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OFF ROAD JUNE 2021 - VOL 39, NO. 9



08 | Sherri's Turn

Kicking off the special Tear Down Time theme with our own 4x4 project

10 | Dirtbits

Longtime racing lubricant brand to connect with vintage bike fans in July

12 | Biltwell 100

Members of BSA Owners Club of Southern California strike gold near Randsburg Mining Town

14 | ASA News

COMPETITION 48 | SCORE San Felipe 250

Round 1 kicks off with the 34th annual running of the San Felipe 250

62 | SCFTA Flat Track

Round 4 of the 2021 SCFTA season in Perris CA

66 | Vintage Motocross Series Presented by CALVMX/Legends & Heroes

70 | AMA District 38 Easter Scramble

Official news from the American Sand Association

Desert racing at Plaster City East presented by OTB Racing

Honoring all the special dads that make the sport happen for their families

74 | Blythe Grand Prix

16 | Off Road Dads 28 | Bike Shop

Time for a brand new red sticker bike for a very good reason

Presented by AZOP Racing at Shorty's Sports Park

80 | Best in the Desert Silver State 300 Desert racing in Alamo, Nevada

30 | The Endangered Off Roader San Diego Off Road Coalition News

32 | San Diego Jeep Club: How We Roll Meet the people behind the scenes in this club

38 | Friends of Oceano Dunes Releasing the Kraken: Friends files third major lawsuit

40 | Tear Down Time

Get inspired to work on your off road toys while it's too hot for the desert

54 | Blast from the Past Revisiting the 1978 Shamrock 250 near Las Vegas

56 | 4x4 Coach

86 | Copa Jeep AutoProductos 2021

Presented by ZR Promo in Mexicali, Baja Mexico

70 | AMA District 38 Grand Prix Racing with District 37 Hilltoppers MC at 29 Palms

Finding the perfect campsite

58 | Gila Monster UTV Fest Exploring Arizona with UTV Off Road Adventures

96 | Dr. DeForest's Off Road Health Tips New to chiropractic? Learn about it here.

98-100| Classifieds

6 OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - JUNE 2021 - FreeS&S off road photo classifieds


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COVER (Top) Mario Fuentes and Mafuzar Motorsports finished third Class 1 at the SCORE San Felipe 250 in mid April. (Bottom) Edgar Cota from San Diego, first Pro Moto Ironman at the SCORE San Felipe 250. Photos by CONTENTS Mark April from Valley Center CA in his home built Ford Bronco. See more pictures from the project in the Tear Down Time special reader feature that begins on page 40. - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



to get it. Only a thousand miles. But the biggest obstacle was the weather. It was the middle of winter and while we didn't see that as a real problem, my sister who lives in snow country encouraged us not to do that since more than half the route we'd take would be covered in snow. She knew how unfamiliar we were with driving in snow and ice. And to tow a truck home in that type of weather she convinced us would be dangerous. It didn't take long to come up with Plan B and within a couple of months the vehicle transport company delivered the truck to a location within an hour of our desert home. I stood by and watched as the guy-in-thegarage and a helper transferred the truck from the transport company's trailer to ours. The truck needed work, but we weren't

project would be good to go. But then I noticed him gutting the cab, pulling out the seat, the gas tank even the windows. "The windows? Really?" I asked him. "You can't weld with the glass in it," he said. "Weld?" I wondered. To replace the carburetor? And then one evening I saw him studiously working on plans at his desk. After watching him for a little bit it occured to me the drawing looked a lot like a roll cage. A new fuel tank went in. New seats. Wait, we don't like those new seats. Sell them and get different new seats. The deteriorating floor of the bed was torn out and diamond plate steel soon replaced the worn wooden planks. Wait. Did I say "soon?" I may have misspoke. The drive shaft got upgraded, the headlight buckets as well as a number of other items looked much better powder coated bright white. The whole truck got repainted the shade of green that matched his dad's truck. And the carburetor? Well, I'm not sure that's been replaced yet. But it definitely is on the list. Admittedly it's been a long drawn out project, much longer than we anticipated, but I only have one regret. That is the mocking naysayer who said we'd never find what we were looking for moved out of the area before we got the chance to drive over to his house in the exact truck he predicted we would never find.

e had our hearts set on the perfect 4x4 project. We knew just the truck we wanted. A 1962 Chevy shortbed, stepside, with the spare tire mounted on the side. An acquaintance who claimed to know how to find any type of vehicle you wanted scoffed when we told him our specifications. "Anything else?" he asked in a mocking tone. "As a matter of fact, yes," we told him, "it also has to be four wheel drive." He laughed. "You'll never find it." Thankfully my sister A few years ago, bringing home the dream project. who lives in Utah did not Maybe even ten years? Or was it more? laugh when she heard our request. She joined us in scouring the looking for a pristine restored truck. We internet far and wide for our dream truck. wanted a 4WD project to take out and have It was a memory driven project. We fun in. wanted to duplicate the truck driven by the "It needs a guy-in-the-garage when he was a teenager. carburetor," the guy-inThe one I watched for out my kitchen the-garage said once we window every time I was expecting him were home and eagerly to come visit. And even when I wasn't examining our treasure. expecting him. The truck his dad owned "And some tires." and he borrowed. Sometimes even with I was imagining a permission. The only difference in the few months and we'd be dream truck we searched for and his dad's out exploring the desert, Chevy was this one was to be four-wheel having one adventure drive. If you ask the guy-in-the-garage if his after another. It was dad's truck was four wheel drive he'll tell so similar to the truck you, "No, but I drove it like it was!" That from his teens, it would old truck held many happy memories for almost seem like we the guy-in-the-garage and all his friends. were dating again, I We could hardly believe it after a thought. 2021. Getting outfitted with a brand new few months of searching when my sister I also thought he'd wiring kit. Almost done. We should be driving emailed us with an ad for the exact truck get the carburetor and it by desert season. If you're looking for a we were looking for. It was for sale in tires, maybe one or project the '59 Ford in the background is for Wyoming. We were ready to drive up there two other parts and this sale. Text 760-336-1512. E



JUNE 2021 | VOL. 39 • NO. 9

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SDI Introduces New Line-up of UTV Products DI is proud to announce the latest


offering in our line-up of UTV products and accessories, the SDI Accessory Mount System. The system offers ultimate flexibility and modularity for individuals to build the mount they want.

registration sticker plates, whip, hook, and three different light bar mounts all work on the same mounting point. These accessories are able to rotate on the mounting point for even more flexibility, perfect for mounting curved lightbars to a straight surface, or license plates on an angled surface. The mounting base and sleeves start at $5.99 and $29.99 respectively, with mounts starting at $19.99. They are available now online at or in store at our location in 571 B Crane St. Lake Elsinore, CA 714-464-2050.


• Completely Modular Design – Build what you need • Innovative Mounting – Designed to rotate on impact • Adaptive – Available for 1.5” & 1.75” Tubing • Multipurpose Clamping System – 7 Different Accessories utilize the same mounting point • Flexible – Twenty preset pivot positions allow accessories mount at various angles • Easy to Install • Made in the USA Starting with our durable plastic adapter sleeve, available in 1.5” and 1.75” diameter, these provide a tight fit that won’t damage the tube it’s mounted to, but will give on impact. If you’re moving from a new cage, or new car, simply change this sleeve to the diameter needed. From there, our revolutionary mounting point is a three-piece clamp design that features machined grooves for the end mounting point to pivot in 22.5° increments for added flexibility when mounting in tough positions, but won’t give once bolted down. Finally, our seven different accessories, including license plate holder, 10

2021 CampRev SoCal Summer Dates


e are excited to announce our SoCal camp dates and location with you all! It is going to be a great summer at CampRev and we hope you are able to spend some time with us at one of these camps near you! CampRev TX at Swan MX - June 14th, 15th, 16th CampRev SoCal at Lake Elsinore MX Park - July 12th, 13th, 14th Rest Of CampRev Dates Will Be Released As Soon As Possible We are excited to be at a new location for our SoCal Summer Camp in 2021. We will be heading to Lake Elsinore MX Park for an awesome time at CampRev! Get signed up today for only $100 to save your spot! Don't wait as spots are limited and you will not want to miss CampRev this summer! Come have the time of your life, meet new friends, and ride your dirt bike. Its a rad time and we would love for you to join us! Get more at


Blendzall Named Official Oil Sponsor of 2021 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days lendzall, a powersports lubricant


brand with more than 60 years in motorcycle racing, was recently named the Official Oil Sponsor of the 2021 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, which will take place July 23-25 at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio “I am very proud that Blendzall has stepped up to be the Official Oil of the 2021 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days,” said Blendzall's David Schloss. Founded in 1959 by Ray Hook in California, the company developed its unique blend of two-stroke lubricant that included castor oil, leading to the name Blendzall. Through the years the brand has been used by many top racers, including Harry Taylor who took his Hodaka to victory at Daytona in 1968 and several factory race teams during the 1970s. The 2021 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days will feature an On Any Sunday theme, celebrating 50 years of the moto documentary, including a special screening of the beloved film. The event will also include all the vintage-oriented happenings that classic-bike fans love, including Hall of Fame activities, road and off-road racing, and the legendary swap meet. Tickets are still available at E - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Mark, Nate, Viet, Marty and Julian

Members of BSA Owners Club of Southern California Strike Gold near Randsburg Mining Town

who was "King of the Desert Sleds" so to speak. Of course with BSAOCSC members, the Desert Sled never went out of style as they have continued to build and ride these classics on their 100 mile Dual Sport club rides for decades. Twenty various Brit bikes signed up and though most racers were from Southern California, a few were coming from Arizona and one came as far away as New Jersey to compete. With these entries, the stage was set for a Brit Bike Battle Royale with at least two local Brit bike shops looking for bragging rights and also the individual racers who built their own bikes in their garages were ARTICLE & PHOTOS BY RANDY RESSELL looking to show you don't need to pay someone $100 an hour to build you a competitive Brit bike. n Saturday April 10th, 2021, Biltwell, a local motorcycle After a month aftermarket parts company held their of preparation and first annual Biltwell 100 Desert Race anticipation, the race near Randsburg in the high desert. weekend arrived and The owner of Biltwell and his staff on Friday a thousand or came up with the idea of putting on a so people, comprised 100 mile motorcycle desert race with the of racers, families, emphasis on "Good Times not Lap Times". friends, spectators and With off road racing having turned photographers began to fill into a high dollar activity with corporate up the pits and staging area. sponsored racing teams armed with semi No semi truck teams here, trucks hauling race vehicles worth a few most came in small trucks, hundred thousand dollars and professional sprinter vans and campers. pit crews, it often boils down to "Those Many slept in tents which with the most money win." was an adventure because Biltwell wanted to get back to simpler the wind blew about 40 times where the racers were working mph all Friday night. class folks (like most of their customers) Saturday morning who show up in pick up trucks or vans dawned with clear skies and race the motorcycles they bought or and a nice breeze making built themselves. Though the emphasis for for a perfect day for a this race was on fun and good times with desert race. The course friends, there were definitely many racers was 26 miles long and the who were serious about winning. bikes were scheduled to There were classes for just about Mark Walters, overall winner, with the Biltwell take off at 10 a.m., one everyone: Vintage bikes made before 100 checkered flag class at a time about five 1970 (mostly Triumph's and BSA Desert minutes apart. Modern bikes and the Hooligans would go four Sleds), Vintage Twin Shock bikes 1971 to 1980, Hooligan (Harley laps, Vintage twin shock (long suspension) bikes and the Womans Sportsters converted to Dirt Bikes), Modern Bikes, Womans, class went three laps with the Vintage British bikes going two laps. Large Adventure bikes, etc. Classes were also broken down into The course was a well used loop with plenty of rocks, ruts and Novice and Experts. deep whoop-de-doo bumps so two laps on a Desert Sled with four With British Desert Sleds having a renewed interest in recent inches of rear suspension was going to be plenty. years, some local shops have jumped on the bandwagon and are The Brit bikes were the last row to start so they had many of specializing in building Off Road Sleds or Scrambler style Brit the slower riders from the other classes and their dust to contend bikes, so this was going to be the perfect venue for them to show



S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - JUNE 2021 - far as 500cc or 650cc, it was Run What Ya Brung. The following with as they made their way around the loop. The more serious top 10 racers are listed below by their overall finish, Expert and sled racers were starting to pull away and a battle for the lead Novice podiums (trophies) as noted. developed. It went back and forth for about the first ten miles Mark Walters of the BSA Owners Club was first to appear when a clear leader began to emerge. When they came through the in the distance as his Triumph came roaring across the finish line, pits at the end of the first lap, BSAOCSC member Mark Walters first Expert and first overall by a large gap. had a four minute lead heading out for the second and final loop. Joe Zito (New Jersey) was 2nd overall, 2nd Expert Mark had teamed up for this race with some friends who Hayden Roberts was 3rd overall, 3rd Expert own the local Brit Bike shop BA Moto (Signal Hill CA) because Julian Heppekausen of the BSA Owners Club and Team BA they had a very nice pit set up with gas, tools and spare parts, etc. Moto was 4th overall and first Novice. I hung out at their pit area to watch the race and make sure Mark Marty "Party" Malana of BSA Owners Club and Team BA got anything he needed if a pit stop was required. A Triumph 650 Moto was 5th overall (first on a with a stock gas tank can easily go 500cc) and 2nd Novice 90 to 100 miles on a tank of gas Special Note: Marty "Party" so a fuel pit stop was not going to Malana had an almost crash be needed. Some racers did stop during the race and slammed his for a drink and/or a minor repair boot to the ground which was which they later regreted because drug back under the footpeg at the finish some positions and breaking a few bones in his trophies were decided by less than foot, yet he soldiered on to a a minute or two. respectable finish and trophy. As the riders finished the first He gets the Iron Man Award. loop and made their way through Greg Tomlinson of Von Zipper pit row, the order was Mark Walters Goggles finished 6th overall, on his Trackmaster framed 650cc 4th Expert (2nd 500cc) Triumph, the fast New Jersey rider Nate Hudson of BA Moto Joe Zito on a 650cc Triumph, Mark Walters, first Expert and Julian Heppekausen, was 7th overall, (3rd 500cc) and Australian Julian Heppekausen first Novice 3rd Novice riding his treasured 650 Triumph Jorma Vik (on a BSA single) was 8th overall, 4th Novice named "Terry" an ex-Terry Pratt bike, Hayden Roberts owner of Viet Nguyen of BA Moto Team was 9th overall, 5th Novice "Hello Engine" on a 650cc Triumph, Nate Hudson owner of BA Moto Matthew Weinberger was 10th overall, 6th Novice on a 500cc Triumph, Marty "Party" Malana former mechanic at BA Note: Tamara Wilson on a BSA single (the only female in the Moto on a 500cc Triumph, Greg "GT" Tomlinson of Von Zipper pre 1970 Vintage class) was awarded 11th overall, first Woman. Goggles on a 500cc Triumph, Jorma Vik on a BSA Single and Viet So, Mark Walters proved that the fastest Desert Sled rider Nguyen a BA Moto teammate on a 500cc Triumph. The rest of the at this race did not own a bike shop but was a regular guy, who riders made their way through every few minutes, having had one frequents the BSA Club Dual Sport rides and has learned some problem (minor crash) or another. tricks from following Mike Haney, Jim Wilson and others around This was Biltwell's first attempt at a desert race and they tried the California deserts and mountains. Also of note, Mark is no a system of transponder strips on the racers' helmets but this timed youngster having turned 59 on his last birthday. I guess that old scoring effort turned out to be inaccurate as witnessed by myself adage about old age and treachery overcoming youth and skill and others as to what order the riders actually came through the does have some truth to it. pits. The time sheet did not match what actually occured. Authors note: I was entered in the race and was really Luckily there would be no disputing who made it to the looking forward to racing this event but I broke my wrist one finish line first and what order the following racers came through. month before the event and had to sit it out. Dang it!! Oh well, The trophies were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in both the there is always next year. E Expert and Novice classes. There was no bike size break down as - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



The American Sand Association's primary objective is to "UNITE, INFORM and MOBILIZE" the sand duning community to protect the right to ride on all public lands in a responsible, environmentally balanced manner. By Jim Branham


have been doing some thinking about what lies forward for the duning community. I have been in and around land-use battles since the 1980s and have served on the BODs of both Cal4 Wheel and ASA as well as the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission. If there is anything that I have learned, it is that there will always be another issue.

UTV Sales Growth

Right now, we are experiencing an explosion in sales growth and use of side-by-sides across the entire OHV spectrum. Any new vehicle type brings with it new management challenges and a new group of OHV enthusiasts. Whether it was the dirt bikes of the 60s or the three wheelers of the 80s, Government became increasingly involved in regulating their sales and use. Land managers across the United States are faced with balancing access and recreation against land stewardship and public safety. The dunes are a haven

or heaven for virtually every type of OHV except snowmobiles. And yes, I have seen some of them try the dunes as well. This mix of vehicles is the keystone to the diverse uses at the ISDRA.

Air Quality

Air quality and dust have become the issue of the day at Oceano. This issue could come to the ISDRA as well as many other OHV opportunities. There are several facets to the air quality issue: some hover around vehicle emissions and fueling emissions. Campfires also bring a level of concern. The largest air quality issue is dust. Dust is not only a visual reminder of the presence of vehicles in the area, its effects can spread beyond the recreation area. Dust also adds a safety element with low visibility.


Funding for the management of our recreation areas, and especially the dunes, constantly needs to be secured and used wisely. Above and beyond the permit fees we pay, part of the registration and gas tax for off-highway vehicles is returned to the management of these areas. This augments the federal dollars allocated by Congress. The more issues that we don’t help solve, the more that will get solved without us. And that is always more costly in both dollars and opportunities.

Responsible Solutions

The ASA Checkered Flag Program promoted support of the BLM and its law enforcement efforts at the dunes 14


So what do these three things have in common? They are things you can personally help solve! As new visitors and vehicle types come to the dunes, it is incumbent on the longtime visitors to reach out. A very small amount of information and encouragement from a fellow enthusiast can do far more than blinking red lights. Become a knowledge leader in your camping circle, learn the rules, think safety, respect others, respect the land and respect the land managers. Encourage others to ride not only where it is legal but

also provokes less dust. There is a 15 mile an hour speed limit around camps rule for a reason: less dust and more safety. It really is a good idea for anywhere outside the actual dunes Keep all of your equipment, both towing and duning, in top running order. Use only CARB-compliant refueling devices and minimize the operation of generators. Smoldering campfires are an ignition hazard as well as an air-quality detriment. I see many camps that have turned to propane campfires. Easier than hauling wood, no pesky smoke in your eyes and easy to extinguish. Some of the most direct costs of dunes management are trash and human waste. Keeping a clean organized camp so your stuff doesn’t blow off when you go out for a ride is critical. Don’t encourage wildlife scavenging by leaving food and trash sources available when you’re not in camp. Consider hauling your trash home, your trash can is empty at the house. If you do use the trash bins, be sure the lids will close and never leave trash outside of a secure container. Keep the bathrooms clean, consider bringing your own paper. Yes, these are small things but the BLM is not your maid service and when they are forced to be, it costs a lot of money and leaves a bad impression. Buy your permits. Keep your OHV registered. It all helps. Several years ago, the ASA promoted a “checkered flag program” to show its support of the BLM and its law enforcement efforts at the dunes. This was a highly successful campaign with the duners and well-accepted and appreciated by the BLM. We should re-introduce the program by educating duners of its meaning and values. Volunteer! Whether it’s the dunes cleanup, on an ASA project, or with another OHV organization, volunteerism pays huge dividends in keeping public lands open for public. Think DUST, Act Smart, Be Safe and please come back again! E



Mike Frye working with son Jacob repairing son Gabe’s SXS at Rage at the River race a couple years ago

16 16



Turn the page for more OFF ROAD DADS! - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE

17 17

This is one of the best off road dads I know. Jared MacLeod, CORVA board member and Vice President of Friends of Oceano Dunes, pictured here with his wife Krysta and daughter Audrey. He works tremendously hard for the off road community so his growing family can enjoy it just as we have. - Lance DesBaillets, Oak View CA

This is my husband Miles Pivonka, an avid quad rider and Rzr pilot, as well as an amazing and supportive father to our little girl. - Gabrielle Pivonka, Lakeside CA

Here is one of me and my son Rayce. He coaches club basketball for middle school kids and last year when Covid hit, a tournament got cancelled. Since he had the week off, he asked if we could make a Oregon run!! Great five day road trip!! We are out of Pismo and I am lucky work allows me access to great spots like this!! - Ray Ambler, Pismo CA

Here is a pic from when my son broke his back at a D38 race. I’m the one holding his hand. Glad to report he healed up and has a new KTM 450! Eric Fichter 137x - Kirk Fichter, Lakeside CA

This is my dad Ruben Rascon. He was my right-hand man, mechanic and number one supporter when I was racing. Unfortunately he passed last year in October. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have won three championships in District 38. - Gabriel Rascon, El Centro CA



Ismael Becerra on a desert outing. Happy Father’s Day Dad from your sons, daughter and grandkids. We love you and appreciate everything you have taught us about the desert and life! - Frankie Becerra, El Centro CA

With my dad for the Easter Scramble with District 38. - Tony De Mars, Jamul CA

My father, Ralph Masters retired after 32 years of service in the US Navy. He has a Jeep JK and goes on all the adventures with us. This is a picture of him with his silver JK he named "Uhtred" out at the intersection of Veterans Pass and Freedom Trail in Ocotillo Wells, and a picture of his Jeep in front of the USS Midway Museum where he is a volunteer on the ship restoration team and a docent. - Shellene Manning, San Diego CA

My dad Scott Prather on the #1 ATV at the 1992 Baja 500. They won this race riding with Greg Row and Jim Zin. - Danny Prather, Ramona CA

My grandpa Zane Prather from the 1980 Baja 1000 when he raced for McMillen Racing! - Danny Prather, Ramona CA



Jesse McPheeters with his girls, Ashlynn , Sadie, and Lilah. In the snow at Cottonwood campground in McCain Valley, January 2021. - Photo by Papa Doug, Santee CA

Grandpa Steve Lewis, an awesome Papa and mentor. Without Papa we might sometimes be lost, haha. Papa ensures a smooth ride from many years of experience and is equipped for safety and good times. Shown here with Grandma Marcia Lewis. - Veronica Lewis, Banning CA

Sean Malabanan is his daughter Eva’s co-pilot at every race and always makes sure her RZR is race ready. - Tracy Malabanan, El Cajon CA

Marty Martin (RIP) with Henny Harrington, 1996, at Cahuilla Road. Airing up lesson. - Tom Harrington, Bonita CA

Team photo with dads: Craig “Porkchops” Eavenson, father to Amanda “Lamb Chop” husband to Melissa “Mrs. Chops.”1st Sgt. Rex Thurman, father to Paul and Zack. Alex Lucero, father to Aurora. Amos Baca, father to Degan, Prestyn and Cruz. 20


This is my husband, Jeff Robinson, and father of our two wonderful desert kids. When he is not helping others and fighting fire (he is a firefighter and paramedic with the San Deigo City Fire Rescue), he enjoys riding his KTM 350 duel sport on all kinds of trails from the desert of Ocotillo Wells to the mountains of Mammoth Lakes. This is him with our daughter as he was teaching her about throttle control on her bike. - Kate Robinson, Fallbrook CA

Jeremy Lewis always teaches us among our amazing adventures that he creates for us, how to fix problems we sometimes find ourselves in off roading. To us this is a part of bonding. Our Dad, our Hero! Shown here with wife Veronica, son Zach and daughter Sophie. - Veronica Lewis, Banning CA



At LACR, Dad is on top track jumping. My 9 year old son on the KX65 bottom left and 6 year old daughter bottom right. Lucky I was able to get all 3 in one picture. Justin Jones, Tyler Jones and Maisie Jones. - Mindy Jones, Phelan CA

My dad, Robert Puffenbarger, is the best! He taught me how to ride my first motorcycle, change the oil, and take care of my motorcycle. I can always count on him to be fun and patient. He has always been there when I fall down to help me get back up and keep going. I couldn't have asked for a better father. - Colby Puffenbarger, Oceanside CA 22

Josh and Jesse Kiley off-roading at Superstition desert with family & friends. - Shannon Kiley, Campo CA


This is my dad Richard Calahan. He is usually the one behind the camera, but I quickly took this photo of him at the top of Fonts Point in Anza Borrego. He has always been someone that enjoys off-roading. Whether he is on his KTM, or behind the wheel of his Ford Bronco. He knows his way around the desert like someone knows the back of their hand. I have so many fun memories and adventures off-roading and camping because of my dad. He has made me love off-roading and being a part of this community. Any time I am lucky enough to sit shotgun with him and zoom around the desert is always a memory I will cherish forever. Love you, Dad! - Kaylee Calahan, Temecula CA

After racing off road for thirteen years himself, Grandpa Rodney Woolf (in blue shirt) from Brawley, CA, supported me and attended every off road race for me. I raced for ten years then stopped to attend college. We are in Las Vegas Nevada during my first college semester. So I took a break to race one last time with Grandpa’s support. Thank you Grandpa Rodney Woolf. - Antonio Geovanni Perez

Kurt Eikmeier (quad), Matt Smith (Honda 80), Austin Smith (Yamaha TTR 125) and Debbie Eikmeier (Rhino) in Ocotillo Wells. We would like to honor Kurt Eikmeier, for being such a great role model and father to my kids Audrey and Austin. It takes a very special person to raise another man’s children. Kurt taught Austin (9 years old) how to ride a dirt bike, how to wrench on the off road toys, to always check your gas tank before you leave camp and the very important hand signals amongst other things. Kurt is now a papa to 5 grandchildren and we are lucky enough to have him continue to teach the importance of respect for our riding areas to our future off roaders. - Debbie Eikmeier, Menifee CA

Brian Matthews giving some advice to his daughter Heather Majcherek on the startling line before the gate drop at Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, CA. - Heather Majcherek, Corona CA My name is Zach and I wanted to send this pic of Off Road Dad Paul Farrell. As a teenager, Paul was involved in a 4-Wheeler accident that put him in the hospital. It was a Blaster 200 midnight edition. However, Paul didn’t let that slow down his passion for anything with an engine. Paul is now 29 years old. He has four beautiful daughters and is from Auburn, Maine. His passion for anything off road is evident to anyone who has met him. - Zach Tomaselli, Lewiston ME



My son Aiden and I with his motorcycle at Split Mountain in Ocotillo Wells - Tony De Mars, Jamul CA

“My dad is the best, love Decker.” (Dad is Chris Dienst. Son is Decker Dienst)

Me and my boy enjoying the desert! - Mark Thompson, San Diego CA 24

Kirk Fichter and sons Shane and Eric in camp at Ocotillo Wells

My Dad, Steve Lohrbach still riding his ATC250R at 72. The old saying "with age comes a cage" doesn't apply to him. He's been my riding partner for 45 years. Thanks Dad. - Steve Lohrbach, Mission Viejo CA

Scott, Jodie and Michael La Rosh, approximately 2001 at “The Fingers” hiding from the wind. - Tom Harrington, Bonita CA


Christopher Blank with his youngest son Aidan spinning some laps in Lemmon Valley, Reno, Nevada! This was both Dad & Aidan’s first experience together on the YZ250FX last Memorial Day weekend!! Aidan had so much fun and Chris was so happy to finally show his boys his excitement for riding dirt bikes!! - Photo taken by Shiloh Sanders, Vista CA

This is in honor of my Step Dad, Chuck. He is the person in the ball cap leaning against his pride and joy, the Dune Beemer. He taught me everything I know about the desert and Glamis where this photo was taken. He is retiring from duning so this picture is to honor the memories we made together. - Bryce Hove, Santa Ana CA



Amos Baca from Oceanside CA, age 38, father to Degan, 15, Prestyn, 13, Cruz , 11 and husband to Sarah

Me, Josh Weisman (center), and my son Roman (right). Roman and I visiting Josh at his new home in Denver. Josh is also an off road dad whom I've been riding with since 1988. - Chris Sanders, Julian CA

Me and my son Seth at the SCORE San Felipe 250 where we chased for the GOAT Rob Mac. - Jeff Lothringer, Fallbrook CA 26

Camilo Santisteban and his son Andy. - Beth Santisteban, Ramona CA

Off-road Dad and Trophy Truck racer Josh Daniel and his son Baron Daniel. - Day Daniel, Bonsall CA

My Dad Keith MacLeod - Jared MacLeod, Moorpark CA


Happy Fathers Day, Dad! Thank you for being my biggest supporter at whatever I chose to do! I love you! - Kera Berry, Santee CA

Dustin Dauber from Bonita, CA submitted by his kids Wyatt (10) & Zoey (8). Best teacher and Dad!

Forever Deegan’s off-road sidekick. Happy Fathers Day San Saechao - Megan Saechao, Visalia CA

James Vallecorsa from Upland CA and daughter Madie, age 6

Me and my dad Scott Markert in 1982 - Laura Rockwood, Jamul CA

Celebrating my 40th with my boys in the sand dunes - Rudy Yniguez, Santa Ana CA E - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Bike Shop By Clutch Roberts


haven't owned many new motorcycles in my life, but I felt compelled to get one this year. I heard about the red sticker program going away next year and I think it is for real. There is a bill in the works to save racing motorcycles, but at best it will have compromises. So, I saved hard and recently bought a 2021 Husqvarna FC450. I didn't go for the Rockstar version. While there are differences, they are less about performance than style. It was a lot of money, but is a lot of bike. I picked it up and took it home with just a couple accessories. I printed out suspension settings from a motocross magazine and took it to the desert for a break-in ride. First observation, the suspension was super harsh. I needed patience because the other magazine said the suspension needs to be broken in with a few hours of hard riding before it softens up. This is a bike that does everything right. It is very light. The power starts off soft, then builds to class leading performance. At low RPM and easy throttle, this bike is a pussy cat, able to putt around with beginners. As revs rise and throttle opens, it likes to accelerate hard. You could be happy riding this in tight single track or open desert. I took it to Cahuilla Creek MX Park and was able to work my way up to jumping


everything on the vet track, except one triple. The bike felt natural around the track. I later went on a trail ride in the back area with track operator Randy and stayed in first most of the time going in and out of bushes and rocks. Randy is a trials rider also, so we went over quite a few rocks. The bike was solid and controllable in tight conditions. I love the electric start! A few times I stalled and was going again in a remarkably short amount of time. A short list of modifications I am making include: my favorite grips, which means I also need a new throttle tube (stock grip is really glued on tight). I'm putting on an X-Ring chain, an air filter cage without a screen and some push button fork bleeders. This is a bike that does not need a lot of mods. I like how it runs, but if you really wanted more go, a pipe and reflash would be in your future. Not only is the red sticker program going away, but the seasonal restrictions are also going away in a few years. Word from CARB is all red sticker bikes will become green sticker in year 2025. As I get older, I don't ride as often or as hard as I used to, so I plan on keeping this bike for years into the future and plan to enjoy the last of the best of high performance dirt bikes onward. E




oday we will look at some OHV grant applications, state bills, law suits and our own Lost Lizard Fun Run

Lost Lizard

The Lost Lizard Fun Run planning is under way. If you would like to help, please contact us at We are excited to have Amy Volmer helping us with the many details this event needs sorted out. Former event chair and event anchor for the last five years, Audrey Mason, will still be helping, it's just that she will also be concentrating on her Rebelle Rally event entry with SDORC secretary Nicole Honstead. The two are looking forward to a great event and we will be pulling for them. Lost Lizard will be much like previous years, so if you liked it before, you will like it again.

We should have our Lost Lizard Fun Run pre entry form up on our website soon. Please sign up and attend this fun event that helps keep the desert open.

Bills and Round Table

We were recently invited to a legislative round table with State Senator Brian Jones, his staff, lobbyist Jim Lombardo as well as Audrey, Nicole and myself from SDORC. We discussed the four bills on our priority list as well as trying to halt a transfer of cash out of the OHV bank account. It is nice to have a state representative who listens to us and we can count on. Our reciprocity bill, AB232, has cleared the Assembly and is going to the Senate now. Brian's Red Sticker bill, SB227, is still moving, though we are worried that the Sierra Club as well as some clean air groups, have discovered the bill and are opposing it. Funny thing about that is that they so strongly oppose the bill and are unwilling to discuss ways to amend it to their liking, that it may move without their weighing in on it. Every legislator understands that motorcycle competitors have a right to compete on new equipment, even if they don't like it. The opposition's unwillingness to propose compromises could actually work in favor of the author and competitors. The two bills that threaten to have the State sell off the expansion land at Carnegie SVRA are still moving. Our point behind our opposition is that it sets a bad precedent for State Parks to sell off land when State Parks are very good stewards of the land.

Oceano Dunes

San Diego Off Road board members Nicole Honstead and Audrey Mason prepare for their challenge of a lifetime navigating 1,000 miles off road with no electronics over 10 days of fierce competition with the Rebelle Rally. 30

Friends of Oceano Dunes have introduced a third lawsuit designed to keep the park open to off-road vehicles. The first suit alleges that the California Coastal Commission failed to perform any environmental analysis before their decision to ban off-road vehicles. Their second suit says the California Coastal Commission failed to follow the California Coastal Act when banning off-road vehicles from Oceano Dunes. This third lawsuit is a "quiet title" suit that says with "implied dedication" the Coastal Commission has no authority to ban off-road vehicles from Oceano Dunes, that they are allowed there "forever" and that no government agency can take that right away. Ecologic Partners is also suing on similar environmental


Join San Diego Off Road Coalition to help protect off road areas www.sdorc. org/joinsdorc/ grounds to Friend's first suit. I have read all the complaints and while I am no lawyer, I believe we have a real chance to beat the Coastal Commission here.

OHV Grants

Our green sticker and fuel tax dollars are at work again going to agencies and nonprofits, through grants, that have to do with off-road vehicles. I read through applications from the southern half of our state and have written comments when I think they need to hear from users. This year there were fewer grant applications than normal and fewer that contained any "funny business." The Cleveland National Forest northern is asking for $35,000 to work on trails in Wildomar. While I like trail maintenance, that is a lot of money to spend on an area that has only eight miles of trails. I recommended they rent a bobcat for the day for trail work, as it only cost a few hundred dollars. Palm Springs BLM is asking for money for law enforcement and restoration. These are perfectly reasonable categories for OHV grants, but I mentioned that I would really like to see some planning grants to improve OHV staging or areas as well as ground operations grants to maintain existing areas or trails. Join San Diego Off Road Coalition to continue the fight on behalf of off road enthusiasts. Visit E - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


San Diego Jeep Club

How We Roll

By Beth Santisteban


t takes a lot to keep any organization running smoothly and the San Diego Jeep Club is no different. SDJC is growing very quickly, currently with 4.5K plus members on our Facebook page alone and additional members that access our events and info through our website: CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

32 32



President Joe Caldwell

Trail Cleanup Camping Trip and Runs

Vice President Mark Bryan

Chief Financial Officer Robert Puffenbarger

Secretary Beth Santisteban 34

Our club’s #1 charter and our top priority is “Bringing together new and seasoned Jeepers to educate and promote safe and responsible off-roading.” We begin each of our board meetings with our Vice President reciting this as part of our mission statement. The board of directors is made up of seven volunteers who work tirelessly at a variety of tasks ranging from coordinating future runs and fun events to discussing evolving BLM requirements, trail closures, laws, etc. We are a team of individuals with a like-minded interest in Jeeping and we truly desire to spread our love of offroading in a safe and considerate manner for generations to come. Each board member has their specific area of responsibility plus areas of overlap that include the following: President: Joe Caldwell is the official face of the club. He presides over our monthly board meetings (held virtually since June 4, 2020), oversees all aspects of SDJC and makes recommendations to better the club.

Vice President: Mark Bryan fills in for the president in his absence and in overseeing all aspects of SDJC. Mark opens and closes each of our board meetings. Chief Financial Officer: Robert Puffenbarger keeps track of all purchases/expenditures and provides the board with a monthly update. Robert also purchases the swag or merchandise needed for upcoming events. Marketing Director: Antonni Bruening will keep or create new relationships with vendors and sponsors. Social Media Director: Joshua Tipton updates our Instagram, Facebook and website ( Josh also has future plans to host an SDJC podcast. Black Ops Leader: Rick Ruddell is involved with the development of our Black Ops family. Black Ops help new members before, during and after our monthly runs to air down, air up, assist with setting their Ham radios to the club’s channel, spot them on obstacles, answer other questions, and generally helps them to feel welcome. Club Secretary: Beth Santisteban (that’s me). My main responsibility is to handle the monthly board meeting agenda and meeting minutes plus support each of the board members in whatever tasks they need to help our club run smoothly. I keep a running list of our open action items and ensure we follow up. We board members all are responsible for making public appearances (although not lately), attend monthly board meetings and are required to be the trail boss for two events per year. Along with all these responsibilities we enjoy spending our time and the comradery it brings, with our Jeep family in lots of ways other than on the trails. Many of the club members and Black Ops have “garage parties” where they help each other out with repairs or to install parts and accessories that they may have gotten from some of our club sponsors. Some members have graciously offered their




Social Media Manager Joshua Tipton

Marketing Director Antonni Bruening

Black Ops Lead Rick Ruddell

time, tools and garages to each other during these garage parties and in return they gain experience or assistance with their own modifications. Usually breakfast and/or lunch is provided by the person receiving the help. Just to be clear, these are not coordinated by the board. One of our huge “non-trail” events is our yearly Birthday Bash. Our sponsors such as Rebel Off-road, Lifestyle Garage, Jeep Doctor, Adventure Bound Off-Road and others have been known to generously donate cash or items that we raffle off during these festivities with all the proceeds going to the Toys for

Tots charity. SDJC has a huge heart and it shows as some members return their winnings and donate them so they can be raffled again for even bigger contributions to the Toys for Tots organization. During the Birthday Bash we have food and entertainment provided by the club, swag sales, the raffle and in the past, a dirtiest Jeep contest. We are a family club and we strive to keep our events family friendly. No drugs or alcohol are allowed and everyone is welcome with their families and pets at our events but two things we must emphasize are 1) everyone must control their pets and 2) that all drivers on our runs must be licensed drivers. Along with all the fun comes a huge responsibility. Our newest challenges are with BLM usages. Besides our dedication to treading lightly we are now starting to have to work around some new requirements as they are being presented while still maintaining our mission statement. We are working to gain a rapport with the BLM to open the lines of communication and understanding that we all want the same things, to preserve and enjoy our open spaces.

Garage parties E 36


https://www. omfperformance/ - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


BY Jim suty


Friends Files Third Major Lawsuit


uesday May 11th, Friends of Oceano Dunes (Friends) filed a third lawsuit arguing that state law mandates that OHV recreation, beach driving and camping are permanent uses at the Oceano Dunes that cannot be banned by any agency. Friends’ new lawsuit is known as a “quiet title” action and it argues that public off-road riders used nearly 145 parcels within Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA) long before the land was owned by the public, and that use created an implied dedication for off-road vehicle recreation, and camping, and also for driving vehicles on the beach. Under state law, neither the Coastal Commission, State Parks, or any other governmental agency has authority to prohibit uses established by an implied dedication. Once established, an implied dedication exists forever. Friends previously filed a lawsuit claiming that the Commission’s action violated the California Environmental Quality Act, and another lawsuit arguing that the Commission violated the Coastal Act which expressly forbids the Commission from decreasing, duplicating or superseding the authority of State Parks, which manages the park. All three lawsuits

are currently pending before the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court. Friends attorney, Tom Roth, is a wellrespected land use attorney specializing in California coastal matters and has led the Friends legal actions for 17 years which include delisting the California Brown Pelican, and has won court victories for Friends against the Coastal Commission, State Parks, Air Resources Board, Air Pollution Control District and the United States Fish and Wildlife Services to name a few.

the beach and dunes to gain the access that is otherwise not easily available to them in California.” In addition, Suty added, “This is an affordable way for people to camp and spend the night on the overpriced California coast for only $10 a night”. The Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area is in the central coast of California near Pismo Beach and attracts approximately 2 million annual visitors and provides over $200 million to the local economy each year. This unique 20 mile stretch of sand and dunes has been enjoyed by families for vehicle recreation and camping that is well documented going back to the early 1900’s. Land speed races occurred on the beach in the 1930’s and the first beach buggy was invented in the 1950’s. Friends of Oceano Dunes is a 501(C)(3) California not-for-profit corporation expressly created in 2001 to preserve camping and offhighway vehicle recreation at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area (ODSVRA). Friends is a grass roots volunteer organization which represents approximately 28,000 members and users of the Oceano Dunes SVRA. www. E

Land speed races occurred on the beach in the 1930’s and the first beach buggy was invented in the 1950’s.


The Friends Board of Directors has made it clear that “Friends is in it to win it” and “are prepared to file more lawsuits and do what is needed to defend our rights and our culture to have families continue to camp and recreate on the beach and dunes as has been done for over 100 years.” Friends president, Jim Suty also said that “Friends is deeply concerned for those with disabilities who count on driving on


Lin Macleod protesting the Park’s closure


com/channel/ UCSgmNJ8CpGJPwBotZrVigOA - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


40 40


Tear Down Time Too hot to go to the desert?

It's the perfect time to tear your vehicles down, spend lots of money with the advertisers and get ready for next season! Turn the page to get inspired by readers' projects already in the works or like you'll see with this KX500 project, already completed!




This is a full restoration of a 1990 KX 500 I did for my uncle. He is the original owner of this bike and has hundreds of hours on it in Baja and Southern California. Engine work was done by Navarro Performance in Yuma, Arizona. Wheels by Dubya USA Suspension by Precision Concepts Frame was powder coated “Tecate Green” by Powder Tech in Yuma. - Greg Williams, Yuma AZ



Slowly I turn the wrenches on my 1953 Ford F600 Marmon Herrington Fire truck. Inch by inch it is running in 4 low only, with no brakes! - Norman Harris, San Pedro CA

I decided to re build an XP 900 4 seat razor that was built for the Baja 1000 in 2014. Upgrade to new RS1 motor, turbo S trans and differential as well as turbos suspension. Been working on it for 5 months. Trying to get it ready for Baja 500! I did it all in my garage. - Greg Row, Alpine CA

Just another hour or so and I will be ready for dez season! - Stu Peace, El Cajon CA Time to get the 11 Brothers Motorsports 5-16 ready for the Mint 400 to race the Vintage class. Built in ’87 - Dennis Sletten, Indio CA



Home built. 468 day build time. 500+hp Ford Windsor power. Suspension tuned by the legend Geoff Falzon @ Solid Shocks in Sant Ana CA. 19” wheel travel front and rear still 4 wheel drive. - Mark April, Valley Center CA



Here's my family's Class 9 we're getting ready to hopefully race the Mint 400 in December and we will start racing it in M.O.R.E. next year. We bought the car from our good friend Noah Johnson. He had some good times with this car. We rolled our last 9 car and decided to sell it and buy this one. Vest racing team will be back soon. - Tom Vest, Hesperia CA



Waiting on parts. Replacing lower control arm with CTS Race Worx, double shearing with CT bomb proof kit, CT Race tie rods, shock tower reinforcement, front bumper, new axle, rebuildable ball joints, toe end kit for rear hubs by Shock Therapy and radius rod plate and rock guards. OMG didn't realize just how much of a money pit this was going to be and still less than 750 miles.....but having fun is priceless! - Chris Sanders, Julian CA



1969 Nissan Patrol. First built in 1994 was a basket case when I bought in 1991. Built stock cage first, engine last. Took six months to crack the stock block after full engine rebuild. Jumped it and hit the block with the front diff and blew it up but drove 50 miles home . Then put in its first V8. Now 30 years later has had about 8-9 engines 10-15 trans and about 25 transfer cases. As it sits now it has a Chev 350 TBI, turbo 350 and Nissan Patrol transfer case, Jeep waggy axles, offset rear, 4 link in rear. All fab work done by me. After years of rock racing/crawling would bring home, cut something off and repair for next weekend. It is time to 4 link front, get the frame smooth, lower about 5 " and go back to a 37" tire, plus wire sanitization etc. Well used abused and still kills the trail. - Matthew Crowell, Evergreen CO

The Stephens’ 1966 VW project in the garage - Susan Stephens, Ocotillo Wells CA E - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



APRIL 14-18, 2021 PHOTOS BY

Jason Coleman drove solo to a first place win in the Trophy Truck spec class. “What a great day. We just charged right from the start and began picking the guys off pretty early and one by one and all of a sudden, towards the end, we were second truck on the road. No issues, no flats, BFGoodrich tires were solid all day. We just kept pushing; it was great.”

48 48


n Felipe 250



951-699-6922 “Specializing in Hand-Crafted Vehicles” Long-Travel Buggies Ultra 4 x 4’s & Jeeps Off-Road Trucks

Repair Facility Tube Bending Mig/Tig Welding

Sheet Metal Wiring Performance Parts

“THE ONLY FAB SHOP YOU’LL EVER NEED” www.rawmotorsports .com 42065 Zevo Drive #16 Temecula, CA 92590


tarting first as the fast qualifier for the race, Las Vegas’ champion desert racer never looked back as he roared through the Baja desert to defeat a voluminous 269 starters in Saturday’s BFGoodrich Tires 34th SCORE San Felipe 250, presented by Ford. Bryce Menzies, 33, who races around the world in various rally races, powered his No. 7 Mason-built all-wheel drive Ford Raptor to lead the third-largest number of entries in race history to an awesome error-free, penalty-free winning time of four hours, 28 minutes and one second over the sun-drenched, rock-filled, silt-strewn 280.20 miles for an unbelievable 62.73 miles per hour. Under sunny skies and warm temperatures in the low 80s Fahrenheit, Menzies, 33, had plenty of competition behind him in a field of 35 of the marquee SCORE Trophy Trucks and 269 total starters—tying 2005 as the third-highest overall total of starters in the 34-year history of this race. In front of him was what finishers call “the most brutal course ever” in this race. The popular ‘Spring Break’ season-opener of the four-race 2021 SCORE World Desert Championship was held in San Felipe, the peaceful village on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, Mexico, 125 miles south of the U.S. Border at Calexico, Calif.


Chasing Menzies’ dust closely to the finish line were San Diego’s Luke McMillin and his cousin Andy McMillin, also from San Diego. After roaring and rocking around the desert for over four hours, Luke McMillin, 28, finished second, just 15.54 seconds behind the winning Menzies in 4:28:16, averaging an impressive 62.67 miles per hour in his sturdy No. 1 Big Blue M McMillin Racing Racer-built Ford F-150 that

Jax Redline, fifth Trophy Truck 50

Hector Garcia, third Pro Moto Limited

he has driven for just over seven years. Luke McMillin is the defending SCORE Trophy Truck season point champion Finishing third overall and in SCORE Trophy Truck was Andy McMillin, the 2019 SCORE Trophy Truck season champ who also won the SCORE San Felipe 250 that same year, in his No. 31 Big Blue M McMillin Racing Mason-built all-wheel drive Chevy 1500 in 4:35:17 with an average speed of 61.07mph. This race had six SCORE Trophy Truck racers with average speeds of over 60 mph, the most in race history.

Cody Parkhouse, fifth Class 1



This spectacular event returned after a one-year absence because of the COVID-19 pandemic with a total of 269 starters racing in Pro and Sportsman classes for cars, trucks UTVs, motorcycles and quads in 51 classes. Entries came from 27 U.S. States, along with host Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Peru. The rugged race route officially closed early Sunday morning on the grounds of the luxurious El Dorado Ranch with no spectators allowed because of the worldwide health pandemic. Large crowds of spectators were spread throughout the race course watching one of the David Heredia, third Class 5-1600 most spectacular events held in all of Mexico. Following complete data tracking review, results were made official early Sunday morning. Besides the significant 269 starters, there were an amazing 194 official finishers for an astonishing all-time SCORE-record finishing rate of 72.12 percent. All four 2021 SCORE races will be held on Mexico’s magnificent Baja California peninsula for the sixth consecutive year. Helping mark the launch of 48th year of SCORE International, the World’s Foremost Desert Racing Organization, was the featured SCORE Trophy Truck division with a David Nunez Ortega, total of 35 of these ‘Monsters of the second Sportsman Quad Desert’ starting the race. Created by SCORE and started in 1994 by then SCORE-owner Sal Fish, SCORE Trophy Truck is the featured SCORE racing division for high-tech, 950-horsepower unlimited custom trucks.


Riding solo on the fastest motorcycle class in the race, Derek Ausserbauer, 27, of Santa Ynez, Calif. became just the fourth ironman

John Bennett, third Pro Moto Ironman

Kaden Wells, third Pro UTV NA

motorcycle rider in race history to win the top Pro Moto Unlimited class. Ausserbauer, a veteran rider who has been on other prominent teams over the years as a co-rider, pulled off the victory in a SCORE race for the first time as a rider of record. Ausserbauer blasted his way through the unforgiving desert in a time of 6:06.28 with an average speed of 45.89 miles per hour. Ausserbauer joins the elite group of solo overall motorcycle winners in this race of Bob Balentine (1982), Jack Johnson (1983) and Tim Staab (1997). CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 51

Chase Warren, first Class 10


“The course was really fun,” shared Ausserbauer. “The layout was bitchin. It was traditional San Felipe of pounding huge whoops and taking a gnarly beating, there was a lot of sand washes. There were really gnarly rocks but the majority of it was fun and flowing. Then we crossed over the mountains and crossed the dry lakes. We Just kept it steady so we could get our first SCORE race win.”


Combining a former champion with a SCORE rookie, Brandon Schueler and Caden MacCachren beat 63 UTVs in four different classes including a SCORE-record 33 in their Pro UTV FI (Forced Induction) class. Schueler, 32, Phoenix and MacCachren, 19, of Las Vegas split the driving in their No. 2919 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo in a winning time of 6:17:46. Caden MacCachren, who was making his first start in a SCORE race is the son of legendary Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Famer Rob MacCachren who finished sixth in SCORE Trophy Truck in this race.


Winning the Pro UTV NA (Naturally Aspirated) class that had 12 starters for the third consecutive San Felipe race was the first lady of SCORE racers, Kristin Matlock, 40, of Alpine, Calif. Matlock, whose champion husband Wayne Matlock finished in fourth place out of seven starters in the Pro UTV Open class, won her class driving solo once again in her No. 1954 Polaris RZR XP4 1000. Atop the Pro UTV Stock class was Mike Cafro, 51, of Fallbrook, Calif. in his No. 3955 Polaris Turbo S. Cafro, a veteran SCORE race champion in different classes, actually raced in two classes, finishing fifth out of 33 starters in the mammoth Pro UTV FI class in his No. 2975

Mike Hales, first Hammer Truck Unlimited 52

Polaris Turbo S sharing driving duties with teammate Jamie Kirkpatrick, 39, Olympia, Wash. Also driving with Cafro in this race in his winning effort in the Pro UTV Stock class was Adan Ibarra, 40, of Ensenada, Mexico. Capturing the checkered flag over seven starters in Pro UTV Open was Justin Elenburg, 43, Mesa, Ariz. In his No. 1870 Can-Am X3.


Racing in separate classes for a number of years, winning the unlimited Class 1 in their new No. 168 Alumi Craft Chevy was Shelby Reid, 53, and Cody Reid, 28, both of Apple Valley, Calif. Both former SCORE season class point champions, Cody Reid started the race, driving to race mile 158 where Shelby took over and drove virtually half of the race to the finish. .


In a touching tribute to their father and husband Pete Sohren, siblings Farrah Sohren/Van Sohren/Paige Sohren split the driving while sister Blair Sohren and mom Cami were navigators to the Class 3000 victory driving the No. 3022 Pistol Pete Baja Lite-Chevy. The family represented the deceased Sohren as the Grand Marshal for the event. Sohren died tragically in San Felipe in January of 2019 in a non-race related accident while driving a UTV on the sand dunes south of downtown.


Round 2 of the four-race 2021 SCORE World Desert Championship will be the BFGoodrich Tires 53rd SCORE Baja 500, presented by 4Wheel Parts. It will be held in Ensenada, Mexico from June 9-13. For more information regarding SCORE, visit the official website of the SCORE World Desert Championship at www.SCORE-International. com.

Farrah Sohren and siblings Van and Paige, first Class 3000 E



Blast from the Past Photos by Trackside Photo

54 54


ABOVE Bud Feldkamp in his Funco ISS special wins the 1978 Shamrock 250, near Las Vegas on a cold and windy November day. LEFT Race promoter Walt Lott congratulates Feldkamp, while crack journalist Jean Calvin waits to interview Feldkamp after the win. E - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


A Great Campsite


was sitting around the campfire with a couple buddies one evening. We had completed another leg in a long but rewarding four-wheeling journey. Now relaxed, we were reflecting on the day’s

adventures and the outdoors in general. Eventually the conversation came around to camping and campsites. We were in a nice location that evening. As we reviewed our surroundings, it dawned on us that there are always certain qualities we like to have in a campsite. Before turning in for the night I scribbled some notes from that conversation. That got me thinking further. What makes a really good campsite? I wondered. Within minutes I had a pretty lengthy list. With the exception of remoteness, the



following traits are in no particular order. Of course, we four-wheelers prefer to get away. At the heart of four-wheeling is a desire to discover new places. And with the exception of friends we invite along, we prefer to enjoy the great outdoors without neighbors. So oftentimes, the more remote, the better. No campsite has all these qualities. But the better ones have most. And I’m not talking about a specific campground. What follows are the attributes that make a great location to set up camp.

Qualities of a great campsite

• Remoteness. • Level ground, or at least some level spots for tents, RTT’s and vehicles that people sleep inside. •Trees: For shade, but we want to enjoy the morning sun and great views. So, just the right amount of tree cover. And just enough dead kindling on the ground to start a fire. Oh, almost forgot – a good branch to hang food on in Bear country. • Morning sun to warm the soul and get the day off to a good start. • Clear view of the night sky for stargazing. • A clean fire ring in a clearing. • A bubbling brook or lake nearby. (fewer bugs with running water.) • Great view: Whether mountains, a wide-open prairie, or even a gorgeous sunset. Scenic surroundings add so much to a camping experience. • A little elevation, at least in summer. Scenery is generally better, and you’re less likely to encounter other campers. • Protection from the wind. Even better, no wind, the smoke from the camp fire goes straight up. • Tent stakes go in easy, come out easy but will hold in storm. • No bugs, no bugs that bite, no bugs that sting. • No music. Musical tastes can vary, and we don’t need any arguments during camp. If someone wants to lead the group in campfire songs, that’s OK. Those guests who insist on listening to music must pop in the ear buds. • No fees. • Bonus: Some sort of

restroom, if just a pit toilet.

Suspension Without Compromise

Tread Lightly with all camping

Just because a site has the above attributes doesn’t mean it’s ideal for camping. Many portions of the country are pristine and should be left that way. Try to find established campsites. You can still be dispersed, but you’re not creating a new fire pit or trampling down vegetation. Regardless of where or when you go camping, always follow the Tread Lightly® principles. (You can learn more about Tread Lightly! at https:// ) Enjoy nature, but do so responsibly. 714-464-2050 |

Camping in the Sweetwater Mountains What makes a great campsite? I’m sure every fourwheeler and camper has their own thoughts on this. There is no right answer, of course. But by developing a list of what you like to see or experience, you can better select the right location for your outings. Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD owners how to confidently and safely use their vechicles to the fullest extent in difficult terrain and adverse driving conditions. Contact him at tom@4x4training. com or visit to develop or improve your driving skill. Copyright 2021, Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc E - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



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Gila Monster UTV Fest


59 59


ounded in 1876, this small mining camp became a mining town. They called it Globe, named from a silver nugget shaped like, you guessed it, a globe. Mining primarily silver in the earlier years then moving into copper ore as the mineral of choice. As you drive into Globe you can see working mines all around you. Located in the heart of Gila County this quaint town is filled with old west history. With the location of Globe being so remote to neighboring towns it has had its share of violent conflicts with the Apache Indians. Massacres, murders, stage robberies, and many other stories to tell. Surrounded by the Tonto National Forest, Pinal Mountains and the Salt River there is ample opportunity for adventure and wonderment. Go from desert to pines in no time, truly surprising at every turn. This UTV event was held April 16-18, 2021 and the adventure began immediately. Spring winds and a slight chill in the air led the way to a more than remarkable night ride on Friday night. All of that went away as we rode into Johnson Ranch with horses there to welcome the party. Through the rolling hills of ranchland the winds calmed and gave us gorgeous views of the desert night skies. The moon is incredible as always. My all time favorite part is watching the line of blinking, pulsing and flashing lights from the back of the pack. Looks like a night parade winding through cactus, trees and hills. An incredibly fun and enthralling experience you will have to witness for yourself.

60 60

Saturday and Sunday are the longest rides of 40+ miles. The 7 Mile Wash Loop led by Kellie and Donny Goss was incredible. Taking us down the old highway through tight rock formations, up and down incredible hills and ending at the Salt River for lunch. The views overlooking the river were nothing short of amazing. We even had a slight rain shower which calmed the dust a bit and had cattle and horses watching us from afar. The Pinal Mountain Doke Loop was led by Julian and Alycia Lee and was an experience of another kind. Through small parts of town, into a wash, under concrete and steel bridges that led us atop rolling hills. The views of the town of Globe and the mines are beautiful from here. Then suddenly we were in the mountains filled with pine trees and mountain air. What an experience and the views are so incredible! Once on top you can see all of central Arizona. Breathtaking! Breakfast and dinner were provided by Chez & Dez Cook Shack, a new food truck to Globe. The food was remarkable to say the least. Their menu does not disappoint. From breakfast burritos, carne asada, smoked brisket, pork, red and green chili, burgers and fries and much more! Check out their Facebook page to see where they are serving up next. A must stop on your next visit to Globe. Saturday nights start off right with poker hands at vendor booths, music, dinner, and a very large cornhole


tournament. Vendors for this event included CST Tires, The US Forest Service, Auto Glass and Country Financial. The guys and gals from the Forest Service joined in on the cornhole fun for the evening and had a blast. Mingle with everyone, meet new and old friends and get your tickets ready for the raffles! Have your chance at the 50/50 raffle, win a generator sponsored by Country Financial, and witness the many donations to the Phoenix Children's Hospital. There are endless prizes to be won and the festivities go well into the night. Never a dull moment to be had here. The hard work and efforts that go into creating these events could not be made possible without the many volunteers, sponsors and behind the scenes helpers. Their efforts are greatly appreciated! A special thanks to the town of Globe for the warm welcome and to the Mayor of Globe, Al Gameros, for speaking at our Saturday night festivities. The Gila River Fairgrounds was the perfect venue. Adventure awaits at every turn in Arizona. UTV Offroad Adventures is there to make sure you have fun, stay safe and make memories for a lifetime! For information for ALL Arizona upcoming UTV events visit UTVOFFROADADVENTURES.COM. Check out our Facebook pages and YouTube page for pictures, videos and see for yourself why this is the best ride group in Arizona! E -- JUNE JUNE 2021 2021 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE

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SCFTA Racing

Flat Track #75z Dwayne Locke first place Classic Vintage and #27 Jeff Apple second place Classic Vintage

62 62


Round 4 - May 1, 2021 PerrisRaceway - Perris CA Photos By Dw Media



#28 Thomas Chavira, 1st place 50cc 2 Stroke Beginner, #20 Annika Ruelas, 3rd place and #11 Ben Eikelberger, 2nd place

#29 Daltin Collie, 1st place Open Unclassified, #25 Travis Horn, 2nd place and #88 Maxwell Claunch, 4th place

Travis Petton IV, 1st place Pro Class

64 64


Neal Hartman, 1st place Super Senor +60 Amateur 50cc Open 1. Bryce Eikelberger 2. Thomas Chavira 3. Be Eikelberger 50cc 4 Stk Beg 1. Bryce Eikelberger 2. Owen Ferris 50cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Thomas Chavira 2. Ben Eikelberger 3. Annika Ruelas 4. Luca Doffo 65-70cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Danny Iha 85cc Open 1. Travis Horn 2. Colin Petton 3. Jasper Heathfield 85-100cc 2 Stk Nov 1. Jasper Heathfield 85-100cc 2 Stk Am 1. Colin Petton Classic Vintage 1. Dwayne Locke 2. Jeff Apple 3. Joe Pape Super Senior +60 Exp 1. James Morris 2. Joe Steffen 3. Elliott Iverson 4. John Clayton 5. Johnny Custom +35 Vet Am/Nov 1. Mike Diffenbaugh 2. Adam Lesley 3. Joe Boyd 4. Michael Lopez +35 Vet Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. John Clayton Mad Dog 1. Conner Hickerson 2. Sierra Hickerson 3. Bob Tocco 4. Daniel Iha 5. Marc Heathfield Senior Vet +50 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. James Morris 3. Mike Vital 4. Robbie Crean 5. Andrew Myers Framer All 1. Travis Petton 2. Jaycee Jones 3. Cole Norman 4. Geneva Howe 5. Michael Diffenbaugh Pull Start 1. Daltin Collie 2. Dan Brown 3. Conner Hickerson 4. Dan Shaw 5. Jeff Apple Super Sen +60 Am/Nov 1. Neal Hartman 2. Jim Speer 3. Gary Lane 4. Patrick Hayes 5. Mike Brooks Premier Senior 1. Robert

Marchbank Bomber Exp 1. Danny Perkins 2. Joe Steffen 3. Robbie Crean Bomber Am/Nov 1. Tim Watters 2. Cole Norman 3. Robert Marchbanks Senior Vets +50 Am/Nov 1. Adam Lesley 2. Michael Diffenbaugh 3. Mark Norman 4. Steel Friedrich 5. Shawn Doucet Open Unclassified 1. Daltin Collie 2. Travis Horn 3. Joshua Lesley 4. Maxwell Claunch Open Exp 1. Travis Petton 2. Kyle Ferris 3. Conner Hickerson 4. Cole Norman

5. Jaycee Jones Powder Puff 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. Geneva Howes 3. Joey Crabtree 4. Roberta Ewart Hooligans 1. Helder Alvernaz 2. Adam Lesley 3. Daniel Ito 4. Alex Darrah 5. Douglas Darrah Open Nov/Beg 1. Maxwell Claunch 2. Shawn Doucet 3. Joseph Boyd 4. Geneva Howes 5. Chris Spurbeck Open Am 1. Daltin Collie 2. Travis Horn 3. Joshua Lesley Pro 1. Travis Petton 2. Nick Garcia 3. Colt Foster 4. Kyle Ferris

Sierra Hickerson, 1st place Powder Puff - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



April 18, 2021 Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park By Steve Caro Photos by Kathryn Caro

CALVMX/Legends & Heroes Vintage ound three of the 2021 CALVMX/Legends & Heroes vintage motocross series saw the competitors making their first visit of the year to the town of Lake Elsinore. Made famous by its starring role in the iconic film ON ANY SUNDAY some 50 years ago, racing has continued at the popular Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park. Staged on the park’s modified Vet Track, a cross section of vintage, post-vintage, and modern support (1996 to present) machines took to the course in a series of 10 motos. With subtle jumps and plenty of racing lines to choose from, the course suited the cross section of machines and rider skill levels. Over time, the age 60 Plus vintage classes have begun to feature the largest number of entrants for the prer-1975 era machines. In the Vintage 60 Plus Expert class, John Forsythe (Hon), Mike Korgan (CZ) and Tim Mcintyre (CZ) headlined a moto that included Novice and Intermediate divisions along with Open Age Vintage. In the opening moto, Forsythe, riding the only four-stroke in the combined field, led the Plus 60’s from the start with Korgan and Mcintyre pursuing. By midmoto, Forsythe had built a comfortable lead over his competition. Putting together consistent laps, he took the moto win unopposed. Never slowing up, Korgan crossed the line in second with Mcintyre third.


Caleb Clevenger riding in the Vintage Sportsman 500 Expert class 66


e Motocross Series When the gate dropped for the second moto, Forsythe’s growling Honda powered into the lead as the mixed pack sped down the start straight. As the pack sorted its way out of turn one, Korgan held second while McIntyre finessed his way into third in their class. Over the din of a field of two-strokes, Forsythe’s Honda left a distinct exhaust tone in its wake. By lap three, Forsythe held a multi-bike lead. With complete mastery of the Elsinore course, he sped on to take both the moto win and the overall victory. Korgan garnered second overall, with Mcintyre taking third overall. The 60 Plus G.P. Novice featured machines from Suzuki, Maico, Yamaha, and SSR. In the first moto, Jeff Hughes (Suz) exited turn one with the lead over Kevin Gerard (Mai) and Jon Marshall (SSR). The longer suspension travel on the G.P. machines enabled Hughes to power over the jumps and whoop sections at a rapid pace as he built up a multi-bike length over the rest of the Novice class. Both Gerard and Marshall kept

Hughes in sight but were unable to reel the leader in. Hughes took the moto win, followed by Gerard and Marshall. The race day of both Hughes and Marshall ended with the first moto as both were no-shows for the second moto. The main battle for the

Tim McIntyre third Vintage 60 Plus Expert CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


John Forsythe first Vintage 60 Plus Expert overall shifted to Gerard and his immaculate Maico and Don Jackson’s Yamaha. When the moto started, Gerard staged his own personal blitzkrieg and powered into a multi-second lead. Jackson kept a steady pace in his pursuit, but Gerard had too big a lead to challenge as he rode to a flag-to-flag win to clinch the overall with his 2-1 scores while Jackson parlayed a 4-2 tally to second overall. Warranting special mention for his effort on the day was Caleb Clevenger. Normally a regular entrant in the modern support classes on his four-stroke Kawasaki, the 15-year-old racer took a giant leap back in motocross time by competing on a classic mid 1970’s CZ 400 Falta

provided by Rickert Haag. Competing in the Vintage Sportsman 500 Expert class, Clevenger quickly mastered the unique gear shifting style required on CZ’s (lifting the entire left boot up to change gears) and the radically reduced suspension travel to log some impressively quick laps in both motos. Although the sole expert class entry, his quick adaptation to the classic Czech machine enabled him to run with the other leaders in the moto containing several different classes. When asked after the end of the races about his experience with the classic machine, Clevenger remarked he’d had a good time and now had a greater appreciation and respect for the racers who competed back in the 1970’s on this type of machine. He said he would definitely be willing to race the bike again just based on the amount of fun he had on the 45-yearold machine. Round four of the 2021 CALVMX/ LEGENDS & HEROE’S series will see the competitors take to the Lake Elsinore Vet Track on June 6. With the seven-race series now at its halfway point, class championships are still up for the taking. E



https://amzn. to/2DLibqZ


69 Photos by Judd Neves Nothing JuddNeves.NothingButDirt. But Dirt Racing Photography RacingPhotography/

Mikey Sandoval, first overall UTV with co-driver Austyn Rodriguez and first Pro Unlimited UTV 70 70



Easter Scramble

APRIL 24, 2021 PLASTER CITY EAST near El Centro CA



Davin Brigman with teammate Courtney Ludwin finished first Senior Amateur, 14th overall

Salvador Paniagua and Luke Howard finished first 250 Novice, 12th overall

Michelle Bealo witih Jessica Engen finished first ATV Women Novice

Andy Vance with Kyle Hearold finished first Senior Expert, sixth overall

TOP TEN OVERALL 1. Chad Goodsell, Evan Estrada 2. Kole Parker, Josh Sharp 3. Braydin Collie, Tyler Sarver 4. Noah Clevenger, Cooper Shira 5. Justin Wilson, Broc Dickerson 6. Andy Vance, Kyle Hearold 7. Joe Saelens 8. Christopher Avalos, Danny Magdaleno 9. Andrew Hendrix, Brady Mead 10. Erick Burnworth, Jason Mount TOP TEN OVERALL UTV 1. Mike Sandoval, Austyn Rodriguez 2. Bryce Marking, Amber Cogbill 3. Wild Bill McNeer, Craig Corda 4. Victor Rangel, Maribel Groth 5. Dustin Twamley, Joshua Butler 6. Tanner Currier, Joe Hunt 7. Ryan Hucks, Rody Romero 8. Wayne Simmons, Bryan Kennerly 9. Jarrett Whitted, Scott Schultz 10. Angel Aviles, Danny Aviles 250 Expert 1. Chad Goodsell, Evan Estrada 2. Braydin Collie, Tyler Sarver 3. Noah Clevenger, Cooper Shira 250 Amateur 1. Andrew Hendrix, Brady Mead 2. Fisher Saad, Tristan Brigman 3. Tanner Engen, Dylan Earle 250 Novice 1.


Salvador Paniagua, Luke Howard 2. Hunter Alvarez 3. Eemiliano Fuchen 4. Mark Traganza 200 Novice 1. Connor Belew, Tim Belew 2. Matthew Savoy Open Expert 1. Kole Parker, Josh Sharp 2. Matthew Belew, Jack Hahn 3. Josiah Northcutt, Jack Northcutt 4. Michael Sullivan Open Amateur 1. Justin Wilson, Broc Dickerson 2. Nathan Johnson, Sergio Sanchez 3. AJ Motta 4. Brendan Hinkle, Aidan Clement 5. Anthony Biondo Open Novice 1. Cole Herbrandson, Jett Lewis 2. Kelton Glaszczak, Kaden Glaszczak 3. Kyle Litwin 4. Jacob Saelens, Tim Saelens 5. Andrew McNeil, Anden Knight Vet Expert 1. Joe Saelens 2. Kevin McLain Vet Novice 1. Rusty Sexton, David Valley 2. Evan Kleen 3. Andrew Markiewicz 4. Taylor Hernandez, Kaleb Doyle Vet Amateur 1. Erick Burnworth, Jason Mount Senior Expert 1. Andy Vance, Kyle Hearold 2. Johannes Vanwanrooij, Charles Smith Senior Amateur 1. Courtney Ludwin, Davin Brigman Senior Novice


1. Justin McNeil, Joseph Moore 2. Nicholaus Ewing-Pistelak, Mauricio Maio 3. Richard Ham, Donnie Durfee Super Senior Expert 1. Eric Carnes, Jason Cogbill 2. Pete Andrassy 3. Ray Zuchowski, Mark Baker 4. Bill Hinkle, Andy Gast 5. Dennis Green Super Senior Am 1. David Kendrick, David Doyle Super Senior Nov 1. John Shireling 2. Sean Watkins Womens Novice 1. Kristin Baxter, Jasmine Jennings ATV Open Expert 1. Christopher Avalos, Danny Magdaleno 2. Steve Lira, Maui Cervantes 3. Donald Franc 4. Jacob Lizaola, Casey Lizaola 5. Ismael Hernandez ATV Open Novice 1. Jake Hickman, Jesus Diaz 2. Alejandro Calzada 3. Zach Winkelman ATV Vet Amateur 1. Casey Lizaola, Tony DeMars ATV Vet Novice 1. Steve Kerchner, Chuck Borges ATV Senior Expert 1. Clinton Guidry ATV Women Amateur 1. Chyrisma Isom, Sandy Flores ATV Women Novice 1. Michelle Bealo, Jessica Engen 2. Lilia Rodriguez

John Shireling rode solo to the Super Senior Novice victory

Tristan Brigman with Fisher Saad finished second 250 Amateur

Erick Burnworth with teammate Jason Mount finished first Vet Amateur and 10th overall

Jacob Saelens with teammate Tim Saelens finished fourth Open Novice

Cole Herbrandson and teammate Jett Lewis won the Open Novice class

Steve Lira with Maui Cervantes finished second ATV Open Expert

Bryce Marking, second overall UTV, second Pro Unlimited

UTV CLASS RESULTS Andrew Markiewicz, ironman, finPro Unlimited 1. Mike Sandoval, Austyn ished third Vet Novice Rodriguez 2. Bryce Marking, Amber Cogbill 3. Victor Rangel, Maribel Groth 4. Dustin Twamley, Brett Berker, Craig Estrada 3. Wyatt Mellon, Joshua Butler 5. Tanner Currier, Joe Hunt Daniel Plaza 4. Ethan Groom, Eric Dollente 5. Sportsman 1. Wild Bill McNeer, Craig Corda 2. Skip Fitch Pro Stock 1. Bronsen Chiaramonte, Ryan Hucks, Rody Romero 3. Greg Thornburg, Braden Chiaramonte Joshua Thornburg 4. Joshua Ledezma, Ana Patrick Taber and co-driver Kyle SevLedezma 5. Patrick Taber, Kyle Severance Pro erance finished fifth UTV Sportsman E Production 1. Jarrett Whitted, Scott Schultz 2. - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


AZOP Racing Blyt

April 10-11, 2021 Photos and Story by KarakurtMP

74 74


the Grand Prix II

TJ Siewers, first overall 570cc UTV



Pee Wee Bikes start line: #6 Ryland Stowell, #279 Antonio Laybarrios, #45 Shay Anderson, #51 Tanner Sutton and #105 Rush Wermes


ZOP Racing Rowley White RV Series presented the Blythe Grand Prix II for the fourth round of the 2021 season at Shorty’s Sport Park in Blythe, California sponsored by SinFab Racing and Arizona Color Vehicle Wrap Pros. It was a scorching and very dry race weekend with temperatures in mid-90s. The track follows much of the same of the track as the first Blythe Grand Prix of the season apart from a turn and hill or two. First to the start line on Saturday morning were the Pee Wee Quads with 13 entries. The Pee Wee classes raced in the infield, the motocross section of the track. The overall winner on Saturday, #88 Tyler Wade, completed 21 laps with a minute lead over second place #31 Kaiden Lee and #623 Cain Llamas. Sunday’s race resulted in a slight change

Ron Suor, first overall quad racer 76

in podium with #88 Tyler Wade repeating Saturday with first place, #31 Kaiden Lee in second, and #200 Cutter Gehrts a lap behind coming in third. Up next was a full field of 26 Pee Wee bikes to take on the infield. It was a close battle for first between #51 Tanner Sutton and #6 Ryland Stowell. In the end, Tanner fell to Stowell by 39 seconds. Shay Anderson #45 came in third a lap behind Stowell and Sutton. The following day, the podium positions remained the same. Stowell maintained P1 with a lap lead over second place Sutton and third place Anderson. The UTV 170cc Advanced and Modified race was lined up after the Pee Wee bikes. As all 14 UTVs screamed around the infield, the top three battled for the top box. The podium winners finished 22 laps 6 seconds apart from each other. Cameron Leaming #1866 won the top spot over #147 Branden Krah, and third place #186 Allison Furnell. Sunday’s race led to only one of the previous day’s top three remaining on the podium. Kash Hart #130 raced his way to P1 while Allison Furnell earned second, and #195 Tatum Forester came in third. UTV 170cc/250cc Beginners were ready to take off after the Advanced class with 15 entries. Triton Lawrence #210 beat out his competition by 20 seconds coming in first. In second place was #226 Reed Rather, and third place Bentley Rainer. On Sunday Triton Lawrence increased the gap between himself and Rather by 23 seconds, placing first with a 43 second lead. Reed Rather came in second again, and #186 Allison Furnell driving her 250cc Polaris placed third. The first of the big classes to the start line were the Big Bikes with a staggering 111 bikes. The moment the signal came to start the bikes, there was the unforgettable rumble of dirt bikes,


and the undeniable palpable tension in the air as racers were itching for the green flag. Big Bikes were the first to race the course in its entirety down through the canyon into the back wash and back up to the infield. As the last bike was off the line and left our line of sight, there was what seemed to be a deafening vail of silence that had fallen upon the start line. As hearing returned to normal the first bike was already flying over the table top and through scoring completing his first lap. Connor Maxwell #072 from Queen Creek, AZ kept near a minute lead over his closest competitor earning himself P1. Coming in second, #89 Wyatt Cameron with a 7 second lead over third place #93 Nolan Broaddus. Sunday brough a change up on the podium with #93 Nolan Broaddus from Phoenix, AZ placing first with over a minute and a half lead over second place #415 Tate Vanvoorst and third place #060 Eric Hallgath. Mini Bikes and Pull Starts were up next in the heat of the afternoon. Battling for first was #74 Blake Gilbert and #213 Eddy Panuco both in 80-150cc B class. Gilbert took the lead and finished 16 seconds faster than Panuco. John Smallhouse #188 came in over a minute behind first for the


https://www. - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Brian Perry Jr. finished second Open A on Sunday third position. On the Pull Starts, #1024 Jeff Lewis burned his competition coming in first with his eight minute lead over second place #805 Cody Peacock, and nearly 11 minute lead over third place #30 Keaton Dunlap. On Sunday, Gilbert fell to 5th for #007 Tristan Andrade to take home first. Panuco and Smallhouse maintained their positions of second and third place, respectively. Pole positions for the Pull Starts saw notable changes from the previous day. John Horner #24 who only completed two laps on Saturday raced his way to first place with a nearly four minute lead. Another improvement from the previous day, #340 John Rudell, Wisconny Johnny, placed second after having engine troubles at the start line Saturday. Lewis fell to third 11 minutes behind first. Following the Mini Bikes were the Mini Quads with nine entries. Jake Marlatt #78 crossed the finish line five seconds ahead of #187

Robert Grimes, first overall UTV on Sunday 78

Jayden Llama, coming in third was Rachel Skaggs. On Sunday, Llamas dominated the field coming in two and half minutes before Marlatt, and #47 Ryder Nugent came in third. Big Quads and Trikes were up next. Veteran Pro Ron Suor #102 left the quads in his dust never letting off the throttle to finish first a full one minute 50 seconds over #27 Ian Sessions. Coming a minute later in third was #65 Ian Kubik. Again, on Sunday Suor finished first over second place Sessions, and third place Kubik. The UTV 570cc RS1 class was fired up ready for the green flag. This was a close fight from the green all the way to checkered between #147 Braden Krah, #566 Alexia Leaming, and #157 TJ Siewers all in the Youth 1000/RS1 class. Siewers came in first with second place going to Krah and third place to Leaming. Sunday brought a close to minute faster race, and the same podium positions for Siewers, Krah, and Leaming. First place TJ Siewers finished close to 45 seconds ahead of Krah. The final races of Saturday and Sunday were the big UTVs. After preparing their UTVs all day in heat waiting for their time to take off, the drivers and co-drivers were anxious to get their show rolling. Polaris 1000cc Turbo driver, Shane Maxson #977 beat out second place #2914 Dan Hurn, and third place #199 Jaxson Steele. Robert Grime #995 greatly improved from Saturday’s P21 to the top box position. Grimes did not take any names on Sunday on his way to first finishing over a minute ahead of second place Sessions, and a full lap lead over #914 Barry Bennet. As always, the AZOP Racing Rowley White RV Series would like to thank Arizona Color Vehicle, SinFab Racing, Rowley White RV, and all its sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers, and spectators for making this another great race weekend. For complete race results and upcoming events visit

Ed Hicks, first ATC, 12th overall Quads/Trikes





POINTS FOR ALL CLASSES CAR / TRUCK - UTV - MOTORCYCLE - QUAD For info contact: Best In The Desert Racing Association

(702) 457-5775 • Website: • Email: - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



80 80

Silver Sta


ate 300

May 1, 2021 Alamo NV Photos by RNR Racing

https://www.facebook. com/

Craig Christy out of Burbank sponsored by NecksGen, Ultra, PCI and Baja Kits finished first Class 4500 Vintage with co-drivers Tony Grasmick, Brandon Olguin and Race Harber


81 81

Chris Blais and Jeremy Gray, first overall UTV Unlimited


est In The Desert, home to the famous Maxxis Tires “Casey Folks” Vegas to Reno Presented by Fox, wrapped up the third event of its 2021 schedule in glorious fashion. The Jimco Racing Silver State 300 was a 300-mile point-to-point race near Alamo, Nevada open to Cars, Trucks, UTVs, Motorcycles, and Quads all competing for podium placement and points toward Best In The Desert’s overall series championship. The race course is one of the most unique in all of off-road racing set amidst a combination of high desert, mountains, and rural backroad Nevada trails and dirt roads, making it an annual favorite for Best In The Desert racers. Friday, April 30, 2021, officially launched the race with Best In The Desert’s Event Expo, Registration, Tech, Contingency, and preevent activities at Boulder Station Hotel and Casino. The festivities, with

Kyle Standage, first Quad Ironman Expert 82

COVID-19 precautions in place, all went smoothly and felt like prepandemic days. Racing got started early Saturday morning, May 1, 2021, with motorcycles leaving the line at 6 a.m. sharp followed by the Cars/Trucks and UTVs at 10 a.m. Rising star Nic Garvin, coming off his win at the season-opening Tensor Tire Parker 250, faced stiff competition for the overall. He raced solo head to head with newly-signed Husqvarna factory Dakar rider, Skyler Howes. Howes, the defending Silver State overall MC winner, was on his maiden voyage on his new Husqvarna ride. Together with defending series number 1 plate holders Hayden Hintz and Trevor Hunter on the N1 Kilmartin Racing/3 Bros KTM team, made for a formidable competition. Garvin used his front start position to build an early lead which he extended to about four minutes on corrected time and held all the way to the finish despite repeated attacks by Howes and Hunter/Hintz. Even a crash after hitting a cow at high speed near the finish couldn’t slow him down. Garvin took the win in 4:43:14, the second-fastest overall time for all classes, followed by Howes in 4:47:19. Rounding out the podium and giving both top riders a run for their money was the N1 Hayden Hintz/

Adam Householder, third Trick Truck, with co-drivers Trevor Ellingham and Justin Hampton



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First Open A motorcycle the team of Jake Robinson, Slade Robinson, Stephan Smouse and Henry Holmes

Trevor Hunter team finishing in 4:47:38, just 19 seconds behind Howes. Other motorcycle class winners included Over 30 Pro Bryce Stavron with a finishing time of 5:06:04, 399 Pro Taylor Stevens/ Wyatt Brittner besting Cory Skaggs/Jarett Megla after an epic battle finishing in 5:07:46. Ironman Pro Class was won by J18 Tanner Tavernier with 5:23:24. The Open Expert Class was taken by the #301 Eric Holt/Damon Bush/Tyler Harvey team, the Ironman Expert won by #017 Dallas Theobald, and the #777 David Swanson team won the O-40 Expert Class. The O-50 Expert race was won by the team of Paul Palmer/Cliff Thomas/Scott - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


First Class 3700, Jerry Simonson with co-drivers Alex Littleboy, Stan Pier and Kathy Simonson

Josh DeJong, eighth Trick Truck, with co-driver Louis Zavas

Rusty Batza out of Durango CO, first Ironman Amateur 84

Stearns and Derek Paiment. Finally, Darian Hickey and Kari Erickson took home the Women’s Expert Class on the W15 KTM competing for Rider of Record, Ashlee Gage who was injured before the race and couldn’t participate. The overall Quad Class winner was Kyle Standage, winning the Quad Ironman Expert Class in 6:27:24. The first Open Amateur team was the #363 Honda ridden by Jake Robinson/Slade Robinson/Stephan Smouse and Henry Holmes in 6:37:20. Following the bikes and quads was the Car/Truck/UTV field with Trick Trucks leaving the starting line at 10 a.m. Best In The Desert veterans Adam Householder, Kyle Jergensen, and BJ Baldwin took on defending series champions Kevin Thompson and Harley Letner driving the Concrete Motorsports #1 Trick Truck. Thompson/Letner are really on a roll coming off a super strong 2020 race season and having won the series-opening BlueWater Parker 425 Presented by Jimco overall. These teams will be close in points for the overall Best In The Desert championship which means the Maxxis Tires “Casey Folks” Vegas to Reno Presented by Fox will be critical. In the end, the Concrete Motorsports team Thompson/Letner took full advantage of their front start position, building a small lead off the start and racing a smart, calculated race to hold off the challenges of Jergensen and Householder and finishing in 4:42:20, which was also the top overall time of all the classes. Jergensen finished in 4:44:03 and Householder in 4:46:27, respectively. All the Car/Truck classes saw tight finishes and exciting racing on one of the most unique and fun courses on the Best In The Desert schedule. In a truly incredible race, perennial Class 6100 threat #6153 Ray Griffith brought home the class win a mere 13 seconds in front of second-place finisher Justin Blower, with third-place racer Dustin Grabowski just 62 seconds behind Griffith on corrected time. Class 1500 saw Joe David take the overall win in 5:21:49 and Sam Berri in second place with 5:45:11. Other Car/Truck Class winners included the Preston Brigman/ Brent Fox/Daniel Brown team taking the hotly-contested Class 1000 win


Third Class 7300 Melvin Wade IV with Mel Wade, Harley Wade and Aleksander Tonkovich

in a time of 5:12:46 with Matt Rusich coming home second in 5:17:15. Not to be outdone by his brother, #5072 Troy Grabowski had a great day as well winning Class 5000 followed by Chad Radmall. Todd Walter won Class 7100, Sean Berryman took Class 7300, Jeff Harmonson in 4700, Guillermo Cervantes in Sportsman 8100, and #4505 Craig Christy Driver of Record for Class 4500 Vintage. In Class 6200 it was #6201 Nick Carolan backing up his win at the Parker 425 with another win along with #1230 Chad Hall in Class 1200 going back to back at the Jimco Racing Silver State 300. In the JeepSpeed competition the #1772 Tim Martin-led team won Class 1700 in a time of 8:03:41 while Jerry Simonson won Class 3700 in 10:33:48. All together, Jeepspeed had an impressive showing at the 2021 Jimco Racing Silver State 300. TrophyLites was won by #6054 Rick Jackson and Brian Gabriel in 9:31:51. Finally, finishing the day were the UTV Classes which saw the highest entries and most fierce competition. As usual, the UTV Pro Turbo Class set the pace for the overall UTV time. The T944 Can-Am team of Phil Blurton/Beau Judge showed why they are still the duo to beat taking home the overall UTV win in a time of 5:11:21, 13th place in the overall Car/Truck/UTV combined, followed by Ryan Piplic in 5:13:43. Third place overall went to Branden Sims in a time of 5:14:45 with Red Bull’s Mitch Guthrie Jr. finishing fourth overall in UTV Turbo. A little over three minutes separated first and third places. The UTV Unlimited Class was one of the closest races of the day. #2910 Chris Blais, who just recently switched to the Unlimited Class from the Rally Class, took home the hard-earned win in 5:27:22 over class-star Randy Raschein who was only 15 seconds behind on corrected time. Talk about close! In the UTV Pro N/A Class, #1969 JD Marsh took home the win in a time of 5:36:05 beating Kaden Wells and Austin Bolton just seconds behind who finished second and third, respectively. Bill Baker beat young Jack Olliges for the UTV Rally Class win, while Johnathan McVay won the UTV RS1 NA class over Katie Vernola.

Tensor Tire Parker 250 Class Champion Mitchell Alsup backed up his win at Parker 250 with another win at the Jimco Racing Silver State 300 in the UTV Pro Open class. The UTV Sportsman Class was won by Darren Dryer and the UTV Pure Stock Class T won by #B918 Daniel Cooke and Pure Stock by Kawasaki UTV Racer #D955 Ryan Fuller. “We couldn’t have asked for a better day of racing or a more flawless implementation of the actual competition,” said Best In The Desert CMO Bryan Folks. “Everything went like clockwork. Most of all, we are happy to report no major injuries or incidents out in the field. Based on the smiles and overall atmosphere at the finish line I think the event was everything we hoped it would be. A big thank you to our staff and volunteers.” “It’s great to see when all your hard work and effort comes off just as you planned,” commented Best In The Desert Race Operations Mgr. Jeff Phillips. “We had a great turn-out with some really close racing all day. It’s clear the Silver State 300 race course is a favorite based on all the positive comments we received. I want to especially thank my staff and all the volunteers that came out to make it possible for our racers to do what they love best. The pre-event festivities combined with the fact we held our first post-race awards ceremony on Sunday in over a year are all signs we are getting back to normal. Thank you to everyone who supported our event and especially Robbie Pierce and Jimco Racing for stepping up as Title Sponsor of the event.”

Thomas Reck, second Quad Ironman Expert

First Class 1700 Tim Martin with Tony Martin and Cameron Avery from Perry UT

Glenn Scherer with Derik Staley finished third Class E 1000 - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


ZR Promo Copa Jeep Autoproductos 2021 March 28, 2021 Mexicali Baja México Photos by Antonio Welmori, Dulce Renee and Dany Montaño - Triplets Media

Nicolas Velez won on his Suzuki DRZ400 in the MC Open Novice class


Juan Manuel Valencia finished fifth in the Expert class M/C Open Pro: 1. #P2 Brandon Prieto (29), Ensenada B.C. 2. #P19 Manuel Antonio Gómez Jr. (17) 3. #P10 Mauri Herrera (22), Ensenada B.C. 4. #P827 Brian Wipperman, Ensenada B.C. 5. #P11 José Manuel Ochoa (50), Mexicali B.C. ´15 Kawasaki KX450F M/C Open Exert: 1. #E15 Javier Ivann Ochoa Castro (22), Tecate B.C. 2. #E69 Brayan Avalos (19), Palm Springs Ca 3. #E137 Cesar Morales (24), Camalú B.C. 4. #E57 Esteban Patrón (16), Tijuana B.C. 5. #E85 Juan Manuel Valencia (34), Mexicali B.C. M/C Open +30 1. #v730 Francisco Septien (44), Ensenada B.C. 2. #v57 Rodolfo Patrón (40), Tijuana B.C. 3. #v119 Manuel Antonio Gómez Sr. (35), Tecate B.C. 4. #v17 Jorge García Ríos (33), Tecate B.C. 5. # v117 Michel Valenzuela (32), Mexicali B.C. M/C Open +40 1. #s312 Felipe Vélez (40), San Felipe B.C. 2. #s427 Guillermo De La Herrán (45), Tijuana B.C. 3. #s3 Humberto Valle (40), Tecate B.C. 4. #s4 Christian Espinoza (44), Mexicali B.C. 5. #s506 Julio

Local rider Jesus Osuna finished third in class on his TRX450

Roberto Villalobos finished first overall quad

Ery Sandoval finished second in the Expert quad class Continued next page - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


A battle in the Quad Novice class Ramos (51), Mexicali B.C. M/C Open +50: 1. #M11 Francisco Landeros (50), Ensenada B.C. 2. #M8 Carlos Valdez (54), Tijuana B.C. M/C Open Novice: 1. #E1 Nicolás Vélez (13), San Felipe B.C. 2. #N112 Dilan Avalos (14), Palm Springs Ca. 3. #N48 Juan Carlos Almanza (41), San Ignacio B.C. S. 4. #N221 Luis Beltrán (28), Mexicali B.C. 5. #N45 Pablo Esteban Bustamante (17), Mexicali B.C. WOMEN: 1. #30 Alexia Valle (19), Tecate B.C. QUAD PRO: 1. #Q18 Roberto Villalobos (30), Tecate B.C. 2. #Q1 José Luis Meza Vélez (24), San Felipe B.C. 3. #Q6 Jesús Osuna (18), Mexicali B.C. Honda TRX450R 4. #Q17 Abraham Romero Lepiz (39), Tijuana B.C. 5. #Q8 Sergio Marentes (28), Tijuana B.C. QUAD EXPERT 1. #Q20 Nicolás Vélez (14), San Felipe B.C. 2. #Q22 Ery Sandoval (21), El Centro Ca. 3. #Q26 Imanol Gómez (16), Mexicali B.C. 4. #Q45 Joel Rubalcava Gómez (28), San Luis R.C. Sonora 5. #Q32 Andrés Pak (18), Mexicali B.C. QUAD +30 1. #371 Carlos Servando López Martínez (49), San Felipe B.C. 2. #301 Erick Farías (32), San Felipe B.C. 3. #309 Gilberto Velazco (30), Mexicali B.C. 4. #358 David Guerrero (31), Tijuana B.C. 5. #343 Raudel Coronel (47), Mexicali B.C. QUAD +40: 1. #415 Felipe Vélez (40), San Felipe B.C. 2. #403 Gilberto Pérez Sr. (40), Mexicali B.C. 3. #410 Juan González

Roberto Villalobos, first overall Quad 88

Dzrt Crew rider Jesus Navarro on the gas in the Senior class (41), Tijuana B.C. 4. #423 Cristóbal Quezada (47), Tijuana B.C. 5. #425 Carlos Valencia, San Diego Ca QUAD +50: 1. #501 Daniel Gaytán (50), Heber Ca. 2. #506 Domingo Márquez, Mexicali B.C. 3. #503 Saúl Díaz (52), Mexicali B.C. QUAD NOVICE: 1. #Q54 Dionisio Zavala (13) 2. #Q55 Christian Eduardo Rojas Hdz. (15), Mexicali B.C. 3. #134 Brunny Murillo 4. #Q92 Luis René Villa Pedroza (16), Ensenada B.C. 5. #Q67 Adrián Wallace, San Quintín B.C. QUAD WOMEN: 1. #Q57 Fernanda Gissel (19), Mexicali B.C

Brayan Avalos second in the Open Expert class on his E Honda 450RX

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AMA District 38 with Hilltoppers MC

Grand Prix APRIL 10-11, 2021 Twentynine Palms CA JuddNeves.NothingButDirt. RacingPhotography/

From AMA District 37 Jody Sanders riding with Joe DesRosiers in the sidecar, finished first Sidecar at the AMA D37/D38 combined Grand Prix

90 90


Photos by Judd Neves Nothing But Dirt Racing Photography


91 91

Jessica Engen 1st Overall Women's ATV DISTRICT 38 RESULTS ONLY Seniors 40+ 1. Kyle Hearold 2. Andy Vance 3. Richard Ham 4. Justin McNeil 5. Joseph Moore Quad Open 1. Donald Franc 2. Ramiro Mercado 3. Clinton Guidry 4. Zach Winkelman Quad Vet 1. Casey Lizaola 2. Anthony DeMars 3. Steve Kerchner Quad Senior 1. Eric Hartell Quad Women 1. Jessica Engen 2. Chyrisma Isom 3. Sandy Flores 4. Rachael Weaver 60+ 1. Mark Zela 2. Mike Cuff Women 1. Jasmaine Jennings 2. Kristin Baxter Vets 30+ 1. Dustin Slade 2. Joe Saelens 3. Juan Miranda 4. David Valley 5. Rusty Sexton 50+ 1. Robbie Pippin 2. Pete Andrassy 3. Joe Bohlen 4. Eric Carnes 5. Jack Northcutt 251cc-Open 1. Justin Kemmamer 2. Kole Parker 3. Logan Green 4. AJ Motta 5. Cameron Kinear 201-250cc 1. Chad Goodsell 2. Cooper Shira 3. Noah Clevenger 4. Dale Fenton 5. Andrew Hendrix 98-200cc 1. Matthew Savoy 2. Connor Belew


Joe Saelens, second Vet 30+



Evan Kleen, sixth Vet 30+ Dustin Slade, first Vet 30+

Noah Clevenger, third 201-250cc

Eric Carnes, fourth 50+

Joe Bohlen, third 50+

Shelli Funk in her first desert race did a fantastic job with some difficult circumstances that cropped up.

Donny Franc 1st Overall ATV and 1st Quad Open 94


Jack Northcutt, fifth 50+


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Stay current by following our social media channels on Facebook @americansandassociation, Instagram @asasandassoc and YouTube @asasandassoc


For over 20 years we’ve been fighting hard to protect your right to recreate on public lands!


To date, the ASA has spent $2,000,000 dollars on education, legal and biological expenses.


We are currently fighting for access to the dunes from the trails east of the tracks.


Actively working on a solution to get access to Patton Valley from the Sand Highway.

The primary objective of the American Sand Association is to “UNITE, INFORM, and MOBILIZE” the sand duning community to protect your right to recreate on public lands. - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


New to Chiropractic?


ello Off Road Readers! I've had a lot of new folks come into my office in this last month. I generally ask all my new patients if they have ever had chiropractic care before? If yes, I ask them how long it's been since they saw a DC? Many have never been to a DC before, all walks and ages. Some have been before but it has been years since they last went in for a treatment. Just as a dentist would ask you as a new patient because the dentist wants to know your treatment history. If they had prior DC treatments before, I ask them how they responded to the treatment? Much of it is good. However, some folks will tell me they did not make much progress. Then I ask how the chiropractor treated them? Did the DC use his hands to adjust them? Or did the DC use a "clicker gun" or some other mechanical type of treatment that was not a "by hand" adjustment? While these types of treatment will help some folks, I hear many that complain they felt it did not do anything for them. Same can be said about any other form of treatment. Some drugs worked, some did not. Some physical therapy worked, some did not. Same with diets, acupuncture, etc. Not any one type of treatment will always have good results for everyone, even with the same issue or condition. One thing I do hear a lot is that the person was looking for a DC who does adjust the spine by hand. And that is the way I treat folks 95% of the time. It's almost hard to find DC's that adjust by hand the old fashioned way. Seems nearly a lost art. But that is where I see my good results and most folks are thrilled with this traditional form of treatment. Research also points out that it is the most effective for many patients. You actually hear the releasing of pressure in the joints with the classic "popping" sound that is associated with this type of chiropractic treatment. This actually resets the joints so they can move better and have better alignment when possible. Again, to be fair to all DC's, not one type of treatment is the best or will work for every person. Generally in my opinion, if you have had five to ten treatments over two to three weeks, you should notice some improvement in your condition with less pain and stiffness, less or no medication and increased range of motion in the area of concern. You should start to feel better. Then you know perhaps you are on the right track. If not, you should consider at least getting a second opinion and/or trying another type of treatment. No improvement at all should not only raise a red flag for the patient but for the doctor as well. Get another X-Ray, recheck, get an MRI or a CAT of the area. But to keep doing the same thing with no results after that


course of treatment is most likely not going to be helpful. And it could be costly. The other complaint I often hear from new patients is that the chiropractor tried to or did, sign them up for 40 to 60 treatments in advance. As if they knew exactly how many treatments it would take to cure their condition? Pressure is applied like a used car salesman (no offense) to buy treatments in advance for a discount. While some severe chronic conditions may warrant such treatments, it's often better to see if you even respond to the first few weeks of treatment. Many DC's have taken a marketing and treatment approach that is similar to what an orthodontist may recommend to straighten a person's teeth over a year or more. So, they want to get you committed to treatment ahead of time. Nothing wrong with this and in fact it may keep patients from dropping out of treatment too early when it is going to help them. But people tell me they do not like all the pressure of that sort nor do they like having to wait a few days for their first treatment after the initial visit to the chiropractor. Then they are given a report that tells them everything the DC found during their initial examination and on the X-Rays. This is intended to educate the new patient about their condition and how chiropractic care can help them. I'm fine with all that but it's just not my cup of tea. I generally treat patients the day they first come in, only take X-Rays when I need to take them and just give the patient a few weeks to respond to treatments to see how they do. No pressure. Patients seem to like that and are refreshed that I'm not trying to sell them 60 treatments. But, that is just me. Once folks feel progress with treatments, then I tell them we really need to follow through with what is working for best results. Some chiropractic clinics also use various types of physical therapies to help and go along with the chiropractic treatments. I have found this to be very helpful in resolving many conditions. Treatments of ultrasound and/or electrical muscle stimulation can often work wonders and speed up the recovery process. After a person is pain free and has full or best range of motion or their condition has completely resolved, then I recommend about a one time per month or so tune-up treatment to maintain the gains made and or just stay pain free, healthy and flexible as possible. This also can help folks stay off medication they would otherwise need daily to stay pain free, just as a dentist would recommend that you come in one or two times per year for a check up and cleaning. It's an "ounce of prevention" so to speak. Again, not any one type of chiropractic technique will work for everyone so just be aware that there are different approaches and do not get discouraged if one DC did not work for you or you were not comfortable with their recommendations. Try a different approach, get a second opinion, if it's not working. Dr. Gary DeForest is a San Diego based Chiropractor of 36 years in practice with his clinic in Mission Valley. He is always happy to talk to you concerning any health issues. He can be reached at 619-291-2462, clinic. Or e-mail at deforest192@ or


www.ksurplus. com

www. kingshocks. com jpdesigns1/?hl=en

https://www.industrial-bolts. net/bolts-4-u/ - JUNE 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


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