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Dear fellow medical students, We are glad to finally announce our 2014 spring school; where you will get hands-on clinical experience along with medical knowledge regarding some of the most common and important disorders in medicine. The program is designed to help you get the most out of your visit to Egypt and to improve your awareness of some major health issues and the way they are managed. Your exposure to most of the aspects of the Egyptian culture us one of our aims, as well. Our daily social program will guarantee you one of the best experiences of your life. We warmly welcome you to join us.


What is the SSS? The SSS is short for the Students’ Scientific Society, located in Kasr Al-Aini, an alternative name for the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. The SSS is a local committee and full member of IFMSA-Egypt, which in turn is a full member of the IFMSA (the International Federation of Medical Student Associations). With over 4 decades of experience in healthcare advocacy and medical student empowerment, our activities range from public health advocacy to offering international students opportunities for cross-cultural medical exchange. Our work also includes the fields of reproductive health, child and human rights and medical education.

Why Egypt? The Egyptian health system compiles some of the best physicians along with some of the best and oldest medical schools in the Middle East. Although the system lacks many elements, high number of patients make Egypt one of the best hosts; accepting medical students to observe and indulge in clinical courses and case studies. Egypt has an ancient history and civilization over thousands of years built over rich historical eras. Lying between 2 seas makes Egypt unique for its variety of beaches, sea sports and beautiful sights of corals & aquatic life. Compelling traditions, many different cultures and an amazing atmosphere combined with an exciting nightlife and a variety of dinning choices means a visit to Egypt will easily become a lifetime experience.

Why Cairo? Kasr Al-Ainy is one of the top medical schools in Africa and the Middle East. It is situated in Cairo; the city at the bifurcation of the Delta and in the center of Egypt making the Capital an excellent destination for your visit. In Cairo you can browse through all the different historical eras of Egypt. The Egyptian museum, Islamic museum, Citadel of Salah El-Deen, Pyramids of Giza (South of Cairo) are spots you should never miss. When it comes to religious history, Cairo is known as the City of the 1000 minarets and endorses El Azhar El Shareef, which is the main center of Islamic studies in the Middle East. Along with the Coptic Church (which was established since the Apostolic time and has been standing for about 2000 years), there are over a hundred ancient churches and monasteries. It provides peace to the mind, to the heart, and to the soul. The Religion Complex in ancient Cairo (Masr el Qadeema) contains seven ancient Churches; Saint George Church, the Hanging Church, the Coptic museum and Babylon Fort. The cosmopolitan city is known as the city that never sleeps. It is certainly the main destination for entertainment. Yet you get to experience simplicity of the Egyptians, with hundreds of CafĂŠs around each corner where people socialize and watch TV while playing board games and enjoying every bit of it. All the good and bad things about Cairo ensure that it will be a very unique experience.

This year, the Spring School team has prepared a condensed and specialized training to allow you to gain maximum benefit during your stay in the Kasr Al-Ainy hospitals. The theme of the Spring School this year is Emergency Medicine and Triage. During training days, students may need to miss one day of the social program to attend an overnight training in the Emergency Room of each department. The daily training schedule will be as follows: 

9:00am - 12:00pm Theoretical Lecture.

12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch Break.

1:00pm - 5:00pm Clinical Rounds and Case Studies.

Emergency & basic surgical skills: A specially designed course to suit our theme. It is particularly well-suited for students who want to learn all about basic surgical skills and medical emergencies. You’ll get the opportunity of attending in the ER at Kasr Al-Ainy, which is an experience you can hardly obtain at other hospitals. The ER in Kasr Al-Ainy is the main ER in a very large area span in Cairo, and is known to deal with extreme emergencies. Since it sports a roster of highly skilled physicians when It comes to urgencies, stress and chaos management, it is well-known and popular among Egyptians, which guarantees an exciting, non-routine learning experience. Our Course covers the following topics: i.

Surgical emergencies.

ii. Medical emergencies. iii. Basic Life Support & Advanced Cardiac Life Support. iv. Basic Surgical Skills. (Topics may slightly change depending on the availability of professors).

Accommodation: During your stay in Egypt you are going to reside in King's Hotel. The hotel is centrally located in the strategic prestigious district of Dokki. It’s a 5 minute walk from Dokki Metro station (Line 2). It lies within walking distance from Cairo University and 10 minutes away by metro from Kasr Al-Ainy the Faculty of Medicine. Breakfast will be served in the hotel every day.

Fees and Application The program lasts for 8 days. Friday the 18th of April to Saturday the 26th of April 2014.

$ 260 (All prices are in US Dollars) including transport from and to Cairo International Airport.

The price includes:  The clinical clerkship.  Accommodation in triple rooms (double rooms

available for an extra charge).  2 meals per day (Breakfast & Lunch).  All transportation costs (Including between the

hotel and university, daily outings, transportation to Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx and Citadel on the 19th of April and to Sinai from the 24th to the 26th).

The trip includes:      

  

Desert tour by car. Snorkeling in the Red Sea. Hike up Mount St. Catherine. Accommodation, breakfast, lunch (on the beach) and dinner. Transportation to Sinai and back.. For the duration of the Sinai trip, your luggage can be kept in the hostel luggage room .

Flights leaving Egypt can be planned as early as Saturday night. 9 pm or after, as well as Sunday morning. Please note that accommodation for this extra night is optional only and is not included in the package. There are a number of optional in-town outings that are not included in the package. The schedule will be made available upon arrival. Leisure spending and pocket money expenditure can vary based on the applicant and are not included in the package. Please bear that in mind when planning your trip.

Conditions of the program: Applicants’ selection will depend on fulfillment of the requirements and criteria in the application form. For us to ensure a cultural diversity, a maximum of 3 students will be accepted from each country.

Requirements:  Filled online application form sent before

the 21st of March.  Good command of English language as it is the official language of the clerkship.  Regarding the Academic Training:  Proof of enrollment in your medical  Certificates will be handed out only to students who attend school. all 5 days of the program.  A digitally scanned copy of your passport.  Students are expected to comply with the rules and regula A digitally scanned copy of a passport-size tions set by each department; which will be announced upon photo. arrival at the hospital.  A copy of the flight ticket to Cairo before the 18th of April.  During training days, students may need to miss one day of the social program to attend an overnight training in the Emergency Room of each department.

Please thoroughly read the requirements and conditions: 

Regarding your stay in Egypt: 

The SSS is not responsible for any lost or damaged property.

Applicants are expected to understand and respect the cultural differences between Egypt and their own nation.

Students are expected to stick to the advice and recommendations of the Spring School team.


Full refund of fees will be provided before 21st March at the latest.


Partial refund of fees provided before 11th of April at the latest.


After the 11th of April, no refunds will be allowed.

Don’t forget to bring your ISIC card along. If you don’t have one, make sure to have one made as soon as you can! ISIC cards allow us to provide you with the best possible prices for your stay, enjoyment and comfort, and without one we can not guarantee that you can enjoy your stay with the greatest savings.

Visit us at:

Deadline for Application: 21st of March, 2014

For any inquiries, please contact us at: Tel: +201061514232

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