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LEAVE IT AT THE SOURCE The importance of capturing scrap tires at the retailer. ISSUE I0


THE IMPORTANCE OF CAPTURING SCRAP TIRES AT THE RETAILER We’ve all dealt with the death of a tire at one time or another: picking up a stray nail, meeting the curb in a winter skirmish, or realizing that the treads have become threadbare and it’s time to start anew. Much of the time, the tire that’s about to be ‘retired’ will come into the hands of a tire retailer. Retailers are a very important part of the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC) program because they have the first, best chance at capturing tires before it becomes part of a private stockpile or worse, sent to the landfill.


SSTC has over 1,360 registered retailer participants who help deliver this important program. As a retailer, we ask that you encourage customers to leave their old tires with you when they are having new tires installed. It makes it much easier to get those tires into the recycling stream and keeps them away from the ‘good intentions’ of ‘using it for something’ when it goes home in the customer’s trunk. The consumer is already paying for delivery of the program when they purchase a new tire and pay the TRF (Tire Recycling Fee), so they may as well make the most of the fee by leaving their old tires with their retailer of choice. In addition to collecting tires that are coming directly from vehicles they service, retailers are also joining SSTC in the Return to Retailer (R2R) program, offering consumers the chance to bring in small numbers of accumulated waste tires for proper recycling (perhaps those ‘good intention’ tires). This important initiative allows for a simple, fee-free way for consumers to clear out the shed and garage and ensure that the tires are captured and recycled responsibly. For more information about the R2R program, or to find out more about tire recycling, visit SSTC website












WITH OLD BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME & GARDEN... TIRES “What this yard needs is a bunch of used tires!” All right, that may not be exactly what you said as you surveyed your yard in anticipation of starting the spring to-do list, but it may be exactly the touch you are looking for. You would not be alone — you would be part of a growing trend involving products that are made of rubber derived from recycled tires, used for making versatile and beautiful patio tiles, lawn edging, landscaping mulch and many other products for your home and garden. Recycled rubber products naturally resist weather and temperature damage, as well as providing excellent durability, traction and comfort. The molded products, such as patio tiles or splash pads for rain gutters, are lighter and more flexible than concrete but heavier and more durable than plastic. The mulch resists weeds and insects, does not float or blow away, and is colour fast for years – saving home owners significant time and money. It is also a great option for under backyard play structures. Shercom Industries, based in Saskatoon, has played a large role in developing the current trend by creating unique, high quality products that are attracting a


growing number of supporters. These products are now carried by national chains, as well as many premium retailers of home and garden products. Who would have thought that a pile of old tires is actually a beautiful thing? For more information about Shercom Industries’ story, their premium products and local retailers near you, visit their website ( or give them a call (1-888-743-7266). Source: Fine Lifestyles Regina magazine, Volume 6 Issue 1, Spring 2014


SURROUNDED BY SCRAP TIRES When they are round, sound and rolling, your tires play an important role in your life on the movebut when they are no longer useful to you and your vehicle, tires can be recycled into a variety of products that keep you in motion in other ways. • Rubber landscape mulch for residential and commercial use • Rubber paving stones and tiles for walkways and patios • Crumb Rubber playground material in a multitude of colors • Paved applications like surfaces in splash parks, sports tracks, pool decks, playgrounds, and driveways The next time you seem to have a little extra spring in your step or are just marveling at how well a playground looks, take a closer look, it may just be recycled tires! You can find recycled tire product locally at retailers such as: Co-op Home & Garden Centre, Home Hardware, TimberMart, Warman Home Centre, CVS Rubber in Regina, J & H Home Centre in Saskatoon, or ask your local landscaping supply company if they carry the products.


IT’S EASY TO BE GREEN WITH SSTC COMMUNITY DEMONSTRATION GRANTS Not-for-profit organizations who are planning projects are encouraged to apply and take advantage of the opportunity and benefits of recycled rubber material. Successful grant recipients are showcased in SSTC promotional material and are featured as examples of the enhancements that can be made with recycled rubber crumb.

Maybe there’s a spray park that’s known as the ‘knee chewer’ or your service group is creating a new place for seniors to gather in the park. Perhaps that public courtyard could use some sprucing up or the community garden needs some mulch - these are all examples of projects that can be achieved with a Community Demonstration Grant from SSTC. The SSTC is currently accepting grant proposals for projects that promote the use of recycled waste tires for recreational and playground surfacing, rubber mulch, paving tiles and other crumb rubber applications. Funding for the grants comes from the Community Demonstration Grant program, which is funded by revenue from new tire sales in the province. The program allows recycled scrap tires to return, full circle, into communities around Saskatchewan.

To date, over 79 projects have been completed with the help of the SSTC Community Demonstration Grant program. Combined, the projects used over 600,000 pounds of recycled tire product, which is the equivalent of 31,000 passenger car tires. Instead of taking up landfill space, those tires are providing soft, yielding surfaces where we run, walk and play. If you have a project that you think could be a good fit, download the application form from the SSTC website community-grant-program.html. Deadline for grant applications is May 30, 2014!





It’s getting to be a summer tradition: the SSTC, Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC) and Saskatchewan’s other environmental stewardship programs are deploying the Summer Ambassadors to help spread the word and make our province cleaner and greener. The Summer Ambassadors are students who will be working with SSTC staff to deliver programs like the Be Tire Smart campaign (an advocacy campaign designed by the Rubber Association of Canada). This year, events will be held across the province with retail partners Kal Tire and Value Tire. The campaign focuses on the importance of proper tire pressure and maintenance, because a properly maintained tire will last longer and stay stronger - which in turn keeps tires on the road, rather than off, and prolongs its before hitting the waste stream, as well as making the road safer for everyone.

“Proper tire maintenance is essential to improving the useable life of your tire not to mention, a great way to save you money on fuel” says Theresa McQuoid, Executive Director of SSTC. “Working with retailers to get this important message out is a great use of our resources.”

“THE APP...WILL HELP TO GAIN AN UNDERSTANDING OF HOW MANY VEHICLES ON THE ROAD HAVE PROPERLY INFLATED TIRES ” We are excited to launch our new app for iPad, which will be used during the vehicle inspections at ‘Be Tire Smart’ events. The app, designed exclusively for SSTC and created to

survey drivers, will help to gain an understanding of how many vehicles on the road have properly inflated tires, and whether that number increases or decreases year-to-year. “A great deal of time was spent developing a fun, interactive program that we can get excited about,” says Kelcey Harasen of SSTC. “It’s important for us to see where we have improved each year and what areas motorists could use a little more education, and the app will help to capture that data.” Everything gets started with ‘Be Tire Smart’ Week, which runs May 12 - 18, and events conclude in August. SSTC supports and encourages retailers to host these educational events for consumers. You can play your P.A.R.T. (pressure, alignment, rotation, tread) and Be Tire Smart! Visit for more information, or

420 - 2220 12TH AVENUE REGINA, SK S4P 0M8 PHONE | 306.721.8473 (306.721.TIRE) FAX | 306.721.1585 E-MAIL | INFO@SCRAPTIRE.SK.CA @SKScrapTire

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