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08 | Sherri's Turn

What have we been doing for 39 years?

10 | Dirtbits

50 Year anniversary of the Baja Taxi

13 | In Memory: Carey B. Lincoln

50 | Blast from the Past

Memories from days gone by courtesy of Trackside Photo

52 | 4x4 Coach

Avoid the 6 p.m. News, don't start a wildfire

68 | White Mountain UTV Jamboree Exploring Arizona with UTV Off Road Adventures

100 | Classifieds Free off road photo classifieds

Saying good-bye to a long time District 38 racer

14 | ASA News

Official news from the American Sand Association

16 | Coming Events For every type of off road vehicle

24 | Back to the Desert Special Feature

It's a giant desert photo album plus a whole lot more

50 | San Diego Jeep Club's 8th Birthday Bash How does a Jeep Club celebrate a birthday?

54 | Tombstone Trail Ride Off Road legends and Outlaws tour the famous town

60 | The Endangered Off Roader San Diego Off Road Coalition News

62 | Bike Shop Flat tire adventures


COMPETITION 72 | ZR Promo Vimetal Nite Race Desert racing south of the border

78 | DP4 Racing Lights Out Scramble UTV racing in Ridgecrest CA

88 | CALVMX/Top Gun Series Flat Track Round 4 of the 7 round CALVMX series

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com


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COVER (Top) Glamis Dunes. Cody making sure everything works perfectly for the season. (Bottom)

Dunes action captured by Neal Rideout who generously provides his photos every year for the desert issues. Check out all his awesome photography at www.fe135.com CONTENTS "An F-16 landing on the Rodgers Dry Lake at Edwards AFB. Took this some years ago. It is dirt and if it's in the dirt, I'll try and get it. It is an F-16 from the 416th FLTS (Flight Test Squadron). Enjoy. Probably be the only off road fighter shot ever in an off road mag." - Neal Rideout Photography www.fe135.com

www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



as it really been 39 years since we sat around our one bedroom duplex discussing ways to spread the word about short course racing at our local race track? A flier? A poster? A newsletter? Yes! A newsletter, that's it! Now, what to call it? The guy-in-thegarage (who also just happened to be the brand new owner of a Funco short course car) and I tossed out names to each other and finally settled on San Diego Off Roader. As the months rolled by and we continued to put out the little 12 page newsletter it became nicknamed "the off roader." Occasionally I still hear people refer to it as that and I know, without a doubt, they've been following along on this adventure all these years. Years passed and the newsletter hobby grew to be a magazine that became my full-time job. Each year more advertisers joined in and the pages increased. We went from an 8-1/2x11 newsletter printed on 11x17 paper, folded to make a booklet to a full grown tabloid size publication 15" tall by 12" wide, saddle-stitched and nearly a half inch thick in desert season when we were at our largest at 128 pages. It was a huge job and as our family grew, kids knew when deadline time rolled around each month because Mom might have gotten a little grumpy and irritable. Especially in the days before computer production, when putting the magazine together was a lot more labor intensive and time-consuming. As the kids grew up and moved away, we followed a dream to move to the desert where we would start an off road camp for

inner city kids. The year was 2004 and an unnerving thing happened about that same time. The guy-in-the-garage said good-bye to his former career in the construction industry and said hello to being my fulltime boss on the magazine. Hmmm. That was a harsh adjustment for me, as I'd been rolling along doing my own thing for the past 22 years and now suddenly someone was telling me what to do and what was wrong and making suggestions and proofreading every word in the magazine. I will admit the proofreading was something that had been sorely lacking in those previous years and there were times I cringed in embarrassment, after an issue was printed, at the mistakes that seemed to jump out and scream at me. A couple of times even on the cover. Yikes!!! We sailed along a few more years having some of our best times ever with the magazine. Business was booming, new ads were coming in, we lived in the desert surrounded by people enjoying the sport we were publishing about every month. All was good with the publication, by then known as San Diego Off Road Magazine. Then, along came 2008 and a new political era which impacted the economy as well as crushing new regulations from the California Air Resources Board causing major problems with some of the companies who advertised with us. Between the great recession and the CARB regulations, we began to receive bankruptcy notices from some businesses who owed us money and those who didn't file bankruptcy, just pulled out their ads because they were closing down or now had no budget for advertising. We began tightening our belts, cutting back on expenses, reducing pages, even reduced the size of the magazine. We went from 15" tall to 13" to save money on printing. And then we just kept plodding along. In 2010 we changed the name to S&S Off Road Magazine to get rid of the stigma that we were only about San Diego, something we should have done years before.

So this is what's been happening the last 39 years . . .


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

We continued on a path of publishing a somewhat smaller magazine and all was going well until the great American shutdown. I suppose I should say worldwide shutdown. Again we saw a loss of advertisers, stores closed down where we were distributing the magazine and we faced the very real question of whether we were going to be one of the 60% of businesses who did not survive the disaster. We never imagined in all our years of publishing that we would stop distributing a print magazine and convert to digital, but as the old saying goes, "Desperate times call for desperate measures." In May 2020 we published our first completely digital magazine and immediately discovered immense benefits. We went from 36 pages mostly black and white to 100 full color pages and we love it! We're still adjusting to not having stacks of magazines around to give away for free. However, at the request of loyal readers who asked if there was a way to get a print copy of the digital issue, we discovered how to do that through Amazon for those who wanted to buy a copy each month. Another benefit is we now have a worldwide audience. The magazine is instantly available to download on any device, so you can read it anywhere even if you don't have service. No longer do you have to go to a shop to pick up a copy or subscribe to get it. I admit it still feels a bit strange adjusting to reading online, even after a year and half, and I'm sad that some readers we lost altogether due to the change. However we've added a lot of new readers across the nation who have discovered S&S Off Road Magazine, when they would never have had that opportunity in the days when you had to pick up a copy at a shop. We're doing our best to maintain the same atmosphere in the magazine we've had for years but also recognizing that maybe now some features like our "Back to the desert" theme don't apply to many of our new readers who don't live where there is a desert. But the goal as we approach our 40th year of publishing is to keep growing and to continue making our readers the stars month after month! And with encouragement and input from readers at home and abroad we hope to do just that. E

OCTOBER 2021 | VOL. 40 • NO. 1

SINCE 1982

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50 Year Anniversary of "The Baja Taxi", Pete Sigwardt Returns To Baja fter a 50 year absence from off


road racing, Pete Sigwardt is returning to Baja once again for the NORRA 500. He and co-driver Keith Howard are entered in the Safari class with a 1971 Ford Bronco built just for this event. They will be running number 7150. The Safari class is open to street legal vehicles of all kinds, and is led by Baja aficionado Michael Emery of Slow Baja fame. Pete Sigwardt will be celebrating his 50 year anniversary, and also paying tribute to his mentors Bill Stroppe, and Parnelli Jones. Sigwardt was part of a team of college students who competed in the Baja Taxi race car in 1970-71. The Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering Department


students were supported by Ford, the Southern California Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and the Yellow Cab Company. They built the Baja Taxi from 3 crashed yellow cabs that they combined into one; keeping the Yellow Cab sign on the roof. The young engineers consulted with Bill Stroppe on the project, and he recommended they cut the front frame section off, and replace it with one from a ford truck with Twin I- Beams. The result was a Galaxie 500 that was tough enough for Baja, and a good enough engineering exercise to earn college credits for the team members. Sigwardt was so proud when he passed Stroppe, and Jones during the race in 1970 (the two icons were having problems with the experimental LPG fuel they were running), but was soon brought back to earth when he was on the receiving end of Mickey Thompson’s front bumper. After Thompson made his intentions known, they moved over, and he blew past them in the big red Chevy pick-up. It was one of S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

many incredible experiences they had with NORRA. Anyone can come down and join the fun with NORRA at the 500, especially in the Safari class; you don’t need a race car. The Safari class is unique to NORRA; it is a guided tour of Baja that puts you right in the mix of the Mexican 1000, or NORRA 500. You will take the green flag each day, and follow sections of the race course, but also take time to see the sights, and visit points of interest along the way. You will see some out of the way places that only seasoned Baja travelers know about. From the most spectacular vistas, to the best street tacos, NORRA knows how to get there, and what to order from the menu. Your path during the day will eventually lead to the finish line where you will cheer on the finishers before joining everyone at the nightly celebrations that take place. It’s perfect for those who have never been to Baja, as well as those who are regular visitors to the peninsula. For more information visit www. norra.com.

www.autofab.com For more information, please visit www.SSVWorks.com, call 818-991-1SSV (1778), or email sales@SSVworks.com.

SSV Works Polaris RZR Pro XP4 Rear Door Speaker Pods Now Shipping SV Works (www.ssvworks.com), the


market leader in powersports and off-road audio systems, is proud to announce that its new Polaris RZR Pro XP4 6.5-inch rear door speaker pods (p/n RZ5-DR65) are now shipping and come available unloaded, or with either SSV Works premium marine speakers or Kicker KM marine speakers. The RZ5-DR65 maximizes sound quality, is weather-proof and resistant

to extreme environmental conditions, and is designed for quick and seamless integration. It easily installs on the top half of the front doors using factory mounting locations…it even works with factory lower door inserts. SSV Works’ 6.5-inch, 120-watt (60w RMS) 2-way coaxial premium marine speakers started the revolution and are now upgraded to marine-grade speakers for ultimate reliability and sound quality. They produce excellent volume and clarity making them the best bang for your buck. Kicker’s 6.5-inch 195 watt (65w RMS) 2-way coaxial KM marine speakers produce spectacular highs and midrange sounds, providing full-range audio specifically for a marine environment.

Two American Teams Visit the Podium at 2021 ISDE wo of the U.S. ISDE teams visited


the podium in their respective classes on September 4 as the FIM International Six Days Enduro came to an end in Italy. The Women’s World Trophy team not only won gold for the U.S. but did so in spectacular fashion, beating secondplace finishers Great Britain by just over 15 minutes. The U.S. World Trophy team, after running third throughout the event, maintained its third-place podium position. The Women’s World Trophy team, made up of riders Brandy Richards, Rachel Gutish and Britney Gallegos, grabbed the lead on the very first day and stretched that lead on a daily basis. Driving the team’s success was ISDE veteran Brandy

Dirtbits continued on next page www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


However, Dante Oliveira did go on to win the final E2 moto of the event. Joining the 10 Trophy riders this year were 21 Club Team riders, an excellent mix of seasoned veterans and brandnew faces, and the U.S. Club Teams finished in 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th, 26th, 29th and 113th. Cole Martinez was the top U.S. Club Team rider all week long, never finishing outside the top 10. Good Team, Bad Team, featuring Cole Martinez, Nate Ferderer — who’d been moved to the team when Mateo Oliveira was injured the week before — and Axel Pearson, ran third overall until the final moto, where they slipped back to fourth by just eight seconds. Robert, Layne Michael and Ryan Sipes — The Mojo Motosport team with fought hard to maintain third the entire six Anthony Ferrante in his first ISDE would days. Continued From Previous Page Unfortunately, the U.S. Junior Trophy finish fifth, while the Trail Pros/US Sprint Enduro team finished seventh, with the Richards, who won every test across the six team, which had been running second, youngest rider on the team, 16-year-old suffered a major loss on Day Four when days, a rare accomplishment. Cade Henderson, among their ranks. racer Austin Walton had a huge crash. He “When we started walking the tests,” Fred Hoess participated Richards said, “I thought, ‘you know, I in his 28th ISDE, finishing 10th think I could win every single test.’ And "Words can’t describe how it felt to overall in Club Team riders on after the first day, I was just thinking, stand on top of the podium with my the Eric Cleveland Memorial ‘okay…you’ve got this!’” Team with Nick Swenson and “I’m not crying, I just got a little team, listening to the national anthem as Joel Tonsgard, both competing champagne in my eyes,” Gutish joked it finally sank in that we were the world in their first ISDE. Brian Storrie from the podium. “Words can’t describe completed his 17th ISDE on how it felt to stand on top of the podium champions.” - Rachel Gutish the Elizabeth Scott 40+ team with my team, listening to the national alongside Jayson Densley in his anthem as it finally sank in that we were fifth ISDE and John Beal in his third — his finished the test, but it was later determined the world champions.” last participation being the 2001 Italian he had a broken scapula. The loss meant The U.S. World Trophy team took ISDE .E the team incurred a three-hour penalty on third place behind Italy and Spain, and the Days Five and Six, leaving the team 11th. team — made up of Johnny Girroir, Taylor



S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

In Memory Carey B. Lincoln 1967-2021


ith desert racing roots going back to the 1970's when he helped his parents mark AMA District 38 desert courses, Carey Lincoln lived his life fully and completely immersed in off road adventure, riding with friends right up to just a few days before his life abruptly came to an end in a swimming accident. Carey Lincoln, of Brawley CA, was born in El Centro CA in 1967 and grew up in Imperial CA. His parents were founding members of Imperial Valley Motorcycle Club and when he was old enough he and his brother Sean, would help their dad mark the courses. By the 1990's, Carey had moved to Nevada and there got involved with quad racing on motocross tracks. In the early 2000's he added oval tracks to his quad racing adventures. In 2004 he once again started riding motorcycles, first on a KX500 and then a CR500. In 2006 Carey moved back to the Imperial Valley, where he enjoyed not only motorcycles, but buggies and Jeeps also in his big desert backyard. By 2009 he started racing D38 with his son CJ and was the Senior class champion from 2012-2014. In recent years he enjoyed making improvements on his dad's 1997 Jeep Wrangler, and modified his stepdad's buggy from a four-seater to a two-seater. In 2020 in bought a V8 buggy he fondly referred to as The Monster. Following in his dad's footsteps of racing, Carey also watched as his son joined him in desert racing and then a granddaughter began racing at Glen Helen Raceway. Four generations of racing. Carey is survived by his wife Louisa Lincoln, his mother Rhoberta Gibson, his children CJ Lincoln (Sonja), Saree Roddy (Tyler) and Alexy Kerley; grandchildren Ellie and Anders Lincoln and Myles Roddy (arriving in November) as well as numerous other family members and friends. E www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



The American Sand Association's primary objective is to "UNITE, INFORM and MOBILIZE" the sand duning community to protect the right to ride on all public lands in a responsible, environmentally balanced manner.

ASA Behind the Scenes:


The Cost of “Duning” Business

rotecting everyone’s right to recreate on public lands is what the ASA is all about, but do you know what it costs to maintain that vigilance? To give you a better idea, here is a 5-year average of where we raise our funds, and where we spend them:

As you can see in the charts, ISDRA Permit Sales make up a majority of both our revenue and our expenses. The chart to the right has been adjusted to reflect the net revenue from the ISDRA permit sales:

most of our revenue. The challenge we face is that standing up for OHV recreation is expensive, it takes a village of experts: lawyers, lobbyists, and scientists. There are also accountants, administrators, and support staff. While we are so grateful for the countless hours of support from our amazing volunteers, even things like maintaining a website, staying connected and attending events all have costs involved. Being on the forefront of OHV advocacy is a 24/7, year-round responsibility. Whether there is an immediate, urgent need or the stirrings of something to come, the ASA must constantly be on the alert. Never again can we allow ourselves to be blindsided like we were in 2000 when we lost 49,000 acres at the ISDRA. Keeping the organization going is a must; and yes, it is costly. On the next page is an overview of the past 15 years:

Membership, Business Sponsors, Donations, and raffle ticket sales provide 14

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com


There is a perception that the ASA raises a lot of money to fight to keep the dunes open, and we do. But as you can see in the chart below, our revenues do not keep up with our expenses. For the ASA to continue the fight for OHV advocacy, financial support from the duning community is vital. If you are not yet a Supporting Member, please consider joining; it’s only $25 a year. If you have a business, whether you cater to the Sand Sports community or not, please become a Business Sponsor. We have several different levels available starting at only $125 a year. And as events come back and the ASA is able to head out to showcase our fundraising vehicles, please consider volunteering. We have a strong 20+ year history of success, and it’s up to you to help us fight for the next 20 years and beyond.

JOIN THE ASA! www.americansandassociation.org/join-asa

951-699-6922 “Specializing in Hand-Crafted Vehicles” Long-Travel Buggies Ultra 4 x 4’s & Jeeps Off-Road Trucks

Repair Facility Tube Bending Mig/Tig Welding

Sheet Metal Wiring Performance Parts

“THE ONLY FAB SHOP YOU’LL EVER NEED” www.rawmotorsports .com 42065 Zevo Drive #16 Temecula, CA 92590

Text SSOR to 21000 to receive S&S Off Road

Magazine every month

An overview of the past 15 years of revenue and expenses for the ASA. Green represents income and red represents expenses. E www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Coming Events

Desert Racing • Dual Sport Endurance Races • Endurocross Enduros • Flat Track • 4WD Events

• 4WD Training • Fun Runs • GP’s • Motocross • Off Road Shows • Rock Crawling • Sand Drags • Short Course • Speedway • Supercross • Trials • Vintage Motocross DESERT RACING ALTA VISTA EVENTS www.averacing.com Oct 23 - Pure 200 FREE ENTRY "Thank you Race" - Limit 500 entries, California City CA AMA DISTRICT 37 www.district37ama.org Motorcycles & Quads Oct 16 - Shamrocks Dual European Scrambles Oct 25 - 100's H&H AMA DISTRICT 38 www.amad38.com Motorcycles & Quads Oct 16 - I8 Monster Mash, Plaster City West Nov 6 - Full Throttle Veterans Day Dash, Lakebed Dec 11 - Roadrunner Christmas Classic, Superstition UTVs Oct 16 - I8 Monster Mash, Plaster City West Nov 6 - Full Throttle Veterans Day Dash, Lakebed Dec 11 - Roadrunner Christmas Classic, Superstition AMA NATIONAL HARE & HOUND www.NationalHareandHound.com Motorcycles & Quads Oct 9-10 - Round 8, Lovelock NV Oct 23-24 - Round 9, Lucerne Valley CA AMA WEST HARE SCRAMBLES www.westharescramble.com Motorcycles & Quad Oct 16-17 - Round 5, Boise ID Nov 6 - Round 6, Stillwater OK Nov 7 - Round 7, Stillwater OK Nov 20-21 - Round 8, Wilseyville CA AMRA ARIZONA MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ASSOCIATION www.amraracing.com Motorcycle Racing Oct 23-24 - Hare Scramble, Globe AZ Dec 12 - Hare Scramble, Peoria AZ 16


www.arizonaoffroadpromotions.com Nov 6-7 - Todd Peterson's Vulture Mine Hare Scrambles, Wickenburg AZ BEST IN THE DESERT www.bitd.com Oct 29-31 - Bluewater Desert Challenge, MC, Quad, UTV Nov 4-7 - 2021 Bluewater Desert Challenge, Truck, Car Tentative 2022 BITD Schedule Jan 6-8, 2022 - Parker 250 UTV/MC/ Quad Jan 9, 2022 - Parker 425 Pre-Run Jan 20-23, 2022 - Parker 425 Car/ Truck Feb 17-20, 2022 - UTV Legends Championship, Laughlin NV UTV/MC/ Quad Mar 17-20, 2022 - Adelanto Grand Prix, Adelanto CA MC Apr 28-30, 2022 - Silver State 300, Alamo NV Car/Truck/UTV/MC/Quad Aug 10-13, 2022 - Vegas to Reno, Car/ Truck/UTV/MC/Quad Sept 22-25, 2022 - Battle Born 200, Ely NV, Car/Truck/UTV/MC/Quad Oct 20-23, 2022 - Laughlin Desert Classic, Laughlin NV, Car/Truck Nov 4-6, 2022 - World Hare & Hound, Tonopah NV, MC/Quad/UTV CODE OFF ROAD www.codeoffroad.com.mx LEGACY RACING www.legacyracing.net Nov 5-7 - Dirt Rebelution, Cedar City UT MC/Quad/UTV Jan 5-9, 2022 - Desert Showdown, Pahrump NV Cars/Trucks/UTV Feb 4-6, 2022 - Hare Scrambles, Laughlin NV MC/Quad May 4-7, 2022 - Baja Nevada, Cars/ Trucks/UTV/MC/Quad


Jun 23-26, 2022 - Virginia City to Tonopah NV, Cars/Trucks/UTV/MC/ Quad Sept 8-11, 2022 - Stateline Shootout, Primm NV, Cars/Trucks/UTV Oct 7-9, 2022 - Dirt Rebelution, Cedar City UT MC/Quad/UTV Nov 10-13, 2022 - Battleground, Jean NV, Cars/Trucks/MC/Quad/UTV M.O.R.E. www.moreracing.net Cars, Trucks and UTVs Nov 13 - Slash X, Barstow CA NORRA www.norra.com Oct 7-10 - Norra 500 RECORD OFF ROAD www.recordoffroad.com Oct 1-2 - San Vicente 200 Dec 10-12 - San Felipe 250 SCORE www.score-international.com Nov 15-20 - 54th Annual Baja 1000 Mar 29-Apr 3, 2022 - 35th San Felipe 250, San Felipe, Mexico Jun 1-5, 2022 - 54th Baja 500, Ensenada Sept 13-18, 2022 - 3rd Baja 400, Ensenada Nov 15-20, 2022 - 55th Baja 1000, Ensenada SNORE www.snoreracing.net Oct 15-16 - Battle at Primm, Primm NV Dec 9-12, 2020 - McKenzie's Rage at the River, Laughin NV SADR - Southern Arizona Desert Racing 520-747-0490 www.racesadr.com Dec 3-4 - Cholla 250 ZR PROMOTIONS (686) 564-6653 www.zrpromo.com Motorcycles, Quads and UTVs

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

DUAL SPORT BIG BEAR TRAIL RIDERS MC www.bigbeartrailriders.com CRAWDAD OFF ROAD EVENTS www.crawdadoffroadevents.com Oct 1-4 - Bar 10 Ranch, Mesquite NV D-37 DUAL SPORT www.district37ama.org/dualsport/ DUAL SPORT WEST www.dualsportwest.com Oct 23-24 - Countdown Lone Pine 300, Lone Pine CA Nov 7-8 - Countdown China Lake 300, Ridgecrest CA DUST DEVILS MC www.dustdevilsmc.com FAMILY OFF ROAD ADVENTURES www.familyoffroadadventures.com 209-649-3633 Feb 20, 2022 - Mojave Family Adventure Apr 30 - May 1, 2022 - Yosemite Adventure Tour Jun 11-12, 2022 - Lost Coast Adventure Oct 15-16, 2022 - Mammoth-2-Tahoe ORANGE COUNTY DUALIES www.dualies.com SAN DIEGO ADVENTURE RIDERS www.dualsport-sd.com VENTURA COUNTY M/C CLUB www.venturacountymc.com Oct 8 - 14th Annual VCMC Bishop Dual Sport Run, Bishop CA ENDURANCE RACES Glen Helen - www.glenhelen.com Oct 9-10 - 3 Bros 24 Hour Endurance Race

ENDUROCROSS GEICO AMA ENDUROCROSS www.endurocross.com Oct 2 - Round 2, Amarillo National Center, Amarillo TX Oct 9 - Round 3, Reno Livestock Events Center, Reno NV Oct 23 - Round 4, Findlay Toyota Center, Prescott Valley AZ Oct 29 - Round 5, National Western Complex, Denver CO Oct 30 - Round 6, National Western Complex, Denver CO ENDUROS ARIZONA OFF-ROAD STATE CHAMPIONSHIP www.amraracing.com Oct 9 - Kirkland AZ Nov 14 - Oracle AZ DISTRICT 37 www.district37ama.org LOS ANCIANOS MC CLUB www.losancianos.com WORCS www.worcssprintracing.com 2021 Sprint Season Cancelled FLAT TRACK AMERICAN FLAT TRACK

www.americanflattrack.com Oct 8 - Charlotte Half-Mile, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte, NC AZ FLAT TRACK RACING www.azflattrackracing.com Races held at Adobe Mountain, Glendale AZ Oct 9 - Round 9 Oct 23 - Round 10 Nov 6 - Round 11 Nov 20 - Round 12 CALVMX FLAT TRACK www.calvmx.net Races held at Camp Lockett, Campo CA Oct 30-31 - Round 6 Nov 20-21 - Round 7 LAKE ELSINORE MX PARK www.elsinoremotocross.com Flat track open for practice on weekends. No knobbies. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FLAT TRACK ASSOCIATION www.southerncaliforniaflattrack.com All races held at Perris Raceway, Perris CA Oct 2 - Round 9 Nov 6 - Round 10 Nov 7 - Round 11

Dec 4 - Round 12 WESTERN FLAT TRACK www.westernflattrack.com 4WD CLUBS & EVENTS BADLANDS OFF ROAD ADVENTURES www.4x4training.com Oct 15 - Death Valley Adventure Nov 27 - Turkey Day Run Dec 29 - Saline New Years Deal CALIFORNIA 4WD ASSOCIATION INC. www.cal4wheel.com Oct 7-10 - Mojave Road Rendezvous Oct 15-16 - Operation Desert Fun Nov 12-14 - Panamint Valley Days CAPO VALLEY 4 WHEELERS www.cv4w.org DESERT SIDE TRACS www.dst4x4club.org Oct TBA - Death Valley Mar 25-30, 2022 - Sand Hollow DIABLO 4-WHEELERS www.diablo4wheelers.com EARLY BRONCOS LTD www.earlybronco.com


GEARED FOUR FUN 4WD CLUB www.geared4fun.com HEMET JEEP CLUB www.hemetjeepclub.com INLAND EMPIRE FOUR WHEELERS www.ie4w.com JEEP BLITZ www.jeepblitz.com JUST RUNS www.justruns.com Oct 8-10 - Mojave Road Oct 21-24 - Tucson, Arizona, Rug Road & Chiva Falls Nov 24-27 - Apache Junction AZ PARKER 4 WHEELERS www.parker4wheelers.net Nov 12-14 - 25th Annual Desert Splash POINT MUGU 4WD CLUB, INC. www.facebook.com/pages/Point-Mugu4x4-Club/356896013416 RED ROCK 4-WHEELERS www.rr4w.com


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COMING EVENTS Continued SAN DIEGO 4 WHEELERS www.sd4wheel.com Oct 4-9 - Trail Hero, Sand Hollow State Park, Hurricane UT Oct 8-10 - Corral Canyon Trail Clean-up Oct -10 - Pismo Beach Jeep Fest Oct 15-16 - Operation Desert Fun Ocotillo Wells CA Oct 15-16 - Picacho Peak Run, Arizona side Oct 22-24 - Borrego Days Festival, Borrego Springs CA Oct 28-31 - VV4W Hump-n-Bump Oct 30-31 - Lucerne Valley, Cougar Buttes SAN DIEGO OUTBACKS 4X4 CLUB (760) 789-8294 SCOUTS WEST 4WDC www.scoutswest.com Apr 2022 - IH Western Regionals, Calico CA SONS OF THUNDER 4-WHEELERS www.sonsofthunder4x4.com Oct 22-24 - Joshua Tree Nov 19-21 - Truckhaven 18

TIERRA DEL SOL www.tds4x4.com Oct 4-9 - Trail Hero, Sand Hollow UT Oct 16 - CA4WDC Operation Desert Fun Oct 28-31 - Hump n Bump, Logandale NV Nov 12-14 - CA4WDC Panamint Days Mar 4-6, 2022 - Tierra Del Sol's 60th Annual Desert Safari, Truckhaven Hills, Ocotillo Wells SVRA VEGAS VALLEY 4 WHEELERS www.vv4w.org Oct 28-31 - Hump 'N' Bump 2021 VICTOR VALLEY 4 WHEELERS www.victorvalley4wheelers.com WILLYS OVERLAND MOAB RALLY - www.willysrally.com 4WD TRAINING BADLANDS OFF ROAD ADVENTURES www.4x4training.com San Diego Area - Getting Started Off Road Driving Clinic - Oct 23-24, Nov 20-21

CALL TO VERIFY INFO BEFORE TRAVELING EVENTS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR ERROR RACE PROMOTERS Send your event information to ssormag@gmail.com Los Angeles Area - Getting Started Off Road Driving Clinic - Oct 23-24, Nov 6-7, Nov 20-21 FUN RUNS CORVA www.corva.org Oct 30 - Fright Night, Hungry Valley, Gorman CA HI-DESERT CHARITIES OFF ROAD POKER RUN www.facebook.com/Hi-DesertCharities-Offroad-Poker-Run1472979602913413/ MORONGO BASIN SEARCH & RESCUE - www.desertrun.org Oct 2 - 41st Morongo Basin Desert Run, Means Dry Lake, Johnson Valley CA REDDING DIRT RIDERS www.reddingdirtriders.com

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

SAN DIEGO OFF ROAD COALITION www.sdorc.org Nov 13 - Lost Lizard Fun Run, Superstition Mountain OHV Area SOBOBA RIDES, San Jacinto CA www.sobobarides.biz Feb 27, 2022 - 42nd Annual Soboba Trail Ride G.P.’S AMA DISTRICT 37 www.district37ama.org Oct 24 - Viewfinders GP Oct 30-31 - Prospectors GP Nov 12-14 - Shamrocks GP AMA DISTRICT 38 www.amad38.com AMRA ARIZONA MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ASSOCIATION www.amraracing.com

Points Event


Points Event

11-6 –2021

Absorbent Matts Required For Pits Fire Extinguisher Required For Pits

$50 District 38 Membership

15 MPH Pit Speed Enforced

$ 60 non Member

Green/Red Sticker Required For

Annual AMA

Unregistered Or Out Of State

Membership Required


Not Available At Race

Helmets Required At All Times No Medical Insurance Provided


AMA/ATVA Rules Apply

Bomb Run Practice 7:30 to 8:15 am Online Riders Meeting

Riders Under 18 Both Parents Must Sign Release

9:00 am Race Start


Online Sign Ups Only Mandatory CoVid

Until 11-5-21 7:00 pm

Compliance No Pit Row Camping

Bomb Run Practice 12:30—1:00 PM DIRECTIONS: Hwy 8 to Dunaway Exit Right on Evan Hewes Left on Huff Left on Wheeler Rd. Follow arrows to Pits

1:30 PM Race Start NO PRE RUNNING

Full Throttle Contact

Absorbent Matts Required For Pits

Wes Feeler 619-572-1629

15 MPH Pit Speed Enforced


Green/Red Sticker Required For Unregistered Or Out Of State

Full Throttle Referee


Class Determined By Engine / Age

Steve Penner 619-403-7336

Helmets Required At All Times

Quad Racers Age Minimum 14 yrs.


No Medical Insurance Provided

Bike Racers Age Minimum 12 yrs.

Free Kids Event for Bikes & Quads Pending Co Vid Status

Green/Red Stickers Required In CA.

$150 All Classes Except Sportsman is $100

CA. Land Use Permit Required For

$50 District 38 Membership Required

Unregistered /Out Of State Vehicles

$6 Passenger Fee

Helmets Required At ALL TIMES !!!

DIRECTIONS: Hwy 8 to Dunaway Exit Right on Evan Hewes Left on Huff Left on Wheeler Rd. Follow arrows to Pits

Full Throttle Contact

Classes :Pro Unlimited , Pro Production,

Wes Feeler 619-572-1629

Pro Stock, and Sportsman.

wfeeler@euramcosafety.com Full Throttle Referee

Online Sign Ups Only Until 11-5-21 @ 7:00 pm Online Drivers Meeting Tech Inspection Fri 4-6 pm And Sat 10—Noon

Participants Under 18 Need Both Parents Signatures Or Guardians with

Mandatory Co Vid Compliance

A Notarized Signature .

Steve Penner 619-403-7336

No Pit Row Camping


ARIZONA OFF ROAD PROMOTIONS www.arizonaoffroadpromotions.com Oct 2- Payson GP, Payson AZ Dec 18 - Canyon Christmas GP and Team Race, Peoria AZ

REDDING DIRT RIDERS www.reddingdirtriders.com SHORTY'S SPORTS PARK LLC Blythe CA www.facebook.com/shortyssportspark

CAHUILLA CREEK MX TRACK. Anza CA www.cahuillacreekmotocross.com

DIRT SERIES www.elsinoregrandprix.com Nov 12-14 - 52nd Annual Lake Elsinore Grand Prix, Lake Elsinore CA

SRA www.sragp.com Motorcycles, Quads, UTVs All events held at Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA Oct 17 - Round 10 Nov 21 - Round 11 Dec 5 - Round 12

FIRE & POLICE MOTOCROSS www.firepolicemx.com Oct 11-12 - Fire & Police MX National, Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, Lake Elsinore CA FOX RACEWAY Pala CA raceway.palatribe.com

ZR PROMOTIONS www.zrpromo.com

Glen Helen Raceway, Devore CA www.glenhelen.com Oct 1-3 - WORCS Quads/UTVs Oct 16 - SoCal Vintage MX Oct 30 - REM OctoberCross Oct 30-31 - OktoberFast Grand Prix & TT Scrambles Rnd 5 Oct 31 - So Cal Oldtimers MX Oct 31 - American Retrocross Nov 5-7 - 37th Dubya World Vet MX Championship Nov 14 - Old Timers MX Nov 14 - American Retrocross Nov 20 - REM Motocross Dec 4 - REM MX Dec 12 - TT Scrambles Dec 18 REM MX

FIRE & POLICE MOTOCROSS www.firepolice mx.com Dec 7 - Christmas GP, Lake Elsinore MX Park Glen Helen Raceway, Devore CA www.glenhelen.com SRA GP - Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 21, Dec 5 Nov 26-28 - Day in the Dirt LACR MX, Palmdale CA www.lacr.mx National Grand Prix Series (Formerly Big 6) www.ngpcseries.com Oct 2-3 - Round 8, Ridgecrest CA Oct 30-31 - Round 9, Blythe CA Nov 12-14 - Round 10, Shamrocks GP Nov 26- 28 - Round 11, Socal MC, Delano CA

Free Kids Event for Bikes & Quads Pending Co Vid Status

MOTOCROSS Also see Vintage Motocross Category AMA AMATEUR NATIONAL MX REGIONAL www.mxsports.com AMA LUCAS OIL PRO MX CHAMPIONSHIP www.mxnationals.com AME MINICROSS www.ameminicross.com

DT1 MX Park Tulare CA www.dt1mxpark.com

LA PLAYA MOTOCROSS Rosarito, Mexico www.facebook.com/laplayamotocross LACR MX, Palmdale CA - www.lacr.mx OLD SCHOOL SCRAMBLES RACING www.oldschool scramblesracing.com All races held at Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Oct 30-31 - OktoberFast Grand Prix & TT Scrambles Rnd 5 Dec 11-12 - TT Scrambles Rnd 6 OVER THE HILL GANG www.overthe hillgang.org Oct 3 - Round 2 Triple Crown Series, DT1 MX, Tulare CA Oct 22-24 - Valley National, DT1 MX, Tulare CA Nov 14 - Round 3 Triple Crown Series, Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Perris Raceway Perris CA - www.perrismx.com Dec 5 - Fall Classic Round 4


www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


www. kingshocks. com

www.ceetracing.com www.factoryresole.com


SAND SPORTS SUPER SHOW www.sandsports supershow.com

REM MOTOCROSS www.remsatmx.com All events at Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Oct 31 - OctoberCross Nov 20 - Motocross

WORCS www.worcsracing.com Bike Schedule Oct 22-24 - Round 9, Mesquite MX, Mesquite NV Nov 19-21 - Round 10, Buffalo Bills, Primm NV


SHORTY'S SPORTS PARK LLC Blythe CA www.facebook.com/shortyssportspark

Quad/SXS Oct 1-3 - Rounds 7&8, Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA Oct 29-31 - Round 9, Mesquite MX, Mesquite NV Nov 10 - ATV with MC, Round 10, Buffalo Bills, Primm NV Nov 12-14 - SXS ONLY, SXS World Finals, Buffalo Bills, Primm NV

ULTRA 4 RACING www.ultra4racing.com Oct 15 - Ultra 4 Nationals, Davis OK

SOCAL OLD TIMERS MX CLUB www.socalotmx.org Oct 10 - Cahuilla Creek MX, Anza CA Oct 17 - Perris Raceway, Perris CA Oct 31 - Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA SOCAL CHAMPIONSHIP MOTOCROSS www.socalmxseries.com STATE FAIR MX www.statefairmx.com THE DIRT SERIES www.dirtseriesracing.com


OFF ROAD RALLY SONORA RALLY www.sonorarally.com

NOR CAL ROCK RACING www.norcalrockracing.com

Oct 9-10 - Rounds 5&6, Location TBD Nov 13-14 - Rounds 7&8, Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA OFF ROAD NIGHTS www.ornscene.com SPEED ENERGY FORMULA OFF ROAD www.stadium supertrucks.com VORRA www.facebook.com/pg/ VORRARacing/events/

SAND DRAGS BAKO SAND DRAGS www.facebook.com/bakosanddrags

SPEEDWAY COSTA MESA SPEEDWAY www.costamesa speedway.net

ET MOTOPARK www.etmotopark.com Apache Junction AZ

SUPERCROSS MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS www.SupercrossOnline.com 2022 Season Jan 8 - Round 1, Angel Stadium, Anaheim CA Jan 15 - Round 2, Ring Central Coliseum, Oakland CA Jan 22 - Round 3, Petco Park, San Diego CA Jan 29 - Round 4, Angel Stadium, Anaheim CA Feb 5 - Round 5, State Farm Stadium, Glendale AZ

SOCAL SAND DRAGS www.socalsanddrags.com

OFF ROAD SHOWS OFF ROAD EXPO www.offroadexpo.com Oct 9-10 - VENUE & DATE CHANGE Lucas Oil Off Road Expo, Ontario CA

SHORT COURSE GLEN HELEN RACEWAY www.glenhelen.com Dec 4 - GBC UTV/Quad Stadium Short Course

OFF ROAD NIGHTS www.ornscene.com

GREAT AMERICAN SHORTCOURSE www.greatamericanshortcourse.com

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com


www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



COMING EVENTS Continued Feb 12 - Round 6, Angel Stadium, Anaheim CA Feb 19 - Round 7, US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis MS Feb 26 - Round 8, AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX Mar 5 - Round 9, Daytona Intl Speedway, Daytona Beach FL Mar 12 - Round 10, Ford Field, Detroit MI Mar 19 - Round 11, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis IN Mar 26 - Round 12, Lumen Field, Seattle WA Apr 9 - Round 13, Dome at America's Center, St Louis MO Apr 16 - Round 14, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Atlanta GA Apr 23 - Round 15, Gillette Stadium, Foxborough MA Apr 30 - Round 16, Empower Field at Mile High, Denver CO May 7 - Round 17, Rice-Eccles Stadium, Salt Lake City UT TRIALS AHRMA www.ahrma.org Oct 2 - Bushey Ranch, Canby CA Oct 8 - Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds AL Oct 10 - Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds AL 22

Nov 5 - Nat'l Championship Finale T&S Racing, Henryetta OK

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TRIALS ASSOCIATION www.socaltrials.com Oct 17 - Round 2, VOTE 33rd Annual Jack Volder Classic, Romoland CA Nov 14, Round 3 - SDTR, McCain Valley Dec 4 - Round 4, The Kern River Classic, Keysville Dec 5 - Round 5, The Kern River Classic, Keysville Jan 23, 2022 - Round 6, Happy Trial, Romoland CA Feb 20, 2022 - Round 7, SDTR, McCain Valley D/C Mar 20, 2022 - Round 8, Plonkers, Lucerne CA Apr 23, 2022 - Round 9, SCTA 50th El Trial de España, Motoventures, Cahuilla, Anza CA Apr 24, 2022 - Round 10, SCTA Conquer The West Cup, Motoventures, Cahuilla, Anza CA May 22, 2022 - SCTA Awards Trial & Youth Fundraiser, Motoventures, Cahuilla, Anza CA VINTAGE MOTOCROSS AHRMA www.ahrma.org

National Vintage MX Series Oct 3 - Bushey Ranch, Canby CA Oct 9 - Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds AL Oct 16 - Georgia Practice Facility (GPF), Cairo GA Oct 23 - Texas Vintage GP, Donie TX Nov 6 - National Championship Finale, T&S Racing, Henryetta OK AMERICAN RETROCROSS www.americanretrocross.org Oct 31 - Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Nov 14 - Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Dec 19 - Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA AMERICAN VINTAGE DIRT RACERS ASSOCIATION www.avdra.com Oct 17 - Race 9, Arizona Cycle Park, Buckeye AZ Nov 14 - Race 10, Motoland, Casa Grande AZ Dec 26 - Race 11, Race of Champions, Casa Grande AZ CALVMX www.calvmx.net Oct 3 - Round 6, Lake Elsinore MX, Lake Elsinore CA E

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com


www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


24 24

S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- OCTOBER OCTOBER 2021 2021 -- www.ssormag.com www.ssorm.com

WELCOME Back to the



Off road action at Dumont Dunes on these two pages captured by Neal Rideout Photography FE135.com

For 39 years we've been welcoming you

Back to the Desert after the long hot summer break . . . and here we are once again . . . looking forward to desert season never grows old! Randy Ressell on a 118cc custom ATC during an ARA Desert Race in 1983

Lots more DESERT PHOTOS ahead

www.ssormag.com www.ssorm.com --OCTOBER OCTOBER2021 2021 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE

25 25

The best part about getting Back to the Desert each season is . . . It's where I can just be me. - Sean P. Circuit The smell from the campfire in the morning. - Vince Cook

We Walk Among Them! L-R: Tessa LaBelle, Brock LaBelle, Jeffrey Wallace. Little People Rock Sculptures at Ocotillo Wells, CA - Brian LaBelle, Brea CA

Camping with friends, exploring, being away from the hustle ‘n bustle of SD, and testing out new parts! - Doug Marko No electronics. - Maria Silva Time with my wife and my Jeep. Yes in that order. - Hank Martens It's wide open spaces and a beautiful place to be! - Lisa Pope The smell of Maxima. - Bryan Hardy

My name is Jake Harrison. Being from Kansas I don’t have a lot of time in the desert. This is from a BITD race in February 2016 the UTV World Championship. I entered the Quad Amateur Ironman class and finished first at 2:56 with a 3 hour time limit. I think I was third overall. I was on a 2010 YFZ450x. So much fun and worth 20 hours of driving! Would love to come back!! 26

A Back in the Day Photo: My little brother Jake, after riding his ATC near Gecko turnaround and finding the only cement piece in the whole area of sand. His helmet wasn't on tight enough and it flew off and then it him in the back of the head. Had to take him all the way to Brawley for stitches and he now has an "L" scar back there forever from the mouth guard on the helmet hitting him. - Jamie Tompkins, Lakeside AZ

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Seeing what has changed since we were last out there. Seeing what new skills the kids have now they didn’t have last season and seeing how much harder it is to stay ahead of them. Or in my case, how much harder I have to work to keep up. - Mark Ruhm Getting back together with my desert friends and getting to experience the winter improvements to my YXZ. - Stu Peace

Getting out of L.A.! Norman Harris Seeing old friends . . . and family - Terry Wasluskas Sitting around the campfire. Also scorpion hunting with my grandkids. - Calvin Ford Sr. The nights around the campfire. - James Camy The whole desert vibe. I like to ride but it's so fun watching others make memories with their families and friends. The desert smells bring me back to what a splendor the desert is. - Kathy Anne Enjoying a stress free weekend away from home life. Riding the dunes and spending time with family and friends around the campfire. - Kera Berry Stress unload, camping with family and friends, potluck dinners, campfires, stargazing. Also like the solo trips to remote locations to get away from it all. - Chris Chase

Maci Vance and Holly Wiederkehr at Gordons Well with Evi the puppy and Tyler Begg in the background - Holly Wiederkehr, El Cajon CA Day before TDS 2020. Kayle and Dawn Marie Miltenberger of the Creeps N Jeeps club tying the knot at the Off Road Playground near Coral Wash Truckhaven. Gary Foster, Officiating; Chris Baily, Best Man; Alyssa Marie, Maid of Honor - Richard Batchelor, Vista CA

Sand in my teeth! - Pete Springer This year we moved to Ocotillo (not Wells) no more desert trips for us. We live there. - Kevin Cheney Glamis dunes fun! - James Dekoker Great camp fire stories!! - Skeeter Isom

Ashlynn, Lilah and Sadie having fun at stack Hill out in Superstition. Photo by Dad. Lots more DESERT PHOTOS ahead www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


More of the best part about getting Back to the Desert each season! The total zen . . .friends, family, campfires, Jeeping, dune buggy, and the amazing desert night sky! - Theresa Collett

Flying Low at El Mirage! L-R: Brock LaBelle, Trevor Lite, Jeffrey Wallace, El Mirage Dry Lake, Mojave Desert - Brian LaBelle, Brea CA

Camping. Racing. Chilling. - Nick Ewing-Pistelak No libs! - Shawn Zanganeh Being able to experience off roading again. - Rachael Weaver Back to racing! - Davin Brigman Leah Dannals and Alberto Corna at Superstition Mountain - Tim Dannals, Vista CA

Racing! District 38. Family and friends! - Steve Kerchner Watching the kids and grandkids zip around! - Dennis DeMink Family get togethers. - Abbie Solarez Cooler weather!!! - Judd Neves

Cliffside on the way to Dead Cow Trail (my favorite) in Moab. People right to left are Jake Morenc , ’91 YZ125; Sean MacMahon, ’07 YZ 250 and Tim Morenc 2019 YZ250x. - Tim Morenc, Stillwater OK

Seeing Judd Neves! - Josh Smith Relaxing and enjoying the weather and exploring around in the Bronco. - Richard Calahan Relaxing, doing nothing, watching the kids and grandkids having fun makes me smile. And being the first up having coffee in front of the fire ring, watching the sun come up. - Ann Sakamoto

Ronnie’s buggy he’s owned for over 30 years - Tom Ferguson, Chula Vista CA 28 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com


Beauty of the desert. - Sheila Graciano North Glamis. - John Barber The clear sky, open space and sunrises . . . All that and getting the toys running . . . oh and snacks, lots of snacks. - Tom Lemmon Shaking off the stress! - David Matthewson Gold mining. - Doug Dobbs Meeting up with my awesome desert family and early morning rides through the dunes. - Chris Upton Sr. All the moonlight runs. - Tillie Crego The freedom, the fun, and the friends! - David Ziegler The memories my family and I make out in our beautiful desert. And the scenery is my absolute favorite! - Sarah Banuelos


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Side by Side Services Include: Performance Suspension Set Up Includes: Eibach spring kit, revalve, rebuild, oil, seal kit & nitrogen, from $1,798.00. Complete Shock Revalve Includes: Shims, oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $998.00. Complete Shock Service Includes: Oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $619.00. Spring Kits & Stabilizer Bars Available for most popular models, please call for specific pricing information. We proudly service:

The landscape and the moon. - Ally Webb Phone: (760) 955-8757 | E-mail: info@noleenj6.com

For more information on our complete line of SXS product and services please contact us today!


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Gabriel Medina riding the quad at Morratt Ranch, Ocotillo Wells - Thereas Collett, San Marcos CA

Lilah and Sadie McPheeters morning ride with their friend Jack Jack out at Superstition. Photo by Jesse McPheeters, Santee CA

Cesar Garcia, 16, taking a break with some of our people near a random abandoned car in Ocotillo Wells - Theresa Collett, San Marcos CA

My son Jake Morenc on a vintage 1991 YZ125 out in Moab, Utah on Ready to race! - Dustin Slade, Mary's Trail. - Tim Morenc, Stillwater OK San Diego CA 30 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com More DESERT PHOTOS ahead

www.ssorm.com - SEPTEMBER www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


As the Desert Season ends in May near Calico Ghost Town, Jane and Dwayne Prickett look forward to another one beginning in October!

Lisa Lauria, Tyler Begg and Maci Vance at Gordons Well - Holly Wiederkehr, El Cajon CA

Friends of Joe Hauler

Dustin Slade looking forward to getting back to the desert! 32

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Demonstrating standup wheelies! Brock LaBelle on his KX 100 at Superstition OHV - Brian LaBelle, Brea CA

In camp at Ocotillo Wells CA - James Veltri, San Marcos CA Lots more DESERT PHOTOS ahead You can be a part of an upcoming Reader Feature! Visit www.ssormag.com and join the VIP list!


www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


The buggy belongs to my friend, John. The location was somewhere between Superstition and Ocotillo Wells. It was a fast ride, and as John came around the curve, the water surprised him. He was not injured in this incident, but lost his life last January to Cancer. - Mike Gray, El Cajon CA

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com 3434 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com


Desert Golf, better known as the Easter Egg Hunt since we are always searching for the golf balls. - John Fleming, Phoenix AZ More DESERT PHOTOS ahead

www.signartgraphix.com Sadie McPheeters doing her part to keep the desert clean. Photo by Jesse McPheeters, Santee CA You can be a part of an upcoming Reader Feature! Visit www.ssormag. com and join the VIP list! www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Desert Facts & Fiction Reprinted from LANDS Off-Highway Vehicle recreation guidE 2018-2019

because it closely mimicked the North African desert. Officially named Camp Young, it was the world's largest army post. It directly impacted the training of over one million troops, and aided the military in developing equipment and weapons for use in desert fighting. Over 70 years later, many of the walkways and roads of the divisional camps remain, along with wide tank tracks, gun cartridges and other debris left behind by the troops. The General Patton Memorial Museum is located off the Chiriaco Summit exit of Intersate 10. Erected on the site of the entrance to Camp Young, its exhibits include a large collection of tanks used in World War II, and various memorabilia related to General Patton and soldiers who trained there.

Legends of Gold and Ghosts

The Blythe Intaglios

The source of these giant images has become one of the few unsolved mysteries of modern archeology. Officially termed geoglyphs, the figures have been etched into the desert by scraping away the dark earth to reveal lighter-colored layers underneath. No one knows how long the figures have been there, or their exact purpose - this has been a source of debate since they were first discovered by airplane in 1930. The Blythe Intaglios can be found about 15 miles north of Blythe, just west of Highway 95. Visitors will find a graded dirt road winding up to the top of a mesa, where the figures are located in two fenced areas.

George Patton Desert Training Center and Memorial

The Desert Training Center was a military camp used to prepare troops for desert fighting during World War II. General George Patton handpicked the area 36

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The desert lore of Southern California contains many legends, oddities and mysteries. All speak of the fact that the California desert has always drawn adventurous souls, attracted by rumors of vast caches of gold, fabled lost treasure or the chance to renew life - colorful characters who inhabited the area, drawn by the free-spirited nature of the dunes to create ostrich farms, galleries of unique folk art and pink granite pyramids. There are numerous legends, stories, unexplained landmarks and structures. Then there is nature herself, revealing uniquely painted canyons and hidden springs among the washes to those willing to explore the vast country. If you'd like to learn more, find a copy of Choral Pepper's book Desert Lore of Southern California. In this book, you will find many familiar and lesser-known tales, outlining lore of the region.

Lost Viking Ship

Of all the legends that abound about various ships becoming lost in the desert, none is more amazing than the tale of

a Viking ship lying somewhere in the sands of the Salton Sea area. Local nature enthusiast Myrtle Bott claimed to have seen this ship in 1933, while out hiking. She and her husband went to investigate, and saw what appeared to be the stern of a ship. They planned to return later with equipment to hike in for a closer look, but an earthquake rocked Southern California that same day, the canyon collapsed, and the ship was buried in the rubble. It seems like the stuff of fairy tales, but maybe one day, when the conditions are right, a Viking ship will once again emerge into view.

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30 Years PREMIER MERCURY RACING Service Center

1625 West Acoma Boulvard Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 which he is having inscribed everything that he thinks is worth telling future generations. For more information, visit www. felicityusa.com

Desert Center and "Desert Steve" Ragsdale

Desert Center, located on I-10 between Indio and Blythe, was founded in 1921 by Steve Ragsdale, a former itinerant preacher and cotton farmer. He opened a service station and lunch counter at what was then the middle of nowhere. It offered a stop on the way through the desert and for a time it was a thriving area. Today, Desert Center is a modest community,

Felicity, California Official Center of the World

with only 200 residents recorded at the last census. "Desert Steve" was quite the eccentric. He was obsessed with his own death, choosing a spot in Desert Center where he wanted to be "planted" and digging his own grave - complete with an elaborate pulley system to lower the casket into the tomb, and installing his epitaph onto a nearby boulder. When he died in 1971, Riverside County officials insisted he be buried in a registered cemetery, so the scene remains and can be seen today exactly as he left it - plaque, hole and pulleys, but no casket. MORE DESERT PHOTOS AHEAD

Drive out on I-8 just west of the Arizona-California border and stop in Felicity. Step inside the pyramid and stand on the metal disk set into the pyramid's floor. This is your chance to make a wish at The Center of the World! Felicity is the brain-child of Jacques-Andre Istel, a Marine veteran who fell in love with the area and eventually bought thousands of acres here. In addition to the pyramid, the area includes a restaurant, the only grass lawn in the area, and The World Commemorative Center. At this Center, Istel is erecting a series of granite monuments, on www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


My Bronco ready for desert season. - Brett Kizziah

I have a 2020 Honda 700-4 that I ride around Buckeye AZ - Art Holliman

Starting the Solid helmet models young - Dave Dahm

Flat Track Brian! Brian LaBelle on his 350 EXC at Superstition OHV - Brian LaBelle, Brea CA

Puppy Everest aka Evi at Gordon’s Well - Holly Wiederkehr, El Cajon CA 38

Back in the Day: Myself and future husband (now of 21 years) enjoying Dumont with some friends. I'm sitting on my Dad's 1986 Honda 250R that had been converted into a quad, which I got after he passed away. - Jamie Tomkins, Lakeside AZ More DESERT PHOTOS ahead

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By Lynn Bremer, DesertUSA.com Reprinted with permission, originally appearing in our 1999 Back to the Desert special issue

S Jessica and Charlotte Murguia having fun New Year’s weekend out at Superstition. Photo by Jesse McPheeters, Santee CA

Evan Clarke from Lakeside taking a spin on the 3-wheeler, Ocotillo Wells, February '21. - Marci Clarke, Lakeside CA

Our campsite at Wicka Wonderland in Ocotillo Wells. My Grandson, Emmett and I getting ready to leave for a ride. - Mark Ruhm, Escondido CA

Doc Stephens with Cricket at Dos Cabezas Camp - Mike Cuff, Ocotillo CA


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he was a frail woman, dressed all in white, a look of sadness in her eyes that left you feeling cold and alone. In her wedding gown, she paced the adobe floor of the Vallecito Stage patiently waiting for the next stage, which would take her on to Sacramento. Her fiancé had struck it rich in the gold fields and had sent for her to join him in California. She had arrived at the Vallecito Station sometime in the late 1850's and she had never left. The bride had become deathly ill during her journey and died at Vallecito Station. She was buried in an unmarked grave at Campo Santo, a few hundred yards from the station. It is said that if you camp near the old Vallecito Stage Station, you too will see "The Lady in White" restlessly pacing the worn earth where the station once stood, waiting for her stage to come. Continued . . .

Ashlynn McPheeters enjoying the New Year’s Eve sunset at Superstition. Photo by Dad - Jesse McPheeters, Santee CA More DESERT PHOTOS ahead www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 41


Darin Clarke from Lakeside enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon ride at Ocotillo Wells, February '21. - Marci Clarke, Lakeside CA

Norman Harris from San Pedro at Dos Cabezas 42

Emmett at the top of Devil’s Slide. - Mark Ruhm, Escondido CA

My grandchildren posing in our buggy at Devil Slide - Theresa Collett, San Marcos CA S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

It is no wonder that so many ghosts haunt the lonely trails, mountains, and landmarks of the forbidding desert. The desert can be so unforgiving and, at the same time, unbelievably generous. Many travelers, prospectors and adventurers have gone into the desert, never to return or be seen again. Others have returned with gold nuggets and treasures so rare and unique that we could only dream of being so lucky ourselves. Desert lore, stories and quests for loot and gold have made men greedy. Gun fights, murders, and deaths from starvation and dehydration have left many dead out on the barren desert trails. Their ghosts still walk the mountain ridges, gullies and deserted locations they once traveled or lived, spirits with unfinished business, who cannot rest. Some guard buried treasures and lost mines, while others battle perpetually until death, forever replaying their last moments of life.

The Phantom Stage of Carrizo


he Lady in White is not the only ghost story attached to the Vallecito Stage Station. Not far from Vallecito is Carrizo Wash where the Phantom Stage forges

it's way through the deep sand, pulled by a team of four mules on moonlit nights. The Phantom Stage is driven by a lone driver hunched over as if asleep. No passengers are seen in the Stage when it passes through Carrizo Wash, hesitating for only a moment, as if planning to stop at the place where the Carrizo Station once stood, but is now only a pile of mud. The Phantom Stage continues on past the old station until out of sight. In the morning My fuel injected VW powered Chenowth one may think twice about - Tom Ferguson, Chula Vista CA actually seeing the Phantom Stage, until he sees the ruts carved from wagon wheels and hoof prints left behind by the ghostly stage that travels by on occasion, as if to keep the trail alive. There is another story that coincides with the Phantom Stage. In the 1860's, before the stage line closed, a special stage set out from El Paso headed for San Diego with a box of coins. The stage that carried the coins had one driver and a guard. When the stage reached Yuma, Arizona, the guard fell ill and the driver Destiny and Payton just happy to be in the desert. continued on without him. - Dave Dahm, Lake Havasu AZ Continued . . . More DESERT PHOTOS ahead www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


My ATC 200S on top of Devils Slide. - James Veltri , San Marcos CA

Joe DesRosiers aka Joe Hauler looking forward to another desert season

Mike "The Pigfarmer"Cuff and Chris "Whiner" Whaley (Old Navy Buddies) running chase for the Ocotillo Half Marathon. - Mike Cuff, Ocotillo CA 44

Ron’s supercharged 1915 VW - Tom Ferguson, Chula Vista CA

Playing with the Thing - John Fleming, Phoenix AZ

John Spooner at the 2021 Vorra Fallon 250

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That same stage was held up by robbers somewhere in the area where the route meanders into Carrizo Wash between the Fish and Coyote Mountains. The driver was shot during the robbery and the thieves stashed the coins on the south slope of Fish Mountain. The coins remain there to this day, they say, because there were too many soldiers passing by on the trail. It is said that after the robbery, the dead driver and the stage continued through Carrizo toward Vallecito Station, but the stage disappeared, never to be seen again.

men were camping near Grapevine Canyon at the entrance to the Narrows, where they reported their sightings of "Fire Balls." Knowles described the "lights" as balls of fire that rose up approximately 100 feet in the air and then exploded. Knowles compared the "Fire Balls" to fireworks. He saw three "Fire Balls" rise and cascade upon explosion, before they stopped. About 30 minutes

later the "lights" started again, but this time they were different. The "lights" rose into an arch pattern returning to the ground without exploding. The "light" would then reverse itself and go back to the place where it started. Scientists have tried to determine a local explanation for the “Ghost Lights.” One scientific explanation suggests that when the wind blows sand

against quartz outcroppings, static electricity is created, which could look like bright lights or sparks on a dark night. Some believe that the lights were signals used by bootleggers during prohibition or US Immigration for smuggling operations related to the Mexican border. The only problem with these two explanations is that the sightings had been going Continued . . .

The Ghost Lights of Borrego


nza Borrego Desert State Park and the Borrego Springs area of California are notorious for the many legends, ghost stories and unexplained phenomena occurring there over the years. The region of the Sonoran Desert is home to the Vallecito Stage Station, Yaqui Well, in addition to the mysterious "Ghost Lights" of Oriflamme Mountain. The first account of the "Phantom Lights" of Borrego was reported in 1858 by a Butterfield Stage driver. Since then soldiers, prospectors and explorers have reported seeing similar lights. The sightings have been reported near Oriflamme Mountain, over Borrego Valley and in other nearby areas. The occurrences are always slightly different, but the general description of the sightings is the same. In 1892, a prospector by the name of Charles Knowles and two other www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


on long before and after the time constricted by the events described. Another notion is that the “Fire Balls” indicate the location of buried treasure. There are stories that support this latter theory of buried treasure. One of the stories tells of a young man who found many gold nuggets in a gully within the Oriflammes. Another man by the name of George Benton found a boulder of rock, weighing a ton, that contained gold. He found the boulder in the Oriflammes.

The Eight-Foot Skeleton


f you find yourself out late in the desert night, somewhere between the Superstition Mountains and Seventeen Palms, you may see the apparition of an eight-foot skeleton with a lantern in his chest. A prospector by the name of Charley Arizona first saw the ghost about four miles southeast of Borrego. It was a dark night and Charley had already set up camp and was settling down for the night. Not long after Charley turned in for the night, something disturbed his burros and he went to investigate. Suddenly, he saw a large human skeleton with a lantern light shining through its ribs. The skeleton walked in a crazy fashion, as if looking for something or as if it were lost. Shortly after Charley sighted the skeleton, it disappeared over a small ridge. About two years later, two prospectors had


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a similar experience while camping in the Superstition Mountains. They caught sight of a flickering light in the distance and wondered what it was. It quickly disappeared. One of the prospectors thought it looked like a skeleton carrying a lantern, but they figured it was the fire reflecting off a rock. The two prospectors didn't think much of the incident until a year later, when a traveler came into the Vallecito Station with the tale of a skeleton he saw wandering in the desert carrying a light. It wasn't long before news of the skeleton got around and two adventurers went out into the desert to search for this legendary skeleton ghost. During their third night in the desert, they encountered the ghostly lit skeleton. One of the men shot at it with a gun, but the skeleton continued on unfazed by the gunfire. The two men followed the skeleton for three miles as it wandered in a strange and intermittent gait, over ridges and through valleys, before they lost track of it. Many believe that the skeleton is the ghost of a prospector who discovered and worked the Phantom mine, which has been lost for many years. The skeleton is no better off than the rest of us, for he too continues to search for the lost Phantom Mine, wandering the dark desert nights looking for his final resting place. E

Joe Hauler and friends. Transmitted to S&S Off Road Magazine by the Joe Hauler cellular telegraph machine

Have a

Exploring the Fire Road near Lake Havasu with our new Kawasaki KRX. - Dave Dahm, Lake Havasu AZ E

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By Jessi Puffenbarger www.sdjc.rocks

San Diego Jeep Club’s

8th Birthday Bash


ow does a Jeep Club celebrate an event? Why throw a Birthday Bash of course. This year marked the 8th Birthday for the San Diego Jeep Club! With the cancellation of last year’s Birthday Bash, the San Diego Jeep Club wanted to be sure to pull out all the stops and make up for lost time. The San Diego Jeep Club was founded in September of 2013. Since its founding, the club has focused its attention on bringing together new and seasoned jeepers to educate and promote safe and responsible off roading. Today, the club is made up of seven board members who donate their time for the good of the club and its members.


The club could not have asked for better weather this year. While the day started off with a little drizzle, Julian was bright and sunny. The perfect day for a celebration. The club kicks off the event in traditional fashion with the singing of the national anthem. This year Stephanie Robles graced us with her spectacular voice and patriotic passion that was shared through the lyrics. Our MC for the event was our very own Joshua Tipton. It has become a tradition to have a band play each year. The Smokin Guns have played at the Birthday Bash the past few years and this year was no exception. This great group of guys is a crowd-pleaser with their wide variety of

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classic rock. This year’s birthday party was the biggest in the history of the club with over 115 Jeeps present and in excess of 400 people; all of whom are family to the Club. The Birthday Bash is not only the club’s birthday celebration but the kick-off of San Diego Jeep Club’s Toys for Tots fundraiser. Guests of the event are encouraged to kick off the fundraiser with either a toy or monetary donation to Toys for Tots. As usual, this family does not disappoint. Over 100 toys were collected and monetary donations in the amount of $4,000. Way to start strong San Diego Jeep Club! Be sure and bring an unwrapped toy to all future San Diego Jeep Club club events and runs until we meet for the presentation of toys and donations. The final Toys for Tots event will be at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on November 23rd where we will present the toys as well as donations and have a fun day at the track.

Raffle prizes are always a wonderful part of any event and this year, San Diego Jeep Club vendors really came through with some awesome prizes. There were over 30 raffle prizes for members to win. Some of the vendors that contributed were Rebel Off Road with both their Summit Series Bumper and XPLOR rack, Temecula Jeep Doctor with a Hardrock 4x4 sport cage and Smittybilt XRC Rock Sliders, New Level MotorSports with Rubicon Express Shocks, Adventure Bound with Skyjacker Lift kit and JK fender flares, Warn with an Epic Recovery Kit, Just In Case with a Med Kit, Tread Lightly with Memberships, sunglasses, and trail trash bags, Lifestyle Garage with a GSI refrigerator/ freezer, Rebel RC with an RC Jeep, Tuffy Security had a $200 gift certificate, Rugged Radios with 4 GMRS radios, RPM


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Steering with a $500 gift certificate, and Baja Designs with XL Sport driving LED Lights. The club provided food for everyone attending the event as our way of thanking the members for being a part of this awesome community. Black Ops members took part in working the event. They manned the grill to provide fresh hot dogs and hamburgers, beverages, and chips. In true family style, members were asked to bring their favorite side dish to share with everyone. The family-style setting made the event that much more personal to everyone. During the festivities, there were several speakers. The club’s very own Brad Kowitz, Trailrecon previously served on the board and stopped by to say hello and take part in the celebration. Audrey Mason, from the San Diego Off Road Coalition, spoke on the great work that their organization does to keep trails and OHV areas open. The final speaker was the SDJC swag girl, 2020 Rebelle Rally competitor, and Tread Lightly trainer Jessi Puffenbarger who spoke about 52

outdoor ethics and what members can do when out in nature. We all need to do our part to ensure that everything from off-roading to camping to wildlife areas remain open and available for generations to come. The Board of the San Diego Jeep Club: Joe Caldwell, Mark Bryant, Robert Puffenbarger, Beth Santisteban, Rick Ruddell, Antonni Bruening, and Joshua Tipton addressed the audience and spoke about the club as well as introduced the Black Ops and thanked them for all of their work they do to make the club and Birthday Bash so successful. With so many great raffle prizes available many members won multiple items. After all of the raffle prizes were given out the band played again joined by our very own Beth and Camillo Santisteban who led the way for everyone to start dancing. Hard to believe that when the founding members of the Jeep Club got together and laid out the vision for the San Diego Jeep Club on a napkin that the club ever dreamed it

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evolve into what it is today. It has grown and changed over the years, but family is at the core and heart of the club. It is events like the Birthday Bash that foster true community. With everything going on in the world, it is certainly nice to be able to put all of that aside and just have fun doing something we all love. Be sure and join us for next year’s celebration; it is definitely a can’t miss event. E

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Tombstone Trail Ride: Legends and Outlaws By “Dirt Bike” Mike Johns, The Mayor of Motorsports

54 2021 54 S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- OCTOBER - OCTOBER 2021- -www.ssorm.com www.ssormag.com


he sun rose on that fateful Friday morning, like it had on days before. The sleepy little town of Tombstone, Arizona began its typical day.

Ghost of Champions: Two-time AMA Grand National Champion Kenny Roberts came to explore some of the Ghost Towns around Tombstone on his Yamaha Tenere.

Shop owners were sweeping off the wooden plank sidewalks, the stagecoach complete with its team of horses, trotted on down main street to take their place in front of Big Nose Kates Saloon – a popular watering hole for the tourists. People, who had traveled from all over the world to see “The Town Too Tough To Die” began their day of making memories. Folks were unaware that a band of desperados was growing over at the Tombstone Hotel.

CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE www.ssormag.com www.ssorm.com - O OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Back in the year, Terry “Ike” Clanton resident of riders from all over the West. Speedway motorcycle Tombstone, proprietor of Ike Clanton’s Haunted Hotel & champions “Dangerous” Dub Farrell and Gene Woods took Museum and former Pro Motocrosser, decided to round-up up tables with their group from Southern California and his old racing buddies for a friendly game of Dual Sport Nevada. Todd Peterson, the So Cal MX Pro that turned a Motorcycle riding through the Dragoon Mountains. This decal into a movement – Team Swolen – sat eye to eye would be a “fun” ride, no with the legendary Honda racing, no high-speed stuff, Factory MX Pro, Bruce just an easy day on the bikes McDougal, with Desert among gentlemen. Terry Ace Scott Hodgson locked would provide colorful history and loaded. Northern of the area, and entertain California’s 3-time 500cc his friends with stories of the World Champion, Kenny town’s infamous past. Terry, Roberts (Ken calls Lake or "Ike" as he’s known in Havasu his new Western Tombstone, is the descendent Arizona hideout) parted the of the Territorial Cowboys Ike swingin’ doors dressed in and Billy Clanton, famous for his black hat and longrider their feud with Wyatt & Virgil coat, surrounded by his Earp. As the dust settled, band of pistoleros. AMA the day would see the little Grand National Flat Track town fill to its brim with Ike’s Former AMA Pro motocrosser, San Diego’s Mike Tripes Champion Bubba Shobert friends… all on dirt bikes and UTV’s. Trying to contain that much testosterone in a “fun” ride, would turn out to be like trying to contain a rodeo bull in a china shop! As the sun set low on Friday evening, another local favorite watering hole began to fill with thirsty dirt bike 56

brought down his Texas Thunder, riding into town on his appropriately named motorcycle, Duke. One of the BIG HAT – ALL CATTLE Barons sat across the room … Tom Seymour, gave room to a master of the steel shoe, Mike Maely, both

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Seats, and big-time sponsor of today’s young and seasoned AMA Flat Track Stars, took a break from his world riding travels and brought his buddy Mike Maely, son of famous steel shoe builder Ken Maely. Not for the weak of heart, the women “Soiled Doves” of the Sonoran Desert were on full display, as well. Wives, girlfriends and significant others were riding shotgun on the backs of KTM Dukes and Africa Twins. Clanton got us off right on time, and proceeded to share some of the interesting sites, Three Amigo’s L-R: Former AMA 250 National Motocross/Supercross racer, ghost towns and points of interest Mike Johns; Helmet Painter To The Stars Tim Bartee and Tombstone Trail that make up Cochise County. As Ride Host, Terry Clanton. Terry lead us out of town, flanked men escorting beautiful, but mysterious women by their by Roberts and Shobert, we visited Boothill Cemetery, then sides. headed north through the Dragoon Mountains. We fueled The cast of henchmen were beginning to grow, led by up at the Mustang, then headed up into a beautiful canyon 1960’s iconic actor, from the TV show The Munsters, Butch filled with jagged cliffs and 100 year old oak trees and Patrick, who played the werewolfish boy, Eddie Munster. Ponderosa Pines, to the tree where the infamous Cowboy Yours truly, strutted into town, lurking in the shadows Johnny Ringo met his maker back in the late 1800’s. It was of these accomplished riders. Bubba Shobert would see an awesome way to experience Tombstone! another victory this night, not a game of faro or poker, but for the “Best Mustache.” Dawn could not come soon enough. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE By 6 a.m., the sound of boots on the wooden sidewalks and catwalks began to wake the late sleepers. It was time to get gassed up and any last minute fixes before we met Ike for the 8 a.m. Riders Meeting. Scott Hodgson was up early making final adjustments on his Suzuki DRZ. Scott is an accomplished desert racer, lead engineer for Progressive Suspension, and lately he’s become a certified member of the San Bernardino Rescue & Recovery Team, which would be called upon later in the ride. Tom Seymour showed up. Tres Hombres: Child Actor “Eddie Munster” Butch Patrick; three-time AMA Grand National Champion, Bubba Shobert and World Grand Prix Champion, Tom, creator of Saddlemen two-time AMA Grand National Champion, Kenny Roberts. www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Yours truly, ran into a problem by midday . . . no, seriously, I ran into a pick up truck, while riding down a deserted (so I thought) two lane road at about 60 mph. When I came to, my guardian angels Tim Bartee, Scott Hodgeson and Tom Seymour were there to pick me up, dust me off and load me into the chase truck piloted by the “Peacemaker” Kelly Carlisle. A little R&R back at the hotel, and we were ready for some celebrating! So, counting my run in with the local pick up we made lots of great memories over the weekend, capped off with a Saturday night Two up riding was popular! of storytellin’ in By then, the dust may have settled . . . in “The Town the Crystal Palace Too Tough To Die.” Saloon. The unanimous decision by all the riders was YES, we shall The author Mike Johns is a former AMA Pro Motocrosser, and handles sales & marketing for Little Dealer Little Prices return for another go at RV in Prescott Valley, AZ. Mike can be reached at 928-273Tombstone! 4944 and mjohns@littledealer.com E 58

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For information contact: Best In The Desert Racing Association • (702) 457-5775 • Website: www.bitd.com • Email: bitd@bitd.com www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



he California legislative session ended in September and every bill that had a chance had to be passed by then. We follow state bills that affect off-roaders and here is where we stand. Our reciprocity bill, AB232, has passed out and is on the governor's desk. SB227, the red sticker bill, died in its last committee, Assembly Appropriations, chaired by Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher. SB433, a bill that will expand the Coastal Commission's powers passed to the governor. SB339, a bill that authorizes a pilot program to look at charging drivers by the mile instead of by the gallon, passed to the governor. This is trying to solve how electric and high mileage hybrid cars pay their fair share of road taxes. AB1512, the bill to get the state to let the Carnegie expansion land go was killed and its language put into the budget trailer bill, with amendments. The budget trailer bill passed out. There is bad and good here. The bad is that Carnegie SVRA will never be expanding. The good side is that the bill specifically spells out that the state is to make a new off-road park. The bill also provides resources (money) to do this. I know many of you are shaking your head saying, "yeah, sure!" I know it will be difficult, but not impossible, to build a new off-road park. We can hope and our organization will help out as we can. We can thank our lobbyist for helping get the right language into the budget bill. We will keep you posted on updates as they come.

pics of it and I am a little worried. It is a smooth wire fence with a wire about two feet up and another about four feet up. I don't like fences, but the Navy says they need to keep people out. They have had to cancel bombing practice too many times. It takes a lot of planning to do bombing practice and to have the planes up and getting ready to drop bombs, only to have to abort because someone is there, hurts our readiness and wastes taxpayer money. Our problem with the fence is that it is difficult to see, especially during dusty times or at night. We are talking to the Navy and are interested in adding reflective material to the fence. If the Navy says yes, but doesn't want to do it, we will buy materials and get it installed. Stay tuned to find out how this goes.

Bombing Range Fence

Speaking about the forest, all 18 of them in California are closed right now. Completely closed. The reason is that the wild fires burning now are using so much of every forest's resources,

The new bombing range fence east of Superstition open area is just about complete. The project manager sent me some

Big Bear Route

I was dirt bike riding in Big Bear recently and found a problem. We were looking for a street legal route on the CTUC map near Lake Arrowhead and found it marked as a hiking trail. It seemed like it should be open, so I contacted Randy Banis and Bruce Whitcher (who worked on the map's creation) to see how it should be. According to Avenza Maps and the San Bernardino National Forest website, it is an open, street legal route. I asked a friend, who has a house up there, to go have a look. The route is 2N25Y, in case you are up there and want to let me know.

National Forest Closures

The new bombing range fence east of Superstition open area is just about complete. 60

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there is little left in case another serious fire starts. The National Forests all share equipment and personnel, so the forests that are not burning have hardly anything left. While fires can start from a variety of reasons, most start from people.

Lost Lizard Fun Run

We were recently at the Lakeside Rodeo Parade, once again with the largest "float". Our float was off-road vehicles, along with kids on BMX bikes from Cactus Park. Straight after the parade, Audrey Mason ran up to Escondido to help our booth in the OffRoad Nights expo. At the expo we passed out Lost Lizard Fun Run flyers and asked people to come join our event. It was great to see so many people that knew about the event and are excited to do it again with us. There is still time to pre-enter. You can do so on sdorc.org. This will save you money and time at the event. At the event, just give us your name and we will hand you a bag with everything you need in it. We are getting more great raffle prizes, so plan on getting some tickets. There will be a bunch of kids prizes, including two mini bikes. I hear talk about wheels and a winch, as well as a hotel stay in Salton City. It looks like Imperial Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram will be our title sponsor, so if you are in Imperial Valley and need a Jeep, this is your best place to go.

Desert Advisory Council

As a member of the Desert Advisory Council I will be attending a council meeting on Oct 1st and 2nd in El Centro. If you have a problem with how the BLM manages their land, this is the place to make your problem known. Not only do off-roaders have problems, but so do businesses, movie makers, rock hounds, nature lovers and renewable energy producers. The meeting is open to the public and they are always interesting to people who love the desert. E

Join San Diego Off Road Coalition to help protect off road areas www.sdorc.org/join-sdorc/

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irtbikers are passionate about their tires. The brand, size and how worn they get is really important. Some riders even know what those first numbers in their size means. When I was young and riding a lot. I had a lot of enthusiasm, but not much money. That meant I was usually on pretty worn tires. The places I rode around San Diego, like Miramar, Otay and Ocotillo Wells, were normally hard and dry. I got accustomed to riding loose and sliding around. I started racing and liked Wednesday nights at Speedway 117. Not as tiring as Carlsbad and I didn't have to get up early. The dirt was prepared pretty well there (the jumps with no landing ramps were annoying, though). I often struggled racing at 117 because of the soil. My worst day was when I bought a pair of new tires. I was excited to actually race on two new tires. I thought I was finally going to win a race. When I got on the track, I had a hard time riding. Turns out I was not used to riding with good traction and I couldn't keep my 250 on the pipe. I always practiced in dry and I had no idea how to ride with my tires really sticking to the ground. My best results were usually at Carlsbad in the second motos. Back then, you had no choice but to buy tires new. Today, fast guys leave pretty good tires at tracks they race and practice on. There are piles of tires at Glen Helen, Perris and Cahuilla Creek. A low budget rider can scrounge around the track and find some decent tires. I am amazed at how good the tires are that people take off their bikes. When I was young, I was so broke that new premium tires were almost out of question. I remember finding a low cost new tire once. It was a recap. They glued the outer knobby part to a streetbike tire. It worked for a little while, until the knobby part peeled off the street tire. You could see the street tread still on the tire beneath. I have to admire that they recycled, just wish they could have glued the knobby on better. When you run tires down low, you are more likely to get flats. I had a lot of experience with flat tires, especially riding 62

By Clutch Roberts at Palm Avenue. With all the rocks and nails, I got a flat almost every time I rode. I always made sure the rim locks were tight because I figured I would have to ride back to the truck on a flat. I rode so far in the desert on a flat once that the wire bead broke. I am not afraid to fix a flat by my truck, but I need a tire with good beads. Pinch flats, that is when you hit a rock hard, causes two cuts close together. Nails and thorns make pin holes. I used to find a lot of mystery holes. Pin holes with no obvious cause. Later I figured out that a grain of sand found its way between the tube and tire. The flexing from riding would drive the grain into my tube. Once I learned that, I always carefully cleaned out the tire, and wiped off the inside of the rim and tube. I did a lot of bicycle riding, so I got pretty good at patching tubes. I know lots of riders would never ride a motorcycle with a patched tube, but I didn't feel that way. After a long run of riding and patching the same tire, I counted the patches on my rear tube while making yet another repair. I counted 14 patches. That not only said that I got a lot of flats, it showed I was pretty good at patching, as every patch held. My favorite patches came from bicycle shops and were called Tiptop. To get a good repair I would scratch around the hole real well. At first it would turn a little white, but you keep scratching and get to the raw, black rubber. Get the raw rubber a little bigger than your patch. Put a little glue on the hole and smear it around until it is a very thin coat. Next, wait for it to dry, until the sheen is gone, this is important. Peel the protector layer off the patch and center it on the hole. Push the patch real hard to get it to stick then put your bike back together. Failed patches are usually from not scratching enough or not waiting long enough for the glue to dry. Even though I can afford new tubes and tire now, I am still not afraid to install a good used tire or patch a punctured tube. The tube should be in otherwise good condition and the hole a single pinhole. When I go on trips, I bring new tubes for spares, but I always have a patch kit too. You can get more than one flat on a ride. E

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https://amzn. to/2DLibqZ


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Blast from the Past Photos by Trackside Photo www.tracksidephoto.com

An unknown Checker displays his allegiance during the 1982 Mexicali 250

Lizard Boy at the 2010 Parker 425


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Bob Gookin’s car is pushed off the course at the ’83 Mint race. These, and 40 years of offroad racing images reside at www.Tracksidephoto.com

Randy Wilson at the 1994 Nevada 400 E

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Tom Severin



Avoid 6 PM News

Don’t Start A Wild Fire


ach day brings more troubling news about the devastating wildfires raging in the western U.S. The Dixie Fire, in northern California, has burned more than 500,000 acres, including most of the town of Greenville. As I write this, on August 12, the fire is less than one-third contained. In Montana the Richard Spring fire is threatening numerous communities, including some in the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation. It is further reported that 14 major fires are burning, mostly in the West. Extremely dry conditions allow for fires to start easily and quickly burn out of control. It appears that a power line issue may be partly to blame for the start of the Dixie fire. While lightning causes many fires – and has for millennia as a natural ecological asset – it is also true that fires are becoming more common due to carelessness or recklessness on the part of those who travel outdoors. Four-wheelers must take precautions to ensure they don’t start a fire, out West or anywhere. These suggestions will keep you from starting the next devastating blaze.

How to prevent a wildfire

Driving and maintaining the vehicle: Avoid driving over dry grass and brush. The hot exhaust pipe, muffler or catalytic converter could start a fire. Be especially cautious if your vehicle has skid plates but no lift kit. Vegetation can get stuffed between the skid plates and exhaust, muffler or other hot part. Be mindful of any smoke coming from under the vehicle. 66

Stop frequently and check the undercarriage for grass or brush caught in the frame when driving on seldom used trails with tall grasses. Poor maintenance is also a problem. Worn, thin brakes lead to metal-on metal contact, which can cause sparking. Sparking can also come from frayed wiring, so inspect wiring harnesses regularly. A small car fire isn’t going to stay small very long. Grass underneath and nearby will catch on fire as well. This is a good time for a refresher on fire extinguishers. Look for one rated ABC. That means it’s capable of putting out most types of fires. The fire extinguisher should be at least a 2 ½ pound size, though bigger is better. I like to have two in every vehicle. Place or mount one near the driver’s seat and the other in back. They should be visible and easily accessible. You won’t have time to dig through equipment during an emergency. With a fire extinguisher handy, you can prevent a small vehicle fire from becoming a major calamity. Remember that if you use a fire extinguisher for even a small fire, take the extinguisher in for servicing. A partially discharged fire extinguisher will fail to deliver properly the next time. For more on fire extinguishers, see “Pack A Fire Extinguisher So You Don’t Get Burned” [https://www.4x4training.com/w/packa-fire-extinguisher-so-you-dont-get-burned/] Element Fire Extinguisher At the time I wrote that article, the Element fire extinguisher hadn’t been invented. About the size of a flare, the Element discharges a blanket of nontoxic material that douses the fire. The manufacturer claims each Element offers

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five times the fire extinguishing capability of a traditional 5-pound chemical extinguisher. Though pricey and used only once, the Element is something to consider. Camping: Fire restrictions in much of the western U.S prohibit burning wood or charcoal. Any heating or cooking must be done with a propane device. But even in areas where burning is allowed, take appropriate measures. Make sure there is at least three feet of cleared space around the fire. Keep water and a shovel nearby. Use water to douse all fires and embers; don’t leave the firepit until the ashes are at most warm to the touch. Don’t burn paper or carboard. They produce hot embers floating up from the fire. Those can ignite nearby grass and brush. Best not to have a “breakfast” campfire unless someone plans to hang around for several hours. Never leave a campfire until it is thoroughly extinguished. Make it a rule: The last guy to throw a stick on the fire has to hang around to ensure the fire is totally out. California requires a campfire permit even for propane stoves. Research the area you intend to visit before leaving home. Never shoot off fireworks over grasses or brush. It’s often illegal to shoot off fireworks, anyway. Best to leave those to more suitable environments. Smoking: Experts recommend that if you smoke outside, choose a clear spot at least three feet from flammable materials. For indoors, smoke in designated areas or rooms. Of course, you may smoke in your vehicle but don’t throw the butt out the window. Countless grass fires have started that way along roadways. Field repairs, outdoors work: Most repair work is of little hazard, but a few instances should be noted. Welding, brazing, and propane soldering can be risky. Ditto for cutting with a torch. It’s important to watch that open flame. Stick welding, of course, generates a tremendous amount of sparking. Weld only while in a clear space when permitted. Never set the newly welded object on grasscovered ground. It may be hot enough to cause smoldering. Grinding also generates sparks. Try to do

Suspension Without Compromise

www.sdiracing.com 714-464-2050 | eclikshocks.com your grinding in the bed of a truck or over a cleared portion of land. Chainsaws and other small engines that don’t have spark arrestors should be used carefully or not at all in dry environments.

What to do if caught in a wildfire

First, get out as quickly as you can. Don’t stand around discussing options. And definitely don’t delay trying to save valuables. Leave the tent and equipment behind – they can be replaced. Every moment counts during a fire emergency. There is no best advice for a last-ditch action to save yourself if you don’t leave in time. All the options suck! Roll up your windows and turn your A/C to recirculate (to avoid drawing in the smoky outside air); close and block all air vents. Drive slowly, and turn on headlights and hazard lights. Ideally, try to keep something between you and the radiant heat, such as rocks, concrete wall, or another noncombustible material. How might you be notified of a wildfire when you’re off road? An obvious sign is smoke in the distance. Try to judge its direction, but be ready to move on a moment’s notice. You can try your smartphone: any notices or messages? If you have ham radio equipment, check into area repeater(s), especially one dedicated to emergency traffic. If you encounter other drivers, ask them. Of course, any park staff member you encounter should have the latest news. Four-wheelers should always be extra-cautious when driving and camping in areas with dry vegetation. Know your evacuation options in advance. The smallest flame could have big consequences. And if you find yourself in danger, leave the area immediately. Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD owners how to confidently and safely use their vechicles to the fullest extent in difficult terrain and adverse driving conditions. Contact him at tom@4x4training.com or visit www.4x4training.com to develop or improve your driving skill. Copyright 2021, Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc E

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White Mountain

UTV Jamboree



he best way to end a chaotic 2021 summer filled with mandates, division and chaos is with another perfectly executed White Mountain UTV Jamboree. Their 17th Annual to be exact. UTV Offroad Adventures in Arizona holds this gem of an event in August every year and in the three years we have attended, we can personally say that there is nothing but back to back adventure and endless miles of smiles.

68 S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- OCTOBER -OCTOBER2021 2021- - www.ssorm.com www.ssormag.com 68


69 69

Grab a partner and attempt the Blindman Obstacle Course. If you are afraid to give it a shot, at least sit back and watch all the entertainment of a co-driver yelling, barking and pointing directions to a driver who, well, cannot see anything! Quite entertaining to say the least. A favorite for sure. A new challenge was added this year and was a challenge enjoyed by many. The UTV Soccer Challenge with bigger than life soccer balls being pushed through a goal line by a UTV. This was a crazy new addition and was a hit to say the least. Very entertaining and some great competitors this year. Cannot wait to see what next year has in store. But do not forget that there are Thursday and Friday night rides. This year's full moon and beautiful skies were incredible! The abundant variety of whip lights swaying side to side is mesmerizing. Bouncing lights over the bumpy roads with a full moon backdrop is a dreamy sight. And then there are the perks of hanging with many trail friends at the pit stops along the way. Friday kicks off the long list of rides for the weekend to choose from. Rides this year included Nashty Nation Greer Ride led by Bill Nash and crew, Grizzly Ride led by Kelly Baca, The Black River Ride led by Jamie and David Tompkins, Ryan's Secret Alpine Ride led by Ryan James and the Long Way to Big Lake ride led by Richie Rees. Choose any one of these rides for

The White Mountains are located in Apache County Arizona and are surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever encounter. Tall trees, small and large mountain lakes, rushing rivers, vast open meadows and plenty of wildlife including wolves, bear, elk, deer, turkey and wild horses to boot. Wednesday and Thursday are filled with catching up with old friends and getting to know your way around the towns of Eagar and Springerville, AZ. A great way to explore the towns is to enjoy the poker run! There are five stops and players are welcome to come in, draw a card and inquire about the local happenings. Poker draw locations this year were sponsored by Avery's BBQ, Trailriders Restaurant, Booga Red's Restaurant, Safire Restaurant, The Pop Shop and God's Country Powersports. 70 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Friday and Saturday, each one with it's own unique ride style and leader. All of these leaders have a wealth of information and stories to share and do a fantastic job. These rides are all packed with unimaginable scenery, wildlife and great friends. There are also a couple of shorter rides if you are wanting to include your Sunday for some extended White Mountain Fun! It is a joy to meet the people who come far and wide to attend this event yearly. The Colorado Wild Bunch come back year after year and are definitely an uplifting spunky group. Families from New Mexico, California, Utah, Colorado and many more partake in all of the fun. This event just keeps growing each year and each one is more exciting than the last. Saturday night is a much anticipated evening filled with dinner by Avery's BBQ, trophies for the week's winners from cornhole, the poker run, the Miss UTV Contest, a little fun and of course the RAFFLE. Vendor row was present including Lifted Trucks, CST Tires, Baja Racing Gear, Nash Powersports and Go AZ Motorcycles with many UTV or much needed items for purchase. AZ Kidz Experience has raffle tickets for sale to win a 2021 Maverick X3 DS Turbo CAN AM with all proceeds going to the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Tickets are still available and can be found at azkidzexperience.com, but hurry! They are drawing on November 20, 2021. There are countless items to be won thanks to all of the awesome sponsors. Whip lights, oil, coolers, light bars, slime, tires, radios, hats, shirts, certificates for UTV parts and labor, full bags of loot and much more. Always smiling winners here.

A PCI radio system from Baja Racing Gear was auctioned with proceeds going to The Phoenix Children's Hospital. This is always an awesome thing to witness the battle to win and donate to a very special cause. An impressive total of $8,000 was raised this year for The Phoenix Children's Hospital. The hours of care that goes into planning for these large events are backed by many super humans, vendors, sponsors and attendees. Many thanks! Visit UTVoffroad Adventures.com for information and schedules for all events in Arizona!E

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ZR Promo


Omar Murillo had some issues and did not finish

72 72

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July 2021 Laguna Salada West, Mexicali B.C. Www.zrpromo.com Photos By Jovany Garcia, Dulce Renee & Alfredo Christopher

Nite Race Manuel Arteaga ran strong on his Suzuki Dual Sport in the nice weather of the Mexicali desert


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SLR Honda Justin Morgan took first place overall at the annual night race 74

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The Master class gets the green flag at the ZR Promo Vimetal night race

Jorge Ramirez Jr. on the gas


LR Honda´s Justin Morgan led the entire race for the overall win at the fourth round of the Autoproductos Triple Crown in the Mexicali desert. He took first place in class and overall and won the DP Racing prize of $500. Morgan, sponsored by San Diego Powerhouse and Monster Energy ran on his Honda CRF450L. Carlos Servando Lopez took first place for quads on his Honda, Lopez, sponsored by ATV riders Only led the class and also won the Quad +30 class. M/C OPEN PRO: 1. Justin Morgan (31), El Cajon CA ´19 Honda CRF450L 2. Bryce Stavron (32), San Clemente CA ´18 KTM SXF450

3. José André Enríquez (17), Mexicali B.C. ´19 Kawasaki KX450F M/C OPEN EXPERT: 1. Esteban Lujan (25), Tijuana B.C. ´21 Honda CRF450RX M/C OPEN +30: 1. Daniel Eduardo Meza Arambula (34). Mexicali B.C. ´05 Honda CRF450X M/C OPEN +40: 1. Cornelio García (44), Ensenada B.C Yamaha YZ450FX 2. Manuel Arteaga (44), Tijuana BC ´04 Suzuki DRZ400 3. Jesús Navarro (48), Mexicali B.C. ´06 Honda CRF450X


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SLR Honda’s Justin Morgan, first overall

Victor Gasca, second Quad +40

Gisele Gomez, third Quad Novice

Manuel Arteaga, second MC +40

M/C OPEN +50: 1. Julio Ramos (51), Mexicali B.C. ’06 KTM 525 2.Francisco Espinoza Ríos (50), Mexicali B.C. ’01 Honda XR650 3. Paul López (51), Chula Vista CA 4. Jesús Ríos (54), Calexico CA ´18 KTM 450

QUAD +40: 1. Juan Pablo Flores Saldívar (42), Mexicali B.C. Honda TRX450R 2. Víctor GasCA (44), Mexicali B.C. ´08 Honda TRX700XX

M/C OPEN NOVICE: 1. Pablo Esteban Bustamante (18), Mexicali B.C. ´18 KTM 450EXC 2. Juan Alberto Esparza (32), Ensenada B.C. ’09 Honda CRF450X 3. Juan CArlos López (16), Chula Vista CA ´07 Honda CRF250X QUAD EXPERT: 1. Omar Murillo (26), TeCAte B.C. ´05 Honda TRX450R QUAD +30: 1. CArlos Servando López Martínez (49), San Felipe B.C. ´05 Honda TRX450R 2. Jorge Luis Ramírez Jr. (33), Mexicali B.C. ´06 Honda TRX450R (CTA) 3. Raudel Coronel (48), Mexicali B.C. ´05 Honda TRX 450R 76

QUAD +50: 1. Saúl Díaz (52), Mexicali B.C. Honda TRX450R 2. Daniel Gaytán (50), Heber CA Honda TRX450R QUAD NOVICE: 1. Yoel Leal (15), Mexicali B.C. Honda TRX450R 2. Gerardo Israel Reyes (18), Mexicali B.C. Honda TRX450R 3. Gissel Gómez (20), Mexicali B.C. Honda TRX450R 4. Ubaldo Rucobo (44), Chula Vista CA ´05 Honda TRX450R 5. David Huezo Jr. (20), Imperial CA ´05 Honda TRX450R E


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www.ruggedradios.com www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Wayne Hicken, sixth DP4 Pro, 15th overall


https://www.facebook. com/rnr.photos.1

lights out scramble

Mike Stebles, third overall, third DP4 Pro 78 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com 78 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

RIDGECREST CA - AUGUST 28, 2021 - www.dp4racing.com - Photos by RNR Racing

John Kawell, 11th DP4 Pro

First overall, Chris Blais


79 79

Tim Fields racing in theDP4 Pro class

Charles Moore, fifth DP4 Pro NA

OVERALL: 1. Chris Blais (CAM) 2. Austin Phillips (POL) 3. Mike Stebles (CAM) 4. Jeremy Marsh (POL) 5. Josh Wakeland (YAM) 6. Dillon Sewell (HON) 7. George La Monte (YAM) 8. Zach Quiroz (CAM) 9. John Connolly (KAW) 10. Steven George (CAM) 11. Shayan Darvish 80

(POL) 12. Mathew Pruett (CAM) 13. Ryan Dickinson (POL) 14. Daniel Atienza (POL) 15. Wayne Hicken (POL) 16. Xander Ludwig (POL) 17. Kimberly Lynch (CAM) 18. Kurt Ashley (POL) 19. Jeremiah Watson (POL) 20. Rick Smith (KAW)

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

DP4 PRO: 1. Chris Blais (CAM) 2. Austin Phillips (POL) 3. Mike Stebles (CAM) 4. Jeremy Marsh (POL) 5. George La Monte (YAM); CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE








www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Dillon Sewell, from Ridgecrest CA finished first Stock 1000 and sixth overall


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com www.ssorm.com

George La Monte, fifth DP4 Pro and seventh overall

Aaron Clark, fourth DP4 Pro NA

Kolby Buentjen, sixth DP4 Pro NA

Austin Griffin, sixth Production 1000

Shayan Darvish, third Production Turbo

Cody Miller, ninth Production Turbo

DP4 PRO NA: 1. Josh Wakeland (YAM) 2. Tony Bartel (POL) 3. Michael Pascarella (POL) 4. Aaron Clark (POL) 5. Charles Moore (ART); PROD TURBO: 1. Zach Quiroz (CAM) 2. Steven George (CAM) 3. Shayan Darvish (POL)

4. Mathew Pruett (CAM) 5. Ryan Dickinson (POL); PROD 1000: 1. Kurt Ashley (POL) 2. Zachary Michel (POL) 3. Brian Baldwin (HON) 4. Keith Thompson (YAM) 5. Dave Schuler (POL);

STOCK 1000: 1. Dillon Sewell (HON) 2. John Connolly (KAW) 3. Xander Ludwig (POL) 4. Rick Smith (KAW) 5. Paul Van Horsen (POL) CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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Second overall, Austin Phillips from Price UT also finished second DP4 Pro

Tyler Stewart, ninth DP4 Pro



Cedar City, UT Nov. 5th-7th, 2021 Motorcycles Quads UTVs For more info go to legacyracing.net.

www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Anna-Lisa Davis, sixth Stock 1000

Mike Zeller, tenth DP4 Pro

Keith Thompson, fourth Production 1000


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Daniel Atienza, sixth Production Turbo

Zach Quiroz, first Production Turbo

Ryan Dickinson, fifth Production Turbo E www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


August 21-22, 2021 Camp Lockett Event And Equestrian Facility Campo CA www.calvmx.net

https://www.facebook.com/ JuddNeves.NothingButDirt. RacingPhotography/

By Steve Caro Photos by Kathryn Caro & Judd Neves

Austin Degan, first Pull Start Open Intermediate. Judd Neves Photo


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com www.ssorm.com



#39 Scott Rogers, #007 David Kimmel, #99 Claude Bell and #6 Pat Donahue. #007 Kimmel took the win. Judd Neves Photo

Open Trikes, A&B. #125 Ken Lane, #12 Zach Roberts and #46 Steve Gimby. Lane with the Open A win and Gimby first Open B. Judd Neves Photo


The Curt Nugent Show. #94, ten-year-old Curtis Nugent, leads the Adult Mini 150 class for nearly the entire race, taking the win. Judd Neves Photo


he ancient Norse believed the god Freyr controlled the weather seasons. Freyr must be a race fan as he gifted the CALVMX/TOP-GUN racers with perfect weather for round four of their 2021 flat track series at their home track at the Camp Lockett Event and Equestrian Facility in Campo.

Saturday’s schedule led off with practice and qualifying heat races. A quick track prep of grading and watering readied the oval for the main event races. The first main event was for the bikes in 35 Plus Novice and Expert, Post Vintage 600 Expert, Post Vintage 450 Expert, and Sportsman 250 Novice and Intermediate. 35 Plus Expert Byron Kukla lead the mixed

field into turn one and quickly built up a large lead on the rest of the pack. As Kukla sped to an uncontested victory, in the 35 Plus Novice division, Joseph Boyd rode a steady race to take the class win over Jason Bishop. Daltin Collie set a sizzling pace in pursuit of Kukla for the overall lead and although he came up short on that goal, he topped the Post Vintage

Dwarf main last lap #97 Presley Patterson swings wide in turn one and two, letting #97x Ryder Patterson by, and taking the win. Judd Neves Photo 90

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

450 Experts. In the Sportsman 250 Novice and Intermediate classes, Jason Lindquist and Tom Ferguson piloted the only two-stroke powered machines to top their respective classes. Three top gun competitors vied for first in the Open Expert Bike class. Jeff Apple, Byron Kukla and Daltin Collie waged a close quarter battle from start to finish. Collie held the lead with Kukla inches behind him. Late in the race, the trio faced back markers as they vied for the lead. Collie took advantage of the situation to

extend his lead and speed to the win, followed by Kukla and Apple. The Mini Dwarf car class showcases youngsters who may be future stars of racing. In the “A” main event, Ryder Patterson timed the green flag perfectly on the pace lap to seize the lead, followed by Donald Diffenbaugh and Brayden Levy. Patterson’s skill on the track belied his young age as he used perfect throttle control and excellent cornering to take the win followed by Diffenbaugh and Levy.

Kelly Lane blasting sideways. Judd Neves Photo

Pull start mini-bikes, have become so popular that they are featured on both Saturday and Sunday’s schedule. In the Open Intermediate class, Austin Degan holeshot the start, quickly powering into the lead trailed by Josh Degan and Chris Skibrinski. Austin’s speed was such that he was in striking range of the Expert class who were also on the track. Austin kept up his speed and went on to claim CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

"How do I look?” #9 Keith Nishiyama and #88 Josh Degan. Judd Neves Photo

www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Not giving up. #45 Michael Diffenbaugh, without an outer footpeg, racing close quarters with #58 Joe Boyd. Judd Neves Photo

Ken Lane, second Three Wheeler A. Kathryn Caro Photo

Pull start cornering with #16 Austin Degan, Brett Miller and Jeff Apple. Kathryn Caro Photo Judd Neves. Man of Action. Kathryn Caro Photo

Checkered flag waving for #7L Bill Lyons and #8 Summer Kukla in the Adult Mini 150 Expert class on Sunday. Judd Neves Photo The diminutive Dwarf Cars and their him, Diffenbaugh pulled away from Warner to young drivers led off the main events. In the clinch second with Warner third. “A” division, at the wave of Chief Starter Jeff Known for extremely quick lap times and Apple’s green flag, Ryder Patterson powered wheel-to-wheel competition, the 125cc A karts his way into the lead from the pole position. were out in force on Sunday. At the green flag, Behind him, Tyler Warner and D.J. Diffenbaugh Claude Bell blasted to the front of the class with emerged from the bumping and banging pack Pat Donahue literally inches behind him. The to hold second and third. Patterson displayed two bumped and slid around the oval together superb track skills as he rapidly built-up a near in a perpetual duel for the top spot. Speeding seven second lead. Warner and Diffenbaugh towards the checkered flag, Bell held on for the “traded sheet metal” numerous times as they win, followed by Donahue and Ed Bustin. vied for the runner-up position. Patterson was The Pull Start Open Expert class has uncatchable and sped to the victory. Behind competitors who specialize in racing the powerful little machines along with riders

Claude Bell, first 125cc A Kart class. Kathryn Caro Photo his class win followed by Josh Degan and Skibrinski. Other class winners on the day were Tanner Donahue in 125cc “A” Karts, along with David Kimmel in Open Class A Kart and Brian Pusey in 4 Stroke “A” Kart. Lane Miller took the gold in Pull Start Open Expert and Mark Arguilez topped the 12 & Under 100cc Intermediates. Sunday’s program highlighted the four wheeled racers. A healthy turnout of mini dwarf cars and various karts along with a large contingent of pull start mini bikes promised a full day of racing. 92

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com



www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Lauren Bishop, 4 Stroke Adult A winner. Judd Neves Photo who also compete on full-sized bikes. At the seven seconds, Brown and Miller waged their start of their final, Daltin Collie, who routinely battle for second. At the checkers, Brown edged switches between motorcycles, mini bikes and Miller for second. occasionally quad or three-wheeler competition, While the Pull Start Experts roared around took the lead ahead of Dan Brown and Dan the course, the Intermediate division, who were Shaw. After a few laps of extremely close sharing the main event, had their own wheel racing, Collie pulled out a small lead. Behind to wheel battles. Eventual class winner Austin Collie, Brown battled Shaw and then vied with Degan broke free of his challengers on lap three Lane Miller who’d worked his way up thru the and set a pace so torrid that he was the fourth pack. As Collie increased his lead to roughly

Joe Boyd, first Vet #35 Novice and first Senior Vet +50 Novice. Kathryn Caro Photo 94 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - OCTOBER 2021 - www.ssorm.com

bike across the line at the finish behind Collie, Brown, and Miller. Lauren Bishop put on an excellent display of driving in the Four-Stroke Open A kart finale that had a strong field of challengers. Bishop took the lead at the start with her long-time rival Brian Pusey pursuing in second. The awesome growl of the single cylinder motors echoed around the course as Bishop maintained her composure under the serious challenge from Pusey. Bishop kept clear of the inevitable spins and near misses that are a staple of kart racing to take the win, followed by Pusey and Jeremy Johnson. Other competitors taking home awards included David Kimmel in the Kart Open Class A. Kimmel, in fact ,was actually the first kart to cross the finish line in the mixed competition of both Open Class karts and the 125cc division A and B machinery. Also taking victories were Kenneth Lane, Steve Gimby and Josh Kiley who topped the Three-Wheeler Open A, Open B and 250cc B classes, while Brenton Scott topped the Mini Dwarf Beginner class. With races for essentially any motorized vehicle with wheels, all interested would be racers are invited to join in on the low-key family fun racing. Visit www.calvmx.net for dates.

The Minibike Mob. Judd Neves Photo SATURDAY RESULTS: BIKES: Vet 35+ Nov: 1. Joseph Boyd 2. Jason Bishop Vet 35+ Ex: 1. Byron Kukla Post Vint 450 Ex: 1. Daltin Collie Post Vint 600 Ex: 1. Michael Diffenbaugh Sptsmn 250 Nov: 1. Jason Lindquist Sptsmn 250 Int: 1. Tom Ferguson 16 & Under Open Int: 1. Curtis Nugent 2. Summer Kukla 12 & Under 100Cc Nov: 1. Lilirose Bishop 12 & Under 100 Cc Int: 1. Mark Arguilez Open Nov: 1. Michael Delagarza 2. John Palmer Open Ex: 1. Daltin Collie 2. Byron Kukla 3. Jeff Apple Adult Mini 150 Nov: 1. Craig Crossland 2. Michael Delagarza Adult

Mini 150 Int: 1. Curtis Nugent Adult Mini 150 Ex: 1. Michael Diffenbaugh 2. Bill Lyons 3. Dustin Chapin 4. Summer Kukla 5. Jason Bishop Adult Mini 80 Int: 1. Art Leva Adult Mini 80 Ex: 1. Keith Nishiyama Sr Vet 50+ Nov: 1. Joseph Boyd 2. Michael Delagarza Sr Vet 50+ Ex: 1. Michael Diffenbaugh 2. Jeff Apple Pull Start Open Int: 1. Austin Degan 2. Josh Degan 3. Chris Skibinski 4. Brett Miller Pull Start Open Ex: 1. Lane Miller 2. Jeff Apple Pull Start 6 Hp Nov: 1. Scott Cowart 2. Ken Davey 3. Aiden Cox Pull Start 6 Hp Int: 1. Mario Ferre Pull Start 6 Hp Ex: 1. Keith Nishiyama

KARTS: 125Cc A 1. Tanner Donahue 2. Pat Donahue;3. Will Carter 4. David Bell 5. Claude Bell 125cc B: 1. Shawn Schmitz Sr Open Class A: 1. David Kimmel 2. Brian Pusey 4 Stroke Adult A: 1. Brian Pusey 2. Jason Bishop 4 Stroke Adult B: 1. George Wolf 100cc 2 Stroke B: 1. Harrison Smith 2. Art Leva Kid Kart B: 1. Lilirose Bishop 2. Sophia Scaroni Cadet Kart A: 1. Sam Scaroni 2. Chad Reed Jr Kart B: 1. Joshua Schmitz 2. Shawn Schmitz Jr. MINI DWARF A Division: 1. Ryder Patterson 2. Donald Diffenbaugh 3. Brayden Levy 4. Presley Patterson.

#454 Julian Hoefert and #73 Scott Callen in hard side by side, tire to tire competition, with Hoefert taking the win and Callen in second. Judd Neves Photo


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Chad Reed, first 100cc 2 Stroke B. Judd Neves Photo QUADS: Open A: 1. Julian Hoefert 2. Scott Callen 3. Robert Berry Open B: 1. Chyrisma Isom 2. Tanner Donahue Open Women A: 1. Kelly Lane Open Women B: Chyrisma Isom Jr Quad: 1. Kayden Peterson . THREE WHEELERS: Three-Wheeler A: 1. Julian Hoefert 2. Ken Lane Three-Wheeler B: 1. Steve Gimby SUNDAY RESULTS: BIKES: Pull Start Open Nov: 1. Brett Miller 2. Brody Porst 3. Jeff Harris 4. Zachary Scott Pull Start Open Int: 1. Austin Degan 2. Eduardo Ramirez 3. Jason Offendahl;4. Josh Degan 5. Cody Brown Pull Start Open Ex: 1. Daltin Collie 2. Dan Brown 3. Lane Miller 4. Jeff Apple 5. Dan Shaw Pull Start 6 Hp Beg: 1. Taylor Harman Pull Start 6 Hp Nov: 1. Ken Davey Pull Start 6 Hp Ex: 1. Eduardo Ramirez 2. Keith Nishiyama Adult Mini 150 Nov: 1. Craig Crossland Adult Mini 150 Ex: 1. Summer Kukla 2. Bill Lyons 3. Dustin Chapin Adult Mini 80 Int: 1. Art Leva Adult Mini 80 Ex: 1. Keith Nishiyama Adult Mini 100 Ex: 1. Jason Bishop 16 & Under Open Int: 1. Summer Kukla 12 & Under 100Cc Nov: 1. Lilirose Bishop 12 & Under 50Cc Beg: 1. Abigail Palmer Open Nov: 1. Summer Kukla Open Ex: 1. Daltin Collie. KARTS: 125cc A: 1. Claude Bell 2. Pat Donahue 3. Ed Bustin 4. Scott Rogers 125cc B: 1. Brian Kimmel 2. Shawn Schmitz Sr. Open A: 1. David Kimmel 2. Brian Pusey 100cc Two Stroke A: 1. Duane Lawson 2. Dillon Huff 3. Ed Bustin 96

4. Richard Fitzgerald 100cc Two Stroke B: 1. Chad Reed 2. Tyler Scott 3. Art Leva 4. Rita Green 5. Sam Scaroni Cadet A: 1. Tyler Warner 2. Chad Reed Cadet B: 1. Kaiden Johnson Junior B: 1. Shawn Schmitz Jr 2. Joshua Schmitz Kid B: 1. Lilirose Bishop 2. Sophia Scaroni 3. Kyndal Johnson 4 Stroke Adult A: 1. Lauren Bishop 2. Brian Pusey 3. Jeremy Johnson 4. Michelle Munoz 4 Stroke John Patterson on an all electric bike in the Open Any Bike Novice class. Judd Neves Photo

Good start in the Adult 150 Mini class. Kathryn Caro Photo

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#14 Matt Palmer, winner of the 250cc B Trike class followed by #94 CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Mike Palmer and #22 Josh Kiley. Judd Neves Photo www.ssorm.com - OCTOBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 97

Sam Scaroni, first Cadet Kart A. Judd Neves Photo Adult B: 1. Mercedes Rose 2. Kathy Tilley 3. THREE WHEELERS: Rachael Scott. Open A: 1. Kenneth Lane 2. Matthew Poumer MINI DWARF: 3. Ben Cissell Open B: 1. Steve Gimby 2. Zach A Div: 1. Ryder Patterson 2. D.J. Diffenbaugh Roberts 250cc B: 1. Mathew Palmer 2. Mike 3. Tyler Warner 4. Brayden Levy 5. Drew Palmer 3. Josh Kiley 4. Ryder Palmer Devercelly B Div: 1. Shelton Scott 2. Kaiden Johnson 3. Presley Patterson.


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QUADS: Open A: 1. Julian Hoefert 2. Robert Berry Open B: 1. Chyrisma Isom Women A: 1. Kelly Lane 2. Kera Berry Women B: 1. Chyrisma Isom Junior: 1. Mark Arguilez 2. Gage Scott 3. Kayden Paterson E

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