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“But how is it possible to enter into the mystery of the Holy Spirit? How can the secret of Love be understood? This is the mystery of Pentecost: the Holy Spirit illuminates the human spirit and, by revealing Christ Crucified and Risen, indicates the way to become more like him, that is, to be "the image and instrument of the love which flows from Christ" (Deus Caritas Est, n. 33). The Church, gathered with Mary as at her birth, today implores: "Veni, Sancte Spiritus! - Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love!". Amen.” Homily of Pope Benedict XVI on Pentecost Sunday, 2006 Dear Members of the Holy Spirit Missionary Association,

Pentecost 2011

The Church celebrates Pentecost (so called because it is fifty days after Easter Day) as the day on which the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles, gathered in an upper room with Mary, mother of Jesus, "as a mighty, rushing wind", fulfilling Jesus' promise when he "breathed on them", as recorded in John's Gospel (chapter 20). The Holy Spirit gave the apostles gifts of grace through which they would undertake the evangelical mission of the Church. On the day of Pentecost, the apostles were given the miraculous "gift of tongues" -- so that everyone from every country understood the Christians inspired message of salvation as if they were hearing it in their own languages. Thousands were converted by the preaching of the apostles. The Solemnity of Pentecost ends the Easter season. However, our mission of spreading the Good News of Jesus’ Resurrection should continue only to be strengthened by other feast days in the Liturgical Year. This is what it means to live by faith in the God Who created us and constantly sustains our being. This is also what obedience to God means. Our hearts should be restless in striving to bring the gifts of God to others. This is our mission as Holy Spirit Missionary Associates. Let us pray that the coming Pentecost Sunday be a turning point for all of us to embrace our calling of being on mission entrusted to us through the Apostles by God. May all people embrace wholeheartedly their personal vocation and enflame other hearts with their zeal of God’s love. Let us be people of the Resurrection and witness it with our lives set on fire by the love of the Holy Spirit. May the Feast of Pentecost be a turning point for all of us toward love, reconciliation and healing in our relationships. In the love of the Holy Spirit, ________________ Sr. Elwira Dziuk

Called by the Spirit, Embracing the World.

Pentecost Letter - 2011  

Pentecost Letter 2011

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