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08 | Sherri's Turn

You can never go wrong with tools for Christmas

10 | Dirtbits

Racers 4 Kids, NORRA Updates & Rebelle Rally

16 | ASA News

Official news from the American Sand Association

18 | Coming Events For every type of off road vehicle


Round 6, the Finale at Johnson Valley CA

68 | I-8 Dezert Racers Monster Mash AMA District 38 desert racing

76 | SCFTA Flat Track Rounds 10 and 11 of the SCFTA series

82 | CALVMX/Top Gun Series Flat Track Round 6 of the 7 round CALVMX series

24 | Dr. De Forest's Off Road Health Tips

88 | Great American Shortcourse

26 | Stuck!

94 | Battle at Primm

Carpal tunnel syndrome hits home

Readers' worst off road moments

Powered by Optima Batteries

Presented by SNORE Racing

38 | Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers HumpNBump They know how to throw an event!

44 | Lake Powell UTV Fest Off roading with UTVAdventures.com

50 | The Endangered Off Roader San Diego Off Road Coalition News

52 | Bike Shop

Multi-tasking and the motorcycle rider

54 | Blast from the Past

Parker 400 and Fireworks 250 with Trackside Photo

56 | 4x4 Coach

Behind the scenes at Badlands Off Road Adventures

98 | Classifieds Free off road photo classifieds 6

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COVER (Top) John Willard finished first overall in Class 5 Unlimited at the SNORE Racing Battle at Primm.

Photo by RNR Photos (Bottom) STUCK! is the reader feature for December where readers can now laugh at the predicaments they got in with their off road vehicles. Kicking off the feature is a photo remembering the late Carey Lincoln who passed away earlier this year. Submitted by his wife Louisa Lincoln, Brawley CA.

CONTENTS UTV Sportsman Class #474 Rick Coffman walked away from this wild crash at an AMA District 38 desert race. See page 70 for the photo series. Photo by Judd Neves Nothing But Dirt Photography

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Merry Christmas

=== met the guy-in-the-garage during the

night's episode but out of the corner of my eye I was closely watching which tool set he was the most interested in. I made $1.75 an hour and knew I'd have to devote more than one paycheck to buy him the tools he was longing for. When the time came to place my order I settled on the 45-piece set that included a tool box. The $50 price tag was about all I could afford, although there were plenty other larger kits I would have preferred. I remember the disappointment when I went to the catalog department to pick up my order and discovered the tool box it said it came with was plastic not metal. However that plastic tool box, complete with tools inside, including a reversible ratchet, was definitely a hit and by the following Christmas we were married. Not sure what I gave him that year since now instead of just using our paychecks to have fun, we had to stretch our wages to cover electricity, food, gas and rent. We skipped a phone and insurance. We had to have some money to play around with. In the years to come we grew more confident in our ability to provide for ourselves, and Christmas gifts included a

welding helmet, state-of-the-art (for the 1970's) motorcycle stand complete with work bench, and eventually even a dune buggy. At $400, that one Christmas, I thought we were just about breaking the bank. But that purchase provided months of fun for both of us. I'd like to say it provided years of fun, but it wasn't long before he was on to bigger, better, faster in the buggy department. Even though it wasn't even Christmas, he plunked down the money for a new frame and set out to build us a brand new buggy, made to order to his specifications. We soon discovered some other ways to celebrate Christmas and take extra joy in giving when for several years we adopted a family through the Salvation Army. Some of our readers from the 1980s may remember taking part in that gift giving adventure along with us. Later, as our family grew, Christmas was all the more fun as we shopped for the kids. Bicycles and G.I. Joes, riding gear, books, puzzles, movies and more. The kids always knew what to get Dad for Christmas. Tools, tools and more tools. And so the collection continued to grow far exceeding the original 45-piece tool set, most of which he still has and the projects fairly flew in and out of the garage. Once he started restoring motorcycles a decade or two ago, for himself and others, a whole new way of shopping for parts had become available. The internet. Some days it feels like Christmas all year long as delivery men from far and wide bring parts for the projects. In fact, that's how I let him know a new shipment has arrived. "It's Christmas!" I tell him no matter what month of the year it is. You've heard it said "Happy wife, happy life," but I find that I actually operate on the reverse theory. If the guy-in-the-garage (and others around me) have a happy life, then, yes, Virginia, there is a happy wife. E

spring of my 16th year. By Christmas I knew the way to this guy's heart was not through his stomach. He was 18 and had to rely on using his dad's tools to do what he's been doing since I met him in 1973. Working on motorcycles. Taking them apart. Putting them back together. After the honeymoon period of our early dating days, we mostly hung out at my house watching TV in the evenings. Old re-runs of Perry Mason would be on the set and he'd sit on the couch with the Sears catalog in his lap opened to the tool section. That catalog was dog-eared on every Craftsman page by the time Christmas rolled around. I knew very quickly what it would take to win this guy's heart forever more. I really would have preferred getting this tool set for him way I mostly back in our early days, but at $1.75 an hour that just wasn’t pretended to be trying going to happen. But as it turns out the 45-piece one did the to figure out who the job quite nicely. killer was on that 8

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DECEMBER 2021 | VOL. 40 • NO. 3

SINCE 1982

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2021 Racers 4 Kids Fundraiser his year was the 10th Annual Racers


4 Kids/Bikini Bay Bar Fundraiser benefiting the Laughlin Metro Santa Cops program and other kids programs. During this year’s event we were able to raise $20,006 that was donated to the programs to help the kids from the Laughlin, Searchlight and CAL/NV/ ARI communities. Because of the great companies involved each year we have been able to raise and donate back to the Laughlin Communities a total of $111,310 to date. We can’t thank the Off-road Racing Community enough for helping us give these under privileged children a chance to experience a true Christmas Miracle. I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that donated and attended the fundraiser and to Best in the Desert for being such a great partner in helping us make sure that we give these kids a Christmas. #SDHQ, #BITD, #BikiniBayBar, #F&LFuel, #kingshocks, #dbgjaime, #RuggedRadios, #tufftoolbags, #hostyleracing, #4WheelParts, #5150whips, #metroprintnevada, #rhfabndevelopment, #menziesmotorsports, #bulletproofdiesel, #shocktherapyllc, #bajaboundadventures, #mike&kayosborn, #G1products, #zbrozracing, #fullthrottlebattery, 10

#fushionoffroad, #trmartisticmetalcreations, #rigidlights, #funny’svp, #usactiontrax, #shadyrays, #rhinousa, #pciradios, #diodedynamics, #racedezert, #gglighting, #riversideresort, #heatwavevisual, #howeperformancepowersteering, #cookshack, #mrtmotoracetirew, #jeepspeed, #desertvetsracing, #visionwheel

on the adventure of a lifetime all over the majestic Baja Mexico Peninsula. The amazing people, spectacular scenery, and rich culture of Baja are on full display, and there is no better way to fully immerse one’s self in it than while on a bike. You don’t just see the landscape going by, you

NORRA Updates Bike Competitor Rules for 2022 ORRA will be changing the


bike competitor rules for 2022. NORRA Honors the Past while Forging the Future. Our events take you

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

Dirtbits continued on next page

Dirtbits continued on next page www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE




Continued From Previous Page feel it, smell it, and absorb it into your soul. NORRA events allow plenty of high speed adrenaline, but the rally format makes our events a mental challenge as well as the physical demands. In order to level the playing field, all bikes will use the same navigation aids. Some riders were using GPS, Leadnav, etc., while others were using the road book. Download the rules update here: http:// www.norra.com/rules_current.php Beginning at the Yokohama Mexican 1000 in 2022, all moto entries are required to have an 8" motorized road book holder and a rally tripmeter (odometer with compass), for navigation. This will be the only means of navigation for the moto routes. NORRA will no longer provide GPS trails of the Moto routes. Moto entries are allowed to carry a GPS in a backpack but not mounted on the bike. The GPS is for emergency use to find the nearest route to the highway, not for rally navigation. Additionally, the moto will be required to run a NORRA supplied tracking device, 12

typically a Stella mounted such that it can also be viewed while riding. NORRA is working with the Rally Moto Shop www.rallymotoshop.com to help riders outfit their bikes with solid, dependable gear that meets the new requirements. There are several options available (f2r RB730, f2r RB850, Migtec, ICO MAX or RNS GFX), that will work on most any bike. NORRA and Rally Moto Shop can answer any mounting questions that may come up. We are also organizing some training sessions (in several locations), so that riders who are new to road book navigation can familiarize themselves with

the operation of the equipment and master the necessary skills before using them in competition. We will have more information on the training sessions as soon as the details are finalized. The very first bike competitors to challenge Baja were rugged individuals who had very little more than guts, and a sense of adventure. NORRA aims to pay homage to that concept by using a simple form of navigation at our events. It may create a learning curve for some, but once familiar with the workings we think it will only add to the fun and challenge. It will expand each

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

https://www.instagram.com/ jpdesigns1/?hl=en

rider’s abilities to match those who compete on a global level. For more information about NORRA events visit www.norra.com

2021 Rebelle Rally Recap he sixth edition of the Rebelle


Rally was the biggest yet with more teams, more kilometers covered, and more checkpoints (CPs) than ever before. The eight-day rally started on the iconic Hoover Dam and worked its way through 2,275 kilometers of remote Nevada and California desert terrain in search of 190 CPs. With Tech Inspection held the Arizona side of the dam, the 2021 Rebelle was a three-state rally for the first time ever, but continues to be the longest competitive off-road navigation rally in the United States. The rally went north to Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark and even travelled through breathtaking Titus Canyon in Death Valley National Park, a first for any organized competition. After withstanding a sandstorm with gusts up to 100 mph, the rally returned to the shores of the Colorado River before culminating at the Imperial Sand Dunes (aka Glamis). The 2021 Rebelle saw the largest field of competitors to date, with 52 total entries across two classes - 4×4 and X-Cross™. This year there were 42 4×4 entries which are defined as four-wheel drive with a two-speed transfer case and ten

X-Cross™ vehicles from the popular AWD and Crossover SUV segment. In addition to the two classes, there are special designations for Bone Stock, Rookie of the

Year, International Cup, Team Spirit, and Electrified.

Dirtbits continued on next page

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that inspire them and share their images and unique stories. The goal is to help their service members process who they were as a person before they left, with who they are as a returning veteran. Team CanToy Divas – #144 (Sue Chapin/Liza Tough) took home the International Cup for the second year in a row after coming all the way from Canada to compete in the Rebelle Rally. Winners of the International Cup have $2,500 donated to the charity of their choice, with the CanToy Divas choosing the Kelowna Women’s Shelter this year. The Kelowna Women’s Shelter provides individualized domestic abuse


Continued From Previous Page New last year with only two entries as a proof of concept, this year the Electrified designation had seven entries, with Jeep Wrangler 4xe models placing first and second in the 4x4 Class. The Electrified entries this year included not only three Wrangler 4xe vehicles but also a Rivian R1T, Volkswagen ID.4, and two Kia Sorento PHEVs. The vehicles were charged on the rally via hydrogen power supplied by Renewable Innovations’ Mobile Energy Command. In addition to the above OEM entries, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Porsche, and Toyota all fielded factory efforts at the 2021 Rebelle Rally. While Jeep swept the podium in the 4x4 Class, Team #202 Ford Performance (Cora Jokinen / Melissa Fischer) won the X-Cross™ Class, earning them a free entry in the 2022 Rebelle Rally for their efforts. Team #202 edged out the KIA Sorento PHEVs of Team #206 Giggle Watts (Verena Mei / Tana White) and Team #205 Watt Girl Summer (Sabrina Howells / Alyssa Roenigk), who finished second and third respectively in the final standings in the X-Cross™ Class. The evening ended with a six-course meal by Drew Deckman and his staff delighting competitors’ taste buds with Baja oysters, fresh sashimi, rabbit, goat, and more during the award ceremony, presented by Jeep. The final award of the event was the Team Spirit Award, co14

presented by Rebelle Impact and Jackie Hickman of Rebelle partner Scrubblade. Voted on by the competitors and course staff, this year the prize went to Team #145 Fast n’ Curious (Kristian Vockler / Andrea Shaffer) who battled electrical issues all week long but never let it dampen their spirits, or their ability to reach checkpoints (CPs). This year there were 17 team nominations for the award, more than any previous year and signaling the great sense of camaraderie in this year’s edition. The Team Spirit Award winner receives $5,000 in their name to the charity of their choice, with Team #145 choosing Record the Journey as the recipient. Record the Journey provides outdoor photography adventures to military veterans and their families. Participants capture moments

support, domestic abuse education, shelter, and basic needs including food and personal items, to women and children leaving abuse and violence. Capped at 52 total teams, the 2021 Rebelle Rally saw a record number of entries. 2022 registration is now open with competition dates of October 6th15th, 2022. If you don’t want to be left out, sign up now at www.rebellerally.com. Adventure awaits. E

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



The American Sand Association's primary objective is to "UNITE, INFORM and MOBILIZE" the sand duning community to protect the right to ride on all public lands in a responsible, environmentally balanced manner.

Glamis Black Bag Project W

hat we now know as, the Glamis Black Bag Project (GBBP) has grown beyond what we had ever intended it to be. As with other things in our life, we wanted to make a difference, so one day after a holiday weekend in Glamis when we saw an abundance of trash that was left behind by others, we decided that day to clean up the trash because it felt personal; it is literally our front and back yard. My wife Jenn and I grabbed some black trash bags and got to cleaning, first Vendor Row and then the flats behind. We decided to clean up the dunes every Monday after the weekend because we live here and we had time so, why not; that’s when the GBBP craze was born. With a bit of word-of-mouth, our project spread to Olds, Comp Hill and into the washes. We then reached out to our many friends in the industry who have a good reach into the community and asked if they would like to assist us in promoting cleanliness and keeping Glamis beautiful. It has blossomed from there. We started receiving donations of trash bags, buckets and gloves and then, most importantly volunteers started to show up. Then we started to receive swag, such as shirts, hats and stickers that we were told to


give to whomever brings you a bag of “dune trash.” That’s when we knew we were on the right track! We coined the term “Bags for Swag” and reached out to our community on social media to promote the project and before we knew it, we had more and more people bringing us trash and receiving instant rewards for their efforts. We now have a lot of companies who support the project with a variety of items, small to large, and this allows us to reward volunteers even more. The GBBP doesn’t only focus on trash, we support the entire community including the ASA and Bureau of Land Management whose efforts are to keep Glamis safe, clean, beautiful and most importantly OPEN for us all, for many years to come. We work with these organizations to encourage the off-road community to be better and do better. GBBP has become a tight community, we are family and with the support of everyone who visits our sand dunes we can keep this place one of the greatest places for OHV recreation in the continental United States. We give many thanks to those that have and continue to support GBBP and the ASA and encourage all to #KeepGlamisBeautiful. E

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951-699-6922 “Specializing in Hand-Crafted Vehicles” Long-Travel Buggies Ultra 4 x 4’s & Jeeps Off-Road Trucks

Repair Facility Tube Bending Mig/Tig Welding

Sheet Metal Wiring Performance Parts

“THE ONLY FAB SHOP YOU’LL EVER NEED” www.rawmotorsports .com 42065 Zevo Drive #16 Temecula, CA 92590


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AMRA ARIZONA MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ASSOCIATION www.amraracing.com Motorcycle Racing Dec 12 - Hare Scramble, Peoria AZ


Feb 4-6, 2022 - Hare Scrambles, Laughlin NV MC/Quad May 4-7, 2022 - Baja Nevada, Cars/ Trucks/UTV/MC/Quad Jun 23-26, 2022 - Virginia City to Tonopah NV, Cars/Trucks/UTV/MC/ Quad Sept 8-11, 2022 - Stateline Shootout, Primm NV, Cars/Trucks/UTV Oct 7-9, 2022 - Dirt Rebelution, Cedar City UT MC/Quad/UTV Nov 10-13, 2022 - Battleground, Jean NV, Cars/Trucks/MC/Quad/UTV


M.O.R.E. www.moreracing.net Cars, Trucks and UTVs

BEST IN THE DESERT www.bitd.com Tentative 2022 BITD Schedule Jan 6-8, 2022 - Parker 250 UTV/MC/Quad Jan 9, 2022 - Parker 425 Pre-Run Jan 20-23, 2022 - Parker 425 Car/Truck Feb 17-20, 2022 - UTV Legends Championship, Laughlin NV UTV/MC/ Quad Mar 17-20, 2022 - Adelanto Grand Prix, Adelanto CA MC Apr 28-30, 2022 - Silver State 300, Alamo NV Car/Truck/UTV/MC/Quad Aug 10-13, 2022 - Vegas to Reno, Car/Truck/UTV/MC/Quad Sept 22-25, 2022 - Battle Born 200, Ely NV, Car/Truck/UTV/MC/Quad Oct 20-23, 2022 - Laughlin Desert Classic, Laughlin NV, Car/Truck Nov 4-6, 2022 - World Hare & Hound, Tonopah NV, MC/Quad/UTV

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SADR - Southern Arizona Desert Racing 520-747-0490 www.racesadr.com Dec 3-4 - Cholla 250



RECORD OFF ROAD www.recordoffroad.com Dec 10-12 - San Felipe 250 SCORE www.score-international.com Mar 29-Apr 3, 2022 - 35th San Felipe 250, San Felipe, Mexico Jun 1-5, 2022 - 54th Baja 500, Ensenada Sept 13-18, 2022 - 3rd Baja 400, Ensenada Nov 15-20, 2022 - 55th Baja 1000, Ensenada SNORE www.snoreracing.net Dec 9-12 - McKenzie's Rage at the River, Laughin NV

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Glen Helen Raceway, Devore CA www.glenhelen.com SRA GP - Dec 5

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LACR MX, Palmdale CA www.lacr.mx


MORONGO BASIN SEARCH & RESCUE - www.desertrun.org

ARIZONA OFF ROAD PROMOTIONS www.arizonaoffroadpromotions.com Dec 18 - Canyon Christmas GP and Team Race, Peoria AZ

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www. kingshocks. com

www.ceetracing.com www.factoryresole.com

COMING EVENTS Continued Quad/SXS - tentative for 2022 Jan 14-16 - Round 1, Primm NV Feb 11-13 - Round 2, Devore CA Mar 4-6 - Round 3, Lake Havasu City AZ Apr 1-3 - Round 4, Taft CA Apr 29-May 1 - Round 5, Las Vegas NV May 22-22 - Round 6, Cedar City UT Sept 9-11 - Rounds 7/8, Preston ID Oct 7-9 - Round 9, Mesquite NV Nov 4-6 - Round 10, Primm NV OFF ROAD RALLY SONORA RALLY www.sonorarally.com Mar 14-18, 2022 - Sonora Rally, Sonora, Mexico OFF ROAD SHOWS OFF ROAD EXPO www.offroadexpo.com Oct 1-2, 2022 - Off Road Expo, Fairplex, Pomona CA OFF ROAD NIGHTS www.ornscene.com


SAND SPORTS SUPER SHOW www.sandsports supershow.com Sept 16-18, 2022 - Sand Sports Super Show, Costa Mesa CA ROCK CRAWLING DIRT RIOT ENDURANCE RACING www.werocklive.com Western Series Feb 26-27, 2022 - West 1, Bagdad AZ Apr 30-May 1, 2022 - West 2, Cedar City UT Jul 9-10, 2022 - West 3, Rangely CO Aug 6-7, 2022 - West 4, Goldendale WA Eastern Series Mar 26-27, 2022 - East 1, Mason TX May 14-15, 2022 - East 2, Mapleton KS Jun 18-19, 2022 - East 3, Glencoe OK Jul 22-23, 2022 - East 4, Dayton TN NOR CAL ROCK RACING www.norcalrockracing.com ULTRA 4 RACING www.ultra4racing.com Jan 27 - Feb 5, 2022 - King of the Hammers, Johnson Valley CA

Western Regional Series Apr 15-17, 2022 - Utah Motorsports Complex, Tooele UT May 20-22, 2022 - El Rey de Las Bajas, Baja, Mexico Jul 1-3, 2022 - Southern California, TBD Northern Regional Series Jun 17-19, 2022 - Big Sky 200 (Yorr), Billings MT Aug 5-7, 2022 - Black Hills Throwdown, Sturgis SD Sept 2-4, 2022 - The Crandon Classic, Crandon WI Eastern Regional Series Mar 25-27, 2022 - Battlein Bluegrass, Bedford KY Jun 3-5, 2022 - Teardown in Tennessee, Pittsburg TN Jul 15-17, 2022 - Visions, Jay, OK SAND DRAGS BAKO SAND DRAGS www.facebook.com/bakosanddrags ET MOTOPARK www.etmotopark.com Apache Junction AZ SOCAL SAND DRAGS www.socalsanddrags.com

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Dec 26 - Race 11, Race of Champions, Casa Grande AZ CALVMX www.calvmx.net



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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


ello there Off Road Readers! After a bit of a writer's block sabbatical, I'm back in the writer's seat now. In this month's Health Column I lay out the information I have on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ( CTS). Often associated with hand and finger numbness (which can be worse at night), hand weakness, dropping things, difficulty using hand and power tools, a computer mouse, grasping things in general, even a fork, and throbbing pain in the wrist area which can cause loss of sleep. CTS can be and often is debilitating for many folks. I was at the point that I could not grip anything, not my handlebars or even a fork without severe numbness or pain within a minute! Causes of CTS are vast: Repetitive trauma, overuse, like years at a computer mouse, blunt trauma, power tools with lots of grip/vibration, being a Chiropractor for years that adjusts old school by hand, motocross, dirt bike, ATV's, handlebars, falling on wrists over and over in various sports and many more. While I've preached and written about conservative treatments many times in the past for hand numbness, weakness and wrist pain, at a certain point, even the "Chiro Caves In." I'll maintain my points that should be tried before surgery is considered with CTS. Those points include making sure, through your DC, MD, Neurologist (MD Nerve Doctor), that indeed, your wrist, hand and forearm symptoms are NOT coming from your neck or elbow area. Certain orthopedic or neurological tests can confirm or rule out that the symptoms are not coming from irritated nerves in the neck or elbow. One of the most important and accurate is the Nerve Velocity Conduction Test (NVC). This is generally done by a Neurologist. It uses small contact electrodes to shoot a current from your neck/shoulder area to your elbow, hands, and fingers. If the velocity of the current reveals poor conduction the doctor can pinpoint where the current is impeded, or shorting out, if you will. While many other tests can indicate you MAY have CTS, they are not conclusive. The NVC Test is very conclusive. You do not have to have pain at your wrist to have CTS.


It is still best, in my opinion, to rule out that the numbness in your hands is not coming from your neck or elbow before you consider any surgery. But if it is confirmed to be CTS, this is a pinching of nerves and arteries that flow through the narrow carpal tunnel in the wrist made up of the carpal bones in the area with a thick band of tissue that goes over the top of the tunnel. The tunnel can build up scar tissue over time or after blunt trauma. The scar tissue actually builds up and pinches the median nerve and artery that flow through that tunnel in the carpal bones. An MRI scan can also help confirm CTS, as the MRI scan can allow the doctor to see the soft tissues as well as the bone. An X-Ray only shows bone. In an attempt to relieve the pressure in the carpal tunnel, the surgeon cuts the superficial band of tissue to make more room and decrease pressure on the nerve and artery. This can be done locally or under general anesthesia. The surgeon may also clear out built up scar tissue in the tunnel itself. Recovery without any complications, can vary from a few weeks to a few months. It depends on the severity of the condition and other factors including not overdoing it post surgery and following proper doctor's recommendations. My own NVC Test revealed 50% loss of nerve conduction through my wrists at the CT. At that point I caved in after getting surgery costs squared away. I tried to come back to my own clinic and adjust patients, with the stitches still in my wrist and tore two of them through the skin. Please do not do that sort thing. It hurts and delays recovery. I then waited a full two weeks more after the stitches were removed. You do not want to re-injure the wrist while trying to recover. Yes, I've seen guys go back to work within a week after the CTS surgery. I would not recommend that for anyone. Let it heal properly. The main thing I noticed post surgery is that I was clear in the head after the general anesthesia. I had not had a good night's sleep in over a year due to pain and numbness waking me up or not even letting me get to sleep almost every night. This had been catching up with me and I was getting a very cranky attitude. No wonder Michael Jackson died of that drug (Propofol) they use to help folks sleep and for anesthesia. He had unlimited access to it

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

on demand. Too bad, it killed the guy. After about a week, I noticed my right hand that got the CTS surgery was still very sore to try to use but it was not keeping me up all night with throbbing numbness. This is fantastic after dealing with it every night for over a year now. At the two month post surgery point my wrist/hand was about 70% of normal. However, as I waited so long to get the surgery, my case was "very severe" according to the surgeon. In fact he told me he was surprised I could sleep, walk or even talk prior to the surgery. I also had three Trigger Finger releases as well with the CTS surgery which makes for a longer recovery. But then again, the stubborn chiropractor tries everything but surgery first in a non-medical emergency situation, ha! Well, of course my left hand is scheduled for the same procedures in mid December. It needs it and is the one going numb at night or pecking on this computer. But this should allow me to try to run a 1970 CZ with ancient suspension for the Lost Lizard Fun Poker Run at Superstition Mtn area for my own little Memorial Ride for longtime San Diego dirt-biker and CZ racer, Phil Hall, RIP buddy. CZ Guy Tim Vasquez is joining me. No one does desert riding much anymore on Pre-1975 machinery. Don't wait too long, if you can, to get treatments, conservative or surgery for CTS symptoms. If you wait too long your hand and finger muscles can atrophy and may not come back. Nerves are not generally "replaceable" as are other human body parts. I hope all you Off Road folks find this information helpful for the subject at hand (pun intended)! Ha!

Dr. Gary De Forest is a San Diego based sports injury chiropractor in practice for 38 years. His clinic is located in Mission Valley. Dr De Forest is always happy to speak with you about any health issues. He can be reached at his clinic at 619-291-2462 or text 619300-7717, e-mail at deforest192@yahoo.com E

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Clogged knobs! Virginia City Grand Prix was a slippery, sticky mess this year. Will it be redemption next year, or more punishment?! - Brian LaBelle, Brea CA

26 S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- DECEMBER - DECEMBER2021 2021- www.ssormag.com - www.ssormag.com


Terry Work stuck on “Yota” Canyon in Golden Valley Arizona. Rear locker shattered and broke an axle shaft. Took two days to get replacement parts.

More STUCK! photos ahead www.ssormag.com- DECEMBER - DECEMBER2021 2021- S&S - S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE 27 27 www.ssormag.com

On the way to San Juanico to set up a Checker Pit for the 1000. We took the low road, spent the night right there. Four vehicles stuck, all pulled out the next morning by a clapped out 80’s Chevy pickup with bald tires. - Greg Krasnow

Krawling for K-9s event, on Trail J at Rausch Creek in PA. First time needing the winch! Bent my rear lower control arm! - Ashley I., Lebanon PA 28

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

We were out near Plaster City when we randomly met up with a friend who was looking for help to get someone else unstuck. We follow them almost to Salton Sea where we find the stuck vehicle. After getting them free I look at where they were stuck and decide that with help already here I'll go ahead and give it a go . . . I didn't make it, I just got stuck further. That back tire that's almost submerged is a 35. - Brian Masters

After hitting a rock we found ourselves stranded in the middle of Truckhaven. Thanks to the efforts of family and strangers we limped our way out! - Charla Stewart, Brawley CA

More STUCK! photos ahead www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Stuck going up a steep sand hill next to the Colorado River in Ehrenberg AZ. Backing down was not an option, we had to winch out!!! - Bryan Jacobson, Placentia CA

More STUCK! photos ahead 30 S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- DECEMBER - DECEMBER2021 2021- www.ssormag.com - www.ssormag.com


www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


This was on our way to Julian from Ocotillo Wells. Lost both wheels on the right side of our trailer. Our ranger was loaded in the trailer. We had one spare tire, but not two. Thankfully, my brother was already in Julian and found someone at his camp ground that had a spare that would fit. - Charla Stewart, Brawley CA

One More STUCK! photo ahead 32 32 S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- -DECEMBER DECEMBER2021 2021- -www.ssormag.com www.ssormag.com


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Vinnie Barbarino from Buena Park CA temporarily stuck in Big Bear

That's it for the Stuck! 2021 special feature. Be sure to get photos if you get stuck in the coming months so you can take part in this annual special Reader Feature! Visit www.ssormag.com and sign up for the VIP list so you can take part in an upcoming feature! E 34

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E-CLIK Pro offers suspension specific patent-pending terrain modes. Pick your terrain and the system will do the rest – each mode is predictive to terrain and adaptive to driving style.


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https://www. facebook.com/ omfperformance/

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Vegas Valley 4Wheelers




ne thing I can say about The Vegas Valley 4Wheelers is they know how to throw an event! When the first night of an off-road event begins with a sweet smell of freshly made kettle corn, I know I'm going to love it! That's how the Vegas Valley 4Wheelers welcomed us as participants on the first night of Hump n Bump. When you love off-roading like John and I do, you pretty much go wheeling every weekend. We try to attend as many off-roading events as we can. We're always looking for events that support our sport and club events that give back to the local communities. Living in Southern California, we've hit all the trails around here and we've been all over Arizona. We've been around Utah, but haven't gone wheeling too much in Nevada; let alone the Vegas area. When

I think of Vegas, I think of SEMA, casinos, buffets, awesome hotels and gambling. I don't think so much about off-roading. Well, Hump N Bump has definitely changed my mind! There's a small town about 45 minutes north of Vegas called Logandale, Nevada, where the Vegas Valley 4Wheelers host their annual Hump N Bump event. This year was their 40th year. Logandale is a small town with a lot of BLM land, Red Rocky mountains, Sandy washes, and amazing views. And to my surprise, some pretty fun and awesome trails! We've heard a few of our other Tierra del Sol 4x4 Club members talk about this event in the past. This year, John and I decided we had to check it out for ourselves.

38 S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- DECEMBER - DECEMBER2021 2021- www.ssormag.com - www.ssormag.com


www.ssormag.com- DECEMBER - DECEMBER2021 2021- S&S - S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE 39 39 www.ssormag.com

Together with our friend Charlie, who would tow his Jeep behind his RV,we'd head out to Logandale, Nevada and check out out Hump N Bump for ourselves. The Vegas Valley 4Wheelers has a pretty awesome setup for their event which is located at the Clark County Fairgrounds. You have the choices between an RV glamping, boondocking, or family tent camping spots. You register online for the event beforehand and they cap it off once they reach their max participants. When you register, you choose what type of camping, which trails you want to run, if you're going to participate in the awesome BBQ/ raffle Saturday night, and if you want to purchase any swag. Everything is done online before you get there.


Upon arrival, you're given a map of the fairgrounds and escorted to where you park your RV or shown where you can pitch your tent. Then your vehicle goes through a quick look-over at tech inspection. Did I mention the sweet smell of freshly made kettle corn?? At the registration booth, you're greeted by the friendly face of Leslie Ann McPhail; with your goody bag of swag, map, wristband, awesome set of gloves and event flag. Leslie Ann isn't just the "Registration Swag Lady," she's the owner of one of the businesses that sponsor the event, she's the webmaster of the club's website and the Hump N Bump registration page. Leslie Ann wears many hats, some of which could be due to her being in a relationship with Kevin Bailey, the Vegas Valley 4Wheelers current Club President. Kevin- you better KeepHer because she's a JeepHer!! Back to that awesome kettle corn. The way the Vegas Valley4Wheelers host this event is a little different than most we've been to. They don't just have you park your RV or pitch your tent and send you out on trails in the morning and the rest of the time, you're on your own. This club really puts a lot of effort into entertaining their participants pretty much the entire weekend. Every evening they have a huge fire pit with something going on every night. Thursday night was kettle corn night!! They were making fresh bags of kettle corn, which were free but you are more than welcome to leave a cash donation. At the end of the night all donations received were matched by the club and those funds were donated to the local fire department. Personally, I love that idea! Friday night was karaoke night and for the benefit of everyone else, I decided to pass on karaoke night. My singing is best kept inside my Jeep when I'm alone. Hump ’N’ Bump event registration includes participation in your choice of trails on Friday and

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

Saturday mornings. They offer a bonus, optional night run on Friday, for people who would like to experience Logandale in the dark (which was awesome). Trail rides are guided by a team of skilled volunteers familiar with the route and obstacles on the trails they are guiding. Trails are rated for difficulty on a more widely utilized scale of 1-10. Driver’s skills and vehicle capabilities are evaluated to make sure they are a good fit for the trails selected. This year they had 15 different trails to choose from. The lowest trail rating was a 3 which still had a few waterfalls and fun sections. The highest rated trail was a 9 Buggy Trail. Looking at the rigs hitting that trail, they mean Buggy Trail when say it too!! Participating vehicles must pass a tech inspection to confirm they are equipped with necessary safety equipment, such as seat belts, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and emergency brakes. More difficult trails may also require vehicles to be equipped with roll cages. Participant’s vehicles must be clearly marked with a unique event flag (provided at registration). Drivers must wear a high-visibility wrist band (provided at registration) on their left wrist. Groups on most trails will be limited to 13 participant vehicles and two guides. Drivers must attend a driver’s meeting before the group pulls out to go over the rules, event stipulations, and safe practices. They ask participants to have CB Radios for communication within the group. Each trail group is assigned a different CB channel, which will be confirmed by the Trail Leader prior to departure. I will admit, I didn't have a CB, being HAM licensed we don't really use CB's any more. I did ask Kevin why they use CB's on this event and he explained just for the trail leaders to use with the participants. With 200 vehicles out at any given moment in multiple areas, they don't want people stepping on each other on the HAM frequencies. Makes sense..... Guess, I better clean out the garage and dust off the CB.. Saturday night the night of the amazing BBQ! Besides the food being absolutely wonderful, it's served in an auction barn which creates a very relaxed and enjoyable evening. During the barbecue is when they have their raffle. The interior walls of the barn are lined with different bucket prizes. The raffle prizes are anywhere from new sets of tires to women's jewelry, safety and recovery gear to dinner gift certificates. This off-road club really takes into consideration the variety of people that attend. Not everyone is an off-roader, some are spouses or partners who are going just to be with their significant other and maybe they want to watch or maybe they want a gift card or a certificate to a nice dinner. Personally, I was hoping for a new set of tires and a girl can never have enough recovery gear!! Needless to say, we didn't win at the raffle but we definitely plan on making this an annual event to attend! We'll see you next October! I want to give a shout out to the Vegas Valley 4Wheelers, the President of the club Kevin Bailey and Leslie Ann! You guys really put on an outstanding event and it's great to see all the money that your club raises for your local Police Department, Fire Department, and all the other organizations your club is helping through this event and the other activities you do the rest of the year!! If you're in the area stop by and say Hi to Kevin and Leslie Ann, I'm sure they will be more than happy to take you out and show you a new trail. E

www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER S&SROAD OFF ROAD MAGAZINE www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - 2021 S&S-OFF MAGAZINE 41 41


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www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE





44 S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- DECEMBER - DECEMBER2021 2021- www.ssormag.com - www.ssormag.com


ake Powell. Is there a person in the world that does not know about Lake Powell? The typical response would be about the beauty and uniqueness of this place. Amazingly enough, the backroads can give you an even better perspective of the unique landscape and endless beauty. If you have never been, you need to go. UTV

Offroad worked extremely hard to make this happen and boy, was it worth the work. Lake Powell is really a man made reservoir that is made up of the Colorado River. This Lake falls in two states, Utah and Arizona and makes up the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Hopping between the two states is easy to do on and off the lake.

The majority of travelers to the area come to enjoy and partake in the vast amount of water sports and the many beaches and hiking trails the area has to offer. A tourist dream is to come here, stay a few days, visit the lake, Glen Canyon Dam, Horseshoe Bend and of course the Slot Canyons. Not many have had the opportunity to explore the back roads

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here. With lake levels falling quickly due to a 20 year drought, people are quickly learning that the lake is ever changing and those water sports may not last forever. It is not a normal request for a large group to explore the back roads pulling permits and trying to explain the "why we do what we do" to the land owners and Bureau of Land Management, but UTV Offroad Adventures is changing that. Once those permits were obtained and promises to stay on the trails were made, the work paid off and we all were able to enjoy the most epic views imaginable!

The perfect location to host all of the festivities is Sunset 89 located in Page, AZ overlooking Glen Canyon Dam and Colorado River. The sunsets here are unparalleled! Views, amazing people and of course a little fun makes Sunset 89 the perfect location for an event. With plenty of parking, and an Island Pacific Rim menu to boot, you cannot go wrong here. We all thank you for an amazing time. Starting off with an incredible Owl Canyon Night Ride, Kyle and Kim Krause led us through Page, AZ and to an old race track. The light parade could be seen for

miles and even all the way from Sunset 89 as we snaked through sandy washes, canyons, sandstone walls, and cliff views. A fantastic way to start the event on a high note. For the day rides your choices were the Ahlstrom Point Ride and the Lee's Ferry Overlook Ride, both consisting of approximately 50+ miles with outstanding views, landscape and many interesting rock outcroppings. Even though our trail selection was restricted, there was nothing restrictive as far as the views go. Both locations ending each day with extreme memories to include many awesome people in attendance and the best group photos ever. To finish off the Saturday rides the fun, dinner and raffles at Sunset 89 were monumental. All raffle items are donated by some extraordinary sponsors. With

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www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


names like Triple X Seats, Slime, Black Widow Off Road, PCI Race Radios, Baja Racing Gear, Lucas Oil, Off-Road Vixens and many many many more, the winnings are top notch! Plenty of winners in the house for this event and happy faces all around. The weather was amazing, a little chilly in the evening hours and not exactly what this time of year boasts but still a perfect place and time to have fun. For an added bonus, the guys from Demers Glass and AZ Kidz Experience were there with a very large raffle item. A 2021 Can Am Maverick X3 DS Turbo was being raffled off for just $100 per ticket with all proceeds from this and the upcoming event going to benefit the Phoenix Children's Hospital, a cause that is very near and dear to all at UTV Off Road Adventures. Visit UTVoffroadadventures.com for information on the fun filled adventure packed schedule for 2022! Making memories on the Arizona Trails with UTV Offroad Adventures! E


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www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



he 16th Lost Lizard Fun Run is history and it was a fun one. Lots of happy participants, fun checkpoints and a great raffle made this another successful event. We started marking the route and setting up base camp on Thursday and by Friday I was full of stress. The flatbed trailer we were going to use as the stage canceled, the registration tent came without sides or a back and the route still needed work. By Saturday all the problems were sorted out and everyone had a great time. Two people had five of a kind poker hands. Lots of happy people won cool raffle prizes. The T-shirts are great and I love my Lost Lizard hoodie. A great big thank you to Audrey, Amy and Rob for leading the charge. Thanks to KGB 101.5 FM DSC's Chris Boyer for MCing the raffle. Thanks to LESAR Rescue for emergency Max the lost lizard

Lost Lizard registration services (that we thankfully didn't need). Thanks to KJ, Rick, Doug, Marc, Krista, John, Jeff, Diane, Pam, Kelly, Jean, Ainley, Renee, Robin, Ashland, Austin, Kathleen, all the checkpoint people and anyone else who helped that I forgot. Imperial Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram was our title sponsor and they brought a number of beautiful vehicles out for us to see. They are a good dealer and will treat you well. We are already starting on next year's run, so plan on joining us.

Bombing Range

While I was out by Superstition, I rode the border of the bombing range to see how the new fence looks. The good news is it was placed a ways into the bombing range, like a couple hundred yards in places. The bad news is that it is difficult to see, especially at night. The Navy promised to put reflectors on the fence. While they did, they did not put anywhere near enough. The reflectors are spaced one every 54 feet and they are very small. I have contacted the Navy to see what can be done and we will be working on a better solution.

Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame

Lost Lizard route making with Marc La Fontaine 50

The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame had their annual gala to induct their new members. This is where stars and legends are walking around and are happy to say hi and pose for a selfie with you. I was pleased to attend and sit with Kathy Lynch, Bob Ham, Jim Bramham, and Bryan Henry. They also give awards called Impact Awards in a variety of categories. One category is for Advocacy and I am happy to report that our lobbyist, Kathy

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

Lost Lizard raffle with MC Chris Boyer Lynch, won the award! (Big round of applause!) Kathy did some cool things legislatively this year and we are super proud to have her on our team. In the next month or two we will outline our legislative agenda for 2022.

other groups. January 22 is CORVA's Truckhaven Challenge in north Ocotillo Wells and Feb 26 is our Painted Gorge Cleanup. For details on any of these events, look at our website sdorc.org or email us at info@sdorg.org

Big Bear Trail


A few months ago, I wrote about a trail I couldn't find in Big Bear, 2N25Y near Lake Arrowhead. I have a friend who has a place up there, so I asked him if he would go have a look. He said he found the trail and described the location a ways to the south of where the software showed me it was. I am relieved the route is there and open, but puzzled that it was so far from where the software put it. I have found the software to be pretty accurate otherwise (CTUC map apps) and plan to investigate, maybe in the spring.

SDORC is a membership organization, so go to sdorc.org and join for as little as $25/year. Listen to us on KCBQ am 1170 Sundays at 12:00 noon Dirt Talk Radio. Hear our old shows on our website commercial free and join our email list to get land use updates. See you in the desert. E

Upcoming Events

I attended a trail working day in Corral Canyon recently. While there were not that many attendees, some serious brush trimming took place. I ran into Mimi Selly, new president of San Diego Adventure Riders. We talked about doing an event together and we will let you know if it works out. Coming this weekend (as I write) is CORVA's 50th anniversary party at Slash X Ranch Cafe between Barstow and Lucerne, right on the edge of Stoddard Wells OHV area. A fun place to have a meal. Friends of Ocotillo Wells is having a meeting Dec 4th at the ranger station, Imperial Sand Dunes Cleanup is happening January 15th brought to you by SDORC, ASA, CORVA and some


www.stewartsraceworks.com www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Bike Shop


By Clutch Roberts

've heard it said that guys don't multi-task well. I agree that there are some tasks we don't do well together, but there are others we shine at. To me, the ultimate in multi-tasking is when I am riding my dirt bike into a turn. I'm applying the rear brake with my foot, downshifting with my other foot, pulling the front brake with my hand, the clutch with my other hand, blipping the throttle with my hand, steering with my arms, moving my body forward to weight the front tire and looking ahead. By my math, that is doing eight tasks at the same time. Often when I'm installing a tire, I hold one tire iron with my foot, another with one hand while I am prying the tire on with the other hand. I recommend this type of multi-tasking over talking on the phone and applying makeup while driving a car. Riding a motorcycle is a little like dancing. Anyone can learn to waltz in a few minutes but riding a dirt bike fast is like dancing the jitterbug. It takes a lot of practice, training, and multi-tasking to get it right. I've recommended to new riders who want to improve to make a short, easy motocross style track, with three or four turns and a bump or small jump, and practice riding lots of laps. Gas it, upshift, stand for the jump, brake and downshift, turn and repeat. That repetition hones our ability to use the controls. When I was a lot younger, every ride we went on we would find or make a little track, usually around one fun feature like a jump, then ride as hard as we could until we were exhausted. Operating controls became second nature quickly after that kind of practice. When I started riding, I was taught that to change gears, you had to let off the gas and pull in the clutch. To my great astonishment, I later heard that people would shift gears without 52

the clutch. How is that possible, doesn't that break the gears? Turns out, if you time the load right, you can shift safely without the clutch and without damage. I couldn't believe it when I talked to a guy who said he used his clutch one time during a motocross race, at the start. I became fascinated with shifting gears. I started asking around and reading and found that you could upshift four different ways. First, you let off the gas, pull in the clutch and shift. Second, you let off the gas and shift. Third, you leave the gas on, pull in the clutch and shift. Fourth, you leave the gas on, hit the kill button and shift. Some bikes could be shifted with the gas on, no clutch, no kill button, but that always just seemed wrong to me. Most of my upshifting has been with no clutch but letting off the gas. Downshifting, I usually use the clutch. When I was young, there was no eBay to scrounge parts from. The cost of new gears made sure I shifted responsibly. I remember a USGP at Carlsbad in the 1980's watching Rick Johnson come out of the second turn, hold the gas wide open and upshift by slapping the clutch. That microsecond he saved made a difference to him. If your back tire is off the ground (frequent in motocross) you can shift up or down with no clutch or timing the load. Sometimes I would aim for a small bump going into a turn so I could downshift without using the clutch so I could hang on to the grip. When I found out I didn't always have to use the clutch to downshift, I realized I just lightened my multi-tasking by one item. E

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www.ksurplus. com

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Blast from the Past William Smith loses control of his 3 wheeler and crashes at the 83 Parker 400. He wasn’t injured. These, and 40 years of off-road racing images reside at www.Tracksidephoto.com


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Dale Poe makes dirt fly at the ’89 Fireworks 250 in Barstow.

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Tom Severin




Behind the Scenes at Badlands Off Road Adventures

hese monthly articles naturally focus on various aspects of four-wheeling and outdoors life. For this article, I lift the hood and give you an inside look at part of my business. Namely, how I structure my class/training schedule, and how the various programs benefit newbies and experienced four-wheelers alike. I view Badlands Off-Road Adventures as a four-wheel drive training school and guide service. Classes, which span one to three days, provide the training needed to confidently handle many of the issues a driver is likely to face off road. Multi-day excursions give drivers practical experience in the concepts they studied. But there's a bonus: Those trips offer a chance to explore Grand Canyon historically or geographically significant areas. They truly are learning experiences. We provide the guidance and training in a unique learning environment, the great outdoors. (For a complete listing of my clinics and trips, go to https://www.4x4training. com/w/schedule/.

Entry-level classes valuable to all drivers

The Getting Started series is designed primarily for beginners (though all are welcome). The series is comprised of three one-day courses. Held partly in the classroom, Day 1 clinic is designed to meet the needs of novice off-highway drivers or someone with a bit of 56

experience who is looking for a more complete understanding. The largest part of the class covers driving techniques needed to get you through a variety of terrain. We also provide an overview of options for getting unstuck, safety and spotting commands, post-trip maintenance, trail etiquette, and Tread Lightly! Day 2 clinic takes place entirely outdoors. We focus on tire placement, wheel cheat, picking lines, and handling obstacles. Students gain experience dealing with different types of terrain and challenges. Students may take the classes on separate weekends, though they enjoy a discount for taking both on the same weekend. Also, there is no charge for kids to attend. Pets are allowed as long as they are well-behaved. During the Day 3 clinic, students are exposed to a variety of scenarios encountered during Day 2 but also new terrain and challenges. We encourage students to tackle the challenges first without help, but a trainer is available should coaching and spotting be necessary. Drivers of all skill levels can benefit from the Day 1 and Day 2 clinics. The training ensures everyone is on the same page.

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

Proper four-wheeling encourages self-sufficiency

Although four-wheeling is often done in groups, it's important that all participants be as self-sufficient as possible. Each vehicle should be equipped with the basics for the occupants. Such items include shelter and sleeping needs, food and cooking gear, hygiene products, and such. Four-wheeling naturally occurs in areas that are distant from stores and gas stations. Plus, each group of drivers includes a diverse range of interests and tastes. This is particularly so as regards to food. Keep it simple. Everyone brings their own food and basic supplies.


Advanced classes prepare for major trips

Advanced classes train people for taking more difficult trips. I run a beginning rock crawling class in the first part of the year for those considering the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. I offer it again in June and July, timed primarily for people planning on driving the Rubicon. (Although everyone is welcome to attend.) Some people are comfortable after taking the course one time. Others take it two times (June, then July) to fine tune their skills and test modifications to their rig. The Sand classes are held during the winter months. It's just too hot in the desert during the summer. We offer roughly 15 trips a year. Most are of moderate difficulty but offer fairly high historical content and great scenery. People are generally not looking for hardcore trips every time. But Rock Class - Bull Frog they do want some four-wheel drive challenge every day. For the multi-day trips, we prefer camping to staying in hotels or motels. This keeps the group together and builds camaraderie. Plus, it's just darn fun sitting around a campfire at night. Wherever possible, a trip incorporates a "Wow!" factor at the end. Examples include the north rim of the Grand Canyon and the Striped Butte in Butte Valley, part of the Death Valley National Park.

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Tom Severin

enjoying the great outdoors with like-minded people. As I like to say, I'll see you on the trails!

This principle helps keep my trips affordable. If I had to factor in food for the event, my rates would be higher.

Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD owners how to confidently and safely use their vechicles to the fullest extent in difficult terrain and adverse driving conditions. Contact him at tom@4x4training.com or visit www.4x4training.com to develop or improve your driving skill. Copyright 2021, Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc

4x4 Coach Continued

Classes ideal for those interested in the outdoors

Now that pandemic-related restrictions have eased, there's been a huge interest in outdoor activity. Americans are tired of being couped up and are rediscovering the nation's parks in record numbers. Sales of outdoor equipment and four-wheel drive vehicles are on the rise. In June, Jeep sales in the U.S. were up about 6 percent over the same period in 2020, according to www. CarSalesBase.com. Vehicle sales often translate to new drivers going off road. Some are interested in leisurely drives. Others will go exploring, with camping and other activities a part of the experience. That's what so cool about four-wheeling. There's more to the hobby than just driving. I hope you've enjoyed this brief look at Badlands Off-Road Adventures. It's been a pleasure training and guiding countless thousands of four-wheeling enthusiasts the past 20 years. Tire Repair class. This tire has been repaired a lot. Hopefully, I'll keep at it for several more years. It is so much fun Need to get better tires. E 58

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https://amzn. to/2DLibqZ


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Jimmy Perry, eighth DP4 Pro

Daniel Atienza, 12th Production Turbo


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com


Wayne Hicken, fifth DP4 Pro



#2902 Jimmy Walker, fourth DP4 Pro OVERALL: 1. Rick Brabec (HON); 2. Josh Fries (POL); 3. Dillon Sewell (HON); 4. Zach Quiroz (CAM); 5. Austin Phillips (POL); 6. Jimmy Walker (POL); 7. Steven George (CAM); 8. Kurt Ashley (POL); 9. Kolby Buentjen (POL); 10. Matt Hove (POL); 11. David Crabtree (KAW); 12. Wayne Hicken (POL); 13. Zachary Michel (POL); 14. Rick Smith (KAW); 15. Russ Tuck (ART); 16. Ryan Borden (CAM); 17. Chuck Cardamon (CAM); 18. Louis Castillo III (CAM); 19. Chad Wadsworth (CAM); 20. Paul Van Horsen (POL);

DP4 PRO: 1. Rick Brabec (HON); 2. Josh Fries (POL); 3. Austin Phillips (POL); 4. Jimmy Walker (POL); 5. Wayne Hicken (POL);

PROD 1000: 1. Dillon Sewell (HON); 2. Kurt Ashley (POL); 3. Zachary Michel (POL); 4. Dave Schuler (POL); 5. Keith Thompson (YAM);

DP4 PRO NA: 1. Kolby Buentjen (POL); 2. Matt Hove (POL); 3. Tony Bartel (POL); 4. Gregory Seitz (ART); 5. William Markley (POL);

STOCK 1000: 1. David Crabtree (KAW); 2. Rick Smith (KAW); 3. Russ Tuck (ART); 4. Paul Van Horsen (POL); 5. Xander Ludwig (POL);

PROD TURBO: 1. Zach Quiroz (CAM); 2. Steven George (CAM); 3. Ryan Borden (CAM); 4. Chuck Cardamon (CAM); 5. Louis Castillo Iii (CAM);

Dave Schuler, fourth Production 1000 62

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

Best In The Desert’s Planned 2022 Race Schedule: Parker 250 January 6-8 - Parker, Arizona UTV/Motorcycle/Quad Parker 425 January 20-23 - Parker, Arizona Car/Truck UTV Legends Championship February 17-20 - Laughlin, Nevada UTV/Motorcycle/Quad Adelanto Grand Prix March 17-20 - Adelanto, California Motorcycle Silver State 300 April 28-30 - Alamo, Nevada All Classes Vegas to Reno August 10 -13 - Las Vegas, Nevada All Classes Battle Born 200 September 22-25 - Ely, Nevada All Classes Laughlin Desert Classic October 20-23 - Laughlin, Nevada Car/Truck World Hare & Hound November 4-6 - Tonopah, Nevada UTV/Motorcycle/Quad

Best In The Desert has always worked hard to provide the best races possible, races that test both driver and machine. Jeff Phillips, Race Operations Manager

For information contact: Best In The Desert Racing Association • (702) 457-5775 • Website: www.bitd.com • Email: bitd@bitd.com www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Paul Van Horsen, fourth Stock 1000 Gregory Seitz, fourth DP4 Pro NA

Rick Smith, second Stock 1000

64 S&S 64 S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- -DECEMBER DECEMBER2021 2021- -www.ssormag.com www.ssormag.com

Kurt Ashley, second Production 1000

Gary Sewell, seventh DP4 Pro

Keith Thompson, fifth Production 1000 www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


William Markley, fifth DP4 Pro NA

Chad Wadsworth, sixth Production Turbo


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com















S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

Conrad Weiland, first overall, first Open Expert



www.ssormag.com 69 www.ssormag.com -- DECEMBER DECEMBER2021 2021 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE 69

Jake Whitmer, second ATV Novice 70


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

www.ruggedradios.com www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


UTV Sportsman Class #474 Rick Coffman (driver) and Joe Dillon (co-driver) launch end over end four times. The required safety gear and equipment did their job and They Walked Away!


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

TOP TEN OVERALL 1. Conrad Weiland 2. Chad Goodsell 3. Kole Parker 4. Justin "Hot Wings" Wilson 5. Joe Saelens 6. Jason Mount 7. Michael Fermoile 8. Noah Clevenger 9. Joshua Sharp 10. Matthew Belew TOP TEN UTV OVERALL 1. Bryce Marking, Amber Cogbill 2. Mike Sandoval, Austyn Rodriguez 3. Tanner Currier, Joe Hunt 4. Eliott Watson 5. Jesse Melrose, Brian Kim 6. Eric Hartell, Sandy Flores 7. Victor Rangel, Maribel Groth 8. Will Salazar, Gil Salazar 9. Ryan Hucks, Rody Romero 10. Brett Berker, Craig Estrada Open Exp 1. Conrad Weiland 2. Kole Parker 3. Joshua Sharp 4. Matthew Belew 5. Jack Hahn Open Am 1. Justin "Hot Wings" Wilson 2. Robert Rodriguez 3. Eric Moreno 4. Jesus Larios 5. Thomas Eidan Open Nov 1. Cameron Kinnear 2. Eric Flores 3. Neven Hart 4. Andrew McNeil 5. Joshua Shutrump Open Beg 1. Richard Corbin 250 Exp 1. Chad Goodsell 250 Am 1. Noah Clevenger 2. Luke Howard 3. Andrew Hendrix 4. Joaquin Vasquez 5. Tristan Brigman 250 Nov 1. Bradley Destache 2. Jake Diaz 3. Gary McVey 4. Jose Aguilera 250 Beg 1. Aiden Sarhangpour 200 Am 1. Matthew Savoy 200 Nov 1. Dylan Ewing Vet Exp 1. Joe Saelens 2. Michael Fermoile 3. Juan Esteban 4. Kyle Hill 5. Kevin McLain Vet Am 1. Devin Thornton Vet Nov 1. Nicholas Destout 2. Evan Kleen 3. Brent Ashurst 4. Joseph Putrino 5. Anthony Putrino Sen Am 1. Jason Mount 2. Davin Brigman 3. Courtney Ludwin Sen Nov 1. Bradley Destache 2. Brian Morris 3. Donnie Durfee 4. Mauricio Malo 5. Derek Swanson Super Sen Exp 1. Jason Cogbill 2. Jack Northcutt Super Sen Nov 1. Scott Kinnear 2. John Shireling 3. Paul Kitchin Masters Exp 1. Brian Jordan Women 1. Cassidy Estrada ATV Exp 1. Christopher Avalos ATV Nov 1. Jake Hickman 2 Jake Whitmer 3. Ramiro Mercado 4. Paul Grajeda 5. Zach Winkelman ATV Vet Am 1. Casey Lizola ATV Wom Am 1. Sandy Flores ATV Wom Nov 1. Chyrisma Isom 2. Jessica Engen UTV Pro Unltd 1. Bryce Marking, Amber Cogbill 2. Mike Sandoval, Austyn Rodriguez 3. Tanner Currier, Joe Hunt 4. Eliott Watson 5. Jesse Melrose UTV Pro Stock 1. Jesse Melrose, Brian Kim 2. Will Salazar 3. Janelle Feeler, Chyrisma Isom 4. Wes Feeler 5. Nick

Tanner Currier, third Unlimited UTV

Devon Thornton, first Vet Amateur Ewing-Pistelak, Mason Craig UTV Sportsman 1. Ryan Hucks, Rody Romero 2. Victor Diaz, Mike Sanchez 3. Wild Bill McNeer, Helena Soto 4. Patrick Taber, Kyle Severance 5. Doug Hopper, Kayla Hopper UTV Pro Production 1. Brett Berker, Craig Estrada 2. Tyler Mason, Ryan Mason

Mauricio Malo, fourth Senior Novice


Josiah Northcutt, first 250 Novice

www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Ryan Hucks, first Sportsman UTV

Mikey Sandoval, second Unlimited UTV

Jesse Melrose, first Pro Stock

Matthew Belew, fourth Open Expert

Neven Hart, third Open Novice 74

Jesus Larios, fourth Open Amateur

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com


2022 race schedule DESERT SHOWDOWN: January 5-9 - Pahrump, NV

Cars, Trucks, UTVs Point to Point Race, approximately 250 miles Pre-Run January 5

HARE SCRAMBLES: February 4-6 - Laughlin, NV

Motorcycles, Quads Loop Race, approximately 100 miles

BAJA NEVADA: May 4-7 - Nevada

Cars, Trucks, UTVs, Motorcycles, Quads Point to Point Race, approximately 650 miles, Single Day

GOLD RUSH: June 23-26 - Virginia City to Tonopah, NV

Cars, Trucks, UTVs, Motorcycles, Quads Point to Point Race, approximately 300 miles

STATELINE SHOOTOUT: September 8-11 - Primm, NV

Cars, Trucks, UTVs Loop Race, approximately 120 miles

DIRT REBELUTION: October 7-9 - Cedar City, UT

Motorcycles, Quads, UTVs Loop Race, approximately 200 miles

BATTLEGROUND: November 10-13 - Jean, NV

Cars, Trucks, UTVs, Motorcycles, Quads Loop Race, approximately 250 miles

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FLAT TRACK Round 10: #19 James Ott, first place Pro class with #111 Andre Ochs 7th place due to last lap crash

Round 10: Lailah Doffo, first place 50cc open

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Rounds 10-11 Perris Raceway - Perris CA www.scftaracing.com Photos By Dw Media

Round 11: #27 Jeff Apple, second Classic Vintage followed by #58y Jim Ottle, first place

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#71 Jon Nunes won the Vet +50 expert class with #333 Sam Cover in second, #41 Adam Lesley, fifth and #58 Travis Ward in fourth.

#84 Joe Kidd first place Open Expert , #5 Ryan Reed, second, #54 Matt Foster finished in third and #2 Conner Hickerson following in fourth 78

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Round 10 Classic Vintage 1. Jeff Apple 2. Dwayne Locke 3. Jim Ottele 4. Steve Ferguson 5. Joe Pape Vet +35 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Ryan Reed 3. Stace Richmond 4. Robert Bush 5. Josh Mills Super Senior +60 Am/Nov 1. Terry Williams 2. Jim Speer 3. Neal Hartman 4. Chris Piccrillo 5. Gary Leopold Vets +35 Am/Nov 1. Michael Diffenbaugh 2. Alex Thermiotis 3. Damian Doffo 4. Robin Nicolaides 5. Michael Lopez 65cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Danny Iha 85-100cc 4 Stk Nov 1. Amari Arnold 50cc Open 1. Lailah Doffo 2. Thomas Chavira 3. Wesley Tigert 4. Bryce Eikelberger 5. Annika Ruelas 85 Open 1. Colton Shafer 2. Colin Petton 3. Jasper Heathfield 50cc 4 Stk Beg 1. Wesley Tigert 2. Bryce Eikelberger 3. Zaal Farhand 4. Lambert Su 85-100cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Emmett Brown 85cc Nov 1. Jasper Heathfield 85cc Am 1. Colton Shafer 2. Colin Petton 50cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Lailah Doffo 2. Thomas Chavira 3. Jace Jones 4. Aubrey Chavira 5. Zaal Farhand Senior Vet's 50 Am/Nov 1. Michael Diffenbaugh 2. Mike Gulick 3. Shawn Doucet 4. Jim Wood 5. Jim Speer Madd Dogg 4 Stk 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. Jasper Heathfield 3. Marc Heathfield 4. Conner Hickerson 5. Dan Iha Senior +50 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Rob Bush 3. Stace Richmond 4. Travis Ward 5. Remdy Bereman Open Exp

#4 Zane Davis, first Open Unclassified Non Paying 1. Joe Kidd 2. Ryan Reed 3. Cole Morris 3. Elliott Iverson 4. John Garcia 5. John Norman 4. Matt Foster 5. Conner Hickerson Clayton Open Unclassified 1. Zane Davis Super Senior +60 Exp 1. Joe Steffen 2. James 2. Daltin Collie 3. Joshua Lesley 4. Damion

#45 Colt Shafer finished first 85cc Open class with #46 Colin Petton in second


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#60 Nick Armstrong finished fourth in the Pro class while #19 James Ott was second, #182 Travis Petton IV, first. Doffo 5. Alex Thermiotis Pull Starts 1. Conner Hickerson 2. Dan Brown 3. Daltin Collie 4. Helder Alvernaz 5. Brody Porst Framer Am/ Nov 1. Michael Diffenbaugh 2. Neal Harman 3. Brandon Gerdes Framer Exp 1. James Ott 2. Travis Petton 3. Josh Mills 4. Randy Bergman 5. Jim Bandelin Powder Puff 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. Joey Crabtree Hooligans 1. Helder Alvernaz 2. Sam Cover 3. Jim Ottele 4. Adam Lesley 5. Stace Richmond Open Nov/Beg 1. Erin Perrault 2. Maxwell Claunch 3. Joseph Boyd 4. Shawn Doucet 5. Sierra Hickerson Bomber Am/Nov 1. Brandon Gerdes 2. Donnie Moore 3. Steele Friedrich 4. Joey Crabtree Bomber 1. Danny Perkins 2. Joe Steffen 3. Jim Ottele 4. Jim Bandelin Open Am 1. Daltin Collie 2. Zane Davis 3. Michael Resendez 4. Alex Therimiotis 5. Joshua Lesley Pro 1. James Ott 2. Travis Petton 3. Nick Armstrong 4. Joe Kidd 5. Andre Ochs ROUND 11 Classic Vintage 1. Jim Otelle 2. Jeff Apple Vets 35 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Sam Cover 3. Ryan Reed 4. Stace Richmond 5. Adam Lesley Super Sen +60 Am/Nov 1. Jim Speer 2. Robin Nicolaides 3. Neal Hartman 4. Terry 80

Williams 5. Mike Brooks Premier Senior +70 1. Wayne Warrington Vets +35 Am/Nov 1. Michael Diffenbaugh 2. Michael Lopez 3. Robin Nicolaides 4. Adam Waheed 5. Melissa Paris 85-100cc 2 Stk Nov 1. Emmett Brown 2. Jasper Heathfield 65-70cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Danny Iha 2. Thomas Chavira 50cc Open 1. Wesley Tigert 2. Jace Jones 3. Thomas Chavira 4. Bryce Eikelberger 5. Ben Eikelberger 85 Open 1. Colton Shafer 2. Colin Petton 3. Jasper Heathfield 50cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Wesley Tigert 2. Jace Jones 3. Ben Eikelberger 4. Thomas Chavira 5. Rey Resendez 50cc 4 Stk Beg 1. Ben Eikelberger Senior Vet +50 Am/ Nov 1. Mike Gulick 2. Michael Diffenbaugh 3. Robin Nicolaides 4. Mark Norman 5. Jim Speer Madd Dogg 4 Stk 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. Jasper Heathfield 3. Marc Heathfield 4. Conner Hickerson 5. Maxwell Claunch Senior +50 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Adam Lesley 3. Sam Cover 4. Travis Ward 5. Stace Richmond Open Exp 1. Joe Kidd 2. Ryan Reed 3. Matt Foster 4. Conner Hickerson 5. Cole Norman Super Senior +60 Exp 1. James Morris 2. Elliott Iverson 3. Jim Ottele 4. John Garcia 5. Johnny Custom Northworty Open Unclassified 1. Joshua Lesley 2. Michael Resendeza 3.

Zane Davis 4. Evin Perralt 5. Daltin Collie Pull Starts 1. Daltin Collie 2. Dan Brown 3. Brody Porst 4. Brett Miller Framer Am/Nov 1. Nick Armstrong 2. Mike Diffenbaugh 3. Brandon Gerdes Powder Puff 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. KC Coleman 3. Erin Ferris Hooligans 1. Helder Alvernaz 2. Adam Lesley 3. Sam Cover 4. Jim Ottele 5. Stace Richmond Open Nov/Beg 1. Maxwell Claunch 2. Evin Perrault 3. Shawn Douce 4. Joseph Boyd 5. KC Coleman Bomber Am/Nov 1. Steele Friedrich 2. Brandon Gerdes 3. Joey Crabtree Bomber Exp 1. Danny Perkins 2. Jim Ottele Open Am 1. Zane Davis 2. Daltin Collie 3. Michael Resendez 4. Alex Thermiotis 5. Colin Petton Pro 1. Travis Petton 2. James Ott 3. Andre Ochs 4. Nick Armstrong 5. Colt Foster TT Madd Dog 1. Colton Shafer 2. Marc Heathfield 3. Jeff Apple 4. Sierra Hickerson 5. Jasper Heathfield TT 500 Open 1. James Ott 2. Colt Foster 3. James Morris 4. Michael Lopez 5. John Garcia 250 Open 1. Alex Thermiotis 2. Evin Perrault 3. KC Coleman E

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FLAT TRACK October 30-31, 2021 - Camp Lockett Event & Equestrian Facility - Campo CA www.calvmx.net - By Steve Caro - Photos by Kathryn Caro and Judd Neves

By Steve Caro Photos by Kathryn Caro

Keith Nishiyama taking the double checkered flag win in the Pull Start (less than 6 hp) Expert class. Judd Neves Photo 82

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

Matthew Carrick, second Open Trikes A

BFF’s on and off the track. #94 Curt Nugent and #8 Summer Kukla trade off winning in the 16 & under kids CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE class. Judd Neves Photos www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 83

#88 Josh Degan and son #16 Austin finished first and second in the Pull Start Open Intermediate class. Judd Neves Photo

Kelly Lane, the jockey, got our vote to be the grand prize winner for the Halloween contest. Judd Neves Photo 84 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com


ound six of the 2021 CALVMX/ TOP GUN regional flat track series bid goodbye to October as the next to last round took to the Camp Lockett Event and Equestrian Facility. The 1/6th mile oval was in excellent condition and ready for the two, three and four wheeled machines being readied for two days of competition. Saturday’s program featured the two-wheel machinery, with a large number of karts and mini dwarf cars also competing. A favorite class is the Adult Mini 150cc. After dominating the qualifying heat race, Summer Kukla battled veteran competitor Mike Diffenbaugh in the Expert division final. The start saw Kukla leading the field onto the back straight followed by Diffenbaugh. Kukla was in full control of the race, at one point she’d built up close to a three second lead over the field. Diffenbaugh began to close the gap near the finish, but Kukla powered her way to the win, followed by Diffenbaugh. In the full sized two-wheeled classes, the Open Experts were the high-speed class. Series regular Daltin Collie lined up against vet dirt trackers, Byron Kukla, Jeff Apple and Helder Alvernaz who was astride a Hooligan Ronnie Snyder on the blue mower finished first Open Lawnmower B, followed by type Harley Davidson. The start saw Troy Goodenough Jr with a third place finish. Judd Neves Photo Collie, Kukla and Alvernaz clustering together going into turn one. Heading The Pull-Start Open Intermediate final exhibited impressive levels down the back straight, Collie sped into the lead. Kukla and Alvernaz kept of speed and riding skill as the leaders pace wasn’t too far off that of the the leader in sight, with Kukla closing to within striking distance of Collie expert ranked division they shared the track with. Mike Lankford and several times. At the midway point, Collie began to extend his lead over Chris Skabinski led the Intermediates from the start, dueling bar-to-bar as Kukla. Alvernaz put on an impressive ride in third, muscling the massive they reeled off laps at a torrid pace. Lankford and Skabinski essentially V-twin Harley around the Camp Lockett course. Collie continued on to never backed off full-throttle and it came down to the winner having the take the win, with Kukla and Alvernaz rounding out the podium.


Jeff “Evil Knievel” Apple, second Vet +50 Expert on Halloween weekend. Kathryn Caro Photo

Mark Aguilez, first 12 & Under Intermediate, honoring the memory of Larry Hammers with #37K. Kathryn Caro Photo

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best line thru the corners. At the checkers, it was Lankford securing the win, with Skabinski a very close second. The Mini Dwarf cars were out in large numbers on Saturday. The skills of the young racers is impressive as they power around the oval flat out, with no qualms over “trading sheet metal” and banging bumpers. In their main event, the “A” division roared into action at the green flag, with Tyler Warner taking an early lead over Ryder Patterson, Donald Diffenbaugh, and the rest of the pack. Once again, numerous spins and passes peppered the event. In the closing laps, Patterson moved into the lead, with Diffenbaugh inching ahead into second. The duo would finish in this order, followed by Warner in third. Other main event winners on Saturday included Julian Hoefert in the Quad A finale, Devon Taylor in Junior Quad, Pat Donahue in 125 “A” kart and Cameron Leon in the Youth 12 and Under 100cc Intermediate final. Special mention is warranted for the young Reed brothers, Chad, and Wyatt. Well known for their karting skills, the two recently purchased identical pull-start mini-bikes with their own funds. In what could be classed as a match race, the two dueled in the Youth 12 & Under 50cc Novice final. Chad pulled out the win over his brother as the two lapped the oval with virtually identical riding style. The Sunday’s program featured karts, dwarf cars, and pull start minibikes. A tour of the pit area revealed an impressive cross section of entrants. The well-prepared course stood up well to the constant action in part due to the moderate temperatures in Campo. The Mini Dwarf A class led off the main events on Sunday. Coming off a perfect pace lap, Tyler Warner powered his way into an early lead with Ryder Patterson and Donald Diffenbaugh giving chase. Warner maintained a fast pace while keeping his car in perfect control. Behind Warner, the duel between Patterson and Diffenbaugh continued unabated. As Warner extended his lead, a late race spin cost Patterson his position. Warner went on to an uncontested victory, with Diffenbaugh second and Drew Devercelly third. The Open Pull Start Expert and Intermediate class entrants were out in large numbers for the Sunday program. In the Expert division, The Reed brothers: Chad #10 and Wyatt #2 racing in the Youth 12 & Under class. Chad finished first, with Wyatt in second. Judd Neves Photo Dan Brown, first Open Any Bike Expert. Judd Neves Photo 86

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

Chyrisma Isom, first Open Quads B and Womens Quad. Judd Neves Photo Vance Welder held an early lead at the start followed by Daltin Collie. Collie took the lead on lap three with Welder staying within striking distance in second. Having hundreds of laps on the Camp Lockett circuit, Collie is one of the masters of the course. Welder parked on his rear tire but Collie took the win, with Lane Miller rounding out the top three. In the Intermediate class, The father and son duo of Austin and Josh Degan sparred with each other both in the qualifying heat race and again in the final. Son Austin took the heat race win, with dad Josh in second. In the main, the two battled bar-to-bar throughout the race. At the checkers, Josh took the win followed by Austin with Nate Baumgardner in third. The 125cc A karts routinely log lightning quick laps and numerous close quarter battles. In their Sunday final, Claude Bell took full advantage of a two-car tangle/spin at the start to maneuver his way into the lead. With a clear track ahead of him, Bell rapidly built up a multi-kart length lead. Behind him, David Kimmel and Pat Donahue vied for second. Late in the race, David Bell closed in and took over third place behind Donahue. Bell used precise line choices to take an unchallenged win, followed by Donahue and Bell. The distinctive scent of pre-mix exhaust filled the air as the two-stroke 100cc “A” karts took to the track. The collective howl of a pack of “smokers” filled the air at the start, with Duane Lawson emerging in the lead down the back straight. Richard Fitzgerald and Dillon Huff followed. Lawson kept his lead in the face of numerous challenges from Fitzgerald and Huff, along with “B” class leader Chad Reed who put himself right in the middle of the A division battle. At the finish, Lawson took the win, followed by Fitzgerald and Huff. Class winners on Sunday included Kaiden Johnson in Cadet Kart B, Mark Arguilez in 12 & Under 100cc Intermediate bikes, Kelly Lane in Open Women’s Quad A, and Keith Nishiyama in the Pull Start 6 HP Experts. Joe Boyd, first Vet +35 Novice. Judd Neves Photo E www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


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Great American Shortcourse

Dallas Nord, third Cory Weller SR1 UTV class


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OCTOBER 6-10 2021 SBC FAIR, VICTORVILLE CA www.greatamericanshortcourse.com Photos by RNR Photos

#78 Ricky Gutierrez finished first Pro 2 followed by second place Dave Mason Jr


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Irie Bailey, seventh Youth 1000 UTV

AM Ortega J1 Kart 1. Jacob Hanger 2. Luke Berry 3. Chase Berry 4. Drew Salgado 5. Samuel Gibbs Cylex Signs Modified Kart 1. Connor Barry 2. Talan Martin 3. Trey Eggleston 4. Cade Martin 5. Ethan Ebert RTL Traffic J2 Kart 1. Brodie Martin 2. Lake Adler 3. Jessie Owens 4. Chaden Zane Minder 5. Mike Childress Production Turbo UTV/Unlimited UTV 1. Chance Haugen 2. Chase Hill 3. James Maki 4. Kevin Walsh 5. Douglas Allen RZR 170 1. George Llamosas 2. Declan Shields 3. Brixton Wirt 4. Aadan Agilar 5. Jake Hill Youth 1000 UTV 1. Cole Gamma 2. Drake Mittag 3. Jessie Owens 4. Dominick Benites 5. Chaden Zane Minder Weller SR1 UTV 1. Jason Weller 2. Paul Obrien 3. Dallas Nord 4. Matt Land 5. Nick Peery So Cal Fleet Services Pro Buggy 1. Trevor Briska 2. Trey Gibbs 3. Dale Ebberts 4. Zachary Drapkin 5. Brady Whitlock Limited Buggy/1600 Desert Buggy 1. Kyle Knott 2. Shane Prescott 3. Evan Bradford 4. Carson Smith 5. Travis Howard Mini Stock/Mini Open/Class 11 1. Ryan Venegas 2. Jaden Wardrip 3. Aubree Wardrip 4. Ryder Palmer 5. Ryan Rodriguez Pro Lite 1. Jimmy Weitzel 2. Christopher Polvoorde 3. Madix Bailey 4. John Holtger 5. Brody Eggleston Pro 2 1. Ricky Gutierrez 2. Dave Mason Jr. 3. Erik Jacobus

#185 Jordyn Skaggs, 14th RZR 170 with #141 Jaxon Ebberts, 12th

Ryan Venegas, first Mini Stock 90 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

Travis Howard, fifth Limited Buggy/1600 Buggy

Camren Sorensen, 10th Cyclex Signs Modified Kart

Ryan Rodriguez, fifth Class 11/Mini Stock/Mini Open


www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Ethan Ebert, fifth Cylex Signs Modified Kart

Brody Glaze, seventh AM Ortega J1 Kart 92 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

Matthew Brister, fifth So Cal Fleet Services Pro Buggy

James Maki, third Production Turbo UTV E www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 93

#1455 Mike Thomas finished fourth overall in Class 1450 Sportsman followed here by #1495 who finished fourth in Heat 7 on Saturday and #1444 Josh Taylor bringing up the rear

94 S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- DECEMBER - DECEMBER2021 2021- www.ssormag.com - www.ssormag.com


Battle at Primm October 16-17, 2021 - Primm NV - www.snoreracing.net - Photos by RNR Photos


www.ssormag.com- DECEMBER - DECEMBER2021 2021- S&S - S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE 95 95 www.ssormag.com

Nathan Martino, fourth Class 6100 in H6 on Saturday

John Walter III, finished ninth overall in Class 1450 Sportsman

Nick Faulks, sixth overall Class 1450 Sportsman

Chase Ames, sixth overall Class 2900 SxS Pro Unlimited

John Pellissier, fourth overall Class 12

Vic Bruckmann, first overall Class 12 Conner McMullin, first overall Class 1 96 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

Chris Hertsch finished fifth Unlimited Truck Sportsman 1. Shaun Darr 2. Michael Bettelyoun 4. Mike Thomas 5. Noah Unlimited Truck 1. Harley Letner 2. Harbour Class 1500 Unlimited Quantrell Class 6100 1. Blaze Nunley Todd Wyllie 3. Robert Malone 4. Brent Sportsman 1. Ryan Desautels 2. 2. Fred Hatch 3. Nathan Martino 4. Malone 5. Chris Hertsch Class 2000 Soren Willard 3. Matt Rusich 4. Nick Taylor Grabow 5. Amanda Sorensen 1. Kyle Thomas 2. James Hayford 3. Valentine 5. Huntyr Berry Class 600 Class 1 1. Conner McMullin 2. Levi Ed Kendrick 4. Robert Williams Class Rockhill 3. Joe David 4. Frank Russell 6000 Trophy Lite 1. John Winn Class Unlimited Truck Sportsman 1. Randy Sleep 2. Bobby Newman 3. 5. Matthew Maciejewski 11 Stock Bug 1. Robert Johnson 2. Bernard Steinmann 4. Aaron Baker 5. Steven Fredericks 3. Donny Donovan 4. James Hayward 5. Jeff Wykoff Eric Hardin Class 1450 Sportsman Class 5-1600 1 Raul Solano 2. Mark 1. Jake Povey 2. Dan Coletti 3. Jason Winston 3. Eric Garcia 4. Suart Dahlin 5. Jared Ingram Class 9 1. Eric Ruble 2. Andrew Parr 3. Thomas Burns 4. Jim Eichler 5. Brandon Meehan Class 10 1. Blaine Conrad 2. Tom Coons 3. Lucas Knecht 4. Mike Coulter 5. James Ford Class 12 1. Vic Bruckmann 2. Chad Cummings 3. Dane Miller 4. John Pellissier 5. Scott Wilson Class 5 Unlimited 1. John Willard 2. Colin Cline 3. Justin Smith 4. Tyler Romero 5. Michael Logan Class 1900 SxS Pro Limited 1. Gabe Matthews 2. Mark Milne 3. Doug Maclachlan 4. Corey Labour 5. Devan Lyman Class 2900 SxS Pro Unlimited 1. Tyler Mills 2. Colton Gubler 3. Brock Dawson 4. Gabe Frye 5. Tom Coons Class 3900 SxS Chad Cummings, second Class 12 E www.ssormag.com - DECEMBER 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


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S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2021 - www.ssormag.com

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