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Our Vision

Could this be a place for you to grow ?

For Home Groups To make sure that no one stands alone. A system of meaningful pastoral care. Growth for all members. To extend the Kingdom of God. To encourage God’s people to discover and use their gifts

Shore Street Home groups. Grow in us, around us and with us. Contact (Church office Thursdays morning)

028 9188 8011 (Church manse Alvin) Church office Thursday

028 9188 3533 morning, 028 9188 8011 Email:


SST Home Groups

How do they work ? It’s a group of 6/12 people (or so) meeting in a house, some fortnightly some weekly.

Why Home groups ? Because they are Biblical: They played a big role in the formation of the early church.

When we meet, we aim to build up relationships with each other, encouraging each other to grow in Jesus Christ. Our current groups find different ways to grow but the core elements are’ Practical care Bible study

So how do I join ? Home groups often grow out of other groups! Ask if you can join an existing group. Speak to Gordon Semple Tel 07854614833 Alvin Little Tel 028 9188 3533 Leave your name, address and a contact number at the church office.

Worship and praise

Community is a character of

Reaching out to others


And bringing love and joy.

We will do our best to find you a group as quickly as possible.

Jesus used them in His ministry. Genesis 1: 26 John 1:1-2 Mark 3:13

Acts 2: 42-47

Church office Thursday morning, 028 9188 8011

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House Groups (Tri-fold Leaflet 2012)  

Information relating to House Groups at Shore Street.