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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT The end of the year always comes with an abundance of wrap-up and holiday to-do lists (am I right?), but it’s important to take time and think back on all that has happened and what you are hoping to accomplish in the New Year. There is nothing magical about January 1st — it’s just an opportunity to renew and refresh before heading into a year of new opportunities and challenges. This year, in addition to your typical resolutions, I challenge you to create a personal mantra. For myself, I have chosen something that inspires me.

“Small steps lead to big journeys.” These words seem almost too simple, but they can mean so much. To me, those words resonate in my life. “Small steps” when I am overwhelmed, “small steps” when I don’t know where or how to start, “small steps” every day — because when all of those small steps add up, it becomes a big journey to something new. As a chapter, I hope that we continue to take small steps on our big journey in 2019. The coming year brings about some big journeys for SMPS Nashville. We will celebrate our 30th Anniversary as a Chapter,

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we will finalize the launch of our new branding, and we will implement new opportunities for professional growth. We are kicking off January with a New Member Coffee — an awesome opportunity to learn how to get more engaged with SMPS and meet some new faces. Many of our Chapter members will start a new journey together towards their Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) certification with the launch of our new CPSM study group. We’ll also see the return of our Developer Panel Program

where SMPS members and guests will be able to hear from local developers Highwoods Properties and Tony Giarratana as they highlight commercial development progress and upcoming projects for Nashville. March is our annual SMPS Southeastern Regional Conference in Asheville, North Carolina, that will focus on diverse topics from “The Five Principles of Influence,” to “From Painful Feedback to Intention & Purpose,” to “The Marriage of Marketing and Technology to Grow Your Business.” This power-packed conference is

sure to help you and your firm “Reshape the Landscape.” But, before we start filling up our brand new 2019 DayTimers (yes — this girl is still a little old school), I invite you to take a look back at how the small steps of the past year have led you on your journey and to look forward in anticipation of the small steps you will take on your next big journey. We are honored and excited to be with you as we journey together. — Kathleen Gunter, SMPS Nashville President

Board members pictured left to right: Katherine Hill (Communications Chair), Lauren Dean (Membership Chair), Kathleen Gunter (President), Justin Davidson (Treasurer), Kaylen Harrison (Education Chair), Ashley Smalley (Secretary), and Donna Corlew (Chapter Adviser) Not pictured: Anna DeLong (President Elect) and Jonathan Holmes (Program Chair)


Corinne Palese Marketing Coordinator Lose Design

Rachel Ebio Marketing/Administrative Coordinator Moody Nolan, Inc.

Donald Collins Principal Engineer Asa Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

Sara Sweeney Marketing Associate SSR

Laura LoJacono Business Development Edmonds Engineering

Brooke Anderson Market Development Manager Allsteel

Jodi Espinoza Independent Consultant



On November 28, Wendy Whittemore of Aerial Innovations led a photography workshop focused on DIY headshots and architectural photographs. When time and resources allow, hiring a professional to take these photos for your firm may be the best choice. But sometimes, you have to take the photos yourself. Thanks to Wendy, the group in attendance got a few tips and tricks for taking quality shots. One thing to look out for is your lighting. Natural light is best, so photos taken near windows, or even outside (especially in open shade), turn out best. You should

be aware of your subjects’ clothing – no prints or crazy colors. As much as our industry loves safety colors, they don’t turn out well in photographs! And always be mindful of shadows. A few other helpful tips include: • Don’t use a flash unless you have to • Black & white fixes a lot • Take a lot of photos so you have options during editing • Make it fun – the more relaxed your subject, the better the photo Wendy’s advice will be invaluable to those of us taking photos for our companies.


THE UNSETTLED CALM BEFORE THE NEXT ECONOMIC STORM On November 15, Rusty Sherwood, a Principal and Senior Consultant for FMI, presented on “The Unsettled Calm Before the Next Economic Storm” in a joint SMPS/ACEC/AGC event. In an informative 90-minute presentation, Rusty expounded on the economic condition of 2018 and where the construction market is likely headed in the next few years. While many factors are pointing toward another recession, the major takeaway from Rusty’s presentation was that it is not all doom and gloom. With 81% of economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal this year, predicting expansion to end in 2020 or 2021, there are ways our firms

can mitigate the slowing of the industry. The engineering and construction industry is generally the last to slow, which is good news, but it’s is the slowest to rebound from a recession. Rusty reminded us that this doesn’t mean there won’t be work, or that there won’t be opportunities. Firms just have to be ready to endure and make sure they are set up to weather the storm. The effort should be on the business instead of in the business. Rusty’s presentation was well-attended and insightful. The Programs committee has more useful events planned for the coming year. Be sure to check your emails for program descriptions and registration information.


UPCOMING MEMBERSHIP EVENTS New Member Coffee January 9, 2019 Barista Parlor Golden Sound Learn how to get more engaged with SMPS and meet some new faces!

30th Anniversary Celebration TBD Join us to celebrate our 30th anniversary! More information to come.

Join us next week for the members-only Holiday Happy Hour! Stop by Saltine on Wednesday, December 12, from 4 to 6 p.m. for a drink and a chance to network with other fellow members! Click here to register today!

CONFERENCES SMPS Southeastern Regional Conference Asheville, North Carolina March 18-19, 2019 Each year, participating SMPS Chapters located in the Southeast sponsor and organize a regional marketing and business development conference. The goal of this annual event is to bring together A/E/C professionals for three days of learning and networking in one of the participating Chapters’ city. The conference is planned

by a rotating team of SMPS members who volunteer their time and energy to create opportunities for learning and networking. Click here to register today! Earlybird registration is $495 for members through February 1, 2019. The price will increase to $595 for members after February 1, 2019. An optional workshop is available for $85 for members.

SMPS Nashville Quarterly Newsletter - Volume 1 Winter 2018  
SMPS Nashville Quarterly Newsletter - Volume 1 Winter 2018