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OFF ROAD MARCH 2021 - VOL 39, NO. 6


FEATURES 08 | Sherri's Turn

COMPETITION 50 | Kenda DP4 Ridgecrest Shakedown Round 1 kicks off the DP4 SXS Racing season in Ridgecrest CA

Most of my best memories come from some old dirt road

56 | SCFTA Flat Track

10 | Dirtbits

Perris Raceway is the scene of the start of the 2021 SCFTA season in Perris CA

Off Road Nights Expo off, NORRA 1000 on

16 | San Diego Jeep Club Adapting to COVID

60 | CALVMX/Asterisk Vintage Motocross

20 | In Memory of Bruce Meyers

Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino CA hosts Round 1 of the CALVMX 2021 series

24 | Oceano Dunes: A Day at the Dunes

64 | AMA District 38 OTB Sandblast

Overcoming quarantines, trail and campgrounds and social distancing

US Navy Seaman First class, one of the Greats from the Greatest Generation

Hundreds of miles of non-OHV coastline, yet Oceano Dunes is still threatened with closure

26 | People in the Pits

Taking a look at the people who make it possible for the racers to do what they do

40 | Bike Shop Neck braces: Some do, some don't

46 | The Endangered Off Roader San Diego Off Road Coalition news

48 | Blast from the Past

Desert racing in the Superstition OHV area near El Centro CA

72 | AZOP Racing Blythe Grand Prix Shorty's Sports Park hosts the AZOP crew for a fun weekend of motorcycle, quad and UTV racing

76 | AMA National Hare & Hound

More People in the Pits, this time from the past

Round 2 visits Lubbock TX

46 | 4x4 Coach

80 | DP Racing Santa Veronica GP

How to be a great camp cook

96 | Dr. DeForest's Off Road Health Tips A case of chronic tingling

98-99 | Classifieds

Free off road photo classifieds

ZR Promo group racing at the Rancho Santana Track in Tecate, Baja Mexico

88 | Optima Batteries King of the Hammers Hammertown in Johnson Valley CA was the place to be the week of January 28 - Feb 6, 2021


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COVER (Top) Abe Rascon,

second 250 Novice at the AMA District 38 OTB Sand Blast Race January 16 at Superstition OHV area near El Centro CA. Photo by Judd Neves Nothing But Dirt Photography (Bottom) Chris Blais sponsored by Blais Racing Services, Can-am, Kenda and KMC finished first overall at the DP4 Racing Ridgecrest Shakedown in early February Photo by RNR Photos


Katin Lessing racing in the Youth classes at the National Hare and Hound in Texas finished first in the youth Electric class. Photo by Mark Kariya

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Reprinted from February 2014 because I still wonder: Am I the only one who feels this way? Disclaimer: I have no clue if the multi-year planning process spoken of when this article originally appeared is still in process. Whether it is or isn't, my opinions still stand.


used to love camping at Ocotillo Wells. My first trip there was in 1974.

We went a mile back on a road near Pole Line Road. It was a treacherous challenge and getting over and through the last sandy rutted portion of the road to get to our favorite spot was the start of the weekend off road adventure. Once out there we rarely saw anyone else camping because it took such great effort to get there. Sometimes a lot of shoveling and pushing and pulling was involved to actually make it through the challenge. This was wilderness and it was wonderful. I almost cringe when I utter the word “wilderness” now. It’s become a fearful word in this day and age because it


generally means untouched, protected, off limits to humans with motorized vehicles. But the true sense of wilderness according to the World English Dictionary is “a wild, uninhabited, and uncultivated region” and that was Ocotillo Wells in the 1970’s. That was a huge part of the fun of being there. That is not the Ocotillo Wells of today and definitely not what is proposed for the off road park over the next 30 years. Which leads me to another gripe. When this article first ran in 2014 there was an ongoing process designed to put forth a General Plan that would determine what goes on in the park for the next 30 years. This plan had been in the works for nearly five years and was only half done. Though it was my understanding the second half wasn’t supposed to take as long as the first half. “Its a big job planning for 30 years,” I was told by someone involved in the General Plan process. And that’s another gripe of mine. Why does it have to be a 30 year plan? Apparently once this plan is in place then over the next 30 years the only things that can be done at the park are things that are already approved, planned or suggested in this 30 year plan. And if in 10 years a really great idea comes along for the park that is not in the plan, well it can’t be done, because it wasn’t in the plan. Am I the only one that this does not make sense to? Why do government institutions have to do things like this? Do you suppose private enterprises set up guidelines for themselves that cause them to determine in 2014 what they will do from here on out until 2044 and they can’t

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

change their mind when 2024 comes along and they realize there are some opportunities or challenges they couldn’t foresee in 2014? And why do we spend five to eight years to write out a 30 year plan? Why not make it a 10 year plan, or a five year plan, so it doesn’t have to take eight years to create the plan? I took part in this planning process several times throughout the five years it had been ongoing. In the beginning I was excited about it. I am no longer excited about it. To take part in the off road sport, all we need is some dirt. But the State Parks program is determined to make this far more than some available dirt to do our off roading. And in doing so they are getting input from anyone who is deemed to have some sort of interest in this park. That includes environmentalists who don’t even like the sport of off roading. They can give input that will most surely limit the off roading that is done in the park. And when you examine the 260+ areas of consideration they came up with in the General Plan there are definitely some that suggest closing some areas to off roading. I am concerned that there are off road enthusiasts who are new to the sport who may take part in the planning process and get excited about all the opportunities being offered for RV parks, day-use areas, more interpretive programs, signage and other things that cost plenty of money that really aren’t necessary to the overall enjoyment of the sport and take away from that “getting away from it all, wilderness off road experience” that this sport originally was.

I am concerned that there are longtime off road enthusiasts who take a look at the same opportunities and get excited about them without realizing that we could take the same amount of money to pay all the employees it takes to manage all these programs and to buy all the supplies and equipment to build the infrastructure, and actually buy more land. Right there now are large parcels of land available south of Highway 78 that could be purchased with off road money to increase the size of the park. Many years ago there was a stellar Off Road Pals program in place at Ocotillo Wells for under privileged kids and that program has gone by the wayside as the politically correct interpretive program has grown by leaps and bounds. My gripe is and has always been since this era was introduced to the park, that right

next door to our 85,000 acres is the Anza Borrego Desert State Park with nearly 3/4 of a million acres of land that is off limits to off road vehicles, but has all the opporunities a person could want to learn about plants and animals and stars and planets and bugs. Why are we duplicating the effort? My fear is that people taking part in this planning process will get all excited about all the offerings available without really thinking through what this park is all about and why off roading is so exciting in the first place. Its the getting away from it all in the dirt experience, not off roading in Central Park as one wise person noted. My concern is that the people promoting the planning process and running the park are driven by job protection and job promotion. The more new programs, the more work, the more employees needed. We could do with a lot more land and a lot fewer programs and people. You see the picture. It doesn’t say “Most of my best memories come from some old dirt road with hundreds of informational signs, a radio station broadcasting about the weather, the flora, the fauna, the stars, the rules and regulations; a discovery center, a star gazing ampitheater and an interpretive program and plans for millions of dollars to be spent on improvements.” It says “Most of my best memories come from some old dirt road.” Period. It seems to be a difficult concept to understand. E

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SINCE 1982

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Pandemic forces postponement of 2021 Off Road Nights Expo


ecause of the continuing health and safety protocols in place in California, organizers have been required to postone the second annual Toyota Escondido Off Road Nights Expo, presented by TE Motorsports, which had been scheduled this year for March 27-28. Attempting to return to San Diego County's famous Del Mar Fairgrounds as a massive two-day dirt lifestyle expo, ORN has been working in conjunction with the popular facility to identify a new date for the event that launched very successfully in March of 2019. "We are extremely disappointed to have to once again postpone ORN Expo," stated event producer Rat Sult. "With all of the safety and health protocols during this pandemic, we believe the decision to postpone this year's Expo is in the best interest of all concerned. We strive to grow our dirt lifestyle culture and want to assure it will be a huge success for everyone. Working with the state and amiable staff at the Del Mar Fairgrounds we plan to bring this epic event back as soon as possible once we are able to do so. We would like to thank you for your patience and your continued support. We look forward to seeing everyone very soon." More information on the event is available on the website at www.ornscene.com or by contacting Rat Sult directly at 760-5339380.

NORRA is committed to overcoming obstacles and moving forward with April's Yokohama NORRA


ack in 1967, racers in the first ever sanctioned off road race, the NORRA Mexican 1000, set out down the length of the Baja Peninsula to see who would get there first.


It was not certain they would even make it the entire way, but they were willing to give it their all in the name of adventure. The challenges were enormous, but that’s what made success so rewarding. Even with advances to technology, racing the length of the Baja Peninsula is still a challenge, and there are still many who choose to accept the trials and tribulations because the reward is so sweet. It’s in this spirit of overcoming any obstacles that NORRA is moving forward with the 2021 Mexican 1000. The global

While the massive crowds gathered to greet you at the finish line may not be permissible, rest assured, there will be NORRA checkered pants flag girls at each finish to wave you in!

pandemic has taken a toll on so many of our pursuits, affected our families, and cast a shadow of despair over our lives, but like you, NORRA will persevere. While the massive crowds gathered to greet you at the finish line may not be permissible, rest assured, there will be NORRA checkered pants flag girls at each finish to wave you in! And a cold drink under the arch to congratulate you on your accomplishment. We will be using the latest covid protocols to keep both our participants, and the people of Baja as safe as possible; that’s our number one priority. We may not be able to party as much as usual, but we can still enjoy the food, drink, culture, and beauty of Baja, all while challenging ourselves, and our fellow competitors. This event will not be like usual, but we will be racing in Baja, and that’s worth doing. Yes, masks will be mandatory. But we're pretty much used to this, right?

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www. outfrontmotorsports. com

DIRTBITS continued from previous page

We may not be able to gather in large crowds for finish line celebrations at stops along the way, but we encourage you to celebrate with your team, however you see fit. Racers are not strangers to adaptation. Some of the best stories from the Mexican 1000 involve overcoming whatever hurdles got in the way. NORRA is working with government officials, local towns, providers of safety, and sanitary products, and you racers to make the Mexican 1000 a success. Together, we can make this happen. We will have to do things differently, but it will still be “The Happiest Race on Earth!” Join us on Fri. April 23rd through the 30th for some great times in Baja. For the latest information on the Mexican 1000 as well as other NORRA events go to www. norra.com.

Online racer registration open for April 14-18 BFGoodrich Tires 34th SCORE San Felipe 250


ack after a one-year absence because of the COVID-19 pandemic, online racer registration is now open for the BFGoodrich Tires 34th Annual SCORE San Felipe 250, presented by Ford. Round 1 of the four-race 2021 SCORE World Desert Championship will be held April 14-18 in the quaint, peaceful

village of San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. This season-opening race will be held under the same Bio-Security protocols as last year’s two races that includes no spectators at contingency, the start or the finish but fans will be allowed again to watch out around the race course, following normal health and safety protocols. Contingency, and the start/ finish compound will all be located on the grounds of the luxurious El Dorado Ranch just north of town. Launching another decade of exuberating excellence, seeing if one racer can win the overall title for the seventh time, one racer win for the fifth straight time and another racer win for the second straight time are just three of the story lines awaiting racers from around the world as racer registration has opened for the BFGoodrich Tires 34th SCORE San Felipe 250, presented by Ford, in Baja California, Mexico. San Felipe is 125 miles south of the U.S. Border at Calexico, Calif. on DIRTBITS CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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DIRTBITS continued from previous page

the eastern side of the Baja peninsula along the azure waters of the Sea of Cortez. All four 2021 SCORE races will be held on Mexico’s magnificent Baja California peninsula for the sixth consecutive year.

2020 AMA Awards announced he American


Motorcyclist Association announces the winners of the 2020 AMA Racing and Organizer Awards, which recognize individuals and organizations that excelled in AMAsanctioned competition and recreational activity during the calendar year. AMA members helped select the winners of certain racing categories, including the AMA Athlete of the Year and the AMA Racer of the Year awards. Multitime AMA Grand National Cross Country Series Champion Kailub Russell captured more than 31 percent of the vote to win AMA Athlete of the Year, National Championship Series. Russell is the all-time leader in two-wheel GNCC victories. Stilez Robertson, the 2020 Nicky Hayden AMA Motocross Horizon Award winner, picked up AMA Athlete of the Year, Grand Championships. Walker Fowler earned AMA ATV Athlete of the Year, and Ryder DiFrancesco is the AMA Youth Racer of the Year. All three riders collected nearly half of the votes in their category. Katie Benson, also representing the AMA Amateur National Motocross

Championship, edged out fellow motocrosser Jordan Jarvis and AMA Grand National Cross Country Series Champion Becca Sheets for AMA Female Racer of the Year. GNCC racer Robby Norwood narrowly beat MXer Nicholas Hayes for AMA Veteran/Senior Racer of The Year. “We are proud to recognize the winners of the 2020 AMA Racing and Organizer Awards,” AMA Director of Racing Mike Pelletier said. “The past year was a trying time for all, and these winners overcame unprecedented challenges and managed to excel.”

AMA Athlete of the Year, Grand Championships, Stilez Robertson, and AMA Youth Racer of the Year, Ryder DiFrancesco. Photos by Ken Hill E

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BY BETH SANTISTEBAN www.sdjc.rocks


s a member of a Jeep club, one can imagine that hitting the trails is something we look forward to as often as we can. For the San Diego Jeep Club, adapting to COVID quarantines, trail and campground closures, social distancing, etc. has been truly challenging but proved to us that we can be flexible and overcome. Our last organized run, pre-COVID, was Saturday, February 1, 2020. It was titled the Don Quixote Run as we traveled 12 miles of trails out in Ocotillo around freeway 8 and crossing the S4. We passed by the giant windmills in that area. It was a beautiful day and a great memory before COVID changed all of our lives. Less than 30 days later, we were all but shut down.

The club quickly cancelled most upcoming runs, communicated these cancellations out, and developed our own plan for future “zero contact” events with guidelines for fun but safe experiences for our members. One of the first “safe” events we participated in was held with a limited number of Jeeps in attendance, I believe there were 10 that time. This was one of our initial experiments to test how things could go. The rules were simple: 1) stay in your Jeep, 2) wear a mask when you are airing up/down or within 6 feet of others, 3) drivers meeting instructions to be communicated over ham radios while inside your Jeep and, 4) no lunch stop. That last rule was brutal as we are known for “gathering” to eat our lunches, talk


Staging for November 2020 Toys for Tots Run

16 16

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- MARCH MARCH 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com S&S www.ssorm.com


D I V O C o t g n i Adapt

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about our rigs and visit with our crew. We still had a great time and it was wonderful to be out and about on the trail and joking with everyone over the ham radios. Since that run proved to be a success, we gradually expanded the number of participants as time went on and we got more comfortable with being safe in groups again. We had a great turnout for our August 8th Big Bear event that featured three separate runs with staggered starts. One of the trails was an easy 26-mile route through Holcomb Valley on the eastern mountain slopes of Big Bear Lake that 46 Jeeps attended. A second, harder run which was limited to 20 Jeeps, ran Heartbreak

Ridge/Pontiac Sluice. The third, smaller group, which was an invite only event, ran Gold Mountain. These three runs occurred simultaneously and were all supported by SDJC board and black ops members. At these runs we normally collect toys for our annual Toys for Tots event, however, for 2020, we collected cash, checks and Venmo payments as opposed to physical toys and we also instituted e-waivers and safety checklists to limit contact. One of the more memorable “no contact”, family friendly events was our Halloween Night run on the Otay Truck Trail. Costumes and decorated Jeeps were encouraged and we had a great turnout of

Halloween fun with SDJC

Big Bear easy run, August 8, 2020

18 18

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- MARCH MARCH 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com S&S www.ssorm.com

over 80 Jeeps! We held a contest for the three best decorated Jeeps and there were folks passing out candy with tongs to the kids. It was awesome to be in that train watching all of the beautiful tail lights and colored whip antennas traveling along that winding route. It has not all been easy for the SDJC to organize events and we had to cancel our signature event which is our yearly birthday bash in October. We just did not feel it would be safe to have that many folks together and serving food would have been a challenge we did not want to undertake.

Our November Toys for Tots run was very successful and we began our “Swag sales” again using cones to help with social distancing and hand sanitizer was available on the tables. We used staggered starts during this event as we left our staging area at Fiesta Island in 7 separate groups to caravan to the Del Mar Race Track. Each Jeep delivered their toys or money to the United States Marine’s Toys for Tots volunteers and the board members delivered the cash, checks and Venmo funds during a masked photo op. One recent, unpleasant surprise was the January 2021 “Tiptoe through the Hammers” campout and run in Johnson

Valley. A successful pre-run was held and we were all set to go but with 24 hours left until the event, one of our members that was camping in the area ahead of time, contacted the board with some bad news about the area being closed. We got word that the King of the Hammers event took over the area a week early. They required a rapid COVID test plus an entry fee to enter the area that we had planned to camp in and travel through. So, due to circumstances out of our control, the event was cancelled 24 hours in advance. The board decided to hold a virtual raffle for a few items donated by our sponsors, the winner’s names were broadcast on our

Facebook page and the gift certificates for the raffle items were distributed through the mail. There was a small group camping out in the Johnson Valley area that was still able to conduct a smaller run nearby. Disappointing as that was, we were still able to be flexible enough to make adjustments and overcome this obstacle. As things continue to open up, and using some of the lessons learned, such as e-waivers and staggered starts, the hope is that we can keep SDJC members offroading safely and doing what we love. I’m looking forward to a HUGE SDJC birthday bash in October this year if we are allowed to do so! E

Camilo and Beth Santisteban at the Don Quixote Run in February 2020 before the COVID shutdown.

Gold Mountain Run in Big Bear, August 8, 2020

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The USS Bunker Hill (CV-17) under attack with Seaman Bruce Meyers at his 5”/38 gunnery station. The USS Bunker Hill burned and nearly sank after being hit by two Japanese kamikazes on May 11, 1945 (US Navy photo)

20 20

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- MARCH MARCH 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com S&S www.ssorm.com

Bruce Meyers US Navy, Seaman First Class 1926 to 2021

One of the Greats from the Greatest Generation By Mike Shatynski aka Admiral Mike Rear Admiral (Retired), United States Navy


Bruce Meyer photo courtesy Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame

n May 11, 1945, during one of the most savage battles in the Pacific during World War II, the aircraft carrier USS Bunker Hill was hit by two Japanese kamikazes in 30 seconds. As the flagship of Task Force 58 for the Battle of Okinawa, it was the main target for the Japanese suicide bombers. The attack on the USS Bunker Hill was one of the worst on an American aircraft carrier during the war. Of the 2600 crew members, 657 were killed or wounded in a few short minutes. Bruce Meyers was a young Seaman First Class manning one CONTINUED NEXT PAGE

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Bruce and the Meyers Manx Club take veterans and family members on fun laps around the dirt track for WFM’s Adrenaline Therapy Saturday

of the defensive five-inch 38 caliber guns aboard the warship. When the battle was over, shipmates and even the ship itself owed their survival to Bruce as much as any other sailor aboard the USS Bunker Hill. Most people don’t know that Bruce was much more than just an avid off roader and the inventor of the iconic Meyers Manx. Bruce and his generation are called the “Greatest Generation.” This is for good reason because he and his young peers stepped up to serve our great country and the world. They fought in World War II and defeated three terrible dictatorships in Germany, Japan, and Italy to “make

the world safe for democracy.” Even more impressive, they came home, got educated, started careers and reintegrated to supercharge America. We stopped making tanks and made cars. They retooled assembly lines for military bombers into assembly lines for civilian airliners. Their generation forgave their bloody enemies who then became some of our greatest allies. Bruce’s life story is as extraordinary as it is ordinary for his generation. When at war, he fought with a commitment to ship and shipmate that transcends anything most of today’s Americans will ever feel. When his ship was hit by a Japanese suicide

Bruce celebrates with the Warfighter Made veterans after a 2018 Mexican 1000 victory


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

airplane and began sinking, Bruce stepped up to save his surviving shipmates from the sea. He coached shipmates on how to safely abandon ship from the towering flight deck. He gave up his life jacket to another. He towed others who couldn’t swim to safety. When he finally climbed out of the sea onto the deck of a destroyer and realized his ship could be salvaged, he returned aboard to recover the fallen then sailed her home for repairs and a chance to fight again. One of the amazing characteristics of American warriors is their love of life displayed in their sense of humor. In the darkest of times, they will laugh together at one of their own’s joke. If you don’t laugh, you cry. It is why some American named Kilroy made it across the Pacific into Asia and into the farthest reaches of Europe and Africa and graffitti’d boxes and latrines with his name, “Kilroy was here.” Despite the horrors of war, Bruce and his generation kept their sense of humor and what might even be called a sense of child-like wonder and transformed one of their tools of war, the iconic Jeep. Bruce and his fellow veterans began to play with Jeeps in the desert. Then Bruce took playing in the desert to a new level

Bruce visits with active-duty Medical Corpsmen (USN) at Adrenaline Therapy Saturday

and invented more amazing off road toys based on Germany’s equivalent of the Jeep, the Volkswagen or “peoples wagon.” Bruce built the Meyers Manx and the Meyers Tow’d that inspired ever more off road vehicles, opening up vast, once inaccessible, tracts of America and the world for exploration and play. Of course, if anything has wheels, it gets raced! Veterans and friends started doing just that, from the dirt tracks in the southeast to the deserts of the southwest! Bruce raced in the first Mexican 1000 races down the Baja peninsula. In those early years, Bruce and his newfangled Meyers Manx inspired the average American to race and, as Bruce likes to say, “believe they can be Parnelli Jones!” But that is not Bruce’s only legacy. Most people are unaware that he invented the jacuzzi! With his love of life, sense of wonder, and inventive intellect, Bruce truly helped change our country and how we live. For those of us in the next generation of off roaders, we looked to Bruce and others like him as examples of who we wanted to be when we grew up. We aspired to be mechanics who could build off road race vehicles in our garages and take it to the trackless desert of Baja and race against legendary greats like Steve McQueen, James Garner, and Bruce.

Warfighter Made President Rob Blanton (USMC) welcomes veteran Bruce Meyers (USN) to the WFM honorary board.

Many of us followed Bruce’s lead and built VW-based off road bugs and buggies. And we found out something special…it wasn’t about racing against great people, we were racing with great people against the unforgiving Baja peninsula. It wasn’t just the challenges in the Baja that brought us back. For me, Bruce and his generation inspired me to race again and again until I’d accumulated a couple dozen 500 and 1000-mile Baja races. As a Navy veteran like Bruce, I found it was the chance to accomplish something truly extraordinary with another family, a team of my off road brothers and sisters. In his later years, Bruce gave back again to his Navy and other veteran brothers and sisters. Many of us got to know Bruce Meyers personally when he spent days at the dirt track and in the shop with us and our families at the veteran nonprofit, Warfighter Made (WFM). Bruce told us that his actions as a 19-year-old sailor at the Battle of Okinawa aboard USS Bunker Hill happened because of his days before the war as a 17-year-old lifeguard

on the beaches of Southern California. We all figured out the truth…he was an extraordinary man whose ability, initiative, and calmness under fire set him apart and made him a hero in the most trying of times. But Bruce was ever the humble man and, for all of us veterans, young and old, he made us “believe we can someday be Bruce Meyers!” “Admiral Mike” has been racing, chasing, and pitting in Baja since his first Baja 500 in 1985 in a stock Class 11 VW bug. As a retired veteran, he encourages his veteran brothers and sisters to join the off road family by joining him in the desert with Warfighter Made or the Mag 7 Race Team.

Bruce visits with Admiral Mike at the Warfighter Made shop

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OCEANO DUNES BY Mike McGarity www.oceanodunes.org



he trip to Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area begins days prior at home. The excitement builds, the plans are made, the weekend is booked online and friends are called. We all plan together. We cannot wait to get back on the beach! We pack the toy hauler and load the toys and hit the road! The drive continues to cool down and as we approach Paso Robles we know we’re getting close! We turn on the 101 and head south knowing that we’re Marie Edinger from KMPH Fox 26 interviewing Mike McGarity getting close. We crest drive up into a large clearing. Once I’m the Cuesta Grade and travel through San set up and unloaded, I set up a perimeter Luis Obispo. Everyone in the truck begins around our location saving the spots to get even more excited as we come up where our friends will camp. We form a and over Ontario Ridge. Suddenly we see large circle and start a camp fire out in the the first view of the Pacific Ocean. In her middle. We made it. A big breath of fresh, beauty she presents herself as enormous, cool and amazing ocean air. I love to set but always so inviting! my chair out, open a cold beverage, wiggle We exit the 101 and travel through my toes down into the soft sand and soak downtown Pismo. We see the line going in the spectacular view of the coast. This into the best cinnamon rolls you’ll ever is where recreation happens. Should I say eat in your life. We travel by the Monarch re-creation. This is where I can re-create Butterfly Grove. We’ll get to that later. We my sense of balance in this crazy world go past Grand Ave and turn right on Pier Ave. We get to the State Park's gate and hand them our camping reservations. We’re reminded about the high tide and the times. Once on the beach, we park and air down our tires. I air down we work and live in. Once on the beach, I all four truck tires and all six trailer tires. relax into a state that cannot be replicated Once aired down, I lock in my four wheel anywhere else. drive and proceed down the beach. Once at Naomi comes out of the toy hauler pole 4, I turn up away from the ocean and and says, “Honey, lets go for a ride.” So

we get our helmets on and load up in the SXS. We take off towards the sand highway running some bowls here and there. We cruise around for awhile and stop up on top of a huge dune. We get out and take some selfies with the ocean behind us as the sun is setting. More deep breaths and we jump back in the SXS and before we know it, we’re back in camp. I check my phone and we have some friends coming in to join us. We get everyone parked and light the BBQ. After dinner, my buddy starts the camp fire and everyone brings their chairs out. We listen to some 80’s rock and all get caught up on what everyone's been up to in life. Once in bed, we open the window and listen to the waves crash in at a distance. The best night's sleep ever! Once up in the morning, we sit outside with a cup of coffee watching the waves and people drive by in their vehicles and/or toys. This is an experience loved by thousands. Everyone’s story is similar to some extent. We all go there to camp and OHV recreate in our own personal way. We make amazing memories and we make long lasting friendships as well. We truly relax, we recreate and we appreciate our Oceano Dunes. This SVRA is super special. People like me love camping and playing on the Dunes. The false narrative about all the crazy stories of OHV people coming to the dunes to destroy it is very inaccurate. In the few

There are hundreds of miles of California coastline which are non-OHV. This is the only little coast area for OHV. Thousands of OHV enthusiasts come to Oceano Dunes to recreate.

24 24

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www.stewartsraceworks.com instances it occurs law enforcement is there to remove them when needed. My thought is, if people cannot follow the speed limits, follow the OHV rules or follow the camping rules; then kick them out. After two “kick outs”; then ban them from making any reservations for 12 months. Have consequences for rule breakers. I want everyone around me to follow the park rules. Law enforcement is paid by OHV Trust Fund dollars, as well as the bird protections to make the snowy plovers the most viable in the state. OHV Trust money is from OHV green sticker money and a small part of gas tax. Millions of OHV dollars are spent on the Oceano Dunes SVRA. Everyone needs to remember that this is an SVRA. There are hundreds of miles of California coastline which are non-OHV. This is the only little coast area for OHV. Thousands of OHV enthusiasts come to Oceano Dunes to recreate. Why isn’t this important? Why isn’t it important that OHV doesn’t have equal rights to their form of recreation as everyone else in California? Literally, everyone in California is protected; except OHV. Not only has the State Parks taken away OHV,

they have taken away camping. I can write an entire article on the why behind these decisions, but instead my purpose of this article is to give you, the reader the perspective of an avid OHV enthusiast. We matter too. We are not all crazy bad people that some keep saying about us. We are families who love the Oceano

Dunes and cannot wait to come back to re-create. Please join us if you too want to enjoy the SVRA with your vehicle or RV. We need your support! Thank you. For more information on how to join us in the fight for Oceano Dunes SVRA, please go to www.oceanodunes.org.

Naomi and Mike set up at the entrance to Oceano Dunes to talk to people about what’s happening to the Park E

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People In

26 26

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The Pits

Here is the crew providing fuel and checking out this Jeep during the Parker 425 Friday's race. This was from Pit 2 by Graham's Well. - Scott Spinning, Spinning Wheels Photography


27 27

G&G Racing and Cory Texter winning the AFT Production Pro Twins Grand National Championship., "Pops", LJ, Jon, CTex, John, Julian, and Chris Carr - LJ Gronek, Yucaipa CA

National Hare and Hound Race in Johnson Valley a few years ago. A Badgers MC pit crew member with Kato, worlds best offroad photographer - Janja Watson, Vista CA


VIMETAL riders, Vidauri Bros running in the Sportsman class at the 2015 MexLog 300 - Photo by ZR design

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Baja Rally pit. Austin Bolton on the left, myself Mike Gaynor and right is Eric Nicolulus. Pic by Robin Jacoway

The National Hare and Hound Race in Johnson Valley a few years ago. The Badgers MC pit crew - Janja Watson, Vista CA

The 1984 Parker 400 with my Dad, Rich Minga, Doug Mellow and Rick Shenk looking over the car while Ken Snelling dumps gas before I head out on a second lap on the Arizona side. - Tom Ferguson, Chula Vista CA


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Parker 250 my husband KJ and Desert Vets Racing killing it in the pits. Hands up for the all clear. We ended up 9th. In Parker to me that is a win! - Angie Mitchell, Henderson NV

Pit stop during the 1984 Barstow to Vegas Race on the way to 1st overall ATC. Rider: Randy Ressell, Sam Munoz filling the gas tank and my sister Rita Newell changing my goggles. - Randy Ressell, Westminster CA

MORE READER'S PIT PHOTOS AHEAD DP4 night race, Team Nevada pits . Driver is me, Tyler Stewart and co-driver is Bryce Wolfe - Tyler Stewart, Las Vegas NV

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Suspension Experts UTV | Quads | ATV | Modern & Vintage Motorcycle Shock revalve / rebuild and service • Forks revalve / rebuild and service Shock body hard anodizing • Spring kits, stabilizer bars and more!

Side by Side Services Include: Performance Suspension Set Up Includes: Eibach spring kit, revalve, rebuild, oil, seal kit & nitrogen, from $1,798.00. Complete Shock Revalve Includes: Shims, oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $998.00. Complete Shock Service Includes: Oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $619.00. Spring Kits & Stabilizer Bars Available for most popular models, please call for specific pricing information. We proudly service:

Phone: (760) 955-8757 | E-mail: info@noleenj6.com

For more information on our complete line of SXS product and services please contact us today!

Gary Deforest in the pits at Vogt Ranch GP.

Marty Coyne pit, Jean, Nevada 1994 or 1995. Coyne Powersports team. - Paul Powell, San Diego CA

Prime 300, 9/11/1999. They were 3rd place in this race! MarCourt class 10 race team: Dennis, MaryAnn Courtenay, Greg Wirkus, Jack, Donald ( Duck), Whit Courtenay, Tim Loddice, Lorel Wirkus and Thomas Wirkus - Susan Stephens, Ocotillo Wells CA


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From left to right: Monica McCready, Todd Wilfong and a stranger willing to help at the AHRMA Vintage Motorcycle Days in Mansfield, OH, July 9th, 2000

2020 CODE off-road MexLog 300, Corvera Bros race pit, Yamaha YXZ1000, 1st. place Class 19. Dulce Renée photo. Submitted by ZRPromo.com

SNORE Ridgecrest 250 pit crew - Brandon Homme, Bakersfield CA


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2019 King of the Hammers (L-R) Dave Erwin, Jason Green, Phil (kneeling), Jeff Vanskoy and Rene Allen - Art Stine, Scio, Oregon

Bradfield Racing pit crew #bradfieldracing #maxxistires - Josh Bradfield, Washington UT


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The Texas boys helping us out at Vegas to Reno. - Eric and Lacrecia Beurrier, Rockstar Racing, Lake Havasu City AZ

MORE READER'S PIT PHOTOS AHEAD Gary Haugley/George Tackett 1984-85 Palm Springs 300 moved to Ocotillo Wells. This car was previously owned by Malcolm Smith. George Tackett bought it, then George and Gary prepped it and off they went. - Jan Haugley, Vista CA

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This is my favorite pit crew story. The guy on his back under my bike is good friend, Frank Zimmerman. He was Bruce McLaren’s mechanic back in the Can-Am days, no joke. It was the Elsinore Grand Prix (2018) which began with some desperate moments before the start of my first race. Unloaded my bike and immediately noticed a coolant leak. Quickly diagnosed to a small split in the lower radiator hose; it had to be replaced. Long story short: quick ride to Napa Auto Parts on the back of Todd Colin's KTM 1090 (I was already geared-up for the race!) plus great support in the pits from master mechanic, Frank Zimmerman, helped me make the start of the Class Race and then the Harvey Mushman 100 later in the day. Race results were good! - Brian LaBelle, Brea CA

There’s my pit crew. Chris Taylor on the right and Tim Vasquez, my navigator on the left, with me Kirk Johnson. January 16, 2021, Superstition Mountains. - Kirk Johnson, Green Valley AZ Bryan and Doug at the 2016 Parker 425. Pit 1 for Etter racing.

MTEG Series, Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, 1992. Pete Tortora, sponsor; Steve Kukla, driver; Ted Kukla, mechanic; Sherri Kukla, sponsor and check writer.


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Slade family & friends - Dustin Slade, San Diego CA


https://www. facebook.com/OcotilloWells-RV-ParkStore-875140252624514/

Visit www.ssorm.com/ readerfeatures for info on how to submit your photos!

Grandsons Brad, Andy and son Jeff on New Year’s weekend east of 29 Palms. Repairing a flat front tire on my buggy, the Pink Panther, while I watch. - Thomas McEntire, Chino CA

AMA District 38 1986 King of the Desert race. Marty Kamery (racer), Paul Kamery (fuel) and Kim Smith (water and goggles) - Marty Kamery San Diego CA

MORE OFF ROAD MORE READER'S PITFRIENDS PHOTOSAHEAD AHEAD 2018 Elsinore Grand Prix pit crew: Frank Zimmerman, Brian LaBelle, Brock LaBelle, Shawn Moto, Trevor Lite, Daron Jaco - Brian LaBelle, Brea CA www.ssorm.com - MARCH 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Early 2000's Barstow, Gary and Jan Haugley in car, Charlie Duvel on hood, Doug Mcarthur, co-driver/owner on the right side - Jan Haugley, Vista CA

Wes Feeler and Zach Winkleman pitting for Sandy Flores, 2020

A family that races together stays together! Uncles and nephews. - Robert Warner, Alpine CA

Azop Gila Bend race pit crew with friend and family. - Rich McClellan, Phoenix AZ


And that's a wrap for People in the Pits 2021!

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Bike Shop Neck Braces: Some do, some don't


By Clutch Roberts

So what happened to neck braces? That is a good question and one I cannot answer. I hear there are campfire rumors going around that they don't help that much. I do, however, know that they help significantly. There was a 10 year study done by Great Lakes EMS ambulance service of 9,430 patients who had injuries at motocross tracks. You can read a summary of the study here https://www. cyclenews.com/2018/12/article/neckbrace-effectiveness-study/ The study shows strong evidence that wearing a neck brace greatly reduces neck and collarbone injuries while riding motocross. I own and wear a hard neck brace (there are also soft foam braces available, best suited for smaller kids riding at slower speeds). I'll be honest, when I lead group rides, I have trouble looking behind me to see if everyone is keeping up, however,

when I ride on a motocross track, after a couple minutes, I forget that I have one on. I like wearing a clamshell style chest and back guard with my neck brace. I have crashed hard enough to shatter the plastic front part of my guard and injured my neck with my neck brace on. I don't know how I would be if I wasn't wearing them, but I doubt not near as healthy as I am today. Look at a current motocross starting line and you will see very few neck braces. I am really surprised that so few professional motocross competitors wear neck braces while racing today. If I were in charge of professional rider contracts, I would add a clause that requires the wearing of neck braces. Had KTM done so, they may have had another US national championship with Ryan Dungey and another world championship with Jeffrey Herlings. I am old enough to remember people going dirt bike riding without helmets (just turn your hat around). Now, of course, you would be considered crazy to ride without a helmet. The science is there that neck braces greatly reduce both inconvenient as well as catastrophic injuries. I would love to see a neck brace on every neck on every motocross starting line. E

eadline - Rider Injures Cervical Spine While Wearing Neck Brace. That is a headline you will not see. Neck braces were released for off-road motorcyclists in 2008 to much fanfare. They're like a helmet for your neck. Operative words for how they work are "alternate load path". Look at pictures from the 2010 motocross season and you will see most pro riders had neck braces on. There is a pic of Ryan Dungey after Team USA won the 2010 Motocross de Nations and he is wearing a neck brace. Riders like Danny Magoo Chandler and Andre Malherbe might be fine today if they wore neck braces during their fateful, neck injuring crashes. In 2016 Ryan Dungey crashed at the Thunderhill national and cracked the C6 cervical vertebra in his neck. No, he was not wearing a neck brace. In 2020, four time world motocross champion Jeffrey Herlings crashed and cracked a vertebra in his neck. No, he was not wearing a neck brace. Look at pictures of Herlings from 2010 and you will see him wearing a neck brace. At the time of their crashes, both were in contention for Three time world motocross champion Andre Malherbe was paralyzed in a crash their championships. while competing in the 1988 Paris Dakar Rally.


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Oceano Dunes/Pismo Beach


big showdown is coming to Pismo Beach. On March 18th, the California Coastal Commission is expected to vote on whether to allow offroad vehicles to continue using the beach and dunes at Oceano Dunes SVRA. There are two separate actions going on at Pismo beach (Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area). The first, State Parks released a Habitat Conservation Plan aimed at getting an Incidental Take Permit to satisfy both State and Federal Fish and Wildlife over 10 endangered species. The second, State Parks has released their Public Works Plan to satisfy the California Coastal Commission, who has to give State Parks a permit to allow continued off-roading there. Both of these plans have been released for public comment. The Public Works Plan is what is urgent now. On March 18th, there will be a virtual meeting with the Coastal Commission that all of us can comment at. CCC staff have published that they recommend phasing out vehicles from the beach and dunes. The commission can vote how they see fit and I encourage all of you to let them know that they should keep Oceano Dunes open for off-road vehicles. You can write them before the meeting or speak during the meeting. Tell them what the area means to you, your friends and family. Open this link for details https:// documents.coastal.ca.gov/assets/oceanodunes/Oceano-FAQ.pdf

Bombing Range

If you go to Superstition or Plaster City OHV areas, you know there is a bombing range nearby. There have been problems over the years with people going where they are not supposed to. Some years back, a vehicle was

The Navy is working on a project to place better signs along that border and possibly a smooth wire fence.

BLM Ranger Station

The BLM, who manage the sand dunes, are working on getting a new ranger station on the north side by Highway 78 and Gecko Road. The current station is two mobile buildings placed together and is not adequate for the staff to manage the area. The BLM is performing an environmental assessment on the project, which has been published for public comment, and hopefully will get the green light. The best way to keep an off-road vehicle area open is through sound management and having a new ranger station will allow the BLM to manage the dunes more effectively. Keeping law enforcement on staff has been a long-standing challenge for the El Centro BLM. Their pay scale has been lower than other BLM offices and people come in and often leave for another office within a year. Turnover is difficult in law enforcement because new personnel often act tougher than need be. Seasoned officers usually are easier to interact with. The BLM told me that recently their pay scale was raised to the level of other offices and that they have hired some locals in law enforcement.

They recommend phasing out vehicles from the beach and dunes. The commission can vote how they see fit and I encourage all of you to let them know that they should keep Oceano Dunes open for off-road vehicles


driving in the bombing range and a plane dropped a dud bomb. Even though it was a dud, at the speed the plane was flying, the dud traveled a distance and ended up embedded in the fender of the vehicle. The worst area for bombing range intrusions is by the Dip, the staging area off Huff Road about a half mile north of Wheeler Road. If you go on the north side of the dip, you may see signs that say bombing range. Then again, you might not see any signs, as they are not very good in that area.

Join San Diego Off Road Coalition to help protect off road areas www.sdorc.org/join-sdorc/

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951-699-6922 “Specializing in Hand-Crafted Vehicles” Long-Travel Buggies Ultra 4 x 4’s & Jeeps Off-Road Trucks

Repair Facility Tube Bending Mig/Tig Welding

Sheet Metal Wiring Performance Parts

“THE ONLY FAB SHOP YOU’LL EVER NEED” www.rawmotorsports .com 42065 Zevo Drive #16 Temecula, CA 92590

Ocotillo Wells

We have started working on a project to allow what is called Combined Use along two roads by Ocotillo Wells. Combined use is a designation that allows off-road vehicles to use paved roads for short distances to allow trail connections or access to services. We are interested in making the north side of Split Mountain Road and a portion of S22 combined use. Now that County supervisor Joel Anderson is in office, designating Split Mountain Road should be straightforward. OHV commissioner Tom Lemmon is involved also and should be able to help this move forward. This will help park users to get supplies from the Ocotillo Wells RV Park store and allow local residents to more easily access the park.

Out of State Registrations

Last month I wrote about the bill our lobby coalition is sponsoring, AB 232, that has to do with recognizing other state off-road registrations when their state recognizes ours. I said that Arizona, Nevada and Utah currently do not recognize California off-road registrations. I was reminded by Bryan Henry of the ASA, that Nevada does recognize our registrations, but Idaho does not. Thank you Bryan. E

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Blast from the Past

John Calvin of Dusty Times mans his booth during the races at Riverside Raceway in 1988

Photos by Trackside Photo www.tracksidephoto.com

A fan with an early dune buggy takes a bunch of Mexican kids on a ride in Ensenada prior to the 1970 Baja 500.


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A pit crew member holds onto the spare tire he just got repaired while heading back to his pits, 1988 Riverside Raceway

Michelin tire workers mount a motorcycle tire just before the 1987 Baja 1000. E

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How to be a great camp cook


nfortunately, it didn’t work out. I really wanted to give this guy a chance. He said he could cook, and he expressed a strong desire to cook during one of my four-wheeling expeditions. Though he tried hard, he simply couldn’t handle the duties. From buying food to preparing the meals, nothing went right. This individual meant well, no doubt about that. He just wasn’t qualified to be camp chef.

Basics of being a camp cook

Just because you’ve cooked at home or during a family camping trip doesn’t automatically mean you can handle a group event off-road.

Let’s cut right to the chase: Can you handle basic breakfast meals such as bacon and eggs? With toast and an endless supply of coffee? Supper could be a three- or four-course affair. Imagine grilling steaks while heating potatoes and other vegetables. Maybe even baking a cake in the afternoon. The various dishes must be presented on time and at the right temperature. Everyone must be fed in an orderly, clean and presentable manner. All that, despite the conditions at the campsite. Many things can go badly on a trip. It can rain. Vehicles can get stuck or break down (messing up the daily schedule and setting nerves on edge). The campsite may be overcrowded and grungy. All that and more are possible. As long as the four-wheelers have a good meal and they enjoy it, those issues are forgiven. Any potential camp cook needs to understand the heavy responsibility they are undertaking. It takes exceptional planning and finesse. But there’s a lot more to being a camp cook than just preparing the meals. The cook has to prepare to prepare all those meals. The process begins long before the vehicles hit the road.

Guidelines for the camp cook

Cooking outdoors for a group is an involved process. This list of guidelines will help you become a better camp cook. Planning

Grilling steaks while heating potatoes and other vegetables


1. Pre-planning and lists are your friend. Go through the process of cooking each meal in your mind to help remember those small but critical ingredients and to make sure you have all of the cooking pots, cooking utensils, knives, cutting boards, etc. 2. Determine the proper quantities of food to purchase. Err on the generous side because you don’t want to run out, including cooking fuels. Buy smaller containers to reduce waste. For example, individual cereal boxes instead

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

of one large box. And smaller containers of food that do not need refrigeration until opened (salad dressing, salsa, mayonnaise, etc.). Refrigeration is at a premium offroad. 3. Know whether a fire restriction is in place. That will dictate whether you can cook with wood or charcoal. Check with the Trail Guide if you don’t know. 4. Avoid buying anything in glass containers. Glass is not permitted in some areas. Plus, there’s the danger of breakage. We don’t want glass shards all over a campsite. 5. Ask the Trail Guide about special dietary needs including any need for decaf coffee. Buy accordingly. 6. Prep as much food as possible before the trip within the limits of your refrigeration capability. 7. Familiarize yourself with the trail beforehand if possible. Ideally, arrive at the next campsite before the group. Discuss this with the Trail Guide, as that person may have some additional insight into the trail, including a possible shortcut. Hygiene 8. Be clean and presentable. Wear clean clothes, and a hat and apron every day. Tie hair back to keep it out of the food. No smoking while preparing or cooking. We don’t want ashes in our food. 9. Use clean towels and dish cloths. 10. Separate the kitchen from the serving area and other functions. Guests should be discouraged from the kitchen area. 11. Set up an area for everyone to wash hands. 12. Wipe down all tables and prep areas to eliminate dust and dirt from the trail. 13. No double-dipping to taste test food. Food that falls on the ground or into the fire does not get served.

https://www.industrial-bolts.net/ bolts-4-u/

www.ksurplus. com

www.autofab.com 14. All food is refrigerated after it is opened or otherwise prepared. Organization 15. Organize food in coolers and storage boxes by meals or meal categories (breakfast, lunch, dinner). If you just throw everything in boxes, it’ll be difficult to find the ingredients. Understand that there will be some overlap or duplication of ingredients. 16. Keep the kitchen neat and organized. Serve all food in one spot at the camp site. 17. Work with the Trail Guide regarding lunches. One option is to have the guests prepare sandwiches right after breakfast. To do that, you’ll need to set up a serving table with all the ingredients laid out logically. 18. Unload only the firewood to be used for the day; otherwise, guests will figure they can burn it all, and they will.

www.electrotechcoatings.com CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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www. kingshocks. com environment. Details are important and going over them several times is essential – you won’t be able to pop over to Safeway. If camp cooking sounds appealing, start by cooking for a small group of friends. Build on what you learn from that experience. Over time you will develop the skills and confidence to treat others while on the trails. Are you a Trail Guide and in need of a cook? Use these guidelines to qualify your candidates. Keep the kitchen neat and organized – not like this.

19. Sequence food in the service line in logical order. For example, put plates at the start, place salad dressing after the salad, etc. Arrange for a line on both sides of the table to speed up service. 20. Have a large dishpan of hot soapy water to wash dishes and a second dishpan to rinse the dishes. Plan for lots of water for cooking, coffee, and clean up. 21. Clean up the work area after every meal. Expect to deal with a lot of trash and its transportation and disposal. Cooking 22. Have appetizers / happy hour ready to go before supper. 23. Put out the designated food so that guests can help themselves at any time. Food for future meals should be stowed and out of sight. 24. Ice down one- or two-days’ worth of drinks. 25. If visiting a high-altitude location, understand how that will affect cooking times. 26. Put the coffee on early. And keep it coming. It is a sin to run out of coffee. Keep an extra pot of hot water for tea or hot chocolate. Since you are likely using larger coffee pots, do a test brew at home to get the right combo of grounds to water. 48

Time how long it takes to brew it, too. 27. Be sure you have creamer, sugar, stir stick, and that fufu stuff people like to add. 28. Put out appetizers while guests are setting up camp. Let them know when they can expect the main course to be served.

Cook for friends to build skills

Camp cooking can be very rewarding. It allows a person to enhance his culinary skills and spread his wings a bit, too. Accolades tend to flow after a tasty and satisfying meal. But being camp cook carries a tremendous amount of responsibility. It starts before the trip has begun and doesn’t end until after the final meal. The camp cook handles every facet of the meals – all in an outdoors Rolling own lunch

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Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD owners how to confidently and safely use their vechicles to the fullest extent in difficult terrain and adverse driving conditions. Contact him at tom@4x4training.com or visit www.4x4training.com to develop or improve your driving skill. Copyright 2021, Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc E





com/channel/ UCSgmNJ8CpGJPwBotZrVigOA


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KENDA DP4 Round 1 - February 6, 2021 Ridgecrest CA www.dp4racing.com Photos by RNR Photos https://www.facebook. com/rnr.photos.1

Rex Hanson finished fifth overall, and fifth in the DP4 Pro class

50 50

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51 51

Brook Jensen, 10th DP4 Pro

Colin Wernecke, eighth DP4 Pro

Kimberly Lynch, seventh DP4 Pro

Rick Smith, sixth Stock 1000

Jeff Taylor, 12th DP4 Pro

Micah Caudle, third DP4 Pro NA

OVERALL: 1. Chris Blais (CAM) 2. Max Eddy Jr (POL) 3. James Moore (CAM) 4. Eric Wilkins (POL) 5. Rex Hanson (POL) 6. Kolby Buentjen (POL) 7. Cameron Meister (CAM) 8. Steven George (CAM) 9. Buck Vinson (CAM) 10. Kimberly Lynch (CAM) 11. Colin Wernecke (POL) 12. Ryan Dickinson (POL) 13. Ron Worden (POL) 14. Kurt Ashley (POL) 15. Brook Jensen (POL) 16. Daniel Atienza (POL) 17. John Connolly (KAW) 18. Charlie Barney (POL) 19. Travis Wasson (CAM) 20. Dave Schuler (POL) 52

DP4 PRO: 1. Chris Blais (CAM) 2. Max Eddy Jr (POL) 3. James Moore (CAM) 4. Eric Wilkins (POL) 5. Rex Hanson (POL) DP4 PRO NA: 1. Kolby Buentjen (POL) 2. Tony Bartel (POL) 3. Micah Caudle (POL) 4. Michael Pascarella (POL) 5. Jeff Shelton (POL) PROD TURBO: 1. Cameron Meister (CAM) 2. Steven George (CAM) 3. Ryan Dickinson

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

(POL) 4. Daniel Atienza (POL) 5. Charlie Barney (POL) PROD 1000: 1. Kurt Ashley (POL) 2. Dave Schuler (POL) 3. John Minnock (POL) 4. Joshua Sanner (POL) 5. Keith Thompson (YAM) STOCK 1000: 1. John Connolly (KAW) 2. Mathew Heckermann (POL) 3. John Gonzales (POL) 4. James Stewart (POL) 5. Shane Mccoy (POL)

Chad Wadsworth, 16th Production Turbo

Josh Trimble, 32nd Production Turbo



Dylan Kelly finished 23rd in the DP4 Pro class

Mike Stebles, 26th Production Turbo

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John Connolly, first Stock 1000 E


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SCFTA Racing

Flat Track Round 1 - February 13, 2021 perris raceway - perris ca WWW.SCFTARACING.COM PHOTOS BY DW MEDIA

56 56

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Kensai Matsudaira with 1st place in three classes: 85cc 4-Stroke Amateur class, 85cc 2-Stroke Amateur and 85cc Open class



#97 Rocco Landers 1st place Open Unclassified class, #29 Daltin Collie 2nd place

#71 Jon Nunes 1st place Senior Vet +50 Expert class and #48 Mike Vital 2nd place


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

50cc 4 Stk Beg 1. Cameron Neelings 2. Duke Makarevich 3. Solomon Stern 4. Bryce Eikelberger 5. Benjamin Danziger 50cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Duke Makarevich 2. Brody Davis 3. Ben Eikelberger 4. Solomon Stern 5. Thomas Chavira 50cc Open 1. Duke Makarevich 2. Brody Davis 3. Solomon Stern 4. Benjamin Danziger 5. Sidney Stern 65-70cc 2 Stk Amateur 1. Colton Shafer 2. Jackson Brown 85-100cc Beg 2 Stk 1. Haydn Meng 2. Jackson Brown 65-70cc Open 1. Colton Shafer 2. Ryder Bitz-Hay 3. Jackson Brown 85-100cc 4 Stk Nov 1. Jasper Heathfield 2. Farrah Landers 85cc 4 Stk Amateur 1. Kensei Matsudaira 85-100cc 4 Stk Beg 1. Tommy Neelings 85cc 2 Stk Amateur 1. Kensei Matsudaira 2. Owen Williams 3. Colin Petton 85-100cc 2 Stk Nov 1. Colton Shafer 2. Jasper Heathfield 3. Ryder Bitz-Hay 85 Open 1. Kensei Matsudaira 2. Colin Petton 3. Owen Williams 4. Jasper

Heathfield 5. Haydn Meng 250cc Open 1. Travis Horn Classic Vintage 1. Jeff Apple 2. Joe Pape 3. Dwayne Locke +35 Vets Am/ Nov 1. Stace Richmond 2. Michael Diffenbaugh 3. Adam Lesley 4. Mike Pitschner Madd Dog Open Stk 1. Conner Hickerson 2. Bill Lyons 3. Tracy Willms 4. Marc Heathfield 5. Janis Joseph Senior Vet Exp +50 1. Jon Nunes 2. Mike Vital 3. Robbie Crean 4. Richard Pollock 5. Travis Ward Super Sen Exp 1. Richard Pollock 2. Jim Ottele 3. Elliott Iverson 4. James Morris 5. John Clayton Super Sen +60 Am/ Nov 1. Gary Lane 2. Patrick Hayes 3. Bill Lyons 4. Tom Avoian 5. Paul Claybaugh Premier Senior +70 1. Allan Girdler Senior Vet +50 Am/Nov 1. Stace Richmond 2. Adam Lesley 3. Michael Diffenbaugh 4. Donnie Moore 5. Mike Pitschner +35 Vet Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. John Clayton Open Unclassified 1. Rocco Landers 2. Daltin Collie 3. Edger Zaragoza

4. AJ Bender 5. Cole Norman Bomber Exp 1. Danny Perkins 2. Robbie Crean 3. Roth Greenhill 4. Paul Claybaugh Open Exp 1. Travis Petton 2. Rocco Landers 3. Braden Weller 4. Jonathan Schaefer 5. Jaycee Jones Powder Puff 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. KC Coleman 3. Joey Crabtree Hooligans 1. Helder Alvernaz 2. Stace Richmond 3. Jim Ottele 4. Dougie Darrah 5. Adam Lesley Framer Exp 1. Johnny Custom Framer Am/Nov 1. Michael Diffenbaugh Open Nov 1. Daltin Collie 2. AJ Bender 3. Travis Horn 4. Hunter Dushan 5. Edgar Zarsoza Pull Starts 1. Daltin Collie 2. Jeff Apple 3. Dan Brown 4. Conner Hickerson 5. Dan Shaw Open Nov/Beg 1. Alex Thermiotis 2. Joseph Boyd 3. Chris Sparbeck 4. Zane Davis 5. James Broskey Pro 1. Andrew Luker 2. Travis Petton 3. Andre Ochs 4. Branden Weller 5. Colt Foster

#45 Colton Shafer 1st place 65-70cc Open class with #144G Ryder Bitz-Hay in 2nd

#12x Stace Richmond 1st place Sr Vets +50 class and #41 Adam Lesley 2nd place

Andrew Luker 1st place Pro class

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Vintage Motocross Round 1 - January 31, 2021 Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA www.calvmx.net By Steve Caro Photos by Kathryn Caro


he year 2020 defined the condition of tohubohu. With the nightmare year over, the hope for a better year emerged. For the vintage motocross racers of the CALVMX/ ASTERISK series, a full season of racing was their collective goal. The opening round of the series began on a windswept and frigid Glen Helen Raceway Vet track. Flash flooding left the main road to the venue impassable. Participants had to detour thru a neighborhood, past a wildland firefighting honor camp and down a hill to the main entrance. Prior to the racing, competitors and spectators gathered for a moment of silence and then a lap of honor to the memory of well-known race photographer Tom Corley. Corley was a fixture on the Southern California motorcycle racing scene since the 1970’s when he used his talent for photography to help fund his own minibike racing. His photography is credited with helping numerous racers gain sponsorships. A very low-key guy, the consensus at the memorial was it was impossible not to like Tom. Entries included series regulars along with competitors who contest the series on a part-time basis. A welcome return was that of the LaPaglia family. Undeniably three of the fastest vintage racers in the U.S, the father and son trio of Mike, Brad Morrison Nick and Mike Jr. brought out pristine examples of CZ, Husqvarna and Maico machinery. The CZ’s were especially impressive, sporting modifications that would not have been out-of-place on a factory machine of the 1970’s. One of the first races on the course was the combined Vintage 60 Plus Experts along with

60 60

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Tim Harris

Tom Corley memorial ride

Kevin Montgomery


www.ssorm.com - MARCH 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Remembering Tom Corley

the Plus 50 and Plus 70 divisions. The start saw Mike LaPaglia (CZ) leading, chased by the CZ’s of Doc Alexander and Charlie Richardson. LaPaglia set a fast pace on the modified Glen Helen Vet/REM course that snaked up and down the Glen Helen hillsides. Richardson and Alexander put on a spirited pursuit for most of the moto. LaPaglia logged five flawless laps to take the moto win, with Alexander and Richardson second and third. Heavy winds battered the course throughout the afternoon as LaPaglia powered his way into the lead at the start of moto two. Within two laps, LaPaglia’s lead was roughly five seconds over his pursuers. With LaPaglia holding a solid lead, Richardson and Alexander vied for the runner up position for the majority of the moto. As LaPaglia crossed the finish line to clinch the moto and overall victory, Richardson upped his pace to snare second in the moto which, combined with his third place in moto one, garnered him second overall with Alexander (2-3), in a well-earned third overall. Mike Korgan (CZ) continued his winning ways from previous years, sweeping the Vintage Sportsman 250 Expert division. Korgan nailed the start in the first moto in a race that included a mix of Vintage 125, Premier, Juniors and Women’s classes. Speeding up the front straight, Korgan led Tim McIntyre (CZ) and

Andrew McKeag


Maico mounted Norm Himaka. The gusting winds had no effect on Korgan as he kept a steady pace throughout the moto with McIntyre a few lengths back in second. At the checkers, it was Korgan with the win followed by McIntyre and Himaka. The second moto saw Korgan getting another good start, running near the front of the mixed pack. As the riders maneuvered their way up into the back portion of the course, Korgan cranked up the power to stretch his lead over his closest pursuer McIntyre. Top contender McIntyre made a valiant effort to reel in Korgan, but at the finish it was Korgan sweeping both motos and the overall, while McIntyre started his season with a solid second overall. The sixth race of the day was one of the fastest. A mixture of Vintage Open Age, Open Age Ex-Pro, and 50 Plus GP Intermediate and Experts blitzed the Glen Helen course in impressive style. The moto featured all three of the CZ mounted LaPaglia’s. When the gate dropped for the first moto, Nick LaPaglia (Vintage Open Age Expert) rocketed up the starting straight to lead the mixed pack with his brother, Mike Jr. (Vintage Open Age Ex-Pro) in second. The brothers immediately pulled away from the entire field for their own two-man duel. The speed of the young riders on nearly 50-year-old machines was amazing. Barely backing off the throttles, the two flung their

Mike LaPaglia

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Czech iron around the course as if they were modern machines. Behind the lead pair, Mike LaPaglia Sr held second in Vintage Open Age Expert with Doc Alexander in third. Scored separately, Nick LaPaglia took the win in Vintage Open Age Expert, with his dad second and Alexander third. Mike Jr. took the win in Vintage Open Age Ex-Pro. The second moto was again the brothers LaPaglia show. With nearly identical starts, the two rapidly built up a multiple bike length lead over the mixed pack of racers. The distinctive sounds of their CZ’s echoed off the nearby hills as the two chased each other around the course. Scoring the race was simply noting Nick had swept the Vintage Open Age Experts, with dad Mike and Alexander second and third, while brother Mike topped the Vintage Open Age ExPros. The brothers exited the course side-byside fist bumping and laughing at the fun they’d just had. Several racers shifted their 2021 seasons into high gear with double class wins. Brad Morrison put his powerful late model Maicos on the podium in 60 Plus GP Expert and GP-3 500 Experts. Long time series competitor Raymond Zuchowski (Yam) added to his career win total, notching overalls in 50 Plus GP Intermediate and GP-3 250 Intermediate. Loren Dimond made a welcomed return to CALVMX racing with two victories on his Suzuki’s in 50 Plus GP Expert and GP-3 250 Expert. Scott Mays joined them with wins in 60 Plus GP Intermediate and GP-3 500 Intermediate. Also taking overall victories on the day were Kevin Montgomery in Open Age GP Expert, Andrew Mckeag in Premier (pre 1968) Expert and Tim Harris in Vintage 50 Plus Expert. Barring further complications with the ongoing pandemic crisis, round two of the 2021 CALVMX/ASTERISK series is scheduled for March 21 on Glen Helen’s main track. The round will feature a tribute to the late Mike “Too Tall” Bell. Classes will be offered for both vintage, post-vintage, dual sport, and modern machinery. E

https://amzn. to/2DLibqZ






https://www. Neves Nothing But Dirt Racing facebook.com/ Photography JuddNeves. NothingButDirt. RacingPhotography/ Photos by Judd

64 64

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- MARCH MARCH 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Oscar Ruiz, first overall UTV



Ryan Gustine, fifth Senior Expert

Eric Carnes, first Super Senior Expert, 11th overall

Michel Valenzuela, fourth Vet Expert TOP TEN OVERALL 1. Justin Morgan 2. Tyler Sarver 3. Braydin Collie 4. Kole Parker 5. Joshua Sharp 6. Noah Clevenger 7. Dylan Earle 8. Daniel Fenton 9. Kyle Hearold 10. Chris Brooks TOP TEN UTV OVERALL 1. Oscar Ruiz 2. Jamie Campbell 3. Erik Gutierrez 4. Dustin Twamley 5. Jesse Melrose 6. Eric Hartell 7. Rich Hedgecock 8. Victor Rangel 9. Will Salazar 10. Bill McNeer CLASS RESULTS Open Exp 1. Justin Morgan 2. Tyler Sarver 3. Kole Parker 4. Joshua Sharp 5. Daniel Fenton Open Am 1. Robert Rodriguez 2. Chase Beyer 3. Ian Sullivan 4. Anthony Biondo 5. Wesley Atherton Open Nov 1. Kyle Sutter 2. Max Darsonval 3. Jesus Cabrera 4. Brendan Hinkle 5. Derek Marron 250 Exp 1. Dylan Earle 2. Jorge Castellanos 250 Am 1. Braydin Collie 2. Noah Clevenger 3. Joshua Espinoza 250 Nov 1. Andrew Hendrix 2. Abraham Rascon 3. Jorge Equihua 4. Jeffrey Litzman 5. Emiliano Fuchen 200 Exp 1. Ryan Morgan 200 Nov 1. Matthew Savoy 2. Connor Belew 3. Dylan Ewing Vet Exp 1. Chris Brooks 2. Robert Youngs 3. Kyle Hill 4. Michel Valenzuela 5. Robert Lee Vet Am 1. Erick Burnworth 2. David Valley 3. Devin Thornton 4. Nick Destout Vet Nov 1. Steve Whitaker 2. Gregory Williams 3. Kaleb Doyle 4. Andy Pappas 5. Nathan Gravelle Senior Exp 1. Kyle Hearold 2. Josh Smith 3. Jason Morgan 4. Andy Vance 5. Ryan Gustine

Luis Dukes, first ATV Open Novice


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• Join The Nation’s Top Competitors • Two Full Days of Racing • 17 mile course - Desert/Short Course Track Design • All New Super Challenging Infield Section • To Be Televised on MAVTV • Great Weather, Plenty of Sun and Good Times

• Classes for All Riders Pros, Expert, Amateur, Family, Women, Adventure • 3 Years in the Planning • Throwback to the Early Days of Hare & Hounds • Neutral Race Site – Tonopah, NV • Amazing All New Rarely Used Race Course • Easy Pit Access • World Hare & Hound Men’s & Women’s Champion to be crowned. • 110+ Miles of Fresh Desert Not Used in Over 15 years

For information contact: Best In The Desert Racing Association • (702) 457-5775 • Website: www.bitd.com • Email: bitd@bitd.com www.ssorm.com - MARCH 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Josh Smith, second Senior Expert

#80 Kyle Vinson, active duty Marine and a drill instructor at MCRD, eighth Open Novice


Jesse Melrose, first Pro Stock 100C, fifth overall UTV

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Senior Am 1. Darin Smith 2. Davin Brigman 3. Courtney Ludwin Senior Nov 1. Kevin Ciccarelli 2. Chad Prey 3. John Sherrell 4. Donnie Durfee 5. Nicolas Whitehead Super Senior Exp 1. Eric Carnes 2. Jason Cogbill 3. Derek Bell 4. Ray Zuchowski 5. Robbie Pippin Super Senior Am 1. Chad Busch 2. Robert Feinstein 3. Chris Segal Super Senior Nov 1. Zac Shira 2. David Doyle 3. Davey Shapiro 4. Steven Bates 5. John Shireling Master Nov 1. Johnny Moreno Jr. Women Exp 1. Liz Karcz Women Nov 1. Kristin Baxter ATV Open Exp 1. Robert Rodriguez 2. Edgar Barraza 3. Juan Sanchez 4. Julio Gomez 5 Rafael Aros ATV Open Am 1. Alex Camacho ATV Open Nov 1. Luke Dukes 2. Luis Garcia 3. Jake Hickman 4. Paul Grajeda 5. Zach Winkelman ATV Vet Am 1. Casey Lizaola 2. Anthony De Mars 3. Daniel Gaytan 4. Larry Hammers ATV Vet Nov 1. Hector Monroy 2. Steve Kerchner Aros Rafael, fifth ATV Open Expert

CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Christopher Hoffman, 11th Pro Unlimited

www.ssorm.com - MARCH 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Liz Karcz, first Women Expert

Chase Beyer, second Open Amateur

Zach Walker, eighth Open Expert, 16th overall


Edward Zepeda, 250 Novice class

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

ATV Senior Exp 1. Steve "Cowboy" Carver ATV Women Am 1. Rachael Weaver 2. Sandy Flores ATV Women Nov 1. Lilia Rodriguez 2. Jessica Engen 3. Chyrisma Isorn 4. Annaleese Reed Pro Unlimited 1. Oscar Ruiz 2. Jamie Campbell 3. Erik Gutierrez 4. Dustin Twamley 5. Eric Hartell Pro Stock 100C 1. Jesse Melrose 2. Will Salazar 3. Larry Hammers 4. Wesley Feeler 5. Janelle Feeler Pro Prod 1000 1. Brett Berker 2. Javier Acosta 3. Steve Knight 4. Skip Fitch 5. Max Carver Sportsman 1. Bill McNeer 2. Emiliano Perez 3. Kirk Johnson 4. Jake Cassidy 5. Jose Ledezma

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you have! W hat ever www.sdiracing.com

Ian Sullivan, third Open Amateur

Jamie Campbell, second overall UTV and second Pro Unlimited E

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AZOP Racing Blythe February 16-17, 2021 Shorty's Sports Park Blythe CA

Hunter Beltran from Yuma AZ finished second in the 125-250cc B class

72 72

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- MARCH MARCH 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

e Grand Prix Photos and Story by KarakurtMP / Nikola Pavlovski


73 73

Kevin Rennaker, third Vet 30+ B


he AZOP Rowley White RV series held its first round of the 2021 season, the Blythe Grand Prix sponsored by MotoCity at the great Shorty’s Sports Park in Blythe, California. With the excitement of the start of the 2021 racing season and a fresh start racers and spectators piled into the camping grounds of the Shorty’s Sport Park. To start the races off were the Pee Wee classes with UTV 170cc. Bright and early the UTV 170cc class was the first race of the weekend at Shorty’s. As there were 30 entries in the 170cc race, the moderately wide motocross track was transformed into a narrow and windy, yet still fast track with Bran Krah earning the overall win on both Saturday and Sunday.

Mike Nicklaus, second Open A

Following the UTV 170cc class were the Pee Wee bikes and quads with 13 and 8 entries, respectively. Both days saw the same overall winner for bikes and quads. Tyler Wade brought home first place in quads, and Rylan Stowell took first place in bikes. After the Pee Wee classes, course changes were made to utilize the entire track including the motocross infield down to the sandy desert washes leading back up to the infield. Both Saturday and Sunday’s races produced a winner out of Lake Havasu City, AZ. On Saturday Alex Morgan placed first while on Sunday Jeremy Newton (28) earned the pole position. Sunday’s racers were thrilled about how well the track had been watered and groomed overnight after the previous day’s UTV races.

Chance Haugen, second UTV Pro Turbo


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Mini Bikes along with the new Pull Start class had the next bout on the track enduring the same obstacles as the big bikes. Coming in first on Saturday was John Smallhouse with a small lead over Blake Gilbert. Sunday was a better day for Blake Gilbert by both improving his time by 4 seconds and placing first. For the Pull Starts, Jeff Lewis came out on top on Saturday while Barry Miller took home the win Sunday. Mini Quads had 6 entries on Saturday with Ryder Nugent taking first and Rachel Skaggs taking second. Sunday’s race had 8 entries with Jose Llamas with first and Ryder Nugent falling to second. Race 7 brought the Big Quads to the start line with 13 racers. Aaron Wade from Litchfield Park grabbed first with a 4-second lead on

170cc Advanced UTV Class: #222 Jack Wilson, fifth; #153 Ryder Wilson, 11th 170cc Advanced and #31 Evan Atkins, sixth

Jared Rimer, first Sportsman ATV

Dylan Rimer, second ATV Expert

Ashton Stowell, fourth 80-150cc B

second place Jared Rimer. Wade had a close battle on Sunday with Ron Suor but fell to second by under a second. The final two races were for the Youth UTV 570cc and lastly, Big UTVs. The UTVs followed the same track as the bikes and quads. The track was extremely tight with few spots to

pass, and deep ruts in the loose desert washes in every corner of the lower track. Hearing the echoes of the roaring engines escaping the mouth of the canyons was like a monster flash flood approaching. Saturday ended in first place Hayden Thomas being up one lap over second place Chance Haugen. Sunday saw a complete

change in pole positions. Robert Grimes found the pole position over second place Katin Ladin. As always AZOP would like to thank all the sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers, and spectators for making this another great race day. For complete race results and upcoming events visit www.azopracing.com

#340 John Rudell third Pull Start and #696 Logan Skaggs, first Jeff Lewis, first Pull Start 80-150cc B www.ssorm.com - MARCH 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



AMA Nat Hare & H Round 2 - February 7, 2021 Lubbock TX www.nationalhareandhound.com Photos by Mark Kariya

Racing in the Overall Micro Mini/Girls #N2K Peyton Mass finished second overall, #N45k Tagret Wasson, third and #N611k Waylon Honnold fourth overall.

76 76

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

tional Hound


77 77

Cole Conatser, first Pro 250

The AMA National Hare and Hound Championship series presented by FMF continued in Lubbock, Texas for Round 2 following a record entry-count season opener just two weeks prior. Hosted by the Lubbock Trail Riders, the 70+ mile course sprawled across the twisting trails of north Texas; a notable racer favorite among the circuit.


On Sunday morning, the riders of the premiere race lined up on the FMF Power Bomb Run start line. Cool temps and foggy weather set the stage as the riders of the AMA National Hare and Hound killed their engines in preparation for the start of the race. With

Joseph Wasson, first overall


Britney Gallegos, first Pro Women

the traditional drop of the banner, the first row ignited their engines and it was southern California’s Nic Garvin who would claim the holeshot. Not without pressure from locals (and icons in off-road) Russell Bobbitt and Cole Kirkpatrick. Over the next 30-miles, Factory Beta’s Joe Wasson picked riders off after a poor start left him behind the pack. Wasson caught up to Garvin who had now settled in front of Chidester Transport Yamaha rider Chance Fullerton. The trio came in together less than a minute apart before refueling and charging onto loop two. The second, more technical loop would favor riders like Factory Beta’s Zane Roberts and Russell Bobbitt, who had now moved into

second and third behind Wasson. Meanwhile Gnarly Routes rider Cole Kirkpatrick and JCR Honda’s Preston Campbell came together for a race long battle to the finish in a fight for the top five positions. Coming through the final technical downhill, Wasson maintained his composure in the lead position and charged his way to the checkers for the ultimate victory by just 15 seconds. Wasson’s Factory Beta teammate Zane Roberts finished just behind, and Bobbitt raced in to claim third, in what was officially his first-ever AMA National Hare and Hound. Joe Wasson now holds the points lead heading into round three on March 28th.

Marshall Matthews, sixth overall Loop One, first Adventure class

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Addison Myrdal, first overall Girls

PRO 250

In the Pro 250 class Factory Beta rider, and 2020 defending champion, Cole Conatser once again stole the show with a standout performance. Leading the stacked field of competition from start to finish, Conatser settled into race pace off the start with Robby Schott in tow. Schott and Otto Pearson battled on loop one before Clayton Gerstner latched on to the pace. Coming in from loop one, Conatser led Schott, Pearson and Gerstner through the pits. Over the final 40 miles of technical single track, Conatser continued his momentum to finish just one-minute and thirty seconds ahead of Gerstner. Gerstner’s charge into second left Schott in third to round out the podium.


Jason Harris, first overall Youth

Lining up against the Pro and Pro 250 classes, the Pro Women class featured the fastest off-road talent west of Texas. Following a victorious season debut at round one, 2020 champion Britney Gallegos prepared to once again defend her position. On loop one, Gallegos felt the heat from Utah-native Rachel Stout and the duo came in wheel to wheel heading out onto loop two. Factory Beta’s Morgan Tanke charged behind in third. Over the final 40 miles, Gallegos and Stout swapped lead position and maintained their battle to the checkered flag, with Gallegos taking the win. Stout finished in second, just ahead of Tanke and Ashlee Gage.


The highly anticipated Hooligan Open class, now evolved to specifically suit the Hooligan motorcycle through updating ruling, saw an epic showing at round two. Ducati Scrambler backed rider Jordan Graham lined up alongside Harley rider Mikey Hill and Ducati teammate Tony Parent. Off the start, Graham grabbed the class lead and charged ahead. Over the next 30 miles, Graham made many moves aboard his Desert Sled Ducati to take not only the Hooligan Open victory, but the overall loop one finish position. Hill came through with an impressive second place finish ahead of local rider from Austin, Texas, Tony Parent. Gregory Moody, Danger Dan and Carlos Sanchez rounded out the top six in class.

#N1R, Larry Engwell, third Master; #N47H, first overall Loop One, first Hooligan; and #N18S Edward Loper, third Senior B

www.ssorm.com - MARCH 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



DP Racing

Santa Verónica GP Angel Ismael Esquivias from Tijuana finished third in the Expert class

80 80

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- MARCH MARCH 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Rancho Santana Track Tecate, Baja México www.zrpromo.com Photos by Antonio Welmori, Triplets Media & ZR design


81 81

Juan Lopez Marquéz changes from motocross to single tracks, racing on his KX450. He finished 6th in class

Robert Nantista had some issues and only completed one lap on his Husky

Ezra Garcia, ooops

Moto Gear MX rider Aldo Verber finished 4th in class

Local Jorge Garcia took second in the M/C +30 class

Edgar Cota won the first heat. He took the purse and special prize from DP Racing at this annual race on single tracks

M/C OPEN PRO 1. Edgar Cota (23), San Diego CA 2. Javier Ibarra (21), Tijuana B.C. 3. Marco Guizar Jr. (20), Tecate B.C. M/C OPEN EXPERTO 1. Manuel Gómez Jr. (17), Tecate B.C. 2. Adrián Ortiz (19), Dulzura CA 3. Daniel Reynoso (28), Tecate B.C. 4. Aldo Verber (23), Tijuana B.C. 5. #E512 Albaro Ortiz (14), Dulzura CA M/C OPEN +30 1. Manuel Antonio Gómez Chávez (34) 2. Jorge García Ríos (32), Tecate 82

B.C. 3. Rodolfo Patrón (38), Tijuana B.C. 4. Michel Valenzuela (32), Mexicali B.C. 5. Alex Schroyer (35), San Diego CA M/C OPEN +40 1. Luis Esquivel (42), Tijuana B.C. 2. Jesús H. Escalante (45), Ensenada B.C. 3. Javier Ochoa (45), Tecate B.C. 4. Fernando Beltrán (44), Ensenada B.C. 5. Albert S. Valenzuela (46), Imperial CA M/C OPEN +50 1. Jaime De La Torre (62), Tijuana B.C. 2. Julio Cesar Abril

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 - www.ssorm.com

(59), Ensenada B.C. 3. Manuel De La Torre (58), Chula Vista CA 4. Roberto Nantista (59), Coronado CA M/C OPEN NOVICE 1. Lucas Rangel (26), El Cajon CA 2. Pedro Montes (25), Dulzura CA 3. Fausto Valenzuela (23), Spring Valley CA 4. Osvaldo Lizárraga (22), Tecate B.C. 5. Nicolás Vélez (13), San Felipe B.C. QUAD PRO 1. José Luis Meza Vélez (23) 2. Christopher Avalos (20) 3. Felipe Vélez (40),


www.ceetracing.com https://www.instagram.com/ jpdesigns1/?hl=en


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San Felipe B.C. 4. Jesús Osuna (19) 5. Adolfo Arellano (35), Tijuana B.C. QUAD EXPERT 1. Nicolás Vélez (14), San Felipe B.C. 2. Sergio Marentes Gurrola (27), Tijuana B.C. 3. Ángel Ismael Esquivias (31), Tijuana B.C. 4. Erick

Huerta (23), Mexicali B.C. 5. JJ Nicolás, Tijuana B.C. QUAD +30 1. #302 Erick Farías (34), San Felipe B.C. QUAD +40 1. Carlos S. López M. (48), San Felipe Baja México 2. Raudel Coronel (47), Mexicali B.C. 3. #402 Daniel Gaytán (50),

Heber CA QUAD NOVICE 1. Hosman Márquez (17), Mexicali B.C. 2. Yoel Leal (13), Mexicali B.C. 3. Hugo Antonio Barreda (15), Tijuana B.C. 4. Daniel Muñoz (29), Tijuana B.C. 5. Luis Joel Sánchez, Mexicali B.C.

Cesar A. Garay, from Bonita CA, riding on his KTM, raced for the first time in the ZR series

Arizona boy Chris Avalos finished second in the Pro class

Alex Schroyer on the gas, finished fifth in class

13-year-old local Gustavo Grijalva rides his KX85 in the M/C open novice class finishing 10th of 19 entries

Daniel Reynoso from Tecate finished second in the Expert class

San Felipe rider, Erick Farias finished first in Class +30


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Quad racers on two wheels! #N795 Pedro Montes and #N1 Felipe Velez rode in the Novice class, Velez also raced later on his quad also.


85 85

Adrian Ortiz from Ortiz Films on the gas, finishing second in the Expert class

2019 class champion Felipe Velez finished third in the Pro class


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Optima Batteries January 28 - February 6, 2021 Johnson Valley CA www.ultra4racing.com

https://www.facebook. Photos by RNR Photos com/rnr.photos.1

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Hammers Kyle Chaney, first overall UTV with a time of 3:47:54.885


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Racing in the UTV Class #24 Cole Clark followed by #2 Casey Currie. Clark finished 10th overall in the UTV A Main TOP TEN KING OF THE HAMMERS 1. Randy Slawson 2. JP Gomez 3. Raul Gomez 4. Bailey Cole 5. Vaughn Gittin Jr. 6. Rusty Blyler 7. Erik Miller 8. Levi Shirley 9. Bailey Campbell 10. Jason Scherer TOP TEN EVERY MAN CHALLENGE 1. Chayse Caprara 2. Brad Lovell 3. Casey Gilbert 4. Cameron Steele 5. Dan Fresh 6. Levi Shirley 7. David Hartman 8. Shaun Rajski 9. Mike Johnson 10. Cody Young TOP TEN KING OF THE MOTOS 1. Trystan Hart 2. Colton Haaker 3. Cody Webb 4. Taylor Robert 5. Cory Graffunder 6. Chris Gornell in the UTV class


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Caleb Broeker qualified 22nd out of 83 in the UTV A class and finished with 30th overall in the main Will Riordan 7. Max Gerston 8. Cooper Abbott 9. Keith Sweeten 10. Dustin McCarthy TOP TEN UTV 1. Kyle Chaney 2. Cody Miller 3. Phil Blurton 4. Ronnie Anderson 5. Jay Shaw 6. Jacob Versey 7. Mitch Guthrie Jr. 8. Trey McKinlay 9. Jason Scherer 10. Cole Clark Class 4800 1. Chayse Caprara 2. Brad Lovell 3. Casey Gilbert 4. Cameron Steele 5. Levi Shirley Class 4500 1. Dan Fresh 2. Duane Garretson 3. Justin Foxworthy 4. Justin Hall 5. Dawson Allington Class 4600 1. Justin Reece Class 2200 1. Kyle Seggelin



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Scott Foley finished 15th in Class 4800


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#33 CJ Greaves finished 11th in the UTV class, followed by Hunter Miller who qualified in the fourth position

CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Brad Lovell, second overall in the Every Man Challenge

Will Heaton in the Toyo Tires T1 Clash, B1 vs T2 Battle

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Dustin Braaten in the Every Man Challenge class

Mike Johnson, eighth Class 4800


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https://www. facebook.com/ omfperformance/

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Lateral Sclerosis also know as Lou Gehrig's Disease), MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and other diseases of the autoimmune system. All those tests had reportedly come back negative. Well, I told Nancy that was a good thing as I now knew she did not have one of those more sinister conditions as they can be progressive and even lead to death. And since the tingling was not just in her hands and wrists, we knew it was not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or something similar. So now it's my turn, the crazy chiropractor. The doctor that some MD's

A Case of Chronic Tingling


ello Off Road Folks! In over 35 years of treating folks for all kinds of aches and pains I had a bizarre one a few months ago I'd like to share with you Off Road Folks. Over the years I've covered about every part of the human body possible as far as aches and pains go. Even just stress and headaches. Here is a different twist. Hope ya'all like it. A nice lady in her late 50's came into my clinic a few month back. "Nancy" was of normal size, weight and build. A very pleasant, nice person to work with and without expectations it seemed. See, she had been suffering with tingling sensations around her entire body. Not just light numbness but irritating tingling just about everywhere on her body. She had been to several MD's including Neurologist and Rheumatoid specialty doctors. The tingling was not constant all the time. It would come and go and sometimes be constant for days, weeks, even months. This condition had been going on for at least seven years. Since Nancy had been to several medical doctors for her condition she did not have much hope a DC could do anything for her. But, she wanted to give it a try since her husband had such good results with his chronic but different condition as well. I examined Nancy with neurological, orthopedic and chiropractic tests. While taking her history it was revealed she had been tested for more sinister causes of her symptoms. These very appropriate tests from the medical doctors she had seen included exactly what should be looked for when a person presents with such symptoms as tingling, which could include weakness of one or both sides of the body and or limbs. These tests include blood tests for Rheumatoid Factor (B-52 Antigen Test), tests also specific for ALS, (aka Atrophic


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tell their patients to never go to, ever. Sad, too bad about that blatant ignorance but I've heard from my own patients for decades now. It's not all MD's, just some that have really never done their own homework on what a DC can often do for folks. Imagine if your own MD had never been to a dentist and was telling you it was not needed for regular treatment or examination? Hmm? The only thing I could find during the chiropractic part of my examination on Nancy was what felt like a hard walnut size mass mid neck on her right side. It was stuck, not moving and located on the cervical 3rd and 4th vertebrae. It was not painful but only slightly sore to touch. She had a positive compression test to this side of her neck as I gently pushed down on her neck bent back slightly to the right. These were the only findings I had in her case. I was a bit doubtful this was the cause of her condition.

Oddly enough, there was really no neck pain or stiffness with general normal movement of her neck. Being the open minded skeptic I am, I told Nancy I would try to help her but I was not holding my breath with her case. She and I were willing to give chiropractic a try. I decided she needed treatment about 3X a week for 3 weeks as this was a chronic case. I felt I really needed to be consistent to have a chance of helping her with her condition. We agreed at the end of this treatment trial, we would evaluate for progress, if any. After about the 6th treatment in 2 weeks, Nancy related to me that she was not having tingling around her body as much and that when she did, it was mainly around just the right ankle. Okay, progress! We stayed the course with treatment for another 4 weeks or so, then after that at least 2x a week. After about 6 weeks of treatment at those rates, Nancy related that the tingling was just around her right ankle and only very occasional, not constant at all as it had been all over her body for years. She is now treating at about 1X a month as she is completely free of any symptoms of tingling/numbness anywhere on her body. I am still an open minded skeptic. And here is why I feel like that. That "walnut like mass" that did not feel like just a muscle spasm on the right side of her neck. It was completely gone when her symptoms were also gone! In the beginning it felt like those vertebrae in her neck were locked in place when I checked on them. Now after all the treatments and her chronic symptoms were gone, those segments were moving normally with testing. These conditions are called "subluxations." They are NOT dislocations. They are joints that are stuck in place, not moving properly. This can put

pressure directly or indirectly on the nervous system, the electrical master system of the entire body. Left untreated over time, subluxations, improper joint motion, or lack of motion, can cause early degenerative changes to the joint, including the inter-vertebral discs in the spine. In other words, if the joints are not lined up correctly and moving properly, they wear out quicker. Just like a misaligned sprocket and chain on your bike or ATV. Plus the chains need oil, right? Movement in the joints of our own bodies actually help naturally lubricate them! And proper movement can also help prevent atrophy of the associated surrounding soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. Nancy's subluxation stood out like a sore thumb, a walnut. Rock hard. It was unusual to me as it was so prominent. I was skeptical that this was indeed the cause of her condition. But her X-Rays and MRI scan revealed no abnormalities in her neck or head, like an arthritic calcium deposit might do in the area. It had been there for a very long time, decades perhaps. With proper chiropractic treatments, (spinal adjustments), combined with a little electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), and traction to the spine, her condition completely resolved. Even this skeptic was somewhat amazed! Nancy's subluxation was in the mid neck area, so it could effect all parts of the body below that area of the spine. It seemed it was interfering with the body's ability to transmit and receive electrical messages

below that area, shoulders down, to and from the brain. If that similar condition was lower in the spine, lets say the lower back, it would generally only effect the lower back, hips down to the legs and feet as an example. I'm glad I decided to give Nancy's case a good old college try. If you are reading this and you are wondering what you can take away from my little peck here, let it be these ideas. You should always get a second opinion, if possible. If a given course of treatment is not working for your condition in a reasonable amount of time, consider a different course of treatment. Do not let others brainwash you on a given subject. Especially if they do not have any of their own actual experience in that field they are speaking about as a so called "authority." Consider risks vs. benefits with any form of treatment. The term "subluxation" is a term not well recognized by the general medical establishment in my opinion. It should be. The nervous system is the wiring harness of the body. Don't let your's short out! Dr. Gary DeForest is a San Diego based DC located in Mission Valley. He has been in practice for over 35 years. He is always happy to speak with you about any health concern you may have. He can be reached at (619) 291-2462. Or, e-mail him at deforest192@yahoo.com. Speak to or text the Doc directly on his cell phone at 619-300-7717. The case as posted above is real. The name was changed to help protect the identity of the patient. Thank you for reading! E

Joints that are stuck in place, not moving properly, can put pressure directly or indirectly on the nervous system, the electrical master system of the entire body.

If the joints are not lined up correctly and moving properly, they wear out quicker. Just like a misaligned sprocket and chain on your bike or ATV. Plus the chains need oil, right? Movement in the joints of our own bodies actually help naturally lubricate them!

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Four – 30 X 10 X 14 Maxxis 2.0 Tires with less than 200 miles. 4 X 137 bolt pattern wheels with bead locks for Can Am X3. All 4 for $600 or $175 each if sold individually. Perfect for spare or full replacement/back up. No plugs or patches. You pick them up in central San Diego. Cash only. No Lowball or trades. Dave Morris, 619-962-2200, Dmorris1911@gmail.com


2006 Honda CRF250R. Does not run, needs valve job. Very clean bike, not track riden, just desert. Valves wore out and will not stay running. $2,000. Chris Sanders, 858-344-8240, Julian CA

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2011 Yamaha YZ450. New top and bottom end, new oil and fork seal with bushings, desert tank, bark busters, Fat pegs, Fat bars, tall seat, fresh fluids, greased up, adjusted ready to go $4,000. 928-581-2839

33 inch Tenzer tires on method beadlock wheels. Tires have one weekend on them approximately 200 miles. Wheels are two seasons old. $2,500. 619-454-0497

1970 SL-138, many extras, runs good, show bike. (602) 348-1856 $2300. Phoenix AZ

VW Buggy - Race or Play. VW engine dual port. Good tires, steel wheels, nice aluminum roof, race seats, nice shifter, good trans, street legal, spare tire rack, fuel cell, headlights, CB radio, whip. Fires right up, runs good. Tow bar included. No trailer needed. AZ TITLE IN HAND. Call 760-412-0654

2005 37’ Forest River Sierra Sport 5th wheel toy hauler with garage. Brand new AC put in last August. Everything works! 5500 Onan generator, newer awning, axles flipped, original owner ordered the trailer with no graphics. 2 queen beds, couch and dinette beds. Very clean trailer with manuals and service records. $23,000 located at Lake Martinez Yuma. Can deliver if we make a deal. 619-335-0135

Race ready Mini Dwarf Mini Mod, Victory chassis copy, chromoly material, mig welded. Made with good parts. Good competitive car. Only one year old. Seat, Motor, Clutch, Steering wheel, Ready to go, Moving on with the race program. $8,500. 760-412-0654

1980 Yamaha YZ 125, Excellent Condition. New $275 HPI ( Horsepower Ignition Kit) Stator, CDI, Coil & Kill Switch New $100 Carburetor Manifold, $2500 calolds@ yahoo.com, 858-245-9846 E

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