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A brief introduction to the compiler : H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale H.H. Dr. Athavale is a hypnotherapist of international repute. He began His mission of publishing Holy texts in a scientific language to motivate society to undertake spiritual practice. These Holy texts are textbooks for the ‘University of Spirituality’ that He has resolved to establish.

H.H. Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale

With H.H. Dr. Athavale’s grace, 12 seekers have become Saints by doing

spiritual practice under His guidance over the past 21 years, while over 160 seekers are progressing towards Sainthood. Some of the topics of His research into the subtle dimension are studies carried out with the help of scientific instruments to prove the importance of performing spiritual practice, research on negative energies and their effect on various aspects of life and spiritual healing. Under His guidance, many invaluable objects depicting the visible effect of the spiritual world are being systematically preserved. Seekers across the world are following the spiritual path shown by H.H. Dr. Athavale and are thus uplifting their lives. : SPIRITUAL SCIENCE RESEARCH FOUNDATION INC. 11 Settlers Court, Rowville VIC 3178, Australia.


th First Edition : 14 January 2012 (Makar Sankrant, Kaliyug Varsh 5113)

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Understand the subtle world


Uniqueness of the treasure of Holy texts Science of Spirituality : Vol. 3

The Disciple

Guidance on appropriate spiritual practice for attaining Bliss and faster spiritual progress. Guidance on actual application of spiritual principles for betterment of daily life instead of giving mere theoretical explanations. Guidance that helps overcome obstacles in

Compiled by Dr. Jayant Athavale Dr. (Mrs.) Kunda Jayant Athavale

spiritual practice and imparts direction to life.

These Holy texts do not merely enhance the quality of spiritual life, but also guide us on how to live a happy, ideal and fulfilling worldly life. Scientific answers to every ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Spirituality. Knowledge explained in scientific terminology (with charts and percentages) to suit the scientific mindset of people today. Includes Divine Knowledge (unavailable elsewhere on Earth) obtained from the subtle dimension by some seekers, as a result of H.H. Dr. Athavale’s spiritual resolve and God’s grace. Includes ‘subtle-pictures’ which depict phenomena related to the subtle spiritual dimension. For example, the positive effects of spiritually pure attire, food & ornaments, healing through spiritual remedies and Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) during religious rituals.

Subtle picture Artist Ms. Yoya Vallee (Europe, SSRF)

Spiritual experiences of thousands of readers of these Holy texts are an acknowledgement of the inherent Divine consciousness in the texts !


Gain conviction for practicing Spirituality


Evidence of the Spiritual Experiences

superiority of Holy texts !

Experiences & comments from readers

Unexpectedly feeling energy from an unknown book One day at work, a colleague placed a book in my hands. As soon as I held it I experienced a lot of energy emanating from it. I looked at it, disbelieving the experience. I felt drawn to it and felt a deep sense of respect for it. This was really unusual. I had held so many books in my hands before, but had never experienced something like this in my life. After that I was told that it is a Holy text written by a Saint - His Holiness Dr. Athavale. This experience helped me commence my spiritual practice. - Ms. Ana Prodanovic, Serbia

Fragrance emitting from Holy texts soothe the mind One day when I opened the first couple of pages of the text ‘Spiritual practice for awakening spiritual emotion’, I experienced a pleasant fragrance. I smelt closer and realised the smell was emitting from the Holy text ! Many books I have read often smell unpleasant, like the smell of paper or glue used in their manufacture. However, Holy texts written by H.H. Dr. Athavale often emit fragrances which make me peaceful and happy. When I am distressed, smelling the Holy text soothes me. - Ms. Kristen Mandziuk, Canada

Comments from readers Ms. Gerlinde Dombrowski, Austria : Reading other texts on God and spiritual practice would increase my confusion. However, these texts have provided me with practical knowledge in easy and precise words. Ms. Harshita Saraoji, India : I am grateful to God for bestowing me with the opportunity to read such touching, excellent and life-changing knowledge. I hope that in future too I will be able to access this kind of knowledge that brings about positive changes in my life.


Overcome persistent problems


Guidance on God-realisation

Series of Holy texts on Spirituality Dharma (Righteousness) What exactly is Righteousness, who founded it, its importance, doctrines, features, types, observance of Righteousness, scriptural documentation, aspects which undergo change, the Holy scriptures, their importance and their authors are some features of this Holy text. It also elaborates on the importance of India from the spiritual perspective

Spirituality Man constantly strives to attain happiness and to avoid sorrow through various physical, psychological and intellectual means. However, up to 80% of problems in life are due to spiritual factors. Spirituality teaches us about overcoming these and attaining eternal Bliss. Read this Holy text to understand how to do so.

Introduction to Spirituality Performing some spiritual practice according to one's own intellectual understanding results in slow spiritual progress. Thus, one does not get spiritual experiences and may lose faith in Spirituality. To avoid this and to make rapid spiritual progress this Holy text proviedes guidance on the practice of Spirituality, based on its universal principles.


Guidance for faster spiritual progress


For rapid spiritual progress

Holy texts on appropriate spiritual practice Science of Spirituality

Path of Guru's grace

Path of Guru's grace Who is a Guru and why is His grace necessary for rapid spiritual progress ? How do a Guru and a Saint differ ? What are the notions about ‘Gurumantras’ ? How does a Guru teach His disciples ?

Compiled by Dr. Jayant Athavale Dr. (Mrs.) Kunda Jayant Athavale

Science of Spirituality : Vol. 3

The Disciple

How can we constantly receive Guru's grace ?

Disciple A student of Spirituality yearns for a Guru. Yet he is unaware of what he needs to do to acquire a Guru. Thus precious time is wasted. This Holy text explains what qualities and spiritual attitude a seeker needs to inculcate and how he should

Compiled by Dr. Jayant Athavale Dr. (Mrs.) Kunda Jayant Athavale

Spiritual practice according to Path of Guru's grace

behave so as to qualify as a disciple. When the disciple is ready, the Guru comes into his life !

Spiritual practice according to Path of Guru's grace How does spiritual practice help in overcoming unhappiness and acquiring happiness ? How is Gurukrupayoga superior to other paths ? What are the steps in Gurukrupayoga ? Why and how to chant as per our religion ?


Bridging the known and unknown worlds


For appropriate spiritual practice

Holy texts for increasing devotion to God Virtues essential for Vyashti Sadhana (Individual spiritual practice ) Who becomes eligible to receive Guru’s grace ? Why are virtues such as yearning, humility and obedience important for God-realisation ? How to develop an attitude of surrender ? Why should we set a time limit to attain a goal ?

Prayer - Importance & Examples (Booklet) Prayer provides us with mental peace and Divine blessings, helping us achieve what we consider impossible. Thus, prayers for various activities, from sweeping the floor and bathing in the morning to sleeping at night, during study, illness and seva etc. are presented in this Holy booklet. It is useful for students, housewives, professionals, seekers etc.

Spiritual practice for awakening spiritual emotion How do feelings and spiritual emotion differ ? Why is awakening spiritual emotion (bhav) important & what are the obstacles in doing so ? What are the signs of awakened bhav ? How do prayer and expressing gratitude help ?


Spiritual research that demystifies the spiritual dimension 06

Showing the path to attaining Bliss

Holy texts on spiritual practice Importance and benefits of chanting Why is the Name of God important ? How is it that anyone can chant God’s Name ? How does chanting improve concentration ? How is chanting superior to meditation ? How is chanting a spiritual practice that has no restrictions of space and time ?

Spiritual practice for destroying ego How is ego the root cause of all unhappiness and the biggest obstacle in God-realisation ? How does ego develop ? What are its types ? How should we attempt to eliminate ego ? What are the signs of spiritual progress and spiritual experiences once ego reduces ?

Path of deliberate rigour (Hathayoga) ‘Hathayoga’ is a path of spiritual practice followed for the sake of God-realisation. Practice of Hathayoga enhances physical strength, mental power, vital energy and concentration. This Holy text provides practical knowledge and general instructions on various asanas, bandhas, and mudras that are practiced as part of Hathayoga.


For personal answers to your questions on Spirituality


Attaining Liberation through action

Holy text series on Karmayoga Introduction to Karmayoga Each Karma (action) has an inherent merit or demerit-oriented fruit that has to be faced either in this or any future birth. Karmayoga teaches us to leave the cycle of birth and death by means of appropriate action (Karma), even when we are weighed down by our routine life. This Holy text narrates spiritual practice according to Karmayoga.

Importance and features of Karma Karma is an inseparable part of human life. Karmayoga is the Path of Action, in which one aims to unite with God through actions that are devoid of expectations. This Holy text provides information about the meaning, types, importance and special features of Karma. This way, it changes our perspective of understanding and measuring our actions.

Merits-demerits and atonements This Holy text explains why a person becomes sinful, why a criminal continues to sin even after he is punished, how does chanting God’s Name nullify sins etc. It provides information on the types, effects and importance of merits and sins, atonement for certain unintentional sins and the actions necessary to avoid the effects of actions.


Learn how to easily perform some spiritual practice daily 08

For personality development and successful living

Holy texts on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Science of Hypnosis Hypnosis is a process of enhancing the power of the mind. Hypnotherapy is useful for everyone students, employees, sportsmen and patients. This text provides details on misconceptions about hypnosis, the nature of hypnosis, methods of its induction and the factors that affect the susceptibility to hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy for happiness There is no equal to hypnotherapy for a happy and successful life and for psychological ailments. This text, based on the Personality Defect Model of Psychotherapy, provides guidance on the causes of psychological illness and how to increase the effectiveness of its treatment by supplementing treatment with spiritual remedies such as chanting.

Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is a technique that is easy to practice. This text explains the structure and function of the mind, the concept of personality, its development, the features of an ideal individual, psychopathogenesis and stress tolerance, the hypnotherapeutic process, uses of hypnotherapy and its comparision with other therapies.


Learn about effective spiritual healing methods


For spiritualising daily life

Holy texts on spiritually pure conduct & diet Introduction to Achardharma Achardharma (Code of Conduct) is the spiritualisation of every aspect in our daily life. By practicing Achardharma the spiritual purity of an individual slowly rises, and in due course such an individual turns towards spiritual practice. This Holy text provides appropriate guidance on daily conduct in accordance with Achardharma.

Science underlying daily conduct This Holy text guides us on how to spiritualise various activities from the time one wakes up to the time one goes to sleep at night; for example, while brushing teeth, bathing, washing clothes. Doing so fills our life with happiness. This Holy text also gives the scientific analysis of the effects of these activities at a subtle level.

Importance of a sattvik diet An ideal diet is that which keeps the mind and body healthy. In present times, man has begun avoiding traditional home-cooked food. In addition, consumption of a non-vegetarian diet and alcohol makes man Tama-predominant and prone to the effects of negative energies. This Holy text explains how having milk, rice etc. provides good nutrition.


Individual spiritual guidance


Guidance on increasing spiritual purity

Holy texts on the spiritual code of conduct How should the clothes be from a spiritual perspective ? This Holy text describes the vibrations that clothing emits depending on various factors such as the kind of fabric used, the colour, the style of the clothes that are worn. Certain clothing contribute to generating negative vibrations. Proper choice of clothing can assist one in feeling calm and centred.

Science of ornaments Many have the mistaken notion that ornaments are a medium to show off wealth. The purpose of this Holy text is to convey the spiritual perspective that an ornament is an object that facilitates the process of obtaining Divine grace. It also describes which designs enhance spiritually pure vibrations and which designs to avoid.

Ornaments for women


What is the importance of ornaments such as rings, bangles, mangalsutra etc. ? How do ornaments protect a woman from attacks of negative energies ? How do ornaments control excessive emotion ? Why are ornaments not advisable for widows ?


Unique research conducted through advanced sixth sense 11

The science about Deities and their worship

Holy texts about God and Deities Supreme God and God Understanding the importance of Supreme God (Parameshwar) and God (Ishwar) helps in the development of faith. This Holy text explains their various qualities and functions; also, how these are beneficial for mankind. Additionally, this text also contains spiritual experiences of seekers in relation to Supreme God and God.

Shiva Why and how to take benefit of 'Shivpindi' ? How are bel leaves offered to deity Shiva ? Why should one not offer vermillion-turmeric ? Why does water flow continuously on the pindi ? Why a half-circumambulation around the pindi ? Why should we apply Holy ash (bhasma) ?

Divine Energy (Shakti) This Holy text explains various aspects of Divine Energy such as the meaning of the word Shakti and its types, depending on their function. It elaborates on different forms of Shakti, e.g. Goddess Parvati, Goddess Lakshmi etc. It provides information on Yoginis, Matrukas, Energies in the form of rivers etc. and also the appropriate method of their worship.


Understand the subtle world


Worship of Deities in a spiritually scientific manner

Holy texts on Deities Shri Ganapati Why is it auspicious to worship Shri Ganpati before the commencement of any task ? Why and how are red flowers & durva offered ? What is the importance of Chaturthi and why to worship a new Idol on Ganesh Chaturthi ? Why should we prevent denigration of Deities ?




This booklet elucidates the various names of Shrikrushna, His special qualities, the formation and function of His Sudarshan-chakra, various acts included in His ritualistic worship etc.

Other booklets available on Deities Shrivishnu




Holy text of educative illustrations The ‘Dharmashikshan Posters (Educative illustrations on Dharma)’ Holy text contains various topics such as following scriptural conduct, ritualistic worship, performing social and religious acts, curbing malpractices. Participate in the mission of serving Dharma by gifting this text, sponsoring display of such posters etc. in public places.


Gain conviction for practicing Spirituality


Guidance on values and rituals

Holy texts on Divine living Holy festivals, Religious festivals and Vowed religious observances If instead of celebrating Holy festivals, Religious festivals and Vowed religious observances merely as a custom, we celebrate them by understanding the underlying science and prevent malpractices in them, then the celebration will be with greater faith and will bestow Divine consciousness.

Sixteen sanskars This Holy text is about the spiritual rituals (sanskars) that should be performed from the time of conception till marriage, during the sixteen major occasions in life, with a view of making a human being virtuous and pure. This helps him in progressing towards God. The spiritual importance of different aspects of such rituals is also explained.

Marriage sanskar


Marriage is not merely a function. In fact, it is a religious ritual to receive God’s blessings, so that the couple becomes complementary to each other. Discover from this Holy text different aspects such as how the invitation card should be, how to maintain the sanctity of a marriage, what is the spiritual basis of each step of this ritual.


Overcome persistent problems


To augment devotion to God

Holy texts on the worship of Deities Sattvik rangolis


Rangolis are designs made with colour powders on auspicious occasions. They are made to draw spiritual energy to the premises and repel negative energy from entering the premises. Certain designs have a higher capacity to attract a particular Deity's Principle present in the atmosphere. These designs have been depicted in this text.

Significance of specific substances used in ritualistic worship Every component used in ritualistic worship has the ability to draw Divine vibrations. Most people are unaware of this. This Holy text explains the spiritual significance of why certain substances are used and even how they should be positioned so as to obtain maximum spiritual benefit.

Science underlying the ritualistic (Booklet) worship of Goddess This Holy text explains some salient features of ritualistic worship of the Goddess, including the importance of specific offerings. It also elaborates on the importance of certain rituals performed during the Holy festivals of Navaratri, Dushehra, Diwali and on other occasions.


Guidance for faster spiritual progress


Explaining the science underlying religious acts

'What do the spiritual texts say and why ?' What should be done in a temple ? Why wash the feet before entering a temple ? Why does a temple have a tortoise's image ? Why, how and how many circumambulations should be performed around a Deity ? Why should men not cover their heads while bowing in front of the Deity ?

How to offer Arti ?


Why should a conch be blown prior to Arti ? Why should Arti be sung with correct pronunciation and rhythm ? Why should we clap and play musical instruments softly during Arti ? How should we wave the Arti platter ?

Methods of paying obeisance


How should the hands be folded while paying obeisance (doing Namaskar ) to God ? Why should a couple do Namaskar together ? How and why should we greet our elders ? While greeting others, how is doing Namaskar more beneficial than a handshake ?


Bridging the known and unknown worlds


Spiritually uplifting rituals

Holy texts on social and religious acts Familial, religious and social acts What to gift and why do it without expectation ? Why celebrate according to the lunar almanac ? What is the appropriate method of ritualistically waving a lamp (doing Arti) around a person ? Why should inauguration be done by breaking a coconut and not by cutting a ribbon ?

Death and Post-death rites


Why is the dead body placed south–north ? Why use a bamboo bier to carry the body ? Why should we carry an earthen pot and fire while walking to the cremation grounds ? What is the science underlying ‘a crow pecking a pinda (a ball of cooked rice)’ ?

Shraddha (Importance & science) When and where should a shraddha (Ritual to overcome distress due to dissatisfied ancestors) be performed and who should perform it ? What is the benefit of performing shraddha during the Pitrupaksha period ? How to overcome obstacles encountered in performing shraddha ?


Spiritual research that demystifies the spiritual dimension 17

Guidance on nurturing a child

Holy texts explaining effective parenting Breast milk Ayurveda has termed mother’s milk as ‘nectar’. This Holy text explains the importance of breast-feeding. It also provides information from the perspective of good health about the factors affecting the quality and effects of breast milk, some rules, doubts and incorrect attitudes about breast-feeding, alternatives and supplements to breast milk etc .

Growth & development of your baby To develop a child’s personality for making its future life blissful, some effort is required. If parents understand the obstacles during their child’s development, the solutions to those obstacles and the criteria for their development, they can make appropriate efforts. This Holy text contains invaluable knowledge related to this subject.

Problem Child

(Part 1)

Who should be called a problem child ? Most children have some psychological problem at one time or another. This Holy text provides detailed information on disorders such as behavioural problems, eating disorders, sleep disorders, abnormal behaviour and sexual disorders. This text is very useful for parents, physicians and students.


Learn how to test your sixth sense


Ayurvedic practices for healthy living

Holy texts on Ayurveda Basic principles of Ayurveda Ayurveda means Veda of life. The basic principles of Ayurveda are everlasting. Ayurveda teaches us how to treat simple illnesses with common herbs. Hence, we do not need to rush to the doctor every now and then. Understand the basic principles of Ayurveda, apply them in your daily life and enjoy physical, psychological and spiritual health.

Healthy life through Ayurveda In every season the temperature and humidity of the environment change. If the body does not adapt, it falls ill. To avoid this, this Holy text explains how to make changes in our daily routine, diet, rest, recreation, exercise, attire, sleep etc. according to the season. Understand all these aspects, follow the rules of Ayurveda and live a long and healthy life !

Diet is Divine

(Two parts)

Maintaining an appropriate perspective about diet reduces the need for medicines. This Holy text elaborates on a balanced diet; what a sattvik, rajasik and tamasik diet contains; changes to be made in diet according to our constitution and season (changes in humidity and temperature); medicinal uses of pulses, vegetables etc.


Learn how to easily perform some spiritual practice daily 19

For a long and healthy life

Holy texts on Ayurveda Dis eas esofof Diseases thethe res piratorytract trac t respiratory

Diseases of the respiratory tract The respiratory system provides vital energy to our body. Read this Holy text for the remedial and preventive measures for diseases of the mouth, ear, nose and throat, as well as common cold and cough and thereby, keep your teeth, tonsils, larynx and lungs healthy. This text also explains how to examine these organs according to Ayurveda.

Fever in Ayurveda Fever is a defensive response to disease causing germs that have entered the body. This Holy text provides guidance on early cure of various fevers by means of medicines and dietary restrictions prescribed by Ayurveda, as well as general measures and dietary precautions to be taken during and after a fever.

Diseases of the digestive tract Reading this Holy text will help you understand and overcome all your digestive problems. You will be able to learn how to medically treat acidity, abdominal pain and distension, flatulence, constipation, piles, dysentery etc., as well as measures necessary for optimum digestion and a healthy digestive system.


Individual spiritual guidance


Follow Ayurveda for a long and healthy life

Holy texts on Ayurveda Beauty of the skin, body and mind Beauty of the skin depends upon the health of the body and mind. This Holy text contains the key to enhancing beauty with the help of Ayurvedic measures such as an oil-massage before a bath, exercises, appropriate clothing, a nutritive diet and spiritual practice. It also explains how to acquire everlasting beauty rather than skin-deep beauty.

Diseases of the skin and cosmetics Many skin ailments such as acne, allergy, eczema, leukoderma and hair-related problems can be completely cured by Ayurvedic treatments. Similarly, Ayurvedic cosmetics that are without any harmful effects are in many ways better than harmful synthetic cosmetics. This Holy text provides guidance on all these aspects.

Other valuable texts on Ayurveda Cancer


Diseases in children

(Ayurvedic concept)

Diseases of the urinary tract Diseases of the nervous system Evolution of disease in Ayurveda


Unique research conducted through advanced sixth sense 21

Experience Bliss and impart it to others too ! This treasure of Holy texts teaches us how to experience Bliss even in a daily life full of ups and downs. Experience this Bliss yourself. Sharing this treasure with others will also be a type of service unto God. For this, you can do the following : Explain the importance of these Holy texts to your relatives and friends Gift these life-enriching Holy texts to your dear one’s and others Encourage others to make these Holy texts available at places of worship, local libraries, shops and other suitable public places Obtain permission for setting up stalls for sale of Holy texts during book exhibitions, religious and other public programs, family functions etc. Collect donations, advertisements and sponsorships for these texts


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