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Hawes & Curtis - Live Brief. 2012/13 As to celebrate 100 years of trading Hawes & Curtis set-up a live brief with Leeds College of Art. Requirements were that one had to design a shirt whilst drawing inspiration from the past century. My concept was based on the 1913 art movement of cubism and archietecture from that time, also the process of deconstruction and reconstruction within these arts were of inspiration.

Hawes & Curtis - Live Brief. 2012/13 Drawing inspiration from the concept, design development on a disconnected collar fall and stand combined with the famous 'windsor collar' Hawes & Curtis designed for the Duke of Windsor were to be the focal point.

Hawes & Curtis - Live Brief. 2012/13 This was the finalised shirt design, key details included; - Concealed button stand - Center back seam - Windsor collar - Disconnected collar fall - Contrast collar stand fabric/print

Each To Their Own LTD - Print Design. 2010 This is a hand rendered print I was comissioned for by Yorkshire designer Alex Christopher, This print has been reproduced to sell in the 'Each To Their Own' stores since 2010. This print has also been worn in a number of MTV's 'Geordie Shore' episodes.

Body Bag - Waterproof Onesies. 2012/13 I was comissioned to create the design specification sheets for a new festival onesie, the concept behind the brand of 'Body Bag' is the idea that a festival "goer" would not have to pitch a tent and could instead keep sheltered within the waterproof onesie. This product will be released summer 2013.

Republic - Live Brief. 2013 This aim of this brief was to design one day and one night outfit for Republic's new menswear line 'Tailored Saint'. This line took inspiration from the original film and Channel 4 series of 'This is England' which brouight back the 'mod' trend into Britains high street. Unfortunately, shortly after this briefing Rebublic went into administration which meant that this brief was suspended.

SO HOMME s/s 14' - FMP. 2013 My final major project is based a contemporary menswear label coinned SO HOMME (Somerville & Oldfield Gentlemen). Reformed s/s 14' is based on the idea that SO HOMME is not just a clothing label but also a lifestyle which incapsulates, minimulism, precision and qaulity. The designs themselves are forward thinking, yet masculine as the designs find balance inbetween men's tailoring and contemporary streetwear.

SO HOMME s/s 14' - FMP. 2013 Inspiration for this collection comes from mundane reflections, shadows, layering and natural folds.

SO HOMME s/s 14' - FMP. 2013 Images from lookbook.

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Work spanning over three years, includes university briefs, external briefs and freelance work.