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COMING UP IN SST Sunday 15th December 7pm Service

Shore Street Presbyterian Church family

Pastor Jacob from India will be sharing the good things God is doing there. He has been with us before and is such an encourager.

‘Welcome’… We so love having you here. We long for GOD to speak and work quietly but quite powerfully in your life to-day…That would be amazing!!

Sunday 22nd December Services 11am Service will be the Nativity with Sunday School and StreetWise. The 7pm service will be our Carol Service – we would love you to join us and invite others to share in the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

You have been so generous once again .. Thank you so much for honouring GOD! The Moderator’s appeal for the Philippines typhoon disaster raised £3470.85. Thank you so much!!

SUNDAY 8th December 2013 Our Services 9.45am Early Service - Rev Frank Beattie. Tea will be served after this service in the Andrews Hall. It’s about building friendships and togetherness. We would love you to join us, even just for 15 minutes, it would be lovely to chat.

Our Harvest total is now £6429.46!! Thank you again for your kindness and generosity.

10.50-11.20am Sunday Morning Breakfast for young people Year 11+ in the Attic – Great to hang out and chat.

OUTSIDE EVENTS th Monday 9 Donaghadee Primary School – Open Night

11am Morning Service with Rev Alvin Little. Tea is served after the service. It’s all about building community, friendship and togetherness. What a great thing to do!!

This is an open night for nursery and P1 from 7.30pm – 8.30pm. There are leaflets with more information on the hallway tables.

Elders/Church Committee – Please take the material for distribution in your districts – thank you.

Reach out and touch the people around you with the love of God by a simple smile or a gentle welcome …. you can do it and God will use you. Let God’s love flow in this place.

Volunteers needed! to move tables down from the Andrews Hall to the Glenfield Hall after the 11am service. Could you help? 7pm - 8.30pm Y-Fi – Young people Year 8 to Upper 6th in the Attic. Great bunch!! Making fruitful disciples of young people. 7pm Community Carol Service 1st Presbyterian Church – No service here in Shore Street.

“A Church Family of all ages and for all ages.” KEEP IN TOUCH Rev Alvin Little 9188 3533

Rev Maurice Sloan 9145 3288 Sonya Anderson Deaconess

4275 8126 Peter Martin Youth & Children’s Co-Ordinator

07801 651850

The Church office will be open on Thursday mornings between 10am and 12 pm - 9188 8011

Freezer Ministry available during this time!

Coming up this week from Monday 9th December 13 Monday 8pm 10.30-11pm Tuesday 7-8am 10am 10.30-12pm 6 to 6.45pm 6.45-7.45pm 6.45pm 7.30-8pm 8.15-9.15pm Wednesday 10.30am 3pm Thursday 7.30pm 8pm Friday 6.30-7.30pm 6.30-8pm 8pm Saturday 7.30pm


Prayer is vital for the life of our church and we would love you to join any of our prayer ministries, whether it be praying over Donaghadee, praying over imPrint or praying with our Prayer & Bible Study Group. For all these groups you can come and go as you wish. If you have any prayer requests you can email them to or leave them in the new Prayer Request box at the front door. (Table beside window) These will be passed to the prayer team on a weekly basis.

G.I.F.T. for girls of all ages Praying over Donaghadee

Glenfield Hall Dropin Centre

Early Morning Prayer Gathering Ladies Banner Group Ladies Badminton Club Girls’ Brigade – Tinies Explorers Juniors & Seniors – going to Croagh Patrick Nursing Home Prayer. Tea break 8-8.15 Bible Study

The Attic Glenfield Hall Andrews Hall Glenfield Hall Glenfield Hall Andrews Hall

Morning Men’s Fellowship PW Afternoon Group

Warren Room Warren Room

you can make it for some pool, takeaway food, friendship and some great craic with our secret Santa game (bring a £5 or less pressie wrapped). Hope you can make it!

Bowling Club Men’s Evening Group Boys Brigade Anchor Boys Junior Section Company Section

Andrews Hall Dropin Centre

imPrint – Our Youth & Children’s Ministries

Bowling Club

Warren Room

Adult Ministry G.I.F.T. – Growing in Fellowship Together. See insert below. Girls of all ages really welcome – a full meal will be

provided, so come hungry! Men’s Evening Group – Join us for some Christmas Fun. Hope

Glenfield Hall Andrews Hall Andrews Hall Andrews Hall

The Bible: Mini series on Channel 5 Saturdays 9pm. This had a HUGE viewing when the series was shown in America … Great for people who don’t have a great interest in the Bible, God or faith … Pass it on to your friends and family … A massive Thank you to everyone who helped pack bags, knit socks or serve on Friday night at the Community night in Donaghadee. It was a great night and a quiet but wonderful opportunity to bless the people of Donaghadee. Thank you so much. Please pray for all those who received bags.

For more information contact Peter Martin, Youth & Children’s Coordinator or check out our Facebook page – SST imPrint. We are encouraged by good things - God things going on among our children and young people. We see God answering prayer … GIFT 9TH DECEMBER Join the ‘GIFT’ ladies as we dress up for a special Christmas meal. All women really welcome Monday 9th at 8 pm. If you haven't been before, it will be a fantastic night to join us for fun and fellowship as we take time out of our busy schedules to celebrate the birth of Jesus without whom we would not have the joy of freedom in our lives.

RSVP SAM REA ON 07753746229 (Suggested Donation £5)