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S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

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FEATURES 08 | Sherri's Turn

Make Christmas great again!

10 | Dirtbits

AMA Hall of Famer Everett Brashear passes away; ORN Dirt Lifestyle Returns

14 | In Memory: Wayne Nosala

Off road activist, Class 12 champion and CORVA Legislative Director; the off road community says good-bye to a tireless and hard working advocate

16 | The Little Club with a Big Heart

COMPETITION 50 | Bluewater Desert Challenge Presented by Best in the Desert

62 | Kenda DP4 Championship Round 4 of the SXS championship series

67 | CALVMX/Asterisk Flat Track Racing Round 5 of the six round series in Campo CA

76 | Rattlesnake Chase AMA District 38 desert racing presented by Roadrunner MC Club

San Diego Jeep Club follows through with the annual tradition of providing toys for kids at Christmas, in spite of the challenges 2020 brought

84 | SCFTA Flat Track

20 | Off Roading Saves 2020

88 | CALVMX/Asterisk Vintage Motocross

Friends of Oceano Dunes reap the rewards of their efforts, as the SVRA begins phase one of re-opening

26 | Operation Desert Fun

Raising funds for Paralyzed Veterans

Round 5 at Perris Raceway, Perris CA

Sixth and final 2020 round at Glen Helen Raceway

92 | Kenda SRT Ama National hare & Hound 100's MC hosts a race on a creative 80 mile course in the Southern California desert

28 | Stuck!

It may not be fun when it's happening, but it sure is fun seeing all the photos

40 | Bike Shop Everyone is equal on the starting line

42 | The Endangered Off Roader San Diego Off Road Coalition news

44 | Blast from the Past Stuck at the 1978 Mint 400 in Parker AZ

46 | 4x4 Coach Spare Parts: Death Valley and the Rubicon

96 | Dr. DeForest's Off Road Health Tips Jaw Pain and what to do about it

97-99 | Classifieds

Free off road photo classifieds 6 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com


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COVER (Top) Brandon

Homme at the Battle at Primm 2020, Unlimited Sportsman Buggy. Photo by Richie Abbott. (Center) San Diego Jeep Club raising funds for Toys 4 Tots (Bottom) Brian LaBelle is a mud specialist and helps us kick off our annual "STUCK!" reader feature! It was hard to choose which muddy photo of his to use, they were all good!


Shawna Ketelsen, first Open 125cc B Karts at CALVMX Flat Track Racing, Round 5, October 31-November 1 in Campo CA. Photo by Judd Neves Nothing But Dirt Photography

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here's talk and fear circulating that we won't be able to have Christmas this year. Too dangerous. Bad for our health. People will die. Lockdown orders in place. We knew we needed to respond to those orders immediately. So we went out and bought the largest Christmas tree we could find. Checked out our Christmas lights from previous years and realized for a special year like 2020, we needed better, brighter lights and lots more of them. Are you kidding me? After the 2020 we've suffered through, the authorities want us to tone down Christmas or cancel it altogether?


I. Don't. Think.So! So here in Commiefornia where we live, the governor, who recently was sued for acting like the dictator he is, continues in his overbearing way of controlling the peasants in this state while he lives like the king he perceives himself to be. As we go to press, we're just days away from Thanksgiving. The dictator has said we must limit our family gatherings, wear masks, can't eat inside, the few guests we're allowed can't stay more than two hours and everyone has to have their own individual serving dish, no dishing up from serving platters or bowls. Oh and absolutely no singing! But did I mention those rules are just for the commoners, we peasants. By now it's probably known to everyone that the dictator is oh-sosorry for failing to follow the rules he put in place for the rest of us. The Gateway Pundit recently reported: "Photos have leaked of California Governor Gavin Newsom breaking his own authoritarian COVID orders at a

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

lavish mask-free birthday dinner for his political adviser Jason Kinney." But consider this, was he sorry before he got caught, or just after? And about those travel plans, Governor Dictator? Los Angeles Magazine on November 13, 2020 wrote: "Governor Gavin Newsom has issued an advisory urging against nonessential out-of-state holiday travel this season." Yet four days later, in The Gateway Pundit, we read: "California lawmakers this week headed to a luxury resort in Maui with lobbyists despite Covid restrictions and travel warnings. Governor Gavin Newsom just issued the most restrictive lock down orders for 94% of the counties in California, but lawmakers are allowed to party in Hawaii." The hypocrisy is astounding. This governor truly believes he is above the rest of us who reside in this state. Listening to an interview with South Dakota's Governor Kristi Noem recently, I was in awe of a statement she made regarding her concern for

the happiness of the citizens of South Dakota. That is a concept that is foreign to the leaders of California. I never fully grasped the extent of government corruption until Donald Trump became president and began the tedious and dangerous process of shining a light into the darkness of deceiving, fraudulent, greedy and power hungry politicians. As I write this, the presidential election has not been determined, although you wouldn't know to ask Google, Facebook or any of the main stream media outlets. One of the key concerns is the voting software that has been determined to be capable of corrupting the votes, controlling the outcome of elections, without regard to who the people actually voted for. I find it refreshingly honest, in a world where deception reigns supreme, that the equipment is so aptly named Dominion. The definition of the word is "supreme authority, sovereignty". In other words, complete control. How shockingly honest of them, to name their corrupt system so approporiately.

Dominion voting system has supreme authority over the outcome of an election, in other words. Is it surprising that California is one of the states who uses the Dominion voting system? Is this why we so continually, election after election, "vote" in the liberal politicans who are destroying our state and causing droves of individuals and businesses to leave? So this holiday season, let me leave you with some inspiration, if you're a resident of California be sure to give yourself the gift of recalling the governor by signing the www. recallgavin2020.com petition and inviting your friends and family to do the same. And finally, if you hear any newscaster or politician tell you that we can't do Christmas this year it's just not safe. Remember the appropriate response: Bigger, Better, Brighter!

May this be your merriest

Christmas ever!


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Dirtbits AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Everett Brashear passes

Flat-track racer won 15 nationals


verett Brashear, one of the top AMA flat-track racers in the 1950s, died Oct. 29 in Los Angeles, Calif. He was 93. Between 1952 and 1960, Mr. Brashear won 15 AMA flat-track nationals and dozens of regional races. He was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1998. Born in Beaumont, Texas, on Jan. 17, 1927, Mr. Brashear grew up with little interest in motorcycling. He first took up riding after he left the military in 1946, when he bought an Indian Scout and started racing on the street with his friends. In 1949, Mr. Brashear was highpoint rider in the novice ranks, a feat he repeated the next year as an amateur. He didn’t make much of an impression in 1951, his first expert season. The following year, 1952, was a different story, though. Mr. Brashear broke through with his first national win at the half-mile track in Sturgis, S.D. That win was the first for Mr. Brashear and the first win for HarleyDavidson’s new KR model race bike. In 1953, Mr. Brashear won three nationals, two half-miles and a mile. Despite a serious racing injury in 1954, Mr. Brashear returned to competition and delivered strong performances throughout the remainder of the decade on Harley-Davidsons and BSAs. He retired from racing in 1960 and took a job for Triumph distributor Johnson Motors in California. His retirement was short-lived, however. He came back


and won his final AMA national, the Sacramento (Calif.) Mile on July 17, 1960. Another bad crash in a county-fair race at the end of the year convinced Mr. Brashear to give up racing again. He came back a second time and raced select events for the next four years (actually earning his top finish in the Daytona 200, sixth, in 1964 on a Matchless), but had already moved on to life outside of racing. For a short time, Mr. Brashear ran a Harley-Davidson dealership. Then he was a district manager for Triumph, an insurance agent, eastern sales manager for Yamaha, national sales manager for Kawasaki, head of Husqvarna distribution and, finally, a representative for aftermarket manufacturers. He retired to San Diego. In all, Mr. Brashear spent 47 years of his life in the motorcycle industry in one form or another. Read his complete

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

biography at motorcyclemuseum.org/ halloffame/detail.aspx?RacerID=17.

About the American Motorcyclist Association

Founded in 1924, the AMA is a not-forprofit member-based association whose mission is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling. As the world's largest motorcycling rights and event sanctioning organization, the AMA advocates for riders' interests at all levels of government and sanctions thousands of competition and recreational events every year. The AMA also provides money-saving discounts on products and services for its members. Through the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, the AMA honors the heroes and heritage of motorcycling. For more information, visit americanmotorcyclist.com.

https://www.instagram.com/ jpdesigns1/?hl=en https://www.industrial-bolts.net/ bolts-4-u/

Toyota of Escondido ORN Dirt Lifestyle Expo Returns to Del Mar Fairgrounds


orking through the issues of the current pandemic in conjunction with local health officials and the administration of the facility, organizers have announced that the popular thrice-postponed second annual Toyota Escondido Off-Road Nights Dirt Life Expo, presented by TE Motorsports will be held March 27-28, 2021. Showcasing family fun that is ‘everything dirt’, the event is scheduled to again turn much of San Diego County’s famous Del Mar Fairgrounds into a massive two-day dirt lifestyle expo originally scheduled to be held last March and postponed originally to September before canceling it for 2020.


The ultimate action sports-inspired lifestyle expo features over 100 leading

industry vendors, exhibits, displays, the Schampa ORN Car Show, Dirt Alliance ORN Dirt Cross featuring Truck, Buggy, UTV, Quad and Mini Motocross racing along with live entertainment and music on the Riot Scene main stage, demos, product giveaways and autograph sessions throughout the ORN dirt lifestyle day.

ORN Kid’s Zone

Promoter Comments

More Info

“We are extremely pleased to be able to announce the 2021 dates for our exciting ORN Expo in Del Mar,” stated event producer Rat Sult. “This is our ‘crown jewel’ event but with all of the safety and health issues and concerns along with State directives and protocols during this pandemic, we believe that these new dates for next year’s Expo are clearly in the best interest of all concerned.” “We have put on a similar event in Temecula for the six years prior to this year and Del Mar is a great venue to expand into and we again anticipate big crowds, lots of cars, displays, racing, entertainment and plenty of food and beverages for everyone. The ORN Dirt Lifestyle Expo was so well received in Del Mar in 2019, we are expanding the event to two days in 2021.” “We strive to bring a piece of our dirt lifestyle closer to home in one confined area and that’s why we say it’s everything dirt! Working with the amiable staff at the Del Mar Fairgrounds we are anxious and raring to go with this great event in its original March window. We want everyone, from vendors, participants and fans, to mark their 2021 calendars and be prepared for the largest Off-Road Expo ever in San Diego County.”

Additional detailed information including the schedule of events will be released over the next few months. One of the added elements for 2021 will be an interactive ORN Kid’s Zone featuring carnival rides and very ‘Cool Bus’ Monster Truck rides just for the younger ones.

More information on the event, including vendors, vehicle displays and racing are available on its website at www. ornscene.com or by contacting Rat Sult directly at ratsult@gmail.com or by phone at 760-533-9380.

The UTV World Championship Returns to Lake Havasu City in 2021


he UTV World Championship announced that it will return to beautiful Lake Havasu City next October 13th - 17th, and annually for the foreseeable future. After two weeks of glowing reviews from racers, sponsors, media, local residents, law enforcement, CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

www.ssorm.com - DECEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


and City officials, The Martelli Brothers feel confident that the match made between their historic race and the off-road friendly community of Lake Havasu City is golden. “We just finished our cleanup and trail and course repair and couldn’t be more happy about the outcome of this event,” stated UTV World Championship COO, Joshua Martelli. ”We want to once again thank the local residents and Lake Havasu City stakeholders including Mayor Cal Sheehy, the entire Go Lake Havasu Office, the BLM Mohave Field Office, and the Campbell family for going way out of their way to make our racers and 12

spectators feel at home. Everyone from the Lake Havasu Police and Fire Departments, to the Mohave Sheriff's office and State Troopers were incredible to work with. We’re humbled and grateful and excited to come back and build on this success next year.” The UTV World Championship survey data has begun to stream in and it

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

reveals that the event was a shot in the arm for the local Lake Havasu City and state economy. Three hundred race teams, three hundred poker run participants, vendors, crew, volunteers and spectators made up a pool of 5,000 participants, many of whom stayed in town for 8 nights or more and spent over $2,500 while in the state of Arizona. The largest regional draw was from California, and the attendees traveled from 21 different states total to engage with the event - a fantastic showcase for the sixth year, and first in Lake Havasu City. “This was an awesome step forward for the sport and our racers and we’re thrilled to be looking ahead to 2021,” stated UTV World Championship CEO, Matt Martelli. “Now that we have established a new home base we’ll be focusing on improving some of our logistics, and adding in some new features to the event. We want to engage with local businesses even more, and open up things like onsite racer camping. We’re really excited to see how far we can take this world class event with LHC as our backdrop.” The UTV World Championships will return October 13th - 17th, 2021. For up to date information on the event visit utvworldchampioship.com and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ utvworldchampioship.

Mint 400 Online Entries Open he Mint 400 announced


several new classes, as well as a payment plan designed to help racers weather the winter and prepare to race next spring. Eleven classes have seen drops in their entry fees, Class 9 Challenger has been added to the class list, and the Baja Truck & 6100 Truck classes have been merged into one “Unlimited Truck SPEC” class. New this year, racers will have the option to either pay the registration fee in full up front, or pay 25% down, 25% on January 8th, and the final 50% balance on

that The Great THE American Off-Road Race has received the green flag to roar back into Las UTV | Quads | ATV | Modern & Vintage Motorcycle Vegas on Wednesday, March Shock revalve / rebuild and service • Forks revalve / rebuild and service 3rd through Sunday, March Shock body hard anodizing • Spring kits, stabilizer bars and more! 7th in 2021. The storied race officially opened racer Side by Side Services Include: registration on Tuesday, Performance Suspension Set Up Includes: Eibach spring kit, revalve, rebuild, oil, seal kit & nitrogen, from $1,798.00. November 10th. The Mint 400 Complete Shock Revalve Includes: Shims, oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $998.00. has named Off-Road Racer Complete Shock Service Includes: Oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $619.00. the official race registration Spring Kits & Stabilizer Bars Available for most popular models, please call for specific pricing information. provider for the event, We proudly service: utilizing their brand new purpose built software for offroad racing events. Details regarding the new registration process can be found at www.themint400. Phone: (760) 955-8757 | E-mail: info@noleenj6.com com/racerinfo/ and racers can get a head start on their registration by first creating an Off-Road Racer Profile. By creating an Off-Road Racer Profile ahead of time, racers will simply log in, select their class, enter their race number, add their co-drivers and successfully reserve their spot at The Great American Off-Road Race. All other information needed to race will have been collected via their Off-Road Racer Profile. The order in which racers register for their class will determine their starting position, and/or qualifying start position, rather than by random draw. The Mint 400 organization launched new entry fee pricing,

February 5th. The process is completely automated, and gives budget conscious racers the time to secure a good starting position without coming completely out of pocket prior to the holiday season. The Mint 400 also confirmed that next year's race will feature independent car/ truck and motorcycle courses, a separate dedicated Youth course, and a brand new qualifying course in Primm. More information regarding racer and spectator details will be released in the coming months. See you in Las Vegas March 3rd-7th, 2021! E

Suspension Experts

For more information on our complete line of SXS product and services please contact us today!

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In Memory Wayne Nosala


By Terry Work

ayne Nosala of Mojave, California, died November 09, 2020 from complication due to Diabetes. He was a Class 12 champion, Past Legislative Director for California OffRoad Vehicle Association (CORVA), recipient of the“Vic Van Ella Award”( a special “Checkers” trophy), and owner of Nosala Engineering. I met Wayne many years ago at a CORVA Board meeting with Ed Waldheim, Wayne gave the image of being quiet, but when Wayne spoke, he spoke with passion and knowledge. Wayne was involved in Land Use especially for the place he loved, that is the desert specifically the Mohave


Desert. He was a major part of addressing all the Feinstein bills, and issues with the Center for Biological Diversity. You could

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

find him speaking in Sacramento with Ed Waldheim or at Desert Senate meetings for Truckhaven, Jawbone and other desert areas working to keep the land he loved open. This is from a Racedezert.com (RDC) post in 2007 from his wife Ann showing what a normal day with Wayne was: Wayne was up at o-dark-thirty this morning to pick up a tractor so Dove Springs and areas will be graded this week. Tomorrow he is in another meeting for Friends of Jawbone and another night meeting. Then the next day is the monthly FOJ meeting. The next day leading a press tour. Oh yeah, and try and make a living too. Last month: 4 conference calls, 2 days for Lobby Day in our capital. It was a slow month with only 4 meetings & Corva Convention, countless of e-mails and phone calls. Even with all this Wayne was always available to talk to people and had time for friends. He knew the legislative process and worked hard to keep the desert open not only for racers, but for all desert enthusiasts. Wayne was a self-employed machinist (Nosala Engineering) using his skill and knowledge to help advance the aerospace industry. But when I think of Wayne I think of him as a protector, he worked hard to protect our lands (and to protect rides in the desert with friends in his old desert car), he worked hard protecting his business, his dogs and of course his wife Ann Nosala. I considered Wayne a friend and I know Wayne is now with his Dad, riding in their desert cars in heaven racing through the skies. E

www.stevesatvrentals.com www.ssorm.com - DECEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


The Little Club with a Big Heart By Jessi Puffenbarger www.sdjc.rocks

16 16

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- DECEMBER DECEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S


hen talking about passionate people, you can look no further than an off roader. What other group of like-minded people can come together, young and old, two-wheel or 4 wheel, rusted or new vehicles for a common cause? It should come as no surprise to anyone that when these passionate like-minded people come together with a common goal that extraordinary things happen. Service to the community and its members has always been at the core and

heart of the San Diego Jeep Club. The Club prides itself in being a family-oriented club and what could be more important to a family than children. Toys for Tots was started by the Marine Corps Reserve in 1947 with the goal of helping families in need. Over the years, Toys for Tots has donated over 53 million toys to children who might otherwise not have had Christmas. Each year the club and its members look forward to all the events and trail runs that are specially held to collect toys and raise funds for this worthy cause. The club focuses on providing a fun experience for both new and experienced jeepers by holding trail runs in varying

terrains in different parts of California. Last year, the club had its best fundraising effort to date. The club collected so many toys for this great cause that they filled a travel trailer plus several oversized Santa bags full of toys including over $3,000 in cash donations. This year represents the fifth year that the club has worked to support this great charity. When Covid hit, things changed for everyone. While most activities and events fell by the wayside, the San Diego Jeep Club found a way to continue its mission just in a different way. Creativity is the mother of ingenuity! This is a statement that I always found puzzling until I started off-roading. Sometimes out on the trail, parts break and Jeeps break down. Trail repairs naturally lend themselves to creativity and ingenuity due to the lack of parts carried and tools available on the trail. This is also true when it comes to fundraising during Covid. The San Diego Jeep Club truly took this challenge as an opportunity to not simply back down and say that we can’t do this. Instead, the Club’s Board and members saw this as a special challenge to not only do as well as last year but surpass it. While Covid restrictions slowly lifted the

Club found ways to hold events while still complying with restrictions. Trail runs were held with smaller numbers and masks became the new norm. Instead of having our usual driver’s meeting, information was relayed over the radios so that all could stay informed. Continued on next page www.ssorm.com - DECEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



As restrictions lifted, we have held events with greater numbers, but still asked that everyone socially distance and wear masks. At each event, we have asked that instead of bringing toys, out of concern for the spread of covid, that cash be donated instead. This purpose is two fold: it is just a small way that we can prevent the spread of this terrible disease, but also gives the Marines an opportunity to use the funds to purchase toys based on the needs of the children.


Traditionally, each year the club holds its annual Big Bear event. Due to restrictions, we had to restructure this event from our traditional format. Instead of having a weekend of camping out and trail riding, the Board of the San Diego Jeep Club decided to hold a more Covid friendly event. A one-day event with multiple trail runs was held. The trails were broken up into easy, moderate, and difficult to fit all levels of experience in the Club. Pontiac Sluice was the trail picked for the moderate run and a trifecta run for the more experienced Jeepers included Gold Mountain, John Bull, and Holcomb Creek all in the same day. A lot of fun was

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had by all while socially distancing and fundraising. Another great event that Jeepers look forward to every year is the Halloween run. Jeeps and members spend weeks planning out how to decorate their Jeeps and dress in costume. The club decided to hold this run in a traditional format, but with the inclusion of masks and social distancing. It was a great turn out with both members and Jeeps dressed in their scariest costumes. At this event, we had an even bigger spirit for fundraising. During the run, we announced how much we had raised at the beginning of the event over the radio. After announcing a record amount of funds raised on one run, the club showed it’s big heart by pledging even more funds; member after member made pledges over the radio. This set a record for the largest amount raised on a single run to benefit Toys for Tots. This year it looks like club donations will exceed $10,000. Our Club sponsors and local businesses are a big part of our family. After seeing our members’ dedication to the fundraising effort the sponsors have really stepped up and shown their support. Sponsors have offered to donate

a portion of their sales to our Toys for Tots fundraising efforts. One sponsor even challenged other club sponsors to donate by pledging a matching donation, all for the cause. Over the years, the San Diego Jeep Club has also partnered with other clubs. We have partnered with El Cajon Hog Chapter 3203, Temecula Jeep and Offroaders, San Diego Adventure Riders, ORV Club, Tierra Del Sol, Funshine Jeep Girls, and San Diego Subies. These partnerships have led to new and exciting friendships as well as partnerships for worthy causes. Traditionally, the club ends its fundraising efforts with one last collection at Fiesta Island. Both Jeeps and members dress in their holiday best and caravan to Del Mar Fairgrounds for the drop off of the toys and donations and Branch Manager · NMLS #: 240137 spend the day together at Del Mar afterward. The Club has decided to honor this tradition but with a few modifications. cwiley@primeres.com We will still be meeting at 2124 Arnold Way | Alpine| CA | 91901 Fiesta Island for one last Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. collection opportunity. We will still be dressed in our holiday best including our Jeeps, but PRMI NMLS 3094. This ad is not from HUD or FHA and was not approved by HUD or any government agency. PRMI is an Equal Housing will be requiring all guidelines Lender. Some products and services may not be available in all states. Credit and collateral are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. Programs, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change and are subject to borrower(s) qualification. This is not a commitment for Covid to be followed. to lend.Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act 4130403. Afterward, Jeeps will caravan A copy of our Privacy Policy and Notice is accessible by going to Primary Residential Mortgage’s website and clicking on the to Del Mar for the drop-off “Privacy Policy” link located at the bottom of the page. https://www.primeres.com/privacy-policy. and delivery of our donations but this format will be in the form of a drive-through. While this year has provided many challenges, fundraising has not been one of them. This club really has a big heart and it is why we lovingly refer to the group as a family. I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank all of the members, sponsors, and local businesses that have really stepped up to make the San Diego Jeep Club’s fundraising effort for Toys for Tots a success. Without all of you, this would not have been possible. Thank you all! E

HOME LOANS Chris Wiley (619) 722-1303

VA | USDA | FHA | Conventional | REVERSE



https://www. facebook.com/OcotilloWells-RV-ParkStore-875140252624514/

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OFF ROADING Saves 2020 BY JARED MACLEOD www.oceanodunes.org

t times it seemed like this year has been a total lost cause. One of the few things that always seems to lift my spirits is our camping and off-roading trips with friends and family. Sadly, in 2020 nearly all of the off-road events were cancelled, the Forests were closed due to forest fires, our SVRAs were temporarily closed due to Covid and Oceano Dunes SVRA (Pismo) had been closed since March. After a long year with not nearly enough trail time, things really started turning around in October. The Bakersfield Trailblazers Prospectors Crawl at Calico was a go, and Ocean Dunes SVRA would finally be reopened! Finally...some light on the horizon!


Bakersfield Trailblazers Club: Prospectors Crawl 2020

On October 17, off-roaders from all over the state traveled to Calico Ghost Town for the Prospectors Crawl 2020. Prospectors Crawl is the Bakersfield Trailblazer Club’s annual fundraiser event to support the land use efforts of the Stewards Of The Sequoia. The event was originally scheduled for earlier in the year, but due to the Covid

restrictions they were forced to postpone. Bakersfield Trailblazers President, Jeremy Rowell, then had to brainstorm how he could safely hold their event later in the year with all of the challenges of today’s world. Well, Jeremy figured it out and the event was a huge hit! Prospectors Crawl had six Saturday event runs. Runs were led by Pat Gerber from Direct Off Road, Shae Sanders from American Off Road, Don Peeler from 4x4Him, Richard Gauthier from G & G Auto, Aaron Long from Infectious Offroad, Point Mugu 4x4 Club (my club) and the early morning bonus run by Bakersfield Trailblazers Rob Schlegel. Point

The reason why I fight! 20 20

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- DECEMBER DECEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Mugu 4x4 Club left camp at 9 a.m. for our Odessa Canyon Run. We had a great time and a safe day out on the trails, with no vehicles broken. Everyone was excited to finally be back out at an event enjoying the trails with their families. Funny story, I actually wrote my last month’s article out on the trails that day. With almost no cell coverage, I had to crawl my Jeep up to the Calico Mines to get enough cell coverage to send it over to Sherri. OffRoaders need no office! After the day's trail runs, everyone headed back to their camps for dinner and then over to Mule Canyon for the raffle. I should probably call it a Mega Raffle, because the amount of sponsor donated product and give aways they had was valued at $20,000. It seemed like Jeremy Rowell was up there giving away raffle prizes for hours. You could tell that this was his favorite part of the event. After a year of planning, working with sponsors, rescheduling the event and non-stop work all weekend, the event was finally coming to a close at this raffle. Jeremy was up there having a great time giving away the endless raffle prizes and enjoying the fruits of his labor that made this awesome event Continued on next page

www.ruggedradios.com www.ssorm.com - DECEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Jeremy Rowell at the raffle

such a huge success. You could say that I spent a small fortune at this event, but it all went to a great cause so please don’t tell my wife. I’d like to thank Jeremy Rowell and the Bakersfield Trailblazers for such an amazing weekend of family fun. We won a ton of raffle prizes and finally made ourselves some amazing memories for 2020. Prospector Crawl 2021 will be held on April 10, 2021 at Calico Ghost Town. Don’t forget to book your campsites early before they sell out. You won’t want to miss it! For more event information please check the Bakersfield Trailblazers FB page event link below. I hope to see y’all there! https://fb.me/ e/6dWzRqbzF

Photos from the Calico Adventure 22

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Oceano Dunes SVRA: Opening Day! After nearly 8 months of non-stop battles since the March closure of Oceano Dunes, on October 30 the gates to our SVRA were finally reopened! A few weeks prior, State Parks released a three phase reopening plan for the Park. The October 30 reopening was for Phase 1, which means only 1,000 street legal vehicles per day for day use only, no camping or OHV. Although this is not the reopening plan we had hoped for, it is a start, and we are happy to have our beach and dunes back. Early Friday morning, my wife, daughter and I drove up the coast to meet up with Mike McGarity and his fiancé, Naomi. There is no way after nearly a year of fighting to reopen the Park that we were going to miss opening day. We spent that first half of the day parked just inside the Pier Ave entrance talking with off-roaders, fishers, surfers and families driving their kids out to play at the beach. It was amazing to see so many happy families and children finally able to get away from the madness of 2020, and back to enjoying the beach and dunes we all love so much. This is exactly the reason we fight so hard, and it really hit home for us. Hard work does pay off, even when at times it is hard to see. After a few hours Mike McGarity, Lance DesBaillets, from Point Mugu 4x4 Club, and I decided it was time to go have some fun. We left our post and headed out to the dunes, and boy has the Park Continued on next page

Check the website for signing locations or print a petition, sign and mail it in. Online Petitions do NOT count.

Recall Gavin Newsom S i g n i n p e r s o n o n l y, online petitions do NOT count

recallgavin2020.com www.ssorm.com - DECEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


changed! We had a great time exploring the fresh virgin sand while looking for bowls we could actually take our trucks on. Until State Parks allows OHV for Phase 2, many of our usual sand bowls and dunes are simply unusable in our big trucks. OHV is a necessary safety component for this Park to make much of this riding area usable again. State Parks Sacramento needs to get off their butt and get this Phase 2 opened up for OHV and camping! This Park is funded with our OHV Trust Fund, which makes OHV use a mandatory component to continue the operational funding to this SVRA.

We then spent the rest of our weekend driving around and meeting up with friends and fellow off-roaders. We posted on social media for people to find us, flag us down for a quick interview and they could win a free Friends of Oceano Dunes hat or CORVA shirt. This was my favorite part of our trip. Talking with other off-roaders, listening to their stories and hearing why Oceano Dunes means so much to their families. This really is what it’s all about, making memories with our family and friends. Working our butts off every day, paying our dues and doing our part, all to enjoy the fruits of our labor and enjoy

Oceano Dunes with Mike McGarity and Lance DesBaillets.


some healthy, family recreation. I think we could all use a lot more of it right now, more family time, more fun and more recreational opportunities. I would encourage everyone to make a Oceano Dunes trip with your family, friends and clubs as soon as you can. Many have worked tirelessly fighting for this Park, so please get out and enjoy it. Make those memories! For more information on Oceano Dunes SVRA and how you can help Friends of Oceano Dunes in this fight, please follow our social media and visit our website at:https://www.oceanodunes.org

With Jeremy Soule and Jim Shaw

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Raising Funds for Paralyzed Veterans By Amy Volmer Tierra Del Sol Four Wheel Drive Club, San Diego www.tds4x4.com | www.geared4fun.com | www.cal4wheel.com


peration Desert Fun is a Cal4Wheels event that goes on every year in the Imperial County Desert. This year, the event was October 16 & 17. During this year of the Covid pandemic, many off-road events have been canceled and/ or postponed, so we were excited to see Operation Desert Fun was a go! Operation Desert Fun is a weekend of off-roading to raise funds for Paralyzed Veterans of America. Angela Cook has been heading this event for over 18 years now. She herself is in a wheelchair and a veteran of the United States Air Force. This year Angela and the other Cal4Wheel members did an outstanding job organizing, considering all the rules and regulations handed down from the State. For attendees, there was


a maximum of three people allowed in the office at one time to register and buy shirts. The office was sanitized frequently, social distancing of 6 feet and of course wearing face masks, which everyone loves, was mandatory. The annual dinner was canceled, and the traditional organized group runs were also canceled. The event was hosted at the BluInn RV Park in Ocotillo Wells, which thankfully is very close to BLM land. Even though there wasn't any organized runs, attendees were able to wheel in the BLM areas and luckily the SVRA land opened up about a week prior to ODF. Operation Desert Fun also includes a raffle of donated prizes, where all proceeds benefit paralyzed Vets. We were surprised to see so

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

many raffle items donated and the amount of people who donated to this event. This year has been financially difficult for many companies and individuals, but no matter what, we continue to support events like this. Operation Desert Fun recognizes and fully supports our service members from offering them a discounted registration fee, tickets for military only raffle prizes, acknowledging them at the beginning of the raffle and of course doing the Pledge of Allegiance. Saturday morning we partnered up with 4Wheel2Heal, another group that

takes wounded warriors off-road for a little trail therapy. We loaded up our rigs and headed for Blow Sand. The 4Wheel2Heal rigs were set up a little differently than our off-road Jeeps. We followed them for the majority of the time, with the exception of a couple spots, where we just watched. As a Jeeper we have to remember that those who trailer their rigs can do more than those who have to drive their rigs home.

After playing around and doing Blow Sand and the offshoots, we drove through the desert to the 4x4 training center in Truckhaven, then on to Devil's Slide. After a few hours we worked our way back to camp, cooked dinner, and headed over for the raffle.

In all it was an excellent weekend! My boyfriend, John Foster and I, along with some of our friends, were representing the Tierra del Sol 4x4 Club of San Diego. It was great to see so many other clubs that came out to support this event, which included 4Wheel2Heal, members of 319, The San Diego Outbacks and the Hemet Jeep Club. Angela Cook and the other members of Cal4Wheels did an amazing job bringing this event together. Everyone followed the Covid guidelines set by the State, no one complained, we just went with the flow. We proved outdoor off-road events can be done safely during the Covid pandemic. E

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27 27

! K C U ST 28

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ck. u t s g n i e b n a h ore t m t i b a s a w e This on e mud h t h g u o r h t g n ersi Misjudged trav ntain u o M n o i t i t s r e e Sup h t n i t u o s l l hi A C a s e M a L , s e Snip area. - Bill PAGES AND PAGES OF READERS STUCK VEHICLES AHEAD!

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STUCK! Here is a real funny "Stuck" vehicle. We were at the Huntington Beach Moto Beach Flat Track races a couple years ago when this big off road truck rolled up and was directed to drive out on the sand to drop off some equipment in the bike show area. He pulled off the pavement on to the sand, went 10 feet and sunk up to the axle. Everyone had a good chuckle about it. - Randy Ressell, Westminster CA Randy Ressell

Team Prestyn Racing, my eldest son, Degan Baca, 14 years old, in his first truck race with his new Bilstein sponsored 97 Ford Ranger. Stuck in El Paso Texas with the STORR Racing series. - Amos Baca, Rio Rancho NM

Girls get dirty too! - Amanda Grabill Ben Cissell, stuck!

Tropical Storm Eta after effects. This is my son Luke’s 2000 F250 7.3 diesel on a street close to my house in Davie Florida - Dennis Brackett


Crossover Trail in Ocotillo at night can be interesting at times. Nick might have missed the turn on this night. Nothing a strap and a good friend can’t fix.– Nick Herbon, Riverside CA

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Raymond Leon at Glamis. Stuck.

Rob Ranallo of Orange CA with a couple of stuck vehicles.

Andy, Sean and Ian MacInnis getting pulled out by Rob Ellingboe just below Sand Dam in Superstition.

Stuck in Hungry Valley SVR - Terry Work, Bullhead City AZ

Dannals family FJ trying to play in sand at Superstition Halloween weekend. Had to break out the Matt Track boards to get it out. Tim Dannals, Vista CA

New truck back in 2012. Yes I aired down. always do at Oceano Dunes SVRA - Anthony Andre, Armona CA

Left Axle broke at Glamis as I was going up the worlds smallest sand dune. It turned me left! - Tim Nowak, Yorba Linda CA


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My good friend Dave Harris shortly after he found a soft spot in the finger dunes at Superstition. He's not holding it up, thats how it stuck. - Randy Whittenberg, San Diego CA


Dianna having a mud bath in Ocotillo Wells - Laura Rockwood, Jamul CA

Mike stuck out by the Navy base. Forgot to put it in 4 wheel drive before climbing the dune. - Lonnie Smith, Salton City CA

Look before you leap, I was just looking. - Randy Hutchins, El Cajon CA

Del Ocheltree, December 2018. Backwash Kane Springs Road. - Tom Harrington, Bonita CA


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Here is my SxS saving a Baja Bug from falling down a ravine. After 20 minutes and multiple repositions, we were able to winch him out. - Bryan Jacobson





Aaron and I are getting ready to pull John out. Durango busted an axle having too much fun in the Mud Hills. - Tyler Collett, San Marcos CA


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Cameron and Johnathon at Glamis - Raymond Leon, Campo CA A stuck UTV out by Crystal, Nevada the day before the 2007 Terrible Town 300. Second shot is how we pulled him out with two vehicles in tandem. - Jim Ober, Trackside Photo

Tip Toe Behind the Rocks trail, Moab 2017. I was the mid gunner on this 5 rated trail. We had a substitute trail leader and he led it totally different than we had done it before. I was between a rock and a hard place, could not back up with bumper hitting the rock. Could not go forward with left rear wheel in a hole. Don't remember if I was strapped or winched up. Photo by Curtis Duggan - Rick Moore, El Cajon CA


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STUCK! Marine veteran Alexandra S. while participating in Adrenaline Therapy with Warfighter Made and the Godfrey's in Utah, zigged when she should've zagged and ended up stuck in a ditch. Unfortunately, more damage was caused to the machine on retrieval, than from the accident. - Rob Blanton, Warfighter Made

This bush ran out in front of me at Idaho Dunes. - Neal Rideout, Edwards CA


Prerunning at night in 2013. Power lines between Cave Creek and Tatum in Phoenix AZ. Ditch was bigger than 35" tires. Broke tie rods and bent bumper. Had to be towed out of desert. - Rich Mcclellan, Phoenix AZ

Glamis North. We found some quicksand. - Marty Krohn, Riverside

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951-699-6922 “Specializing in Hand-Crafted Vehicles” Long-Travel Buggies Ultra 4 x 4’s & Jeeps Off-Road Trucks

Repair Facility Tube Bending Mig/Tig Welding

Sheet Metal Wiring Performance Parts

“THE ONLY FAB SHOP YOU’LL EVER NEED” www.rawmotorsports .com 42065 Zevo Drive #16 Temecula, CA 92590

www.ceetracing.com My riding buddy Davin Brigman (5s) and I (8s) were out for a Saturday ride when we decided to try to find some hard stuff in the slot canyons of Superstitions. We made our way into one where it was pretty rocky and narrow and at some point we stopped seeing tire tracks (bad sign) but we kept going. We crossed several big rocky step-downs which were hard to get our bikes down (forget about going back up) but we were almost at the other side of the mountain so we kept moving forward. We thought we had it but then we ran into this drop.... We didn't want to ride back the way we came because it was going to take at least another hour or more and we were both pretty tired. After all other possibilities were exhausted we ended up sliding with our bikes down this giant slab. Sketchy doesn't do it justice. It wasn't pretty but once we got down this drop the rest was smooth sailing. - Courtney Ludwin, San Diego CA




38 38

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE --DECEMBER DECEMBER2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Stuck? Yes, really stuck. - Dusti Kemple, Durango CO

Would you like to be a part of an upcoming reader feature? Visit www.ssorm.com and sign up for the Super Digital email list. You'll get notifications each month of reader features you can take part in! E

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Bike Shop Stars of Motocross


veryone is equal on the starting line of a motocross race. That doesn't mean everyone is the same speed or skill, just that everyone has the same opportunity to win the race. I raced a lot of motocross, but I never won a pro purse, mainly because I never turned pro. There was a big difference between intermediate and pro when I was a young racer. The difference wasn't so much the speed as much as the whole package. For me, a big part of what separated me from them was money. Yes, you can win money as a pro, but for every dollar you win, you will spend a thousand to get there. As much as I wanted to be a pro, the piggy bank wouldn't let me have better than secondhand equipment. Having a fresh bike was only part of it. Working pros would get three new bikes a year, a stack of tires along with chains, grips, handlebars and top ends. I wanted to be a pro, a respected leader in my chosen and favorite hobby, but like many racers, I settled for riding as an amateur. I read about the pros in magazines, watched them at the local races and at the big events. I attended the SoCal Vintage Motocross Classic race at Glen Helen recently. A lot of the fun is being around retired motocross stars. I race with the vintage club as an expert, but don't confuse that with racing pro. Being expert there means you are a little faster than 40

By Clutch Roberts

the intermediates, who are a little faster than the novices. Racing my 1995 Honda CR250 in the newest old bike class, I rode up to the starting line and saw a couple names on the back of leathers I recognized, Dehoop and Nicoll. Todd Dehoop was 1988 125cc supercross champion and Kurt Nicoll was four-time world champion runner up. So, I pulled up to the starting line between the two. Yes, there was a little small talk on the line, maybe one of my favorite things ever. I turn to my left and say are you Todd Dehoop? After he says yes, I tell him I was a fan and love

Suzuki's, so he reaches over to shake hands and smile at me. The Gate drops and I have nothing for those guys. For me, victory in this race was not getting lapped. That and clearing the big hip jump on the north west side of the track. In my vintage race, I held off Broc Glover for one lap and actually finished third and ahead of four time motocross champion Gary Jones. At normal vintage motocross races, the bikes are the stars, but at this race, the beautiful bikes were eclipsed by the authentic star power walking around.

Kurt Nicoll at the SoCal Vintage Motocross Classic. Source: Facebook So Cal Vintage MX Classic page by @shefferphotos E

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ang on, because there is a lot to talk about today including a new lawsuit in Oceano Dunes, action by State Fish and Wildlife, the Desert Advisory Council is taking applications, a fire near Corral Canyon, progress in crossing the railroad tracks at Glamis, a new campground in McCain Valley, SDORC has a radio show and there was a national election.

Oceano Dunes

In Oceano Dunes (Pismo Beach) the Friends of Oceano Dunes is suing the local Air Pollution Control District over the fact that they have not had a licensed engineer on the Board since 2017 and are asking for all actions since then to be voided. The guy who was supposed to be the licensed engineer is a PhD in environmental engineering, but he is not licensed, a fine distinction. Adding to the challenge is the State has an exemption for counties with fewer than 750,000 residents. This allows the APCD to function even if a suitable engineer is not available. San Luis Obispo County has about 230,000 residents. The lawsuit contends that several qualified and licensed engineers have applied to the board and were rejected, therefore, they were functioning unlawfully. A different and more pressing issue at Oceano Dunes is around the Habitat Conservation Plan. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the availability of a draft habitat conservation plan. Also an associated draft environmental assessment which includes an incidental take permit for State Parks activities at Pismo State Beach and Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area. There are ten currently listed federal and state threatened or 42

endangered species in the area, including: California Least Tern, Tidewater Goby, Gambel Watercress, La Graciosa, Marsh Sandwort, Nipomo Mesa Lupine, Western Snowy Plover, California Red-Legged Frog, Surf Thistle and Beach Spectaclepod. This Incidental Take Permit is very important for the area and can define what activities will be allowed there. Fish and Wildlife is accepting comments on their draft plan now. I have looked for it but have been unable to find it.

Desert Advisory Council

The Desert Advisory Council (who gives advice to the Bureau of Land Management) is accepting applications now. The DAC has not met in a year for two reasons, first, the virus and second, the fact that there is not a quorum since three members termed out late last year. This problem lies square on the BLM, as they drag their feet in appointing members. I am on the DAC and my personal application took almost a year to process. You can read about applying to the DAC at https://www.blm.gov/press-release/blmseeks-california-desert-advisory-councilnominations-1

Corral Canyon

Corral Canyon is now officially closed due to the Valley Fire. The fire burned across Espinoza Road, way west of the main riding area of Corral Canyon. I can understand closing an area that has been burned, but this closure doesn't make sense. It would be easy to block off Espinoza Road and leave the rest open. The Forest sent out an email asking for patience and saying they are doing everything possible to get the area open. We have

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

expressed our desire to help any way we can to get the area open again.

Glamis Railroad

Since the Railroad closed the underpass by Wash 10 in the Imperial Sand Dunes years ago, off-roaders have been trying to get legal and safe access to land east of the dunes. The official fee area extends some distance east of the railroad tracks, so it makes sense to allow visitors to have access to either side. The Imperial County Transportation Commission has paid for a feasibility study to determine the best way for off-roaders to cross the railroad tracks. Last month we went over the alternatives and where to read the study. If you would like to comment, go to https:// www.surveymonkey.com/r/2FHRLBN

McCain Valley Campground

We got our comments in on the McCain Valley Campground Project. No one answered my Facebook posts asking for ideas, so I called my friends who ride there to ask their opinion. Two friends said they should not do anything at all there. I am sort of in this camp, except I don't mind a restroom. Two other friends said they don't mind upgrades to the area. The BLM preferred alternative had a number of campsites going around the Day Use Area, each with a table, shade, fire pit and water spigot. I suggested they not make separate camp spots, but instead allow camping in the Day Use Area and only bring water to a spigot by the restroom. My idea to create a four-wheel drive challenge route through the area was shot down. They said it was outside the scope of the project.

SDORC Radio Show

SDORC has signed a contract to continue our weekly radio show for six months. The show is on Sundays from 12:00 to 1:00 pm on AM 1170 and FM 96.1 and we sit with Dave Stall in the studio. We reached out to a number of potential advertisers and got some hits. We think we will have Quadstop Rentals, RNR Photo, Chis Wiley at Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., Adventure Bound OffRoad, John Elliot Descanso Real Estate, John Mendez and State Senator Brian Jones advertising with us. If you would like to have your business advertise with us or have some interesting content, email us at info@sdorc.org.


There was a big election recently and one thing we know is it ain't over till it's over. Keeping Trump in office will make life for off-roaders much better, so we are pulling for Donald. East San Diego County will again be represented in Congress, now by Darrel Issa. I reached out to him a few months ago and got no response, although I started getting invited to Issa fundraisers. I hope that Issa keeps former Congressman Hunter's district

staffers that we have a relationship with. The race I have been more interested in than any I have ever watched is between Steve Vaus and Joel Anderson for County Supervisor. This is one of the closest races I have seen www.howeperformance.com and as of the time of this writing, Joel was ahead by seven to fund our activities like our lobbyist, votes out of 287,000. Right now, there is no travel, storage and insurance. Our Lost clear leader, but I have my fingers crossed. If Lizard Fun Run was canceled this year Joel wins, he has promised to help us with off and we could use a hand. It is easy to join road related issues. by going to www.sdorc.org and follow the membership link. E

Members Needed

Don't forget SDORC is a membership organization. We need membership money

Join San Diego Off Road Coalition to help protect off road areas www.sdorc.org/join-sdorc/

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Blast from the Pas

44 44 S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- -DECEMBER DECEMBER2020 2020- - www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com


Kurt Kontilious from Parker, Arizona in a silt bed at the '78 Mint 400. INSET Ralph Hagle from Somis, California, at the '83 Baja 1000. Photos are now posted on the www.Tracksidephoto.com website E

www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com -- DECEMBER DECEMBER 2020 2020 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE

45 45

Spare Parts: Death Valley & Rubicon


n my way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, my vehicle just plain died as I bottomed out from the entrance ramp to I-15. I had just fueled up in Vegas. As I coasted to the shoulder, I contemplated my options – see if I could find the problem and fix it or walk back up the entrance ramp for help (no cell phone at the time).

to Death Valley National Park and asked to contrast that for a trip on the Rubicon Trail. I have tried to highlight the difference, but I have a problem. I prefer to take every spare part every time. Death Valley’s challenge is miles and miles of extreme washboard road. The back country is a long way from Perhaps OCD, but spill gear oil on carpet and you never help in extreme temperatures get the stink out. departing. You also might want to pack some with no cell service and no of the items listed for the Rubicon. ham radio repeaters. Death Valley will find the vibration weakness of everything. It can Tires vibrate a nut off a shock and the Schrader Tires are the number one problem in valve out of a valve stem. Death Valley. Probably for the Rubicon, too. The Rubicon Trail is miles of hardcore rock crawling in an extremely remote location The following applies to both locations. You need a full-size spare. If your with no services (fuel, parts, lodging, food) vehicle doesn’t come equipped with one, and no cell service. However, there is now buy it. a ham radio repeater accessible on the trail. It is not uncommon to break a front axle, As for parts, you’ll need: mash a tail pipe, damage a drive shaft and – Plug kit with extra valve stems and break U-joints. The trail will find valve caps. A good alternative, though more any weakness in your vehicle. The expensive, is a package of Colby valve stems. remoteness of the Rubicon adds to its – Tire gauge and tire deflator challenge. If parts are needed, it could – Air compressor with hose take two days – one day each way – to – Extra lug nuts. Get rid of the original buy replacements. lug nut key, or pack two of them. You cannot Whenever you travel to such a afford to lose that key. location, make sure you’re fully – Lug wrench, 4-way valve tool stocked in important parts and gear. If – Extra wheel studs. Three or four is you travel frequently by yourself, lean enough. toward the “Rubicon Model” of taking – Rags for clean up all the parts to be self-sufficient.

Critical parts

Need to figure out what is wrong!

After a quick fuel and spark analysis indicated no spark, I opened the distributor cap (old school). The metal contact that is pop riveted on the top of the rotor was lying in the bottom of the distributor. I had the solution with me – a used rotor from a previous tune up. When I pulled into St. George, Utah, I purchased a new rotor and for good measure a second one. I figured the used one was already on its second life. This is a follow-up to last month’s column, Common Breakdowns. Successfully fixing a breakdown requires the parts or equipment to do so. In the lists that follow we review the most important spare parts to carry. I chose two destinations for this article. A client asked about spare parts for a trip 46

Critical parts are those for which there are no work-arounds. If that part fails, you’re stuck. Critical parts for the Rubicon include manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor, throttle position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, fuel pump, and coil/coil pack. If you drive an automatic transmission vehicle, include a starter motor. For Death Valley, you might consider taking the starter motor. It is possible to be towed out or have someone run into town for parts. But a round trip to the store could take two to three hours. Do you want to lose that much valuable drive time? It really goes back to maintenance. If you have an older vehicle, and the crankshaft position senor hasn’t been replaced in a long time, have a new one installed before

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Fasteners and sealants

Fasteners and ties are all-purpose gear. They have so many uses while off road. Carry these whenever you’re four-wheeling, not just Death Valley and Rubicon. – Zip ties, rope, ratchet straps, baling wire, cable ties, duct tape and bag of bolts (metric and SAE, includes washers and nuts) – Muffler clamps – Epoxy (J-B Weld, for example) – Rescue tape


Fluids are essential for all 4WD trips. Make sure you have these in your vehicle. – Motor oil, gear oil, brake fluid, ATF, power steering fluid, WD-40 (preferred over silicone spray) and waterless hand cleaner (such as Fast Orange or Goop). Buy the tube CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

www.autofab.com www.warnersmuffler.com www.ksurplus. com


www. kingshocks. com

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Hoses, alum-a-seal, belts, fasteners, rescue tape, etc.

variety to save space. I don’t recommend hand sanitizer for greasy hands. It doesn’t work and just makes a mess. – Coolant (though water can be used in an emergency) I also recommend you pack Loctite ViperLube (a synthetic grease) and RTV silicone adhesive (black 598). Both are available in convenient tube size. You might need a little dab of grease for something; say, around bushings or joints. The silicone comes in handy if you need to remove the differential cover. Scrape off the old gasket and apply a bead of RTV silicone. It’s so durable, you won’t need to install a gasket later.

the tether for yours is broken. There’s always a possibility of leaving the cap at a gas station. Along with check engine warnings, fuel will leak out when off-camber. No locking gas caps on the trail! Out of gas and no key is a problem. If your vehicle insists on having premium fuel and you have not weaned it off, carry a few bottles of octane booster. Many rural stations carry only 87 octane and diesel.

Cooling system

This list is short, because some parts are in other categories. These parts should be packed for both destinations. – Alum-a-Seal and idler pulley (inexpensive and easy to pack) – Water pump: Take one along for the Rubicon Trail, especially for an older vehicle. – The Rubicon is an ideal place to have a spare serpentine belt, spare V belts for other accessories, and both upper and lower radiator hoses. They do not need to be new. Save

Hoses and hose clamps

Carry a selection of different size hoses and hose clamps. Important for both destinations. – Hoses (fuel, heater, vacuum, brake). 1’ to 2’ long each is sufficient. – Splices: short metal tubes that fit inside a hose; fastened with hose clamps – Vacuum hose tees – ARB relay, if vehicle is equipped with ARB locker – ARB blue line: extra piece to splice in; splicing kit. ARB converted from the blue hose (5mm) to the black hose (6mm) a while back. The old splice kit does not work with the new diameter hose. – An easy way to pack hose clamps is on the new lengths of hose. They pack better and take up less space. Another alternative is to double clamp all the hoses under the hood. Then you have extra clamps when needed.


These should be carried on every trip: – 5 gallons of extra gas (minimum), along with a siphon and/or filler spout. Consider packing an extra gas cap if 48

Write parts list on the box

the ones from the last maintenance project. However, there is at least the probability that you can save a radiator hose with use of the rescue tape.


All of these parts are small and useful. Pack for both locations. -Electrical tape, fuses (mini and maxi; regular blade), some wire in 14 gauge and 16-gauge, crimp-style splices, and two or three used spark plugs. Spark plugs are handy in case you break one while on the trail. Recall that if a vehicle rolls over, you must blow the oil out of the pistons. There’s a chance that a spark plug

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could be damaged or broken if in a rush to remove it or you have incompetent help. If your plugs are being changed on any schedule, keep two or three used ones in a box. On an older vehicle that still has a distributor and spark plug wire, save two or three of the longest wires and the used rotor next time you tune it up. It is up to you if you want / have space for a rotor cap – perhaps only on the Rubicon.

Hard parts

What’s left is a bit of a catch-all. These are most important for the Rubicon and any punishing trail. – U-joints, axles, tie rods, and drive shaft (used ones are ok to take along).


Storage of spare parts is always a challenge. You might find places in the engine compartment. If so, consider the impact of heat on the life of the spare part. The engine bay is not a good spot for spare fan belts, coils and fluids. Fluids are best stored in plastic boxes to keep unplanned spills contained. I tape the tops of brand-new bottles and put them in zip lock bags before putting them in a plastic box. The rigors of off-road have opened more than one bottle. Bottles opened on the trail, even if only partially used, are replaced and do not go again. Tie rods, spare axles, and drive shafts can be zip tied to roll bars and bumpers for the duration of the Rubicon trip. Make sure they are protected from dust, dirt, and being smashed. It is helpful if you make a list of spare parts and where you stored them. It can be a paper in the glove box or a list written on the box the items are packed in. Packing spare parts is time well spent. You literally can save time by having the part(s) with you should you encounter a breakdown while four-wheeling. In addition, you can drive more comfortably knowing you’re carrying replacement parts should one be needed. Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD owners how to confidently and safely use their vechicles to the fullest extent in difficult terrain and adverse driving conditions. Contact him at tom@4x4training.com or visit www.4x4training.com to develop or improve your driving skill. Copyright 2020, Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc E





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Best in the

Bluewater Des October 23-24, 2020 Parker AZ www.bitd.com

Photos by RNR Photos and Spinning Wheels Photography

Reed Dodenbier out of Bunkerville NV with co-driver Clayton Sullivan finished 19th Class 6100. RNR Photo

50 50

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

e Desert

sert Challenge


51 51

Jeff Trulove/Jeremy Newton team finished third Open Pro. RNR Photo


he BlueWater Desert Challenge made its epic finale on Sunday, October 25, 2020 in Parker, Arizona. As the final racers passed the finish line and the dust began to settle, Best In The Desert fans, racers, and organizers celebrated the end of a remarkable series that tested everyone and showed the resilience and capabilities of the off-road racing community. It was fitting that the final race of the year ended in Parker, Arizona where the series started with the 2020 Tensor Tire Parker 250 Presented by Polaris back in January. The Parker community welcomed back the Best

In The Desert family with open arms and the air was electric at the Event Expo and Contingency and Tech lining downtown streets. Racing proceeded over four days with a record breaking field of 334 teams vying for top spots, crown titles, and huge prize purses. The 22.8-mile course was mapped out on Colorado River Indian Tribe (CRIT) land and the event would not have been possible without their help, blessing, and good will. Racing started on Thursday with Time Trials for Trick Trucks, Class 6100 and 1500. Jason Voss took home the top spot in qualifying

Todd Jergensen and Jeremy Caudell, 13th Class 6100. Spinning Wheels Photo


followed by Justin Lofton. Friday, October 23, 2020 saw the start of the 4 Wheel Parts Youth UTV Races. A full house of Youth UTV competitors made for some truly great racing. Dallas Gonzalez took home the UTV Y 1000 class win ahead of Ethan Groom and Kaden Danbury. The UTV 170 Class was won by TJ Siewers with George Llamosas and Jaxon Leaming coming home second and third place, respectively. In UTV Y 250, Travis Sallee from Barstow, California was the class winner with Chaden Minder and Jack Gonzales tailing close behind. The UTV Y 570 Class was won

Hayden Hintz/Trevor Hunter team finished second Open Pro. Spinning Wheels Photo

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

by Kendall Felker followed by Ryder Hall and Chase Mankin. Finally in the UTV 170 Mod Class, future star Chase Mankin took the win with Deegan Gonzales and Jackson Mandle rounding out the podium. Final Class Championships and points standings will be announced in the days ahead. With racing taking place over two full days, combined scores and lowest elapsed times would determine the overall winners. The weekend then started strong with a who’s who in off road racing. Conner McMullen came in hot winning the www.ecppowdercoating.com first race of the day on Saturday and the Sportsman/8100 Class Overall. Other notable winners from Day 1 included Garret Allred taking home top honors in Class 4700 followed by Rob Seubert in car #4724 and PATENT Andrew Hulse in car #4733. Josh Multi-Drive Quarter Turn PENDING Cobb won Class 6000 followed by Fastener Buttons Larry Schmueser and Gregg Bragg • 7075 T651 - As strong as steel in Trophylites. Randy Merritt was • Easy to Clean first in Class 7200. • Dome and Flush Styles Sunday, however, was the • 3 Lengths: 0.425 - 0.500 - 0.575 real test as the races, consisting of • 6 Colors three and four laps depending on • 3/16 Hex the vehicle class, combined with • 5mm Hex Saturday’s results determined the • Flat head overall winners of the Best In The Desert 2020 Class Championships, • Coin you have! W hat ever the Maxxis Triple Crown, and the Adventure Series. www.sdiracing.com Classes across the board experienced some of the closest racing ever seen with most wins decided by mere seconds. Due to the finale of various championships and crown titles, Best In The Desert will pay out in excess of $675,000 marking the 2020 Best In The Desert race season the richest off-road purse in the history of the sport. After two days of hard and fast racing, Nic Colangeli took home the overall Motorcycle Class win for the weekend with the Hayden Hintz/Trevor Hunter team finishing second rounding out with the 2020 Best In The Desert The team of Justin Jacobi, Travis Byrd, Collin Duffy and Kenny Pellmann finished first Open Pro Motorcycle Class Championship. Quad Amateur. RNR Photo


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Sean Berryman with Austin Hall, Nick Holmer and Chris Woo finished first Class 7300. RNR Photo

Colton Gubler and Tyler Harvey teamed for third Open Expert. RNR Photo

54 54

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Steve Rountree, Riverside CA, first Vintage C/T. RNR Photo

The Bill Pierson/Brandon Sahlstrom team finished second Quad Expert. Spinning Wheels Photo

Rhys Millen and Nathan Moreno, fourth Class 6200. Spinning Wheels Photo


55 55

www. outfrontmotorsports. com www.paradisemotorsports.com

Colangeli took home the $3,500 Maxxis Triple Crown bonus for the overall win while the Hintz/ Hunter team took home the 2020 Maxxis Triple Crown Series Championship and a $3,500 bonus of their own. Perennial Quad Pro Champ Erin Simmons took home the Quad Class Overall. Carter Klein and Sage Vincent won the 399 Pro Class while Carl Maassberg won the O-30 Pro Class. The Ironman Pro Class was won by Zach Myers with #W1 Felicia Webb and Kimberly Loppnow winning the Women’s Class. Next up was Race #3 featuring the UTV Class, one of the most competitive classes of the weekend with overall titles determined by seconds. Austin Weiland put in an absolutely spectacular race on Sunday to come from

behind and win the UTV Turbo Class and a $7,500 bonus from the Maxxis Triple Crown. Weiland was followed by Dustin Jones and Phil Blurton only two minutes from the top spot. Blurton, however, won the highly coveted 2020 Best In The Desert UTV Turbo Production Class Championship as well as the Maxxis Triple Crown UTV Championship wrapping up an absolutely spectacular year with Best In The Desert earning over $23,000 in bonuses paid out on top of normal prize money. The UTV Unlimited Class win then went to Randy Raschein hailing from Brownsville, Oregon who also concluded the Unlimited Class Championship for the year after a season-long battle with Michael Isom who drove every mile

Nic Lyon, first overall Ironman Amateur, out of Lake Havasu City AZ. RNR Photo


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

of the 2020 season. Chris Blais won the UTV Rally Class against a very strong 30-racer field. Cameron Meister came in second place followed by James Hill only two minutes behind. The UTV Pro Class was won by Kaden Wells followed by Seth Quintero in second and Dominick Gaglione in third with just three minutes separating the podium after two days of rough racing. As a result with throwaways, it looks like Seth Quintero is the 2020 UTV Pro Class Champion by one point. Talk about close racing. In the Car/Truck Divisions, the racing was extremely fast and furious with Championships being decided by just a couple of points. In Class 6100, three racers were separated by



a single point coming into the finale. Kyle Jergensen and Ray Griffith were tied with Troy Messer one point back before the BlueWater Desert Challenge. When the dust cleared after the final race, Kyle Jergensen wrapped up, without question, what was one of the most competitive classes all year long. Jergensen was named winner of Class 6100, and the 2020 Best In The Desert Series Class 6100 Championship. He also took home the 2020 Maxxis Triple Crown Limited Class Series bringing home a total of $17,500 in bonuses on top of his regular payout during the course of the season. Dustin Grabowski also put in an

amazing race on Sunday coming from behind to finish in second place. Ray Griffith came home third overall and second in the Championship chase. Conner McMullen wrapped up the championship in Class 1000, winning at the BlueWater Desert Challenge as well after dominating the class all year. Finally, the Trick Truck race was nothing short of impressive. After winning the first day of racing, Justin Lofton had to overcome a flat tire and charge from behind to take the overall win on Sunday. Lofton’s win was a long time coming after experiencing various technical issues at other races during the year. His

reward was a $25,000 bonus from the Maxxis Triple Crown on top of his normal payout. The big winner on Sunday was the #70 Thompson/ Letner Trick Truck who, by finishing second place at the BlueWater Desert Challenge, won the 2020 Best In The Desert Trick Truck Class Championship. Pre-race Trick Truck points leader Jason Voss, unfortunately, had a major crash at the start of the first race day and did not finish (DNF). Best In The Desert veteran Steve Olliges who had one of his best years ever finished second on the podium in the Trick Truck points championship.


Justin Lofton out of Brawley CA with co-driver Derek Balcunas, winner of the Trick Truck class. RNR Photo

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Ricardo De Saracho, of Ventura CA, first Ironman Expert. RNR Photo

Rob Seubert with Cliff Seubert and Dustin Hoffman finished second Class 4700. Spinning Wheels Photo

Valerie Clark out of Kansas City MO with Stacy Clark, Kenny Thatcher and James Dean finished 28th UTV Rally. RNR Photo

First Class 6100 Kyle Jergensen with Shawn Spanks, Jonathan Brenthel and Jordan Brenthel. Spinning Wheels Photo


Eric and Adam Murphy from Morenci AZ, 25th UTV Rally. Spinning Wheels Photo

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Troy Grabowski with Ricky Gutierrez, first Class 5000. Spinning Wheels Photo

#6149 Ray Griffith with Trey Lagese, third Class 6100 followed by second place in class Dustin Grabowski and Cody Woodruff. The pair finished just 26 seconds apart. Spinning Wheels Photo

Perhaps the happiest team at the BlueWater Desert Challenge was the #1529 Class 1500 team of Brandon Bailey and Jason Dudley who, by finishing third in Class 1500, wrapped up the Maxxis Triple Crown Unlimited Series Championship. The Maxxis Triple Crown season bonus is worth $25,000 on its own resulting in quite the payday. #1553 Brad Wilson dominated both days of racing in Class 1500 handily winning the Class followed by Jake Johnson and Brandon Bailey. The 2020 BlueWater Desert Challenge completes one of Best In The Desert’s most successful and challenging seasons ever. Record turnouts at many events including the Maxxis Tires Casey Folks’ Vegas to Reno Presented by Fox, The Silver State 300 by Polaris, and the BlueWater Desert Challenge has led organizers to look forward to 2021 with great expectations. Bryan Folks, CMO and owner of Best In The Desert, commented, “2020 will go down in the record books as a season to remember. It’s one that tested our organization like no other. We overcame some serious obstacles

and challenges with COVID-19 but came out the other side stronger for it. I want to take this opportunity to personally thank our staff, our volunteers, our sponsors, all our partners around the Southwest including all the land use agencies and private land owners. I especially want to thank all our racers. Without you, none of this would be possible. We sincerely appreciate the confidence and support you’ve shown us. As 2020 comes to a close, we are getting together as an organization to see how and where we can improve to better serve our customers and our partners. We know we have a lot of room to grow. Thank you for the opportunity to become a better racing series and organization.” Best In The Desert Race Operations Mgr. Jeff Phillips echoed the sentiment, saying, “I too want to thank our hardworking staff and volunteers for all their efforts and helping us make this series what it is. With the benefit of a little breathing room, we are going to sit down and evaluate www.ssorm.com - DECEMBER 2020

how to improve and better serve our racers and partners. 2020 was definitely a year to remember. However, we now look forward to 2021 to figure out how to do an even better job of putting on the best off-road races in the world. In that vein, I have an open-door policy. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you want to give feedback or your input on how we can better serve our racers. Thanks again to everyone for making 2020 so special. Onward and upward to 2021.”




First Quad Pro, the team of Erin Simmons, Andrew Simmons and Josh Row. RNR Photo

Randy Romo with Willie Valdez III finished fifth UTV Turbo. RNR Photo

Norman Turley with Jesse Rondeau and Juan Antonio Valdez finished 15th UTV Unlimited. RNR Photo

60 60

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Richard Nowlin with Caleb Nowlin, Brad Lovell and Jason Hutter finished fourth Class 4700. Spinning Wheels Photo

In the Womens Class the #W15 team of Ashlee Gage, Kari Erickson and Rebecca Stout followed by #W11 team Krista Conway and Jodi Heiman. Spinning Wheels Photo E

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KENDA DP4 C Michael Pascarella, third Pro Production

62 62

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Dave Schuler, eighth Production 1000

Anna-Lisa Davis, fifth Production 1000

Casey Thomas, 15th Production Turbo

John Kawell, fifth Pro Production Turbo

Kevin Kolisz, seventh Production Turbo

Nicholaus Ewing-Pistelak, second Production 900 OVERALL: 1. Chris Blais (CAM); 2. John PRO PROD TURBO: 1. Chris Blais Connolly (KAW); 3. Kurt Ashley (POL); 4. (CAM); 2. Kimberly Lynch (CAM); Kimberly Lynch (CAM); 5. Tim Unick (POL); 6. 3. Ricky Brabec (HON); 4. Kevin Maddie Wedeking (POL); 7. Ricky Brabec (HON); Derenard (POL); 5. John Kawell 8. Rick Smith (CAM); 9. Kevin Derenard (POL); (POL) 10. Joey Berg (POL); 11. Brad Borchardt (POL); 12. Patrick Kobielsky (POL); 13. Keith Thompson PRO PROD: 1. Austin Phillips (POL); (YAM); 14. Buck Vinson (CAM); 15. Shane Mccoy 2. Rick Brabec (HON); 3. Michael (POL); 16. Chuck Cardamon (CAM); 17. Ryan Pascarella (POL); 4. Dylan Kelly Slessor (POL); 18. Robert Kroeker (POL); 19. (YAM) Mitch Hoover (POL); 20. Kevin Kolisz (POL) John Connolly, second overall, first Stock 1000


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

www.ssorm.com - DECEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Chad Wadsworth, eighth Production Turbo PROD TURBO: 1. Maddie Wedeking (POL); 2. Rick Smith (CAM); 3. Patrick Kobielsky (POL); 4. Buck Vinson (CAM); 5. Chuck Cardamon (CAM) PROD 1000: 1. Kurt Ashley (POL); 2. Joey Berg (POL); 3. Keith Thompson (YAM); 4. Mitch Hoover (POL); 5. Anna-Lisa Davis (POL) STOCK 1000: 1. John Connolly (KAW); 2. Tim Unick (POL); 3. Brad Borchardt (POL); 4. Shane Mccoy (POL); 5. Ryan Slessor (POL) PROD 900: 1. Jake Smith (POL); 2. Nicholaus Ewing-Pistelak (POL) Tim Unick, fifth overall, second Stock 1000

Tyler Stewart, eighth Pro Production Turbo Robert Kroeker, sixth Production Turbo

Robert Nuckles, sixth Pro Production Turbo

Gary Guagenti , ninth Production 1000


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Summer Kukla, #8, leading the Adult Mini class. Judd Neves Photo

68 68

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Round 5 October 31-November 1, 2020 Camp Lockett, Campo CA By Steve Caro Photos by Kathryn Caro, Silvia Leon and Judd Neves


69 69

Robbie Crean, third Senior Vet +50 Expert. Kathryn Caro Photo

Tom Long, Open Knobbie Novice. Judd Neves Photo


Brody Shaw, first Pull Start (Under 6hp) Intermediate. Kathryn Caro Photo about two bike lengths by lap three, with Crean running he Camp Lockett Event and Equestrian flat out in the second spot. Positions began to change on lap five, as Pollock moved up thru the pack, passing his Facility in Campo way into second behind Lopez. In the waning laps, Lopez was the site for round five held his lead to take the win. Pollock fended off Crean’s of the 2020 CALVMX/True challenges for second, with Crean in third. Grit flat track series. Held Although Sunday was their scheduled points paying under clear skies and mild races, A large turnout of the crowd favorite pull-start temperatures, a large number machines took advantage of the Saturday program to log of entrants filled the pit area extra track time. In the Expert division, Chief Starter Jeff both days. Apple took time away from his officiating duties to duel with Saturday’s portion of Dan Shaw and Daltin Collie in the main event. Shaw led the event is dedicated to the from the start, with Collie and Apple giving chase. Shaw set motorcycles, with series points a scorching pace to lead thru lap three. Positions change paying main events offered for rapidly in this class, and by lap four, Apple had powered all classes. Local short track into the lead, with Shaw and Collie in pursuit. Apple broke specialists were on hand en free of the pack to hold a slight lead, with Shaw and Collie masse to take on the Camp vying for second place. At the checkers, Apple took the win, Lockett oval. Their machinery with Collie launching a last lap pass to capture second with ranged from adult mini’s to Shaw a close third. the purpose built 450cc flat Other winners on Saturday included Phil Hall in track machines. In the Open Expert class main event, Byron 70’s Two Stroke Expert, Jeff Harris in Pull Start Under 6 Horsepower Intermediates, with Cam Baldwin taking the Kukla returned to challenge win in the Mini Dwarf class. Everett Hartsayker added to the series regulars. Kukla holeshot the start and powered his win total in the kart division with a victory in the KPV-4 Senior A Class. into the lead, tailed by Jason The Sunday portion opened with clear skies and Stopher and Robbie Crean. plenty of wind. The entire day would see the water trucks With his mastery of the Camp valiantly overcoming the drying effect the winds had on Locket oval undiminished, the oval. Watering had to be varied as some of the classes Kukla quickly pulled ahead favored light watering, while the karts preferred the course of the field reeling off ten to be heavily watered. laps virtually unchallenged. Following the preliminary heat races, the main Never putting a wheel wrong, events began, with the Mini Dwarf cars first on the track. Kukla added another Camp Emerging from a perfect pace lap, Tyler Warner took Locket main event to his win collection. Behind him, Stopher the lead followed by Kelly Weitzer and Kaiden Johnson. A spinout cost Weitzer the second spot although fast and Crean vied for second, reactions got Weitzer back into the race in third. Tyler with Stopher claiming the handled the track like a seasoned veteran, powering to the runner-up spot followed by victory followed by Johnson and Weitzer. Crean. Sunday’s program featured points paying main The 50 Plus Experts events for the pull start classes. The machines ranged class is consistently one of the from box stock vintage classics (think Sears, Montgomery fastest at CALVMX events. In Wards, etc. selling them) to custom built bikes with a wide their Saturday finale, the top range of powerplants. In the Open Expert class, Dan Shaw three contenders were Ray and Daltin Collie led from the start and quickly engaged Lopez, Richard Pollock and in a running battle for the lead. In third place, Dan Brown Robbie Crean. From the start, worked his way thru the pack running flat out in pursuit of Lopez was a blur of motion, the leaders. The Shaw/Collie battle was one of contrasting powering into the lead with strategy. Shaw rode the groove along the lower edge of Crean directly behind him. the track, while Collie kept it pinned while running outside Lopez extended his lead to


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Kristen Baxter, first Womens Open Quad B. Kathryn Caro Photo Jeff Apple, first Pull Start Expert on Saturday. Kathryn Caro Photo along the haybales. Lap eight saw Collie powering into the carnage behind him, Shawna lead and successfully holding off the challenges of Shaw Ketelsen crossed the finish line for the win, with Brown in third. in second, with Will Carter in Karts have become a fixture at the CALVMX flat third. track events. Classified into a wide variety of divisions Class winners on based on motor type and other specifications, their racing Sunday included Brody is always a display of full throttle action, with bumping and Shaw in Pull Start Under Six spinning all part of the package. In the Open 125cc B final, Horsepower Intermediate, long time competitor Brian McCartney found the traction he Mike Weaver in Quad Open needed coming out of the pace lap to power into the lead. A, Kristin Baxter in Women’s Behind McCartney, positions were swapped multiple times Quad B and Summer Kukla as the drivers pursued McCartney in a cloud of muddy in Youth 16 And Under spray being flung off their tires. Out in front and free of Intermediate. the vision robbing spray, McCartney built up a solid lead on his way to an uncontested victory. Emerging from the

Phil Hall, first 70’s 2 Stroke Expert. Kathryn Caro Photo

Haylee Nichols, second Womens Open Quads Skill B. Judd Neves Photo Ken Shilling, first 70’s Single +50 Expert. Judd Neves Photo


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#1 Cameron Leon, #1x Vance Welder, first Youth up t 16 Expert and #2 Jonathon Thorpe. Silvia Leon Photo

72 72

Cameron Lankford. Silvia Leon Photo

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- DECEMBER DECEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Ben Cissell, first Trike Open Skill B. Silvia Leon Photo

Raymond Leon, third Adult Mini 150 Intermediate. Silvia Leon Photo

Skylar Thorpe, third Open Junior Quad B. Silvia Leon Photo

Victoria Thorpe, first Open Junior Quad B. Silvia Leon Photo

Mini Dwarfs, #23 Cam Baldwin, first, #24 (center) Gage Baldwin, third, #91 Kaiden Johnson, second, #2 Brysen Byford, fourth. Judd Neves Photo



James Broskey, third Open Bike Novice. Judd Neves Photo

Mark Oldfather, second Open Knobbie Intermediate. Judd Neves Photo

Kristen Baxter, first Open Knobbie Beginner. Judd Neves Photo

Michelle Munoz, third Open 4 Stroke B Karts. Judd Neves Photo

Bryan King, Open 125cc A Karts. Judd Neves Photo


Ronnie Snyder, left, battles with class winner #777 Carlos Casio in the Open Lawnmower class. Judd Neves Photo

#7 Kerra Berry, second Womens Open Quads Skill A running side by side with Rachael Weaver, first. Judd Neves Photo

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

#419 Ray Lopez, first Senior Vet +50 Expert, followed by Rick Bienas, #66 Robbie Crean, #16 Steve Kukla and Jeff Apple. Judd Neves Photo

Clint Newman, first Open 125 A Kart class. Judd Neves Photo

Ron Esau, second KP4 Senior A Karts. Judd Neves Photo

Steve Kerchner, fourth Open Quads A. Judd Neves Photo

Brian Pusey, first Open 4 Stroke A Karts. Judd Neves Photo

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AMA District 38 RoadRunner MC

Rattle snake Chase October 17, 2020 Plaster city West, CA

WWW.AMAD38.COM Photos by Judd Neves Nothing But Dirt Racing PHOTOS BY Photography

JUDD NEVES NOTHING BUT DIRT PHOTOGRAPHY Bryce Marking and Amber Cogbill, first Overall UTV


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Wesley Feeler, fourth UTV Pro Stock

Edgar Barraza, first Overall ATV


www.ssorm.com DECEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE www.ssorm.com --DECEMBER


Jason Mount, third Vet Amateur Justin Wilson, first Open Novice

Kyle Sutter, third Open Novice Mark Zela, first Master Expert

TOP TEN OVERALL M/C Quad 1. Tyler Sarver 2. Daniel Flowers 3. Braydin Collie 4. Henry Daly 5. Robert Youngs 6. Kyle Milligan 7. Dylan Earle 8. Joe Saelens 9. Chad Goodsell 10. Kyle Hill 78

TOP TEN OVERALL UTV 1. Bryce Marking 2. Jesse Melrose 3. Dustin Twamley 4. Brian Vesco 5. Larry Hammers 6. Skip Fitch 7. Wesley Feeler 8. Chase Northrip 9. Doug MacLachlan 10. Will Salazar 250 Exp 1. Tyler Sarver 2. Dylan Earle 3. Kyle Hills Sen Exp 1. Daniel Flowers 2. Josh Smith

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

3. Kyle Hearold Sen Am 1. Davin Brigman Sen Nov 1. John Krempp 2. Kevin Ciccarelli 3. Chad Prey 4. Brian Morris 5. Michael Kent 250 Am 1. Braydin Collie 2. Noah Clevenger 250 Nov 1. Brenten Adams 2. Eli Kell 3. Josiah Northcutt 4. Brandon Wattenbarger Vet Exp 1. Henry Daly 2. Robert Youngs Vet Am 1. Byron Kukla 2. David Valley 3. Jason Mount Vet Nov 1. Ismael


https://www. facebook.com/ omfperformance/

www.omfperformance.com www.ssorm.com - DECEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


David Rinder, second Super Senior Amateur

Eli Kell, second 250 Novice

Bobby Youngs, fifth overall, second Vet Expert

Bohme 2. Thomas Dunn 3. Merritt Townsend Open Exp 1. Kyle Milligan 2. Max Drew 3. Daniel Fenton Open Am 1. Joe Saelens 2. Zach Walker Open Nov 1. Justin Wilson 2. Robert Rodriguez 3. Kyle Sutter 4. Ian Sullivan 5. Darin Ayala 200 Am 1. Chad Goodsell 2. Fisher Sadd 200 Nov 1. Matthew Savoy 2. Dylan Ewing 3. Connor Belew Sup Sen Exp 1. Robbie Pippin 2. Jason Cogbill 3. Loren Taylor 4. Jack Northcutt 5. Loren Dimond Sup Sen Am 1. Chris Segal 2. David Rinder 3. Chad Busch Sup Sen Nov 1. Dirk Hosmer Womens Nov 1. Kristin Baxter ATV Exp 1. Edgar Barraza ATV Sen Exp 1. Eric Hartell 2. Clint Guidry ATV Vet Exp 1. Carlos Valencia ATV Vet Am 1. Larry Hammers ATV Am 1. Donald Franc 2. Mike Weaver ATV Nov 1. Anthony DeMars 2. Andrew Salas 3. John Metna 4. Alejandro Calzada 5. Anthony Krempp Master Exp 1. Mark Zela UTV Pro Unltd 1. Bryce Marking 2. Victor Esparza 3. Mike Sandoval UTV Pro Stock 1000cc 1. Jesse Melrose 2. Brian Vesco 3. Larry Hammers 4. Wesley Feeler 5. Chase Northrip UTV Sportsman 1. Dustin Twamley 2. Doug MacLachlan UTV Pro Production 1000cc 1. Skip Fitch 2. Karl Ziegler 3. Troy Barker

CONTINUED NEXT PAGE Brenden Hinkle, 10th Open Novice


Danny Fenton, third Open Expert

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www.ssorm.com - DECEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Dylan Ewing, second 200 Novice


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Sandy Flores, first ATV Womens Amateur

Jesse Melrose with Brian Kim, second overall UTV, first UTV Pro Stock 1000cc

Dustin Twamley and Joshua Butler, third overall UTV, first UTV Sportsman

Blake Ayala, seventh Open Novice

Karl Ziegler, second UTV Pro Production 1000

Mikey Sandoval, first overall UTV

#267 Skip Fitch, third UTV Pro Production

Will Salazar, sixth UTV Pro Stock 1000cc

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SCFTA Flat Track Round 5 - October 3, 2020 Perris Raceway - Perris CA www.scftaracing.com Photos by DW Media

84 84

S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- DECEMBER DECEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com

#7x Grant Holmes 1st place Pro class and #16E Dominic Dias, third Pro



Danny Perkins, first place Bomber Expert

86 86

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- DECEMBER DECEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

85cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Duke Makarevich 2. Thomas Chavira 50cc 2 Sk Am 1. Jackson Brown 50cc Open 1. Jackson Brown 2. Duke Makarevich 3. Thomas Chavira 50cc 4 Stk Beg 1. Duke Makarevich 65-70cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Jameson Hadfden 65cc 2 Stk Nov 1. Ryder Bitz-Hay 2. Paul Freeman 3. Brody Taylor 65-70cc 2 Stk Am 1. Colton Shafer 65-70cc Open 1. Colton Shafer 2. Jackson Brown 3. Ryder Bitz-Hay 85cc 4 Stk Nov 1. Jasper Heathfield 85cc 4 Stk Am 1. Kensei Matsudaira 85-100cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Colton Shafer 85-100cc 2 Stk Nov 1. Ryder Bitz-Hay 2. Jasper Heathfield 85100cc 2 Stk Am 1. Kensei Matsudaira 2. Colin Petton 3. Owen Williams 85cc Open 1. Colin Petton 2. Kensei Matsudaira 3. Owen Williams 4. Jasper Heathfield 5. Ryder Bitz-Hay 250 Youth Open 1. Sierra Hickerson Vets +35 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Ryan Reed 3. Jeremy Toye Vets +35 Am/Nov 1. Michael Diffenbaugh 2. Stace Richmond 3. Adam Lesley 4. Jacob Crawford 5. Joseph Boyd Sup Sen +60 Am/ Nov 1. John Clayton 2. Mike Boal 3. Gary Lane 4. Tom Hanks 5. Patrick Hayes Premier Sen +70 1. Dennis Cameron 2. Larry Hanson 3. Allan Girdler Classic Vintage 1. Jeff Apple 2. Dwayne Locke 3. Flyn Stone 4. Joe Pape Bomber Exp 1. Danny Perkins 2. Scott Hanson 3. Johnny Custom Bomber Am/Nov 1. Larry Hanson Pull Starts No Score Mike Lankford, Cameron Lankford, Dan Shaw, Eduardo Ramirez, Dan Brown Sen Vet +50 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Richard Pollock 3. Scott Hanson 4. Jeff Apple Madd Dog Open 4 Stk 1. Conner Hickerson 2. Dan Iha 3. Sierra Hickerson 4. Marc Heathfield Sup Sen +60 Exp 1. Richard Pollock 2. Ray Lopez 3. Jim Wood 4. Elliott Iverson 5. Larry Earhart Open Unclassified (No Pro/Exp) 1. Daltin Collie 2. AJ Bender 3. Conner Hickerson 4. Cole Norman 5. Rich Bienias Sen Vet +50 Am/Nov A Main 1. Adam Lesley 2. James Morris 3. John Clayton 4. Travis Ward 5. Rick Bienias Sen Vet +50 Am/Nov B Main 1. Mike Pitschner 2. Mark Norman 3. Richard Anderson 4. Jerry Schenamsgruber Open Exp Non Paying 1. Dominic Dias 2. Travis Petton 3. Ryan Reed 4. Rocco Landers Hooligans 1. AJ Kirkpatrick 2. Jeremy Toye 3. Richard Pollock 4. Stace Richmond 5. Brandon Gonzalez Powder Puff 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. Geneva Howes 3. Joey Crabtree 4. Marissa Silva Open Nov/Beg

Dalton Collie, first place Open Unclassified, second place Open Amateur

#12 John Clayton III , first place Super Senior +60 Amateur and #12x Pat Hayes, fifth

Colton Schafer, first place 65cc-70cc 2 Stroke Amateur, first place 65-70cc Open, first place 85-100cc Beginner Grant Holmes 2. Travis Petton 3. Dominic Dias 4. 1. HJ Vender 2. Rich Bienias 3. Joseph Boyd 4. Branden Wellee 5. Colt Foster Geneva Howe 5. James Broskey Open Am 1. Cole Norman 2. Daltin Collie 3. Steve Richmond 4. Conner Hickerson 5. Geneva Howes Pro 1.

H J Vender, first place Open Novice

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88 88

Jerry Nocciolo, first 3-Wheeler Open A division

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- DECEMBER DECEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Round #6 October 10, 2020 Glen Helen Raceway San Bernardino CA www.calvmx.net By Steve Caro Photos by Kathryn Caro


he year 2020 has been a brutal experience for humans and the entire planet. While adjusting to the “New Normal” has been a constant adjustment, efforts to maintain a semblance of regular routines have persisted. For the motor racing community, this has led to prolonged periods of negotiations for track access, crowd restrictions, etc. For the six round series offered by CALVMX to be a success was a marked victory over extreme adversity. The 2020 Asterisk sponsored series concluded with the competitors taking to a modified version of Glen Helen’s main track. In an effort for a balanced challenge, the larger capacity post-vintage bikes navigated a portion of the (in)famous Mount St. Helens hill section, while the older pre-1975 machines and youth classes bypassed the hill and headed directly to the back portion of the course. Honda mounted Kevin Montgomery powered his way to double class wins in the 50 Plus GP Expert and GP 3 500 Expert divisions. In 50 Plus GP Expert, Shaun Hamer had an early lead as the pack sped towards the worldrenowned Talladega curve, with Montgomery and Kent Musgrave pursuing. Midway thru lap one, Montgomery found an opening and took over the lead. Montgomery and the Glen Helen circuit melded perfectly as he quickly pushed his big bore machine to an eventual 12 second lead. Never surrendering, Hamer slammed

his way around the course in hot pursuit with Musgrave holding third. The moto belonged to Montgomery as he took the win followed by Hamer and Musgrave. The second moto replicated the first as Montgomery and Hamer staged a drag race down the starting chute followed by Musgrave. Hamer kept the pressure on Montgomery as the two powered down the steep Mount St. Helen hillside. As they approached the back half of the course, Montgomery slowly began to inch away from his pursuers. Montgomery eventually built up an insurmountable lead, while Hamer and Musgrave settled into second and third. At the checkers, it was Montgomery clinching the overall victory followed by Hamer and Musgrave. Montgomery was dominant in the GP 3 500 Experts as well. The first moto saw Montgomery lining up with KTM mounted Tim Harris and the blue colored Maico of veteran competitor Brad Morrison. At the start of moto one, Montgomery and Morrison shot to the top of the starting straight virtually side-byside, followed by Harris. As he had done in his previous race, Montgomery had the Glen Helen course mastered and rapidly built up a roughly eight second lead on his pursuers. The big bore two stroke is uniquely soniferous especially when at full throttle climbing a steep hill. That deep throated snarl is regrettably missing from modern motocross. Montgomery sailed to an



Tim Harris

Kevin Montgomery


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

uncontested moto win, followed by Morrison and Harris. Having tallied three moto wins already on the day, Montgomery showed no intention of easing his assault on the Glen Helen course. He executed a perfect start in the second moto to take the lead over Harris, Morrison and Vince Laker. His strategy of building up a multi-bike lead worked brilliantly for Montgomery. By lap three he was comfortably in front of his competition, while behind him Harris, Morrison and Laker vied for second. Morrison suffered a late race mishap which relegated him to fourth. Montgomery took the checkers to clinch his second overall win, while Harris parlayed his 2-3 scores into second overall followed by Laker with a 4-3 tally. Moving back an era in racing, the 60 Plus Vintage Intermediates was a showcase for marques such as CZ, Maico and Yamaha. Mike Korgan (CZ) took the lead at the start of their first moto, with Eric Wachter (Mai) and Keith Barnden (CZ) second and third. Korgan and his classic Czech mount handled the Glen Helen course with ease as he distanced himself from the rest of the class. With Korgan out in front, a duel for second between Wachter and Yamaha mounted Keith Ehlers ensued. Moving up through the pack, Ehlers powered into second around the midpoint of the moto followed by Wachter. At the checkers, Korgan took the win with Ehlers and Wachter second and third. Korgan snared a quick lead in the second moto. Behind him the Wachter brothers, Eric and Fred (Mai) gamely pursued Korgan. By lap three, Korgan had a secure lead, while behind him, Eric Wachter rolled to a stop with a DNF. As he had done in the first moto, Ehlers powered through the pack into second with Fred Wachter third. Korgan quickly reeled off five laps and clinched the overall victory uncontested. Ehlers took second overall, while CZ mounted Keith Barnden took third overall due to the Wachters both experiencing separate DNF’s in the two motos. Other winners on the day included Tim Harris (CZ) in 50 Plus Vintage Expert, Brad Morrison (Mai) in 60 Plus GP Expert, and Robert Nolin in GP-2 125 Expert. Joining the trophy recipients were Robert Anselmo (CZ)

Mike Korgan

Brad Morrison

in Vintage 500 Novice, Scott Mays (Hon) in 50 Plus GP Intermediate and, impressive style, Jerry Nocciolo (Hon) in the 3-Wheeler Open A division. Planning is in the works for the 2021 CALVMX racing series. Club officials are working to finalize a schedule and hope to have an announcement by the end of the year.

Robert Anselmo

Scott Mays

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Premiere Pro class podium, first Dalton Shirey, second David Kamo and third Jacob Argubright

Kenda SRT AMA National Hare and Hound Championship October 25, 2020 - Lucerne Valley CA

www.nationalhareandhound.com - Photos by Mark Kariya he Kenda SRT AMA National Hare and Hound Championship, presented by FMF concluded late in October at Soggy Dry Lakebed in Lucerne Valley, California, where new champions were crowned. Hosted by 100's MC, a creative 80mile course in the southern California desert welcomed riders of all ages and skill levels as the perfect end to an interesting race season.



On Sunday morning, the riders of the premiere race lined up on the FMF Power Bomb Run Start Line. The morning breeze turned into gusty wind, and the banner raised for the next minute. All went silent, and with the drop of the banner, the Pro row quickly lit their engines and charged ahead. At the end of the bomb it was a dual between 3BROS Husqvarna rider Dalton Shirey and Offroad Support's Jacob Argubright. While Shirey continued straight, Argubright 92

picked up on the slight right turn and onto the course. Within two miles Shirey regained the lead position on Argubright and Factory Beta's Chance Fullerton behind. Coming through the pits, Shirey held a sizeable 2+ minute lead on Fullerton, Argubright, Factory Beta's Joe Wasson and championship contender David Kamo. The four riders behind Shirey left the Mika Metal Pits with fury and onto the second and final loop. Meanwhile, JCR Honda's Preston Campbell came through in sixth followed by Factory Beta's Zane Roberts, Ryan Smith, Factory Beta's Cole Conatser, Arturo Salas and Corbin Eatherton. On Loop 2, Argubright quickly made the pass on Fullerton before Kamo moved ahead two positions into third. With a first ever championship on the line, Kamo laid the hammer down and knocked down the gap between Argubright to make the pass into

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

second. With just miles to go, Kamo closed up the gap between he and Shirey to just 14 seconds before the checkers flew. Kamo's blistering pace was faster than any other rider on Loop 2, completing the loop in just 1 hour and 8 seconds. With Shirey and Kamo coming into the finish 1-2, the points were at a complete tie, and could only be broken by season accumulation of wins. Shirey's break through performance this season gave him the most wins and ultimately the 2020 championship. Results 1. Dalton Shirey 2. David Kamo 3. Jacob Argubright Points 1. Dalton Shirey (155) 2. David Kamo (155) 3. Joe Wasson (127)

PRO 250

In the Pro 250 class, Factory Beta rider 2020 Champion Cole Conatser led the class coming into the pits ahead of Arturo Salas, Corbin Eatherton, Bradley East and Ethan Jackson. However, over the next 35 miles,

Pro 250 winners: First Cole Conatser, second Corbin Eatherton and third Arturo Salas

Eatherton found another gear to overtake Salas while East maintained his 4th position. Conatser, Eatherton and Salas came through the finish line first through third to fill the podium. Having earned the championship one round early in Lovelock, Conatser celebrated his achievement on the podium. Results 1. Cole Conatser 2. Corbin Eatherton 3. Arturo Salas Points 1. Cole Conatser (205) 2. Corbin Eatherton (110) 3. Corbin McPhearson (101)


With a $4,000 championship bonus on the line, the Elegant Cabinetry Women's Pro class came down to the final round between Colorado's Britney Gallegos and Utah rider Rachel Stout. On Loop 1, Stout made her way through the terrain and into the lead position as the class came through the Mika Metal Pits, followed by Factory Beta's Morgan Tanke and Gallegos just two minutes behind. With another 35 miles to go, Tanke (who had just competed at the first two rounds of Endurocross in the days before), dropped the hammer and forged ahead. Meanwhile, Stout who was in second place found herself with a compromising challenge after having gotten stuck just slightly off trail. Coming

across her peer, Gallegos stopped to help Stout, a commendable move and admirable display of pure sportsmanship. The two continued racing, with Stout taking second and Gallegos third. Gallegos' finish was all that was needed to capture her first-ever Pro Women's championship title; a long time dream now turned reality. Results 1. Morgan Tanke 2. Rachel Stout 3. Britney Gallegos Points 1. Britney Gallegos (169) 2. Rachel Stout (162) 3. Morgan Tanke (153)


The growing Hooligan Open class presented by Scrambler Ducati attracted new talent to the final round of the four round series. Off the start, Quinn Cody grabbed the jump as he and Scrambler Ducati's Jordan Graham raced to the end of the bomb. Cody grabbed the lead with Graham just behind and the field of Hooligans raced onto Loop 1. Over the next 40-miles, Cody maintained his lead position just ahead of Graham, until Graham encountered an issue that would end his day. This left the door open for Wes Van Nieuwenhuise to advance with Scott Myers, Mikey Hill, Ken Durr, Jake Pope and Andris Lagzdins in tow.

As the checkers flew for the Hooligans, Cody took the win and 2020 championship, ahead of VanNieuwenhuise and Myers for a full KTM podium sweep Results 1. Quinn Cody 2. Wes Van Nieuwenhuise 3. Scott Meyer Points 1. Quinn Cody (120) 2. Ken Durr (76) 3. Jordan Graham (50)


Cool weather and clear skies set the stage for the first race of the weekend on Saturday morning, starting with the Pee Wees. At the drop of the banner, the littlest of champions charged across the FMF Power Bomb Run and onto the course. Taking the holeshot, Walker Segale Van Dover took control of the lead position on lap one, but it wasn't long until Finn Ruby made his moves to the front. Van Dover stayed steady in 2nd place to fight off Ian Passno, and the three raced their way over 30 minutes in their respective positions straight to the podium. Ruby's seasonlong fight for the championship paid off as he celebrated victory earning the 2020 Pee Wee Championship. Race 2 welcomed a longer more technical course for the next wave of youth CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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Pro women podium, first Morgan Tanke, second Rachel Stout, third place Britney Gallegos who won the 2020 championship

riders, including Girls, Jr. Girls and Micro Mini. A more technical course would challenge the growing racers with natural terrain and fun

trails. At the drop of the banner, the large line of racers sprinted to the start of the course, and at the end of lap two Waylon Honnold came

Hooligan class winners s first Quinn Cody, second Wes Van Nieuwenhuise and Scott Meyer


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

through as overall leader ahead of Peyton Maas and Jeremiah Conway. However, Ben Alex Davis made the pass on Conway by the time the checkers flew for the final podium position. Malcom Pearson (Micro Mini), Rhianna Bingham (Girls) and Sara Conaway (Jr. Girls) claimed their 2020 championship along with the checkered flag. Saturday's third and final race included the Big Wheel, Mini and Jr. Mini classes with championships on the line and perfect racing conditions ahead. The banner dropped and the racers charged onto the longer 8-mile course consisting of various, authentic off-road terrain; sharing portions of what would be included on Sunday's premiere race course. On Lap 1, Tallon Smith held onto the lead with championship chasing Ruffin Dodson in tow, while Ethan Stockwell looked to catch the leaders. However, Dodson wasn't going to let the victory slip away, and on the penultimate lap moved into the lead to take the win ahead of Smith. Smith finished in 2nd place followed by KTM mounted Jett Lessing who raced his way towards the front from an 11th place start. Dodson, Lessing (Mini) and Caleb Tate (Jr. Mini) all earned the championship with this final race E

https://list.robly.com/ subscribe?a=7c856c30cc304e39349f5d88327c2ad8


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Jaw Pain


've seen a lot of folks over the years with jaw pain. First, it's good to make sure it is not a pure dental problem. If your teeth are all good and you still have jaw pain, you may have a Temporal Mandibular Joint ( TMJ) issue. The very same muscles that allow us to chew, bite down, the Masseter and Temporalis Muscles are usually sore with this condition. Take your fingers and see if the muscles just in front of your ears and jaw line are tender or have a dentist or other doctor check for you. The TMJ joint is located just in front of your ear lobe. You can open and close your mouth and feel the joint there. It can be painful as well with TMJ and in fact, usually is very sore indeed. You may also have popping or cracking sounds as you open and close your jaw. The range of motion from full wide open to closed mouth may be limited and painful. Headaches and head soreness can be associated with this issue of TMJ as well. Pain usually runs from the TMJ area up the side of the head in front of the ear to the crown of the head.

The Cause

The TMJ is lined with cartilage and has a pad called a meniscus for the joint to pivot on, just like the knees do. It can be damaged by blunt force like a direct blow or car accident or over time with repetitive motion/stress like always chewing gum or tobacco, hard candy, nuts, etc. Injuries 96

to the neck, such as whiplash can cause TMJ problems as well and it need not be from a common car accident. Near crashes, hard landings, a wicked bounce in your buggy, truck, ATV, quad or bike can all cause this problem. Simple and plain stress can be and is a common cause of TMJ seen at my clinic. Hours at the desk, money and or relationship issues, job worries, stress of all types can cause folks to clinch and or grind their teeth. This is called Bruxism and is often seen by dentists and TMJ specialists and can also affect a person's sleep. It can be extremely painful and affect a person's ability to eat and chew their food properly. Dentists will often take x-rays of the TMJ and then take a mold of your mouth and teeth. They will then send the molds out to a lab that will make an appliance you are supposed to wear like a sports mouth/teeth guard to keep the person from grinding their own teeth at night while sleeping and even in the daytime. I've personally seen prices for these sort of treatments go from about $500 for the appliances to quotes of $6,000 for all treatments and x-rays.

The problem with guards

Here is my beef with these bite/ night guards. They still allow the person to clinch down. This clenching in turn causes the jaw muscles to engage, flex and work. They get very sore and fatigued with no rest. That causes the pain of TMJ most of the time unless an MRI of the TMJ joint and meniscus reveals a tear or degeneration in the joint itself. A plain X-Ray will generally not reveal the cartilage and/ or meniscus of the TMJ. Only the MR (Magnetic Resonance) image will show

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

those structures unless they are calcified and then they may indeed show up on a plain film X-Ray. As I related, these night guards can be expensive and still do not prevent a person with TMJ from clenching and grinding but they do protect the teeth from the pressure of the other teeth. There is a device called a "Discluder" and only some dentists are aware of it. It is more like a retainer you wear in either the upper or lower mouth. It snaps into place like a retainer you would get from an Orthodontist. You generally cannot see it when you are wearing it. It prevents occlusion. That is it prevents the teeth, mainly the molars, from being able to come together. This in turn prevents the clenching muscles of the jaw, that allow us to bite down and chew our food, from engaging. This and ONLY this, can really prevent Bruxism, grinding of teeth, day and night for the folks who are chronic clinchers.

Alternative Treatment

In my opinion, a dentist that can make you a Discluder is your best bet if you grind your teeth and that is the cause of your TMJ problem. The Discluder device is a small plastic/acrylic piece that prevents your front and or back teeth from coming together completely and this prevents occlusion/clenching and lets the jaw muscles relax! At my clinic I also use a combination of therapies to help out. They include therapeutic ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, stretching and often a referral to a DDS that can make you a proper Discluder. I had to go through this myself with all this TMJ pain. I had it on one side and was grinding my teeth at night during my sleep and even in the daytime. It was just before I got married back in the mid 1990's and I guess I was nervous, for darn good reason! Ha! But, we are better now! If the TMJ issue came on after an accident, the bones of the upper neck can also be slightly misaligned, not moving properly and putting slight pressure on the nerves, called a subluxation, to the TMJ area and associated muscles as indicated

previously. Sometimes it's the TMJ itself that is misaligned as well as the other factors I've already mentioned.That can be adjusted as well by a good chiropractor. Severe injury to the TMJ and or jaw may require surgery in rare, extreme trauma cases. I always take and recommend the conservative road of treatment in any case that is not an immediate medical emergency. I hope you all found this article and information informative and useful. I'm seeing many folks paying big bucks to cure this issue. Yes, pain pills will kill the pain and noninflammatory medications will take down the inflammation and muscle relaxer medications will relax the muscles, sure will!

But, has anyone addressed the CAUSE of the issue? Or, are they trying to cover it up? Dr. Gary DeForest is a San Diego based chiropractor with his clinic in Mission Valley and moonlights as Santa Claus at the annual Halloween race in Campo. He is always happy to speak with you about any health concerns. He can be reached at his clinic at 619 291-2462 or e-mail at deforest192@yahoo.com E

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2017 Forrest River Sunseeker 2400MBS, with only 8,255 miles on it. $75,000, 619-572-3686. More photos at www.ssorm.com/ category/classifieds

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Like new 20 foot Springdale by Keystone camp trailer ,202QBWE model, Tandem axle, front queen bed, fold down table bed rear, AC, large fridge, 60 gallon fresh water tank. Large storage compartments, light weight half ton towable. Only used a few times $18,000 or best offer. Josh 435-669-6815 please call or text for more info or pics

Vintage RaceCo VW tandem. This car was one of the original Candy Cane race cars. Rabbit motor, water cooled, been restoring, lots of new parts, bus transmission, new paint and powder-coated frame. Car is almost complete, will sacrifice $5,000. Ask for Rod 858-967-8689

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2007 Polaris Outlaw 525, K&N Filter, Dyno Jet Re-jetting, D&G Exhaust. $3,500. 949-642-8671


2004 Honda 400EX, K&N Filter, Dyna Jet Re-jetting, D&G Exhaust, New Rear Holeshot Tire. $2,500, 949-642-8671

This is a 2330 Volkswagon Turbo Motor. We have video of the motor running before the motor was pulled from buggy. Contact me for more information at Gerhart.eschbach@yahoo.com. $3500 or best offer. E

Send your Sand Rail, 1776 VW Engine, 110 Engle Cam, Supertrap Exhaust, Chenowith Frame, Custom Upholstery, New Rear Tires, Rear Disc Brakes, Neal Pedals, $4,500, 949-642-8671

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www.ssorm.com - DECEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

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