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Sherri’s Turn................................8 Dirtbits......................................10 Marty Smith Dies in Crash.........12 Blast from the Past....................14 SDORC News ............................18 Bike Shop...................................13 Project Fun: 1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer...............20 The Fight for Oceano Dunes......24 Dr. De Forest’s Off Road Health Tips............................26 Remember Freedom?................28 SCORE Desert Diaries: Biding Time..........................30 What I Did During the COVID-19 Shutdown!..........35 4x4 Coach..................................56 First Drive: 2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP4 Ultimate......................60 Classified Ads............................92 I Will Hope Continually.............92


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A compilation of patriotic dune shots that have appeared on our covers over the past five years. Awesome Photography by www.NealRideoutPhotography.com

CONTENTS Karissa Shields, Class 11 winner at the 51st Annual SNORE 250 this past February in Jean, Nevada. Shown here with husband Larry, this was Karissa's first time to race desert. The May 2020 Super Digital Edition is available in 8.5"x11" printed book format. For ordering info visit: www.ssorm.com/super-digital/



www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


The May 2020 Super Digital Edition is available in 8.5"x11" printed book format. For ordering info visit: www.ssorm.com/ super-digital/ away. As one of my favorite memes said, "Quarantine is when you restrict the movements of sick people. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people."


uarantine? What mean "quarantine?" We once had a Japanese foreign exchange student for a three week summer program and whenever we used a word she didn't understand, she would use that phrase. "What mean done?" As I was saying "What mean 'quarantine'?" Well, to me it means our constitutional rights have been stripped

At first there was denial. Quarantine? What’s that. And by the way this is a brand new opportunity, embedding video in the pages of S&S Off Road Magazine. Give us a shout out via text or email and let us know what you think of the Super Digital adventure! 760-336-1512 or ssormag@gmail.com





But as you can see by some of the photos thankfully our movements weren't too restricted. I've spent the time with the two goofballs I live with as well as a few others who showed up along the way, and some we visited when we were lucky enough to be invited to a secret undisclosed race location. I will have to admit that if you're going to be quarantined by over zealous government officials it helps to live in a rural area with lots of acreage surrounding you. How did we handle it? Grumbling, complaining but in the end making the best of it. Much like everyone else, I would imagine. I would like to think that it's all coming to end, but since we don't live in South Dakota where they threw a parade to celebrate their awesome


MAY 2020 - VOLUME 38 • NUMBER 8

SINCE 1982

ssormag@gmail.com - 760-336-1512 Brothers in covid, they call this. Riding south of 78 after Ocotillo Wells state park closed. Not. As. Fun. Impatiently waiting for the governor to reopen the state parks. No faith in the man to do the right thing.

governor and the way she handled the coronavirus - no lockdown! - we may be dealing with the lockdown fallout for quite some time. The lockdown brought you this magazine in digital format (or maybe you bought the book! See ad in top left corner!) instead of our 38 year print tradition and its unknown as yet what the future holds. Just read this morning it may be months before the gov lets us get a haircut or go back to church. So stay in touch, stay positive and somehow we'll see you next month! P.S. We had an absolute blast putting this digital edition together with no limit to the amount of color or number of pages. We hope you have a blast reading it. We're waiting to Racing at a secret undisclosed private location. What hear from you! a relief getting invited. Photo by secret photographer Judd Neves

PUBLISHER S&S Publishing Inc. EDITORS Steve Kukla Sherri Kukla COLUMNISTS Casey Cordeiro Dr. Gary De Forest Tom Severin Ed Stovin CONTRIBUTORS Jonathan Barrett Kathryn Caro Steve Caro Don-Rig'd Photography Michael Maher Judd Neves RNR Photos Scott Spinning Trackside Photo IN MEMORY C&C Race Photos - Carlos Avina Roy Denner • Harold Soens FIELD EDITORS Rory Townsley Tim Townsley CIRCULATION ASSISTANTS Karen Collie Summer Kukla VOICES OF ENCOURAGEMENT Regina Jensen • Jana Foley S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE is published monthly by S&S Publishing Inc., Ocotillo Wells CA 92004 (760) 336-1512; www.ssorm.com, email: ssormag@gmail.com. Reprinting in whole or in part expressly forbidden except by permission of the publisher. © 2020. We reserve the right to edit or reject any advertising and/or editorial copy. SUBSCRIPTIONS S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE subscriptions are available at the rate of $16/one year; $29/two years; $42/three years. Send change of address to ssormag@gmail.com ADVERTISING Sherri Kukla (760) 336-1512

These two put in a lot of hours during quarantine on the '60 Chevy 4WD project. But trying to get them to stand still for a photo was tough. E


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

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AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Marty Smith dies in crash National championship-winning motocross racer's wife also killed


arty Smith, a 2000 inductee into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, died Monday, April 27, from injuries sustained in a dune buggy crash in Southern California. He was 63. Also killed in the crash was Smith's wife, Nancy Smith. A three-time AMA Motocross National Champion, Smith won the inaugural AMA 125cc Motocross Championship in 1974. He successfully defended his title in 1975, and also won the 1977 AMA 500cc Motocross Championship and the 1975 and 1976 125cc U.S. Motocross Grand Prix events. Smith also competed in AMA Supercross for four seasons (1978-1981). Born in San Diego, Calif., on Nov. 26, 1956, Smith started riding with his father, Al, on a step-through Honda 50 in the California desert. He took part in his first motocross race at age 14. Smith became a regular at Southern California tracks and started winning races on a regular

basis. During his formative racing years, he had no professional trainers and learned by carefully observing the fast guys, then applying what he saw. Smith became known as one of the most precise riders in motocross history. His riding style remained smooth throughout his races and he rarely crashed. Smith won all of his championships with Honda, and the company featured him in its advertising, using his long hair and youthful good looks as a selling point. He was on dozens of magazine covers riding the legendary Honda Elsinore, donning the famous red, white and blue racing colors. Smith became the first teen idol in motocross and legions of young fans followed his every move. He retired from racing in 1981 and developed a motocross school called the Marty Smith Motocross Clinic.



S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Bike Shop By Clutch Roberts


hen I first started racing motocross, there was not one gray hair on the track competing. Motocross was a young man's sport and we reveled in it. You had to be young and fit to go fast on a dirt bike, whether it was motocross, desert or enduro. We were watching Roger DeCoster to see how long one of the greatest riders ever would continue to compete. Roger won the final race of his career in 1980, the 500cc Motocross Grand Prix of Luxembourg at the grand old age of 36. Roger was a five time 500cc Motocross World Champion, nine time Belgium National Champion, four time American Trans-AMA motocross Series champion and six time member of Belgium's winning Motocross De Nations team. Two years ago Juston Brayton became the oldest rider to win an American supercross main event when he won Daytona days before turning 34. The hands down record for the best finish by an older rider in a professional championship motocross race was John Doud at Southwick in 2009. John finished second in a moto and third overall at the age of 44. Was enough to bring tears to the eyes of old riders everywhere. We collectively raised our drinks and said "Age and treachery will overcome youth and skill." I noticed a funny thing as I got a little older and continued to race. Other guys who started to race dirt bikes in the 1970's and 1980's continued to race also. I remember hearing about a new class you could race called the "Vet" class. It was for anyone age 30 and older. It was a good idea, as older guys who still wanted to race could line up on the gate without having to worry about getting their clocks cleaned out by "kids" with ideas of fame and fortune dancing through their heads. The idea stuck and after a while clubs were formed that catered to vet riders. I remember hearing that the biggest MX club in California was a vet club. The official club slogan was "Work on Monday". Maybe it's the same group of riders aging, because at least one vintage motocross club did away with not only vet classes (30 and over) but also did away with 40 and over classes. If you are

Lunchbox autographed by "The Man" Roger DeCoster

a senior and want to race away from them young-uns, you better be at least 50 years old. A friend told me recently that he is anxiously waiting to turn 60 so he can be the youngest (and hopefully fastest) guy in the 60 plus class. Look out Grandpa! Believe it or not, you can race and be scored with riders 70 and over now! Motocross is no longer a young man's game. A number of clubs have been formed to cater to older riders while other clubs have added vet, senior, super senior and masters classes. Vintage motocross took off in the late 1990's and catered to both older riders and older bikes. In the meantime, new bikes got a lot better, translate that to mean they also got a lot more expensive. In the 1970's new bikes didn't cost that much. As the 2000's rolled through, it helped to get a loan on your Roth IRA to buy a new bike. This meant that older, more established riders could more easily afford new bikes and all the accessories that go along with racing them. I've had people tell me I shouldn't race motocross in my advancing years. "You're too old, you heal too slowly" they said. I can tell you from first hand experience that broken bones I received in my 50's take the same amount of time to heal as bones broken in my 20's. So if riding and racing motocross makes you happy, go for it. It's now considered safer than forgetting to wash your hands . E

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Blast from the Past


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Don Hays (foreground) fights it out with Stan Parnell and Bud Feldkamp during the Class 1 Unlimited Buggies race at the '75 Riverside World Championships.

From the TracksidePhoto.com collection courtesy of Jim Ober



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Blast from the Past



https://www.instagram. com/jpdesigns1/?hl=en

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Orris Johnson in the Old Goat gets cut off in the Class 10 race at the Riverside Raceway Off-Road Championships in 1975. Bob Maxwell in #8 is the main culpret. The Old Goat was a favorite of the crowds both at Riverside and Baja races.

From the TracksidePhoto.com collection courtesy of Jim Ober



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The Endangered Off Roader The newsletter of the


Bills on Hold

By Ed Stovin, President

eems like over night the world has become a different place. Advocating for off-road vehicle users is still important to us at SDORC, it just comes with some perspective. Because of a virus, a large part of the world has been shut down and that includes many off-road vehicle areas. As of this writing, all California State Parks are completely closed, including Ocotillo Wells. At first, only certain camping and staging areas were closed, but later a complete closure of the park was ordered. Over in the Cleveland National Forest they closed the camping and staging areas in and around Corral Canyon. A little later, all off-roading in the forest was closed. As far as land managed by the BLM, staging and camping areas


have been closed, but so far trails and open areas remain open for vehicle use. The State legislature has altered their business practices and work being done on bills has slowed accordingly. Word is out that unless a bill has something to do with this virus or public safety, it will not be worked on this session. I have received word that our bill, AB2761, will be set aside until next year. The same was announced about SB1032, the bill to reauthorize the OHV Commission. There are a few other OHV related bills we have yet to hear about, but in all likelihood, they will be postponed until next year.

OHV Grants

OHV grants are still out for comment and will likely be sorted out and funded like normal this year. I consider myself a custodian of off-roader's money and read and

comment on grants to make sure we get our money's worth. So far, the San Diego Police Department grant application I wrote about last month is the worst. There are other grants of interest though. The Post Wildfire OHV Recovery Alliance has applied for grants to fix a culvert and do some restoration work in the Mendocino National Forest. This group is made up of off-road vehicle heroes who just want to keep trails open. San Diego County Sheriff's are asking for the usual salaries and training as well as money for safety equipment. They say if officers come into the off-road enforcement team and later leave, they can take their equipment with them. So they are asking for money for helmets, goggles and gloves. What struck me as odd was not the prices, but the quantities. They asked for 40 goggles, 50 pairs of gloves and 11 helmets. One would think that the quantities of these items would match. I saw a grant I've never seen before. It's from the Sierra Avalanche Center, who want $135,000 to train snow mobile riders about the dangers of avalanches.

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Yes, snowmobiles get green stickers too. Another interesting grant is from the Asian American Drug Abuse Program (501c3) who want $200,000 to take inner city kids dirtbike riding using the National Youth Project Using Minibikes program. I love grants like this, however, I scratch my head as I read this one. They want to hire two full time employees and three half time employees for a year, including a half time director at $52/hour. They also want a Ford 12 passenger van for $38,000. They don't mention how often they take the kids riding, but they do mention where they take them. They talk about Hungry Valley and Heber Dunes. Hungry Valley makes sense, as it is close to LA, but Heber really makes me wonder. To get to Heber Dunes from LA you would drive right past Ocotillo Wells, where there is endless opportunities for dirtbike training and riding. A good hour of driving past Ocotillo Wells you would arrive at Heber Dunes, a very small location which is entirely covered with sand. If you have ever ridden a dirt bike in sand,


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you know it is hard. Take beginner kids on minibikes and put them on sand and you will have one tip over after another. The Back Country Land Trust is looking for $183,000 to restore 5 acres with some dirt bike tire tracks in east San Diego County near Campo. The El Centro BLM is asking for $1 million for ground operations, safety and law enforcement. This is one of my favorite agencies and since I have been reviewing their grants (15 years) I have never found any funny business. They work under extreme conditions. From heat to cold to huge crowds to an empty desert, they cope with variations that SDORC members at a recent highway clean-up. Rick Moore, Doug McPheeters, Audrey are hard to plan for. Mason, Colleen Schuster, SDORC Pres Ed Stovin and Carol McPheeters

Tread Lightly was at King of the Hammers and wants to go back to preach their ethics. In their grant is a line item where they are asking for $12,600 to boost posts on Facebook. This is where you pay Facebook to send your post to people who are not on your Like list. Something odd in their application is the location of King of the Hammers. They call it Johnsonville CA. E

Join San Diego Off Road Coalition to help protect off road areas. www.sdorc.org/ join-sdorc/

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1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer


20 20

S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE --MAY MAY2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com


Vehicle 1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer, 4WD Daily Driver? Recreation? Race? Mainly use my Jeep for recreation. But have been racing the Average Joe 4x4. Tires 35x12.5r16. Hercules Trail Digger M/T Wheels 16 in Rubicon Take Offs Suspension 4.5in lift. Iron rock off road long arms and crossmember. Running leaf springs in the rear. Paired with 31" travel 5150 Bilstein shocks on 27" limit straps up front. Engine Rinex 4.0 Carburetion Fuel injected Tranny AW4 automatic paired with an NP231 transfer case Differential Front: D30, 4:88 gears, Spartan locker. Rear: D35, 4:88 gears, Detroit locker Brakes Factory disc brakes in the front. Rear was converted over to disc from a 95 Grand Cherokee Exhaust Gibson exhaust manifold with a Challenger resonator Bumpers Smittybilt front bumper. Rear bumper: Smittybilt swinging tire carrier off of a Jeep Wrangler that was stretched and modified to fit the Cherokee Fuel Cell Factory tank and skids Roll Cage None yet

Continued next page www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE

21 21


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

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1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer

Lighting Auxbeam LED light bars. LED strip lights in the wheel wells for them long nights in the rocks. Paint It’s an old Jeep. So it was fitting to rattle can royal blue on this beast Exterior Custom built fender flares. Custom built rock sliders 2x2 box tube welded to the frame rails to protect the rockers. Smittybilt XRC 9k winch up front. Recovery points on the front and rear Seats Four knock off reclining race style seats up front, factory bench in the back Belts 5-point harness in the front Communications: Beofang handhelds and a Cobra CB Vehicle Modifications made by Me, myself and I. Well, my father had his hands in this as well. Any other info you would like to provide? I’ve been taking my toys apart since the age of 3. The only thing that’s changed, well the toys got bigger and more expensive. Anyone you would like to acknowledge who helped with the project? Would like to give a huge shot out to my father. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have the knowledge or skills to be able to build my Jeep on my own. Owner: Casey Gran and Stephanie Gran Age 25 City/State Tucson AZ How long have you been involved in off roading? I have been four wheeling since before I can remember. Grew up around this life style all my life. From my grandfather down to my littlest brother., we all have a Jeep, and even my kids want one of their own How did you get started in the sport? My father and his 1948 Willys. I was born with Jeep in my blood. What other off road vehicles do you currently own? 1989 Cherokee that has been turned into a buggy (still a project) Where do you go off roading? All over Tucson, Florence and Benson, Arizona and surrounding areas. E

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for everyone to get involved and join us in this fight! The recent “transformation” of State Parks, which is merging the OHV program and the larger State Parks together has thus far been a total failure. Look no further than what is happening at Oceano Dunes. Look at the gross misuse of our OHV Trust Fund dollars being wasted on ridiculous programs to shut down OHV, camping and public access to the Park. Ever since the larger State Parks has taken control of running our California OHV Program and the SVRAs, we have seen nothing but poor management and a lack of OHV representation of how our SVRAs need to be run. For over three years now, State Parks

against the CCC’s overreach of power to shut it down. The local ODSVRA people are working hard, but the overbearing Sacramento elite are determined to shut it down. At the December 2019 Air Pollution Control District (APCD) Hearing in San Luis Obispo, the APCD ordered the closure of 48 acres of prime beach camping, which would begin late December 2019. Just prior to the sold out Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the CCC issued an early emergency closure of the 48 acre “foredunes” area for “instrumentation” that was never installed. This closure reduced the available camping area at ODSVRA by more than 50%. By the CCC pushing forward this emergency

THE FIGHT FOR OCEANO DUNES By Jared Macleod Friends Of Oceano Dunes


ver the past year, since the July 2019 California Coastal Commission meeting in San Luis Obispo, we have seen many changes to Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA). None of

which have been good for the future of the ODSVRA, or had any positive impact for OHV and beach camping. For those who are not yet aware of just how big of a threat we are facing to the livelihood and future of offroad recreation in California, it’s time to start paying very close attention to the events that are unfolding. It’s time

has yet to even appoint a Supervisor to run the Oceano Dunes SVRA. The California Coastal Commission (CCC) is working around the clock, alongside the special interest funded bureaucrats and developers, to shut down the ODSVRA. Meanwhile Parks has no one locally in charge of running and defending the Park

Dust particulate monitoring stations


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

closure ahead of schedule, Parks failed to meet the requirements of the Stipulated Order of Abatement and CEQA, to properly model and survey these closures. In other words, these areas shouldn’t have been closed, yet State Parks continues to show no backbone to stand up to the elites.

Spreading the hay, that will go unused, later some of it washed out in the ocean and the rest blew into the surrounding community

Sand covering fences in the dunes reclaimation area Almost immediately following, Parks began implementing many new projects to shut us down, all of which are being paid for using the OHV Trust Fund. They began by spreading hay bales all over the 48 acres, then installing surveillance equipment to monitor for rodent activity at the foredunes. Well, there were no rodents, and guess where all the hay has gone? Due to these closures not being properly modeled, the high tides have been reaching well within the fence lines and pulling the hay into the ocean. Even better, the remaining hay is being blown out of the closures and going airborne towards the surrounding residential areas. Does this sound like a well thought out plan? Well . . . no it doesn’t. They aren’t worried about it though, because they didn’t pay for it, they’ve used your OHV dollars for everything.

More recently, Parks has been installing miles of non-biodegradable orange fencing at the dunes, per the SOA (Stipulated Order of Abatement). Plastic fencing which has already become buried by the sand and reclaimed to the dunes. For those who don’t know about the SOA, it was an agreement made between State Parks and the APCD, and probably one of the worst deals of all time. The SOA essentially gave the APCD a blank check and free reign to begin having Parks install as many fences and closures as they see fit, with no explanation. The APCD claim it is all necessary to meet a dust particulate reduction as dictated by their SAG (Scientific Advisory Group), and based upon all of SAG's false perpetuated junk science. In reality, everything the SAG, APCD and CCC are saying and doing, is whatever best fits into their biased anti OHV narrative to remove OHV

from the Park. It is all just smoke and mirrors...and OHV is paying for all of it. Recently, the Scripps Institute has conducted its own independent research study, and has submitted their report to State Parks and the Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commissioners. The Scripps report has shed a breath of fresh air and some much needed new light on the subject of natural saltation, dust particulates and air quality from in and around the ODSVRA. In other words, it is all natural and not caused by OHV! The claims from the APCD and SAG are inaccurate and unfounded, and the Scripps study just proved it. With the gates to ODSVRA now closed due to the recent Covid 19 restrictions, the surrounding local economy has been devastated. The tourism which brings revenue into the community has come to a screeching

halt. Nearly all of the retail stores, restaurants, hotels, rental companies and other small businesses from the area, are just struggling to stay afloat and find a way to make ends meet. Sadly, many of these businesses will not survive. This paints the perfect picture of what the local economic impact to the surrounding communities would look like with closure of Oceano Dunes SVRA. We cannot let this happen to our families, businesses and community. It is time for each and every one of us to get involved, stand up and have our voices heard. What is happening to Oceano has set a very dangerous precedent, and your local SVRA or riding area could be next. Please go to www.oceanodunes.org, and join us in our fight! Help us save Oceano Dunes SVRA! E



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ello Off Roadies! One of the most common questions I get from folks on chiropractic treatment is “Doc, once I've had chiropractic treatment, do I have to keep coming back for more treatment?” And I think that is a fair question. My standard answer to it is “Once a person has had dental care/treatment, do they ever need to go back for more treatments?” And I think that is a fair answer. It gets most folks to think anyway! After all, once you go to a dentist, do you have to go back? The short answer is “No.” After all, once you have had your teeth examined, often x-rays as well, maybe that cavity that you did not know you needed filled, teeth cleaned, do you need to go back? But, we all can understand the value of regular dental care, let’s say once or twice a year, even if we have no pain in our teeth or mouths, for ourselves and our kids, right? Or, should we wait till we have tooth/mouth pain to see a dentist? The answer is no. A person would generally be better off seeing their dentist once or twice a year to get an examination and check for small problems like build up of plaque, a cavity which may not be creating any pain or symptoms at all and get all that treated before the little problems become big ones. Makes sense to me! Makes sense to most of you reading this unless you are from Arkansas! Most folks understand the value of preventative maintenance on their teeth, ATV's, buggies, bikes, motorhomes and trucks. Most folks do not understand the value of regular chiropractic care for their spines and that of their children. Odd part of that is that you can neglect dental care, as some folks do and still lead a fairly Gary at 81 normal life. If you lose a tooth from the neglect that could have been prevented with regular care, it's no big deal and the teeth can and are replaceable! Crowns, implants, bridges,


dentures are all readily available if you lose your tooth or teeth. Sure are! Is the back, spine or nervous system that runs through it replaceable? The answer is NO! You cannot replace any of those structures. You have to keep the original equipment as best you can. There are no replacements for the spine and the associated nerves that run through it from your brain to every living cell in your body. It's irreplaceable. No spare parts, nope! Yet, daily, over the last 30 plus years in the clinic here, I see folks of all ages, who have never been to a chiropractor, never had regular chiropractic treatments, only come in when and if they have back or neck pains. Hmm? Makes one wonder how folks would do if the only time they went to see a dentist is when and if their teeth hurt? Think about that now, let it sink in. Again, dental care neglect is treatable with replacement teeth of sorts. The spine and nerves are not. I personally understood the value of regular chiropractic check-ups and treatments and have had treatments about one time per month since about age 18. I'm now approaching 60 years of age and my spine still looks about 25 years old, even with all the motocross and dirt bikes since about age 11. The regular chiropractic treatments helped keep my spinal joints, disc and vertebrae aligned and balanced. Hence, just like tires and wheels on any vehicle, that has made my spine last longer in spite of the stress and impacts off road riding puts on the body. The MD's generally just do not get that idea. I do! I feel so lucky to have been turned on to chiropractic care at a fairly young age!

If I have an acute injury to my back or neck, I get treated about three times a week until all the pain and stiffness is gone and the back is aligned, balanced and moving properly. Then I go back to getting a tune-up treatment about one time per month. Sure, it's easy for me as I work in a DC office with other DC's right here to treat me any time generally. Lucky me! A great type of healthcare with no drugs, thank you! I'm all for drugs and surgery when needed. But, I'd rather avoid them when and if possible. Are you with me on these concepts? Only about 10% of the US population, or anywhere in the western world, knows about the benefits or have tried chiropractic health care. Imagine if only 10% of the general public went in for regular dental care or prevention? You would see a lot of toothless folks from the likes of Arkansas (see picture). It helps get the point across and no offense to the folks in Arkansas! For acute chiropractic treatment, like for a back or neck injury or

condition, treatments at about 3 to 4 times for the first few weeks is usual. As with any physical type of treatments, like physical therapies, work out programs, diets, stretches, yoga, it will not do you much good to go just one time, one day and quit. Physical treatments and the likes have a cumulative effect that takes time to work! You are not just taking a drug to make you feel better for the short or long term and even with drugs, you would have to keep taking them, right? Hence our nation of prescription drug addicts. Yep! With prescription drugs killing over 100,000 per year, roughly and illegal drugs killing about 15,000 per year, where should the real War on Drugs be focused? Those facts are on the CDC Website if you care to look them up. After the first few weeks of 3 to 4 times

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per week with chiropractic treatments and maybe associated physical therapy treatments, a person should know by then if it is helping. As progress is made, treatments are generally reduced to 2 times per week for a few weeks, then to one time per week for a few weeks, then when correction of the spinal condition (vertebral misalignment/subluxation/ pinched/irritated nerve or disc/pain muscle spasm) is achieved, treatment can be one time every 2 weeks. Then suggested tune -up, maintenance, check ups, about one time per month or at least 6 times per year to keep it healthy and prevent the return of the condition and associated pain and other symptoms. That is the key. That is what I do for myself. Let me know when you find the other doctors that take their own medicine and walk their own talk. It's been working fantastic for me and others I know that see the value in regular care. Heck, I'm semi-retired after over 30 years in this profession. I don't even need your business! I'm just here pecking out a column on health care telling you what I know. Now you know more than most folks out there! The choices are your's to make. Make well informed choices on your health care. And this DC is due for a tune-up adjustment after pecking this out at the desk for an hour! Stay safe and have fun with your off road adventures! Dr Gary DeForest is a San Diego based chiropractor in practice for 35 years. He is always happy to speak with you about any health concerns. You can reach him at his clinic in Mission Valley at 619-261-2462 or e-mail him at deforest192@yahoo.com E


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Replacing our regular EPA ABUSE column this month is a special feature commenting on the nationwide COVID-19 shutdown. As with EPA ABUSE these articles are reprinted with permission from www.Dailycaller.com

Authoritarianism On The Rise In America In The Age Of Coronavirus By Williams Davis Posted April 24, 2020


o battle the coronavirus pandemic, states and cities across the U.S. have embraced authoritarian measures, but are they going too far? Some public officials, like Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, have gone so far as to ban people from visiting friends and family unless they are doing so to perform medical assistance. Some cities have implemented mass surveillance programs, widely considered to be illegal. Police in 22 different cities have begun using DJI drones to enforce coronavirus restrictions, despite a ban on these drones by the Department of Justice. Religious liberty has also been on the chopping block during the coronavirus response, as states and cities cracked down on Easter celebrations. Democratic Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear warned people in his state that he would have police take pictures of people’s license plates and force them to quarantine for 14 days if they attended Easter services, although a judge later ruled that churches had the right to congregate through drive thru services.


In Mississippi, police officers could be seen breaking up a service, with one officer telling the church’s pastor that “your rights have been suspended by the government.” As shutdowns over the virus continue and crackdowns on civil liberties escalate, many Americans are making clear that they have had enough. Over 300,000 people have signed a petition demanding Whitmer be recalled, while protests have popped up across the country. Thousands of Americans have gathered at “reopen rallies” in state capitals throughout the country. Virginians protesting in the state capital of Richmond last week held up signs saying “we will not comply,” while anti-lockdown protesters in the Texas state capital of Austin loudly chanted “Fire Fauci,” a reference to Dr. Anthony Fauci — President Donald Trump’s top coronavirus adviser. As protests have raged around the country, public officials and police have taken counter measures. After a North Carolina protester was arrested, the Raleigh Police Department tweeted that exercising the First Amendment right to protest was a “nonessential activity,” drawing swift backlash on social media. Whitmer has taken a punitive posture towards protesters in Michigan, saying that she might extend her state’s shutdown as a result of the virus. “The worst irony that could come about from these demonstrations is that they force us to stay in this posture longer than — longer than we’re already planning to,” Whitmer said during a Thursday appearance on MSNBC.

Meanwhile, some governments have teamed up with big tech in an attempt to shut down these protests. Facebook reportedly deleted posts promoting the protests in several states, including California and New Jersey, after pressure from state governments. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he classified posts promoting the protests as “harmful misinformation,” and had them taken down. Benjamin Franklin famously said “those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety,” and more and more Americans appear to be coming to the conclusion that the threats to their liberty are becoming a greater risk than the threats to their safety.

The Data Is In — Stop The Panic And End The Total Isolation:

Fmr. Stanford Chief Of Neuroradiology Discusses Viral Column By Scott Morefield Posted April 24, 2020


r. Scott Atlas, the former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center and a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, made a Friday night Fox News appearance to defend his viral column about why the ongoing coronavirus panic, and the ensuing

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

government-enforced shutdowns, should end. Atlas’ column, titled “The Data Is In — Stop The Panic And End The Total Isolation” and published Wednesday at The Hill, lists “five key facts” that are “being ignored by those calling for continuing the near-total lockdown,” along with evidence to bolster each one. Fact 1: The overwhelming majority of people do not have any significant risk of dying from COVID-19. Fact 2: Protecting older, at-risk people eliminates hospital overcrowding. Fact 3: Vital population immunity is prevented by total isolation policies, prolonging the problem. Fact 4: People are dying because other medical care is not getting done due to hypothetical projections. Fact 5: We have a clearly defined population at risk who can be protected with targeted measures. “Leaders must examine accumulated data to see what has actually happened, rather than keep emphasizing hypothetical projections; combine that empirical evidence with fundamental principles of biology established for decades; and then thoughtfully restore the country to function,” Atlas wrote. The former Stanford doctor appeared on Friday night’s edition of “The Story with Martha MacCallum” to discuss his conclusions. “I think we are in a different position now than we were a month ago,” Atlas said. “That position is we have a lot of evidence. We don’t need to just simply

These owners say Wolf had no authority to issue such a widespread declaration, Fox News reported Tuesday. Wolf shut down much of the state’s economy early in the coronavirus crisis with an order that all “non-lifesustaining” businesses be closed until further notice. That edict included state-run liquor stores, but these facilities began offering curbside delivery last week. Harrisburg lawyer Marc Scaringi, who is representing the business owners, told Fox News that Wolf’s shutdown order was arbitrary and did not precisely define what part of the economy was Facebook Chairman and CEO Mark “non-life-sustaining.” Before ordering Zuckerberg that businesses close, Wolf called for emphasize hypothetical projections. voluntary closures. We can combine that empirical data “Part of our legal challenge is instead of ignoring it. We can combine the arbitrariness and capriciousness of that with our knowledge of fundamental the list, of which industry is on which biology, for decades we’ve known a lot classification,” Scaringi told Fox News. about viruses, a lot about infections, and “The whole thing is fundamentally based for decades, even about this family of on terms that have no clear knowing, viruses. And then we can thoughtfully understandable definition.” combine that evidence with the way to The lawyer argued that the criteria restore the country in a safe way.” for what constitutes life-sustaining is Atlas defended his contention that open for debate. “The governor kind of people have a low risk of dying from just made all of this up anyway, and he the virus as being “shown all over the could just change his mind.” world” as dire death projections continue Realtor Kathy Gregory, one of the to decline as larger infection rates are business owners challenging the state discovered. Most of the infected were order, said the lockdown has hurt her asymptomatic or “have zero symptoms,” business as she can no longer bring he said, and the vast majority “certainly” prospective home buyers to locations that do not require hospitalization. are for sale. “So when you look at the newer “The issue here isn’t [just] your data that has come out, the estimates are income for March or April, but by that the fatality rate is very low,” he said. “Maybe 0.1%, I mean it’s not set, it’s not known exactly but these are estimates. We also know that when you take the people who are going to die, two-thirds of people are over 70. 95% of people are over 50. If you’re young and healthy you have essentially zero, near zero chance of dying.” The former Stanford doctor pointed out that 99.2% of those who died had “some underlying condition,” a fact that should be “critical information” for policy makers. He then argued that “protecting the at risk population” does not “mean total Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf isolation” for everyone else. shutting us down completely, when he reopens, you’re starting from scratch,” Gregory told Fox News. “You’re not going to have any income in May, June and possibly July. You’re starting over, like a brand new agent with no inventory.” Although the governors of all states By David Krayden with strict lockdowns have argued that Posted April 28, 2020 their decisions limited the growth of the ome Pennsylvania business owners COVID-19 virus, Secretary of Housing say it’s time to get back to work and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson and want the Supreme Court of observed last week that if Americans wait the United States to overturn a state for the “last vestiges” of the pandemic to lockdown initiated by Democratic Gov. disappear, the national economy will be Tom Wolf. gone too.

Pennsylvania Businesses Ask SCOTUS To Stop State Lockdown


you could “I decided that agency possibly think of,” he said, and have nothing I did not want “heard back.” “This anyone to country’s is dictate to me backbone businesses like all over and destroy mine our country,” Rabin said. “I the soul of don’t find myself brave. I find myself being my business,” being Defiant reasonable. I find having New York City Rabin said. myself common sense. So my door is open. Shop Owner The rules are posted on my door. We’re observing every single Who Decided To rule and regulation that’s come down.” Carlson asked Rabin whether police Open Up Tells tried to arrest him: “No, sir, they did not,” he responded. “In fact, they looked at me and said ‘you’re Tucker What a veteran.’ I said ‘yes, I am.’ And they said you for your service.'” Happened When ‘thank “People want to walk in, they’re allowed to walk in,” said the shop owner. Police Came

Wolf has said that some businesses that cater to outdoor activities like golf, fishing and camping, will be able to reopen by May 1. Rural portions of the state that have been less affected by the coronavirus outbreak are also hopeful that they could reopen the local economy sooner than urban locations.

By Scott Morefield Posted April 27, 2020 New York City tailor appeared on Monday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to explain why he decided to open his shop to customers in defiance of his city’s order to stay closed. Eliot Rabin, the 78-year-old owner of men’s apparel store Peter Eliot Blue, made news Sunday with his decision, telling the New York Post, “I’m opening my doors come hell or high water.” After a first weekday of business that included a visit by police, Rabin remained defiant during his conversation with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who introduced him as “a very brave man.” “I decided that I did not want anyone to dictate to me and destroy the soul of my business,” Rabin said, expressing incredulity that liquor stores would be considered essential while his business is not. When police came to ask if he was open, the shop owner told them he hadn’t been there for three weeks, but his “door is open” and he owes “a lot of money to a lot of people.” “We’ve applied to every government


“I am not forcing them in … We have maintained our distance and we have obeyed every single rule, but I feel that this country is being dictated to unnecessarily. I think personally, I’m putting no one in danger.” “You are my kind of American, and I hope that you’re rewarded for this, and I hope if you have any problems you will come back on this show,” Carlson said. “And in the meantime, I hope New Yorkers will support you in what you’re doing.” “How nice is it to share a country with people like that?” the Fox News host remarked after Eliot had gone. E

“This country’s backbone is businesses like mine all over our country,” Rabin said. “I don’t find myself being brave. I find myself being reasonable. I find myself having common sense. So my door is open."

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hile the world continues its ferocious fight against the vicious virus called COVID-19, SCORE is checking in on several of its racers during this shutdown to see how they are doing and how they are preparing for when life returns to the new normal in a special series called SCORE Desert Diaries—Biding Time. Two of the most prominent race teams in the SCORE World Desert Championship, COPS Racing and Wilson Motorsports each have three race vehicles anxiously waiting to be able to get the 2020 SCORE Baja racing season started. With the 2020 season reduced to three races while the battle rages against Coronavirus (COVID-19), desert racers around the world are hoping to start the 2020 SCORE season at the 52nd annual BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 500, presented by 4Wheel Parts, in Baja California. Launching its 47th season as the World’s Foremost Desert Racing Organization, the season-opening event of the three-race internationallytelevised 2020 SCORE World Desert Championship has been moved to June 17-21 in Ensenada. Ensenada is a coastal city on the Bahia de Todos Santos area of


the Pacific Ocean, 80 miles south of the U.S. border at San Diego. Most the world’s best desert racers will be in action at this year’s celebration of one of the top 10 motorsports events in the entire world. All three 2020 SCORE races will be run on the northern part of Mexico’s magnificent Baja California peninsula for the fifth consecutive year. Domestically, the entire 2020 SCORE World Desert Championship will be televised on a delayed basis on the World of X Games show on the ABC Television Network as co-produced by SCORE International and award-winning BCII TV of Los Angeles. It will also be syndicated internationally to 25 countries.


With entries in SCORE Trophy Truck, SCORE TT Legend and the unlimited Class 1, COPS Racing, based in Carson, Calif., includes family patriarch John Langley, 76, and his sons Zak Langley and Morgan Langley as the three drivers of record. Family patriarch John Langley is the father of reality TV with his long time running show ‘COPS’. All three race vehicles were built by ES Motorsports. Zak Langley, 44, will race the No. 50 ESM-built Ford F-150 in the featured SCORE Trophy Truck division for high-

tech, 950 horsepower unlimited custom trucks, family patriarch John Langley, 76, will be ‘DOR’ in the No. 50L ESMFord truck in SCORE TT Legend and Morgan Langley, 46, will be the driver of record in the No. 150 ESM-Chevy powered open-wheel desert race car in the unlimited Class 1. All three plan on having a second driver this season. Steve Hengeveld, Flagstaff, Ariz., will be Zak Langley’s second driver in the No. 50 SCORE Trophy Truck while John Langley’s second driver in the No. 50L SCORE TT Legend (drivers over 50 years old) will be veteran desert racing champion and AMA and Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Famer Ricky Johnson, 55, Trabuco Canyon, Calif. Paul Keller, El Cajon, Calif. will be the other driver for Morgan Langley’s No. 150 Class 1 car. Zak Langley and Kyle Jergensen teamed up for the 2018 SCORE Baja 1000 where they finished eighth out of 36 starters in SCORE Trophy Truck. Hengeveld has eight motorcycle class wins including the last seven which

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

were overall two-wheel titles in the SCORE Baja 500 (1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2012) and along with Kash Vessels, Mooresville, N.C., helped John Langley defeat 26 starters in Trophy Truck Spec to win their class in the epic 50th BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 1000 in 2017. Morgan Langley and Keller teamed to win Class 1 in the 2018 SCORE Baja 1000.


A multi-talented second and third generation SCORE Baja race team, Wilson Motorsports of Long Beach, Calif. is expected to have three Chevy powered Jimco open-wheel desert race cars competing to start this year’s SCORE World Desert Championship. Family patriarch Norm Wilson introduced his sons Rick, Randy and Ronny in the 1980s and the third generation of Wilson racers, cousins Brian and Brad to desert racing and all have become legends in SCORE Baja Continued next page


www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


racing and extremely popular among the hundreds of thousands of SCORE fans in Baja California. Currently Wilson Motorsports has three Jimco Racing open-wheel desert race cars all equipped with Chevy powerplants built by Las Vegas’ award-winning Wiks Racing Engines. All three are prepped to race in the unlimited Class 1 with Ronny Wilson, 58, driving in one, his son Brad, 30, driving a new Jimco and Brian, 34, (Rick’s son) driver of record in the third JimcoChevy Class 1 racer. With the second gen brothers and third-gen cousins sharing time behind the wheel at different times, Wilson Motorsports has won six SCORE season class point championships and they have over 100 podium finishes so far in their illustrious racing history. In 1987 Ronny Wilson won the season title in Class 43 for ATVs and later teamed with his brothers (Randy Wilson was the driver of record) to win titles in 1989 in Class 10 and 2009 in Class 1. With some help from their dads and uncles, third-gen racers Brian Wilson and Brad Wilson have added three more titles to the family treasure chest. Brian Wilson won Class 1 in 2017 while Brad Wilson earned season crowns in Class 10 in 2013 and in Class 1 in 2018. In 2019 Brad finished fourth in Class 1 points followed by Brian in fifth in Class 1 season points. With race schedule changes, making plans still subject to some change, Ronny Wilson is expected to have John Herder, 51, of Tucson, Ariz. as his second driver in the No. 135 Jimco-Chevy. Brian Wilson’s long-time second driver is Kyle Quinn, 30, Lakewood, Calif. in the No. 138 JimcoChevy while Brad Wilson’s second driver will again be Justin Munyon, 33, San Clemente, Calif. in the new No. 153 JimcoChevy.


John Langley shares some responses for COPS Racing while Ronny Wilson is the spokesperson for Wilson Motorsports responding to some questions regarding this down time from life as we have known it.


SCORE: How are you and your family coping overall with this virus situation? JL: Like everyone else, we are hunkered down and trying to avoid contact with anyone so we don’t catch Covid-19 or spread it! RW: Very strange times but we are dealing with this the best we can. Only seeing family. SCORE: Is everybody healthy at home? JL: Everybody is good so far. Just going stir crazy! RW: Yes, so far we are all good. SCORE: How is your business handling this situation?

JL: Our team is working—at home—and getting all our equipment as good as it can be for the earliest race that makes sense. RW: As our team is made up mostly of volunteers, so we are asking them to stay home with their families. SCORE: Is your race shop still working? JL: Our shop is closed except for picking up needed parts or equipment to take home to work. RW: Mike (Stapleton) and Chris are still working during the days, but no Tuesday night shop time with the drivers. SCORE: What are some things you and your shop team are working on to keep

JL: All my employees are working from home and everybody, on the production side (Langley Productions) and race side (COPS Racing), will remain employed! We’ll take a financial hit but that’s not our main concern. Like everyone else, we are anxious to win this one and get back to racing! RW: So far we are OK, Some of our jobs have been shut down but we have not laid off anybody as of this week. Some of the office staff is working from home and others are only coming in to the office to get files. SCORE: What are you doing with your race team during this time?

ready to race? JL: You name it! Every detail we can think of that never quite gets taken care of is now thoroughly reviewed and fixed or replaced or modified, as the case may be. RW: Doing extended prep on pre-runners and completing final touches on Brad’s new Jimco. SCORE: How are you keeping in touch with your race team? JL: We are all one big virtual family! RW: Mostly through emails and phone calls.

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

SCORE: Have you done or are planning to do any form of vehicle testing in the near future? JL: I wish we could test but we don’t seem to have any options right now. But we will be ready to roll as soon as we get a green light. RW: At this moment we are not, due to the request to stay at home. We anticipate testing as soon as that request is lifted. SCORE: Will you be submitting the application with the SBA for the payroll stimulus payroll? JL: We don’t need a loan, we need a race! RW: Yes, for our family construction business. SCORE: Have you had a chance to play the new SCORE Baja Big Air Game yet on Apple Apps or Google Play? If so, how did you do? JL: Nope, but my boys probably have. RW: Brad has played it, showing his nephew Maddox the ropes and he showed him how to win the SCORE Baja 1000! SCORE: How hard has the adjustment been for you to just sit and wait while the virus is eradicated? JL: Other than fighting with my wife, all is normal...which is to say, all is normal! RW: Very tough, tired of watching the news. Just looking forward to the day when we can get back to normal and we can all return to Baja! SCORE: What are you doing to get some physical and mental exercise and stay physically sharp during this challenging time? JL: I envision every race I have won and keep winning them over and over again! And then I wallow in my mistakes and live them like a gerbil on a wheel that goes nowhere! And I walk a few miles every day and work out three times a week. And of course take all the pills prescribed by my cardiologist! Oh, and drink a lot of fine wine! RW: We are all mountain biking a few days a week. For more information regarding SCORE, visit the official website of the SCORE World Desert Championship at www.SCOREInternational.com. E


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e h t g n i r u d d i d What I ! n w o d t u h S 9 1 COVID-

James Perham and Justin Longi finding new trails, Lake Havasu City AZ


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June Bug the bulldog is taking full advantage of social isolation - Calvin Walsh, Nampa ID

By the end of my social isolation, I will have the best organized garage in SoCal and the "Flyer One" vintage Light Strike Vehicle will be ready for a team of disabled vets from Warfighter Made to take on the Baja 1000! - Mike "Admiral Mike" Shatynski, Oceanside CA


I kept working - Bill Quackenbush, San Diego CA

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Shaun and Ivey Taijeron at the Sculptures in Borrego Springs. Project=date night ‘cause I refuse to sit inside.

Lee Falk and Holly Reed-Falk. Brawley Slide, Glamis. Easter Sunday 2020

My daughter painting my container at the property - Richard Calahan, Temecula CA

Even the side by sides are social distancing. Hot Spring Lakes - Julie Peck Todd Bailey with Christian Hutchins in Henderson NV


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www.oregonduneskoa.com 38

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Skylar Arcidiacono

Addison Howard from The Howard Tribe Warriors. Turning the skateboard ramps into a pit bike track.

While taking time off of work I got to rebuild the top end of my DR650. - Ed Stovin, San Diego CA Family ride south of 78, Ocotillo Wells. Steve and Summer Kukla, Savi, Jojo and Doug Pope and social distancing in the back Ted Kukla.


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The Shaw family enjoying Glamis - Dan Shaw, Crest CA

Mary Ann and Lindsay ground the rust off container while Chris primed. Words of wisdom.. if container salesman says he can paint it for $500. PAY IT!! - Mary Ann Correll, Oceanside

Nick Nicholson working on the foot pegs, chain alignment and controls on his Yamaha FT 07 750 Flat Tracker in his shop. Then wiring and off to paint.


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COVID-19 SPECIAL www.getlandtoday.com www.getlandtoday.com


Residential Land Salton City, CA APN #011-314-006-000 $19 DOWN $75 PER MONTH

1 Acre Niland, CA APN #002-110-058-000 $19 DOWN $150 PER MONTH

2.5 Acres Ocotillo Wells, CA APN #018-240-050-000 $19 DOWN $75 PER MONTH

Residential Land North Shore, CA (Riverside County) APN #723-334-027 $19 DOWN $125 PER MONTH

10 Acres Ocotillo Wells, CA APN #017-370-004-000 $19 DOWN $350 PER MONTH


www.getlandtoday.com My Desert Realty, Inc. 2124 Thomas Cannell Rd., Salton City, CA 92275 (866) 996-5687 | DRE #01930925

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Jojo Pope and Jasmine Harbin social distancing at Glamis

My granddaughter Lily Olson in her stickered out car. - Ken and Rosa Olson, Chula Vista CA

42 42

Salton City: Erin, Marty and Jodi Krohn. Mike, Tanya, Kylie and Tyler Martorano. Jeff, Ashley and Nicole Gautschi. Mike, Bella and Erica Martorano. Jodk Krohn, La Verne CA

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Greg Spounias being Glad man, Hot Spring Lakes - Julie Peck


This is how we survive during the covid-19 virus! Go out and play in the dirt and have a great time! - Kera Berry, El Cajon CA

We got out of the state, went to the 'West Coast of Arizona.’ Arizona State Parks are OPEN. We spent 3 nights at Buckskin Mountain, just below Parker Dam, and 3 nights at Cattail Cove State Park on Lake Havasu. Both are in Arizona. - Doug Mcpheeters, Santee CA

Riley Howard from The Howard Tribe Warriors. The desert is shutdown, but the backyard is OPEN.

Seth Howard from The Howard Tribe Warriors. Living that "SHREDDY LIFE" in the backyard.

AHEAD! S O T O H P E R O M www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



KJ & Audrey Mason. Hang Glider Hill on the backside of Lakeside in Blossom Valley overlooking El Monte Valley with El Cap Mountain in the back.... my favorite hidden gem trail in my home town.


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Wesley Fryman (4), and his little sister Leanna Fryman (2), pause for a grin for their Nana, Marla Fryman. Their family’s 2008 Polaris Ranger 6X6, in the background. Photo by Marla Fryman, San Diego CA

Missing a print copy? Visit the website and find out how to order a print version!


To use this time confined to home and garage, I built a workbench for electrical projects on my cars. I have a legit 120v to 12v Power Supply to test my work and components. Also tools, soldering gun, various test leads, multimeter and supplies. I just completed a console for my car. It was nice to know that everything worked before putting it in the car. Plug and play! - Steve Cody, Lakeside CA


Here’s my sand buggy engine almost back together after losing oil pressure on March 8 - Tom Ferguson, Chula Vista CA

I also put the top end on my 250 Yamaha project - Tom Ferguson, Chula Vista CA

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David Wicka and Sookie Wicka spent the weekend of 4/11/20 in Ocotillo Wells. The Off Road Park was closed but we accomplished a lot of housekeeping and maintenance on our property. We did take a ride in the golf cart on the backroads (south side) of Highway 78. Enjoyed some great views on Saturday 4/11 after the storm passed thru.The park was closed and deserted as everyone was doing a great job of social distancing. - David Wicka, Escondido CA

Safe work (left) to play hard (above) - Joe Parra, El Centro CA

4/18/20 at Sugar Bowl west of trestles, Ocotillo Wells CA - Robin Marroquin, San Diego CA


My husband, Dave and I bought our first SxS together on February 28th and got to take her out only twice before all heck broke lose and the parks were closed. We've been self-quarantined since March 15th and have spent this time ordering accessories and parts online for our 2020 Polaris RZR XP1000. He's the mechanic, I'm the electrician, and together we've made some amazing upgrades with more still to come! In the past 4 weeks we've added 6-click harnesses, upgraded the suspension, installed rocklights, lighted whips, spot lights, a 32" curved light bar, and a second battery with a new fuse box to support all the new accessories as well as the winch we have coming in from Rocky Mountain ATV in the next week or two. Riding season will be done in SoCal by the time the parks begin to reopen, we're hopeful that we'll be able to take her up to Utah and ride in the mountains outside of Salt Lake City. - Amanda & Dave Anderson, San Diego CA


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Avoiding the craziness in the middle of the Buttercup dunes. Enjoying the sunshine and the dirt with Kera Berry, Tom Jordan, Robert Berry and Julian Hoefert! - Kera Berry, El Cajon CA

This was in Cibola AZ. Clayton Winiecki, Chase, Maddy, Alysse, Katylin and Landen - Mary Winiecki


Reconditioning my Prius's battery. Installing lights and much more. - Eder Raheemah, El Cajon CA

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Family desert days at Superstition. - Chip Tidball, La Mesa CA

Daniel Winiecki in Cibola AZ - Mary Winiecki

Here is a pic of the lockdown project in my garage in Orange County. A 1971 Rickman Montesa 250 chassis that someone put a Yamaha DT1 motor into many years ago. Motor swap was an amateur hammer and hacksaw job. Having to fix a bunch of the previous owner’s mechanical sins. Pic is of remachining the steering head for new tapered roller bearings. Because all the racing and organized riding is shut down I now have extra time to do these time comsuming repairs. - Randy Ressell, Westminster CA Linda Hawley at Superstition Mountain CA


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HEAD! A S O T O H P E R MO Our son Kevin Fryman, and his wife Joanna. This is one of our usual wash spots for tailgate BBQ lunch. Photo by Marla Fryman, San Diego CA

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Journee Richardson, Christian Hutchins and CJ Hutchins in Henderson NV Get YOUR photos in a future Reader Special Feature! Visit www.ssorm.com and sign up to get the FREE digital magazine You'll be notified of all the upcoming Reader Features!

Weekends in the Dez (undisclosed location) - Bill Quackenbush, San Diego CA

Not one person within 1/2 mile - Richard Calahan, Temecula CA


And that's it for the COVID-19 Quarantine Special! Let's all hope we don't have to do this again next month!


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Great Time to Catch Up on Projects


ll this lounging around the house lately is getting to me. Too much slacking off, and I am developing bad habits. Getting up late, drinking coffee, doing nothing until 10:30 when someone makes breakfast. And then hanging around until lunchtime at 12:30 or 1:00. Sound familiar? (C’mon, admit it: You’re taking advantage of the “stay-athome” rule!) Eating is a common pastime when there’s not much else to do. That’s not good. Factor in the sedentary lifestyle, and you have a recipe for a lazy lifestyle. And a waste of valuable time. Snap out of it. This pandemic should be leveling off soon. Officials will start lifting travel restrictions. Public places will once again be open for exploring. And you’ll be itching to go. The question is: Will you, your vehicle and your gear be ready to hit the trails?

Along the way, I saw a screw missing from the visor. Replaced that. Then I realized dust was getting in through a hole I use for my ham radio coax. Plugged that with Coax-Seal. In fact, I discovered (remembered actually) a number of little items needing Did your world fall off a cliff? repair. The project inch 7 mm bolt. I have lots of 7 mm bolts but got crazy from there. It mushroomed. none that long. But this is not the time to go I’ve heard from several avid fourshopping. As with the first-aid kit, make a list, wheelers who went down the same rabbit so you can restock those items when the time hole. All told me they enjoyed it. These is right or see if you can order it online. projects kept them busy, and they avoided all If you don’t have a list, I can the depressing news on the TV. The results recommend a few items. In fact, all you need were something they could be proud of. to do is sit in your vehicle for five minutes and Check out this message I received. “I you will come out with a day’s list of projects. moved everything out and gave the interior a You’ll notice all those deferred maintenance Use this time to clean, repair, replace good vacuum. I inspected my recovery gear projects. And the items that still work but It all started with a plan to “detail” including pulling out my Pull Pal, rarely used, could be a lot nicer. the inside of my 4-wheel drive. I keep it to make sure things weren’t rusted and gave Before you put everything back in the reasonably clean. After each trip, I vacuum the it a little WD-40 here and there. I pulled out vehicle, test all the on-board equipment to Never can have enough tentstakes Cheetos crumbs on the seats and wipe down 30 feet of winch line to inspect it, and made make sure it is in tip-top shape. – they don’t need to be pretty. the dash. But with the extra time on my hands, sure the winch was working (winch needed Start with the winch, as we use them You may need to chase the wiring to find a I recently decided to pull out all the gear and a wipe to remove surface rust and little WDrarely. Run a bit of cable out – at least you’ll broken connection or a short. This is why you do a thorough cleaning. I carry a lot of backup 40). I cleaned and lubed the moving parts of know the motor and controller work. shouldn’t put all the gear back. gear, so it covered the garage floor. my tailgate. I went through my ‘food box,’ Ensure that all your radios work. Continued on next page actually a drawer, and tossed out stuff that was really out of date. I also went through my first aid kits checking for outdated items and made a list of things that need to be replaced.” Seems like I am not the only one thinking along these lines. I want to pick up on a point made above: “… made a list of things that need to be replaced.” It seems almost every project requires a visit to Nothing better to do than check for perfect the car parts store, the hardware coffee water temp store or lumber yard to finish it. With all the gear out of the way, I Quite often it is a 25 cent snap ring or a small vacuumed, scrubbed, and pried dirt and dust hose. On-board welder: Test with a simple project. Make a few metal tent out of the vehicle. As an example, right now I need a 3½ stakes.


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www.ecppowdercoating.com www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


www.axiaalloys.com Did you replace the bolt used last time? Do you have the right selection? Inspect your bag/box of electrical stash. Is the electric tape still good? Do you have enough wire connectors, relays, fuses (all sizes), etc.? Tune up your 4WD vehicle. Change the oil, test the batteries, and get to all that deferred maintenance. If you are not driving, check the batteries each week to make sure they are staying charged. I like to test my solar panel by using it to charge them up. Fix all the little things you’ve been meaning to get to. Like that screw that keeps falling out of the door handle. After you restock your vehicle, start planning a 4WD trip you want to take. Organize your game plan to include the Now that you’ve cleaned your vehicle, it’s time to inspect your gear. There route (maps, GPS route), history, could be dozens of pieces of equipment. Here are some important ones. campsites and fuel locations. Make Check your on-board compressor and a list of ham radio repeaters, weather Continued your backup compressor. information, and other important data. Much Check other recovery gear. Look for Specific gear to examine of this can be done online frays; clean, lube, repair Grinder: Since I have an on-board Yes, all this takes time. But you have • Screw pin bow shackles welder, I need a grinder. Premier Power lots of time on your hands now, right? Put it • Extension ropes Welder knew that and provided a 2300-watt to good use. Once this pandemic is behind us, • Tree straps inverter. Use the grinder and the SAWZALL you’ll be ready to hit the trails. • Pull pal & accessory tools as part of the tent stake project to verify they • Hi-Lift jack work. Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD Now tackle the tool chest. Update, add, owners how to confidently and safely use their SAWZALL: If you have enough tent vechicles to the fullest extent in difficult or delete tools. stakes, make more! Carry six or eight to loan. Redo that drawer system in the back that terrain and adverse driving conditions. This small project will test your helmet, rod, Contact him at tom@4x4training.com or visit was only a temporary solution five years ago. gloves, extension cords, etc. www.4x4training.com to develop or improve While you’re at it, check the contents of Replace all the batteries in flashlights, your driving skill. Copyright 2020, Badlands your first-aid kit. headlamps, etc. Off-Road Adventures, Inc E Review that selection of nuts and bolts.

4x4 Coach


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We have no idea at Badlands Off-Road Adventures when we will be able to start up again. All the May clinics and events are effectively cancelled but are listed as out of stock on the web site www.4x4training. com/w/schedule/ The reason, is that it allows you to place a “back order” aka get on the wait list. Think of it as registering for the event or class. You will only hear from us if the event can be run.


www.autofab.com www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


First Drive

2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP 4 Ultimate A

t this point, we all know what a Polaris RZR is. The sport UTV craze was blown wide open with the RZR 800 back in the late 2000’s, and, today, the UTV market is larger than ever. Polaris still has a good foothold on the sport UTV market, but Can-Am and the Japanese brands like Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki are all hot on the RZR’s heels with great products. Can-Am, especially, has a strong foothold on the market and has been taking the UTV game straight to Polaris. Needless to say, the engineers at Polaris have been pushed to solidify their offerings as some of the best on the market while retaining the fun-to-drive attitude that a RZR has always enjoyed… Enter the 2020 model year and Polaris had something up their sleeves. The all-new 3rd generation RZR is now dubbed the “PRO” model, and you’ll find 2- and 4-seat vehicles with a 64” width and 181 turbocharged horsepower in the lineup. If you’re reading this and saying that horsepower number

is still less than the X3, you’re absolutely right. Like we always say, it’s what you do with the power that counts… The RZR PRO XP 4 that we are reviewing on these pages has all of the latest features of the PRO lineup, including an all-new one-piece chassis that doesn’t bolt together in the center anymore, an extended wheelbase compared to past 4-seat Polaris RZRs (more on that later), an all new look on the outside that some are finding adequately aggressive and some are saying is just weird, a revised twin cylinder ProStar turbocharged engine that pumps up the power a bit and includes many more solid components for greater longevity, new clutching through and through, new cargo box layout, new stronger ROPS system, and, quite possibly the most important thing is the all-new interior that significantly changes the way you sit in and drive a RZR. Obviously the first thing you will notice is how the outside of the RZR

PRO XP 4 has been changed to have a shark fin nose and higher belt line down the side of the body, leading you to the re-styled back end. One of the best new features on the PRO lineup is the one-piece cargo bed in the rear, which completely removes with just 4 bolts. Once removed, there is easy access to the entire engine compartment, making athome maintenance and servicing that much easier. This easy serviceability continues to the inside where the rear firewall panels remove in two pieces and completely expose the front side of the engine. Both of these removals combine to make servicing this vehicle a cinch. Since we are already talking about the inside and, specifically, the rear seats with the removable rear fire wall, the rear seats are all new with better bolstering and much more leg room than before. With the front seat all the way back and my 6’3”, long-legged body in the back seat, I no longer hit the front seat backs with my knees. Plus, the seat

Is This The Ultimate Family And Adventure-Ready UTV?

60 S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- MAY - MAY2020 2020- -www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com

Story & Photos By Casey Cordeiro backs no longer have metal frames protruding out to bruise your knees. These new seats have a smooth back. There is, however, metal pieces (covered by plastic) protruding out a bit in the foot compartment in the back seat, so just be aware of this. The rear seating area is a bit more plain Jane compared to the front, but there is still ample storage and convenience features, just nothing to knock your socks off. If you’re an adventure enthusiast and love camping, then this RZR PRO XP 4 could be your ultimate vehicle. Why?! Well, because the rear seat backs come out and the seat bottoms flip forward to create a fully loadflat floor. We fit 2 large and 2 small plastic construction boxes back here and secured them down with the included metal hooks. Man-oh-man, what a rad feature! We also put our

dogs back here with the seats folded down (strapped in of course) with a dog bed on top of the plastic so they have comfort. If you don’t need to haul 4 people all the time, then this fold-flat floor works awesome! You can even fold one side flat and leave the third seat up, thus giving you the ultimate passenger and dog space. This is also the ultimate UTV setup for overnight camping trips. You can keep the weight lower, compared to a roof rack setup, if you don’t need to haul 4 people. If you do need to haul 4 people, you have the deep cargo tray in the back, too. The front passenger compartment is equally as new, and Polaris finally upgraded the seats with much better foam everywhere in the seat. They also developed fantastic new seat sliders that don’t get stuck after one or two uses, and built in tilt

adjustability of the seat bases (easily adjustable with just 2 bolts). When you couple these new seats with the tilt and industry-first telescoping steering wheel, you can really dial in the driver’s seating position to your individual liking. The seats don’t rattle on their bases anymore (much more secure attachment system), and the feet support – dead pedal for your left foot and heel support for your right foot – are in the best positions for easy 1- or 2-foot driving. The view out the front of the vehicle, even with the lower overall seating position, is also very good with lower sculpted front plastics. The view is similar but still not quite as good as Yamaha’s YXZ1000R. The electric power steering is the final piece to this pie – it’s a bit heavier than before but I really like that for faster driving, and the ratio is extremely

quick, which gives the driver the ability to make quick adjustments for upcoming obstacles at speed. The passenger side is equally as comfortable with a new quick adjust grab bar, and the doors all around have been greatly improved with full coverage in the 4-seater PRO XP. Finally Polaris included better doors! If you’re riding in mostly muddy conditions, you’re going to want to find aftermarket doors that seal around the body of this RZR, but all of you desert, dune, and trail riders out there will be fine with these. The last part of the interior that is significant is all of the technology wrapped into the Ultimate model. If you aren’t a fan of technology, the cheaper Premium and base models get rid of these features, but the Ultimate is definitely posh Continued next page

www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 61 www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 61

and very nice to have. For starters, the 7” glove touch Ride Command digital display is built into the center of the dash, and it’s easy to see for all passengers. Driver and front passenger have easy access to all controls, including the buttons for a digital dashboard, built-in GPS navigation system (Ride Command GPS technology), FM and AM radio controls, bluetooth phone pairing controls, diagnostics, and all machine settings. The

revised UI (user interface) of the Ride Command system is so easy to use, and so intuitive. Paired with the steering wheel controls, just like you would find in a modern automobile, the driver doesn’t ever have to take their hands off the wheel to control stereo volume and electronic shock adjustments. Yes, you read that right. In addition to Ride Command, the Ultimate PRO XP 4 model comes standard with a Rockford Audio stereo system with 4 separate speakers and 2 additional tweeters in the front. We have come to really enjoy having the key in its auxiliary position and being able to listen to the radio while stopped for a break on the trail. It’s awesome and sounds pretty darn good for a stock stereo system (upgrades are available). Last but not least, those of you who want to add accessories to this vehicle will find it easier than ever with the Polaris Pulse quick connect wiring system included just under the center storage compartment on top of the dash (there is a passenger glove box, lower passenger storage space in the center of the vehicle, and center storage compartment for the front passengers, giving you plenty of storage space). With 10

62 S&S 62 S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE--MAY MAY2020 2020--www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com

switch cutouts pre-cut in the dash, you can easily buy quick connect wiring harnesses and wire up your accessories easier than ever! There are 6 prewired connection spots in the Pulse system that allow you to either wire up accessories to have constant power, or you can wire up accessories to have power when the key is in the “accessory” and “on” positions. All I can say is that every manufacturer should adopt this system, it is just that good. Kudos, Polaris, for making it SO easy to add accessories. Alrighty, so it’s comfortable and loaded with technology, but how does the RZR PRO XP 4 drive?! The RZR PRO XP 4 has an 8” longer wheelbase than past 64” RZR XP 4 models (125” now instead of 117”), and you can really feel how that wheelbase affects the vehicle. The PRO benefits from this extension are more stability in the corners, a way more controlled suspension action over the whoops, and the same capability that you would expect out of a RZR. One of the most impressive parts of this PRO XP 4 is that it performed so well in the rock crawling situations on the 700-mile journey we took it on recently. Sure, the breakover angle is not that of a 2-seater, that’s a given, but the full skid plates, which come standard on all PRO-models, and the extended wheelbase give this PRO XP 4 plenty of capability in the tight stuff. Credit the quick steering for aiding in these situations. And the capability is further realized when the speeds increase and you start hitting the wide open straights and turns. Again, quick steering makes this RZR a blast to fling into corners and make quick adjustments. The fast throttle response and progressive brake pedal motion gives you confidence when truly flinging this thing into corners. As long as the whoops aren’t spaced more than about 6 feet apart, you’re going to be able to navigate whoops with more confidence than any previous RZR. This new PRO model is truly a massive step up in the allaround handling department. Sure, past RZRs are fun to drive, but this new PRO model can better handle the wide range of terrain that you find in the deserts and mountains. The entire powertrain system has been upgraded for this new PRO model, and that is evident right from startup. The engine starts with confidence just like a regular car, every time. The engine is designed for better cooling with a heat soak input at the top of the engine now so the engine doesn’t heat up too much after shutdown. We have put 1300 miles on this vehicle now and have

never seen the temperature go above 204, even during long dune runs. Can you feel the additional power when in the dunes? The increase in 13 horsepower to 181 total doesn’t seem significant, but when you pair the new clutching and increase in power, you really feel how this RZR puts the power down efficiently. The throttle response is immediate, and this RZR crawls at 2 mph with ease as well. We also noticed how this engine seems more fuel efficient than past models, giving you increased ride time, especially with the all-new 13 gallon tank. More time to ride means more time for fun! The last significant part of the RZR PRO XP 4 is the Dynamix Fox LiveValve suspension, which gives you electronically adjusted suspension (right from the buttons on the steering wheel, or in the central Ride Command display) and 17” of front travel and 20” of rear travel with a true dual rate spring setup on all 4 corners (unfortunately, no crossover rings are found on these shocks). Three modes are found in this suspension system for varying levels of compression dampening – Comfort, Sport, and Firm. Contrary to past Dynamix systems, Firm is actually a usable mode now, and this is in part

thanks to that “oh crap” red button on the steering wheel. Again, another great innovation by Polaris and Fox here, but the red button is used for immediate full-firm compression dampening. Simply hold the button

down on the steering wheel if you see an unexpected bump coming that you need full compression dampening. Hold it all the way through the bump so you can soak it up, then release the button to return to your desired suspension compression mode. It’s

incredible! If you like duning, this is especially handy when coming up to the bottom of g-outs in the dunes where you want to attack them with speed. Simply hold the button and you’re ready to soak it up! For normal driving, Sport mode is phenomenal, delivering the ideal balance between a smooth ride and plenty of compression firmness as you hit bigger bumps. Plus, you can leave it in Sport and just use the “oh crap” button for any of the larger bumps. It truly is an incredible system with immediate response. Speaking of ride quality, this RZR PRO XP 4 has one of the most progressive rides in any sport UTV we have ever tested. It’s incredibly smooth at all speeds over the

washboard that is so common on UTV trails these days – you actually don’t mind the washboard in this UTV! When the speeds increase, the ride remains buttery smooth but has the compression needed if the big bumps sneak up on you. This RZR PRO XP 4 is a very good UTV, no doubt about that, and it is by far the best 4-seat RZR that Polaris has ever produced. If you’re looking for a family UTV that can haul people and all of your gear, this is a

fantastic option. Yes, there are still some Polaris quality issues where the interior plastics don’t fit together perfectly, but that is one of the only quality things we can nitpick on this RZR. I have been very critical of RZR vehicles in the past with fit and finish and powertrain quality issues, but this new PRO model is truly a massive step in the right direction for the brand. You can’t even hear the wonderful front differential in this UTV, or the carrier bearings, which are an achilles heel in past RZR models. If you’re looking at this RZR PRO XP 4 compared to a Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX X ds Turbo RR (the direct, 64” wide comparison), you’re going to find that the RZR PRO has found the better middle ground in the wheelbase measurement compared to the X3 MAX. The MAX is still very long for tight trails (wheelbase = 135”, a full 10” longer), where the RZR is a bit more nimble. The RZR just utilizes its space a bit more effectively. It also probably isn’t going to win a drag race with the X3, especially with the higher dry weight (the RZR PRO XP 4 weighs 2044 lbs dry, compared to the X3 MAX X ds Turbo RR at 1765.9 lbs). It seems somewhat odd to write this, but the RZR does have better quality in some areas, especially with respect to every suspension connection being double sheer (the X3 is still single sheer in some areas). And, the RZR PRO cannot be beat in the area of technology (the biggest factor in the price gap between the X3 and the RZR), both with the in-dash 7” display and electronic Fox suspension. At the end of the day, sit in both and figure out which one is more comfortable for you. Also figure out how much technology you want to have in your off-road toy. All of this technology in the Ultimate model does come with a steep entry price. However, I don’t think you need to modify this PRO XP 4 like you would past RZR models. It comes with nearly everything, including a much better built roll cage than past factory units. The MSRP comes in at $32,299. You can get a much less optioned out base model, too, which starts at $25,699. The Premium model starts at $27,999. So, if you want it all, you have to pay for it all. I’ll tell you this, if you can afford it, the Ultimate model is a one-stop shop, complete with everything you need to enjoy trail, desert, and dune riding for MANY years. Until next time, stay safe on the trail! E

www.ssorm.com MAY2020 2020- -S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE 63 www.ssorm.com - -MAY 63

Photo Essay by JUDD NEVES Nothing but Dirt Racing Photography No race photos to submit in this crazy covid obsessed world. So Judd did the next best thing. Went into the archives and came up with this special feature.

64 64

S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- MAY MAY 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com

www.ssorm.com -- MAY MAY 2020 2020 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE www.ssorm.com

65 65

66 66

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68 68

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S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

And that's a wrap for the photo essay. We end with this racer's antics.

As Judd says: "He Rode Away Singing Two Octaves Higher."

www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Racers Brave Deep Vicksburg Silt in

AZOP Junkyard GP 2020 AZOP Rowley White RV Series, Round 3, Vicksburg, AZ March 7-8, 2020 Article and Photos by Miller Truby

76 S&S MAGAZINE - MAY -2020 www.ssorm.com 76 OFF S&SROAD OFF ROAD MAGAZINE MAY-2020 - www.ssorm.com

#80 Hayden Thomas, second Big UTV Overall on Saturday and #2020 Jeremiah Scott, third in the same class


t may have only been March but things were already heating up in the 2020 AZOP Rowley White RV Series championship races! As spring weather rolled through the southwestern US, AZOP’s desert racers headed for the unassuming small town of Vicksburg, Arizona to stage a race at a truly unique venue:

a private junkyard! Presented by The

Hideaway Grill and Roadhouse as well as MRT, the Junkyard GP was run on a track approximately five miles in length which first snaked through the abandoned cars and other collected residue of the junkyard before heading out to the silt beds and even an old abandoned runway. Weeks of work went into the creation of the manmade portions

of the track and water was dumped onto the infield sections near the pits in an attempt to keep the dust down, both for those in attendance as well as the drivers on Interstate 10, which borders the northern edge of the property. While all the watering and prep time certainly helped, after two days with hundreds of contestants pounding around and plenty of hot

sun and wind, the dust clouds raised by the soft Vicksburg soil were still epic. The full-size UTV classes had an especially tough time as the dust from the large field of entrants eventually limited visibility along the entire track. Continued on next page

The real story of the weekend was the silt. The second half of the

www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 77 77 www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE

AZOP Junkyard GP

CONTINUED course saw racers heading away from the pits and out into an open section of desert that appeared to be normal sandy soil. However after the first few races on Saturday this section of the course had been churned up enough to reveal a layer of incredibly fine powdery soil more than a foot deep. Once the heavier quads and UTV’s began to run through these sections the true nature of the course was revealed and racers began to adjust strategies to try to mitigate the total lack of visibility and potentially catastrophic damage to air filters and the engines they protect. Some chose to attack the silt in hopes of floating over the top while others drifted out as wide as possible looking for any available hard-packed dirt. Despite copious course markers

Anthony Luna, first 250cc A and practice sessions racers still found it difficult to stay on track and

keep their bearings through this section of the course with several ending up off track wandering in circles Saturday Motorcycle Results waiting for the dust to clear before being able Big Bikes - Overall: 1. #14 Brian Perry 2. #225 Hunter Guiboa 3. #219 Jesse Romer Open A: 1. #14 to rejoin. Brian Perry 2. #225 Hunter Guiboa Open B: 1. #415 Tate Van Voorst 2. #724 Taylor Wilson 3. #800 Jacob Moraga Open C: 1. #255 Matthew Romer 2. #814 Lewis Wright 3. #174 Tanner Lindley 125 With mechanical 250cc A: 1. #700 Anthony Luna 125-250cc B: 1. #4295 Jonathan Kirat 2. #170 Hunter Beltran 125attrition becoming a Hayden Griffith, first Pee Wee 50cc 250cc C: 1. #727 Jaeqon Peterson 2. #694 Dylan Skaggs 3. #33 Hayden Gilbert Vet 30+ A: 1. #219 7-8 years old factor after Saturday’s Jesse Romer 2. #059 Bobby Lee Vet 30+ B: 1. #209 Jerod Kunzweiler 2. #416 Chad MacCracken Vet races the decision 30+ C: 1. #420 Kevin Rennaker 2. #230 Donald Breaux 3. #808 Robbie Willis Senior 40+ C: 1. #831 However as the big UTV’s lined up for was made on Sunday Stephan Lewis 2. #345 Kirk Daniels Master 50+ A: 1. #311 Richard Heyer Master 50+ B: 1. #351 Sunday’s final race the question was Larry Gibson 2. #064 Ken Eldridge Super Senior 60+: 1. #666 Chuck Stevenson morning to shorten posed to the drivers whether they the course and skip would prefer to run the longer course Mini Bikes - Overall: 1. #2 Tristin Andrade 2. #330 Caidyn Breaux 3. #71 Danny Carter Mini 65cc B: the silt section. This with the silt or whether they would 1. #994 Mason Milacki 2. #151 Jeron Kunzweiler Mini 80-150cc A: 1. #750 Robbie Stephenson Mini effectively turned 80-150cc B: 1. #2 Tristin Andrade 2. #71 Danny Carter 3. #717 Abraham Rascon Mini 80-150cc C: 1. prefer to run the shortened course. Sunday’s bike and quad The pool of drivers overwhelmingly #74 Blake Gilbert 2. #13 Eddy Panuco 3. #55 Kayla Duke Women’s C: 1. #330 Caidyn Breaux 2. #93 Ellie Koester 3. #191 Grace Vinagro races into short-course voted for the longer, tougher course. style events with most After a few minutes of extra prep to Pee Wee Bikes - 1. #308 Aayden Tracy 2. #9 Luke Johnson 3. #153 Ryder Yates Pee Wee 50cc 4-6 of the racing taking open the backside of the track the years: 1. #214 Lariat Lawrence 2. #821 Audrina Andrade 3. #722 Riker Griffith Pee Wee 50cc 7-8 place on man-made years: 1. #301 Jayce Tracy 2. #1001 Maverick Willis 3. #918 Logan Ford Pee Wee 65cc C: 1. #308 race was on and the silt was flying obstacles and corners, Aayden Tracy 2. #9 Luke Johnson 3. #153 Ryder Yates once again! which made for great In the Big Bike races it was Brian spectating for the Perry taking the win both days on Saturday Quad/ATC Results fans in the pit areas. his #14 Honda and getting the clean Big Quads/ATCs - Overall: 1. #102 Ron Suor 2. #54 Todd Ellsworth 3. #106 Robert Dearth Vet Pro: 1. #102 Ron Suor 2. #54 Todd Ellsworth 3. #21 Rick Ellsworth Expert: 1. #106 Robert Dearth Sportsman: 1. #555 Ransom Martinez 2. #172 Scott Yarber 3. #302 Noah Fisher ATC: 1. #208 Ed Hicks 2. #71 Paul Airey

Mini Quads - Overall: 1. #57 Dakota Hibler 2. #84 Michael Owens 3. #333 Jayse Miller 250-400cc: 1. #57 Dakota Hibler 2. #48 Elizabeth George Mini 91-300cc 10-15 Years 1. #84 Michael Owens 2. #333 Jayse Miller 3. #17 Brayden Earlewine 71-150cc 8-11 Years: 1. #79 Alyssa Miller Pee Wee Quads - Overall: 1. #200 Cutter Gehrts 2. #31 Kaiden Lee 3. #623 Cain Llamas Pee Wee 50-79cc 4-6 Years: 1. #6 Emma Martinez 2. #89 Zane Gehrts Pee Wee 80-150cc Beginner: 1. #200 Cutter Gehrts 2. #31 Kaiden Lee 3. #623 Cain Llamas Saturday UTV Results Big UTVs - Overall: 1. #900 John Nix 2. #80 Hayden Thomas 3. #2020 Jeremiah Scott Pro Turbo: 1. #2020 Jeremiah Scott 2. #11 Paul Obrien 3. #903 Kody Winiecki Pro NA: 1. #900 John Nix 2. #80 Hayden Thomas 3. #904 Chase De Sousa Dias 1000cc Turbo 1. #1212 Tobias Gavin 2. #22 Glen Banta 3. #316 Chris Lindstrom 1000cc NA: 1. #504 Abe Martinez 2. #314 Katin Ladin 3. #15 Jayden Gerber 570cc UTVs - Overall: 1. #14 Ryan Bedoya 2. #1910 Grace Vinagro 3. #809 Jaxen Gibson 570cc Advanced: 1. #14 Ryan Bedoya 2. #1910 Grace Vinagro 570cc Beginner: 1. #809 Jaxen Gibson 2. #907 Alysse De Sousa Dias 3. #149 Jaxson Jauregui 570cc RS1: 1. #721 Victoria Leaming 170cc/250cc UTVs - Overall: 1. #55 Carson Greco 2. #94 Taylor Bedoya 3. #765 Presley Ladin 250cc: 1. #55 Carson Greco 2. #765 Presley Ladin 3. #116 Erik Alvidrez 170cc Modified: 1. #918 Izzy Ford 170cc Advanced: 1. #94 Taylor Bedoya 2. #979 Kenzey Graham 3. #866 Jaxon Leaming 170cc Beginner: 1. #86 Allison Furnell 2. #1866 Cameron Leaming 3. #153 Ryder Wilson

Kaiden Lee, second overall Pee Wee Quad


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

BIG UTV class

Jonathan Kirat, first 250cc B Class both Saturday and Sunday weekend sweep. Jesse Romer (#219) also had a great weekend, getting onto the podium both days with a third and a second, respectively. Defending Open B champion Tate Van Voorst (#415) walked away from his class both days and managed to pick up third overall on Sunday. Perhaps most impressive was Jonathan Kirat (#4295) putting the whole field on notice for the second race in a row and finishing fifth overall on Saturday and fourth overall on Sunday despite this being only his third race ever on a 125 after moving up from the mini ranks at the beginning of the season.

As always AZOP would like to thank all of the sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers, and spectators for making this another successful and fun weekend of racing. For full race

results, videos, and photos or to find out about upcoming events go to www.azopracing.com. E

Ron Suor (#102) also got a weekend sweep in the quad/atv races by outlasting the field and staying in clean air while nearly half of his Sunday Motorcycle Results competitors had to retire with mechanical issues on Saturday. Big Bikes - Overall: 1. #14 Brian Perry 2. #219 Jesse Romer 3. #415 Tate Van Voorst Open The quads seemed to have A: 1. #14 Brian Perry Open B: 1. #415 Tate Van Voorst 2. #724 Taylor Wilson 3. #317 Weston an especially hard time with Atwater Open C: 1. #174 Tanner Lindley 2. #255 Matthew Romer 3. #16 Ryan Roach 125the deep silt as several riders 250cc A 1. #700 Anthony Luna 125-250cc B: 1. #4295 Jonathan Kirat 125-250cc C: 1. #694 Dylan Skaggs 2. #727 Jaeqon Peterson 3. #555 Skyler Thomas Vet 30+ A: 1. #219 Jesse Romer ended up stranded with dead Vet 30+ B: 1. #209 Jerod Kunzweiler Vet 30+ C: 1. #420 Kevin Rennaker 2. #808 Robbie Willis motors. Pro rider Nick Helton Senior 40+ A: 1. #56 Andrew Smallhouse Senior 40+ C: 1. #831 Stephan Lewis Master 50+ had problems early on and A: 1. #311 Richard Heyer Master 50+ B: 1. #117 Kirtis Butler 2. #169 Gary Mortimer went so far as to run more than a mile back to his pit to retrieve Mini Bikes - Overall: 1. #177 Porter May 2. #330 Caidyn Breaux 3. #191 Grace Vinagro Mini a new air filter only to get back 80-150cc A: 1. #177 Porter May 2. #750 Robbie Stephenson Mini 80-150cc B: 1. #188 John Smallhouse 2. #286 Travis McConnell 3. #71 Danny Carter Mini 80-150cc C: 1. #74 Blake to the bike and find out that it Gilbert 2. #13 Eddy Panuco 3. #949 Anthony Garcia 65cc B: 1. #151 Jeron Kunzweiler 2. #994 still wouldn’t start! Mason Milacki Women’s C: 1. #330 Caidyn Breaux 2. #191 Grace Vinagro 3. #93 Ellie Koester Hayden Thomas (#80) had an excellent weekend Pee Wee Bikes - 1. #308 Aayden Tracy 2. #153 Ryder Yates 3. #9 Luke Johnson Pee Wee 50cc 4-6 years: 1. #203 Radley Konkright 2. #214 Lariat Lawrence 3. #722 Riker Griffith Pee in the UTV races, picking up Wee 50cc 7-8 years: 1. #723 Hayden Griffith 2. #301 Jayce Tracy 3. #299 Cayden Kleck Pee second place on Saturday and Wee 65cc C: 1. #308 Aayden Tracy 2. #153 Ryder Yates 3.) #9 Luke Johnson then taking the overall win on Saturday. John Nix (#900) got Sunday Quad/ATC Results the overall win on Sunday and Big Quads/ATCs - Overall: 1. #102 Ron Suor 2. #54 Todd Ellsworth 3. #555 Ransom Martinez then placed fourth overall on Pro: 1. #808 Nick Helton Vet Pro: 1. #102 Ron Suor 2. #54 Todd Ellsworth Sportsman: 1. Sunday. #555 Ransom Martinez 2.) #302 Noah Fisher 3.) #172 Scott Yarber

Mini Quads - Overall: 1. #84 Michael Owens 2.) #17 Brayden Earlewine Mini 91-300cc 10-15 Years: 1. #84 Michael Owens 2. #17 Brayden Earlewine Pee Wee Quads - Overall: 1. #200 Cutter Gehrts 2. #31 Kaiden Lee 3. #187 Jose Llamas Pee Wee 50-79cc 4-6 Years: 1. #6 Emma Martinez 2. #89 Zane Gehrts 3. #060 Aubrianna Laurenzan Pee Wee 80-150cc Beginner: 1. #200 Cutter Gehrts 2. #31 Kaiden Lee 3. #187 Jose Llamas Sunday UTV Results Big UTVs - Overall: 1. #80 Hayden Thomas 2. #11 Paul Obrien 3. #904 Chase De Sousa Dias Pro Turbo: 1. #11 Paul Obrien 2. #903 Kody Winiecki 3. #2020 Jeremiah Scott Pro NA: 1. #80 Hayden Thomas 2. #904 Chase De Sousa Dias 3. #900 John Nix 1000cc Turbo: 1. #22 Glen Banta 2. #990 Kirk Sutherland 3. #316 Chris Lindstrom 1000cc NA: 1. #1986 Travis Nelson 2. #999 Bo Radavich 3. #314 Katin Ladin 570cc UTVs - Overall: 1. #721 Victoria Leaming 2. #1910 Grace Vinagro 3. #14 Ryan Bedoya 570cc RS1: 1. #721 Victoria Leaming 570cc Advanced: 1. #1910 Grace Vinagro 2. #14 Ryan Bedoya 3. #557 Lucas Johnson 570cc Beginner: 1. #566 Alexia Leaming 2. #149 Jaxson Jauregui 3. #907 Alysse De Sousa Dias 170cc/250cc UTVs - Overall: 1. #55 Carson Greco 2. #866 Jaxon Leaming 3. #94 Taylor Bedoya 250cc: 1. #55 Carson Greco 2. #116 Erik Alvidrez 3. #147 Braden Krah 170cc Modified: 1. #918 Izzy Ford 170cc Advanced: 1. #866 Jaxon Leaming 2. #94 Taylor Bedoya 3. #979 Kenzey Graham 170cc Beginner: 1. #86 Allison Furnell 2. #210 Triton Lawrence 3. #1866 Cameron Leaming

Dakota Hibler, first 250-400cc Quad

www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


#7 Grant Holmes 1st place Pro class, 1st time pro win, 15 years old


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

#1 Travis Horn 1st place 85-100cc 2 Stroke Amateur followed by #28 Kage Tadman 2nd place 50cc 4 Stk Beginner 1. Duke Makarevich 2. Solomon Stern 3. Conner Allen 50cc Amateur 1. Curtis Nugent 50cc Novice 1. Jackson Brown 50cc 2 Stroke Beginner 1. Duke Makarevich 2. Gunner Mobley 3. Thomas Chavira 4. Danny Iha 5. Conner Allen 50cc Open 1. Jackson Brown 2. Duke Makarevich 3. Thomas Chavira 4. Solomon Stern 5. Gunner Mobley 65-70cc 2 Stroke Beginner 1. Jackson Brown 65-70cc 2 Stroke Amateur 1. Colton Shafer 65-70cc 2 Stroke Novice 1. Brayden Reed 85-100cc 2 Stroke Amateur 1. Travis Horn 2. Kage Tadman 3. Colin Petton 4. Sierra Hickerson 85-100cc 4 Stroke Amateur 1. Kage Tadmn 2. Sierra Hickerson 85cc Open 1. Kage Tadman 2. Travis Horn 3. Colin Petton 4. Sierra Hickerson 65-70cc Open 1. Colton Shafer 2. Jackson Brown 250cc Youth Open 1. Travis Horn 2. Cole Norman Classic Vintage 1. Jim Ottele 2. Jeff Apple 3. Joe Pape 4. Dwayne Locke Framer Only Expert 1. Grant Holmes 2. Travis Petton 3. Robbie Crean Open Unclassified 1. Zack Earwood 2. Name Unavailable 3. Bradley Tomas 4. Graham Gustin 5. Conner Hickerson Senior +50 Experts 1. Jon Nunes 2. Jim Rosa 3. Mike Vital 4. Ray Lopez 5. Jeff Apple Open Expert/Pro Non-Paying 1. Dusty Phares 2. Ryan Reed 3. Jacob Cascio 4. Scott Hanson 5. Mark Norman Powder Puff 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. Marissa Silva 3. Madison Murphy

Continued next page

Jackson Brown 1st place 50cc Open

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#84 Dusty Phares, 1st place Open Expert

SCFTA Flat Track Continued

Hooligan 1. Jim Ottele 2. Paul Hartman 3. Nick LaPaglia 4. Mearl Barnett 5. Graham Gusty Super Senior +60 Novice/Amateur 1. Gary Lane Premier Senior 1. Wayne Warrington 2. Allen Girdler Vets +35 Experts 1. Jon Nunes 2. Ryan Reed 3. Curtis Cannon 4. Robbie Crean Vets +35 Amateur/Novice 1. Michael Diffenbaugh 2. Addam Lesley 3. Tim Qball Super Senior +60 Expert 1. Jim Ottele 2. Ray Lopez 3. John Garica 4. Don Jensen 5. Robert Stettler Madd Dog Open 4 Stroke 1. Jim Rosa 2. Conner Hickerson 3. Sierra Hickerson 4. Mark Heathfield 5. Tracy Williams Seniors +50 Amateur/Novice 1. Travis Ward 2. Mark Norman 3. Adam Lesley 4. Steele Friedrich Open Amateur 1. Cole Norman 2. Conner Hickerson Open Novice/Beginner 1. Nick LaPaglia 2. Bradley Tomas 3. James Broskey 4. Zane Davis Bomber Expert 1. Danny Perkins 2. Robbie Crean 3. Scott Hanson Bomber Amtaeur/Novice 1. Dwayne Lock Pro 1. Grant Holmes 2. Nick Garcia 3. Clayton Williams 4. Jacob Cascio 5. Andre Ochs

www.scftaracing.com #89 Danny Perkins 1st place Bomber Expert


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com


#88 Jim Rosa 2nd place +50 Expert, #48 Mike Vital 3rd place followed by eventuall winner #71m Jon Nunes 1st place

www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE





housands of off-road racing enthusiasts made their annual trek out to Johnson Valley on Friday, February 7th for the Main Event of the 2020 Hammers Week, the week long salute to off-road racing and offroad sports in general, with the Nitto King of the Hammers Powered by OPTIMA Batteries combining two of the most popular off-road activities: open desert racing and rock climbing. This year's event would crown a brand new King, as Josh Blyler, despite an embarrassing roll-over on the final lap, was first across the finish line. But given the nature of off-road racing, where the winner is decided on time rather than who crosses the finish line first, he had to wait to find out if he was truly the winner as a few other competitors

84 84

were still capable of taking the victory away if they could make it to the finish line in time. For what seemed like an eternity, Blyler, his co-driver, and the fans waited and waited as the clock ticked down until no one else on the course could beat his time. Finally, the clock ran down and Blyler was officially the winner. Blyler is the defending champion in Ultra 4, but this was his first Hammers win. “We knew we were leading, we knew we were doing good, and we drove it in there too hot, too hard, like a bunch of idiots, and just like that, we were on the roof,” Blyler said at the finish line. “Jared was scrambling, he couldn’t get out. We finally got out, and as he was Story continued on page 79

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

#306 Michael Ayersman finished 29th overall and #929 Michael Feagins was the last finisher at 44th place, a huge feat in itself since over half of the field of competitors did not finish.

www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Kris Wicks, 37th overall

Trouble on the trail

David Kamo, silver finisher, 5th overall King of the Motos

Jordan Pellegrino, one of the 60+ competitors who did not finish

Even with a late in the race roll-over Josh Blyler was crowned King of the Hammers for 2020


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Michael Aranda, 64th overall King of the Motos

Sam Collins, 30th overall

Official King of the Motos, Cody Matthew-Webb, overall winner

Jason Scherer

www.ssorm.com -- MAY MAY 2020 2020 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE www.ssorm.com

87 87

Ryan Gouvela, 19th overall


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Jeff McKinlay leads a pack of racers down the rocks

King of the Hammers Story Continued from page 74 the sport's top racers, several of them hooking the former Kings themselves, starting winches up he up front. Defending champion Jason said ‘Don’t wait on Scherer was the early leader until he me when we get dropped out with transmission failure. you flipped!’ and I Fast qualifier Loren Healy then didn’t.” spent some time in the lead before Two-time drive line issues dropped him back. King Erik Miller Bailey Campbell, whose father is a finished second for three time King and whose brother the third straight was also in the field, looked like year while Marcos she would become the event's first Gomez, who Queen until she too ended up on the started last in the sidelines with water pump problems. field after rolling Her father, still in the race, dropped in qualifying, ran off parts to fix the problem and Bailey strong and looked got going again but no longer in he might actually contention for the win. pull off the win Baja 1000 champion Cameron despite a flat tire. Steele also led the race at one point but then a broken rod end on his front but a broken steering rack dashed his hopes of winning. suspension slowed Over a dozen drivers spent time him down and in the lead but a high attrition rate, limped across the only 44 of the 97 starters finished the finish line with the grueling 212 mile race, set the stage third fastest time. Things began for Blyler and the rest to move into as expected, with

the spotlight and battle it out for the win. Blyler himself almost threw the race win away when he rolled his car on his last lap in the rock section known as Backdoor, but quick action by his co-driver and rescue crews got him back in the running to take the win. But the King of the Hammers itself was not the only race of the week. Winners in other Hammers Week events included Bryce Menzies, who led all the way in the Toyo Tire Invitational for desert racing Trophy Trucks, Hunter Miller in the Can-Am UTV event which had the most entries of any class and included many drivers who would also compete in the King of the Hammers race, Brad Lowell in the 4WP Everyman Challenge and Stephan Rogers in the EFI Shootout. Saturday saw the return of motorcycles to the Hammers course with the Schampa King of the Motos, which was won by Cody Webb. Full results for all races can be found at www.ultra4racing.com E

www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Bailey Cole, fourth overall

Rick Waterbury, smart guy, put his number on the bottom of the car too!

Paul Horschel

Cameron Steele

Inaki Lanzagorta, 40th overall

Tenth overall Darren Henke looks to be in an impossible position, but obviously kept on keeping on


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MAY 2020 - www.ssorm.com

And #20 Derek West wraps up our 2020 King of the Hammers Super Digital edition race coverage. Thanks for joing us!

www.ssorm.com - MAY 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE




2011 Yamaha YZ450- Bark Busters desert tank, Noleen Suspension, new tires, brakes fluids, fresh top end, new chain and sprockets, tall seat, LED light, new clutch, Wiseco basket w/ASV lever, $3700, email broadkevin@gmail.com

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Race Truck 6100 or Spec TT. SCORE tagged, 525hp turnkey, Fox shocks. Two sets of spares. Spare lower control arms. Call for info and pricing. 760-412-0654

1973 VW THING - CA Street-Legal. No smog needed. VW Thing body on full chromoly chassis & skid plates. Toyota 2.4L motor & Foltz bus box. Long travel front/rear & Fox coilovers. Power steering. Rear disc brakes. Professionally wired. Bimini top. Less than 3000 miles since built. Incl tow bar so trailer not needed. Ready to cruise Coast Highway or Ocotillo Wells. Why buy a UTV? $14,000. Call/text 562-328-3423 Mike

Great running bike, New FMF Q4 pipe, oversize front rotor, YZ exhaust cam, Race Tech suspension for 200 lbs as well as other bits. Last year to officially make street legal. $3100, Ed 858-822-8274

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