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OUTSIDE EVENTS Wednesday, 4 December at 7.30 pm Carol Service Open Doors are holding a Carol Service in Omagh Meeting House of The Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra, Holywood. Music will be led by our Gospel Choir. There is no admission charge or tickets for this evening. However, there will be an opportunity to support the Open Doors ministry to widows and orphans this Christmas. They would love you to come along and join them for this special evening. Everyone will be made very welcome. Tea/Coffee and Mince Pies will be served around 8.30 pm.

As the days pass following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the scale of destruction and the level of suffering are becoming clear. Millions are affected. Tearfund’s church partners are helping survivors. Please pray for those affected and for their partner staff as they respond. If you can, please give to the Philippines Typhoon Appeal through the Moderator’s Appeal. You can use the white Appeal envelopes. We received £500 last week and you can give this week, or get envelopes. Thank you so much!! Some really helpful books to read if you have honest questions about the resurrection or to give away to friends who might ask you about the truth and relevance of Jesus for our lives today ..‘Dead or Alive’ by Daniel Clark (IVP) – This is such a great book to read or give away. It shows the truth and the relevance of the resurrection and is very readable. ‘The Case for Christ or the Case for Christmas’ by Lee Strobel. Lee was an editor in the Chicago Tribune and was very sceptical about the Jesus . Remember the Traders Night Friday 6th December in Donaghadee when 3000+ people will be in town… We want to be there in the middle of it…showing and sharing JESUS... the Reason for the Season… as we give out Christmas bags, serve free tea and coffee, chat with people, play music and more..Some are knitting!! All of us can pray for that night.

Shore Street Presbyterian Church family ‘Welcome’… We so love having you here. We long for GOD to speak and work quietly but quite powerfully in your life to-day…That would be amazing!!

SUNDAY 24th November 2013 Our Services 9.45am Early Service - Rev Clifford Wright. Tea will be served after this service in the Andrews Hall. It’s about building friendships and togetherness. We had a great response last week and would love you to join us today. 10.50-11.20am Sunday Morning Breakfast for young people Year 11+ in the Attic – Great to hang out and chat. 11am Morning Service – Rev Alvin Little. Welcome!Today its Boys Brigade enrolment We are asking that all boys & girls P5 and above including Streetwise stay in this morning for this All-Age service. Tea is served after the service. It’s all about building community, friendship and togetherness. What a great thing to do!! 7pm SST @ Seven Evening Service with David Logan, an Elder from 1st Presbyterian Church in Newtownards. Great guy!. 7pm - 8.30pm Y-Fi – Young people Year 8 to Upper 6th in the Attic. Great bunch!! Making fruitful disciples of young people.

“A Church Family of all ages and for all ages.” KEEP IN TOUCH Rev Alvin Little 9188 3533

Rev Maurice Sloan 9145 3288 Sonya Anderson Deaconess

4275 8126 Peter Martin Youth & Children’s Co-Ordinator

07801 651850

The Church office will be open on Thursday mornings between 10am and 12 pm - 9188 8011

Freezer Ministry available during this time!

Coming up this week from Monday 25th November 13 Monday 10.30-11pm Tuesday 7-8am 10am 10.30-12pm 6 to 6.45pm 6.45-7.45pm 6.45-8.30pm 7.30-9pm 7.30-8pm 8.15-9.15pm Wednesday 10.30am 3pm Thursday 7.30pm 8pm Friday 6.30-7.30pm 6.30-8pm 8pm Saturday 7.30pm

Praying over Donaghadee

The Lighthouse

Early Morning Prayer Gathering Ladies Banner Group Ladies Badminton Club Girls’ Brigade – Tinies Explorers Juniors Seniors Prayer and Bible Study (Mission Night..see notice on other page)Tea break 8-8.15

The Attic Glenfield Hall Andrews Hall Glenfield Hall Glenfield Hall Andrews Hall Andrews Hall Warren Room

Morning Men’s Fellowship PW Afternoon Group

Warren Room Warren Room

Bowling Club Meaning of Life Course Boys Brigade Anchor Boys Junior Section Company Section

Andrews Hall Glenfield Hall

Bowling Club

Andrews Hall

Glenfield Hall Andrews Hall Andrews Hall

Christmas Hampers: Coming alongside people to encourage and to bless … We have received a great response and are grateful to all those who have contributed. This is the last week we will be taking donations and would so appreciate your continued support. We hope to distribute these to people in the Donaghadee area and to share some with Joanna who works with Prison Fellowship. There is a donation box on the trolley for any who would prefer to give money and we will buy the food to put into the hampers. Thank you so much for being part of this practical ministry of mercy and care. That reflects the heart of Father God …. Doesn’t it??


Prayer is vital for the life of our church and we would love you to join any of our prayer ministries, whether it be praying over Donaghadee, praying over imPrint or praying with our Prayer & Bible Study Group. For all these groups you can come and go as you wish. If you have any prayer requests you can email them to or leave them in the new Prayer Request box at the front door. (Table beside window) These will be passed to the prayer team on a weekly basis. Adult Ministry Tuesday 26th Prayer and Bible Study …. Mission Night!!

On the last Tues. of each month we have special Mission Nights inviting the whole congregation as we focus on Mission at home and overseas… This month Joanna is sharing about the work of Prison Fellowship and the quiet but amazing work of God in our prisons. 7:30-7:45pm Joanna speaks followed by open time of prayer. 8pm- 8:15pm Break for tea and coffee (People can come or go at this point) 8:15-8:30pm Worship time to enjoy our Father God. 8:30-8:45pm Joanna shares again followed by open time of prayer… finish at 9pm or just after. There is absolutely no pressure to pray aloud and we would love you to come so that you can be informed and pray more intelligently at home… imPrint – Our Youth & Children’s Ministries

For more information contact Peter Martin, Youth & Children’s Coordinator or check out our Facebook page – SST imPrint. We are encouraged by good things.. God things going on among our children and young people. We see God answering prayer… How we long for that rushing mighty Wind of God’s Holy Spirit to breathe the Father’s love and life into our hearts and souls … as we worship. Pray!!! Come Holy Spirit Come ..