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06 | Sherri's Turn

70 | ZR Promo Grand Prix Mitsubishi Motors

Thundering Trails: Thanks for the memories!

South of the border racing at Laguna Salada West

08 | Dirtbits

76 | Full Throttle George Ryan Memorial 120

Tackle Tuff introduces off road products

12 | ASA News

Official news from the American Sand Association

16 | Coming Events For every type of off road vehicle

26 | Off Road Kids

Having as much fun, if not more, than the adults!

42 | In 1948 . . .

AMA District 38 desert racing in Plaster City East

86 | CALVMX/Legends & Heroes Vintage MX Vintage motocross at Lake Elsinore MX Park

90 | Roadrunner MC King of the Desert

AMA District 38 desert racing at Superstition OHV Area

Motorcycle memories from 73 years ago

46 | Blast from the Past

We expanded this popular column by Trackside Photo, this month featuring Odd Cars Racing Off Road

50 | 4x4 Coach

Tiny but valuable: 4-Way Valve Tool

52 | The Endangered Off Roader San Diego Off Road Coalition News

98 | Classifieds Free off road photo classifieds

COMPETITION 56 | SCFTA Flat Track Round 2 of the 2022 season in Perris CA

62 | Slash X Duel in the Desert Desert racing presented by MORE Racing


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(Top Center) From our Off Road Kids Feature: Tyler Warner, and his buddy Hank Hefty on a memorial bench in the desert. - Rob Warner, Alpine CA (Top Right) Zander Banuelos enjoying the desert. - Sarah Banuelos, Vista CA (Bottom) #123Q Ismael Hernandez, first ATV Expert and #524M Chris Segal, second Super Senior Amateur, at the AMA District 38 Full Throttle George Ryan Memorial 120 Race. Race insight from Ismael: “With my experience in racing in Baja, the D38 courses are just as tough and it’s excellent practice to stay in shape and sharp on the quad. The Full Throttle 120 was definitely a tough course. I was able to almost pull the holeshot but I took a wrong turn at the start and got passed. Soon after I got back in front and stayed there for the rest of the race. I kept pushing through the dirt bikes until I found an equally matched dirt bike racer. We battled for two laps passing each other. He finally made a mistake and I passed him just before the finish. I just love it when other riders get competitive even when we are not in the same class, that makes for a fun fast race.“ Photo by Judd Neves Nothing But Dirt Photography


More from the Off Road Kids Collection: Owen Lewis, age 16 at Glamis North CA in the hills above the Salton Sea. - Kevin Lewis, Visalia CA

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he walls in my office are filled with wonderful memories. It was in the 1990's, while still living in the city, we came up with the idea. An off road camp to give kids from disadvantaged situations a chance to have a desert adventure. We didn't know when, or where or how. We didn't know where the money would come from or what property we would do it on. We didn't even know where we would get the kids to attend camp. We just knew that someday, we wanted to do this. Still living in Chula Vista pondering the idea of our dream, we came up with the name: Thundering Trails and the logo. "Thundering" to represent the voice of God and the sound of motorcycle engines. Revelation 14:2 says, in part, "And I heard a voice from heaven . . . like the sound of thunder . . . ." The goals for the camp would be for the kids to have fun, to eat good food and to learn about God. Oh, and every kid would take home a camp poster. I didn't know how we'd pull that off either, but I knew that would happen. In 1999 we moved from Chula Vista to the mountain town of Julian. We were getting closer to our dream physically, but still didn't know how we'd actually make it happen. Fast forward five years and we found ourselves moving into our dream property in the desert. Fifty acres for kids to ride, hike and play on plus a house to live in. In 2005 we had the opportunity to meet the pastor of an inner city mission and we invited him out to the property to talk about our idea. He was thrilled and dazzled us with stories of hundreds of kids he could provide to attend. It overwhelmed me and the dream suddenly seemed to be coming to fruition faster than I was ready. "Well, I'm not sure when we can do this," I told him. "We haven't even talked about it to anyone but you yet." I was suddenly fearful at the thought of people hearing about our dream. Somehow it was becoming real way too soon. Never mind the fact almost 20 years had passed since we first thought of the idea. Within a year we had secured our non-profit status, raised the money to buy five mini bikes and all the other supplies 6

needed for an overnight camp for 10 kids. But those "hundreds of kids" the pastor imagined he had, turned out to be four who showed up for the first camp in November 2006. And that was okay because we discovered there would be a huge learning curve. Inviting inner city kids from challenging backgrounds to a desert camp was a whole different ballgame from hauling your own kids and a half dozen of their friends to the desert. Over the years we built an awesome team of volunteers to work with, hosted over 300 kids, many of them returning multiple times and with donations received from over 400 individuals and businesses we were able to hold 70 camps from 2006 to 2021. Many wonderful memories, so many great kids many of whom are grown now. Some very sad stories and hundreds of smiles. At first I thought we'd never get started, and once started I thought we would never stop. And maybe we never will, but for now we're on an extended break as life takes us on other adventures and ministries. Maybe one day we'll see the van drive through the gate with a brand new group of kids to introduce to fun, food and the story of how God can make a difference in their lives. For now, we extend our deep gratitude to the hundreds of generous people who donated to make this dream possible, not just for us, but for all the kids. Someone called it "the end of an era," but that sounds so sad. Maybe it's just "an era on hold." It's not good-bye, it's see you later. Yet why do I feel like crying? Thanks kids! We had a blast!

15 years of camp posters fill the office walls

300+ kids

70 Camps

424 Sponsors and Contributors

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APRIL 2022 | VOL. 40 • NO. 7

SINCE 1982

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Tackle Tuff Introduces Offroad Recovery Products


ackle Tuff, LLC has just introduced an entirely new product line dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle. The first group of products it is bringing to market includes a premium and deluxe range of off-road winch recovery products that are essential to safe recreational driving. Custom designed Snatch Blocks, Shackles and Recovery Straps highlight the key elements of the product range. The Snatch Blocks and Shackles are sold in two capacity grades, Premium & Deluxe. The Premium Snatch Blocks come in either black or gray, and they are rated for 30 tons breaking strength, and feature a work load limit of 15 tons. Made of forged carbon steel, these Snatch Blocks lead the industry in strength and durability testing. “Tackle Tuff believes in the restorative power of being outdoors. That’s why we design our products to be durable and resilient,” said Derek Deng, the president of Tackle Tuff.

Tackle Tuff Leading the Way on Design

“Tackle Tuff is also in the forefront of high design in the off-road accessory market,” said Deng. “We are committed to making products that are dependable, durable and elegantly designed. The design plays a big role, in our opinion, in reinforcing a customer’s decision to purchase Tackle Tuff products.”

Jones’s measure to save off-highway vehicle competitions in California unanimously passes key committee


egislation by Senator Brian W. Jones (R-Santee) to save off-highway vehicle (OHV) competitions in California was approved unanimously March 22, 2022 on a strong bipartisan vote in the Senate Transportation Committee. Senate Bill 894 is the third OHV competition bill Jones has authored in the last three years with the two previous measures easily clearing the Senate only to become stalled in the Assembly.


Tackle Tuff Snatch Blocks, Shackles and Recovery Straps are available sold individually, or they can be purchased as part of a kit, that includes a designer carrying case and Kevlar reinforced work gloves. Tackle Tuff products are sold through specialty and mass market retail partners, and can also be purchased on the company website, www.tackletuff.com

“I greatly appreciate the bipartisan support from the Senators and staff of the Senate Transportation Committee,” stated Senator Brian W. Jones. “For the last few years, OHV stakeholders, government agencies, and many others have put in countless hours on this issue. We have worked with the environmental community to come up with a compromise that removed their previous opposition. Our hope is that this third time is truly a charm.” Competition OHVs have long been operated through the Red Sticker program under the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This program has allowed competition off-highway vehicles to operate in the state for the past two decades. However, the Red Sticker program ended last year with no program to replace it. Without a new program, OHV competitions and practice riding on public lands have been thrown into confusion with reports of some competitors still getting Red Stickers and permission to compete while others have not. This uncertainty negatively impacts local businesses, jobs, and the economy of many rural and suburban regions that have long hosted competitions. Additionally, funding for environmental work and law enforcement has also been lost.

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

SB 894 would create a new, off-highway vehicle competition program that is narrowly tailored for legitimate competitors only. SB 894 is similar to Jones’s SB 227 from last year and his SB 1024 from the 2019-20 legislative session. Senators Bob Archuleta (D-Pico Rivera), Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), Melissa Hurtado (D-Sanger), Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park), and Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) and Assemblymember Adam Gray (D-Merced) are all coauthors of SB 894. SB 894 is cosponsored by the Coalition for Public Access and the California Motorcycle Dealers Association and goes next to the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee for hearing. Senator Brian W. Jones was elected to the California State Senate in 2018 representing the 38th Senate District which includes Alpine, Escondido, Lemon Grove, El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, Poway, San Marcos, Lakeside, Valley Center, Rancho Santa Fe, Julian, Ramona, Rancho San Diego, Bonsall, Fallbrook, Borrego Springs, and parts of the City of San Diego.

to roof top tents to cooking stoves to shovels and everything in between, the Ultimate RockLander Giveaway is everything you need to turn your Jeep into the Ultimate RockLanding rig. FREE ENTRY! See all the details and enter today at UltimateRocklander.com It is free to enter and the winner will be chosen on a live episode of the ModernJeeper Show during Overland Expo West on Saturday, May 21. Enter today at UltimateRocklander.com E

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The perfect marriage of Rock Crawling and Overlanding... a fully built rig capable of running the Rubicon Trail one day and being your base of operations in Death Valley the next. The Ultimate RockLander Giveaway is over $20,000 in prizes for your Jeep JK, JL or JT. From wheels to tires to suspension to rack systems www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



The American Sand Association's primary objective is to "UNITE, INFORM and MOBILIZE" the sand duning community to protect the right to ride on all public lands in a responsible, environmentally balanced manner.



ooking back to the late 70’s and early 80’s, I remember the Mad Max environment of Glamis (Imperial Sand Dune Recreation Area - a.k.a. ISDRA). There were stripper poles, fire trenches designed to get you off your bike and steal it, there were low-lifes who would force your girlfriend to lift her top for them, and campsites were raided while you were out riding. Old’s Hill was out of control on weekend nights. By no means was it a family atmosphere. We came within a hair’s breadth of full closure. Check out this link if you doubt this: https:// americansandassociation.org/ dunes-info/did-you-know/253why-is-flying-the-checkered-flagimportant-today. SO the short answer to “Who needs ‘em”? WE DO. Not only do we need them, we want their presence. If not for ISDRA Law Enforcement Rangers (LEO's), the ISDRA would likely be 100% closed to off-road activity. The two most basic requirements for civilization are: 1) A code of laws for expected and unacceptable behavior. 2) Someone to enforce those laws. Enter the ISDRA Law Enforcement Rangers (LEO's). The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) operates under a


multi-use mandate. Off-road recreation is part of that mandate and the LEO’s help fulfill it. The benefits that the LEO’s provide for our chosen form of off-road recreation go far deeper than might appear on the surface. They returned the ISDRA from mayhem to a civilized family environment and maintain it so. They are well-trained accomplished professionals that are not to be underestimated. It is also worth mentioning that the Rangers are who you call if you have a medical emergency. I was very privileged to ride along with the #1 Supervising ISDRA LEO Ranger and his second-in-command for a day on President’s Day weekend in 2022. What follows below is what I learned. It takes some 100 dedicated people to operate the ISDRA on a big weekend. Keep in mind that it is usually a holiday weekend. From communications experts to office staff to LEO's on the ground, it is a HUGE operation. Consider the ISDRA to be a city of 100,000 to 150,000 on a big weekend and this begins to make sense. On the weekend that I rode along, there were four local LEO's and 11 on loan from other areas. They came from Colorado, Montana, and many other states; some drove three days to get there. On occasion, they fly in from Alaska. It is interesting to note

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

that none of them were “assigned” against their preference: they all volunteered for the assignment. They all wanted to be there and it showed. It doesn’t get better than that. I asked several why they volunteered I discovered they love the dunes just as we do. More interesting is that most of them have been coming to the ISDRA for upwards of 10 years. I found comfort in that they are very familiar with the area and its many unique issues. There were two newbies this weekend. I asked them what they thought of the ISDRA. Their answer reminded me of newbies I have brought out: stunned by the magnitude and beauty of the dunes… never seen anything like it… can’t put it into words… pictures don’t do it justice. It brought a smile to this old duner’s face. Yep, two more hooked… The obvious question is what kind of training do newbies get before being turned loose at the ISDRA? Quite a bit actually. On a newbie’s first day, he/she rides with a veteran, shown the lay of the land, made aware of ISDRA-specific rules, what to look for, priorities; etc. He/she is required to download the LEO version of Avenza maps. There is always a pre-shift briefing and a debriefing after a major contact or incident where actions are critiqued and guidance is provided. Rest assured that they are not turned loose with a ticket book and a “Go get ‘em” attitude. Part of the “indoctrination” is the philosophy of law

enforcement at the ISDRA. When it comes to letter of the law vs. spirit of the law, spirit of the law now prevails. Enforcement is now mostly spirit of the law. Many warnings were given this weekend. Gone are the days of a visitor off loading his quad without a helmet or whip and getting a ticket. This appears to be paying large dividends as we got lots of waves and thumbs up as we drove by camps in vehicles marked BLM Law Enforcement. I want to emphasize attitude. Many warnings were given to parties with a good attitude. If you are given a chance to go buy a pass, go buy the pass. The LEO's will come back to cite you if you did not heed the warning. If you have a bad attitude, there might not be a warning to begin with. All of the veteran LEO's commented that they now notice the positive waves as they drive around and said that this is opposite of days gone by. In the past, they were greeted almost exclusively by the middle-finger salute. Perhaps this is a result of the enforcement of no saving spots, the 14-day rule, and eliminating ghost camps. It is too difficult to tell for sure. One camp in particular comes to mind. There was no pass on a truck that was off into the sand. The ranger patrolling on a quad stopped to inquire. There was trash on the ground, wood with metal, and glass bottles on the ground. It was the textbook camp of “what not to do”. Their attitude was not good. Continued on next page

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Of particular interest was the quad with no green sticker, no VIN, and no paperwork. The quad got towed; the rangers had no choice on this issue. Had there been just that single pass on that one truck, the ranger would have kept on driving. He could have impounded the truck as well but he did not want to leave the visitors stranded. Considering the amount of verbal abuse the LEO’s endured during this stop, I hold them in the highest regard for the restraint and professionalism they displayed. One of the biggest questions of the weekend was the

The memorial display above is an example of an illegal and potentially unsafe way to remember the deceased in the Imperial Sand Dunes. The bench below is a safe and legal way to memorialize loved ones.


discontinued reciprocity of AZ off-road tags and CA green stickers. It is complicated but here’s the bottom line: If your OHV is registered in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Texas, Utah or Wyoming (street legal or not), your OHV needs a CA off road permit. It does not matter if it is street legal in the home state because OHV’s are never street legal in CA. You cannot operate them on CA roads even if street legal in the home state. Some states still hold reciprocity with CA, some states don’t register OHV’s, so for $30 at the ranger station, it will save lots of hassle and is good for the year in which they are purchased. More details are at this link: https://americansandassociation.org/ dunes-info/did-you-know/276-28-california-assembly-bill-232ohv-registration-reciprocity By now you are probably asking yourself, “What are the LEO's looking for”? Here’s a list not in any particular order: • Public safety items - Helmets - Whips and flags

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

- Lights • Permits - Yearly passes must be adhered to the windshield - Make sure your weekly pass is hanging from your mirror • Violation of quiet hours • Registrations: all vehicles, off-road and on-road • DUI • Trash • Gray water dumping • Glass bottles • Wood with metal, pallets • Saving spots, Ghost Camps, & 14-day rule • Drugs (marijuana is NOT legal on federal lands –carries same penalty as cocaine) Overall, compliance was very good with the above so I asked about problem areas. The answer was surprising: Construction on Federal Lands is against the law. We all know about the Flag Pole and the Swing Set. The Flag Pole is an addition to an artifact that General Patton left behind during WWII so that presents a gray area. The swing set is a clear violation as are other structures that have been erected. The BLM is obligated to remove these structures (South Dunes Swing, Dinosaur, Cabana, Etc.). Erecting these structures costs all of us because they have to be removed. Removing them wastes scarce resources that would have been better allocated to more productive activities. In particular, there is a memorial on Sand Highway for someone who died in that spot. Erecting a steel memorial creates an unsafe condition where others may encounter the same fate. There are better, more permanent, ways to commemorate our lost loved ones. Obsborne Overlook has some commemorative benches with plaques as does the Ranger Station. More are needed and would stand the test of time better than in Sand Highway. Of long-standing concern is the Sand Drags. At the drags with radar, we clocked several buggies topping out at 94+ MPH. The LEO I was with said that he had clocked one at 161 MPH on a different occasion. How can anyone not think that it is just a matter of time before another one goes into the crowd? I cringe to think of the penalty that we, as a community, will pay for the mistake of one. Having done many ride alongs with several law enforcement agencies over the years, I can vouch that the ISDRA LEO’s are as good as they come. We should value their dedication and professionalism. The ISDRA LEO’s are not there to ruin anyone’s trip. They are there to enforce the rules so that we can have a civilized experience. We, the sand community, benefit from their mission. If you don’t like them, then please consider the meme that says, “Have you ever noticed that the cops leave you alone when you are not breaking the law?” E



951-699-6922 “Specializing in Hand-Crafted Vehicles” Long-Travel Buggies Ultra 4 x 4’s & Jeeps Off-Road Trucks

Repair Facility Tube Bending Mig/Tig Welding

Sheet Metal Wiring Performance Parts

“THE ONLY FAB SHOP YOU’LL EVER NEED” www.rawmotorsports .com 42065 Zevo Drive #16 Temecula, CA 92590

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A favorite of all of our readers are the special features we run every month that you OUR READERS contribute! Photo Submissions: Attach them as a jpeg image only. Do not send us links to websites to download. Please use high-resolution images for best reproduction. No alcoholic beverages visible in photos and all action shots need to include riders wearing helmets. Include caption information. We need to know who is in the photos! Please include first and last names and your city/state of residence. LIMIT 2 PHOTOS PER EMAIL. Text Submissions: Include the text portion of your submission, as well as photo captions, in the body of the email. Do NOT attach word documents or any other type of text attachments. Email your submissions to ssormag@gmail.com

May 2022 – Deadline April 9, 2022 OFF ROAD MOMS We want pictures of your off road moms, grandmas, wives who are moms or any off road mom in your life! Tell us their first/last names, city/state where they live, as well as what type of off roading they do or how they support you in your off roading. Be sure to include a picture of them in an off road setting! Also include your first and last name and city/state where you live.

JUNE 2022 – Deadline May 12, 2022 OFF ROAD DADS & TEAR DOWN TIME We want pictures of your off road dads, grandpas or any off road dad in your life! Tell us their first/last names, city/state where they live, as well as what type of off roading they do or how they support you in your off roading. Also include your first and last name and city/state where you live. We also want photos of your off road projects for the TEAR DOWN TIME feature, hopefully in a state of being torn down or just getting built! Be sure to include info about the project!

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KEEP OUR DESERT CLEAN www.keepourdesertclean.com Apr 10, 2022 - Southeast Arizona Jun 18, 2022 - Northern Arizona Sept 3, 2022 - Northwest Arizona Dec 3, 2022 - Eastern Arizona with Toy Drive SAN DIEGO OFF ROAD COALITION www.sdorc.org - For info Ed Stovin motoed@hotmail.com 858-822-8274


ALTA VISTA EVENTS www.averacing.com Apr 9-10, 2022 - Round 1, Super Course Dezert Series May 28-29, 2022 - Round 2, Super Course Dezert Series Jul 16-17, 2022 - Round 3, Super Course Dezert Series Oct 8-9, 2022 - Round 4, Super Course Dezert Series Dec 3-4, 2022 - Round 4, Super Course Dezert Series AMA DISTRICT 37 www.district37ama.org Motorcycles & Quads Apr 9-10, 2022 - So Cal MC Hare & Hound, Red Mountain CA Apr 30 - May 1, 2022 - Dirt Diggers Dual Euro Scrambles, Red Mountain CA May 7, 2022 - Badgers MC Dual Euro Scrambles, Red Mountain CA May 21-22, 2022 - RUTS MC Dual Euro Scrambles, Johnson Valley CA May 28, 2022 - Checkers MC Dual Euro Scrambles, Red Mountain CA Jul 30, 2022 - Desert MC Night Team Race, Red Mountain, CA 16

Oct 9, 2022 - Jackrabbits MC Hare & Hound, Red Mountain CA Oct 22-23, 2022 - 100's MC Hare & Hound, Johnson Valley CA Nov 5-6, 2022 - Lost Coyotes Hare & Hound, Red Mountain CA AMA DISTRICT 38 www.amad38.com Races held near El Centro CA Motorcycles & Quads Apr 16, 2022 - Full Throttle Desert Cross, Plaster City West Sept 25, 2022 - Roadrunner Rattlesnake Chase, Plaster City West Oct 15, 2022 - I-8 Monster Mash, Plaster City West Nov 5, 2022 - Full Throttle Veterans Day Dash, Lakebed Dec 10, 2022 - Roadrunner Christmas Classic, Pole Line UTVs Oct 15, 2022 - I-8 Monster Mash, Plaster City West Nov 5, 2022 - Full Throttle Veterans Day Dash, Lakebed Dec 10, 2022 - Roadrunner Christmas Classic AMA NATIONAL HARE & HOUND www.NationalHareandHound.com Motorcycles & Quads 2022 Tentative Schedule Apr 9, 2022 - Round 3, Jericho UT Apr 30, 2022 - Round 4, Jericho UT May 28-29, 2022 - Round 5, Ridgecrest CA Sept 10, 2022 - Round 6, Panaca NV Oct 8-9, 2022 - Round 7, Lovelock NV Oct 22-23, 2022 - Round 8, Lucerne Valley CA AMA WEST HARE SCRAMBLES www.westharescramble.com Motorcycles & Quad 2022 Tentative Schedule May 21-22, 2022 - Round 3, La Pine OR

Jun 18-19, 2022 - Round 4, Bellingham WA Jul 8-10, 2022 - Round 5, Washougal WA Oct 15-16, 2022 - Round 6, Boise ID Nov 5-6, 2022 - Round 7, Toutle WA Nov 19-20, 2022 - Round 8, Wilseyville CA AMRA ARIZONA MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ASSOCIATION www.amraracing.com Motorcycle Racing Apr 9-10, 2022 - Round 4, Camp Wood AZ May 14, 2022 - Round 5, Kelly Canyon AZ May 21, 2022 - Round 6, Prescott Valley AZ Sept 17, 2022 - Round 7, Page AZ Nov 12, 2022 - Round 8, Oracle AZ Dec 10, 2022 - Round 8, TBD AZ ARIZONA OFF ROAD PROMOTIONS

www.arizonaoffroadpromotions.com Aug 6-7, 2022 - Cinder Mountain Off Road Challenge, Flagstaff AZ Nov 5-6, 2022 - Todd Peterson's Vulture Mine Hare Scrambles, Wickenburg AZ BEST IN THE DESERT www.bitd.com Apr 28-30, 2022 - Silver State 300, Alamo NV Car/Truck/UTV/MC/Quad Aug 10-13, 2022 - Vegas to Reno Car/ Truck/UTV/MC/Quad Sept 22-25, 2022 - Battle Born 200, Ely NV, Car/Truck/UTV/MC/Quad Oct 20-23, 2022 - Laughlin Desert Classic, Laughlin NV, Car/Truck


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

Nov 4-6, 2022 - World Hare & Hound, Tonopah NV, MC/Quad/UTV CODE OFF ROAD www.codeoffroad.com.mx May 13-15, 2022 - Night Race, Mexicali-San Felipe Jul 22-24, 2022 - Jacume Grand Prix, Tecate B.C. Oct 14-16, 2022 - MexLog 300, Mexicali B.C. Dec 16-18, 2022 - Polaris 275, Mexicali-San Felipe LEGACY RACING www.legacyracing.net May 4-7, 2022 - Baja Nevada, Cars/ Trucks/UTV/MC/Quad Jun 23-26, 2022 - Virginia City to Tonopah NV, Cars/Trucks/UTV/MC/ Quad Sept 8-11, 2022 - Stateline Shootout, Primm NV, Cars/Trucks/UTV Oct 7-9, 2022 - Dirt Rebelution, Cedar City UT MC/Quad/UTV Nov 10-13, 2022 - Battleground, Jean NV, Cars/Trucks/MC/Quad/UTV M.O.R.E. www.moreracing.net Cars, Trucks and UTVs Apr 23, 2022 - McKenzie's 250, Lucerne Valley CA Jul 1-3, 2022 - GG Lighting Freedom Cup, Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA Sept 24, 2022 - PCI Race Radios 300, Johnson Valley CA Dec 3, 2022 - Transaxle Engineering Challenge, Barstow CA NORRA www.norra.com Apr 29-May 6, 2022 - Mexican 1000 Sept 29 - Oct 2, 2022 - NORRA 500 RECORD OFF ROAD www.recordoffroad.com Jun 24-26, 2022 - XXV King Shocks Ensenada-San Felipe 250

Aug 12-14, 2022 - II Ensenada-San Quintin 200 Sept 30-Oct 1, 2022 - XXSX San Vicente 200 Dec 9-11, 2022 - XXVII Race Ready Coast to Coast, Ensenada-San Felipe 250 SCORE www.score-international.com Jun 1-5, 2022 - 54th Baja 500, Ensenada Sept 13-18, 2022 - 3rd Baja 400, Ensenada Nov 15-20, 2022 - 55th Baja 1000, Ensenada SNORE www.snoreracing.net May 20-21, 2022 - Caliente 250, Caliente NV Jul 15-16, 2022 - Midnight Special, Jean NV Sept 30-Oct 1, 2022 - Ridgecrest, Ridgecrest CA Dec 9-11, 2022 - Rage at the River, Laughlin NV SADR - Southern Arizona Desert Racing 520-747-0490 www.racesadr.com May 13-14, 2022 - Tequila 150

Sept 23-24, 2022 - Point to Point Dec 2-3, 2022 - Cholla 250 ZR PROMOTIONS (686) 564-6653 www.zrpromo.com Motorcycles, Quads and UTVs Apr 10, 2022 - Fiat GP Jul 2, 2022 - Vimetal Off Road Nite Race Aug 21, 2022 - DP Racing Santa Veronica Oct 23, 2022 -ZR CTA


BIG BEAR TRAIL RIDERS MC www.bigbeartrailriders.com Jun 24, 2022 - Big Bear Run, Big Bear CA CRAWDAD OFF ROAD EVENTS www.crawdadoffroadevents.com Sept 30 - Oct 3, 2022 - Bar 10 Ranch, Mesquite NV D-37 DUAL SPORT www.district37ama.org/dualsport/ DUAL SPORT WEST www.dualsportwest.com Apr 24-27, 2022 - New Great Western Trail 1st Section, Nogales AZ

May 2-6, 2022 - Mex2Can 1st Half, Tecate CA Jul 11-15, 2022 - New Great Western Trail 2nd Section, Williams AZ Aug 13-20, 2022 - New Great Western Trail 3rd Section, Park City UT Sept 10-11, 2022 - Mammoth 300, Daily Loops out of Mammoth Sept 24-25, 2022 - Topaz 600, Daily Loops out of Topaz NV Oct 22-23, 2022 - Lone Pine, Daily Loops out of Lone Pine Nov 5-6, 2022 - China Lake 350, Ridgecrest CA DUST DEVILS MC www.dustdevilsmc.com FAMILY OFF ROAD ADVENTURES www.familyoffroadadventures.com 209-649-3633 Apr 30 - May 1, 2022 - Yosemite Adventure Tour Jun 11-12, 2022 - Lost Coast Adventure Oct 15-16, 2022 - Mammoth-2-Tahoe ORANGE COUNTY DUALIES www.dualies.com Apr 9, 2022 - Helendale Ride


Apr 30, 2022 - Ride for Kids, Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA May 14, 2022 - Palms to Pines Charity Ride, Banning CA SAN DIEGO ADVENTURE RIDERS www.dualsport-sd.com VENTURA COUNTY M/C CLUB www.venturacountymc.com Oct 7-9, 2022 - Bishop Dual Sport Adventure


Glen Helen www.glenhelen.com Jun 4, 2022 - 3 Bros 10 Hour Endurance Race Oct 8-9, 2022 - 3 Bros 24 Hour Endurance Race



www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE




DISTRICT 37 www.district37ama.org May 14, 2022 - Hilltoppers MC Sprint Enduro, 29 Palms CA Sept 24, 2022 - Vikings MC Sprint Enduro, Johnson Valley CA LOS ANCIANOS MC CLUB www.losancianos.com WORCS www.worcssprintracing.com


AMERICAN FLAT TRACK www.americanflattrack.com Apr 23, 2022 - I-70 Half-Mile, Odessa MO May 28-29, 2022 - Red Mile I&II, Lexington KY Jun 11, 2022 - Laconia Short Track, Loudon NH Jun 25, 2022 - Lima Half-Mile, Lima OH Jul 2, 2022 - New York Short Track, Weedsport NY Jul 16, 2022 - Port Royal Half-Mile, Port Royal PA 18

Jul 30, 2022 - Peoria TT, Peoria IL Aug 6, 2022 - Black Hills Half-Mile, Rapid City SD Aug 13, 2022 - Castle Rock TT, Castle Rock WA Aug 20, 2022 - Sacraento Mile, Sacramento CA Sept 3-4, 2022 - Springfield Mile I&II, Springfield IL Sept 24, 2022 - Cedar Lake Short Track, New Richmond WI AZ FLAT TRACK RACING www.azflattrackracing.com Races held at Adobe Mountain, Glendale AZ Apr 2, 2022 - Round 2 Apr 16, 2022 - Round 3 Apr 30, 2022 - Round 4 May 14, 2022 - Round 5 May 21, 2022 - Round 6 Sept 10, 2022 - Round 7 Sept 25, 2022 - Round 8 Oct 8, 2022 - Round 9 Oct 22, 2022 - Round 10 Nov 5, 2022 - Round 11 Nov 19, 2022 - Round 12

AZ SOUTHLAND FLAT TRACK ASSN www.facebook.com/AZ-Southland-FlatTrack-Association-100634082263623/ Apr 9-10, 2022 - Battle in Buckeye AZ May 21-22, 2022 - Battle in Buckeye AZ Jun 18-19, 2022 - Battle in Buckeye AZ Jul 16-17, 2022 - Battle in Buckeye AZ CALVMX FLAT TRACK www.calvmx.net Races held at Camp Lockett, Campo CA Apr 23, 2022 - 2021 Awards & Practice May 21-22, 2022 - Round 1 Jun 25-26, 2022 - Round 2 Jul 30-31, 2022 - Round 3 Aug 27-28, 2022 - Round 4 Sept 24-25, 2022 - Round 5 Oct 29-30, 2022 - Round 6 Nov 19-20, 2022 - Round 7 KERN RACEWAY www.kernraceway.com May 21, 2022 - Flat Track Motocycles Nov 5, 2022 - Professional Speedway and Flat Track

Dec 17, 2022- Professional Speedway and Flat Track LAKE ELSINORE MX PARK www.facebook.com/Lake-ElsinoreMotorsports-Park-104247691683693/ Flat track open for practice on weekends. No knobbies. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FLAT TRACK ASSOCIATION www.southerncaliforniaflattrack.com All races held at Perris Raceway, Perris CA Apr 9, 2022 - Round 3 May 7, 2022 - Round 4 Jun 4, 2022 - Round 5 Jul 16, 2022 - Round 6 Aug 6, 2022 - Round 7 Sept 10, 2022 - Round 8 Oct 8, 2022 - Round 9 Nov 12-13, 2022 - Rounds 10-11 Dec 3, 2022 - Round 12 WESTERN FLAT TRACK www.westernflattrack.com


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com



BADLANDS OFF ROAD ADVENTURES www.4x4training.com Apr 15, 2022 - San Rafael Run May 28, 2022 - Memorial Day Run Jun 24, 2022 - OAUSA Field Day Jul 2, 2022 - Independence Day Run Aug 15-19, 2022 - Rubicon Road Trip Sept 3, 2022 - Labor Day Run Oct 7, 2022 - Borrego Fest Oct 21-24, 2022 - Death Valley Adventure CALIFORNIA 4WD ASSOCIATION INC. www.cal4wheel.com May 13-15, 2022 - Molina Ghost Run, Hollister CA May 21, 2022 - Esprit De Four 4x4 How To Clinic, Hollister CA May 21, 2022 - Funshine Jeep Girls Charity Event, Lake Elsinore CA May 27-30, 2022 - Hi Desert Round Up, Barstow CA Jun 17-19, 2022 - Hi Landers Poker Run, Eldorado National Forest CA CAPO VALLEY 4 WHEELERS www.cv4w.org

DESERT SIDE TRACS www.dst4x4club.org Apr 17, 2022 - Parker AZ May/June 2022 - Two Day Event Quartzite AZ DIABLO 4-WHEELERS www.diablo4wheelers.com Apr 9-10, 2022 - D4W Safety Clinic Apr 27, 2022 - Slick Rock May 27-30, 2022 - Nevada Run Jun 4-5, 2022 - Bear Valley Loop Trail Opening Jun 9-12, 2022 - Rubicon Run EARLY BRONCOS LTD www.earlybronco.com GEARED FOUR FUN 4WD CLUB www.geared4fun.com HEMET JEEP CLUB www.hemetjeepclub.com INLAND EMPIRE FOUR WHEELERS www.ie4w.com JUSTRUNS www.justruns.com

PARKER 4 WHEELERS www.parker4wheelers.net POINT MUGU 4WD CLUB, INC. www.facebook.com/pages/Point-Mugu4x4-Club/356896013416 RED ROCK 4-WHEELERS www.rr4w.com Apr 9-17, 2022 - Easter Jeep Safari, Moab UT SAN DIEGO 4 WHEELERS www.sd4wheel.com Jul 9-17, 2022 - Out of State Run to San Juan Mountains, CO Jan 13-15, 2023 - 25th Annnual Superstition Mountain Run SAN DIEGO OUTBACKS 4X4 CLUB (760) 789-8294 SCOUTS WEST 4WDC www.scoutswest.com Apr 22-24, 2022 - IH Western Regionals, Calico CA SONS OF THUNDER 4-WHEELERS www.sonsofthunder4x4.com Apr 22-24, 2022 - Anza Borrego CA

May 20-22, 2022 - Joshua Tree CA Jul 23, 2022 - Pilot Rock CA Aug 19-21, 2022 - Big Bear CA Sept 24, 2022 - Dishpan Oct TBA - Huntington State Beach Party Nov 18-20, 2022 - Truckhaven/ Truckerville Tent Camping Dec 17, 2022 - Christmas Party TIERRA DEL SOL www.tds4x4.com Mar 4-6, 2022 - Tierra Del Sol's 59-1/2 Annual Desert Safari, Salton City CA VEGAS VALLEY 4 WHEELERS www.vv4w.org VICTOR VALLEY 4 WHEELERS www.victorvalley4wheelers.com WILLYS OVERLAND MOAB RALLY - www.willysrally.com Apr 29-May 1, 2022 - 13th Annual Willys Rally, Moab UT


www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


www. kingshocks. com www.factoryresole.com


BADLANDS OFF ROAD ADVENTURES www.4x4training.com San Diego Area - Getting Started Off Road Driving Clinic - Apr 23-24, Oct 22-23, Nov 19-20, Dec 10-11 Los Angeles Area - Getting Started Off Road Driving Clinic - Apr 23-24, May 14-15, Oct 15-16, Oct 29-30, Nov 19-20, Dec 3-4, Tire Repair & Hi-Lift Mini Clinic - May 7, Jun 4, Jul 9, Sept 10 Starting Rock Crawling - Jun 18, Jul 23 Winching Clinic - May 21, Sept 24 Putting It All Together - May 22, Sept 25, Dec 11 Sand Dune Off-Road Driving Clinic Aug 27


CORVA www.corva.org ESCARABAJO BUGGY CLUB donaldrued@gmail.com


HI-DESERT CHARITIES OFF ROAD POKER RUN www.facebook.com/Hi-DesertCharities-Offroad-Poker-Run1472979602913413/ MORONGO BASIN SEARCH & RESCUE - www.desertrun.org

REDDING DIRT RIDERS www.reddingdirtriders.com May 13-15, 2022 - Shasta ADV Campout, Redding CA SAN DIEGO OFF ROAD COALITION www.sdorc.org SOBOBA RIDES, San Jacinto CA www.sobobarides.biz UTV Off Road Adventures www.utvoffroadadventures.com Apr 8-10, 2022 - Yarnell AZ CALL TO VERIFY INFORMATION BEFORE TRAVELING. EVENTS SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION OR ERROR

May 27-30, 2022 - Chino Valley AZ Jul 22-24, 2022 - Williams AZ Aug 17-22, 2022 - Eagar AZ Sept 16-18, 2022 - Heber AZ Oct 13-16, 2022 - Page AZ Nov 11-13, 2022 - Payson AZ Dec 2-4, 2022 - Parker AZ


AMA DISTRICT 37 www.district37ama.org Apr 2-3, 2022 - Round 4, Hilltoppers GP Apr 23-24, 2022 - Round 5, Shamrocks GP Oct 1-2, 2022 - Round 6, Viewfinders GP Oct 29-30, 2022 - Round 7, Prospectors GP Nov 12-13, 2022 - Round 8, Vikings GP AMA DISTRICT 38 www.amad38.com May TBA, 2022 - D-38 Grand Prix ARIZONA OFF ROAD PROMOTIONS www.arizonaoffroadpromotions.com Apr 16-17, 2022 - Chino Valley GP, Chino Valley AZ

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

May 14-15, 2022 - P Mountain GP, Page, AZ Jul 9-10, 2022 - Mormon Lake GP, Mormon Lake AZ Sept 10-11, 2022 - Mormon Lake GP II, Mormon Lake AZ Dec 17, 2022 - Canyon Christmas GP (Non points), Peoria AZ FIRE & POLICE MOTOCROSS www.firepolicemx.com Dec 6, 2022 - Christmas GP, Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, Lake Elsinore CA Glen Helen Raceway, Devore CA www.glenhelen.com LACR MX, Palmdale CA www.lacr.mx LAKE ELSINORE GP www.elsinoregrandprix.com National Grand Prix Series www.ngpcseries.com Apr 2-3, 2022 - Round 4, 29 Palms CA Apr 23-24, 2022 - Round 5, Primm NV May 14-15, 2022 - Round 6, Delta UT Aug 20-21, 2022 - Preston ID


Oct 1-2, 2022 - Ridgecrest CA Oct 29-30, 2022 - Blythe CA Nov 12-13, 2022 - Havasu AZ REDDING DIRT RIDERS www.reddingdirtriders.com SRA www.sragp.com Motorcycles, Quads, UTVs All events held at Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA Apr 9, 2022 - Round 4, Location TBA May 1, 2022 - Round 5 Jun 26, 2022 - Round 6 ZR PROMOTIONS www.zrpromo.com


Also see Vintage Motocross Category 2X PROMOTIONS www.2xpromotions.com Apr 2-3, 2022 - Loretta Lynn MW and SW, Porterville CA Apr 15, 2022 - AMA Cal Classic, Fox Raceway, Pala CA AMA AMATEUR NATIONAL MX REGIONAL www.mxsports.com Northwest Area Qualifier Apr 9-10, 2022 - Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex, West Richland WA Apr 9-10, 2022 - Bunker Hill, Delta UT May 7-8, 2022 - Washougal MX Park, Washougal WA Northwest Regional May 27-29, 2022 - Washougal MX Park Youth/Amateur/Vet Regional, Washougal WA Southwest Area Qualifier Apr 2-3, 2022 - Porterville OHV Park, Porterville CA May 14-15, 2022 - Fox Rarceway, Pala CA Southwest Regional Jun 3-5, 2022 - Fox Raceway Youth/ Amateur/Vet Regional, Pala CA National Championship


Suspension Experts UTV | Quads | ATV | Modern & Vintage Motorcycle Shock revalve / rebuild and service • Forks revalve / rebuild and service Shock body hard anodizing • Spring kits, stabilizer bars and more!

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Phone: (760) 955-8757 | E-mail: info@noleenj6.com

Aug 1-6, 2022 - Monster Energy AMA Amateur National MX Championship, Hurricane Hills TN AMA LUCAS OIL PRO MX CHAMPIONSHIP www.mxnationals.com May 28, 2022 - Fox Raceway National I, Pala CA Jun 4, 2022 - Hangtown Motocross Classic, Rancho Cordova CA Jun 11, 2022 - Thunder Valley National, Lakewood CO Jun 18, 2022 - High Point National, Mount Morris PA Jul 2, 2022 - RedBud National, Buchanan MI Jul 9, 2022 - Southwick National, Southwick MA Jul 16, 2022 - Spring Creek National, Millville MN Jul 23, 2022 - Washougal National, Washougal WA Aug 13, 2022 - Unadilla National, New Berlin NY Aug 20, 2022 - Budds Creek National, Mechanicsville MD Aug 27, 2022 - Ironman National, Crawfordsville IN Sept 3, 2022 - Fox Raceway National II, Pala CA AME MINICROSS www.ameminicross.com All events held at Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Apr 2, 2022 - Stacyc Spring Series Round 1

Apr 3, 2022 - Stacyc Spring Series Round 2 Apr 17, 2022 - Stacyc Spring Series Round 3 May 1, 2022 - Stacyc Spring Series Round 4 CAHUILLA CREEK MX TRACK. Anza CA www.cahuillacreekmotocross.com DT1 MX Park Tulare CA www.dt1mxpark.com FIRE & POLICE MOTOCROSS www.firepolicemx.com Apr 11-12, 2022 - Rounds 1-2, Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, Lake Elsinore CA Oct 10-11, 2022 - Rounds 3-4, Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, Lake Elsinore CA FOX RACEWAY Pala CA raceway.palatribe.com Glen Helen Raceway, Devore CA www.glenhelen.com Apr 2, 2022 - SoCal Old Timers Apr 2, 2022 - AME Stacyc Race Apr 16, 2022 - Wiseco 2 Stroke MX Championship Apr 24, 2022 - Swap Moto/AME Stacyc May 7, 2022 - Quad Series May 14, 2022 - AME Stadiumcross/ GAS CALL TO VERIFY INFORMATION BEFORE TRAVELING. EVENTS SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION OR ERROR

For more information on our complete line of SXS product and services please contact us today!

May 15, 2022 - SoCal OTMX/GAS/ ARX May 21, 2022 - Trans AM Vet Classic/ AME Stadiumcross May 22, 2022 - Trans AM Vet Classic/ TT Scrambles May 28, 2022 - AME Stadiumcross May 29, 2022 - CALVX Jun 5, 2022 - AME Stadiumcross Jun 11, 2022 - AME Stadiumcross Jun 12, 2022 - Swap Moto Jun 18, 2022 - AME Stadiumcross Jun 19, 2022 - SoCal OTMX/ARX/TT Scrambles Jun 25, 2022 - Quad Series LA PLAYA MOTOCROSS Rosarito, Mexico www.facebook.com/laplayamotocross LACR MX, Palmdale CA - www.lacr.mx OLD SCHOOL SCRAMBLES RACING www.ossrg.org All races held at Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA May 21-22, 2022 - Pasha GP/TT Scrambles Round 4 Jun 18-19, 2022 - TT Scrambles Round 5 Oct 29-30, 2022 - Oktoberfast GP/TT Scrambles Round 6 Dec 17-18, 2022 - TT Scrambles Round 7


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COMING EVENTS Continued MOTOCROSS Continued OVER THE HILL GANG www.overthe hillgang.org Apr 10, 2022 - Race 7, Perris MX, Perris CA Apr 23-24, 2022 - Race 8-9, Sierra National, Hangtown, Rancho Cordova CA May 7, 2022 - Race 10, Perris MX "Military Appreciation", Perris CA May 21-22, 2022 - Race 11-12, TransAm May 28-29, 2022 - Race 13-14, Reno National Jun 12, 2022 - Race 15, DT1 OTHG California Championship Jun 18, 2022 - Race 16, GH Main PERRIS RACEWAY Perris CA www.instagram.com/rideperris/ SOCAL OLD TIMERS MX CLUB www.socalotmx.org Apr 2-3, 2022 - SoCal International, Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA May 1, 2022 - LACR, Palmdale CA May 22, 2022- Cahuilla, Anza CA Jun 12, 2022 - Cahuilla, Anza CA


SOCAL CHAMPIONSHIP MOTOCROSS www.socalmxseries.com STATE FAIR MX www.statefairmx.com

THE DIRT SERIES www.dirtseriesracing.com Apr 16, 2022 - Round 2, Lake Elsinore MX, Lake Elsinore CA May 14, 2022 - Round 3, LACR, Palmdale CA Jun 18, 2022 - Round 4, Low Profile MX, Boulevard CA Jul 16, 2022 - Round 5, Lake Elsinore MX, Lake Elsinore CA Aug 20, 2022 - Round 6, LACR, Palmdale CA Sept 17, 2022 - Round 7, TBA Oct 21, 2022 - Round 8, Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Nov 19, 2022 - Round 9, Lake Elsinore MX, Lake Elsinore CA WMN RACING https://www.facebook.com/wmnracing/ Apr 2, 2022- Women's Motocross International, Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA

WORCS www.worcsracing.com Bike Schedule Apr 8-10 - Round 4, Taft CA Apr 29-May 1 - Round 5, Las Vegas NV May 27-29 - Round 6, Cedar City UT Sept 16-18 - Round 7/8, Preston ID Oct 14-16 - Round 9, Mesquite NV Nov 4-6 - Round 10, Primm NV with ATV Quad/SXS Apr 1-3 - Round 4, Taft CA Apr 29-May 1 - Round 5, Las Vegas NV May 22-22 - Round 6, Cedar City UT Sept 9-11 - Rounds 7/8, Preston ID Oct 7-9 - Round 9, Mesquite NV Oct 28-30 - SXS World Finals, Primm NV Nov 4-6 - Round 10, Primm NV with M/C

OFF ROAD RALLY SONORA RALLY www.sonorarally.com

OFF ROAD SHOWS OFF ROAD EXPO www.offroadexpo.com Oct 1-2, 2022 - Off Road Expo, Fairplex, Pomona CA

OFF ROAD NIGHTS www.ornscene.com SAND SPORTS SUPER SHOW www.sandsports supershow.com Sept 16-18, 2022 - Sand Sports Super Show, Costa Mesa CA


DIRT RIOT ENDURANCE RACING www.werocklive.com Western Series Apr 30-May 1, 2022 - West 2, Cedar City UT Jul 9-10, 2022 - West 3, Rangely CO Aug 6-7, 2022 - West 4, Goldendale WA Eastern Series Mar 26-27, 2022 - East 1, Mason TX May 14-15, 2022 - East 2, Mapleton KS Jun 18-19, 2022 - East 3, Glencoe OK Jul 22-23, 2022 - East 4, Dayton TN NOR CAL ROCK RACING www.norcalrockracing.com Apr 16, 2022 - SXS Classes, TBA May 13-14, 2022 - Ultra 4 Series, Prairie City SVRA Jun 24-25, 2022 - All Classes, Prairie City SVRA


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https://www. facebook.com/ omfperformance/

www.omfperformance.com www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



AHRMA www.ahrma.org Apr 9, 2022 - Cahuilla Creek MX, Anza CA Jul 16, 2022 - WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Salinas CA Oct 1, 2022 - Bushey Ranch, Canby CA


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TRIALS ASSOCIATION www.socaltrials.com Apr 23, 2022 - Round 9, SCTA 50th El Trial de España, Motoventures, Cahuilla, Anza CA Apr 24, 2022 - Round 10, SCTA Conquer The West Cup, Motoventures, Cahuilla, Anza CA May 22, 2022 - SCTA Awards Trial & Youth Fundraiser, Motoventures, Cahuilla, Anza CA

COMING EVENTS Continued Rock Crawling Continued Jul 23, 2022 - SXS Classes, Prairie City SVRA Aug 26-27, 2022 - All Classes, Prairie City SVRA Sept 23-24, 2022 - All Classes, TBA

ULTRA 4 RACING www.ultra4racing.com Western Regional Series Apr 15-17, 2022 - Utah Motorsports Complex, Tooele UT May 20-22, 2022 - El Rey de Las Bajas, Baja, Mexico Jul 1-3, 2022 - Southern California, TBD Northern Regional Series Jun 17-19, 2022 - Big Sky 200 (Yorr), Billings MT Aug 5-7, 2022 - Black Hills Throwdown, Sturgis SD Sept 2-4, 2022 - The Crandon Classic, Crandon WI Eastern Regional Series Jun 3-5, 2022 - Teardown in Tennessee, Pittsburg TN Jul 15-17, 2022 - Visions, Jay, OK

SAND DRAGS SOCAL SAND DRAGS www.socalsanddrags.com


GLEN HELEN RACEWAY www.glenhelen.com GBC UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart Short Course Series Apr 23, 2022 - Round 4 May 7, 2022 - Round 5 Jun 25, 2022 - Round 6 24

Sept 17, 2022 - Round 7 Oct 15, 2022 - Round 8 Nov 12, 2022 - Round 9 Dec 3, 2022 - Round 10

GREAT AMERICAN SHORTCOURSE www.greatamericanshortcourse.com May 14-15, 2022 - Rounds 3&4, Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Jul 9-10, 2022 - Rounds 4&5, SBC Fairgrounds, Victorville CA Oct 1-2, 2022 - Rounds 7&8, Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino CA Nov 12-13, 2022 - Rounds 9&10, SBC Fairgrounds Victorville CA OFF ROAD NIGHTS www.ornscene.com SPEED ENERGY FORMULA OFF ROAD www.stadium supertrucks.com Apr 8-10, 2022 - Long Beach CA Jul 1-3, 2022 - Mid Ohio Indy Jul 15-17, 2022 - Toronto Indy Aug 5-7, 2022 - Nashville TN Sept 3-5, 2022 - TBA VORRA www.facebook.com/pg/ VORRARacing/events/


COSTA MESA SPEEDWAY www.costamesa speedway.net May 21, 2022 - Round 1 Jun 4, 2022 - Round 2 Jun 11, 2022 - Round 3 Aug 27, 2022 - Round 4 Sept 10, 2022 - Round 5 Sept 24, 2022 - Round 6

Oct 1, 2022 - Round 7 Oct 8, 2022 - Round 8 Oct 15, 2022 - Round 9 KERN RACEWAY www.kernraceway.com Apr 16, 2022 - Professional Speedway and Harley Night May 21, 2022 - Flat Track Motocycles Nov 5, 2022 - Professional Speedway and Flat Track Dec 17, 2022- Professional Speedway and Flat Track SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FLAT TRACK ASSOCIATION www.southerncaliforniaflattrack.com All races held at Perris Raceway, Perris CA Apr 2, 2022 - Round 4 May 14, 2022 - Round 5 Jun 18, 2022 - Round 6 Oct 22, 2022 - Round 7 Nov 19, 2022 - Round 8 Dec 10, 2022 - Round 9


MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS www.SupercrossOnline.com 2022 Season Apr 9 - Round 13, Dome at America's Center, St Louis MO Apr 16 - Round 14, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Atlanta GA Apr 23 - Round 15, Gillette Stadium, Foxborough MA Apr 30 - Round 16, Empower Field at Mile High, Denver CO May 7 - Round 17, Rice-Eccles Stadium, Salt Lake City UT

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AHRMA www.ahrma.org National Vintage MX Series Apr 10, 2022 - Cahuilla Creek MX, Anza CA Jul 17, 2022 - WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Salinas CA Oct 2, 2022 - Bushey Ranch, Canby CA AMERICAN RETROCROSS www.americanretrocross.org AMERICAN VINTAGE DIRT RACERS ASSOCIATION www.avdra.com Apr 10, 2022 - Race 4, TBD May 15, 2022 - Race 5, Arizona Cycle Park, Buckeye AZ Jun 27, 2022 - Race 6, Bull Hollow Stampede, Monticello UT Sept 18, 2022 - Race 7, Motoland, Casa Grande AZ Oct 9, 2022 - Race 8, Arizona Cycle Park, Buckeye AZ Nov 13, 2022 - Race 9, TBD Nov 14, 2022 - Motoland Rider Appreciation Day, Casa Grande AZ CALVMX www.calvmx.net May 1, 2022 - Scott Burnworth's SoCal Classic, Barona Raceway, Ramona CA May 29, 2022 - Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA Jul 10, 2022 - Lake Elsinore MX Park, Lake Elsinore CA Sept 18, 2022 - Lake Elsinore MX Park, Lake Elsinore CA Oct 15, 2022 - Scott Burthworth's SoCal Classic, Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA Nov 13, 2022 - Glen Helen Truck Track, San Bernardino CA E

2022 race schedule DESERT SHOWDOWN: January 5-9 - Pahrump, NV

Cars, Trucks, UTVs Point to Point Race, approximately 250 miles Pre-Run January 5

HARE SCRAMBLES: February 4-6 - Laughlin, NV

Motorcycles, Quads Loop Race, approximately 100 miles

***STATELINE SHOOTOUT: May 5-7 - Primm, NV

Cars, Trucks, UTVs Loop Race, approximately 120 miles

***BAJA NEVADA: June 22-25 - Nevada

Cars, Trucks, UTVs, Motorcycles, Quads Point to Point Race, approximately 650 miles, Single Day

***GOLD RUSH: September 8-11 - Virginia City to Tonopah, NV

Cars, Trucks, UTVs, Motorcycles, Quads Point to Point Race, approximately 300 miles

DIRT REBELUTION: October 7-9 - Cedar City, UT

Motorcycles, Quads, UTVs Loop Race, approximately 200 miles

***BATTLEGROUND: December 1-4 - Jean, NV

Cars, Trucks, UTVs, Motorcycles, Quads Loop Race, approximately 250 miles ***Dates updated 2-14-2022

702-595-8979 – Info@LegacyRacing.net LegacyRacing.net www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022–- S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Off Road


old -yearying Seven ortz tr L b o c Ja the e from to hid a g durin DS wind, , k rea T b h c n lu ri t Safa Deser 2 0 nd 2 2 weeke by Papa o - Phot e CA Sante , g u o D



Part of our group at the picnic table in the foothills behind Desert Ironwood Resort. From left to right my grandson, Emmett Sliffe and desert buddies, Harrison Burrill, James Burrill, Jason Schmidt and Jesse Schmidt. Photo submitted by Mark Ruhm, Escondido, CA. Photo credit to Cameron Burrill

More Off Road Kids ahead www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Jessica and Emma playing around in Johnson Valley. - Dave Dahm, Lake Havasu City AZ

My grandson, Tanner Fregoso, on his Honda 50. - Scott Snyder, Beaumont CA

This is my grandson Kellan Thacker, 5 years old. He got his first Yamaha dirt bike for Christmas 2021. Photo taken by his dad Cory Thacker - Judy Munns Newman, Duncan OK

All they want to do is ride. My sons Paul and Landon - Will Rice, Westminster CA


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

More Off Road Kids ahead

www.duncanracing.com www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


The youngest member of the Morratt Ranch kids in Ocotillo Wells CA - Theresa Collett, San Marcos CA

Aaliyah and McKenzie’s first desert trip. The thumbs up and smiles say it all. - Tremayne Lee, Oceanside CA 30

Nathan Kerchner at a District 38 desert race practicing jumps while his dad is out racing - Tracy Kerchner, Alpine CA

Alivia and Erika enjoy off roading in Ocotillo Wells, both on our property and in the park. They really enjoy the track at the ranger station with all the jumps and rocks. - Tyler Stewart, Lakeside CA

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

More Off Road Kids ahead

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Austin Degan, 16 years old - Josh Degan, El Cajon CA

Sadie, Lilah and Ashlynn McPheeters and Nemo having a great New Years weekend at Glamis. Photo by Dad

My daughter Lea. She rides a Kawasaki KFX 90. - Will Rice, Westminster CA

More Off Road Kids ahead 32

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


My oldest son Nolan Harrison pretending to ride, the night before a Hare Scramble in Alton, Missouri. - Jake Harrison, McLouth KS "Are we there yet?" Sadie McPheeters, age 4, JUST woke up during a ride in Papa Doug's Jeep. November 2021. Photo by Doug McPheeters, Santee, CA 34

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com


Tyler Jones, 10 years old, on his brand new 2022 YZ85 two-stroke - Mindy Jones, Phelan CA

My youngest son Nash Harrison contemplating a SXS ride in Deadwood, South Dakota. - Jake Harrison, McLouth KS

Maisie Jones, 7 years old, on her ’07 KX65 two-stroke - Mindy Jones, Phelan CA

More Off Road Kids ahead

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The Solid Helmet crew having a blast off roading with family! - Dave Dahm, Lake Havasu AZ My grandson, Leo Woodworth, at Ocotillo Wells CA - James Whitney, Ramona CA

Lilah McPheeters, 7 years old, changing her own oil with some minor help from dad. Photo by Jesse McPheeters, El Cajon CA

Nevaeh Corkill and her father, Daniel Baxter, lining up! - Kristin Baxter, Greenville TX

Trenton Claunch rode his new bike to Pumpkin Patch Tanner Fregoso 4x4ing in Borrego. - Scott Snyder, in Ocotillo Wells - Mary Ann Correll, Oceanside CA Beaumont CA More Off Road Kids ahead 36 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Familiar sights of Ocotillo Wells with Curtis Nugent! - Lindsey Nugent, El Cajon CA



S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

My boys at their first NHHA race on the line on their KTM 65's. In the background is Jay Morgan who helped us pour gas in the pits and cheered the kiddos on. These two did great and in an hour long race came in about a minute apart. They had a great time at that race and I couldn't be prouder of them. - Courtney Ludwin, San Diego CA E www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE

39 39


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In 1948 . . .

BY FRED "BRO" SMITH (1928-2009)

Reprinted from These Are the Good Old Days published by S&S Publishing Inc. 2021 - Chapter 1 Available on Amazon

I was never a “star” rider. I just liked to race. I got to know some pretty famous racers, shop owners and officials along the way. I also got to ride on some famous race tracks and in some important, for those days, events. These are my memories of those years.


n 1948 there were no freeways as we know them today. Mission Valley contained the San Diego river, wet in winter and dry in the summer. Friars Road went down the north side of the valley and the road on the south side wouldn’t attain four lane status for another two years. The downtown skyline was dominated by the El Cortez Hotel. The biggest building along the waterfront was the Civic Center. Lane Field, at the foot of Broadway, was the home ballpark for the Padres, then a Triple-A ball club. Jack Murphy was the number one sports reporter in San Diego. The Jack Murphy Stadium, later to be called Qualcomm Stadium, wasn’t even on the drawing boards. Highway 101 ran from the Mexican border up through the beach towns of Del Mar, Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Clemente and Laguna Beach and then through Huntington Beach and up past the L.A. beach towns to Malibu and north to San Francisco. There were stop lights and stop signs galore on Old 101. Mission Bay was still undeveloped and was ringed by mud flats. There were only about eight high schools in the area encompassing San Diego, La Mesa, El Cajon, Coronado, Chula Vista and La Jolla. When you drove east to about 48th Street and University, or 48th and El Cajon Boulevard, you ran into open country until you got to more homes at around 70th street. This also held true going east out of National City and Chula Vista. I could ride my bike from my folks house in La Mesa to 8th Street in National City on dirt the whole way except to cross a few paved roads. Motorcycle, midget car and jalopy races were still being run at San Diego High School stadium. The main oval tracks in the L.A. area were Carrell Speedway, Lakeland Speedway, Culver City, Pomona and Corona. There was a figure eight track in Lincoln Park near La Brea CA. The TT track at Box Springs just south of Riverside was the site of a near riot in 1947 when a group of outlaw bikers tried to take over the area. The Hells Angels had not been formed at this time. 1948. Field Meet at Ocean Beach. Note clothing. Note Riverside Raceway and also, you remove headlight, mufflers and go racing. Ontario Super Speedway, Bro Smith on 1947 Triumph Speed Twin. 42

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 2 -- www.ssormag.com www.ssormag.com

47th & Market Street. Note Railroad tracks. Jim Phillips on Triumph, May 21, 1948.

both now gone, were not yet on the drawing boards. Camp Callan, an Army base during WWII, now the site of the Torrey Pines Golf Course. The Salk Institute in San Diego CA, was being eyed as a potential road race course for cars and motorcycles. This came about in the early 50s. There were no Japanese motorcycles, no Austrian, Swedish or Italian dirt motorcycles. There were a few British bikes. When we raced, we used pudding pot helmets, mostly made by Cromwell, lace-up work boots, Levis, work shirts and maybe a kidney belt. There were no helmet laws. The motorcycles we rode were mostly Harleys and Indians with a few Triumphs, BSAs, and the odd Ariel, Rudge or Velocette. We didn’t measure engines by cubic centimeter but by cubic inch. We rode 74s, 61s, 45s, 30.50s and 21s. While these motorcycles had fair to good forks there wasn’t any springing on the rear of most of these bikes. These were the true hard tails. But that was all there was so we raced them. All the Harley variants including the big overhead valve 74 and 61 ci. bikes were raced

on rough TT type tracks. The 45 ci. flathead (side valve) was the most popular as it was the lightest. This held true for the Indians as well. While a few people rode Chiefs which were 74 ci. displacement most of the Indian guys rode Scouts of 45 ci displacement. Again these were flatheads. Probably the best of these was the Bonneville Scout. The Indian 101 Scout was popular as were the JD and VL Harleys. The reason is that they were a bit old, but cheap. Another popular spot was a TT track at 47th and Market street in San Diego. The track was on the south side of a railroad track. I was riding there one Sunday on my Triumph and passed a guy who had fallen and was still flip flopping along in front of his bike. He really ate it big time. I found out after the race that it was my brother. Turned out that he wasn’t hurt. He and I used to ride the relay race together, which amounted to changing riders each lap for 20 laps or so. We always used his Harley because he wasn’t too sure about riding that Triumph with it’s funny shifter and skinny tires. I really admired the guys that rode those big

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IN 1948 Continued Harleys and Indians. They had to be big and well conditioned to muscle those pigs around what were considered rough race tracks. There were a number of areas in San Diego at the time where you could participate in field meets and a few actual race tracks. The best of these was a TT track in a canyon up in the Oceanside area. This track was quite smooth and wide so that passing was relatively easy. The starting line was at the foot of a long uphill straight. At the end of the straight the course turned left onto about the equivalent of a half mile track corner (very fast). Coming out of this you dropped down a short hill, up again and then turned left down a very steep hill and then left again to the start/finish line. My brother, Jim, was seriously injured at the end of the uphill straight. He and a guy named Reggie Jones tangled and Jim wound up in the infield, still going pretty fast. He rode his Harley 61 into an eight or ten foot ditch, breaking his arm and severely breaking his right femur. He was only 21 at the time and that broken leg ended his racing career, until he started road racing at age 60 or so. But that’s another story. One of my favorite spots was the mud flats out across from Mission Beach. I guess the RV park and mobile home park out on Mission Bay, just before you start up into Rose Canyon, is about where we used to race. We would lay out a TT course and then hold a field meet. We ran slow races, Australian Pursuit race, relay race, and other field events , running a full race program with heats, semis, and final. The Australian Pursuit was really neat. All the riders got into a giant circle and when the flag dropped we would take off. If you got passed you had to drop out, just like

musical chairs. The last guy not passed won. There were a number of excellent riders in San Diego in those days. Floyd Emde, who won the Daytona Beach Race in 1948 rode regularly in local sportsman races along with his brothers, Bob and Cliff. Floyd could just dazzle people riding his big Harley. Jimmy Phillips, who later became a great Class C rider and who won the Del Mar Mile in 1949, cut his teeth on this type of racing. Dick McCoy (who as of this writing, at age 77, is still a fine rider), Lee Martin, Lloyd Campbell and I also rode in the Del Mar Mile in 1949. Lloyd Campbell, who later became a great speedway rider and who rode with the American team in England, was also one that started his career on these tracks. I saw a picture somewhere of Lloyd in a full lock slide on the half mile corner at Oceanside. He had only one hand on the bars of his Rudge as the other was busy down low on the bike, pulling up on his broken throttle cable. Great shot. Some other people of note in those days, who weren’t necessarily dirt racers, were Sonny Angel, Lee Downing, my brother, Jim Smith, Stan Bryan, and Lou Kaiser. Sonny was the parts man at Richards Motors where I bought my brand new Triumph Speed Twin in 1947. Sonny took me over to the Civic Center parking lot to show me how to shift that little devil. Incidentally, the bike cost $900 and I think I paid $150 down. I was still in the Navy at the time and Herb Richards worked out a deal for me to pay $75 a month for the last 10 months of my Navy time. I almost starved to death paying off that motorcycle. Lee was the head mechanic at Richards. He and my brother built up my Triumph (yep, same one) for the Del Mar mile. This was, of course, after I had a year of Class C racing under my belt. Again, that is another story. Stan Bryan owned a Velocette shop right down the street from Richards Motors. He used to announce our races. He was still announcing in 1959 when I was refereeing races at El Cajon Raceway. I think he is still with us. Last time I saw him he had a horse equipment business in Lakeside. One of the last of the nice guys. Lee Downing owned a 1939 Triumph Tiger which he bought new. Still had it until a few years ago. It’s new owner has turned it into a winner at bike shows. Lee is 85 now and lives in Modesto. Lou Kaiser was another great tuner like my brother and Lee Downing. Before Jim Phillips went to L.A. to ride for Johnson Motors, Lou was his tuner. As I recall there were only two dirt motorcycle clubs in the area in the late 40s. One was the Aztecs MC. The members were mostly Harley and Indian riders. The second was the High Boots MC. I joined that club in 1948. It catered mostly to guys who rode British bikes. I think that just about sets the scene for that era.

For more stories and photos from the 1940's through the 1970's order the book These Are the Good Old Days on Oceanside TT - 1949. Lloyd Campbell on his Rudge. He later Amazon https://amzn.to/3wuUrjZ, from the publishers of came through this corner with a broken throttle cable, riding S&S Off Road Magazine E one handed, while pulling up the cable with the other, still going quite well. 44 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - MARCH 44 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com 2022 - www.ssormag.com



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Blast from thePast

BY TRACKSIDE PHOTO - www.tracksidephoto.com

d a o R ff O g n i c a R s

Odd Car

James Garner in his old Banshee— 1971 Baja 1000

46 S&S 46 S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- -APRIL APRIL2022 2022- -www.ssormag.com www.ssormag.com

1973 Baja 1000, 240zx

Tom Rhodes, 1975 Mint 400

Crazy person trying to do the Baja 500, approximately 1976



Blast from thePast CONTINUED

Here is one of the oddest ones of all — ­­ it's from the Calvin collection — from the 1970 Mint 400. A Corvette carrying 4 people.

A 50’s Ford stuck in a silt bed, 72 Baja 1000 48

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

The ‘famous’ Baja Taxi, 1972 Baja 1000 E

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Tom Severin




very once in a while, a piece of equipment comes along that just makes sense. It’s inexpensive, versatile, and small. And once you have one, you wonder how you got by without it. Such is the case with the 4-way valve tool. Chances are you’ve seen one of these before. Might even have one lying around somewhere. Do you know what’s it’s used for? Offered by several manufacturers, the 4-way valve tool can be had for around $2 or $3. (They run up to about $17, but you don’t need to spend that much.) Small and compact – it fits in the palm of your hand – the 4-way tool has all the features you need for issues related to tire valve stems. This humble device replaces at least four other tools. (Though the individual tools perform better in some instances.)

How is the 4-way valve tool used? As the name suggests, the 4-way Valve Tool 4-way valve tool is four tools in one. It aids in removing, cleaning and reinstalling a valve stem and Schrader valve. The tool is designed for most passenger and truck tires. Narrow tube with slot: To tighten, remove or install a Schrader valve. Schrader Valve Wide tube: Thread chaser for threads that the valve cap screws into. Is also used to pull a valve stem through the hole in the rim. (Do not use pliers for this step. You’re likely to damage the threads and/or crunch the brass stem itself.) Screw this onto the cap threads, and give it a good pull. Threaded stub: A thread chaser for the threads the Schrader valve screws into. Tapered tool/end: Deburring tool. To remove dirt and dust from the inside of the valve stem.


Tiny But Valuable: 4-Way Valve Tool

Common tire valve issues solved with 4-way valve tool If a tire is slowly losing air, the first thing to check is the Schrader valve. If loose, use the appropriate end to tighten the Schrader valve. Many times, that simple step stops the air leak. At times you’ll need to replace the Schrader valve. Prior to installing the new Schrader valve, use the tapered deburring tool to remove any debris or dirt from inside the tire valve stem. If the cap threads appear to be chewed up, use the appropriate cap thread chaser tool to restore the threads. Finally, as mentioned, the large open-ended tool is used to grip and pull a new valve stem into position. This is handy, because you don’t need to fully remove a tire to replace a valve stem. Break the bead for several inches around the valve stem. That will provide enough room to get a hand in there.

Pack extra valve stems This is a good time to discuss valve stems. I suggest having several on hand at all times. If you do any amount of work on your tires, you’re bound to snap one on occasion. Buy a three-pack of the standard valve stems. Each valve stem includes a Schrader valve. You can replace an entire valve stem or just the Schrader valve. If you lose a Schrader valve, you can cannibalize from one of the complete valve stems. Invariably, you will drop a valve stem into the tire before it gets pulled through. Leave it there and get another one.

Safety Seal tire kit a good addition to toolbox Of all the tire kits available, I’m really keen on those made by Safety Seal. Their tools are good, and their tire plugs are

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

Using the tool probably the best around. Unfortunately, the kits don’t always have all the tools I think they should. Plus, most of the kits are made of hard plastic. That type of box takes up extra space in your tool box. Buy the soft-sided case instead, and supplement it with various tools for a complete tire repair kit. Tools to add include: • 4-way valve tool • Tire gauge • Two or three lug nuts for your wheels • Box cutter. Safer and more useful than the razor blade included.

View without valve core

Rubber valve stems preferred over metal ones Some guys like flashy parts, including steel or chromed valve stems. While those look nicer, rubber valve stems are more practical for four-wheeling. Steel valve stems are prone to snapping off when hit. With all the brush, rocks and other debris found on the trails, a metal valve stem is bound to snap off sometime during the trip. Valve stems with a chrome sleeve cause trouble airing up your tires. The air chuck can’t get past the chromed surface to get a good grip.

Bottom line: Buy rubber valve stems. They’re more practical and a lot cheaper. In my opinion, the 4-way valve tool is a musthave piece of equipment. While there are better individual tools, you need a handful to perform the same tasks. And all those tools take up valuable space. How often you use one depends on driving conditions. But the 4-way valve tool is so inexpensive, you can afford to store one in your toolbox. That modest purchase just might make a difference during a trip. Pick one up today. Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD owners how to confidently and safely use their vechicles to the fullest extent in difficult terrain and adverse driving conditions. Contact him at tom@4x4training.com or visit www.4x4training.com to develop or improve your driving skill. Copyright 2022, Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc E

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Yamaha Grant


will talk about it at our next meeting April 5th at Ranch House Restaurant in Lakeside.

e're happy to report that there is not so much bad news this month. Our big announcement is that Yamaha has funded our grant request to put reflectors on the The bad news this month is about Otay Mountain Truck Trail. new fence between Superstition open area and the Navy bombing The Border Patrol has gotten Pio Pico Campground to lock the range. We have been following the project for over a year and even gate at the bottom by Otay Lakes Road. This is the closest green had the project coordinator at an SDORC meeting. The fence was sticker trail to the City of San Diego. The trail is still open, but finished shortly before the Lost Lizard Fun Run last fall and after you can only access it from the east side on Marron Valley Road. I the event. spoke with Amber Craig from the Border Patrol about the closure. There were only a few small reflectors and the fence was hard She said there is a lot of human trafficking along the road, every to see, especially at day and night. The problem night. We figured is that there is no border what it would cost us fence on a part of Otay to put reflectors on Mountain, people walk the fence and wrote across there and up the a grant application mountain. The bad guys to Yamaha's Outdoor hire someone to pick them Access Initiative. up at the top and drive The fence is seven them to their new life. miles long and has There have been a number 3,633 posts holding of chases, including one three levels of fatality. The Border Patrol smooth wire. We wants to change the way just found out about the bad guys do business our success and and locking the gate will are going to order help them. For us offa lot of reflectors, roaders, they said we can probably 11,000 of get the lock combination at them. We will be the desk at Pio Pico just by having a work party asking. I intend to try that in April, so if you soon. In the meantime, we have a Jeep or SXS will have to deal with the and want to help, trouble. If only we had a please contact us complete fence... at info@sdorc.org and we will give Trash collected from the Painted Gorge Cleanup instructions. We


Otay Mountain Truck Trail

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Mountain Dash

SDORC is teaming up with the San Diego Adventure Riders to host a motorcycle dualsport/adventure ride called Mountain Dash on May 15, 2022. The event will send riders on some of the finest paved and dirt roads in San Diego County, starting in Escondido and going over Palomar, Julian and Otay Mountains (we will have the gate open) and end at Pio Pico Campground. Riders will get a T shirt, dinner cooked by Marty Tripes, a raffle and a guest speaker. To join the fun, go to https://sdorc.org/ mountain-dash-reg/


Cleanups and Safari

We attended two cleanups in February at Ocotillo Wells and Painted Gorge. Friends of Ocotillo Wells teamed up with Clean Dezert to take care of Ocotillo Wells. Clean Dezert did the heavy lifting on this event and brought in a large list of raffle prizes and helped get over 400 people to sign in. The base camp for the event was at the Ocotillo Wells Event Center. I learned recently that individuals and groups can rent the Event Center for $200 per day. You get shade, tables and electricty. Contact the ranger station for details. SDORC and SDMUST teamed up again to clean the Painted Gorge area. We also had members of San Diego Four Wheelers and Tierra Del Sol 4X4 clubs helping out. It always amazes me how much trash we pull out of areas like this. Who is leaving this much trash out there? SDORC had a table at Desert Safari, hosted by Tierra Del Sol 4X4 club. We sold memberships and talked to people going into the tent to buy t shirts and other goods. This was not an official Safari, as TDS had trouble getting a permit to do activities. This was Safari number 59 1/2. Next year, expect something bigger. Seems like every year the wind blows like crazy at Safari and this year was no different. Thanks to Norm, Audrey and Nicole for helping out.

Regarding the locked gate at Otay Mountain Truck Trail: Off-roaders can get the lock combination for the locked gate from the desk at Pio Pico just by asking.

SDORC has a state lobbyist and follows California bills very closely. The bill introduction deadline has just passed and we have looked at the bills introduced to see if any affect offroad vehicles. This may well be an easy year for us, as there are only two bills we really care about and a few we will watch for amendments. The latest red sticker bill by Senator Brian Jones is SB894. This bill will allow racing motorcycles that no longer can get any sticker to be used on public land, to at least get registered at the DMV. AB2152 slightly modifies a recent bill that allows off-road vehicles to use designated highways for up to 10 miles in the city of Needles. AB1638 would suspend the state tax on gasoline for six months. We like this bill, as long as our OHV program continues to get funded. AB2346 creates a grant program to increase equitable access to outdoor recreational opportunities for all Californians.


The epicenter of off-roading in the USA is Moab and there has been some trouble over there. I hear that some SXS drivers are not being respectful. This is from a BlueRibbon Coalition press release: This week we (BlueRibbon Coalition) were joined by over a dozen ATV outfitter and guiding businesses in Moab to take the first step in potential litigation to challenge Moab City and Grand County over their oppressive OHV regulations. We were also all


fleet sizes, and enacting unreasonable noise ordinances. HB 146 was a significant victory, and we're grateful to all representatives who voted for it. There is still a significant fight ahead to ensure that OHV businesses aren't unfairly targeted with oppressive local regulations. OHV businesses in Moab and the OHV users in Utah and beyond are unifying to defend our ground and our 30 Years PREMIER MERCURY RACING Service Center right to thrive as an industry, a community, and a culture. As we planned the legal challenge 1625 West Acoma Boulvard Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 to Grand County's and Moab City's ordinances that unfairly SDORC: THE ENDANGERED OFF ROADER targeted OHV businesses, we consistently said that we believed CONTINUED part of a broad coalition of OHV advocates in Utah who supported the OHV community would rally in support of this cause. We believed we could succeed in the Utah legislature, which we did. and helped pass HB 146 through the Utah legislature, which will The next step is to succeed in Court, which we will. The ultimate impose strict limits on the ability of local governments to harm goal is to show that we are a unified army of advocates, an engine OHV businesses through excessive regulation. For example, for economic prosperity for a thriving industry, and a group of local governments would be prohibited from requiring additional passionate users that wants to enjoy beauty and adventure in Utah identification, requiring modifications to machines, restricting and beyond.

NOW TAKING APPOINTMENTS Winter Repowers Rebuilds New Installs and More Full Service Shop | Factory Certified


Cal4Wheel has a new president, Josh Epstein. I have met John before and had the opportunity to speak to him at Safari. He is the real deal and will be dedicating his time to advocate for four wheelers. We wish him the best of luck and look forward to working with him and Cal4Wheel.

Bucket of nails and hardware from Painted Gorge Cleanup

New fence by Superstition


Join San Diego Off Road Coalition to help protect off road areas



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56 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com 56 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

Round 2 - March 5, 2022 Perris Raceway - Perris CA www.scftaracing.com Photos By Dw Media

#19 James Ott 1st place Pro class and #46 Andre Ochs in second.

“Andre Ochs was really fast and I knew I was gonna need to get a good start and keep him in my grasp. I was able to pull the hole shot and keep him behind me. It was a really fun and intense race and I had to push hard for the win!” - James Ott

CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE www.ssormag.com--APRIL APRIL2022 2022- -S&S S&SOFF ROAD MAGAZINE www.ssormag.com


#45 Colton Shafer, first 85cc Open Class and first 85-100cc 2-Stroke Amateur class. “I'm 11 years old from Caruthers CA. I really enjoy coming down to SCFTA to race, this is one of my favorite tracks to race at. Round 2 was a blast. We made some changes from the first round and were able to take the win in both 85cc Open and Amateur classes. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. I would like to think my mom and dad for all their support and making the 4 1/2 hour trip for me to race at SCFTA, and would also like to think all my sponsors and everyone who supports my race program: Dunlop Tires, Caldwell Concepts, 6D Helmets, Olmy Creations, Flow Vision, Turn Left Leathers, Diggity Films, Dt1 Filters, Mika and DRS Suspension.” #8 Summer Kukla, first place Madd Dog class, #2 Conner Hickerson, second. “Racing at Perris is new for me and the competition is intense. Racing side by side with last year’s Madd Dog champion Conner Hickerson really pushed me to do my best. Thank you to Jason Bishop, bike owner and my other sponsors Duncan Racing, Coyne Powersports, Muy Rapido and S&S Off Road Magazine for making this possible.” 58

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com


https://amzn. to/2DLibqZ


www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Adam Lesley, Hooligan class winner: “The Hooligan Main event was a super fun race with Jim Ottele, Doug Darrah, and Dougie Darrah. We were all staged at the starting line when Rudy banged the starting light and all of us took off from the line. Jim Ottele got out in front as we were coming out of turn 1 into turn 2 and made me put in some work. Lap after lap I was working the middle to outside line back and forth in turns 1 and 2 and then again in turns 3 and 4 until I finally got around him after I squared him up in turns 3 and 4 with one lap to go. I then made the pass to take the lead coming down the straight and held him off for the final lap to take the win.“ 50cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Jace Jones 2. Rey Resendez 3. Bowen Eikelberger 4. Isle Ferris 50cc 4 Stk Beg 1. Owen Ferris 50cc 2 Stk Nov 1. Wesley Tigert 2. Bryce Eikelberger 3. Ben Eikelberger 4. Thomas Chivara 50cc Open 1. Wesley Tigert 2. Bryce Eikelberger 3. Ben Eikelberger 4. Thomas Chivara 5. Jace Jones 60cc Open 1. Jackson Brown 2. Anthony Lupo 3. Danny Iha 4. Annika Ruelas 65-70cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Dylan Pedersen 2. Anthony Lupo Jr. 3. Danny Iha 4. Annika Ruelas 65-70cc 2 Stk Amateur 1. Jackson Brown 85 Open 1. Colton Shafer 2. Kensei Matsudaira 3. Ryder BitzHay 4. Jasper Heathfield 5. Jackson Brown 85-100cc 2 Stk Amateur 1. Colton Shafer 2. Kensei Matsudaira 3. Ryder Bitz-Hay 4. Jasper Heathfield 85-100cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Jackson Brown Classic Vintage 1. Dwayne Lock 2. Jim Ottele 3. Conner Hickerson 4. Joe Pape Senior Vets +50 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Michael Diffenbaugh 3. Matt Stoutenburg 4. James Morris 5. Adam Lesley Senior Vets 50+ Am/ Nov 1. Joe Boyd 2. Jerry Schenamsgruber 60

3. Randy Arrington Premier Senior 1. Gary Leopold Madd Dog 1. Summer Kukla 2. Conner Hickerson 3. Jasper Heathfield 4. Sierra Hickerson 5. Jeffrey Tigert Vets +35 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Michael Diffenbaugh 3. Joe Winston 4. John Clayton 5. Adam Lesley Vets +35 Am/Nov 1. Michael Beck 2. Joe Boyd 3. Mark Heise 4. TJ Bisch Super Sen +60 Am/Nov 1. Gary Leopold 2. Paul Claybaugh 3. William Beck 4. Rick Logan Open Exp 1. Conner Hickerson 2. Joshua Lesley 3. Michael Renesdez 4. Matt Foster Exhibitions Race +25 1. Alex Thermiotis 2. Zane Bodenbenker Sen +60 Exp 1. James Morris 2. Elliott Iverson 3. Don Jensen 4. Jim Ottele 5. Ken Netto Powder Puff 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. Summer Kukla 3. Joey Crabtree Custom 4. Marissa Silva Open Nov/Beg 1. Zane Bodenbender 2. Joe Boyd 3. Sierra Hickerson 4. TJ Bisch 5. William Beck Framer Exp 1. Josh Mills 2. Adam Lesley 3. Michael Diffenbaugh 4. Steve Fortune Framer Am 1. Brandon Gerdes 2. Mark Heise 3. Joey Crabtree Bomber Exp 1. Don Jensen 2. Paul

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

Herman 3. Robbie Crean Bomber Am/Nov 1. Brandon Gerdes 2. Paul Claybaugh 3. Marc Heathfield 4. Mike Brooks Open Am 1. Zane

#38W Gary Leopold finishing first Super Senior +60 Amateur/Novice summed up his race this way: “A quote from Clint Eastwood, ‘Don’t let the Old Man in.'” Paul Claybaugh, #83 in second place, had this to say: "Those old guys are faster than I remember." Davis 2. Evin Perrault 3. Maxwell Claunch 4. Michael Beck Hooligan 1. Adam Lesley 2. Jim Ottele 3. Dougie Darrah 4. Douglas Darrah

Open Unclassified 1. Evin Perrault 2. Zane Davis Pro 1. James Ott 2. Andre Ochs 3. Colt Foster 4. Nick Garcia 5. Joshua Lesley

DW Media Photos www.scftaracing.com E

www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE






Dennis Sletten, eighth Class 11


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

BARSTOW CA - FEBRUARY 26, 2022 - www.moreracing.net - Photos by RNR Photos

Nate Martino, first Class 6100

CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Continued on next page www.ssormag.com- APRIL - APRIL2022 2022- S&S - S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE 63 63 www.ssormag.com

Brooke Perfect, first Class 1300

Rolf Helland, second Unlimited Truck

64 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com 64 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

Pat Gailey, Class 6100. “Had a flawless race leading overall. Going out on the last lap lost the rear gear! Super excited to be in a truck coming out of Class 10.” CLASS 1300 1. Brooke Perfect 2. Trevor Nappi 3. Cody Johnson 4. James Woods Class 6100 1. Nate Martino 2. Pat Gailey 3. Brad Degan Class 1 1. Chad Normile 2. Mark Hamilton Class 7200 1. Reed Shaleen Class 9 1. Brandon Heald 2. Raul Yanez 3. Brad Aarts 4. Joshua Crigler 5. Kevin Kopitch Class 11 1. Blake Wilkey 2. Roberto Robles 3. Daniel Boswel 4. Donny Donovan 5. Jorge Ventura Class 1600 1. Doug Imhof 2. Cole Hardin 3. Tim Craig 4. Matt Creving 5. Desirae Jones Class 2000 1. Richard Oja 2. Brian McNamara 3. Nate Lacey 4. Tyler Pullen 5. Michael Jones

Class 10 1. Cade Garcia 2. Brady Wisdom 3. Rick Boyer 4. Bryan Goetsch 5. Kenneth Larsen Class 1400 Pro 1. Brad Bauder 2. Jeremy Deakins 3. Dan Fertal 4. Roy Tomkins 5. Greg Sunds Class 1400 1. Ryan Galloway 2. Alex Buron 3. Eric Wright 4. David Barr 5. Mike Thomas Unlimited Truck 1. Sam Baldi 2. Rolf Helland 3. Tommy Phelan 4. Vince Klos 5. Brent Veenstra Class 5/1600 1. Sydney Hardy 2. Brandon Whitehead 3. Ruben Garcia Class 5U 1. Ray Promer 2. Larry Shields 3. Kevin McCann



Brian McNamara, second Class 2000. "Slash X Duel in the Desert was a great race and an awesome come back from our King Of the Hammers EMC race just two weeks before where we DNF'D 120 miles into the race. The M.O.R.E race was what you hope for in a race course, fast but technical as well and all of the fun! The 4696 was built for rock racing. had no mechanical issues taking on the endurance of a desert race and had a solid finish thanks to its reliability! Thanks to the support of our crew and sponsors 4WP, Falken Tires, Ten Factory, Motive Gear, Warn Winches, Fabrication Unlimited Squared, Stinky Fab and Overtime Metal Works!”

Ryan Galloway, Class 1400 winner


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

Rick Boyer, third Class 10



Brandon Heald, first Class 9. “Race was a fast pace every lap as the top running cars kept pushing harder and harder. Had issues on the last lap but was able to push through and limp it to the finish with a lucky first place finish. Sponsors: Unique Landscaping, Silver Valley Septic, CT sales, Paul Wilkey of State Farm and 5x5 Communications.”

#1107 Donny Donovan finished fourth Class 11 racing side by side with #908 Eric Ruble, tenth Class 9

68 S&S 68 S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE- -APRIL APRIL2022 2022- -www.ssormag.com www.ssormag.com

Jeff Corrao, sixth Class 11. "It was a fun race. I don’t have the fastest car out there. I run my own pace, don’t worry about what other cars are doing and try to make it to the finish without flats or equipment failure. Let everyone else break and hope to finish in a good position. 6th was a great finish for me."

Jorge Ventura, fifth Class 11

www.moreracing.net - RNR Photos E

www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



Grand Prix Mitsubishi Motors February 6, 2022 - Laguna Salada West - www.zrpromo.com

Andres Garcia finished second in the Pro class. Triplets Photo


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

Ismael Hernandez finished third in the Pro class. Triplets Photo

Niola Nuñez finished 10th in the Expert class. Triplets Photo

CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE www.ssormag.com www.ssormag.com- APRIL - APRIL2022 2022- S&S - S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE 71 71

Larry Serna rode his Honda Africa Twin in the Adventure class. Nice ride! Triplets Photo


he second round of the Autoproductos Triple Crown in the Mexicali desert introduced new rules for the championship. There is now no prerunning for bikes and quads. The races consisted of one heat with four laps each. At 9 a.m. the rider's meeting was held. The bikes started in separate lanes, and race on an 18 mile lap. The young racer from Tijuana, Angel Antonio Aguirre, won the moto heat, meanwhile LowProfile rider Roberto Villalobos took the holeshot and never


looked back to cross the finish line in first winning the quad race. Larry Serna had a nice ride on his Honda Africa Twin in the new Adventure class. The next round is on Sunday April 10. For more info visit www.zrpromo.com M/C Open Pro: 1. Luis Flores (19), Mexicali B.C. 2. Andrés García (18), Tijuana B.C. 3. Ulises Fierro (29), Tijuana B.C. 4. Mauri Herrera (23), Ensenada B.C. 5. Christian Adriel

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

Arellano Millán (18), Guerrero Negro B.C.S. M/C Open Expert: 1. Ángel Aguirre (18), Rosarito B.C. 2. Esteban Patrón (17), Tijuana B.C. 3. Ricardo Meza Vélez (16), San Felipe B.C. 4. Luis Felipe Venegas Orozco (35), Tijuana B.C. 5. Bryan Arias (26), San Ysidro CA M/C Open Nov: 1. Luis Edgar Domínguez Tarango (19), Tijuana B.C. 2. Joel Zúñiga (31), Calexico CA 3. Daniel A. Meza V. (21), San Felipe B.C.



APRIL 28-30 28-30 APRIL ALAMO, NEVADA NEVADA ALAMO, ALL CLASSES CLASSES ALL REMAINING 2022 SCHEDULE Vegas to Reno August 10 -13 - Las Vegas, Nevada All Classes Battle Born 200 September 22-25 - Ely, Nevada All Classes Laughlin Desert Classic October 20-23 - Laughlin, Nevada Car/Truck World Hare & Hound November 4-6 - Tonopah, Nevada UTV/Motorcycle/Quad


For information contact: Best In The Desert Racing Association • (702) 457-5775 • Website: www.bitd.com • Email: bitd@bitd.com www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


4. José Camacho Jr. (17) 5. Alek De La Rocha (19), Tijuana B.C. M/C Open +30: 1. Francisco Septien (46), Ensenada B.C. 2. #v13 Jorge García Ríos (34), Tecate B.C. 3. Román F. Gómez Gaona (33), Ensenada B.C. 4. Roberto Villalobos (32), Dulzura CA 5. Daniel Meza Arambula (32), Mexicali B.C. M/C Open +40: 1. Felipe Vélez (42), San Felipe B.C. 2. Jesús De La Rocha (48), Tijuana B.C. 3. Raúl Serrato (43), Mexicali B.C. 4. Christian Espinoza (45), Quad racer Felipe Velez took first in the Senior class. Triplets Photo 74 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

www.zrpromo.com Javier Robles Jr. finished second Quad Pro. Triplets Photo Mexicali B.C. 5. Guillermo De La Herrán (45), Tijuana B.C. M/C Open +50: 1. Joel Alonso Leal Z. (50), Mexicali B.C. 2. Julio S. Ramos (51), Mexicali B.C. M/C Adventure: 1. Larry Serna (26), Chula Vista CA Quad Pro: 1. Roberto Villalobos (32), Tecate B.C. 2. Javier Robles (25), Mexicali B.C. 3. Ismael Hernández (42), Escondido CA 4. Héctor Chávez (27), Tecate B.C. 5. Estevan Ramírez (24), Tecate B.C.

QUAD EXP: 1. Omar Murillo (23), Tecate B.C. 2. Nicho Zavala (14), Jacumé B.C. 3. Carlos G. Loam G. (25), Tecate B.C. 4. Luis Rene Villa (17), Ensenada B.C. 5. Gustavo Torres López (35), Tecate B.C. QUAD NOV: 1. Sergio Jiménez, Mexicali B.C. 2. Axel Arambula (17), Ensenada B.C. 3. Adrián Ibarra (17), San Diego CA 4. Erwin Gómez (14), Mexicali B.C. 5. David Huezo (21), Imperial CA

QUAD +30: 1. Mario Valenzuela (30), Tecate B.C. 2. Carlos Nápoles (37), Mexicali B.C. 3. Jorge Navarro (39), Palm Desert CA 4. David Guerrero (31), Mexicali B.C. QUAD +40: 1. Cristóbal Quezada (48), Tijuana B.C. 2. Carlos Servando López Martínez (50), San Felipe B.C. 3. Alfonso López Dávila (46), Mexicali B. C. QUAD +50: 1. Daniel Gaytán (51), Heber CA 2. Saúl Díaz (53), Mexicali B.C. E

www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE




Rikard Hansson, Hometown Skovde, Sweden. First desert race and first time in a desert environment, finished 12th out of 92 racers.

“The Full Throttle desert race was definitely something I was not used to. The guys went unbelievably fast and I must give them a lot of credit. It was fun, tough and I came out of it healthy. It was a good experience and I met some really nice people. I’m racing the GNCC series and before I went out east I stayed with my friend, Lars Larsson, in San Diego. So he told me I should go to the desert and do some riding. My bike was brand new though so I had to break it in.”


D MAGAZINE - APRIL S&S OFF ROAD APRIL 2022 2022 -- www.ssormag.com www.ssormag.com

Angel Aviles III, first UTV Sportsman

“We were the very last car to leave the start line but we kept our cool and ran a consistent pace. We finished 1st in class and 6th overall.” Favorite quote: ”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Erica Arie, first Women’s Novice. “That

was my first District 38 race. All sorts of terrain. I liked it. The race was organized very well with all the directional arrows and whatnot. Going into the race I was worried about that and then the start line because it's just a big ball of dust for the first mile or so. I had a blast. Got first in my class actually! Not bad for my first race. There were a couple hill climbs, they werent bad though. Saw a couple downed riders, stopped and checked in with them, made sure they were good. Saw a couple more but people had already stopped to help them. Everyone kind of just follows whoever is in front of them, which helps in a sense. I never 78

felt like I was in the middle of nowhere by myself at anytime which is another thing I was worried about. Definitely had a blast. Got a finisher pin and after every race I'm counting down the days until the next one! Everyone at all the checkpoints were so encouraging, cheering us on as we passed, pumped me up a few times because some of those whoop sections got me. I will say the courses do take a lot of energy out of you and I wasn't prepared for that race. I'm in shape but since my first race I bought a gym membership and have been working on strengthening my legs! Props to all the riders out there for sure.”

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

TOP TEN OVERALL 1. Justin Carnes 2. Justin Wilson 3. Chad Goodsell 4. Mason Matthies 5. Noah Clevenger 6. Ryan Gustine 7. Austin Farley 8. Robert Youngs 9. Henry Daly 10. Eric Moreno TOP TEN OVERALL UTV 1. Josh Row 2. Ian Piccolo 3. Steve Carver 4. Jaimes McKinney 5. Max Carver 6. Angel Aviles 7. Dustin Twamley 8. Bob Leslie 9. Roberto Ruiz 10. Brandon Rauch Open Exp 1. Justin Carnes 2. Justin Wilson 3. Chad Goodsell 4. Austin

Farley 5. Rikard Hansson Open Am 1. Eric Moreno 2. Chris Avalos 3. Robert Rodriguez 4. David Malmstrom 5. AJ Motta Open Nov 1. Joshua Shutrump 2. Zachariah Dotts 3. Neven Hart 4. Tony Melfi 5. Brandon Meek 250 Exp 1. Mason Matthies 2. Noah Clevenger 3. Cooper Shira 4. Albaro Ortiz 250 Am 1. Joshue Ochoa 250 Nov 1. Trevor Ball 2. Jose Aguilera 200 Am 1. Matthew Savoy 200 Nov 1. Dylan Ewing 2. Sam Hilfiker 3. Jacob Gibson

Eric Welter, fifth UTV Production Turbo. “I was super fast until I wasn’t.”

Sen Exp 1. Ryan Gustine 2. Jason Morgan 3. Courtney Ludwin Sen Am 1. Desiree Bates 2. Albert Valenzuela Sen Nov 1. Justin McNeil 2. Nicolas Whitehead 3. Mauricio Maio 4. James Dailey 5. Adam Taylor Vet Exp 1. Robert Youngs 2. Henry Daly 3. Kyle Hill 4. Eric Burnworth 5. Juan Esteban Miranda Vet Am 1. David Valley 2. Merrit Townsend 3. Brian Farley Vet Nov 1. Blake Plourd 2. Darin Ayal 3. Cody Mount 4. George Contreras


www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Josh Row, first overall UTV. “We

had a very smooth race in our box stock Polaris Turbo S. District 38 has always been such a great place for me. We were stoked to take the overall win!” 80

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com








www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Sup Sen Exp 1. Pete Andrassy 2. Jason Cogbill 3. Jack Northcutt 4. Bill Hinkle 5. Mark Baker Sup Sen Am 1. Davin Brigman 2. Chris Segal 3. Chad Prey 4. Zac Shira 5. Don Elliot Sup Sen Nov 1. Paul Kitchin 2. John Shireling Masters Exp 1. Steve Fenton 2. Mark Zela 3. Ray Zuchowski Masters Am 1. David Kendrick ATV Exp 1. Ismael Hernandez 2. Zachary Hayward ATV Am 1. Jake Hickman ATV Nov 1. Carlos Segura 2. Jake Whitmer 3. Jessica Engen 4. Lilia Rodriguez 5. David Reyes ATV Vet Am 1. Anthony Demars Womens Am 1. Cassidy Estrada Womens Nov 1. Erica Arie 2. Karen Gariepy UTV CLASS RESULTS UTV Unltd 1. Josh Row 2. Dustin Twamley 3. Roberto Ruiz 4. Hilario Haro UTV Production Turbo 1. Ian Piccolo 2. Brice Allen 3. Kirk Johnson 4. Quisnos 5. Eric Welter UTV Pro Stock 1. Steve Carver 2. Jaimes McKinney 3. Nick Ewing-Pistelak 4. Olivia Stewart UTV Pro Production 1. Max Carver 2. Gabriel Rascon 3. Darren Scott 4. Eva Star Malabanan 5. Craig Estrada UTV Sportsman 1. Angel Aviles 2. Bob Leslie 3. Brandon Rauch 4. Cain Ledezma 5. Tracy Beard

Brandon Meek, fifth Open Novice. “First desert race but definitely not my last! Super fast course and the most fun I’ve had on a dirtbike.” 82

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com



www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Dustin Twamley, second UTV Unlimited. “The course was fast and fun. Unfortunately we battled clutch issues all day so we weren’t very fast but still had plenty of fun!”

Kirk Johnson, third UTV Production Turbo. “I can see why trophy truck teams test out here in lmperial Valley. This is some of the worst terrain you can race in.” 84

PRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL www.ssormag.com

Justin Carnes, first overall, first Open Class

"The race went really well. It was my first race back from breaking my back in November, so went out to just have fun with my buddies and just send it and ended up coming out on top. Can't wait for the rest of the year with new opportunities. Sponsors I'd like to thank are Double A Motorsports, AHM, Mom, Dad and Family, Gladiator Sweat Shields, Driscoll's Surf and Skate, Ruiz Racing, EW Corporation and JD Design Co."



www.ssormag.com www.ssormag.com -- APRIL APRIL 2022 2022 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE 85 85

CALVMX/Legends & Heroes


Round 1- February 20, 2022, Lake Elsinore MX Park, Lake Elsinore CA - www.calvmx.net By Steve Caro - Photos by Kathryn Caro


Tim Harris 86

lassic motocross racing made its return to the Lake Elsinore MX Park with the opening round of the 2022 CALVMX/ Legends & Heroes of Motocross series. A strong cross section of both pre-1975 and Post Vintage machines took to the Lake Elsinore Vet track in a series of eight motos. The opening round of the CALVMX series included an awards ceremony and raffle. This year’s grand prize was a 1979 Honda CR 250 donated by the estate of Phil Hall. An original member of CALVMX, Hall lost a multi-year battle with cancer last year. It was his wish the bike be raffled off by the club. The winner was Vince Laker, who campaigns both vintage and post-vintage Honda’s. His prize will be a good addition to his stable of bikes. Although the pre-1975 era machines are no longer the main attraction due to the growing popularity of the more modern 1980’s and 1990’s bikes, their presence on the track helps preserve and highlight the early history of American Motocross. In the first moto of the

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

John Forsythe

Bill Clem



Mark Sandzimier

Johannes Vanwanrooij 88

60 Plus Vintage Expert, John Forsythe (Hon) led the experts as the mixed field of Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Open Age divisions thundered into the first turn. Trailing Forsythe were Mike Korgan (CZ), Bill Clem (Kaw) and Maico mounted Norm Himaka. As the pack spread out, Forsythe extended his lead, as Korgan and Clem vied for second place. With a clear track, Forsythe took the moto win, followed by Korgan and Clem. Mike LaPaglia (CZ) powered his way into the lead at the start of the second moto, with Forsythe pursuing in second,

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

with Korgan a few lengths back in third. An unfortunate DNS in the first moto eliminated LaPaglia’s chances at the overall, but that did nothing to lessen his drive for the moto win. With five flawless laps on the Elsinore course, LaPaglia took the moto win. Using his years of track savvy, Forsythe paced himself to take a secure second and clinch the overall class win. Korgan used his 2-3 moto scores to clinch second overall, with Clem (34) rounding out the podium in third overall. The Vintage Sportsman 250 Expert class was a showcase for Nick LaPaglia’s skill at riding a machine with limited suspension and drum brakes at a phenomenal pace. It is not hard to imagine that had LaPaglia competed in the early 1970’s he undoubtedly would have been a top contender. In the first moto, LaPaglia (Husq) led at the start, with Reid Harper (Husq) a few bike lengths behind in second. E-CLIK Pro offers suspension specific patent-pending terrain modes. Pick your terrain The two front runners settled and the system will do the rest – each mode is predictive to terrain and adaptive to driving style. into a pace that saw them pull several seconds ahead of www.sdiracing.com the rest of their class. Harper The post 1975 GP 1, 2 and 3 racers were on hand with never slackened his pursuit an impressive number of entries spread across the age of LaPaglia, but his effort came up short as LaPaglia blitzed and skill level categories. In the 60 Plus GP Experts, Mark his way to the moto win, followed by Harper and Craig Sandzimier (Hon) split moto wins with Kirk Chapman (Kaw) Bouman (CZ). to take the overall win. Kawasaki mounted Travis Sidebottom As the gate dropped for the second moto, LaPaglia went 1-1 for the overall in the 50 Plus GP Novice class, while sped down the starting chute with the lead, followed by Bouman, with Jim Barker (Hon) in third. Bouman kept within Johannes Vanwanrooij (Hon) secured the overall win in the GP2-250 Novice class. Veteran CALVMX competitor Tim striking distance of LaPaglia for the first part of the moto Harris (KTM) captured the overall in the GP3-500 Experts, but by the midway point of the race, LaPaglia’s penchant while Ed Moore logged the overall victory in the GP3-250 for vintage racing showed as he pulled away from his Novice class. competition. At the checkers, LaPaglia rolled to the overall With the six-round series just starting, there is ample win, adding to his total of four class overalls on the day. time for competitors to begin accumulating points towards a Bouman used his impressive 3-2 scores to secure second season championship in their respective classes. E overall, with Barker (4-3) in third. www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Roadrunner MC

King of the Desert FEBRUARY 26, 2022 Superstition OHV Area www.amad38.com


Eva Malabanan, fourth UTV Pro Production. “The course was rough and dusty. I ran a flawless race. Thank you to my Dad for prepping my Polaris RZR, to all my Cousins by the Dozens for helping pit and chase, and to all my sponsors: Rugged Radios, Shreddy, Fox, Baja Bound Insurance, Malabanan Racing, Omar’s Collision’s and Custom’s, Benchmark Performance, PRP and BF Goodrich.” 90

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

Justin Morgan, first overall. “The Roadrunners did a great job laying out a diverse and challenging race course. I had a lot of fun and hope to see more courses like this in the future."



Jake Hickman got his first overall win at the King as first overall Quad. "The

King of the Desert race definitely lived up to it's name this year. It was a challenging machine-breaking course that included every bit of desert terrain in it. Tons of fun and a big thank you to the Road Runner club for a great course!"

TOP TEN OVERALL 1. Justin Morgan 2. Mason Matthies 3. Adrian Ortiz 4. Albaro Ortiz 5. Justin Wilson 6. Robert Youngs 7. Jake Hulcre 8. Ezra Garcia 9. Daniel Fenton 10. Austin Farley UTV TOP TEN OVERALL 1. Josh Row, Preston Axford 2. Bryce Marking, Amber Cogbill 3. Daniel Alcal, Brent Smail 4. Justin Cox, Ryan Hypes 5. Wild Bill McNeer, Craig Corda 6. Jaimes McKinney, Aymar 7. Jarrett Whitted, Mollie Whitted 8. Darren Sott, Jenn Scott 9. Wyatt Mellon, John Homyk 10. Cain Ledezma, Carlos Blanco


Open Exp 1. Justin Morgan 2. Adrian Ortiz 3. Justin Wilson 4. Ezra Wilson 5. Daniel Fenton Open Am 1. Eric Moreno 2. Robert Rodriguez 3. Sam Wilson 4. AJ Motta 5. David Malmstrom Open Nov 1. Joshua Shutrump 2. Conner Detlefsen 3. Mike Russell 4. Eric Flores 5. Tony Melfi 250 Exp 1. Mason Matthies 2. Albaro Ortiz 250 Am 1. Luke Howard 250 Nov 1. Sil Hilfiker 2. Jose Aguilera 200 Am 1. Matthew Savoy 200 Nov 1. Dylan Ewing 2. Jacob Gibson 3. Conner Belew Vet Exp 1. Robert Youngs 2. Jake Hulcre 3. Kyle Hill 4. Kevin McLain Vet Am

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1. Iva Delgadillo 2. Gregory Williams 3. Brian Farley 4. Kellen Johnson Vet Nov 1. Blake Plourd 2. Evan Kleen 3. Brent Ashurst 4. Andrew Markiewicz 5. Kyle Dougherty Sen Exp 1. Courtney Ludwin 2. Yuichiro Hooriba 3. Josh Smith Sen Am 1. Darin Smith 2. Nicolas Whitehead 3. Desiree Bates Sen Nov 1. James Dailey 2. Justin McNeil 3. Mauricio Malo 4. Brian Morris 5. Joseph Moore Sup Senior Exp 1. Jason Cogbill 2. Loren Dimond 3. Chad Busch 4. Robert Feinstein 5. Randy Whittenberg Sup Sen Am 1. Chad Prey 2. Paul Kitchin Sup Sen


www.ruggedradios.com www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Nov 1. David Doyle 2. Craig Bortman 3. John Shireling 4. Shawn Wilber 5. Jorge Gonzalez Master Exp 1. Mark Zela ATV Exp 1. Juan Sanchez ATV Am 1. Jake Hickman ATV Nov 1. Jake Whitmer 2. Jessica Engen 3. Adrian Lopez 4. Rodney Engen 5. Lilia Rodriguez Women's Exp 1. Maddy Weber Women's Am 1. Kayla Knelling Women Nov 1. Karen Gariepy

UTV CLASS RESULTS UTV Pro Unltd 1. Josh Row, Preston Axford 2. Bryce Marking, Amber Cogbill 3. Daniel Alcal, Brent Smail 4. Justin Cox, Ryan Hypes 5. Hailey Yorba, Kole Parker UTV Production Turbo 1. Wild Bill McNeer, Craig Corda 2. Wyatt Mellon, John Homyk 3. Kirk Johnson, Tim Vasquez 4. Brice Allen, Justin Allen 5. Richard Covarrub, Richard Gonzalez UTV Pro Stock 1000 1. Jaimes McKinney,

Aymar 2. Nick Pistelak 3. Wesley Feeler, Skeeter Isom 4. Steve Carver 5. Janelle Feeler, Chyrisma Isom UTV Pro Production 1000 1. Jarrett Whitted, Mollie Whitted 2. Darren Scott 3. Jesse Melrose, Brian Kim 4. Eva Malabanan, Sean Malabanan 5. Max Carver, Chandler Bell UTV Sportsman 1. Cain Ledezma, Carlos Blanco 2. Brendan Peterson 3. Micah Ross, Retta Ross 4. John McNeil, Chad McNeil 5. Bob Leslie

Chad Prey, first Super Senior Amateur. “The King of the Desert for 2022 didn't disappoint. The Roadrunner club put on a challenging race, deep silt, steep dunes, whoops galore, and 100mph lake bed. Fun course and a great test.” 94

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - APRIL 2022 - www.ssormag.com

Randy Whittenberg, third Super Senior Expert. “The course was a fantastic blend, of high speed, sand, rocks and trail. I had a blast!"

Kirk Johnson, third UTV Pro Production Turbo. “I can see why trophy truck teams test out here in lmperial Valley. This is some of the worst terrain you can race in.” CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE www.ssormag.com - APRIL 2022 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Adrian Ortiz, third overall. “Super fun race course, was the last bike off the start but charged hard for a podium spot!” 96

Albaro Ortiz, fourth overall. “Really enjoyed this year's King of the Desert put on by D38. Had a fun time battling with the top riders!”

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Wyatt Mellon, second UTV Pro Production Turbo. “With this being my first offroad race I did not know exactly what to expect, other than, this is going to be fun!”

Jarrett Whitted, first UTV Pro Production

Blake Plourd, first Vet Novice. “Second race back after last District 38 race on an 80 about 20 years ago.” E

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