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The challenge of big decisions

54 | Maxxis Tires "Casey Folks" Vegas to Reno

08 | Sherri's Turn 10 | Dirtbits

Remembering Tony Boswell

14 | ASA News

Official news from the American Sand Association

Presented by Fox, promoted by Best in the Desert

62 | SCFTA Racing Flat Track

16 | Coming Events

Round 7 at Perris Raceway, Perris CA

Pages and pages of off road toys sent in by SSOR Mag readers

Presented by More Racing at Glen Helen Raceway

For every type of off road vehicle

22 | Off Road Toys

68 | GG Lighting Freedom Cup

38 | DIY Vehicle Feature

72 | CALVMX/Top Gun 42 | The Endangered Off Roader Series Flat Track 2020 Jimco Hammerhead owned by Mario Fuentes Zaragoza San Diego Off Road Coalition News

44 | Bike Shop

Dual Sport adds a new dimension to dirt bike riding

46 | Big Bear Day

San Diego Jeep Club heads for the mountains

50 | Blast from the Past

Memories from the 1980's courtesy of Trackside Photo

52 | 4x4 Coach

The freedom to go four wheeling

98 | Classifieds

Round 3 of the 7 round CALVMX series

82 |LightForce Midnight Special Round 4 racing through the dark

94 | ZR Promo AutoProductos Triple Crown Rounds 1 and 2 from Mexicali B.C. Mexico

Free off road photo classifieds


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COVER Flat track racing with CALVMX at the Camp Lockett facility in Campo CA. (Top) #812 Robert Berry won the Open Quad A class, followed by Chyrisma Isom, first Quad B and Julian Hoefert, second Quad A. Judd Neves Photo (Bottom) Jessica Engen finished first 125 Tag Skill A, followed here by #79 David Bell, second 125 Tag Skill A and #19 Will Carter, fourth Skill A. Judd Neves Photo.

CONTENTS Johnny Crash in his 4-seat Alumicraft car at Idaho Dunes RV. Photo submitted by Cortni Rench. Flip to page 22 for many more photos of Off Road Toys!

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hey call it the deer in the headlights look and I've seen it often. This guy who can reduce a fully assembled vintage motorcycle to a million nuts and bolts and a frame, restore every piece and then put it all back together in perfect working order, totally freezes up and seems incapable of answering if I ask him what he wants for lunch. It's happened too many times to count. He has definite ideas of what he wants to eat, but he just can't seem to figure out exactly what it is at this particular time. So daily, we go through the ritual. He's hungry, I'm more than willing (did I say more than willing? Since I'm really not gifted in kitchen tasks, that's a slight exaggeration), but I am there surrounded by lunch options and patiently waiting for his response. I look away, then look back. He's really pondering this question, so much so it would lead one to believe that all of the mysteries of the universe are about to be resolved when he finally gives



his answer. At first he does seem to be seriously considering his response, but then the look in his eyes changes. They're more intense. And now I know for a fact he has totally forgotten the question about lunch and is back mentally working out the technical difficulties on his most current project. That's why he's called the guyin-the-garage. He's always there even if physically he can be seen somewhere else. I continue to wait, slowly getting items out of the refrigerator and cabinets that I think I'll need for the lunch I'm eventually going to prepare. Sometimes I even stop and make my own lunch and give some consideration to what we might have for dinner. Then I'll check back with him. His eyes focus and it's clear he knows I'm waiting for an answer. But do I get one? No. Instead a question. "What did you ask me?" "Do you want a half a sandwich or a whole one today?" This guy who discovered recently he's gained five pounds over his high school weight, has vowed to cut back til he trims down. Sigh. Whereas I on the other hand am a tad bit higher than five pounds over the weight of those same long ago days and my patience is wearing thin. He finally knows the answer. "Half." I pop the bread in the toaster and prepare to assemble the masterpiece, only to notice he has disappeared. Long after the sandwich is ready and all the side dishes I'm offering him to go along with

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this sparse main course are sitting on the counter, he finally strolls back into the kitchen, notepad in hand. "Where have you been?" I ask him. "I had to wash my hands." I see him studying the notepad and I know while he was gone that besides washing his hands, he was also making notes on what he needs to do for the next half of the day, where he wants to go tomorrow, what his goals are for the month, etc. etc. I briefly thought about telling him there were probably germs on the pen he wrote with after washing his hands, but I didn't want to give him any ideas about disappearing again. Besides it wouldn't have been out of genuine concern for his hygeine, but more just to annoy him. A little payback for making me wait forever for the answer. They say the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome. And I agree that's probably true. So maybe there is a touch of insanity lurking somewhere inside of me, because when he came up to the house for dinner late that afternoon, I said, "I don't have anything planned for dinner. Got any suggestions?" I'm still waiting for his answer. E

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SINCE 1982

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AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Announces Winner of 2021 Raffle Bike

Bigleman’s winning ticket was among 10 that he got for the bike. Raffle tickets are provided to those who make a donation to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame as part of the raffle promotion. “I’ve been a member for a long time,” Bigleman said. “I always get the information sent to me when there is a raffle, and I always participate because it’s a great cause. I’m an old school guy, and


I love old antiques, and when the board tracker popped up, I thought that it was real nice, but I never thought I would have the opportunity to own it. I really value something like this, and I will take care of it!” After drawing Bigleman’s winning ticket, Aldana revealed the 2022 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame raffle bike: a tastefully-restored 1975 BMW R90/6, freshly painted in a stunning Monza Blue, a period-correct color for the model. A stylish R90S fairing completes the retro-’70s look. AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame raffles are fundraisers for the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit that raises money for the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame’s mission is to celebrate and preserve the rich tradition of motorcycling in America. To donate to the Hall of Fame and get a chance to win the BMW, call (614) 856-2222. The donation is $5 per entry, or five entries for $20. Entrants must be 18 years or older and a resident of the United States to win. The BMW winner will be selected and announced at 2022 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio.

he AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame’s 2021 raffle bike, a 100year anniversary edition Harley-Davidson Sportster customized by renowned bike builder Kevin Dunworth to commemorate board-track racers, was won by Bill Bigleman of Duvall, Wash. AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer David Aldana pulled the winning ticket at 2021 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, presented by Royal Enfield, on July 24. As the first alternate drawn, Bigleman claimed the prize after the provisional winner was ineligible. “Holy smokes! I’m so excited,” Bigleman said. “My father-in-law and my brotherin-law, all of us, we’ve been motorcycle nuts forever! I AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer David Aldana with the 2021 Hall of Fame Raffle Bike. Photo Credit: Joy Burgess/AMA can’t even believe this.” 10

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Tony Boswell Owner Vintage Suzuki Ceet Racing Hi-Flite USA

NORRA Confirms 2022 Dates t’s never too early to make plans for


the 2022 Yokohama NORRA Mexican 1000 Presented By Method Race Wheels. The Mexican 1000 will take place April 29th to May 6th. NORRA 500 dates for 2022 have also been confirmed. They are October 6th to 9th. The course will run the length of the peninsula again. Although the 2022 route will have some familiarity, there are always new course sections, new experiences, and new challenges along the way. Technical inspection will take place on April 29-30 in Ensenada. On May 1, we will head to San Felipe during stage one. Bikes, and cars will be on separate courses as we like to do, and the competitors appreciate. After some fun in San Felipe, the rally heads to Bay of LA for the cars, and Guerrero Negro for the motorcycles. Day 3 goes to Loreto, Day 4 to La Paz, and the final day of competition takes everyone to the finish in San Jose Del Cabo. Day 6 will be the awards ceremony, and fiesta with fireworks! There will be happenings, and celebrations every day made possible by our many generous sponsors. You can also find information on where to stay, what to bring, and how to prepare your vehicle for the event on www.norra.com.



ith a heavy heart I have to announce the passing of my father Tony Boswell. After a long and arduous fight against covid he is now in God’s kingdom. This has not only been a very trying time for my mother Barb and my brother Chase but all our loved ones, family, and friends. I would describe my dad’s character as honorable, caring, selfless, and very determined. Most of you may know my dad loved to ride and race motorcycles. I remember as a child when he won his first ironman race and was awarded a trophy of a man holding a motorcycle over his head. I thought of my dad as a hero and a legend, and I still do to this day. There came a time in his life where he took his love for the sport and decided to turn it into a business. One that would allow him to control his own destiny, be his own boss, and provide for his family. He knew this would not be easy and would take hard work and dedication. From this passion he started Vintage Suzuki. What began as restoring vintage bikes he loved to ride blossomed into a business that later led to us acquiring Ceet Racing and Hi-Flite USA. One man's determination turned into the true essence of an American family business. He was not only the rock of our family but the leader of these companies. If he were still here he would thank each and everyone of you who have supported us over the years. We ask all of our current, prior, and future customers to please be patient and understanding as we adjust to our new situation without him. My grandmother told me the motto he was raised on was “when the going gets tough, we get tougher” and I believe these words of wisdom are something we can all learn from. For anyone that would like to support us thru these hard times a Go Fund Me has been set up for any medical or financial hardships we may face. Please visit www.gofundme.com and search "Help Tony’s Family After His Sudden Passing" The next time you give a twist on the throttle please give my dad a healthy rev in his honor. God Bless. - Brock Boswell

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The American Sand Association's primary objective is to "UNITE, INFORM and MOBILIZE" the sand duning community to protect the right to ride on all public lands in a responsible, environmentally balanced manner.

Sleuthing the Secrets of Peirson’s Milkvetch By Art Phillips, Ph.D.


iding around in the dunes with some of the most expert drivers and searching for rare plants – every botanist’s dream! I was truly blessed to be able to do just that for seven years, make some great friends, and learn all kinds of interesting things about the unique flora of the Algodones dunes. The odyssey started in early 2000 when Peirson’s milkvetch (PMV), a small denizen of the dunes that had been listed as a Threatened species a few years before, became the focal point of a lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity. Their claim was that the BLM was not managing for the conservation of the species, and the result was a closure to OHV use of some 49,000 acres of the Algodones dunes. The response was the formation of ASA and a concerted effort to find out what was going on – and to reopen the large proportion of the dunes that had suddenly become off-limits to vehicular recreational use. I was asked if I could help. Having had some 25 years of experience working with Endangered Species matters, and 30 years or so traipsing through the deserts of the Southwest, this sounded to me like an interesting project, and a problem that I might be able to help unravel. I spent a day duning with folks such as Grant George, looking at PMV all over the place and quickly learning how to hang on! That evening I sat down with the ASA board for a frank discussion of how they perceived the situation and what I had learned about the plant. ASA president Bob Mason said, “We know we have a problem. We don’t want to jeopardize the plant, but we want to keep the dunes open for the recreation that our community loves.” I liked that approach. I told the Board that I would be glad to study the situation but as a scientist who works hard to maintain objectivity and has frequently worked “on the


other side” of rare plant conflicts I could not guarantee what my conclusion would be. Bob said “I like that. You’re just the man we want.” Thus was born a seven-year collaboration. Fortunately the winter of 2000-01 had been unusually rainy, and PMV and its plant-world neighbors had responded accordingly. In short, it was “all over the place!” Well, not quite; one of the first things I observed, which the drivers I was with knew well, was that it is actually found in specialized predictable places, along with the dozen or so other plants that have adapted to living in this special, very difficult habitat. Shifting sand, low rainfall, and long hot summers do not make for your typical ideal plant environment. The plant inhabitants typically grew more or less together in bowls and such places where the sand was somewhat stable and where moisture was retained in the sand a few inches deep.

Duners don’t like places like that. They are full of dead wood and shrubs like Wiggins’ croton and desert buckwheat. Their stiff, sharp dead branches are all over the sand just waiting to puncture a buggy tire. When run over, the living plants explode in a shower

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“Specializing in Hand-Crafted Vehicles” Long-Travel Buggies Ultra 4 x 4’s & Jeeps Off-Road Trucks

Repair Facility Tube Bending Mig/Tig Welding

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of twigs that is rather unpleasant for riders. While the slipfaces are fun to run, the floors of the bowls with their miniature forests are to be avoided. So they don’t go there, as many duners have told me. Having quickly learned that PMV doesn’t grow everywhere, we set out to find specific places where it does occur. With the aid of the rather new technology of GPS we scoured the dunes for places where it grows. We found and mapped some 128 places in the open areas. The initial survey involved dozens of duners; this volunteer help was absolutely essential to the success of the mission. Sites were circumscribed using the GPS, and PMVs were counted. Altogether we counted more than 71,000 plants, at sites ranging from just a few to nearly 4,000 individuals. We rounded out the 2001 surveys with a helicopter survey of the closures, allowing us to locate and note PMV occurrences. From this we prepared a map of PMV distribution throughout the dune system. This map, with revisions, was used by both BLM and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in subsequent documents. Next we developed a multi-year project visiting 25 randomselected sites each year to count plants, note their ages and flowering condition, and correlate their success with seasonal rainfall. As all duners know, some years at ISD are rainy and others are nearly rain-free. Some years we found thousands of PMV; other years a few hundred; sometimes almost none. The shrubs endure the drought; PMV relies on a seed bank, where seeds remain dormant in the sand during dry times and germinate by the thousands when it has been wet.

Again, the duning community responded magnificently to help out with transporting us from site to site and getting involved with the counting, giving up part of their weekends to help the cause. This went on for seven years. It was a magnificent group effort. Another piece of the puzzle was to study the seed bank. We wanted to find out how many seeds were dormant in the sand, just waiting for the right conditions to germinate and grow. We carried out seed bank studies twice, using metal frames pushed into the sand and sifting sand through soil sieves to capture seeds, then extrapolating to the whole dune system. Our estimate was that over 3 million seeds lay dormant in the sand, a number that was consistent between the two seed bank studies. While living plant numbers vary greatly between seasons, the dormant seeds are there, just waiting … Again, many volunteers made it possible, sifting hundreds of pounds of sand to capture the sleeping seeds. Our studies provided a well-rounded and objective view of the ecology, distribution, and life history of PMV. In the end the closures were not eliminated, but they reduced significantly and redrawn to fit the plant’s distribution. It was truly a joint effort with many botanists and other plant lovers, along with many duners providing expertise and logistical support that together made a robust study possible. Those trips and the friendships they kindled are an outstanding memory for me. Now if we can only succeed in getting pass-throughs, opening safety corridors through places where PMV does not occur in the Critical Habitat … E


Dr. Art Phillips has studied the plant life of the Southwest for more than 50 years. His specialties include ecology of rare and endangered species, and flora of the Grand Canyon. He received a B.S. in Botany from Cornell University and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Botany and Plant Ecology from the University of Arizona. He was Research Botanist and Curator of Biology at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff for 14 years before starting an environmental consulting business, working on botanical projects throughout the Southwest. He retired (more or less) in 2012 and now lives on the Western Slope of Colorado

JOIN THE ASA! www.americansandassociation.org/join-asa

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DESERT SIDE TRACS www.dst4x4club.org Oct TBA - Death Valley Mar 25-30, 2022 - Sand Hollow DIABLO 4-WHEELERS www.diablo4wheelers.com Sept 3-6 - Cal 4 Wheel High Sierra Poker Run Sept 10-12 - Jack Harper Memorial Run Sept 26-Oct 3 - Moab EARLY BRONCOS LTD www.earlybronco.com GEARED FOUR FUN 4WD CLUB www.geared4fun.com HEMET JEEP CLUB www.hemetjeepclub.com INLAND EMPIRE FOUR WHEELERS www.ie4w.com


JEEP BLITZ www.jeepblitz.com JUST RUNS www.justruns.com Sept 21 - Mojave Road Shakeout Run, Borrego Springs CA Oct 8-10 - Mojave Road Oct 21-24 - Tucson, Arizona, Rug Road & Chiva Falls Nov 24-27 - Apache Junction AZ PARKER 4 WHEELERS www.parker4wheelers.net Nov 12-14 - 25th Annual Desert Splash POINT MUGU 4WD CLUB, INC. www.facebook.com/pages/Point-Mugu4x4-Club/356896013416 RED ROCK 4-WHEELERS www.rr4w.com Sept 4-6 - Labor Day Safari SAN DIEGO 4 WHEELERS www.sd4wheel.com Sept 3-6 - Labor Day Weekend to Big Bear Oct 4-9 - Trail Hero, Sand Hollow State Park, Hurricane UT


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COMING EVENTS Continued Oct 8-10 - Corral Canyon Trail Clean-up Oct -10 - Pismo Beach Jeep Fest Oct 15-16 - Operation Desert Fun Ocotillo Wells CA Oct 15-16 - Picacho Peak Run, Arizona side Oct 22-24 - Borrego Days Festival, Borrego Springs CA Oct 28-31 - VV4W Hump-n-Bump Oct 30-31 - Lucerne Valley, Cougar Buttes

SAN DIEGO OUTBACKS 4X4 CLUB (760) 789-8294 SCOUTS WEST 4WDC www.scoutswest.com Apr 2022 - IH Western Regionals, Calico CA SONS OF THUNDER 4-WHEELERS www.sonsofthunder4x4.com Sept 25 - Dishpan Oct 22-24 - Joshua Tree Nov 19-21 - Truckhaven TIERRA DEL SOL www.tds4x4.com Oct 4-9 - Trail Hero, Sand Hollow UT Oct 16 - CA4WDC Operation Desert Fun Oct 28-31 - Hump n Bump, Logandale NV Nov 12-14 - CA4WDC Panamint Days VEGAS VALLEY 4 WHEELERS www.vv4w.org Oct 28-31 - Hump 'N' Bump 2021 VICTOR VALLEY 4 WHEELERS www.victorvalley4wheelers.com WILLYS OVERLAND MOAB RALLY - www.willysrally.com 4WD TRAINING BADLANDS OFF ROAD ADVENTURES www.4x4training.com San Diego Area - Getting Started Off Road Driving Clinic - Oct 23-24, Nov 20-21 Los Angeles Area - Getting Started Off Road Driving Clinic - Oct 23-24, Nov 6-7, Nov 20-21 Sept 11 - Tire Repair & Hi-Lift Mini Clinic Sept 25 - Winching Clinic

FUN RUNS CORVA www.corva.org Oct 30 - Fright Night, Hungry Valley, Gorman CA HI-DESERT CHARITIES OFF ROAD POKER RUN www.facebook.com/Hi-DesertCharities-Offroad-Poker-Run1472979602913413/ MORONGO BASIN SEARCH & RESCUE - www.desertrun.org Oct 2 - 41st Morongo Basin Desert Run, Means Dry Lake, Johnson Valley CA REDDING DIRT RIDERS www.reddingdirtriders.com SAN DIEGO OFF ROAD COALITION www.sdorc.org Nov 13 - Lost Lizard Fun Run, Superstition Mountain OHV Area SOBOBA RIDES, San Jacinto CA www.sobobarides.biz Feb 27, 2022 - 42nd Annual Soboba Trail Ride G.P.’S AMA DISTRICT 37 www.district37ama.org Oct 24 - Viewfinders GP Oct 30-31 - Prospectors GP Nov 12-14 - Shamrocks GP AMA DISTRICT 38 www.amad38.com AMRA ARIZONA MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ASSOCIATION www.amraracing.com ARIZONA OFF ROAD PROMOTIONS www.arizonaoffroadpromotions.com Oct 2- Payson GP, Payson AZ Dec 18 - Canyon Christmas GP and Team Race, Peoria AZ DIRT SERIES www.elsinoregrandprix.com Nov 12-14 - 52nd Annual Lake Elsinore Grand Prix, Lake Elsinore CA FIRE & POLICE MOTOCROSS www. firepolice mx.com Dec 7 - Christmas GP, Lake Elsinore MX Park

CALL TO VERIFY INFO BEFORE TRAVELING EVENTS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR ERROR RACE PROMOTERS Send your event information to ssormag@gmail.com Glen Helen Raceway, Devore CA www.glenhelen.com SRA GP - Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 21, Dec 5 Nov 26-28 - Day in the Dirt

FIRE & POLICE MOTOCROSS www.firepolicemx.com Oct 11-12 - Fire & Police MX National, Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, Lake Elsinore CA

LACR MX, Palmdale CA www.lacr.mx

FOX RACEWAY Pala CA raceway.palatribe.com Sept 4 - Fox Raceway National 2

National Grand Prix Series (Formerly Big 6) www.ngpcseries.com Oct 2-3 - Round 8, Ridgecrest CA Oct 30-31 - Round 9, Blythe CA Nov 12-14 - Round 10, Shamrocks GP Nov 26- 28 - Round 11, Socal MC, Delano CA REDDING DIRT RIDERS www.reddingdirtriders.com SHORTY'S SPORTS PARK LLC Blythe CA www.facebook.com/shortyssportspark SRA www.sragp.com Motorcycles, Quads, UTVs All events held at Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA Sept 19 - Round 9 Oct 17 - Round 10 Nov 21 - Round 11 Dec 5 - Round 12 ZR PROMOTIONS www.zrpromo.com MOTOCROSS Also see Vintage Motocross Category AMA AMATEUR NATIONAL MX REGIONAL www.mxsports.com AMA LUCAS OIL PRO MX CHAMPIONSHIP www.mxnationals.com Sept 4 - Fox Raceway, Pala CA Sept 11 - Prairie City SVRA, Rancho Cordova CA AME MINICROSS www.ameminicross.com Sept 4 - Stacyc Round 6, Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA CAHUILLA CREEK MX TRACK. Anza CA www.cahuillacreekmotocross.com DT1 MX Park Tulare CA www.dt1mxpark.com


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Glen Helen Raceway, Devore CA www.glenhelen.com Sept 4 - REM MX Sept 5 - CALVMX MX Sept 12 - ARX Sept 18 - REM MX Sept 25-26 - WORCS Bikes LA PLAYA MOTOCROSS Rosarito, Mexico www.facebook.com/laplayamotocross LACR MX, Palmdale CA - www.lacr.mx Sept 12 - OTMX Races OLD SCHOOL SCRAMBLES RACING www.oldschool scramblesracing.com All races held at Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Oct 30-31 - OktoberFast Grand Prix & TT Scrambles Rnd 5 Dec 11-12 - TT Scrambles Rnd 6 OVER THE HILL GANG www.overthe hillgang.org Sept 3-5 - Bay National, Argyll MX, Dixon CA Sept 19 - Round 1 Triple Crown Series, Cal City MX, California City CA Oct 3 - Round 2 Triple Crown Series, DT1 MX, Tulare CA Oct 22-24 - Valley National, DT1 MX, Tulare CA Nov 14 - Round 3 Triple Crown Series, Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Perris Raceway Perris CA - www.perrismx.com Dec 5 - Fall Classic Round 4 REM MOTOCROSS www.remsatmx.com All events at Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Sept 4, 1, 18 - Motocross Oct 31 - OctoberCross Nov 20 - Motocross


SHORTY'S SPORTS PARK LLC Blythe CA www.facebook.com/shortyssportspark SOCAL OLD TIMERS MX CLUB www.socalotmx.org Sept 21 - LACR, Palmdale CA Sept 26 - Lake Elsinore MX, Lake Elsinore CA Oct 10 - Cahuilla Creek MX, Anza CA Oct 17 - Perris Raceway, Perris CA Oct 31 - Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA SOCAL CHAMPIONSHIP MOTOCROSS www.socalmxseries.com STATE FAIR MX www.statefairmx.com THE DIRT SERIES www.dirtseriesracing.com Sept 11 - Round 5, Lake Elsinore MX, Lake Elsinore CA WORCS www.worcsracing.com Bike Schedule Sept 10-12 - Round 6, Flying E Ranch, Wickenburg AZ Sept 24-26 - Rounds 7&8, Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA

Oct 22-24 - Round 9, Mesquite MX, Mesquite NV Nov 19-21 - Round 10, Buffalo Bills, Primm NV

SAND SPORTS SUPER SHOW www.sandsports supershow.com Sept 17-19 - Sand Sports Super Show, Costa Mesa CA

Quad/SXS Sept 3-5 - Round 6, Flying E Ranch, Wickenburg AZ Oct 1-3 - Rounds 7&8, Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA Oct 29-31 - Round 9, Mesquite MX, Mesquite NV Nov 10 - ATV with MC, Round 10, Buffalo Bills, Primm NV Nov 12-14 - SXS ONLY, SXS World Finals, Buffalo Bills, Primm NV


OFF ROAD RALLY SONORA RALLY www.sonorarally.com OFF ROAD SHOWS OFF ROAD EXPO www.offroadexpo.com Sept 11-12 - Phoenix Raceway, Avondale AZ Oct 9-10 - VENUE & DATE CHANGE Lucas Oil Off Road Expo, Ontario CA OFF ROAD NIGHTS www.ornscene.com

NOR CAL ROCK RACING www.norcalrockracing.com ULTRA 4 RACING www.ultra4racing.com Sept 3 - Crandon East and North Joint Race, Crandon WI Oct 15 - Ultra 4 Nationals, Davis OK SAND DRAGS BAKO SAND DRAGS www.facebook.com/bakosanddrags ET MOTOPARK www.etmotopark.com Apache Junction AZ SOCAL SAND DRAGS www.socalsanddrags.com Sept 24-26 - Levi Graham Memorial Race, Soboba Casino, San Jacinto CA

SHORT COURSE GLEN HELEN RACEWAY www.glenhelen.com Sept 11 - GBC UTV/Quad Stadium Short Course Dec 4 - GBC UTV/Quad Stadium Short Course GREAT AMERICAN SHORTCOURSE www.greatamericanshortcourse.com Oct 9-10 - Rounds 5&6, Location TBD Nov 13-14 - Rounds 7&8, Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA OFF ROAD NIGHTS www.ornscene.com SPEED ENERGY FORMULA OFF ROAD www.stadium supertrucks.com Tentative 2021 Schedule Sept 24-26 - Long Beach CA VORRA www.facebook.com/pg/ VORRARacing/events/ SPEEDWAY COSTA MESA SPEEDWAY www.costamesa speedway.net


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COMING EVENTS Continued SUPERCROSS MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS www.SupercrossOnline.com 2022 Season Jan 8 - Round 1, Angel Stadium, Anaheim CA Jan 15 - Round 2, Ring Central Coliseum, Oakland CA Jan 22 - Round 3, Petco Park, San Diego CA Jan 29 - Round 4, Angel Stadium, Anaheim CA Feb 5 - Round 5, State Farm Stadium, Glendale AZ Feb 12 - Round 6, Angel Stadium, Anaheim CA Feb 19 - Round 7, US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis MS Feb 26 - Round 8, AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX Mar 5 - Round 9, Daytona Intl Speedway, Daytona Beach FL Mar 12 - Round 10, Ford Field, Detroit MI Mar 19 - Round 11, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis IN Mar 26 - Round 12, Lumen Field, Seattle WA Apr 9 - Round 13, Dome at America's Center, St Louis MO Apr 16 - Round 14, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Atlanta GA 20

Apr 23 - Round 15, Gillette Stadium, Foxborough MA Apr 30 - Round 16, Empower Field at Mile High, Denver CO May 7 - Round 17, Rice-Eccles Stadium, Salt Lake City UT TRIALS AHRMA www.ahrma.org Sept 10 - Diamond Don Motorsports, Jefferson TX Sept 18 - Rattlers Run, Spokane WA Oct 2 - Bushey Ranch, Canby CA Oct 8 - Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds AL Oct 10 - Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds AL Nov 5 - Nat'l Championship Finale - T&S Racing, Henryetta OK SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TRIALS ASSOCIATION www.socaltrials.com Sept 11 - 7th Annual Piute Palace Fun Trial, Piute Mountain, Sept 26 - Round 1, Plonkers, Lucerne CA Oct 17 - Round 2, VOTE 33rd Annual Jack Volder Classic, Romoland CA

Nov 14, Round 3 - SDTR, McCain Valley Dec 4 - Round 4, The Kern River Classic, Keysville Dec 5 - Round 5, The Kern River Classic, Keysville Jan 23, 2022 - Round 6, Happy Trial, Romoland CA Feb 20, 2022 - Round 7, SDTR, McCain Valley D/C Mar 20, 2022 - Round 8, Plonkers, Lucerne CA Apr 23, 2022 - Round 9, SCTA 50th El Trial de España, Motoventures, Cahuilla, Anza CA Apr 24, 2022 - Round 10, SCTA Conquer The West Cup, Motoventures, Cahuilla, Anza CA May 22, 2022 - SCTA Awards Trial & Youth Fundraiser, Motoventures, Cahuilla, Anza CA VINTAGE MOTOCROSS AHRMA www.ahrma.org National Vintage MX Series Sept 11 - Diamond Don Motorsports, Jefferson TX Sept 19 - Rattlers Run, Spokane WA Sept 25 - Lincoln Trail Motorsports, Casey IL Oct 3 - Bushey Ranch, Canby CA Oct 9 - Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds AL

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Oct 16 - Georgia Practice Facility (GPF), Cairo GA Oct 23 - Texas Vintage GP, Donie TX Nov 6 - National Championship Finale, T&S Racing, Henryetta OK AMERICAN RETROCROSS www.americanretrocross.org Sept 12 - Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Oct 31 - Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Nov 14 - Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Dec 19 - Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA AMERICAN VINTAGE DIRT RACERS ASSOCIATION www.avdra.com Sept 19 - Race 7, Thunder in the Valley, Lakewood CO Sept 26 - Race 8, Motoland, Casa Grande AZ Oct 17 - Race 9, Arizona Cycle Park, Buckeye AZ Nov 14 - Race 10, Motoland, Casa Grande AZ Dec 26 - Race 11, Race of Champions, Casa Grande AZ CALVMX www.calvmx.net Oct 3 - Round 6, Lake Elsinore MX, Lake Elsinore CA E

www.factoryresole.com www.ceetracing.com

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TOYS Lee Falk’s KTM Six Days at Glamis, CA

22 22

S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com

Lots more OFF ROAD TOYS ahead www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com --SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER2021 2021 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE

23 23

2016 Polaris RZR. We mostly ride at Superstition or Boulevard in San Diego County. - Steve Monroe, Chula Vista CA

This belongs to my son Steven Caton, shown here at Ocotillo Wells. He bought it from his boss and did a lot of metal work and woodwork. His bikes and anything else he wants to bring to the desert can go on. By night he sets up his tent. It’s tough. Powered with outdoor lights. It’s just cool. It can go just about everywhere. - Sheri Caton, Julian CA

My buggy, Pink Panther. Everything has been tested (broken) at least once and repaired (maybe more). I bought the Chenowth bare chassis sometime in 1999 (??) and built it at home in my garage. It has a 2387cc VW engine with dual 48 Weber carburetors. A beefed up VW Transmission and improved VW front and rear suspension system plus rack and pinion steering setup. - Thomas McEntire, Chino CA

2008 Toyota FJ, King shocks, Total Chaos upper and lower , control arms with uniball, Method race wheels sitting on BFG KM3 tires, PRP Seats and harnesses. Favorite off-roading spot Ocotillo Wells , Superstition Mountain. - Tim Dannals, Vista CA

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 with aftermarket skid plate and crash bars. Made for off roading in Ocotillo Wells and adventure riding. - Alberto Corona, Vista CA


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Our off-road vehicles! Mine is a 2015 Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon, lifted on 35's and set up for off-road fun. My husband has the 2012 Polaris RZR 900 XP that he raced with AZOP for a few years (reason for mods). We enjoy all the trails here at 6500'+ in the White Mountains of Arizona where we live full time. Having forest roads and beautiful areas to see make living here amazing! - Jamie Tomkins, Pinetop-Lakeside AZ

2019 Can Am Maverick X3 RC Turbo R in Ocotillo Wells. - Leah Dannals CA

On the left is my 2018 Wildcat XX LTD. This one is race ready with a Hess Motorsports radiator relocation kit and a 2/1 steering quickener. Speedwerx intake, exhaust, ecu tune and clutch tuning. Raceline wheels and E2Racing shocks. My other toy is a 2020 Arctic Cat Wildcat XX, Stage 1 Push Turbo with ECU tune, Pro Seats, TAPP clutching, Raceline wheels, Octane inc Wrap, Wildcat Riders and Arctic Cat sponsored rig. - Richard Carter, Needville TX

More OFF ROAD ahead25 www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD TOYS MAGAZINE

Glamis about 10 years ago after it rained for a week straight. Best sand I ever rode. 2006 YFZ450, 1982 ATC 250R and my son’s 2004 CRF450. - Gregory Rice, Midway City CA

2009 RZR 800 S, 2007 KTM 525, 2004 Honda 450 R. Fun to be had at Ocotillo Wells CA - Bill Lawless, San Diego CA My K5. My favorite off roader and the family vehicle since 1972. - Chris Larson, Kyle TX

My 2012 Polaris 900 XP Razor, modified with a spare tire holder, winch and bumper up front, fire extinguisher, cb radio, and RotoPak 3 gallon gas can. Mainly a recreational vehicle for Glamis and Ocotillo. - Conrad Cox, Lakeside CA 26

2017 Can Am X3 RS. If I am not at Ocotillo I am at Superstition! - Dave Morris, San Diego CA

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

The white Polaris is mine along with my newly restored 1983 Honda 200X. The red and black Polaris RS1 single seat Polaris belongs to my buddy Robert Marcus. - Mark Rose, El Cajon CA

Our Land Rover that covered many many races over the years. - Jim Ober, Trackside Photo

This is Judy Munns Newman from Duncan OK and my Jeep I just bought. Ready to do some Jeepin with my girl pals. Photo taken by Kara Newman

2019 Honda Talon. Raceco Cage and tire spare rack, KWT particle separator, 32 BFG UTV tires, Raceline wheels - Joe Bernal, Chula Vista CA

One of my favorite pics of “Lil Suki,” one of my favorite bikes. A 2018 Suzuki DR-Z125L. She’s a Trooper ... takes me nearly everywhere I want to go! - Mark Smith, Las Vegas NV

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2020 Tracker 700. Off roading on Mingus Mountain in Prescott Valley AZ. Looking for Smiley Rock. - Steve Heck, Chino Valley AZ

1967 Stock Baja Bug. Willie spends his days in Ocotillo Wells normally but is getting ready to More OFF ROAD TOYS start his racing career. ahead - Pete Davis, Oceanside CA www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 27

My 1961 Tri-BSA custom. A Pre Unit Triumph 650cc motor in a BSA Chassis. Custom built by welder-machinist extraordinaire Eddie Crowell. - Randy Ressell, Orange County CA

This is Jon Christian in one of his off road toys. He is in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Photo taken by Jill Hawkins and submitted by Judy Munns Newman

1995 Bronco with coil overs and bypasses and a 2018 KTM 500 EXCF Dual Sport and a 94 F150 four-wheeldrive short bed. - Richard Calahan, Temecula CA 28

More OFF ROAD TOYS ahead

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https://www. facebook.com/OcotilloWells-RV-ParkStore-875140252624514/

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2015 Polaris RZR XP special build by Jagged X. 14-year-old Eva Star of El Cajon, CA races the car in Mexico and the U.S. 2018 CanAm. The CanAm is the Woolfpack off road ride for Carmen and Rodney and ten grandkids! We go to Superstition Mountain. - Carmen and Rodney Woolf, Brawley CA

Can Am RC edition at Devils Canyon with the TDS crew. - Bart Dixon, Vista CA

1999 Jeep TJ, three inch lift, 33” tires, Tera-low running 4.56 gears. We belong to the SCRAP 4Wheelers off-road Club and spend sometime rockcrawling and doing forest trails. Visit Parker and Quartzsite AZ, and the trails around Lone Pine, CA. - Barney & Judy Bakara, Yuma AZ 30

Dave and Lorelei Morse from Jurupa Valley CA with 'his and hers' Honda 400EX's out riding to the Bat Cave Buttes near Salton Sea (Glamis North area).

A dedicated Marine Corps off-road vehicle. 2019 Honda Talon used as a Baja Pits Runner and PreRunner. Adventures include 2019 Baja 1000, 2020 Barstow, 2020 Ocotillo Wells, 2020 Panguitch, Utah, 2020 Vegas to Reno, 2021 Baja 250 - Pete Davis, Oceanside CA

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Johnny Crash - 4 seat Alumicraft at Idaho Dunes RV - Cortni Rench, Phoenix AZ

Last time you saw pictures of Oliver he was tires up in a ditch (August 2021 S&S Off Road Magazine), now he's been repaired. 2000 Jeep Wrangler, 4" long arm lift, 1.5 body lift. Dana 60s with ARB lockers. Just driven for fun. - Brian Masters, Escondido CA

FranknYODA 1983 Toyota Hilux. Full on Rock KRAWLER. 529 gears, dual cases, locked front and rear, 35 12-50x15 BFG Mud Terrians on steel Beadlocks. I wheel at Corral Canyon, Martinez Lake in Yuma Arizona, Ocotillo Wells, and Superstition. - John King, Santee CA

2019 Polaris XP RZR 1000 N/A, BITD/Score/DP-4 Approved. Full race build by Risq Racing. Car is used strictly for desert racing out in the Barstow, Ridgecrest, and Johnson Valley areas and race prepping in Ocotillo Wells. - Dave Schuler, Double D Racing, Menifee CA

2008 Yamaha YZ250, new top and bottom end, FMF pipe, new tires. My new to me toy. - Kevin Broadway, Yuma AZ

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This vehicle is built for desert racing in Baja and will be seen at the Baja 1000 in November! Make/ Model: Volkswagen Beetle (1969 chassis, 1970 body), any "special build/modifications" have been done to make this a SCORE-compliant Class 11 race car (1600 cc, full built trans, upgraded torsion leafs and bars, Fox shocks, full roll cage, and full set of GG Lights! Designed to survive for 1000 miles of the worst trails of Baja. - Mike Steel, Tampa FL 32

2021 Polaris Turbo S. Conery Motorsports Built, Cognito Cage, Doors and Racks, DS Custom Motos Wrap, SDG Suspension, Baja Designs Lighting, Method Wheels, Tensor Tires, Yeti Coolers. Built for recreation. Utilized mainly out at the river area, but just completed a ride with Goventure Offroad and Black Rhino from Estero Beach to San Quintin. - Bill Snipes, La Mesa CA

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

This is our 2021 Polaris RZR Turbo S. My wife Jana Lewis and her friend Traci Staal having fun in North Bend Oregon. We love the Oregon Dunes!! - Kevin Lewis, CB Performance, Visalia CA

2020 JLU 3.0 Turbo EcoDiesel. MetalCloak - 3.5 Gamechanger Suspension, front and rear differential glide skid systems. UnderCloak skid system w/DEF. “Murphy” the Jeep is currently used for recreational, moderate, rock crawling, primarily in Big Bear CA but has a goal of racing in the 2024 Rebelle Rally. - Raquel Best, Pine Valley CA

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I’m a brand ambassador for Synergy Manufacturing and Adamsdriveshaft

This is my Jeep “Extinction.” The Jurassic park theme started with the license plate and went on from there. The number 29 is a special number to me but is also a number from the original movie. And that’s how we came up with the name extinction. CURRENT MODS: Synergy Manufacturing Parts - 3” Coil Springs - Adjustable Front Lower & Rear Upper control arms - Front Track Bar Brace - Extended Braided Brake Lines - Front Lower Shock Mounts - Heavy Duty Ball Joints - to be installed soon.

I started wheeling back in late 2019. I took the Off Road Consulting 101 course at Rausch Creek Off Road Park in Pennsylvania. That’s when I got bit by the “wheeling bug.“ I started on Green trails which are the easiest at Rausch Creek and have worked my way up to blue which are the Moderate trails at Rausch. After that is black/red trails which are the hardest at Rausch. I mainly wheel at Rausch but I have also visited AOAA and would like to get out there more. I love being out on the trails, meeting new friends, learning new obstacles, and really getting to know my Jeep. In the future I plan to travel to many off-road parks and to get out west, that would be my dream. I have many future plans for Extinction as far as the build process goes: upgraded axles, gears, body armor, you name it, we’re going to get it done. - Ashley Irwin / Extinction_Jku (Instagram) Newsmantown, PA

- 1310 Front Adamsdriveshaft - 315/75/17 Discoverer STT Pros - PSC pump and reservoir kit - Bilstein 5100 shocks - Teraflex bump stops 2.75” front and rear - JKS front sway bar disconnects - JKS extended rear sway bar links - JKS front track bar - Teraflex rear track bar mount - Bestop SunRider - 12,000 lb Badland Apex Winch - Rampage Front Bumper (changing soon to outtahand fabrication bumpers front and rear) -Currently have 3.21 gears, open diffs, Dana 30 front and 44 rear 34

More OFF ROAD TOYS ahead

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


This is my 94 Ford Bronco. I have owned it for 15 years it was my first vehicle. I have done a solid axle swap with a Dana 44 8-lug outers, James Duff long arms, Deaver coils and King shocks. Rear axle is a 10.25 with disc brake conversion, Deaver leaf springs. Drivetrain is a 95 p-pump, 12v Cummins turbo diesel that makes 468hp, 932 lbs torque. I built it for Silver Lake Sand Dunes in west Michigan, but have recently started dirt drag racing where I have won the street diesel class and placed second in the Pro Mod Diesel classes. It is a ton of fun and a full interior air conditioned family vehicle at any time. - Ben Willcome, Marne MI

2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, 2.5” lift, 35” tires. Purely recreational and used all around The Anza Borrego Desert State Park, the Desert Southwest and Santa Rosa to the Big Bear Mountains and of course Utah. - Jim Zuehl, Borrego Springs CA 36

Roy Watson is 84 years old and still racing his 650 Honda Sidecar. He races Grandprix. He will take anyone for a ride when they come to our house. - Carrie Watson, Apple Valley CA

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

This is our 2003 Raw Motorsports Sand Storm. Engine LS1 with Eaton Supercharger. Typically we are at Gordons Well or Glamis. Photo taken this year at top of Patton. - Laurence, Chris and Matthew Chapman, Poway CA

"Jeep Creeps" is an ’05 Wrangler owned by Rich - M.A. Correll, Oceanside CA "Hariett" is a 2012 JKU owned by Lindsay - M.A. Correll, Oceanside CA

Our Buggy Race401.com - The Correll’s, Oceanside CA

2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 6 speed manual shown here at Moab. Some of the major upgrades are RIPP Supercharger, Rock Krawler Xfactor lift, Rockslide Engineering slider steps, Dynatrack Pro Rock 44 Adams driveshaft front and back , Fox Shocks factory edition, Synergy steering box, Synergy gear, Synergy Jeep JK Front Track Bar, Synergy Jeep JK Front Bar relocation bracket, Synergy Jeep JK Front Track Bar, Sector Shaft Front Brace Kit, Synergy Jeep JK Heavy Duty Drag Link Kit, Warn winch with air compressor, LOD bumpers front and back. We take our Jeep out mostly locally to Anza Borrego, Ocotillo Wells, Black Mountain and a couple epic trips to Moab and Yellowstone. - Michele Betts, Ramona CA E www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


2020 Jimco HAMMERHEAD Name Mario Fuentes Zaragoza

Pedals Tilton

Age 42

Belts Momo Safety

Residence Juarez, Mexico

Safety Equipment Momo Safety Harness and MasterCraft Window

Chassis 2020, Jimco, Mid Engine Hammerhead


Terrain car built for Off Road Desert

Communications M-Sat, Icom (Both Satelite Comunications),

Tires 40" BFG KR3

Kenwood 50w Radio, PCI Intercom

Wheels Method Race Wheels

Navigation Lowrance HDS (2 Systems)

Suspension Jimco Racing 24" wheel travel with Fox Shocks

Assembled by Jimco Racing Inc.

Engine Dougan’s Racing Engines 477Ci Small Block SB (850hp)

Anyone you would like to acknowledge who helped? Robbie

Transmission Fortin FRS5 4.0 R11

Pierce, owner Jimco Racing and all his great crew.

"Fortin 5 Speed Sequential with Torque Converter"

How long have you been involved in off roading?

Axles 934 35 Spline Cv Joints & Axles

High level 2 seasons, since 12 years old on an amateur level,

Brakes Brembo Calipers, 14" rotors

mostly on ATVs

Exhaust Custom

How did you get started in the sport? Uncles and cousins

Fuel Cell Jimco Custom Aluminum Cell with Pyrotect Bladder 80

What other off road vehicles, if any, do you currently own? UTV,


ATV, Etc

What fuel does it run? VP C12

Where do you go off roading? Baja

Body Manufactured by Jimco Racing Inc

Race Team Name MAFUZAR Motorsports

Lighting Baja Designs LED

Current Race Status 1st place in SCORE POINTS Championship

Seats 2, Impact HS1’s 38

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he MAFUZAR Motorsports team of Mario Fuentes, who teamed up with Jason Dudley for this year's Baja 500, and navigator Mike Voyles Jr. raced the #179 Jimco Hammerhead Class 1 car to a third place finish at the Baja 500. More than half of the field in Class 1 did not make the finish highlighting the difficulty of this year’s course. The podium finish earns the team their third podium in a row, following a hardfought third place finish at the 2021 San Felipe 250. After battling through bottlenecks and silt beds as well as the stacked field of racers, the team completed the brutal 466-mile loop with a time of 12:36:12.777 testing their team and vehicle’s resolve. The race started and finished just outside of Ensenada, Baja California crossing just over halfway across the unforgiving peninsula before heading south from Valle de La Trinidad up over the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir mountain range to San Quintin then turning back north racing along the stunning Baja coastline back to Ensenada. “We had some issues with the transaxle the day before the race. I went to bed not knowing if we were going to be able to race. With some help from the Jimco Crew my team figured it out, got what needed to be done and I woke up to a car ready to race. Off the start I just ran at my own pace, I wanted to take care of the vehicle. I let the fast guys pass us in the first 100 miles. The Wilson’s and Parkhouse families have a ton of experience over us and they are all driving Jimco Hammerhead Class 1 cars. I knew that other racers were going to have problems and make mistakes on this course. We passed back some of the faster guys before I hit a cattle guard and got stuck for a bit until I got pulled out. I handed the car over to Jason Dudley at Race mile 275 and he brought it in to the finish for a third place!" stated Fuentes. Fuentes continued, "It was a hot day with tons of silt beds. It was a really technical course. Lots of pre-running and notes helped us a lot. We are putting more time into pre-running before races and it’s paying off. Thanks to all my crew at MAFUZAR Motorsports from Juarez, Robbie Pierce and Jimco Racing, and Justin Lofton and his crew. Special thanks to my main sponsors Hiper Gas Energy Resources and Baja Gas and Oil, also thanks to Dougans Racing Engines, Jimco Racing Inc, Fortin Racing, and BFGoodrich Tires. This is our first full year of racing Class 1 in SCORE and we are having a blast and learning a lot! I am ready to go back for the Baja 400 in September!!” Look for Mario Fuentes to continue his quest for the 2021 SCORE Desert Championship in the upcoming Baja 400 September 14th - 19th, 2021 E

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he BLM Desert Advisory Council had a meeting recently (your's truly is on the council). The all-day zoom meeting covered some topics of interest to off-roaders. The Western Mojave Route Network project is making progress. Known to the advisory council as WEMO, it has been litigated for decades by the Center for Biological Diversity. Litigation finally ended and the BLM is marking and fixing routes made official in the plan. The roads into Dumont Dunes are being repaired. Vinagre Wash area got input from Walters Camp to make some new trails. Staff continue to improve the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail and Backcountry Discovery Trail in El Centro's area. Flat-tailed Horned Lizard monitoring took place and they found a total of 151 lizards on BLM land. This is important

because there is a constant threat to Ocotillo Wells with the FTHL being listed as threatened. When the BLM finds this many lizards, it bodes well for us. A resurfacing project in the dunes between Wash 9-14 has been taking place with the goal to make it easier to get back in there when the season begins. The DAC asked the BLM to form advisory groups to look at the Mojave Trails National Monument and for Special Recreation Permits. There was a presentation on the desert tortoise, the single biggest cause of lost off-road vehicle access in California. They talked about the three biggest threats to the tortoise: vehicle strikes, disease and ravens. For vehicle strikes they have been putting low tortoise fences along highways. Kind of expensive, but saves a lot of them. The disease part was really interesting to me. They looked at a group of tortoises and found them all to have that upper respiratory virus, but no symptoms. They believe that tortoises that were not bothered by the virus survived. The threat that is the most trouble is ravens. With intelligence and excellent vison, the raven circles up in the sky looking for critters on the ground. When a clutch of tortoise eggs hatch, a raven will likely see and come down for a meal. The big problem to the species is there are no juveniles. If you ever have seen the big fence around the dumpsters in Ocotillo Wells, you should know @BornDirtyIndustries Desiree Bates comfirmed she will be designing the Lost Lizard 2021 Superstition Clean up trophies for most trash collected, biggest piece that they are there to keep ravens of trash, and most unique find as well as hosting the cleanup part of our event. out of the trash and to hopefully 42

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keep the raven numbers down. A reasonable idea to stop the ravens is to shoot them. Problem with that is that they are protected by the Migratory Bird Act. The BLM is talking to Fish and Wildlife about getting a waiver so they can get permission to shoot some ravens. There was a presentation about the Rebelle Rally that is coming in October. This is a 10 day, all woman, no electronic navigation, competition that will start in Reno and end in the Imperial Sand Dunes. SDORC's own Audrey Mason and Nicole Honstead will be competing. We will be pulling for them and wish them all the best of luck. SDORC will be sponsoring a cleanup on Otay Mountain on September 25 from 9:00 am to noon. We noticed there is a fair amount of trash along the routes there and we would like to help out. The BLM will have a dumpster on the east side of the mountain. I will be driving up the west side from Pio Pico campground. Please join us to help out and see the spectacular view from the top of the mountain. On SDORC Dirt Radio we recently talked about Jeep Death Wobble. Many Jeeps suffer from a violent front end shake

at speed after hitting a bump. What is interesting about this is that there is a class action lawsuit being formed about this problem. If your Jeep is old or modified, that is one thing, but some pretty new and stock jeeps have been getting Death Wobble too. We will be watching this and will keep you posted. The Lost Lizard Fun Run is fast approaching and we hope all of you will plan to join us. It is a fun event and helps keep our organization viable. We have signed up an ice cream vendor who says anyone in uniform gets a free ice cream. Could be Boy Scouts or military. Pre entry is now open at https://sdorc.org/funrun-2021/ E

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Bike Shop


Dual sport motorcyclist waiting in traffic on the trail as hundreds of Jeeps tackle the Tierra Del Sol 4x4 Desert Safari during the 2019 event. Photo by Noisy Shutter

44 44

By Clutch Roberts

ual sport motorcycles have always gotten a bad rap from "real" dirt bikers. Heavy, slow and soft, they don't go like real dirt bikes. Back in the 1990's I got into dual sporting and Baja traveling. I used Honda XR600's mostly. I loved the XR600 for the big power and smooth suspension. I didn't really like the weight though. Still, I put a lot of quality time on my Hondas. I remember riding up to Mike's Sky Ranch doing 4th gear drifts in the big uphill turns. If you like jumping (I did) or riding fast on rough ground, the XR was not so good. I was fortunate to also own motocross bikes to really go nuts on. Back then, it was not very difficult to make a bike like the XR600 street legal. Add some lights, stop by a shop for a brake and light certificate and bring your checkbook to the DMV. Walk out with a California license plate. All that ended in 2003 due to the air pollution people. Now with red sticker bikes no longer being allowed to be registered in California, the appeal of quality dual sport dirt bikes is growing. Good thing KTM, Beta, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Gas Gas are making highly capable street legal dirt bikes. Some of these are capable of being raced competitively with not too many modifications. Take a KTM (or Husqvarna) 350 or 500, pull off the street stuff, change pipe and ECU, turn in the compression damping adjusters and you have a real race bike. Never discount the beauty of having that license plate, though. You can park in Pine Valley and ride Bear Vally Road and Kernan Cycle Trail into Corral Canyon, run a few trails there and then ride out to Morena Village for a sandwich and drink. Anza Borrego Desert State Park has 500 miles of routes and all require a license plate. One great thing about Anza Borrego is whoops are few and far between. You can always take a plated bike anywhere a green or red sticker bike can go. There is never a need for "dual registration." Dual sport motorcycles make more sense now than ever to own. I hear with the pandemic, new dual sports are hard to find and used ones are harder to find and expensive. Still, they are worth the trouble and expense. I would encourage anyone who loves to ride dirt bikes to seriously consider getting a dual sport motorcycle. I love my FE501 E

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Big Bear Day


By Beth Santisteban and Jessi Puffenbarger www.sdjc.rocks


uly 17, 2021 was a great day for San Diego Jeep Club

members as we held our annual Big Bear Day event. Big Bear is a small mountain community located 145 miles from San Diego so it is quite a commitment for our members to join us there.

Big Bear boasts some of the most beautiful scenery with a variety of terrain and the cooler weather (72 degrees) is perfect for our summer events as the local San Diego deserts can reach some pretty scalding temperatures in July.


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Members were able to attend one of three runs ranging in difficulty from an easy, stock capable run for the beginners, an intermediate run for the more experienced folks and a challenging Jeep badge of honor trail run was attended by invite only. All runs were expertly led by knowledgeable trail bosses, aided by Black Ops or board members in various strategic positions throughout the train plus mid gunner and tail positions to ensure that a good, safe run was enjoyed by everyone who attended. The easy run, a group of 34 Jeeps, was led by Joe Caldwell, mid gunner was Patrick Espinoza and tail gunner was Beth Santisteban. After airing down, our day began with a 9:00 a.m. drivers meeting at the corner of Green Valley Lake Road and Crab Flats Road where we shared the area with lots of other off-road vehicles gearing up for their day on trail. This run started from Crab Flats on the 3N16. The 3N16 is patrolled by the Mountain Ranger district and is used as a main connector trail to get to other well known trails such as Gold Mountain, John Bull and Holcomb. During our 26-mile trek, we enjoyed a variety of terrain from small brush to towering pines, oaks and cedar trees, plus everything in-between. Our highest elevation was 7500 feet and we enjoyed some beautiful views along the way. Group communications were via ham radios where we were reminded to keep the Jeep behind us in sight for safety reasons and so we could stay together as a group. We also discussed a multitude of topics including the Big Bear Zoo, cost is $15,



to the length of pine cones, all the while we also were sending and receiving trail information and directions to our members throughout the train. Since this was the easy run, there were no obstacles besides some rutting of the road to discuss. This gentle trail travels through two campgrounds, Holcomb Valley campground which is located approximately five miles north of Big Bear in the San Bernardino National Forest and Crab Flats campground which is approximately six miles away from Green Valley Lake. We slowed and waved to campers in the area as we tried to keep the dust down for them. We took a nice lunch break alongside the trail under some gorgeous pines. The lunch stop is one of my favorite things as everyone has a chance to mingle and check out all the other rigs. Many lasting friendships are made during these breaks. You can often see some of our crew picking up trash that has been left behind by others. Our run concluded near the Big Bear dump where we aired up and said our goodbyes. The White Mountain trail is our intermediate trail for Big Bear Day. The run started just past the Hanna Flats Campground. It is a scenic drive to our meetup spot passing many campground areas. After airing down, disconnecting our sway bars, and a short drivers meeting we headed out to the trailhead. Our trail boss was Antonni Bruening, midgunner Dirk Reschly, and tail gunner was Kathryn Robinson. We had 24 Jeeps in total on the run. The trail features some wonderful views of the San Bernadino Mountain range. At the start of the trail, there is a small hill climb with striking views to the right of Johnson Valley far below. After cresting the top of the hill, we encountered the first obstacle. It was a small step-down ledge that you could approach from different angles depending on skill level and vehicle ability. On any obstacle, the San Diego Jeep Club always offers help spotting drivers to ensure that even the newest off-roader gains experience and confidence in their Jeep. Trail Boss Antonni, took the lead on spotting. We all met at an open spot just past the obstacle to regroup and capture a photo to commemorate the day. After a short break we continued on the trail to the shelf roads. This area of the trail is not a passible section so we have to be sure that our group stays together. There are a 48

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few sections that will accommodate pull off so groups can pass each other. This section has spectacular views on either side of both the forest and valleys below. There was one more section that had step down shelves but nothing a stock Jeep can’t do with a little patience and spotting. The last part of the trail features a few downhill switchbacks and one with a slight off camber. Once we hit the bottom of the mountain, we turned onto Grapevine Canyon trail (4N16) and headed back to our air up spot. This trail has many great offshoots as well as places to disperse camp. The hard run was led by Rick Ruddell on the Gold Mountain Trail. Mid-gunner was Bob Beres and tail gunner was Brian Turner. For the harder trails, we like to keep a smaller group since more spotting is involved. This group of 12 Jeeps started early since this is a popular trail in Big Bear. At the trail head you will notice a bunch of rocks stacked and arranged in a road like pattern. The forest service has planned to close off the side road with a gate and make this rock garden the entrance to Gold Mountain. After airing down, they headed out to begin the day. Not far from the start of Gold Mountain are the two gatekeepers with both hard lines and easy lines depending on your rig and skill level. Once past the gatekeepers

the trail meanders to the top of the mountain. Here is a great spot for lunch, a few photos, and just taking in the amazing views from both sides. Continuing down the trail a garden of shale rocks is encountered. This is affectionately called by some the bone yard for the sound that the rocks make as you drive over them. The last part of the trail is a series of switchbacks through a wooded area. It is quite scenic. Everyone made it off trail with time to spare and so they decided to run another trail. Big Bear has so many areas to explore. There are trails that feature rock crawling, dirt roads, and some that are great moderate to intermediate trails with a mix of both easy and challenging sections. Be sure to follow all trail signs. Camping is highly recommended for a weekend trip or a vacation. The terrain is vastly different and there are many historic sites throughout the Big Bear area. Each year the San Diego Jeep Club invades Big Bear. Stay tuned to see where we will take you next year! E


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Blast from the Past Photos by Trackside Photo www.tracksidephoto.com

Danny York and his truck hitting a ditch a little too fast at the 1993 Nevada 400


- SEPTEMBER2021 2021--www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE -SEPTEMBER


Bill Hernquist navigates a tricky downhill late in the race at the 1989 Fireworks 250 E

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Tom Severin



The Freedom to go Four Wheeling Green Lake


oming back from an Independence Day outing, I took some time to reflect on this amazing hobby. Over the years I’ve enjoyed countless hours admiring many fascinating places in the western US. There are so many possibilities open to fourwheeling that at times it’s easy to take this all for granted. Four-wheelers know that driving privileges on public lands can be curtailed or eliminated. Responsible drivers are diligent about taking care of property and following the rules. But when we act responsibly – and encourage others to do the same – we help ensure a future for this fun hobby. As I reflected further, I came up with five broad categories or qualities that we can celebrate about four-wheeling.

Magnificent natural areas to explore Four wheelers have access to numerous state parks, federal parks, and BLM lands. The views can be stunning and the experiences last a lifetime. Some locations are only accessible by a 4WD vehicle. 52

Access to those public properties continues because 4WD enthusiasts are responsible individuals. They adhere to Tread Lightly!, “Pack It In, Pack It Out,” and other principles that promote good stewardship.

A hobby that allows us to enrich our driving skills while we explore Four-wheeling often exposes drivers to various obstacles and challenges, such as crevices, soft terrain, steep hills, and rocky terrain. Skills gained mastering off-road obstacles can be applied to urban environments. Driving in snow, for example, uses many of the same techniques employed for sand or soft terrain. Another example entails avoiding an accident on the freeway. Because you’re experienced driving in tight spaces, you can recognize an opening between crashed vehicles that other drivers won’t. You confidently slip through, knowing full well where your front and back wheels are.

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Great vehicles that help us enjoy our hobby Newer vehicles come equipped with features designed for off-road use. Some of those features include hill descent, traction control, anti-sway bar disconnects, and front axle disconnects. The downside, though, is that all those new buttons can be intimidating. Instruction classes on the proper use of these features allow drivers to take full advantage of everything their vehicles offer.

Peer support in the four-wheeling community Thousands of like-minded people are willing to share their knowledge and skills with others. This is really evident when there is a breakdown. Other drivers – sometimes total strangers – stop by to help get a disabled Saline Valley vehicle back on the trail. Many four-wheelers post blogs, host podcasts, and offer other educational tools to educate audiences on the finer points of this hobby.

Strong organizations backing our cause Professional associations, hobby publications, and fourwheeling groups further educate on the many aspects of fourwheeling. They encourage drivers to obey the rules and be courteous when off-road. These organizations also work to spread a positive image of four-wheeling. They educate the lay public on the positive aspects of our hobby while dispelling many of the myths.

A four-wheel drive vehicle represents a degree of freedom

Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD owners how to confidently and safely use their vechicles to the fullest extent in difficult terrain and adverse driving conditions. Contact him at tom@4x4training.com or visit www.4x4training.com to develop or improve your driving skill. Copyright 2021, Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc E

Suspension Without Compromise

It allows us to go places and see things that not everybody can. But there’s so much more to the hobby. And the memories of time spent with friends and family members are cherished for a lifetime. Having the freedom to go four-wheeling is truly something special to celebrate.

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Maxxis Tires “Casey Folks”

Vegas to Reno James and Jordan Dean, Henderson NV, first Class 1500

David Pryor from Encinitas CA, first Class 11

54 54

S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com


Overall winners Dalton Shirey/Jacob Argubright on the podium. Photo Credit: Harlen Foley

Greg Bragg, first Class 6000

Jose Roberto Villalobos winning Quad Pro. Photo Credit: Harlen Foley


www.ssorm.com SEPTEMBER 2021 2021 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE www.ssorm.com -- SEPTEMBER

55 55

C From Highland UT Brent Fox, second Class 6100

Out of Orange CA Mark Kammerlohr, second Class 1700

From Prescott AZ Branden Sims finished third UTV Turbo Troy Grabowski from Alta Loma CA racing in Class 5000


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

ourse conditions were the first topic of conversation for each competitor as they crossed the finish line. Recent thunderstorms, the route selected, including the notoriously grueling final section, made this year’s Vegas to Reno course extremely challenging. With points towards Maxxis Triple Crown prize money at stake, Best In The Desert’s normal purse, and the title of Vegas to Reno champion, racers were throttling hard and fast to be first. In the end, Dalton Shirey/Jacob Argubright riding a Factory Husqvarna were the first Open Pro Motorcycle team, staving off challenges from Dakar and reigning V2R champ Ricky Brabec and the Kilmartin Racing N1 Hayden Hintz/Trevor Hunter team to take not only the overall motorcycle victory but the outright overall victory in a time of 7:44:10. Shirey/Argubright broke the tie between motorcycles and cars/trucks, earning bragging rights for the record of most overall wins at V2R, now 13 for motorcycles and 12 for cars/trucks. As for the Car/Truck Class, Ryan Arciero truly was a phoenix rising from the ashes winning with a brand new truck in 7:56:49 after his previous one burned to the ground at last year’s V2R. Arciero’s win did not come easy as two-time defending champion Bryce Menzies was hungry and leading overall until Pit 11 where a front differential issue caused him to drop out. Best In The Desert favorite and veteran Trick Truck racer Steve Olliges put in one of the best races of his career coming home second in 8:10:10 edging Black Rifle Coffee’s BJ Baldwin out by a mere 44 seconds who finished in third place, respectively. Meanwhile, Brenthel Racing’s Kyle Jergensen was never out of the hunt for the overall, finishing fourth in Trick Trucks. The #1 Concrete Motorsports Thompson/Letner team’s phenomenal streak of overall wins finally came to an end after a rearstart position resulting from a crash in Time Trials put them at a severe disadvantage. However, they still came back to finish seventh in class with a time of 8:32:22; an impressive feat. The 2021 Trick Truck Class was made up of a who’s who of off-road racing, an example of what the offroad racing sport has become. Class 6100 was another barnburner of a race with #6172 Dustin Grabowski taking home the win after

Dustin Grabowski, first Class 6100

Andrew Garvey out of El Centro in the UTV Turbo class years of coming oh-so-close, finally putting everything together to finish in 8:08:06. Brent Fox switched his Class 1500 ride for a 6100 entry and came home second in 8:22:14 with Brenthel Racing’s own Jordan Brenthel rounding out the podium just two minutes back at 8:24:16 just an amazing 3/10ths of a second separating him from fourth place finisher #6164 Pierce Herbst and defending V2R Class 6100 champ #6153 Ray Griffith in fifth place with a time of 8:24:45. The ever-growing Class 6200 was won by #6201 Nick Carolan in 8:22:42 followed by Austin Largent in 9:05:20 and Conner McMullen who suffered technical issues but still persevered for a finish. For the first time in a while, the Class 6100 winner set fast time against the 6200s. Turnout in Class 1500 was phenomenal with 11 racers taking the start. The James and Jordan Dean #1575 car was first across the line with a time of 8:10:32 followed by Sam Berri in 8:27:51, his 25th Vegas to Reno having never missed a race since 1996. Third place went to Morgan Langley in 9:05:58. Class 1000 was fully loaded with 13 top teams and drivers. In the end, Matt Rusich in the #1045 car took the class win in a time of 8:48:16. Second went to Wheeler Morgan just barely over five minutes behind in

Jax Redline, Amarillo TX finished 10th Trick Truck 8:53:56. John Van Hattem rounded out the podium in third place with a time of 9:13:11. Jeff Proctor had his #7209 Honda Ridgeline hitting on all cylinders and finishing in a time of 9:06:06 to take Class 7200. The Proctor Racing Team has had a phenomenal year winning wherever they go. Other Car/Truck Class entries of note include Class 7300 won by Sean Berryman in 13:00:11 and of course it would not be Vegas to Reno without a “Hall” in the winner’s circle with Chad Hall knocking down the Class 1200 win in his painfully stock Chevrolet in 12:58:36. In the Jeepspeed competition, Class 4700 was won by Andrew Hulse and Class 1700 by Tim Martin, respectively. Craig Christy won Vintage C/T Class 4500 in his ultra-clean Chevy truck in 15:38:41. TrophyLites was a battle between #6012 Greg Bragg finishing in 11:03:00, #6077 Luke Knupp in 11:29:28, and #6013 John Ferrari in 11:43:26. A record turnout of 135 UTVs entered the 2021 Maxxis Tires “Casey Folks” Vegas to Reno Presented by Fox with all four main pro classes UTV Turbo Production, UTV Unlimited, UTV Open, and UTV Production N/A loaded with the best teams the sport has to offer. A record 44 UTV CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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Melvin Wade IV, second Class 7300

Craig Scanlon from Yorba Linda CA in UTV Turbo

Turbo Production entries started the race. Throughout the day, as many as eight different teams had a legitimate shot at the class win. When the dust settled, Can-Am’s Austin Weiland took the hardearned victory with a time of 8:49:43 and 29th overall, an excellent example of how far UTVs have come since they entered the scene. Dustin Jones in the T978 Can-Am was a mere three minutes behind in 8:52:49 followed by Branden Sims in the T913 Polaris. Four-time defending V2R UTV Turbo Production Class champ Phil Blurton had a tough day suffering a serious illness and mechanical issues while the UTV Pro Open Class was won by Can-Am’s Dan Fisher and the UTV RS1 NA class was won by Polaris racer Jonathan Mcvay in 11:04:48 followed by Jimmy Rodriguez and Jared Cozzocrea. The UTV Unlimited Class was ultra-competitive with 26 entries including 2021 Jimco Racing Silver State 300 champion Chris Blais who battled up front for most of the race with Randy Raschein, Jim Beaver, and Michael Isom. Shortly before Pit 11, the Blais team suffered mechanical issues and DNF leaving Can-Am’s Randy Raschein in the lead which he held to the finish, winning the class in a time of 9:50:54 followed by Jim Beaver in his Polaris in 9:52:40 and defending 2020 Best In The Desert UTV Unlimited Series champ Can-Am mounted Michael Isom in third in 10:10:30. The UTV Production N/A class drew a 40 entry field and was won by Carson Wernimont in his Kawasaki who kept his class win streak alive

Mike Gutierrez from Solvang CA, 14th UTV Rally 58

putting in a great race and finishing in 9:49:54. Wernimont had to put in a great race because right on his tail was JD Marsh in his Polaris just two minutes behind. Polaris racer Dodge Poelman came home a very welldeserved third with Honda’s Elias Hanna in fourth. U927 Jack Olliges, son of Trick Truck legend Steve Olliges, showed he will be a force to be reckoned with by winning the UTV Rally class in 10:34:34. He was followed across the line by Jacob Zuccone in a time of 10:52:19 and UFC Fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in 11:01:44. The UFC legend is taking on off-road racing with the same attitude and grit that made him the most decorated fighter in UFC history. Other class winners and finishers of note in Motorcycle Classes were the Over-30 Pro team led by Danny Cooper, wrapping up yet another V2R Class win. The Over-40 Pro Class was won by Chris Fry while Ironman Pro went to Dustin Ashe-Everest. Taylor Stevens is having an incredible year by winning the 2021 V2R 399 Pro Class. The highly competitive Women’s Motorcycle Class was won by the Ashlee Gage, Kari Erickson, and Rebecca and Rachel Stout KTM mounted team in 10:12:28. In Quad Pro Competition a field of five entries left the starting line with Jose Roberto Villalobos, Travis Damon, and Beau Baron taking home the win followed by Dylan Walraven and Daulton Keyes in second and Humberto Valenzuela in third. Not to be outdone by their four-wheel counterparts, the 2021 Maxxis Tires “Casey Folks” Vegas to Reno Presented by Fox boasted three fan-favorite three-wheeler entries with Wrangell Gubler winning the class in 14:34:25. Last but not least, and certainly most watched on the Facebook live stream, the final vehicle to cross the line was the #8197 Class 11 Subaru driven by John C. Frana, Ryan Brumund, and Dallas Van Wyk. Finishing in 17:40:37, the well-loved Subaru was definitely a crowd favorite. “Without question, the 2021 Maxxis Tires ‘Casey Folks’ Vegas to Reno Presented by Fox lived up to all the hype and delivered as one of the premier motorsports events in North America this past weekend,” commented Best In The Desert CMO Bryan Folks. “From our historic Method Race Wheels Live Broadcast of V2R Time Trials we set a tone for professionalism and excitement that only off-road racing can provide. Our Race Operations team has been working hard for this result and we are very pleased that so many racers chose to come join us in this great adventure. I am quite sure our father Casey Folks is pleased with the final result. I want to thank our staff, volunteers, sponsors, and racers for believing in our mission and helping make this the biggest V2R ever.” “The last week has literally been one of the most challenging yet rewarding weeks in all my life,” said Best In the Desert Race Operations Director Jeff Phillips. “We are grateful and honored that so many chose to join us and continue to believe in us. Seeing all the smiling faces at the finish line made all the long hours, blood, sweat, and tears more than worth it. And while we are quite pleased and gratified by all the positive comments, we are

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From Henderson NV Angie Mitchell, 18th Pro UTV N/A

Matt Burroughs, seventh UTV Turbo

already thinking about things we can do to make next year’s V2R even better. I want to thank my staff, our volunteers, our sponsors, and most especially, all the racers who showed up to take on one of the toughest challenges in off-road racing.” “This year’s V2R not only lived up to its reputation as the largest and longest single-day off-road race in the U.S., it would also appear it might have been the toughest,” stated Best In The Desert CEO Daryl Folks. “I’m pretty sure my dad wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The Best In The Desert team, our staff, and volunteers put an enormous amount of effort into this race and it was great to see a record number of racers come out to support the event my father launched some 25 years ago. I want to thank everyone involved. We have been working extremely hard these past two years to keep off-road racing alive and viable during the pandemic and we are happy to see some light at the end of the tunnel. I am confident things will only get better from here. Thanks to everyone who participated in the race.”

Women’s Motorcycle Class was won by the W15 Ashlee Gage, Mica Diaz, Rebecca and Rachel Stout KTM mounted team. Photo Cred: Harlen Foley

www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



Lin Macleod protesting the Park’s closure





com/channel/ UCSgmNJ8CpGJPwBotZrVigOA



S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Mitchell Alsup out of Bakersfield, CA with Cameron Steele and Nick Blais racing in UTV Pro Open

John Van Hattem from Loveland CO finished third Class 1000

Nick Isenhouer out of El Cajon, 23rd Class 6100

Dave Mason Jr from Encinitas CA in Class 1500

Out of Ridgecrest CA Joe David finished fifth Class 1500

From Meridian ID Clayton Etcheson, 11th Class 1000

Chris Fry taking Over-40 Pro Class. Photo Credit: Jeremy Crandall out of San Dimas CA in Class 6000 E Harlen Foley www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 61

SCFTA Racing

Flat Track Round 7 - August 7, 2021 Perris Raceway - Perris CA Www.scftaracing.com Photos By Dw Media

Kayl Kolkman, first place Pro class

#111 Andre Ochs first place and #182 Travis Petton IV second place, Pro Class


om S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Zack Earwood, first place, Open Amateur class


www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


#12x Patrick Hayes finished third with #68 Gary Lane winning the Super Senior +60 Amateur/Novice Class

Michael Diffenbaugh, first place, Senior Vet +50 Amateur/Novice 50cc 2 Stk 1. Thomas Chavira 2. Ben Eikelberger 3. Lucca Doffo 4. Rey Resendez 5. Aubrey Chavira 50cc 4 Stk Beg 1. Dylan Myers 2. Bryce Eikelberger 3. Lailah Doffo 50cc Open 1. Thomas Chavira 2. Dylan Myers 3. Bryce Eikelberger 4. Ben Eikelberger 5. Lailah Doffo 65-70cc Beg 1. Daniel Iha 64

85-100 2 Stk Nov 1. Jasper Heathfield 85-100 2 Stk Am 1. Colin Petton 85cc Open 1. Jasper Heathfield 250 Youth Open 1. Evin Perrault Classic Vintage 1. Jeff Apple 2. Lenny Rodriquez 3. Joe Pape Vet 35 Am/Nov 1. Michael Lopez 2. Damian Doffo 3. Adam

#89 Danny Perkins, first place Bomber class, shadowed by #6 Joe Steffan finishing second Lesley 4. Joseph Boyd 5. Edgar Zaragoza Vet 35 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Ryan Reed 3. John Clayton Madd Dog 1. Conner Hickerson 2. Sierra Hickerson 3. Marc Heathfield 4. Dan Iha Sen +60 Am/Nov 1. Gary Lane 2. Gary Leopold 3. Patrick Hayes Premier Senior 1. Dennis Cameron

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Sen Vet 50 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Travis Ward 3. Jeff Apple 4. Don Jenson 5. Darin Dwyer Sen Vet 50 Am/Nov 1. Michael Diffenbaugh 2. Adam Lesley 3. Shawn Doucett 4. Jerry Schenamsgruber Pull Starts 1. Conner Hickerson 2. Jeff Apple 3. Sierra Hickerson 4. Brody Porst 5. Cameron Lankford


www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Powder Puff Class: #28c Geneva Howes, first, #3 Sierra Hickerson, second and #81 Joey Crabtree Custom third

Open Exp 1. Travis Petton 2. Kyle Ferris 3. Zac Earwood 4. Conner Hickerson 5. Matt Foster Super Sen 60 Exp 1. Joe Steffen 2. James Morris 3. John Clayton 4. Don Jenson 5. Johnny Notworthy Framer Am/Nov 1. Michael Diffenbaugh 2. Branden Gerdes 66

Powder Puff 1. Geneva Howes 2. Sierra Hickerson 3. Joey Crabtree Custom Hooligans 1. Adam Lesley 2. Daniel Ito 3. Douglas Darrah Open Unclassified 1. Daltin Collie 2. Michael Lopez 3. Michael Resendez 4. Damian Doffo 5. Alex Thermiotis

Bomber Exp 1. Danny Perkins 2. Joe Steffen Bomber Am/Nov 1. Joey Crabtree Custom 2. Brandon Gerdes Open Nov 1. Damian Doffo 2. Maxwell Claunch 3. Geneva Howes 4. Dan Ito 5. Joseph Boyd

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Open Am 1. Michael Resendez 2. Colin Petton 3. Daltin Collie 4. Edgar Zaragoza 5. Alex Thermiotis Pro 1. Andre Oches 2. Travis Petton 3. Nick Armstrong 4. Kyle Ferris 5. Jaycee Jones E

www.ruggedradios.com www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Brandon Heald, first overall Class 9


FREEDOM CUP https://www.facebook.

GLEN HELEN RACEWAY, SAN BERNARDINO CA JULY 31-AUGUST 1, 2021 - www.moreracing.net -com/rnr.photos.1 Photos by RNR Racing

Noah Quantrell, second overall Class 1400

68 S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- SEPTEMBER - SEPTEMBER2021 2021- - www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com 68

Blake Wilkey, first overall Class 11

CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Jon Largent, first overall Class 1 www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Rich Henry, fifth Class 2000 Class 9 1. Brandon Heald 2. Wesley Welch 3. Thomas Burns 4. Brandon Meehan 5. Joshua Crigler Class 5-1600 1. Ruben Garcia Jr. 2. Raul Solano 3. Ken Flippin 4. Larry Negrete Jr. 5. Guy Savedra Class 11 1. Blake Wilkey 2. Cisco Bio 3. Ryan Rodriguez 4. Cory Vandemark 5. Rick Boyer Class 1300 1. Anthony Hernds 2. Jeff Watson 3. Christopher Parr 4. Brandon Whitehead 5. Brooke Perfect Class 1350 1. Skyler Grambrell 2. Jeff Angeleri Class 1900 1. Braydon Baker 2. Doug Maclachlan 3. Thomas Burns Class 2900 1. Douglas Allan 2. Tom Coons 3. Tanner Currier 4. Ryan Prosser 5. Brent Gilliam Class 1400 1. Joser Herrera 2. Noah Quantrell 3. Mark Rotarius 4. Corey Pratt 5. Henry Luschei Class 2000 1. Allen Byma 2. Robert Williams 3. Chris Vandenbush 4. Steven Olsewski 5. Rich Henry Class 7200 1. Austin Smith Class 1600 1. Tim Craig 2. Tyler Petersen 3. Cole Hardin 4. Gavin Martin 5. Zane Strong Class 10 1. Tom Coons 2. Hector Garcia 3. Kali Nguyen 4. Justin Buckley 5. James Ford Class 5U 1. Cade Garcia 2. Colin Cline 3. Tom Bird 4. Ethan Jackson Class 1400 Pro 1. Brian Younger 2. Clark Roberts 3. Jeremy Deakins 70

Class 1 1. Jon Largent 2. Rodney Kaven 3. Sean Argentino Class 6100 1. Brandon Arthur 2. John Currier 3. Mike Valentine Class 4400 1. Brian V. Hays Unlimited Truck 1. Darren Parsons 2. Brent Veenstra 3. Ulises Galvin 4. Thomas Byma II Shane Hook, eighth Class 5-1600 Perry Coan, eighth overall Class 1300

Ryan Galloway, sixth Class 2000

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Kevin Kolisz, sixth Class 2900

Tanner Currier, third overall Class 2900

Ryan Prosser, fourth overall Class 2900

Mike Valentine, third overall Class 6100

Brent Gilliam, fifth Class 2900 E www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com -- SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER 2021 2021 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE

71 71


FLAT TRACK July 24-25, 2021 Camp Lockett Event And Equestrian Facility Campo CA www.calvmx.net

Cameron Leon, first Youth 12 & Under Intermediate. Judd Neves Photo

By Steve Caro Photos by Kathryn Caro, Michael Dahm & Judd Neves

#9 Johnathon Thorpe and #133 Saby Arguilez. Judd Neves Photo


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com

Mark Fillebrown and Joe Donaldson competing in the growing Speedway class at CALVMX flat track. Judd Neves Photo


https://www.facebook.com/ JuddNeves.NothingButDirt. RacingPhotography/

eat waves and megafires happily were absent from the third round of the 2021 CALVMX-TOP GUN flat track series. Reasonable temperatures in the mid 80’s and a slight breeze made for a pleasant weekend of racing. The two day event was a potpourri of machines varying from the crowd favorite pull start mini-bikes, mini dwarf cars, traditional flat track bikes and, in a special appearance, the methanol fueled Class A Speedway bikes. The temperate weather meant the oval stayed race ready with minimal watering needed throughout both days.

Morning preliminary heat races set the starting grids and following a brief track watering and surface grading, the various classes began to assemble at the staging area for the main events under the supervision of Scott Hoefert. In the Senior Vet 50 Plus Expert finale, three of the fastest competitors dominated the race. A duel between Jeff Apple, John Dupree and Michael Diffenbaugh ensued from the start of the race. Apple led going into the first turn followed by Dupree and Diffenbaugh. In typical short track racing style, Dupree found the traction he needed to take over the lead at the end of lap two.



#29 Daltin Collie, first Open Expert and #27 Helder Alvernaz, first Hooligan. Michael Dahm Photo

Tyler Warner, third Mini Dwarf A. Michael Dahm Photo 74 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Apple stayed within a few bike lengths throughout the race in second, while Diffenbaugh pursued in third. Late in the race, Dupree took advantage of lapped traffic to build up a three second lead and held on for the win, with Apple and Diffenbaugh second and third. In just a few years, Summer Kukla has gone from a little girl sporting pink cowgirl boots astride an automatic transmission pit bike to a teenaged speedster. In the Adult Mini 150 Expert class, Kukla rocketed off the start line, leading Dustin Chapin, and Michael Diffenbaugh onto the back straight. Throughout the race, Diffenbaugh stayed within striking distance of Kukla but she was not to be denied the victory. Her hours of practicing with her grandfather, Steve Kukla, paid off as the young lady never put a wheel wrong on her way to the win followed by Diffenbaugh and Chapin. The Open Expert Class for bikes staged one of the fastest main events on the day. The majority of the bikes were 450cc single cylinder machines along with one Hooligan class Harley Davidson twin. The start saw Daltin Collie dive into turn one with the lead, with John Dupree and Helder Alvernaz, muscling his massive Harley v-twin, giving chase. Collie, whose family flat track pedigree dates back to the 1960’s, utilized mostly a low to mid-line strategy around the course as he fended off numerous challenges. Dupree kept up intense pressure on Collie, while behind them, veteran Jeff Apple passed his way into third place. Collie stayed focused and flashed

Jasper Heathfield just coming off his 100-200cc national championship at the AMA Amateur Nationals in DuQuoin, Illinois racing in the Adult Mini 100 and Youth up to 16 Open Novice, finished first in both classes. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Judd Neves Photo www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


#7 Dustin Hobbs, #525 JW Hobbs and #247 Greg Williams. Michael Dahm Photo

Skylar Thorpe, second Junior Quad B. Judd Neves Photo Kera Berry, first Women’s Quads A. Kathryn Caro Photo

Donald Diffenbaugh, first Mini Dwarfs A. Kathryn Caro Photo

Summer Kukla, first Adult Mini 150 Expert. Kathryn Caro Photo

across the finish line with the victory, with Dupree and Apple rounding out the top three placings. Other winners on Saturday included Tanner Donahue in the 125cc A kart class, Brian Pusey in Open Class A kart, and Jasper Heathfield in the 16 & Under Novice bike class. Joining them on the winners list were Scott Cowan in the 6 HP Novice Pull Start class, Mark Arguilez in Junior Quads and Chyrisma Isom who scored two first place finishes in Women’s Quad B and Quad Open B. The Sunday portion of the race weekend featured virtually the same weather conditions as Saturday. The pit area rapidly filled with karts, pull starts, mini dwarfs and quads. An added

feature was the addition of four Class A Speedway bikes taking to the course, displaying the unique style required for the brakeless, methanol fueled machines. Preliminary heats set the starting grids, with the main events taking to the oval by mid-afternoon. The increasingly popular pull-start bike class featured close quarter battles in both the expert and intermediate divisions. In the Expert class, Veteran campaigners Dan Brown, Lane Miller and Jeff Apple sped to the front at the start of their main event. Brown used his mastery of handling the challenging little machines to hold onto the lead amongst a flurry of passes and bar-to-bar duels. Brown went on to


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Steve Gimby, first Trikes B. Judd Neves Photo take the win, followed by Miller who barely edged out Apple for the runner up position. In the Intermediate Pull-Start final, Austin Degan took an early lead followed by his brother Josh. Austin began to stretch his lead by some three seconds over the pack. Late in the race, Cody Brown began to rapidly close in on Austin. The white flag lap saw Josh Degan sliding out in turn one, as Brown drew ever closer to Austin. At the checkers, Brown executed a perfect pass to take the win, followed by Austin Degan and Nate Baumgardner. The speedway bikes took to the track in a series of three “motos” rather than one main event. Expert ranked Mark

Fillebrown and Joe Donaldson sparred in all three races with Fillebrown taking the hat-trick with three wins. In the Intermediate portion, Tom Bryant and CALVMX regular Julian Hoefert powered their way around the oval using the traditional speedway broadslide style. Bryant topped the class, with Hoefert, riding a traditional “upright engine” Jawa taking a credible second overall. Quad racer Kera Berry has battled both machine and health issues for several seasons. Much like the legendary Jay Springsteen, when her machine and health are in sync, she is a formidable foe. In Sundays Women’s Open Quad A class, Berry faced off against the daunting Kelly Lane in the main event. The

www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Senior 50+ Vet action. #94 Jeff Apple, second; #11 John Dupree, first and #45 Michael Diffenbaugh, third. Judd Neves Photo

A stack of Donahues: Will, Tanner and Pat. Judd Neves Photo match saw both competitors hurling their machines around the oval with sprint car style slides in the corners. Racing karma finally shined on Berry as she sped to a popular victory. The Mini Dwarf classes are always filled with action as the young racers bounce, slide and bang their way around the oval. In Dwarf A, Donald Diffenbaugh avoided the carnage behind him to take the win, with Danielle Friel in second. Joining them in the awards presentation were Michelle Munoz in Adult 4 Stroke Kart B, Cameron Leon in 12 & Under 100cc bikes and Kyndal Johnson in 78

Kids Karts B. Robert Berry added to the Berry family win total for the weekend by taking the top spot in the high-speed Open Quad A class with Julian Hoefert second and Harry Simpson third. Several more rounds remain for this season at the Camp Lockett oval. Class titles are still very much up for the taking in the seven-round series. CALVMX, the promoting club, offers classes for two, three and four wheeled machines and racers of all skill levels.

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Left, Greg Williams, first Open Knobbie Novice and and JW Hobbs, second. Judd Neves Photo

Quad Start L to R: Julian Hoefert, Mike Cuff (behind), Chyrisma Isom, Robert Berry and Kyle Hearold. Judd Neves Photo

#29 Michelle Munoz, first 4 Stroke B, followed by Brian Pusey to the right, first 4 Stroke A and #19 Mercedes Rose, second 4 Stroke B. Judd Neves Photo CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Johnathon Thorpe, first Junior Quads A, #421 Brody Shaw, second Junior Quads A, #O Kayden Peterson, third Junior Quads B and #133 Mark Arguilez, first Junior Quads B. Judd Neves Photo

#97 Presley Patterson, swinging wide in turn four and checking the hay bales. Judd Neves Photo

Kaiden Johnson, first Mini Dwarf B. Judd Neves Photo

#48 Dan Brown first Pull Start Expert, #27 Jeff Apple, third, and #74 Dan Shaw, fifth. Judd Neves Photo 80 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com


www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



LightForce Midnight Special

Edgar Mendez from Yuma AZ, first Class 1600


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

https://www.facebook. com/rnr.photos.1

JEAN NV - JULY 17, 2021 - www.snoreracing.net - Photos by RNR Racing

Tyler Romero, Fort Mojave AZ, first Class 5 Unlimited


83 83

Elijah Kiger from Mount Morris PA finished first Class 6100

Jake Gaughan, Las Vegas NV, third Class 1600 84


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Class 1 1. Joe David 2. Nicholas Carolan Class 10 1. Mike Coulter 2. JamesFord 3. Nash Youngman 4. T.J. Fischer Class 12 1. Chad Cummings 2. John Pellissier Unlimited Truck 1. Robert Malone Class 5 Unlimited 1. Tyler Romero Class 5-1600 1. Mark Winston 2. Jared Ingram 3. Eric Garcia Class 1600 1. Edgar Mendez 2. Kyle Vizzo 3. Jake Gaughan 4. Jordan Mills 5. Doug Imhof Class 6100 1. Elijah Kiger 2. Jeremy Davis 3. Nathan Martino Class 9 1. Kyle Zirkus 2. Ricardo Garcia 3. Nathan Vizzo


Out of Surprise AZ, Tyler Mills in Class 2900 SxS Pro Unlimited

James Ford, Topock AZ, second Class 10


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Jeff Shiroky, Las Vegas NV, first Class 1500 Unlimited Sportsman

Kyle Zirkus from Phoenix AZ, first Class 9 Stock Bug 1. James Hayward 2. Robert Johnson 3. Steven Fredericks 4. Donna Passante Class 1900 SxS Pro Limited 1. Kaden Wells 2. Doug Maclachlan 3. Gabe Matthews 4. Devan Lyman 5. Renee Hudson Class 2900 SxS Pro Unlimited 1. Joe Terrana 2. Chase Desousa Dias Class 1450 Sportsman 1. Tyler Davis Class 2000 1. Ed Kendrick 2. Ryan Galloway 3. Jim Hayford Class 1300 Limited Sportsman 1. Matthew Flippin Class 1500 Unlimited Sportsman 1. Jeff Shiroky



www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Mike Montes from Las Vegas in Class 1600

Brett Magnussen, Class 1450 Sportsman 88

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

John Pellissier, Las Vegas NV, second Class 12

Nathan Vizzo, third Class 9



T.J. Fischer from Ojai, CA finished fourth Class 10 90


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

• Join The Nation’s Top UTV Contenders • Two Full Days of Racing • 17 mile course Desert/Short Course Track Design • All New Super Challenging Infield Section • To Be Televised on MAVTV • Plenty of Sun and Good Times

For information contact: Best In The Desert Racing Association • (702) 457-5775 • Website: www.bitd.com • Email: bitd@bitd.com www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


From Scottsdale AZ, Donna Passante finished fourth Class 11 Stock Bug

Joe Terrana, out of Las Vegas, first Class 2900 SxS Pro Unlimited


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com


https://www. facebook.com/ omfperformance/

www.omfperformance.com www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



AutoProductos Triple Crown ROUNDS 2 & 3 Mexicali B.C. Mexico www.zrpromo.com Photos by Triplets Media

After the dirt bikes raced, Felipe Velez rode again and finished second overall quad

Carlos Gonzalez Jr. and Alejandro Olguin on the gas

94 94

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Joahn Sanchez, third in Class +30, Round 3

Manuel Arteaga rode smart and took third in the +40 class, Round 3



First overall Jose Luis Meza Velez, Round 3

Omar Murillo won the Expert class on his Honda TRX450R, Round 3

Eduardo Vargas from Ensenada finished third in the Expert class

Brandon Prieto won the second Esteban Ramirez from Tecate round of Autoproductos Triple finished third in the Pro class Crown B.C. 3. Carlos González Jr. (21), Mexicali B.C. 4. Joshue Ochoa (16), ROUND 2 Tecate B.C. 5. Alejandro Olguín Medel (15), Mexicali B.C. QUAD PRO: M/C Open Pro: 1. Brandon Prieto (29), Ensenada B.C. 2. José André 1. José Luis Meza Vélez (24), San Felipe B.C. 2. Felipe Vélez (40), San Enríquez (17), Mexicali B.C. ´20 Kawasaki KX450F 3. Ricardo Zavala Felipe B.C. 3. Esteban Ramírez (23), Tecate B.C. 4. Jesús Osuna (18), (21), Mexicali B.C. M/C Open Expert: 1. Esteban Patrón (16), Tijuana Mexicali B.C. 5. Ismael Hernández (41), Escondido Ca. Quad Expert: 1. B.C. 2. Brayan Avalos (19), Palm Springs Ca. 3. Eduardo Vargas (30), Nicolás Vélez (13), San Felipe B.C. 2. Gustavo Torres (34), Tecate B.C. 3. Ensenada B.C. 4. Javier Ivann Ochoa Castro (22), Tecate B.C. 5. Oscar Guevara (31), Ensenada B.C. M/C Open +30: 1. #v117 Michel Valenzuela Francisco Nevarez (24), Heber Ca. Quad +30: 1. #371 Carlos Servando López Martínez (49), San Felipe B.C. 2. #323 Eddie Bareño (37), Mexicali (32), Mexicali B.C. 2. #v28 Agustín González (33), Mexicali B.C. 3. #v35 B.C. 3. #301 Erick Farías (32), San Felipe B.C. 4. #343 Raudel Coronel Adrián Valdez (44), Tijuana B.C. 4. #v46 Juan Rodrigo Gollaz Lozano (47), Mexicali B.C. Quad +40: 1. Cristóbal Quezada (47), Tijuana B.C. (43), Tijuana B.C. 5. #v10 Miguel Ángel Solís (38), Ensenada B.C. Honda TRX450R Quad +50: 1. Domingo Márquez (50), Mexicali B.C. M/C Open +40: 1. Felipe Vélez (40), San Felipe B.C. 2. Juan Ángel 2. Saúl Díaz (52), Mexicali B.C. 3. Daniel Gaytán (50), Heber Ca. Quad Moreno (52), Tijuana B.C. 3. Guillermo De La Herrán (45), Tijuana Novice: 1. Yoel Leal (14), Mexicali B.C. 2. David Huezo Jr. Imperial Ca. B.C. 4. Alejandro Olguín (48), Mexicali B.C. 5. Fernando Beltrán (44), 3. Ubaldo Rucobo (44), Chula Vista Ca. 4. Ramiro Antonio López Haros Ensenada B.C. M/C Open +50: 1. Francisco Landeros (50), Ensenada (16), Mexicali B.C. 5. Sergio Víctor Valenzuela Ochoa (33), Mexicali B.C. B.C. 2. Carlos Valdez (58), Tijuana B.C. M/C Open Novice: 1. Nicolás Vélez (13), San Felipe B.C. 2. Héctor Manuel Sánchez (22), Mexicali 96

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - SEPTEMBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Abraham Romero finished third Pro at Round 3 on his Hybrid TRX

Jose Luiz Meza Velez (Central Tires) won the quad race on his Honda TRX450R


Last time in the pits. In loving memory of Gabriel Cruz Manjarrez.

Ramiro Antonio Lopez riding his stock Yamaha finished in fourth place in the Novice class

M/C Open Pro: 1. Manuel Antonio Gómez Sartie (17), Tecate B.C. 2. Roberto Rodríguez III (24), La Puerta B.C. 3. Christian Arellano (17), Guerrero Negro B.C. Sur M/C Open Expert: 1. Javier Ivann Ochoa Castro (22), Tecate B.C. 2. Esteban Lujan (25), Tijuana B.C. 3. Eduardo Vargas (30), Ensenada B.C. 4. Marco Avalos Jr. (23), San Diego Ca 5. Luis Felipe Venegas (34), Tijuana B.C. M/C Open +30: 1. Michel Valenzuela (32), Mexicali B.C. 2. Manuel Antonio Gómez Chávez (35), Tecate B.C. 3. Jhoan Sánchez (34), Mexicali B.C. 4. Christian Sánchez García (38), Mexicali B.C. 5. Miguel Ángel Solís (38), Ensenada B.C. M/C Open +40: 1. Felipe Vélez (40), San Felipe B.C. 2. Christian Espinoza (44), Mexicali B.C. 3. Manuel Arteaga (44), Tijuana B.C. 4. Guillermo De La Herrán (45), Tijuana B.C. 5. Jesús Navarro (48), Mexicali B.C. M/C Open +50: 1. Francisco Landeros (50), Ensenada B.C. 2. Luis De Nicolás (53), Mexicali B.C. M/C Open Novice: 1. Nicolás Vélez (13), San Felipe B.C. 2. Dilan Avalos (14), Palm Springs Ca. 3. Alfonso Castro Bañuelos (33), Mexicali B.C. 4. Pablo Esteban Bustamante (17),

Esteban Martinez Pelayo from Ensenada took fifth in the Novice class, Round 3

Mexicali B.C 5. Esteban Martínez Pelayo (17), Ensenada B.C. Quad Pro: 1 José Luis Meza Vélez (24), San Felipe B.C. 2. Jesús Osuna (18), Mexicali B.C. 3. Abraham Romero Lepiz (39), Tijuana B.C. 4. Esteban Ramírez (23), Tecate B.C. Quad Expert: 1. Omar Murillo (22), Tecate B.C. 2. Gustavo Torres (34), Tecate B.C. 3. Darío Rabago Morales (24), Ensenada B.C. 4. Francisco Nevarez (24), Heber Ca 5. Alexander Macías Castro (22), Tijuana B.C. Quad +30: 1. Carlos Servando López Martínez (49), San Felipe B.C. 2. Raudel Coronel (47), Mexicali B.C. 3. Jorge Luis Ramírez Jr. (33), Mexicali B.C. Quad +40: 1. Natanahel Torres (42), Mexicali B.C. ´05 Honda TRX450R 2. Cristóbal Quezada (47), Tijuana B.C. Quad +50: 1. Daniel Gaytán (50), Heber Ca. 2. Saúl Díaz (52), Mexicali B.C. 3. Domingo Márquez (50), Mexicali B.C. 4. Miguel Ángel Valdivia (59), Mexicali B.C. Quad Novice: 1. Yoel Leal (14), Mexicali B.C. 2. Sergio Jiménez (19), estación Pescaderos B.C. ´05 3. Luis René Villa Pedroza (16), Ensenada B.C. 4. Dionisio Zavala Jr. (14), Jacume B.C 5. David Huezo Jr. (20), Imperial Ca. E

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www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE