she didn’t have very much to do. I had a Panini, which was delicious. It was pretty mild, but a lot of the other items on the menu seemed to be a little spicier. Many of the foods were Puerto Rican, and many of the options seemed pretty authentic. However, there were plenty of more traditional café items for the less

Photo courtesy of adventurous eaters. I also had a smoothie, which was freshly made and quite delicious. The food at Cuqui’s is very affordable. The costs for the beverages were only slightly less than one would find at a chain coffee shop, but they were excellent. I would recommend paying the extra dollar or two rather than buying a bottled pop, since those are available anywhere. The sandwiches were mostly between $5-$7, and there is nothing on the menu that is more than $10. All in all, I would recommend Cuqui’s. Although it was slightly awkward to eat by ourselves, the food made up for it. It is a great place to get an affordable and relaxing meal. I would give Cuqui’s 4 out of 5 stars. It may be a little out of the way for some students, but I think that it is worth it.

13. If you were ever on TV, what would it be for? I would have my own matchmaking show, like millionaire matchmaker. 14. If you could put anyone on a postage stamp, who would you choose? My sister Kelly 15. Who would win: a pirate or a ninja? A ninja. 16. If you could personally witness a natural phenomenon, what would it be? A volcano (in Iceland) 17. What state do you think best represents your personality? California 18. If you could speak with an accent, which would you pick? New Zealand 19. If you found out that one piece of fiction was actually true, which one would you want it to be? The Da Vinci Code 20. If someone made a movie of your life, who would you want to play you? Jessica Alba

Eagan Independent | Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Nichols Named New Boys’ Tennis Coach By Molly Martinez Sports Writer Boys’ tennis is off to a great start under the new coach, Mr. Nichols, who is not unfamiliar to the sport of tennis. Mr. Nichols has been coaching for 22 years and has coached the Eagan Girls’ Tennis Team for the 20 years since the school opened. This is his first year with the boys’ team and so far the team has not disappointed. The boys have had a strong start, and their record is 10-1 having lost only to

O’Gorman. Mr. Nichols’ goals for this season are to win the Lake Conference and to take at least 3rd place in the state tournament. The boys’ former head coach, Mr. Remington, coached tennis for 31 years. He retired from coaching at the end of last season, after leading the team to a great season with a final record of 19-3. Mr. Remington simply said that the reason he retired is “a long story. Well, actually, you get out of shape when you coach and that didn’t help either.”

He also talked about why he started coaching, and his original reasoning was that “I found out at an early age that I was good at it. Don’t you like doing things that you’re good at?” Most people do, and this is why he started coaching. However, after 31 years he is handing over the reigns to another tennis coach at Eagan. Remington concluded by stating that “Mr. Nichols is very capable, and he is going to be a great coach.”

Twins Debut Target Field By Cameron VanDyke Sports Writer

age concessions, there are lower counters with Braille and large print as well. All The new Target Field these accommodations are in downtown Minneintended to make watchapolis has gotten lots of ing sporting events more publicity as the premier enjoyable [and accessible] sporting and entertainfor all types of fans. ment venue in the Upper Along with watching Midwest, as well as“one the baseball game, fans at of the most unique, specTarget Field can also enjoy tacular parks in all of Maseveral unique “decorajor League Baseball. It has tions” around the stadium. lots of new and improved For example, all of the hanfeatures, and the Twins dles on the exterior gates hope that it can help Photo courtesy of are shaped like Minnesota. bring them luck and victories As in the Metrodome, in the coming years. The Twins’ 1961 logo is displayed in there are many pictures of The stadium is one Target Field, and was featured in the players all over, but there million square feet and Target Field commercial. are also hardwood murals has about 40,000 seats of Kirby Puckett and total, with about 18,500 Rod Carew. Also, to brighten infield seats. It is things up durdesigned with ing a game, the more aisles, and original Twins fewer seats per logo from row. The seats are 1961 is on the set up to be wider celebration sign and have more in center field, legroom, allowing and it lights fans to enjoy more up every time comfort than they a Twins player did in the Metrohits a home dome. Sports run. fans also have an The new uninterrupted Target Field has view of the field been successwith a 360-degree ful in selling open main conout most of the course, which is games so far, twice as wide as in and tickets are the Metrodome’s. going fast for There are almost the rest of the twice as many reseason’s games. strooms inside and So far this there are heated home support concessions, resthas helped lead rooms, restaurants the Minnesota and lounge areas Twins to an found on each early first place ballpark level. Photo courtesy of position in the Another feaThe Twin’s new home, Target Field, opened last month.. Central Division ture that had been of the American greatly improved League (as of over the Metrodome is the May 3rd). The Twins hope to accessibility for those with continue their winning start disabilities or those who need throughout the rest of the of special accommodations. season, and finish their first Not only is every single enseason at Target Field on a trance wheelchair accessible, about Target Field and strong note. but those who are deaf and the Twins, read Rachel hard of hearing are able to Berryman’s editorial read real-time PA announceon Page 2 ments on outfield captioning boards. In the food and bever-

“Sports fans also have an uninterupted view of the field with a 360-degree open main concourse...”

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Photo by Rachel Larson Photo by Michelle Metcalfe Mr. Nichols practices with the boys’ tennis team

Boys Track Captains Gear Up For Season Molly Martinez Sports Writer

Keegan Bragg

Will Diepholz

Q: When did you begin track? A: Sophomore year. Q: What has been your most embarrassing moment? A: Tripping over one of the toe boards during a team practice. Q: Do you have any premeet rituals? A: I always eat a cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter. Q: What is your biggest pet peeve? A: Bad drivers. Q: What do you think is the hardest thing about track? A: Definitely the technique one needs for the sport.

Q: When did you begin track? A: Freshman year. Q: What has been your proudest moment? A: Getting All-Conference Awards. Q: Do you have any premeet rituals? A: I always eat Kars AllEnergy Unsalted Trail Mix during lunch the day of a meet. Q: What is your biggest pet peeve? A: My cat Stewie hitting my water bottles off my night-stand at home. Q: What do you think is the hardest thing about track? A: Calming your nerves before a race.


Luke Parker Q: When did you begin track? A: I started in pre-school. Q: What was your most embarrassing moment? A: My most embarrassing moment [at school] was dropping a computer in the library last year. Q: Do you have any special or hidden talents? A: I can dance. Q: Do you have any pre-



meet rituals? A: I wear sunglasses, regardless of weather or time of day. Q: What is your biggest pet peeve? A: People who cough or people who use their phones while they are with you. Q: What do you think is the hardest thing about track? A: Being confident in your abilities. Photos by Molly Martinez


Eagan Independent | Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MidSeason, Wild-Irish Going Strong

Matt Novitzki Sports Writer

The Eagan-Rosemount Wild Irish Girls’ Lacrosse Team is off to a great start this season. With an impressive record of 6-1, the Wild Irish are ranked 12th in state (as of May 3rd). The team’s new coaches, led by head coach Jeff Smith, seem to have helped inspire the team and lead to a strong start. A junior on the team, Kailey Hughes, says the new coaches “have taught us great discipline and strategy.” One of the team’s Graduation Parties Continued from page 1 you’ll find some okay prices. You should also look for some smaller, non-traditional venues, such as Deli Double in Hopkins, which has a wide array of food possibilities. In these cases, Google is your friend. Probably more important than what food you’ll be serving is how much food you have. Your—and your guests’—worst nightmare would be a depleting amount of options, as it will create a possibly embarrassing scenario. If you’ve left your end time pretty open, as most people will, you should have backup, even if it’s something that you didn’t serve originally but instead the stuff that you would serve at a typical party. HOW TO DECORATE You can take the decorations at your grad party in a multitude of directions. If you go with the very classic “Happy Graduation, Grad!” approach, there are many resources out there for getting equipment—whether it’s graduation tableware, table decorations, banners, balloons, party favors, posters, yard signs, outdoor décor, guest books, confetti, and

sophomore players, Simone Haugen, was named Kare 11’s “Athlete of the Week” this April for her outstanding playing this season. One of her highlights included scoring 16 goals and getting four assists in only three games. Simone is also the team’s all-time lead scorer. From the team’s record and their effective new coaches, it more. You can buy them for reasonable prices online or

visit the local party store or Wal-Mart. Otherwise, and as most people tend to do, you can personalize the decorations and do something as simple as bringing out old photographs, scrapbooks, and more. Otherwise, there’s always room for being creative. If you’re a sports lover or player, you can pull all of your sports jerseys and tees—starting way back with Little League, for example— and hang those jerseys on a clothesline. Quick and easy but a good way to demonstrate what you love to do, especially if you’re attending a college to play or if you’re going somewhere with huge school spirit. Think about your hobbies

Photo courtesy of Wild Irish player Simone Haugen

seems like Eagan and Rosemount High Schools may be seeing their Wild Irish girls at the State Tournament later this season.

Senior News Continued from page 1 unexcused absences must be cleared up or be worked out through other consequences to be decided by the administration and they must not take a “senior skip day.” A senior badge can be pulled away at any time. They can always be gained back, however, once the problems are fixed. In addition, with senior privileges there are also upcoming senior class speaker auditions. Any senior can apply to be the class speaker

guests—it will make it easier for people to move out of your house and to spread out around the central location (for most people, this will your interests or just delve typically be the place you’re into your creative spirit. If serving food). If you have the option, opening up additional, typically unused rooms or cleaning out a basement—particularly if it leads out into a backyard— will help the flow of people through your house. That’s what’s key: the flow of people through the house. You need to do whatever Photos by Rachel Larson is possible to let (http:// you take art classes, show it Various decorations will dot people come in aarcee. off. If you’ve participated in the houses of many gradu- one way and move clasforensics, pull out your ribates. out another so that siceventbons and trophies. If you’ve there isn’t a huge been published, lay out some traffic jam, especially at the More expencopies of the magazine. times when the most people sive options are available Decorations at grad parties are coming in and out. Work from Midway Party Rental, don’t have to be decorations it out, print signs—feel free Inc. (http://www.midwayin the typical sense of the to be cheesy. Your guests will word. Go all out if you want appreciate it. Another option would be to. to have an alternate location OBLIGATIONS in mind— for example, a local HOW TO ADAPT TO Meet every guest at the park that promises to have WEATHER door—be sure to say hello some kind of outdoor proIf your party will in any and thanks to everyone who’s tection. Letting your guests way spill outside and you coming through, even if this is know of this alternate location don’t have the most perfect someone you don’t typically on the invitation is key. resources for accommodatspend time talking to in the ing people on the inside, hallway. ACCOMMODATING then your best bet will be Every gift you receive GUESTS to adapt—preferably prerequires a thank you card, Even if you’re not worried adapt—to the weather by even if it’s as simple as a about the weather, setting renting some tents. ‘Congratulations!’ card from a up tents outside can be a Some reasonably priced friend. Thank your attendants good way to accommodate for their presence and gift whenever applicable. Regular etiquette applies here: cite the gift, cite you appreciate it and you’ll use it (even if you won’t), etc. Be especially careful here with checks: don’t MSUM’s Paralegal Major: go about depositing • Outstanding preparation for law school them until you’ve • Prepares you for immediate career as a paralegal thanked the individu• 4-year paralegal degrees are preferred by many law firms als! It can get really • An MSUM 4-year degree costs the same as hard to follow all of some 2-year paralegal programs them, especially if you’re getting many MSUM’s 4-year paralegal degree is one of only 71 from family and close nationwide approved by the American Bar Association friends. and one of only three offered in the tri-state area. options for tent renting are Lefty’s Tent & Party Rental (http://rentatentandparty. com), Broadway Party & Tent Rental (http://www. and AARCEE Classic Events




Learn more: • • 800.593.7246


as long as they are able to convince the judges that they know their senior class the best and/or are the one who score the best. The senior speaker is judged by a teacher from the English department, Dr. Reikowski, and Dr. Hedlund. In order to audition, students are asked to prepare a five minute piece and, though it does not have to be polished, students should still try to give it their all. Senior badges are to be handed out on May 14th and are valid until June 11th. The senior class speaker auditions are after school on May 18th.

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