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FEATURES 08 | Sherri's Turn

Is this guy ignoring every word I say? It seems like it, no matter how much he denies it!

10 | Dirtbits

New SDi E-Click suspension system provides a whole new adventure for Jeeps!

16 | San Diego Jeep Club

Bringing new and seasoned Jeepers together to promote safe and responsible off roading.

20 | Oceano Freedom Flag Rally

96 | Dr. DeForest's Off Road Health Tips It should be malpractice!

97-99 | Classifieds

Free off road photo classifieds

COMPETITION 48 | CALVMX Flat Track Round 4 racing at Camp Lockett, Campo CA

52 | Full Throttle Desert Pandemic AMA District 38 racing kicks off after the shut down

58 | Best in the Desert National Desert Cup Jagged X National Desert Cup presented by Quantum Motorsports at Glen Helen Raceway

64 | SCFTA Flat Track

Seven hundred people come together to protest the closure of Oceano Dunes SVRA. Round 4 racing at Perris Raceway in Perris CA

22 | Off Road Veterans

68 | King Shocks Battle at Primm

32 | Bike Shop

72 | Desert Devotional

Thank you for your service! Veterans come out and race the Mint 400 and Mexican 1000!

Hundreds show up for the massive payout at SNORE Racing's desert race

Different strokes for differeent folks

Round 5 of the AMA National Hare & Hound

34 | The Endangered Off Roader

76 | BF Goodrich Tires SCORE Baja 500

San Diego Off Road Coalition news

52nd Baja 500 finally held after rescheduling

36 | Blast from the Past

84 | Duel in the Desert

1979 Riverside Off Road Championship race

38 | 4x4 Coach Common break downs on the trail

42 | Off Road Families

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing sponsored by Super Clean

90 | Lucky's Revenge AMA District 38 desert racing presented by I-8 Dezert Racers

Enjoying the sport with family and friends who feel like family 6

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com


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COVER (Top) Dan

Mcmillin, third generation champion, won the 2020 SCORE Baja 500 in September. (Bottom) Cody Parkhouse finished fifth overall and first Class 1 at the Baja 500. Photos by GetSomePhoto.com

CONTENTS Kicking off

our Off Road Families feature in this month's issue: This group at Idaho Dunes in St. Anthony, Idaho, is made up of father-son, brothersister, father-daughter and close friends who meet at the

dunes several times a year. (Not all pictured). Shown RENTALS here: Kasey Johnson, NV; Ironwoods Off-Road Rentals Keith Beall, CA; Lee Driskill, (866-230-2933)..............................35 CA; Eric Sokolowski, Ontario; STEEL BUILDINGS Luv2Camp (888-898-CAMP)...............41 Castle Steel Buildings (619-589-1856)........41 Trell Messenger, CA; Bo Quadstop Rentals (760-238-3839).....12 Riggs, CO; Craig Kemple, CO Steve's ATV & Off Road Supply SUSPENSION (760-394-1188)...............................15 and Tyler & Jeff Skeete, CA. King Shocks (714-530-8701).............. 97 Photo submitted by MS Shocks (208-461-3339).................. 57 Noleen J6 (760-955-8757).................... 13 Dusti Kemple, Durango CO www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 7

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was waving frantically trying to get the attention of the guy-in-the-garage. He was, to put it politely, completely ignoring me. Completely ignoring me with a totally disgusted look on his face is another way of saying it. Completely ignoring me yet simultaneously snarling at me would even be a better way to say it. I’m sure he was thinking that rearranging our office would be a really great thing to do, since my desk faces his and when he sits at it to make a phone call, if I happen to look up and over the top of my computer screen I can stare right at him. Thankfully for him his desk does not face mine, so he has to turn his head to see me. He was talking on the phone on this particular day and although he wasn’t originally looking at me, I guess he could feel me staring and could sense that I wanted his attention. 8

He deeply regretted giving it to me. As talented and capable as this guy is when it comes to restoring motorcycles or doing maintenance on buildings, vehicles, acreage, you name it, the one thing he absolutely cannot do is multi-task. So if he’s talking on the phone and I’m trying to get his attention about something, that just shuts down his senses. He can’t understand what I want nor does he know what the person on the other end of the phone just said either. The only thing he seems capable of doing at that point is snarling, which I’m sure would have escalated to growling at me if there wasn’t the risk that the person on the phone would think he was growling at them. I’m used to all this. I know he doesn’t want me to interrupt him. I know he’s going to get frustrated. I know he can’t listen to me and listen to someone else at the same time. So why, one might wonder, would I interrupt him during a phone call? Yes, he wondered that same thing. Even asked me that after he finally hung up. “What was so important?” Do I need to say it wasn’t in one of his kindest voices? “You were giving the guy the wrong email address!” I said, and I may have sounded slightly annoyed. “I was trying to get your attention so you could give him the right one.” Did I mention how much technology annoys this guy? And though he badly wanted the motorcycle info the person on the other end

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

of the phone could provide for him and was planning on emailing him, that did not override his desire at that moment to do away with the phone, the computer, and maybe even me! To say he is technologically challenged would be an understatement. I've heard him threaten to shoot his computer. I've heard him threaten to throw it out the sliding glass door just inches away from his desk. I believe he was going to do that without opening the door. He complains if he gets two or three spam emails a day. I, who get hundreds every week, patiently come around my desk to his to help him try to eliminate the annoying invasions. As much as he hates the computer, he also loves it because there he has world wide access to all things motorcycle. Another day he was talking on the phone to a guy about restoring motorcycles, in another room I might add, so he could be undisturbed. Read that as his wife can’t interfere in his conversation. But suddenly he's at my side. He tosses a hastily written note on my desk, then motions frantically, whispering “get me on this website!” I’m listening to him talk to this guy on the phone as I stop everything I’m doing to open up the web browser and log onto the site he desperately needs to see. As I’m just about there I hear him say into the phone “I’m almost there, sorry our satellite is slow.”

While technology is not one of his strong points motorcycle restoration and attention to detail definitely are. I once heard him spend nearly an hour on the phone discussing rivets. Rivets! In another room of course. He rarely talks on the phone in my presence. Seems he has learned something about the frustration of that. Gets off the phone from rivet man, heads over to his computer with another scraweled note and says “I’m going to try to find a website.” I just about burst out laughing. “Really?” I asked. “How are you going to do that?” “I’m hoping you’ll help me,” he said and he wasn’t even embarrassed. How can it be that I’m supposed to be totally quiet and invisible until he needs my help with something. And even if he needs my help but doesn’t realize it, such as in not knowing his own e-mail address, I’m still supposed to be quiet and invisible. I’ve tried. I really have, but being quiet and invisible is not one of my strong points. I once accused him of ignoring me after he got off the phone during another incident where I had information I knew he needed. “Why would I ignore you?” he asked with just a hint of a smirk showing on his face. “Because you think I’m pestering you and distracting you while you’re trying to do business,” I said.

Now he laughed outloud. “Well, aren’t you?” he said. We have progressed a lot in the computer arena though. There was a time where he didn’t have one, didn’t want one, but still wanted to hang out on ebay and send emails around the world. So he would park his chair right next to my desk and dictate to me for what seemed like hours. I do not miss those days. Do. Not. I think much faster than he does so when he would start to dictate the email, he didn’t even have “Hi Bob” out of his mouth and I already typed the whole email for him because I had a vague idea of what he wanted to say anyway. However, as helpful as I thought that was, it really just slowed the whole process down even more. Because then he would have to stop thinking so he could read what I wrote. Then he would tell me that isn’t how he wanted to say it or what he wanted to say and I would sigh loudly and delete it all and patiently wait with my hands poised over the keyboard for the next word or sentence. And why would I do that time after time? I kept hoping that the day would come when I really could speed things up for him. Even though I know that I know that I know when he’s trying to think he prefers me to be quiet and invisible. But as hard as I try, it just ain’t me. E

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Dirtbits Introducing new SDi E-CLIK suspension system


uspension Direct, Inc, (SDi) recently launched its new SDi E-CLIK suspension systems for Jeep JK and JL models - allowing in-the-cab, independent suspension management for Jeeps. The new E-CLIK system incorporates proprietary technology and tuning to deliver the perfect ride and control across any terrain, and on any surface. This is the first fully independently adjustable electronic suspension system for Jeeps. Nothing is out of reach. It is Suspension Without Compromise. “You don’t have to get out of your vehicle to lock the hubs anymore, so why get out to adjust your suspension?” said Dan Worley, owner of SDi. “Suspension has always been about trade-offs. If you make an improvement in one area, you lose something in another. With E-CLIK ACTIVE, that problem has been solved.”

SDi E-CLIK Systems Overview

Originally announced in 2018 at the SEMA show in collaboration with Walker Evans, E-CLIK has progressed into three levels of suspension control for Jeep owners, all without leaving the driver’s seat. E-CLIK allows drivers to make suspension changes from their seat as needed via rocker switches. E-CLIK ACTIVE does the job for you, automatically, and E-CLIK PRO introduces ultimate tunability into the automatic, electronic system.

More sensitive to driver inputs: braking, throttle, steering. Trail – Prioritizes comfort – Less damping for a more comfortable ride. More sensitive to vehicle pitch and roll. Manual – Allows the driver to select the front and rear shock settings and disables the system from making automatic adjustments. • Provides adjustments for tire size and rear load while allowing the driver to view shock output, vehicle speed and vehicle tilt angle.

E-CLIK ($3299)

E-CLIK PRO ($4999)

• Rocker-switch activated three-level adjustment with independent front/rear settings.


ª• 12 independent sensors calculate movements and inputs, sending messages to the SDi ECU 250 times per second, automatically adjusting compression circuits on each shock, independently, based on real-time terrain and driving conditions. This is the fastest adjustment time in the industry. • Patent-pending E-valve proportional valve provides nearinstant data-led setting changes. • Includes in-cab Touch Screen Controller with three modes to adjust base shock settings. Road – Prioritizes composure – More damping for a composed ride and excellent feedback to the driver. 10

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

• Includes all the features of E-CLIK ACTIVE, plus our patent pending PRO menu, an upgrade that allows shock adjustment sensitivity to be tuned in the 5 following areas: - Pitch Sensitivity - Roll Sensitivity - Turn Sensitivity - Throttle Sensitivity - Brake Sensitivity

About the SDi E-CLIK Shocks

New technology and decades of suspension tuning experience come together in SDi E-CLIK. Available in three levels of suspension management, all E-CLIK systems utilize a 2.5” Piggyback shock which combines Walker Evans Velocity Technology with in-house custom componentry and optimizations to make the ultimate Jeep shock solution. Made in the USA, SDi E-CLIK shocks provide state-of-the-art vehicle dynamics and

https://www.instagram.com/ jpdesigns1/?hl=en https://www.industrial-bolts.net/ bolts-4-u/

on-the-fly adjustability to the world of offroad. This truly is a custom shock solution. A custom engineered low-mass, lowfriction free piston provides a smooth ride over small bumps and washboards. SDi’s patent-pending E-CLIK ACTIVE E-valve makes constant damping changes while driving. And Walker Evan’s Velocity Technology shock bodies provide bypasslike shock performance, creating a speed and position-sensitive system. Next, the DU piston band is all about durability and will outlast normal graphite bands. All SDi E-CLIK shocks come complete with a top-out spring to soften full-extension situations and are easily adjustable via a three-position clip to actually change the length of your shock. This makes it a shock that can continue to work for you as suspension set up or tire sizes change. Finally, all SDi E-CLIK shocks utilize stainless shock shafts, oversized bearings, stainless steel spherical bearings, and the highest-quality components available with focused, in-house quality control. Designed for use with 4.0” lift kits on Jeep JL’s and JK’s, SDi E-CLIK systems are available now at your authorized SDi Dealer and come complete with seamless wiring and electronics integration. Learn more at www.suspensiondirect. com.

A New Series In Off-Road Is Born LEGACY Racing Association ased in Las Vegas, Nevada, the new


LEGACY Racing Association was created by co-owners Liz Marshall and Donald and Kristy Jackson. By proudly announcing their commitment to continue their passionate careers in off-road motorsport, the founders have taken a fresh look at organizing, hosting, and promoting world class championship-caliber off-road races. Jackson and Marshall have directed and coordinated off road racing events at the highest level of competition. Both dedicated their roles as Race Operations Manager and Event Coordinator with years of experience, including a Track record of safety, communication, and race support which will seamlessly transition into their inaugural events. The new LEGACY Racing Association will feature five races for 2021, starting in January. Donald Jackson, LEGACY Race Director said, “Kristy, Liz and I are very excited to announce our new

company with a whole new series of offroad races that cover some proven routes and several new challenging courses.” Event Director Marshall commented, "Our new venture LEGACY Racing will set new standards for sponsor partnerships, media relations, and spectator friendly events. This wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated staff and incredible volunteers. We are a race family built on a strong foundation.” Racers can look forward to high quality events, professional and friendly service, improved safety measures, and streamlined communications. We are diligently working on ways to improve fan-based interactions and sponsor relationships. The culmination of the 2021 season will be celebrated with an exclusive YearEnd Awards Party that will truly highlight and reward all Class Champions, racers and teams in style.

LEGACY 2021 Schedule

January 7-10, 2021 – Pahrump, NV Cars, Trucks, UTVs. Point to Point race, approximately 250 miles CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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A New Series In Off-Road is Born - LEGACY Racing Association CONTINUED

now by simply visiting this link: www.methodracewheels.com/pages/ racer-program

March 12-14, 2021, Laughlin, NV Motorcycles, Quads. Loop race, approximately 100 miles May 12-16, 2021 – Alamo, NV to Pahrump, NV. Cars, Trucks, UTVs, Motorcycles, Quads. Point to Point race, approximately 500+ miles. September 2-5, 2021, Location TBD Motorcycles, Quads, UTVs. Loop race, approximately 100 miles December 2-5, 2021, Jean, NV Cars, Trucks, UTVs. Loop race, approximately 250 miles For more info contact info@ legacyracing.net or call or text 702-5758979

Team Honda Score Top 10 Finishes in UTV World Championship

Racer Program


e are currently looking for passionate, dedicated racers with the drive to win. Team


members receive steep discounts on race products, dedicated factory support, eligibility to R&D new equipment and more! We know you’re fast and we want to help you continue to serve up dust on the course, join our team and see what we mean by “Lighter, Stronger, Faster” Call 866-779-8604 and ask for the Race Department or start your application

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com


teady improvement, with two top ten finishes, was the weekend takeaway for the Team Honda Racing Off-Road Honda Talons in the UTV World Championships held in Lake Havasu, AZ on Saturday, October 10th. The new race course was a compact, rough, technical 28.6 miles in a four square mile area – translating to lots of zig zags and dust with nowhere to go.

Honda Talon, Bud Ward, UTV World Championship, Bink Designs Photo

“I’m so happy with our results from the race weekend,” shares Team Principal, Jeff Proctor, “Eliott executed his race perfectly. I’ve enjoyed watching him grow throughout the season. This race wasn’t without its unique challenges, but he stayed focused on his race craft, managed the Honda Talon equipment, and ran a clean race. Between he and our other Talon driver, Bud Ward, they ran with the lead pack all day. For a first year program, on a new platform, I couldn’t be more proud.” Both Talon entries improved their finishing position by ten spots from qualifying – Watson, No. T903, finished P6 and Ward, No. T940, followed him closely with a P7 finish. Initially, Ward got the holeshot, but after a couple laps, Watson got by his team mate and they stayed tight to cross the finish line together. Watson recaps, “The most challenging thing about this race was how tight the course was and how many laps were ran on it throughout the weekend. The Production

Turbo class was the 8th race of the weekend, so it made every part of the course rougher and more demanding. My teammate Bud Ward and I started side-byside and settled into a rhythm for the first couple of laps. As the sun started to set, we were battling together for top 10 spots against some of the fastest drivers in the sport. We both were able to push hard all CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


Suspension Experts UTV | Quads | ATV | Modern & Vintage Motorcycle Shock revalve / rebuild and service • Forks revalve / rebuild and service Shock body hard anodizing • Spring kits, stabilizer bars and more!

Side by Side Services Include: Performance Suspension Set Up Includes: Eibach spring kit, revalve, rebuild, oil, seal kit & nitrogen, from $1,798.00. Complete Shock Revalve Includes: Shims, oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $998.00. Complete Shock Service Includes: Oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $619.00. Spring Kits & Stabilizer Bars Available for most popular models, please call for specific pricing information. We proudly service:


Phone: (760) 955-8757 | E-mail: info@noleenj6.com

For more information on our complete line of SXS product and services please contact us today!

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No. T940 driver Ward says, “This event was a true test of what these Honda Talons can accomplish. The amount of punishment they could withstand was unreal. The entire Honda off road team did an amazing job and I cannot wait to get back in and go again!” Proctor continues, “Our progress on the Talon race program is going great. We’ve been able to continually improve our equipment while at the same time improve our track position. The Honda Talon durability

Team Honda Score Top 10 Finishes in UTV World Championship CONTINUED day with zero issues, and ended up 6th and 7th on time.” He continues, “It’s crazy to see how far this team has come in such a short amount of time. We still have a lot of work to do, but I know we are headed in the right direction for our next race, the Baja 1000!” Honda Talon, Eliott Watson, UTV World Championship, Bink Designs Photo

has proven itself. A huge accomplishment in the desert race terrain.” Up next for the Talons is testing and pre-running for the Baja 1000, starting in Ensenada, Baja, Mexico on November 20th. E

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San Diego San Diego Jeep Club bringing new and seasoned Jeepers together to promote safe and responsible off-roading.


his is the mission statement that brought my husband Camilo and I to our first SDJC run, the May 2018 Jeep Topless event. We purchased our 2015 Rubicon in 2016 and had a series of unacceptable off-road attempts with friends. Each experience left us wishing for someone who would patiently introduce us to off-roading until we understood all that we needed to safely maneuver the trails. Our first open run with this club left us very impressed as we were required to hand in signed liability waivers and a safety checklist which spelled out exactly what we needed to participate. I should say now that there are no club dues or membership requirements except for the following: No drugs or alcohol use on trail and maintain a family type environment. 16 16

During the drivers meeting, the club president greeted everyone and explained how we were to proceed onto the trail keeping an eye on the Jeep in front of us and behind us along with other introductions and bits of advice. He pointed out some of the Jeeps with black flags on their antennas. These were “Black Ops”, an elite crew of seasoned helpers to assist us through any difficulties we experienced on the trail. Also stated at that time was that if we broke down on the trail, these Black Ops would help us off trail and wait with us for a tow vehicle. How’s that for reassurance? We were feeling better by the minute. If we needed help airing down or back up, they would also be available. After we aired down, we waited in our Jeep for instructions which were called out over the cb and ham radios (ham is preferred in this club!). When it was our turn, we and our fellow Jeepers headed towards our first trail. Black Ops members were positioned in lead, mid and tail gunner positions as well as sprinkled throughout the Jeep train. Camilo and I

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

were very nervous because we had never been a part of something like this and were unsure of ourselves and our Jeep. No turning back now! During this maiden voyage we listened as the lead driver and Black Ops voices reassuringly came over our radio. The lead would explain which direction we would go by saying things like “driver at the y” so we would be turning left when we came up to a “y” intersection.... good to know! There was also a fair amount of teasing and easy banter between these folks as we made our way past scenic views we would not have been able to access had we been hiking. The real challenge for us came when we hit our first obstacle. Would we be able to maneuver this successfully? Would we make it? Or would we be the cause of a major backup on the trail? What if we flip over? All these things went through our heads as we waited our turn. As we approached the “waterfall” (more like a sloping pile of rocks) we noticed one of the

o Jeep Club

By Beth Santisteban



Black Ops crew was standing by to direct us. What a welcome sight! His voice came through our radio loud and clear as he calmly gave us instructions “put your tires on the big rocks”. I was so scared, but Camilo followed these directions and the hand signals that were guiding us and before we knew it, the obstacle was behind us and we were continuing the trail. The thrill and excitement plus the sense of accomplishment we experienced

Kimberly Caldwell SDJC Swag Girl


after completing that run was addictive and we went on every run that was posted in the SDJC Facebook page events tab the rest of that year. As new members, we were excited to see some of the same faces on these runs and quickly made friends with many of the other club, Black Ops and board members. This was becoming our extended family whether we realized it yet or not. After we participated in a few of the open club runs we were invited to a private run/camping event where we got an up close and personal view of some of the characters in our new Jeep family. There was a comradery among these people and a lot of laughs around the campfire as we got to know each other better. Over that weekend we ran a few trails and gained more confidence in our rig. We have always been grateful for this invitation as it brought us into the inner circle which is the heart of this club. In these past couple years as members, Camilo and I have run quite a few Jeep badge of honor trails with the club. The most exciting being Fins and Things in Moab, Utah. Exciting because we broke down at the top of one of the hill climbs.

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Fortunately for us, the club is all about trail support and within minutes of us radioing for assistance, the tail gunner (a mechanic) pulled up behind us, diagnosed the issue, radioed to the others and found the part we needed for the repair. As the rest of the group took a lunch break, our tail gunner removed the broken belt and we waited only minutes for the president of the club to deliver the part we needed so the repair could be completed. Now that was exciting and the views from up there were gorgeous. This club has a huge heart and has been known to “adopt” individuals on the trail who either were stuck, lost or unsure of themselves and allowed them to join us for the rest of the trail or in one case, our entire camping trip in Coyote Flats Near Big Pine, California. Of course, that depends on their willingness to follow our guidelines. No disrespect, no drugs, no alcohol on trail. As time has passed, our Jeep has changed a lot as we have added many modifications. We were initially considering setting up for overlanding but now we have increased our capability to include rock crawling. We started with Metalcloak Game Changer 3.5” lift and after a year we upgraded the suspension with Rebel Off Road King coil over setup, Dynatrac Pro 44 front housing with 4.88 gears and RCV axel shafts, Genesis dual

2015 Jeep Rubicon JKU. Owners: Beth & Camilo Santisteban. Color: Sunset Orange. Name: Brujita (little witch). Mods: Gobi rack, Smittybuilt Rooftop tent, Engel fridge/freezer, Ridged Industry & KC lighting, Revolution Rear Axels, Dual 10 lb. Power Tank setup, Rhino Rack Foxwing Awning by OzTent, 37” Cooper ProMaxx tires with Black Rhino Sprocket rims, Rockslide Engineering step sliders, Metalcloak aluminum fenders, Rebel Off Road Summit front bumper, Poison Spyder Rear Inner fenders, rear dif cover & Hood louver, Switchpro light controls, Super Chips Trail dash 2, LOD rear bumper with carrier & rack with chase lights, Front, rear and side cameras

battery kit, RPM aluminum drag link and tie rod, PSC Big Bore hydro steering assist, Adams Drive shafts, Dynatrac Big Brake kit, Quadratec Full Aluminum skid plates, Warn winch, etc. Most of these mods have been accomplished during “garage parties” where members of the club go to each other’s homes or shops to do maintenance or assist in upgrades. Everyone attending has such a wonderful willingness to

provide solutions without ridicule and everyone helps everyone. While the San Diego Jeep club has struggled to maintain 2020 social distancing orders, we have still been able to keep active and engaged members by holding small runs with a limited number of individuals while wearing The author Beth Santisteban with husband Camilo Club and its members are a big part of our masks and lives. We are so proud to participate in the staying in our Jeeps. We recently club runs, the yearly birthday bash and the completed an open run trifecta Toys for Tots event. Camilo has served where we ran 3 easy trails one on the SDJC board as Black Ops Lead for right after the other with a few 2020 and I have now placed my name on small, optional obstacles. These the ballot for SDJC Secretary for 2021. are real confidence builders for Wish me luck! E new Jeepers. Our membership consists of bone stock Jeeps to highly modified rigs. There is a lot of satisfaction in being a part of the San Diego Jeep


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n October 10, over 700 people showed up at the entrance to Oceano Dunes SVRA for the Off

Roaders United Freedom Flag Rally. We came out to protest the continued closure of Oceano Dunes SVRA.

It was really amazing to see so many

people from all different walks of life, all coming together to protest our park still being closed. Off roaders along with people who have never been off road before, Republicans, Democrats, locals and even those who drove across the state to be there. We all came together to rally for our united causes...Freedom, and the reopening Oceano Dunes SVRA.

This was originally planned as a Flag

Rally out on the dunes to celebrate the early October reopening of Oceano Dunes SVRA. After 7 months of covid closure, the California Coastal Commission’s unlawful Cease and Desist Order, endless political games and the Scripps Institute’s study disproving the mythical dust pollution scam of the APCD, Oceano



Dunes is still closed and the gates are still

closed. But all the while, our Off Highway

locked! The covid restrictions have now

Vehicle Funds continue to be wasted by the

been lifted, the Coastal Commission’s

millions on shoddy environmental projects,

Cease and Desist order has expired, all

with zero vehicle access, OHV or camping

other SVRA riding areas in California are

recreation allowed at our Park. But

open and the other county campgrounds

isn’t this an off road park, operated and

are reopened. Why is our Park still the

maintained with our OHV funds? Well yes

only one closed? Who is calling the shots

it is, but for the past seven months Oceano

to keep it closed? Well, that is exactly why

Dunes has been taken over by a few

we all came out to protest.

wealthy locals, bird watchers, equestrians

and bicyclists, none of whom have to pay

Following a few speeches just outside

the Grand Avenue entrance to ODSVRA,

the entrance fees to maintain our Park.

we lined up over 400 trucks, Jeeps,

buggies and cars, then began the 30 mile

Parks stop screwing around and playing

flag run. The massive caravan of vehicles

games. Millions of annual park users have

headed through Grover Beach, Oceano,

nowhere to recreate and camp with their

Avila, Pismo and even did a run on the 101

families. Our park being closed has hurt

Freeway North at about 35 mph. The best

our families, devastated local businesses

part was that the parade finished with a

and is destroying our community. It is time

trip to the Nipomo Mesa through Trilogy,

to cut the crap and reopen Oceano Dunes

which is the community where some of


the residents have called for the closure of


help, please go to www.oceanodunes.org

At this point there is no rational

explanation for why ODSVRA is still

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

It is time that the Governor and State

For more information on how you can Save Oceano Dunes!


www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE

21 21

E T E V D A O R F F O e! c i v er s our y or f ou y k



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Army Special Forces soldiers convoyed across the entire Mint 400 course rescuing downed racers and vehicles. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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Bryan Jacobson, Navy Vet. of fourteen years. This is me pushing my RZR beyond its limits at Warfighter Made Adrenaline Therapy, held at Glen Helen raceway. Sergeant Christopher Blank, USMC 10 years. Just finished his District 38 Grand Prix!! #devildogs #MarineCorps . From Escondido CA, just moved to Reno, NV

Sean P. Circuit , US Navy. Motocross, Free Ride, Open Desert

Rusty Sexton, Borrego Springs CA (right and above). Served in the US Navy from 2000-2004.

Mike Mills, San Marcos, CA. US Army Veteran, Forward Observer - Honorably Discharged in ’98 due to injury during training.


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(Left) My Dad, Bob "Cheesey" Chesebro, was in the Navy on the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier during WWII. Shown here at the Ocotillo Wells RV Park and Store formerly known as Ocotillo Wells Trailer Court in the early 1980s. - Susan Stephens, Ocotillo Wells CA


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Craig McSorley, Woodbridge VA. Army. 82nd Airborne from 77-81 and today (below) with wife GerryAnn.

Dustin Slade, San Diego CA, 30 years old, and a combat-disabled Army veteran racing the Best in the Desert National Desert Cup race where I won 1st place Ironman Pro! I'm still super excited about it. I ride for the Monster Energy Warrior Built Foundation which is a non-profit that focuses on recreational therapy for combat veterans. Felt great to be back racing after the COVID-19 restrictions.

Del Albright, Mokelumne Hill CA. Major, U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret), Ranger, Airborne (paratrooper), Frogman. Vietnam combat Vet; 4 Bronze Stars; 2 Air Medals, and Vietnam Cross of Gallantry (and others). 50+ years of off-roading from dune buggies to motorcycles, but mostly Jeeps. The reason I am fully dedicated to land use and keeping our trails open is because I believe in our country and our freedoms. I am a freedom fighter.

Warfighter Made Recreational Therapy trip with the Godfrey family in Utah. For these therapy trips, we invite vets from around the nation to join us, by getting behind the wheel of our Polaris RZRs and enjoying the adventure of Utah, plus the camaraderie of hanging out with other veterans.

Combat wounded Marines, Jon Blank and Eddie Wright, enjoying a little Adrenaline Therapy, with our Polaris RZRs in Utah. - Rob Blanton, WarFighter Made

Left to right. Air Force vet Callie Farill, Combat wounded Marine (double leg amputee) Jon Blank, Marine Vet, Narayana DeVone, Combat wounded Soldier Chess Johnson, Marine vet Alex Scanlon, Combat wounded Marine (double hand amputee) Eddie Wright, Marine vet Jim Staley, Marine Vet Jeslie Bowling, Marine vet Rob Blanton.


Combat wounded Soldier (triple amputee), Monty Bernardo, with his adapted and customized Polaris General, built by Warfighter Made.

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Team Warfighter Made poses on the podium after their 1st and 2nd place finishes at the Mint 400.

Calling All Veterans! Come out and race the Mint 400 and Mexican 1000!

Warfighter Made leads the way in a HMMWV! By “Admiral Mike” aka Mike Shatynski


f there is any single off road vehicle that can and will finish 1000 miles of the most grueling desert in Baja and Nevada, it is the US military’s iconic High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) or Humvee. Just like our past and present American warriors, it is tough, dependable, and can accomplish just about anything with good leadership and a little TLC. According to Rob Blanton, President and CEO of the veteran non-profit Warfighter Made, “We all learn to drive, maintain, and love HMMWVs in the military. It makes sense for us to want to get together and race them!” Rob is a USMC veteran and a Silver Star Medal recipient. Rob’s award citation tells how extra special the iconic Humvee is to Rob. It notes that he used a HMMWV to knock down the wall of a terrorist compound in Iraq to save his trapped teammates. Veterans racing Humvees truly is a natural thing. Off road racing really started when vets came back from WWII and took 28

the original Jeeps out into the desert. Being competitive sorts, veterans off roading quickly led to veterans off road racing. It was only two decades after the end of the war when the first Mexican 1000 off road race was held down the Baja peninsula. Today, the race continues under the loving care of an Army veteran, Mike Pearlman, son of Ed, the original NORRA promoter of the first 1000-mile race down the peninsula from 1967 to 1973. Thanks are especially due to Mike Pearlman for taking care of veterans. It was his leadership that put military vehicles into their own class in the Mexican 1000 and the NORRA 500. Now, the Mint 400 has its own military vehicle class. For veterans, that means a Humvee plus safety requirements equals a chance to race in one of the epic Baja or Nevada off road races with your warrior brothers and sisters! And here is a special feature, all Humvees are old enough to be classified as “Vintage”! NORRA has allowed military vehicles in their own class since 2016 and, in 2020, the Mint 400 followed suite. The Mint’s first foray in 2020 into racing military

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vehicles was a resounding success with four military vehicles in class. Warfighter Made’s legendary “Flyer One” Light Strike Vehicle (LSV), a diesel-powered dune buggy, won the class followed by a Humvee. The remaining two entries were current technology “Flyer 72” Advanced LSV’s, also diesel-powered buggies, and were piloted by Army Special Forces soldiers who were working up for a deployment overseas. The best story of the race was the trek of the SF warriors as they stopped and provided medical and material assistance for every lost and damaged vehicle and racer that they came upon on the brutal course. They may have finished third and fourth but they were first in gaining everyone’s respect and thanks! Thanks to Rothsports Racing, the second place Humvee was also piloted by Warfighter Made veterans. Team Rothsports had heard that the veterans were working on their own HMMWV which wasn’t going to be ready in time so they loaned their NORRA-proven vehicle for the Mint 400. Racing HMMWVs off road is not new. The legendary racer Rod Hall raced in 50 straight Mexican and Baja 1000’s since 1967 until his passing in 2019. He has 25 class wins during those 1000-mile races and many of those wins were in a Hummer! Today, his family is still racing. And his family is supporting the veterans of the non-profit Warfighter Made as they prepare their own Humvee for the 2021 Mexican 1000. (Thank you, Josh and Chad!) Surprisingly, there is not too much that must be done to race prep a stock military Humvee. It is possible for a veteran to partner with a local American Legion or VFW to requisition a disposed HMMWV directly from the government for no cost except transportation. If not a member of a local AL or VFW post, a veteran can get one straight from the US Government Service Administration (or GSA) by online action or use one of the many civilian auction and sales companies. A vintage Humvee plus safety requirements equals racing in the Mexican 1000 or Mint 400 with your warrior brothers and sisters! Rules for prepping are specified in the NORRA rulebook online at NORRA.com

The Warfighter Made HMMWV got big air at its first Mint 400. Don't try this at home!

and mostly include safety requirements like roll cage, seats, belts, and other safety equipment. The Mint 400 has recognized the same standards for military vehicles. Warfighter Made’s Humvee started as a very low-mileage 1993 M998 HMMWV with the fiberglass “helmet top” roof. For reference, the Humvee preparations by the Warfighters include more than just safety features. The standard 6.5L diesel is matched with a stock 3-speed automatic transmission and new axles. The veterans fabricated a 2" perimeter roll cage with PRP seats and belts with Plan B doors for extra comfort and safety. They added the “Rod Hall” suspension, aftermarket springs with a lighter spring rate in rear for a better ride, and FOX shocks. BFG tires are standard issue for military HMMWV’s

Vets fabricated a new dash with gauges, switches, and wiring for the HMMWV's 24V to 12V conversion.

but also provide the best reliability and traction in off road racing. Electricity was converted from 24V to 12V using a kit from Erik’s Military Surplus, WireCare wiring products, Odyssey batteries, and Trigger Controller switches. The 12V electricity powers Baja Design lights and Rugged radios and pumpers. Temecula Valley Powder Coat stepped up to make everything look clean and corrosion free. Danny Novoa, a USMC veteran and Purple Heart recipient, has been leading the preparation and fabrication team for the Warfighter Made HMMWV. The vehicle is almost ready and there are months to go until the 2021 Mexican 1000. According to Rob, “Danny has been threatening to start driving the Humvee around Temecula for a grocery run if he doesn’t go racing soon!”

Rob, Danny and Mac the Service Dog show off Warfigher Made's race-ready HMMWV.

Danny responded, “The vehicle is cool but veterans helping veterans puts the cherry on top of an epic adventure.” Veterans helping veterans, that’s what it is all about. To learn more about prepping and racing HMMWVs, contact Warfighter Made. Or join the team and learn on the job with your veteran brothers and sisters! www.facebook.com/WarfighterMade www.warfightermade.org “Admiral Mike” has been racing, chasing and pitting in Baja when time, tide, and formation allowed since his first Baja 500 in 1985 in a stock Class 11 VW bug. As a retired veteran, he encourages his veteran brothers and sisters to join his off road family by joining him in the desert with Warfighter Made or the Mag 7 Race Team.

CEO Matt Martelli welcomed veterans to the 2020 Mint 400 with a special race poster featuring the Flyer "22" LSV.

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All things off road, Warfighter Made was in the house full force, at Supercross San Diego, 2017

Just a Marine, a Sailor and a National Guard woman racing the Mint 400 in a High Mobility Multi Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV aka Humvee) . We finshed 2nd in the Military Class behind our own Flyer 22. - Rob Blanton, WarFighter Made


Team work makes the dream work. An Army and Navy vet, are helping a combat wounded Marine (double leg amputee) enter the hand control Polaris RZR, built by Warfighter Made, during the 2020 Mint 400

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Combat wounded Marine Jon Blank, with his brand new Polaris RZR Turbo, Warfighter Made surprised him with. Our partners in Polaris, PRP Seats, BFG and Method Race Wheels didn't hesitate in helping us make this machine as awesome as the Marine we gave it too. - Rob Blanton, WarFighter Made E

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Bike Shop Different Strokes


efore there was motocross, the sport of Scrambles was popular in Europe. Most of the competitors were on motorcycles with big four stroke single cylinder engines. There were a few two strokes, like Greeves and Jawa, but they were considered cobby and unreliable. Real men rode four strokes. In 1966 Husqvarna came out with high quality, light weight two stroke race bikes in 250cc and 360cc models and the world shifted on it's axis. By the early 1970's two strokes from both Europe and Japan made four strokes obsolete. From the early 1970's through the late 1990's two strokes ruled the newly named sport of motocross. There were a few times when four strokes peeked through, like in 1977 Bengt Aberg won a Gran Prix moto 32

By Clutch Roberts

on an HL500 powered by a TT500 engine. There were also some appearances by KTM and Husaberg. In 1997 the motocross world was turned on its head when Doug Henry ran up front and won the Las Vegas supercross on a prototype YZ400 four stroke. I rode a YZ400 in 1998 and was absolutely amazed by the power. Lots of bottom, mid and top end power as well as light weight and firm suspension. I owned an XR600 then and they felt nothing alike. The bike was so good, it felt like cheating. It took Honda four years to release a four stroke motocross bike and Kawasaki and Suzuki seven years to get on the bandwagon. By 2008 Yamaha was (and is) the only Japanese manufacturer to build competitive two stroke motocross bikes. In the early 2000's the AMA changed the rules

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on what fuel was allowed in professional racing, taking virtually all the lead out. This was the stake in the heart of two strokes, because without the lead, they could not raise the compression ratio high enough to get the power needed to compete with four strokes. Four strokes also have substantially cleaner emissions than two strokes and some people believe this played a part in the rule making that was so advantageous to four strokes.

Ebay and the 4 Stroke Craze

With the wave of four strokes taking over motocross, a sense of dread came over the motocross industry. Four strokes are more expensive than two strokes, they have more parts to replace at rebuild time, they take much more skill to repair and when they break, they go big. When two



stroke pistons wear out, the bikes vibrate noticeably, giving lots of warning of impending mechanical failure. The new racing four strokes have very short pistons top to bottom that give little warning when they are about to fail. The new motocross four strokes would sometimes let go with as few as 50 hours on them. When they let go, it was often bad, sometimes requiring a new head, cylinder and a lot of little parts. We began to see newer four stroke MX bikes being parted out on ebay, everything but certain engine parts. Sometimes the cost of rebuilding was more than the bike was worth. The dread was that four strokes were necessary to be competitive, but so expensive that they were squeezing out many riders.

The 2-Stroke Rebound

Human nature has a counterculture tendency. After two strokes took over motocross, a four stroke motocross

championship race was invented and the winners list looks like a who's who of motocross celebrity. In the early 2010's they switched it to a two stroke championship race, which has taken place at Glen Helen raceway each October. While there are dozens of classes (anyone for 70+ years 122cc-Open?) The prestigious open pro class win this year went to national MX star Mike Allessi, riding a YZ325, who earned a hefty purse and significant bragging rights as the top two stroke rider in the world. Two strokes are still being run competitively in off-road races all over. Even though the air pollution people have it out for two strokes, they are still legal and people love to ride them and embarras four strokes. E

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overnor Newsom just issued an Executive Order on climate change which includes setting aside 30% of the State's land and water by the year 2030. This reads very much like this year's bill AB3030 that died in the legislature. We opposed this bill because it did not guarantee that off-road vehicle areas and routes would remain open. There is a bigger, worldwide effort to "protect" 30% of the world's land and water by year 2030 and Newsom is pushing California to join the effort. Our lobby coalition believes that the bill would have returned in the next session. It is speculated that Newsom made this order to show his green side to a national audience in an effort to position himself as a prominent candidate for president in 2024. The legislature is not happy about his order because they intended to pass their version of it next session. As far

as how this order affects OHV, we are not sure, but we will explain that State Vehicular Recreation Areas have stricter environmental rules than the State's non OHV parks.

Rebelle Rally

We invited our secretary, Nicole, to sit in our radio show recently to talk about the Rebelle Rally, which was happening at the same time we were broadcasting. Nicole participated in the 2017 Rebelle Rally and we are working on getting our VP Audrey to drive and Nicole to navigate in next year's rally. For those who don't know about the Rebelle Rally, it is an all female driving competition that goes from Lake Tahoe to the Imperial Sand Dunes over 10 days. Teams are given paper maps and compasses and have to find checkpoints on the maps. No electronic navigation is

It is sad to announce that we are officially canceling the Lost Lizard Off Road Fun Run. We are hoping to get something going late in the season to have some sort of fundraiser. Stay tuned for more. Please be aware this is our major fundraiser we have to cancel so if you can afford to donate do so now at www.sdorc. org/donate-to-sdorc/ and also become a member - $25 for 1 year - www.sdorc.org/join-sdorc/ (Photos from the raffle at last year’s Lost Lizard Fun Run)


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allowed. There are a lot of points to find, like 20 plus a day and whichever team finds the most, wins. This is a big, famous and expensive event and team SDORC should be well positioned with two fine competitors. One ride in a car with Audrey and you know she has a need for speed. She also drives the heck out of her Jeep, my three wheeler and motorcycle. Nicole successfully navigated in 2017 and wants to do that again. With our radio show host, Dave Stall, we should be able to put together a strong effort. If you would like to be a sponsor, please let us know. You will get radio, S&S Off Road Magazine, SDORC website, Facebook and Instagram time as well as exposure from the rally.

Glamis Railroad Crossing

A new legal and safe railroad crossing at Glamis has taken a step forward. The Imperial County Transportation

Commission has released a draft study on possible ways to cross the railroad tracks. They came up with four alternatives, two by Highway 78 and two by Wash 10 and they prefer the one just south of Highway 78. This Branch Manager · NMLS #: 240137 would be "above grade" which means the crossing would be a bridge above the tracks. They explained that "at grade," that is cwiley@primeres.com 2124 Arnold Way | Alpine| CA | 91901 crossing at the same level as the Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. tracks, is too dangerous to be approved. They looked at a bridge PRMI NMLS 3094. This ad is not from HUD or FHA and was not approved by HUD or any government agency. PRMI is an Equal Housing over the tracks at highway 78, Lender. Some products and services may not be available in all states. Credit and collateral are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. Programs, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change and are subject to borrower(s) qualification. This is not a commitment a bridge a little south of 78, to lend.Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act 4130403. a bridge by wash 10 and an A copy of our Privacy Policy and Notice is accessible by going to Primary Residential Mortgage’s website and clicking on the “Privacy Policy” link located at the bottom of the page. https://www.primeres.com/privacy-policy. underpass by wash 10. The bridge at highway 78 would be expensive at $34 million plus. This would be for both cars and off-road vehicles to go over the tracks. While it is desirable to remove the at grade crossing, it would be cost prohibitive. The underpass by wash 10 estimate seemed pretty expensive at around $11 million. Then I read that they would need to construct a temporary way for the train to go around the work zone. In railroad talk this is called a shoofly. While most people who responded to the survey preferred an underpass near wash 10, the study found it too difficult between the shoofly and http://www.imperialctc.org/media/managed/ performing regular maintenance with sand sr78/SR78%20Glamis%20Multiuse%20 movement and stormwater. These concerns Grade%20Separated%20Crossing%20 rule out this being a viable proposal. Feasibility%20Study-Draft%20Study%20 The study recommends a crossing a Report%20100820.pdf little ways south of highway 78, so if we get Follow SDORC on a railroad crossing for off-roaders, it will Facebook at www.facebook.com/ likely be a bridge about 100 yards south SanDiegoOffRoadCoalitionSDORC or visit of Highway 78. You can read about it here our website www.sdorc.org E

HOME LOANS Chris Wiley (619) 722-1303

VA | USDA | FHA | Conventional | REVERSE



https://www. facebook.com/OcotilloWells-RV-ParkStore-875140252624514/

Join San Diego Off Road Coalition to help protect off road areas www.sdorc.org/join-sdorc/

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Blast from the

36 36

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

e Past Dave Jorgenson from Loveland, Colorado hits a hay bale with half the field behind him in the Class 3, 4 and 8 race final at the 1979 SCORE Riverside off-road Championship. He is pictured in his highly modified International Scout. Photos are now posted on the www.Tracksidephoto.com website E

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Common Break Downs


I prefer writing this down. An electronic device can break, be lost or stolen, or lose power. The list should include: • Ham repeaters near the destination (if you’re licensed, of course). Even better, program the frequencies into your radio to save valuable time. • Local hospitals and gas stations. Make sure you know what type of fuel each gas station sells. Some remote stations have only one grade of gas and diesel.

student recently emailed asking for aadvice on how to perform certain repairs while off road. After responding, I realized that others could benefit from similar information. Handling breakdowns is one of the top fears expressed among my 4WD Premier Welder in LJ students. It’s impossible to • Area auto supply stores, service cover every scenario in an article like this, stations and hours of operations. but we can review the more common ones. • Towing companies In addition, buy extended-distance Mitigation towing coverage. AAA offers a 200-mile Let’s start by mitigating the plan, but other options are available. And breakdowns. Four-wheeling is often tough pack a second copy of the vehicle’s key. on a vehicle. Regular inspection allows you If you’re ever immobilized, a buddy can to catch some issues before you hit the trails. drive out your vehicle. Always drive with someone else. Inspect the vehicle thoroughly A fundamental of four-wheeling but every few trips. sometimes ignored. Additional vehicle(s) Checks hoses, brakes, control arms, and driver(s) can help if you’re stuck tie rod ends, all suspension bolts, fluids or disabled. Someone in those vehicles and the serpentine belt. Look for leaks and may know how to fix the problem. Either things hanging down. Look for bright spots way, the additional help comes in handy where something might be rubbing. Same – necessary in the event of a medical thing for hoses: Lift them up and look to emergency. see if they are rubbing. Add, protect, repair Take tools, spare parts and fluids. or replace as needed. See related article Pack a simple tool kit along with spare here: www.4x4training.com/w/inspectparts. Fluids to pack include engine oil, your-vehicle-100-times/ gear oil, ATF, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. See related article here: Bailout Help www.4x4training.com/w/mechanic-tools Contacts. Record important for-4-wheeling. information specific to the trip. While some people record in an electronic device, 38

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Acquire basic mechanical skills. Become familiar with your vehicle by performing some of the repairs yourself. This is a great confidence builder, and will pay off if you have a breakdown while on the trails.

Mechanical Sympathy (the art of preserving your vehicle)

Drive carefully. What I call finesse. If you get stuck, for example, don’t try to force it by revving the engine. Rock the vehicle with gentle forward and backward motions. Engage the wheel lockers and try to back out. If these steps don’t work, ask another driver to pull you out. Heck, there are a dozen spots up ahead where you can break it. No need to do it now. See related article www.4x4training.com/w/ mechanical-sympathy-damage-mitigation/

Rear drive shaft with slip joint eliminator.

Short axle (stub) goes back in wheel bearing.

Some common problems and how to solve them

Any number of things can go wrong with a vehicle. When you have a breakdown, your goal is to get the vehicle moving again so it can be driven home. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

www.autofab.com www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Reason to carry pipe wrench

The following remedies will do that but aren’t permanent solutions. Get the vehicle moving. If you can get it rolling and there is no significant damage, someone can pull it out. Because it’s a four-wheel drive vehicle, you have two axles at your disposal. If only one axle is working, engage that one to drive out. I’ve driven home many times on just one axle, whether the front or rear. Remove the damaged drive shaft and use the other axle. If you remove the rear drive shaft and it does not have a slip joint eliminator, you need to plug the output shaft of the t-case. Remove a broken front axle or half shaft so it doesn’t hang up. Turn on the front lockers if you have them as needed. Remove the u-joint and put the stub axle (short end) back on the wheel bearing. Without the stub axle in place the inner and outer bearings will not be held in place with bad results. To remove the front axle nut you need a 36 mm socket for TJ’s and a 35 mm socket for JK/ JL. A TJ requires 175 ft.-lb. of torque so it will not be easy to get it off in the field. The Hi-Lift® handle on the end of a breaker bar helps. A JK/ JL requires 100 ft.-lb. (much easier). When you put it back, just do your best to put on the required torque.

Count exposed thread.


Vice Grips on Brake Line

Steering and Braking

Two things you need to be sure you can do is steer and brake. Bent tie rod. Remove the tie rod so it can be straightened. Start by removing the cotter key and loosening the castle nut (but leaving it in place). Using two hammers, slam each side of the steering knuckle simultaneously until the tie rod comes off. You leave the castle nut on so the tie rod doesn’t fall and hit you in the head. With the tie rod off you can now straighten it. Slam it on a rock in the opposite direction until the rod straightens up sufficiently. You can also use the Hi-Lift® jack with a chain. Even straightened, however, many tie rods are hollow and once bent are very weak. It’s a good idea to “sleeve it” for extra strength. The Hi-Lift’s jack handle works great, but any pipe of the proper size is fine. You need to take one tie rod end off to slide the Hi-lift handle on. Count the exposed threads first so you can put it back about the same place (the rod will have a wave that makes it a bit shorter). I use my dune flag to measure ‘toe-in’. Use the seam in the middle of the tires to measure the distance between the front tires. First on the front and then the back behind the axle. Set the ‘toe-in’ at about 1/16 inch wider at the rear of the tire. This will get you home. An additional note about tie rods and tie rod ends. Some drivers upgrade

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Welding track bar bracket on the Rubicon. The Premier welder on my yellow Jeep is in the background.

to specific, proprietary brands. Those are sold in select retailers. If one breaks while on the trail, you can’t count on finding a replacement at a chain auto parts store. Consider taking along an extra. Minor leak in power steering. Replace with power steering fluid and monitor frequently. If you don’t have power steering fluid, use ATF fluid. Fix the issue and replace that bottle when you return home. Brakes. The most common problems are breaking a brake line that catches on something and pinching it in a coil spring. A spare brake line is nice. If not, make a small fold in the hard line and pinch it off with vice grips. Replace lost brake fluid and drive home with three brakes and the vice grips still pinching the line.

Track Bar

A loose, disconnected, or broken track bar has a major impact on steering. The most common failure is the bolt on the axle end falls off. Carry spare bolts and tighten up a loose bolt. Without a track bar all your steering wheel does is move the body. It has no effect on the wheels. On the most recent Rubicon trip, we encountered a vehicle that had broken out a chunk of the frame with the track bar bracket intact. This is unusual. The only solution was to weld it back in place.

www.howeperformance.com www.castlesteelbuildings.com

Some Other Stuff

Burst radiator or heater hose. Repair with Rescue Tape and refill the radiator. Rescue Tape is strong, doublesided silicone tape. Clean the area as best you can. Wrap the hose tightly (like electrical tape) starting one to two inches from the tear. Continue on past for another one to two inches. Refill the radiator as needed. If you don’t have coolant, use water. That will get you home. If you use only water (no coolant), keep the radiator cap loose so the system doesn’t come up to pressure. Computer. On newer vehicles, a reboot is worth a try just like all the other electronic stuff we have. Remove the battery cable and wait 10-15 minutes. There might be any number of gadgets that need to discharge. The early JK’s responded well to this treatment. Auxiliary Battery on JL. On the JL there is an auxiliary battery that runs the A/C, radio, etc. when you stop and the engine shuts down. The service manager told me the small auxiliary battery was good for about two years. If the battery fails on the trail and you can’t start the engine, you need to bypass the auxiliary battery and feed juice from the main battery to the circuits it controls. Jump post #1 to post #2. This will make sense if you look at the row of posts next to the main battery. Now might be a good

Hi-lift handle on tie rod

time to make up a jumper cable with #2 battery cable. A breakdown can occur during any four-wheeling trip. Knowing that, take steps to minimize the possibility. Start with a good inspection and maintenance regimen. Pack the right tools, along with fluids and spare parts. Always drive with others so they can help you when needed. You don’t need a major fix while out there. Just enough to get you home.

and safely use their vechicles to the fullest extent in difficult terrain and adverse driving conditions. Contact him at tom@4x4training.com or visit www.4x4training.com to develop or improve your driving skill. Copyright 2020, Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc E

Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD owners how to confidently

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Bradfield racing off road family! The best crew anywhere! - Josh Bradfield, St George UT

Thanksgiving in Glamis, Gen and Scott Markert, Steve and Laura Rockwood, Brendan and Katelyn

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Scott (my dad), Steve (my husband) and me at Glamis - Laura Rockwood, Jamul CA


Circa 1980s. Susan Stephens with dad Bob “Cheesey” Chesebro and brother Byron Chesebro at the former Ocotillo Wells Trailer Court on Split Mountain Road. Now known as Ocotillo Wells RV Park and Store, the owners are Susan and her husband Rich.

Having fun with family out at Superstition for the Lost Lizard Fun Run. - Kera Berry, El Cajon CA

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Veteran Mike Mills and family - San Marcos, CA.

My “family� at Dumont 2016. Daughter Sam, Sara in the back and Cali in the front and myself Bill Little on the right driving. We look forward to dune season every year for great trips camping with friends enjoying the sand.


Eva Star Malabanan and her Dad Sean Malabanan after she raced the Code Hechicera race September 12, 2020. She drove the entire race herself with her dad navigating. They podiumed with a 3rd place and she is now 2nd in points for the year in Class 1900 Nothing better than riding around Barstow (UTV 1000 N/A) - Tracy Malabanan (Mom) and learning a little history on the same trip. Calico Civil War Days last year was a blast! - The Herbon Family, Riverside, CA

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Woolfpack Off Road Family from Brawley CA. Grandpa Rodney Woolf raced dune buggies off-road 13+ years. Grandson Antonio Perez raced quads 10 years in 4 States. Family support always there. - Grandma Carmen Woolf

MORE OFF ROAD FAMILIES AHEAD Thomas McEntire family gathering with kids and grandkids a few years back.

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Randy Hutchins from El Cajon enjoys the desert with his kids and grandkids in the old-school VW4 seater. So much fun for all!!

My family paying tribute to my father, who passed in June. We went out to the desert, his favorite place to camp, out near Yuma. It was a tearful goodbye, but had many happy memories there to reflect on. David Almond, R.I.P. - Theresa Collett, San Marcos CA E


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“Specializing in Hand-Crafted Vehicles” Long-Travel Buggies Ultra 4 x 4’s & Jeeps Off-Road Trucks

Repair Facility Tube Bending Mig/Tig Welding

Sheet Metal Wiring Performance Parts

“THE ONLY FAB SHOP YOU’LL EVER NEED” www.rawmotorsports .com 42065 Zevo Drive #16 Temecula, CA 92590


Multi-Drive Quarter Turn Fastener Buttons


• • • •

3/16 Hex 5mm Hex Flat head Coin

• 7075 T651 - As strong as steel • Easy to Clean • Dome and Flush Styles • 3 Lengths: 0.425 - 0.500 - 0.575 • 6 Colors

you have! W hat ever www.sdiracing.com

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Flat Track Round 4 September 19-20, 2020 Camp Lockett Event and Equestrian Facility Campo CA By Steve Caro Photos by Kathryn Caro and Gary Stevens

#82 Travis Petton with brother #46 Colin Petton. Gary Stevens Photo


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fter dealing with the double-edged menace of triple digit temperatures and a large brush fire the previous round, the CALVMX oval track racers returned to the Camp Lockett Event and Equestrian facility for round four of the 2020 series. Temperatures fortunately never exceeded 94 degrees and, even better, there was never a sign smoke in the nearby hillsides. The two-day event offered classes for two, three and four wheeled competition both days. Saturday’s program focused on the two wheeled racers. An impressive cross section of machines turned out including a rare appearance by expert ranked brothers Travis and Colin Petton. Recently turned pro Travis was very impressive on the 1/5th mile Camp Locket oval. A series of preliminary heat races set the starting positions for the ensuing main events. Careful watering and grading during the intermission had the track in excellent condition as the competitors assembled in the staging area. The Open Expert Bike main event saw the Petton brothers put on a masterful display of flat track skill. Newly minted pro Travis Petton took the lead off the starting line ahead of his 11-yearold brother Colin, with series regular Daltin Collie close behind in third. The Petton brothers sparred throughout the race with no quarter given. The checkers saw Travis with the win followed by Colin and Collie. On their victory lap, the Pettons rode two-up with the checkered flag to celebrate the family victory. The popular pull-start machines returned en masse during the weekend. With motor capacities ranging from under 6 horsepower to whatever a minibike frame can handle, the racing is never boring. In the Expert Main, teammates Jeff Apple and Daltin Collie ran bar-to-bar for most of the race, with Collie leading the first half of the event. Encountering lapped traffic, Apple made his move to take over the lead. Collie wouldn’t concede and drew to within a few bike lengths of Apple near the end of the race. At the checkers, Apple held out for the win, followed by Collie in second. Long time CALVMX member Art Leva has been a regular at the club events for well over a decade. Racing CZ and Honda machines, he’s garnered numerous Iron Man class awards over the years. In recent years, Leva has expanded his racing activities into flat track and karts. In Saturday’s Adult CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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#777 Mike Weaver, #46 Steve Gimby and #454 Julian Hoefert. Gary Stevens Photo

Mini 80 Intermediate final, Leva powered his iconic Honda XR75 into the lead at the start as the pack exited turn two. He proceeded to build a substantial lead over second place Keith Nishiyama. Leva barely eased off the throttle as he sped thru the corners, his little Honda running perfectly. At the checkers, Leva took the win, adding to his main event win in the KPV 2 B kart finale earlier in the day. The kart racers were out in force during the weekend with their plethora of karts and drivers ranging from the four and five-year-old’s onto the adult classes. In the 4 Stroke Open A main, Brian Pusey got a perfect start coming out of the pace lap to grab the lead as the pack of karts slid and bounced their way thru the first turn. Staying ahead of the muddy roost coming off the wheels of his challengers, Pusey began to stretch out his lead. Careful use of power and good line selection enabled Pusey to take the win, followed by Lauren Bishop and Craig Crossland. Other main event winners included Rachael Weaver in Quad Open A, Steve Gimby in Three-Wheeler B and Claude Bell in 125 A Karts. Robert Friar Jr. joined the list of winners in the 4 Stroke Open B finale and Mark Arguilez took the gold in the Youth 12 and Under 100cc Intermediate bike class. Sunday morning greeted the racers with identical conditions to those on Saturday. A large number of entrants

made it a two-day affair while additional competitors rolled into the pits prior to the start of the day’s activities. Leading off the main events were the Mini Dwarf A & B classes. With car bodies replicating Super Modified or classic jalopies, the young drivers inside them always put on a spirited competition. In the “A” division, Danielle Friel showed exceptionally smooth driving skills as she seized the lead at the green flag and rapidly built up an unchallenged lead as she powered around the Camp Lockett oval. Friel took the win with Donald Diffenbaugh second. Sharing the track with the “A” class, the “B” division saw Kaiden Johnson leading the class over Tyler Warner and Cash Sims. Johnson has rapidly developed his skill set and took a relatively easy class win, followed by Warner and Sims. The Pull-Start Experts were out in force on Sunday with 13 entrants crowding the track. The start of their main saw Vance Welder leading the first three laps over Dan Shaw and Josh Tovar. As is common in this class, riders began to shuffle positions in large clusters which saw Conner Hickerson emerging with the lead, followed by Shaw and Daltin Collie. The leading trio separated themselves from the pack and began a tight three-way battle for the top spot. At the checkers, it was Hickerson with the win, followed by Collie and Shaw. Johnathon Thorpe topped the Youth 12 and Under 100cc Intermediate final

#812 Robert Berry, #77 Mike Weaver and #5 Harry Simpson. Berry finished second Open Quads A and Simpson first Open Quads B. Gary Stevens Photo


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with an impressive ride that saw him hold off the challenges of Mark Arguilez and Bryce Jaggi. Handling the track with apparent ease, Thorpe kept up a steady pace on his way to winning the 10-lap final, with Arguilez and Jaggi rounding out the podium. As always, the kart classes feature high speeds, spins and bumper banging action. In the 125cc Open B division, Chris Evans dueled with both Shawna Ketelsen and Victor Scaico for the top spot. The 125cc karts habitually record some of the fastest lap times during the day, with today being no exception. In a virtual blur of speed, the top three reeled off 10 laps at a furious pace. At the checkers, it was Evans with the win, followed by Ketelsen and Scaico. The future of karting was represented in the Kids Karts Newbies class. With some of the most intense stares and concentration among all racers, the young drivers powered their way around the oval at various speeds. With ten laps recorded, it was bike racer Lili Rose Bishop topping the field over Wyatt Gibson and Kyndall Johnson. Other class winners on Sunday included Ayden Casio in Junior Quad, Pat Donahue in 125cc A kart, Harry Simpson in Open Quad B and Sierra Hickerson in Open Bike Novice. For information on the series and upcoming races visit www.calvmx.net

Art Leva, first Junior 1 B. Kathryn Caro Photo

Chris Evans, first Open Karts 125 B. Kathryn Caro Photo

Race #2 off the start a combination of Open, Senior +60 and 70s 2-Stroke classes. #4k Phillip Hall, #44x Chris Piccirillo, #58 Joe Boyd, #23 Jason Bishop, #2 Conner Hickerson and #45 Michael Diffenbaugh. Gary Stevens Photo

#7 Bill Lyons, first Adult Mini Intermediate, leads #313 Marc Heathfield and #3 Sierra Hickerson. Gary Stevens Photo

#713 Jasper Heathfield leads dad Marc Heathfield and #1 Art Leva in the Adult Mini class. Gary Stevens Photo

Daltin Collie, first Open Knobbie Expert. Gary Stevens Photo

#8 Summer Kukla, first Youth 16 & Under Intermediate and #3 Sierra Hickerson, first Powder Puff. Gary Stevens Photo

#2 Conner Hickerson and #45 Michael Diffenbaugh in Saturday’s TT race. Diffenbaugh finished first Open Adult Bikes Expert. Gary Stevens Photo

#421 Brody Shaw, first Pull Start (less than 6hp) Novice followed by Brody Porst, first Beginner. Gary Stevens Photo

#19 Mike Pridgeon and #99 Claude Bell lead the Open 125 Karts A racers. Pridgeon finished second overall for the day. Gary Stevens Photo

Kyndall Johnson, third Kids Karts Newbies. Gary Stevens Photo

Kera Berry, second Womens Open Quad A. Gary Stevens Photo

#32 Cheyenne Williams, #65 Tanner Donahue and #1W Rachael Weaver. Gary Stevens Photo

#11 Lauren Bishop finished second 4 Stroke Open Karts A. Gary Stevens Photo

#57 Brian McCartney and #20 Victor Scaico, Open Karts 125 B. Gary Stevens Photo E

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AMA District 38 Full Throttle


September 12, 2020 Plaster City East | El Centro CA www.amad38.com

Photos by Judd Neves Nothing But Dirt Racing Photography


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Ironman Tony DeMars followed by Anthony Magdalen in Tucker’s Trench. Magdalen and teammate Luis Garcia went on to win the ATV Novice class with DeMars in third. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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Steve Mutt "Mad Mutt Racing�, third UTV Pro Stock

Rick Boone, Ironman, first ATV Senior Novice Andrew Hendrix, first 250 Novice with Brenten Adams

Cassidy Estrada, first Women Amateur with Liz Karcz


John Krempp Jr., first Senior Novice

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Chris Segal, first Super Senior Amateur

TOP TEN MOTORCYCLES & QUADS OVERALL 1. Justin Carnes, Cory Gustafson 2. Tyler Sarver, Dylan Earle 3. Kyle Hearold, Pete Andrise 4. Joe Saelens, Jacob Saelens 5. Henry Daly, Jason Mount 6. Chase Beyer, Braydin Collie 7. Cooper Shira, Eric Moreno 8. Chad Goodsell, Evan Estrada 9. Robbie Pippin, Derek Ball 10. Bennie Beltran, Danny Magdalen TOP TEN UTVs OVERALL 1. Bryce Marking 2. Chris Niemi 3. Gabe Matthews 4. Jarrett Whitted 5. Max "Steel" Carver 6. Jesse Melrose 7. Skip Fitch 8. Larry Hammers 9. Steve Mutt 10. Chase Northrip CLASS RESULTS Open Exp 1. Justin Carnes, Cory Gustafson 2. David Ponce-Dick, Max Drew 3. Daniel Fenton, Ryan Haake 4. Juan Esteban Miranda


5. Zach Walker Open Am 1. Joe Saelens, Jacob Saelens 2. Bryan Tyson 3. Nathan Johnson 4. Jake Nash Open Nov 1. Justin Wilson 2. Brendan Hinkle, Robert Rodriguez 3. Kyle Sutter 4. Cole Herbrandson, Jett Lewis 5. Austin Holt, Daltin Collie 250 Exp 1. Tyler Sarver, Dylan Earle 2. Kyle Hill 250 Am 1. Chase Beyer, Braydin Collie 2. Cooper Shira, Eric Moreno 3. Joshua Espinoza 250 Nov 1. Brenten Adams, Andrew Hendrix 2. Tanner Engen, Cody Hatfield 3. Eli Kell, Nick Tiedemann 4. BrandonWattenbarger 5. Ryan Narino 200 Am 1. Chad Goodsell, Evan Estrada CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

Jolene Crouse, first ATV Women Amateur with Rachael Weaver

Craig Estrada and Brett Berker, sixth UTV Pro Stock

Cody Hatfield, second 250 Novice with Tanner Engen

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www.factoryresole.com www.ceetracing.com

Kyle Sutter, Ironman, third Open Novice 200 Nov 1. Conner Belew, Tim Belew Womens Am 1. Cassidy Estrada, Elizabeth Karcz Wom Nov 1. Karen Gariepy, Kristin Baxter Vet Exp 1. Henry Daly, Jason Mount 2. Andy Vance,

Dylan Earle teamed with Tyler Sarver and finished second overall, first 250 Expert


Cole Herbrandson, fourth Open Novice witih Jett Lewis Dustin Slade Vet Am 1. Ben Sikora, Roy Keizer Vet Nov 1. Thomas Durn, Mark Nagle 2. Merrit Townsend 3. Joe Shuart Sen Exp 1. Kyle Hearold, Pete Andrise 2. Joshua Smith 3. Shad Bodenstadt, Damon Hawks Sen Am 1. Courtney Ludwin, Davin Brigman 2. Ryan Pavelchik, Casey Stone Sen Nov 1. John Krempp Jr 2. Eddie Noonan, Brad Destache 3. Chad Prey 4. Dick Hosmer, Davey Shapiro Sup Sen Exp 1. Robbie Pippin, Derek Ball 2. Loren Dimond, Randy Whittenberg 3. Loren Taylor, Tim Debalt 4. Bill Hinkle, Jim Rizzo 5. Troy Pierce, Jason Cogbill Sup Sen Am 1. Chris Segal 2. Don Elliot Masters Exp 1. Mark Zela, Robert Koch 2. Jack Richmond ATV Exp 1. Bennie Beltran, Danny Magdalen 2. Jack Richmond, second Mas- Chris Avalos, Alonzo ters Expert

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Scott Kent, LESAR Rescue Dominguez ATV Vet Exp 1. Carlos Valencia ATV Vet Am 1. Ron Sour 2. Mike Weaver ATV Sen Nov 1. Rick Boone ATV Nov 1. Luis Garcia,

Brandon Wattenbarger, Ironman, fourth 250 Novice

www.msshocks.com www.ksurplus. com

Don Elliot, Ironman, second Senior Amateur

Carlos Valencia, first ATV Vet Expert Anthony Magdalen 2. Jesse Monroy, Andrew Salas 3. Tony De Mars 4. Antonio Ballesteros 5. Alejandro Calzada ATV Wom Am 1. Rachael Weaver, Jolene Crouse UTV Unlimited 1. Bryce Marking 2. Chris Niemi 3. Michael Sandoval 4. Steve "Cowboy" Carver 5. Chris Hoffman UTV Pro Production 1. Gabe Matthews 2. Jarrett Whitted 3. Max "Steel" Carver 4. Skip Fitch 5. Troy Barker UTV Pro Stock 1. Jesse Melrose 2. Larry Hammers 3. Steve Mutt 4. Chase Northrip 5. Janelle Feeler UTV Pro Sportsman 1. Robert Gibson 2. Nick Ewing-Pistelak

Eric Moreno, second 250 Amateur with Cooper Shira

Josh Smith, second Senior Expert

Cory Gustafson, first overall with Justin Carnes

Mikey Sandoval, third UTV Unlimited

Chris Avalos, second ATV Expert with teammate Alonzo Dominguez

Bennie Beltran, first ATV Expert

www.amad38.com www.facebook.com/fulthrottlemc/ www.facebook.com/AMADistrict38/ www.facebook.com/JuddNeves. NothingButDirt.RacingPhotography/

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Best in the Desert The Arizona team of Travis Wells and Jarrett Curley finished third Open Expert and 23rd overall in the combined motorcycle/quad race

58 58

S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com

National Desert Cup

September 27, 2020

Glen Helen Raceway | San Bernardino CA Photos by RNR Photos www.bitd.com


www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com -- NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 2020 2020 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE

59 59


James More 12th UTV Turbo leads #T905 Marc Burnett and Simon Terzian and #T991 5th UTV finisher Sierra Romo and Wes Lefler.

he Jagged X National Desert Cup Presented by Quantum Motorsports saw temperatures in the low 90’s, smoke-free skies, and a huge turnout for motorcycles, quads, and UTVs. The 7.8-mile course at the Glen Helen Raceway was new for competitors and featured a variety of off-road challenges between the large in-field motocross section and the Lucas Oil short course track connected together by the infamous West and East Ridges. The setup challenged everyone who attended, reminding many racers of rugged Baja terrain.

The event started strong on Friday afternoon with the 4 Wheel Parts Youth UTV races. The future stars of the offroad racing world came out in full force, smashing a modified 3.2-mile course and putting on a fun show for spectators, parents, and mentors. Chaden Minder got things moving in the UTV Y 250 Class taking home the overall win in 40:18:027 followed by Travis Sallee. Jacob Williamson won the UTV Y 170 Modified class in 41:49.592 with Deegan Gonzales coming home second. George Llamosas, Jaxon Leaming, and TJ Siewers finished first,

Alexia Leaming, sixth UTV Y 570

Nic Colangeli, fifth Open Pro


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

second, and third in UTV Y 170 with less than a second separation for the podium. Dallas Gonzalez won the hotly-contested UTV Y 1000 class followed by Kaden Danbury and Colton Damon. Finally, Chase Mankin brought home the UTV Y 570 class win followed by Paxton Schendel and Kendall Felker. The weekend commenced with two full days of tough off-road competition for adult classes. Classes competed Saturday and Sunday in two rounds of seven, six, or five laps, depending on the class, with

Irvin Casillas teamed with Jesus Valenzuela and Kenny Sanford to win the Quad Expert class



Evan Spooner, first overall Quad and first Quad Pro

Oskar Kristjansson, first Ironman Amateur

Third Quad Expert team, Omar Alvarado, Alvaro Alvarado and Jorge Pompa

The team of Paul Palmer, Cliff Thomas and Derek Paiement finished second O-50 Expert

Ricardo De Saracho, first Ironman Expert

huge pile-up leading up the infamous West Ridge. After some quick track work by the Best In The Desert team, the drivers managed the tough course with skill and

the lowest elapsed times over the two days determining the overall winners. To no one’s surprise, the UTV Pro and CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Unlimited class were two of the most competitive classes of the weekend with the Phil Blurton/ Beau Judge team showing everyone the fast way home by winning both days with a combined time of 2:20:04 over Dustin Jones in 2:20:44. Cody Bradbury finished in 2:23:46, Mitch Guthrie in 2:24:13, and Sierra Romo in 2:30:31, rounding out the top five overall after two hectic days of racing. Saturday’s www.axiaalloys.com race required a restart after a www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Mikey Kelly, first UTV Rally

UTV Turbo winners Phil Blurton and Beau Judge Erin and Andrew Simmons team finished fifth Quad Pro

Other notable motorcycle and quad dexterity. UTV Unlimited was won by Mike class winners included O-30 Expert winners De Ley in 2:29:29 followed by Randy James Shultz, Greg Barbonnex, Ryan Raschein and Michael Isom in second and Liebelt; O-40 Pro winner Will Heiss; first third place, respectively. The UTV Short Open Expert winners Dakota Kilbride, Ryan Course race was won overall by Larry Liebelt, James Shultz; and first Ironman Heidler in 1:39:28 followed by Braden Pro, Dustin Slade. Baker and Sierra Romo. “The race course we put together at The Danny Cooper/Blayne Thompson Glen Helen was very challenging, judging team won both days to take home the from the comments at the finish. Everyone overall win with a combined time of agreed that the course was tough but 2:42:10 in the motorcycle/quad class. fun, and those who came out on top, we Clayton Gerstner came in second place salute you,” said Best In The Desert Race in 2:48:10 followed harrowingly close by Operations Manager Jeff Phillips. “In fact, the Hayden Hintz/Trevor Hunter team in we salute everyone who came to take on 2:48:13. the challenge. We especially want to thank Evan Spooner dominated the Quad Pro class finishing in 2:49:18, the fourth Lori Wilson and our hosts at Glen Helen fastest overall time of all 65 registered for making the weekend so special. I also motorcycles and quads of the weekend. specifically want to thank our Best In The Beau Baron finished 2nd on the Quad Pro Desert staff for all their hard work and on his new Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S. dedication. Our team continues to shine The ultra-competitive UTV Rally Class was and put on the best off-road races in the won by U987 Mikey Kelly in a combined world.” “I’m very proud of the job our two-day time of 1:59:53 followed by Brian team did pulling this event together on and Laura Wilson in 2:03:38, James Hill/ such short notice,” echoed Best In The Erica Sacks coming in third, and Kailee and Desert CMO Bryan Folks. “Our new Race Steve Olliges coming home in fourth place. 62 S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Operations Manager Jeff Phillips did an amazing job overseeing the event and making sure it operated smoothly according to Best In The Desert race standards. We leave Glen Helen looking to finish the season off with a bang at the BlueWater Desert Challenge.” Overall, the weekend felt like a family get-together with the majority of racers and spectators choosing to camp at the Glen Helen Raceway. The comradery was complete with the Best In the Desert Racer Appreciation Taco Fest and Bench Race Party on Saturday night after the day’s racing when racers and their families were able to socialize and share stories about their experiences that day. Find full results of the Jagged X National Desert Cup Presented by Quantum Motorsports at www.bitd. E com/race-results/. www.facebook.com/rnr.photos.1 www.bitd.com

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Flat Track

#127 Jeff Katarzy 1st place 65-70cc 2 Stroke Novice class followed by #124 Tommy Neelings 2nd place

Duke Makarevich 1st place 50cc 2 Stroke Beginner

64 64

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Round 4 September 12, 2020 Perris Raceway Perris CA www.scftaracing.com Photos by DW Media


www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


#82 Travis Petton IV 1st career pro main win! #11x Andrew Luker 2nd place

Jackson Brown, 1st place 50cc Open class

#59 Richard Pollock 1st place Super Senior +60 Expert class with #47 Jim Wood 2nd place

#3 Sierra Hickerson 1st place Powder Puff with #78 Marissa Silva 2nd place


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50cc 4 Stk Beg 1. Duke Makrevich 50cc 4 Stk Nov 1. Cameron Neelings 50cc Open 1. Jackson Brown 2. Duke Makarevich 3. Thomas Chavira 50cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Duke Makarevich 2. Brody Davis 3. Thomas Charira 50cc 2 Stk Am 1. Jackson Brown 65-70cc 2 Stk Nov 1. Jeff Katarzy 2. Tommy Neelings 3. Ryder Bitz-Hay 4. Brayden Reed 65-70cc 2 Sk Am 1. Colton Shafer 65-70cc 2 Stk Beg 1. Jackson Brown 2. Danny Iha 65-70cc Open 1. Colton Shafer 2. Jett Katarzy 3. Tommy Neelings 4. Ryder Bitz-Hay 5. Jackson Brown 85cc 2 Stk Am 1. Colin Petton 2. Colton Shafer 3. Kensei Matsudaira 85cc 2 Stk Nov 1. Jett Katarzy 2. Jasper Heathfield 3. Tommy Neelings 4. Ryder Bitz-Hay 85-100cc 4 Stk Nov 1. Jasper Heathfield 85-100cc 4 Stk Am 1. Kensei Matsudaira 85 Open 1. Colin Petton 2. Kensei Matsudaira 3. Jett Katarzy 4. Jasper Heathfield 5. Ryder Bitz-Hay 250 Youth Open 1. Sierra Hickerson Vets +35 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Ryan Reed 3. Robbie Crean 4. Scott Hanson Vets +35 Am/ Nov 1. Adam Lessley 2. Mike Diffenbaugh 3. Joseph Boyd 4. Mike Pitschner 5. Moises Castaneda Classic Vintage 1. Dwayne Locke 2. Joe Choll 3. Joe Pape Super Senior +60 Exp 1. Richard Pollock 2. Jim Wood 3. Ray Lopez 4. Elliott Iverson 5. Don Jensen Super Senior +60 Am/Nov 1. James Morris 2. Gary Lane 3. Greg Powell 4. Mike Brooks 5. Steve Lourenco Open Unclassified 1. Conner Hickerson 2. Cole Norman 3. Tyler Bittrolff 4. Rich Bienias 5. Moises Castaneda Madd Dog Open 4 Stk 100-220cc 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. Conner Hickerson 3. Marc Heathfield 4. Dan Iha 5. Michael Resendez Pit Bikes 1. Cow Chott 2. Joey Chott 3. Jim Joseph Framers Exp 1. Travis Petton 2. Jeff Johnson Framer Am/Nov 1. Greg Powell Senior Vets +50 Exp 1. Jon Nunes 2. Richard Pollock 3. Ray Lopez 4. Jeff Apple 5. Robbie Crean Senior Vets +50 Am/Nov 1. Travis Ward 2. Adam Lesley 3. Mark Norman 4. Donnie Moore 5. James Morris Open Exp/Pro Non-Paying 1. Tarren Santero 2. Andrew Luker 3. Christian Spurgeon 4. Dominic Diaz 5. Jacob Cascio Powder Puff 1. Sierra Hickerson 2. Marissa Silva 3. Joey Crabtree 4. Roberta Ewart Bomber Exp 1. Jeff Johnson 2. Robbie Crean 3. Johnny Custom Bomber Am/Nov 1. Jim Bandelin 2. Andrew Davis Open Nov/Beg 1. Tyler Bittroff 2. Bradley Torres 3. AJ Bender 4. Rich Bienias 5. Joseph Boyd Open Am 1. Conner Hickerson 2. Jeff Apple 3. Cole Norman Hooligans 1. AJ Kirklatrick 2. Richard Pollock 3. Adam Lessley 4. Joey Elms 5. Rich Silva Pros 1. Travis Petton 2. Andrew Luker 3. Dominic Diaz 4. Tarren Santero 5. Christian Spurgeon E

Visit www.scftaracing.com for more info

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King Shocks

Battle at Prim

October 10-11, 2020 Primm NV

By C.J.Hutchins

Photos by RNR Photos www.snoreracing.net

68 68

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

mm Mario Ledezma, seventh Class 5-1600 in Saturday’s race


www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE

69 69


James Williams flying high in Class 1450 Pro

Tricia Reina, Class 1900 SxS Pro

Dominic Gaglione, first Class 1900 SxS Pro on Sunday

Placing fifth on both days, Aaron Baker in Class 600 Unlimited

Lucas Knecht, first Class 10 on Saturday

Jacob Davidson, Class 9

Tony Lisa, Class 1

Jim Hayford with a fourth and fith place finish over the weekend in Class 2000


Wade Porter, second Unlimited Truck Saturday and third on Sunday

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

s the saying goes, “S.N.O.R.E. always pays more!” Nothing could have been more true about our last event. After having to re-schedule the event, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to put up some big money to draw in extra entries. The King Shocks Battle at Primm was a total success from every aspect. I am always amazed at how our very small team of volunteers comes together to make these events happen. With nearly 300 cars taking the green flag, it was one of the biggest Battle at Primm events we have ever had. Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts has always been known for low entry fees and high payback. This year’s event was no different! SNORE put up $21,500 in bonus money on top of our already stellar payback system. The more cars we can draw in, the more money we can pay back out to the racers. It is absolutely awesome seeing the amount of money we pay out to the racers. S.N.O.R.E. paid out a grand total of $79,215! We had several bonuses for many classes up for grabs. Patrick’s Signs has put up $1,500 at every race for the 1st place Class 1 winner. Ernie Negrete with Negrete Boys Racing brought in 28 entries for the 5-1600 shootout. The Empi Stock Bug Cup of Champions, presented by Rugged Radios, brought in 21 stock bugs! The S.N.O.R.E. bonus for class 9 brought in an impressive 30 entries. No other organization in the industry brings in this amount of limited class racers.

Max Bender, fourth overall for the weekend in Class 1

Richard Miramontes finished 19th and 24th over the weekend in Class 5-1600

Cole Hardin, 10th on Saturday and 8th on Sunday in Class 1600

Charles Lathrem with 15th and 13th place finishes in Class 1600

Tyler Romero, Class 5 Unlimited

The biggest winner of the weekend went to Curt Geer winning the 1600 class. S.N.O.R.E. put up a $5,000 bonus, along with $3,000 from KING SHOCKS, and $1,500 thanks to Freeman’s Carpet. This brought our bonus total to $9,500. We had hoped to bring in 30+ cars, but we ended up only having 25 cars in the class. With only 25 cars in class Curt Geer is receiving a check for $7,960! Runner-up in the class was Robby Hendrickson, who is also taking home a nice check of over $5,000! We paid out over $17,000 to class 1600! Class 9 also had a very nice $5,000 bonus up for grabs. The Class 9 battle was epic with 30 cars starting the race. The 995 car of Ron Thomas ended up on top of the box with a healthy check for nearly $6,000!

Second place went to Mauro Diaz in the 906 car. Mauro will receive $3,745 for his hard fought 2nd place. Two other notable big winners were the Davis brothers. Justin Davis finishing 2nd overall and 1st in Class 1 took home $4,000, with 13 entries in class. His kid brother, Jeremy Davis, taking the Class 10 win received a check for $4,250! Thank you to all the racers for showing your continued support! Thank you to all our volunteers, we could not pay this much money out without our dedicated volunteer staff. And a big thank you to our sponsors that help us put more money back into the racers' pockets. Now get those cars prepped and get ready for the biggest race of the year!! Rage at the River

Kevin Benali, first Class 2000 on Saturday and second on Sunday

is coming up quick, December 10-13 in Laughlin NV! I can’t wait to see everyone there! Visit www.snoreracing.net for more info.

Greg Bender, 14th on both days in Class 11 Stock Bug E

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AMA National Hare & Hound

Desert Round 5 | Jericho UT September 26, 2020 www.nationalhareandhound.com


he Kenda SRT AMA National Hare and Hound Championship, presented by FMF resumed in Jericho, Utah for round five of the 2020 season. Hosted by Sage Riders MC, the event situated just outside of the famous Little Sahara Sand Dunes offered an 80-mile course consisting of two loops designed to challenge riders of all skill levels. The smallest racers of the series quickly lit their bikes and charged off onto the short bomb run that led to the start of the course of Race 1. Making moves as the pack began to settle Taeson Smith took the lead position, followed by Nevada rider Finn

72 72

Ruby and Hagen Olsen. Baylor Collins, Nixx Park, Katin Lessing, Thayne Long and the rest of the field moved into their respective positions behind the leaders. Coming through scoring with a 19-minute lap time, Smith, Ruby and Olsen set out onto their second and final lap. Lessing made her move on Park to move into 5th overall, while Stone Andrews put his electric KTM motorcycle in a favorable top 10 position. At the checkered flag, Smith held off Ruby and Olsen to take the overall Pee Wee victory. Race 2 welcomed a longer 14-mile course for the remaining Youth racers of the day, including Big Wheel, Girls, Jr.

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

Girls, Mini, Jr. Mini and Micro Mini. A more technical course would challenge the growing racers with natural terrain and fun trails. With the drop of the banner, all racers quickly started their bikes from a dead engine and raced across the open field to meet the head of the trail. Tayson Volker moved his way into the lead position over the next miles ahead of Jason Harris and Mikey Wayne as the trio settled into a blistering lead pace. Coming through on Lap 1 after a 36+ minute lap time, Volker held the overall lead with just one lap to go. However, Harris put his head down and sprinted over the next lap to move into the lead

DEVOTIONAL Big Wheel winner Jason Harris

position as the checkers flew, with Volker and Wayne in tow. Meanwhile, Tallon Smith (Mini), Alijah Delatore (Girls), Malcom Pearson (Micro Mini), Kehne Leane (Jr. Mini) and Joey McPhearson (Jr. Girls) worked their way through the pack and ultimately claim their class win. As the dust settled from youth racing, the afternoon premier race riders began to take their place on the the FMF Bomb Run. With desert specialists including David Kamo, Dalton Shirey, Jacob Argubright, Joe Wasson, Zane Roberts and more ready to battle it out, the banner raised, and all CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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The Pro row charges down the bomb run that leads into the sand dunes

(L-R) David Kamo in 2nd, winner Dalton Shirey and 3rd place Jacob Argubright

went silent. As the banner dropped after 1-minute, the field of off-road talent lit their engines and began the charge. 3 Bro's Husqvarna rider Dalton Shirey edged out the competition to take the FMF Holeshot, followed by a train of overall hopefuls. Shirey's impressive start gave him favorable, dust-free air to build a gap on the competition that was desperately chasing to catch him. Current points leader David Kamo made quick work of the terrain to move into 2nd place overall ahead of 2020 series champion Jacob Argubright. Factory Beta rider Zane Roberts, JCR Honda's Preston Campbell, Factory Beta's Joe Wasson, Axel Pearson, Evan Kelly, Bridger Steele and Factory Beta's Cole Conatser (Pro 250) settled into the top 10 positions over the next 40 technical miles and into the Mika Metal Pits. With a 3:32 gap on second place, Shirey led the pack with conviction and came into the pits looking strong. 74

Meanwhile, Kamo led Argubright by nearly a minute. Roberts held his own just 1:08 down from the front runners, but had pressure from Campbell who sat in 5th overall just behind. Over the next 40-miles, Shirey maintained focus to nearly double

the gap on Kamo who was busy fighting off Argubright. As the checkered flag flew, Shirey cruised his way in as overall winner, 5:46 ahead of Kamo. Kamo and Argubright nearly crossed the finished line wheel to wheel, ahead of Roberts and Campbell who rounded out the top five. Kamo's 2nd place finish further solidified himself as the overall points leader heading into round six. In the Pro 250 class, Factory Beta rider Cole Conatser would find himself with pressure coming from Utah natives Mcquin Hair, Corbin McPhearson and Corbin Eatherton. On the unusually more technical first loop, the riders settled into their pace and came into the Mika Metal Pits, all less than 1-minute of each other. On Loop 2, Conatser held his lead position of Eatherton and McPhearson. Unfortunately, McPhearson encountered a mishap that ended his day, allowing Eatherton and Hair to advance. Hair kicked it up and made the pass for second place ahead of Eatherton as the trio came across the finish line.

Hooligan Open Podium (L-R) 2nd place Jordan Graham, winner Quinn Cody and 3rd place Ken Durr

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

With a $4000 championship bonus on the line, the Elegant Cabinetry Women's Pro class saw a new winner top the podium. Colorado native Britney Gallegos lined up alongside Utah's Rachel Stout and California Factory Beta rider Morgan Tanke. On Loop 1, Gallegos and Stout battled it out nonstop for 40 miles, coming into the pits wheel to wheel. Heading out onto Loop 2, the women continued their battle in hopes of taking the lead. Coming across the checkered flag, Gallegos officially earned her first win of the season after an exhausting battle with Stout who came in less than 30 seconds behind. Tanke raced her way to third overall to round out the podium. Gallegos' victory officially moved her into the overall points lead with just two rounds to go. The Hooligan Open class presented by Scrambler Ducati once again brought top talent to compete on 750cc+ motorcycles in the challenging off-road terrain of The Desert Devotional. Off the start, Ducati

Pro 250 Podium (L-R) Mcquin Hair in 2nd, winner Cole Conatser, 3rd place Corbin Eatherton

racer Jordan Graham jumped off the line alongside the other Hooligan riders and charged towards the sand dunes. Meanwhile, KTM backed Quinn Cody quickly moved into his line of choice,

which served as a faster line to the end of the bomb as he took the holeshot of the entire Intermediate row. Over the next 40 miles, the Hooligan riders battled their way through the technical terrain on their offroad adapted street motorcycles. With Cody in the lead and Graham chasing the target, Jake Pope, Ken Durr, Mikey Hill, Tony Parent and Nick Wojnarowicz navigated their way through valleys and mountains. Pope and Wojnarowicz found themselves with minor damages that would ultimately end their day. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Durr charged his way into third. Coming into the finish line at full speed, Quinn Cody charged across the finish line as winner, with Graham coming through in second place. After an injury left Durr off the podium at the previous round, he kept himself upright to officially cross the finish line in 3rd overall ahead of Tony Parent. E

Pro Women Podium (L-R) 2nd place Rachel Stout, winner Britney Gallegos and 3rd place Morgan Tanke

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September 26-27, 2020 - San Felipe, Baja Californ

By Dominic Clark, SCORE Media Operations Director | Photos by

The SCORE Baja 500 never disappoints us. The course was great because it had a lot of new sections that I’d never even been on. . . This course is probably one of the toughest ones because it’s all in desert. There are technical sections, but it’s just relentless San Felipe desert. - Larry Roeseler 76 76

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S


RE A 500 Larry Roeseler, sixth SCORE Trophy Truck


y GetSomePhoto.com

Trey Hernquist, first Class 5

Kristen Matlock, first overall UTV, 17th overall and 1st Pro UTV CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Broc Dickerson, fifth Class 1

As five stars of the sport dueled in the simmering desert heat Saturday, San Diego’s third-generation desert racer Dan McMillin teamed with Las Vegas’ Justin B. Smith to earn a hard-fought overall and SCORE Trophy Truck victory at the BFGoodrich Tires 52nd SCORE Baja 500, presented by 4 Wheel Parts. The race was held this week for just the second time in its storied history in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. McMillin, 32, and Smith, 36, split the driving in the grueling race through the rugged Baja terrain with temperatures hovering in the 90s with 60% humidity along the Sea of Cortez, covering the 493 mile desert race course in eight hours, 29.17 seconds with an usually high average speed of 58.08 miles per hour. The pair drove the No. 23 McMillin Racing Chevy C1500 built by Mason Motorsports. With significant Biosecurity Protocols established, approved and initiated because of the COVID-19 pandemic including no spectators for the contingency, start and finish line area at the Eldorado Ranch resort in San Felipe, it was the first SCORE Baja race since last November’s SCORE Baja 1000. The pandemic-abbreviated two-race 2020 SCORE World Desert Championship will conclude Nov. 17-22 in Ensenada at the 53rd BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 500, presented by 4 Wheel Parts.


San Felipe is the peaceful village on the Sea of Cortez, 125 miles south of the 78

U.S. Border at Calexico, Calif. Both 2020 SCORE races will be held on Mexico’s magnificent Baja California peninsula for the fifth consecutive year.


When the final checkered flag fell, a total of 129 vehicles left the start line early Saturday morning with racers from 19 U.S. States along with host country Mexico, Bolivia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands and New Zealand. When the course closed at 4:06 a.m. PT on Sunday, there were 77 official finishers for a very high 59.69 finishing rate, especially considering the difficulty of the race course. The results were made official following complete data tracking review of the devices on each vehicle in the event on Sunday morning.


internationally to as many as 25 countries. The shows are produced by SCORE in association with prominent SoCal company BCII TV. Announcers for this race were SCORE Live streaming host Rat Sult and champion motorcycle racer Mark Samuels.


With a legacy started by the late family patriarch Corky McMillin, Daniel McMillin added to the Big Blue M rich history with his first career victory in the marquee SCORE Trophy Truck division for hi-tech, 950-horsepower unlimited custom trucks. McMillin Racing earned two podium placements as Daniel’s brother Luke McMillin finished third overall and in SCORE Trophy Truck. Running in a pack of five monsters of the desert for the majority of the race, the duo pulled away at the end. After penalties CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

Competition included classes for cars, trucks UTVs, motorcycles and quads for the internationallytelevised BFGoodrich Tires 52nd SCORE Baja 500, presented by 4 Wheel Parts. The race will be televised on a delayed basis as a one-hour special on the ABC Network World of X Games programming Jim Bult racing in the SCORE TT Legends class and syndicated

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https://www. facebook.com/ omfperformance/

www.omfperformance.com www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Matt Burroughs, first Pro UTV Forced Induction

were assessed by SCORE adjusting the finishing times of nearly all finishers, McMillin/Smith earned a victory margin of five minutes, 34 seconds over the secondplace truck. Daniel McMillin started the race and ran to race-mile 329 where Smith got behind the wheel and powered to the finish line at the El Dorado Ranch resort. With his victory, McMillin also earned a US $25,000 contingency bonus from longtime SCORE sponsor and race title sponsor BFGoodrich Tires offered to the winner of this year’s race. It marked the 33rd victory for BFGoodrich Tires-shod overall winning race vehicles. Besides his late grandfather Corky, Daniel McMillin’s champion family members include his brother Luke McMillin, who finished third overall and in SCORE Trophy Truck in this year’s race, his dad Mark McMillin, his uncle Scott McMillin, and his cousins Andy McMillin and Jessica McMillin.


Following planning with and approval from city and state governments, SCORE

International had all the official pre-race activities and the start/finish line compound for this year’s SCORE Baja 500 held in a restricted area at the prominent El Dorado Ranch resort with no spectators allowed.

Jones rode from race mile 395 to race mile 459. Mark Samuels rode from race mile 459 to the finish. For Honda, it was their 22nd overall motorcycle victory in the SCORE BAja 500.



Riding the No. 1x Honda CRF450X, Mark Samuels, 30, and his three-rider team raced to the overall motorcycle victory for his ninth consecutive overall motorcycle win in the SCORE World Desert Championship and his fourth overall win in this race. The trio crossed the finish line in 10:50:11 at an average speed of 44.76mph. Samuels split the riding with Justin Morgan, 30, Yucca Valley, Calif. who won his fifth overall motorcycle crown in the last six years in this race and Justin Jones, Murrieta, Calif. who won his second consecutive SCORE overall motorcycle title in this race. Mark Samuels started and quickly switched to Justin Morgan. Justin Morgan rode to race mile 236. Mark Samuels rode from race mile 236 to race mile 395. Justin

The Giovanni Spinali team, second Pro Moto 50, sixth overall motorcycle


Cody Parkhouse, first Class 1

Winning Class 1 and finishing fifth overall was Cody Parkhouse and his father Brian Parkhouse, Long Beach, Calif. (No. 127 Jimco-Chevy). Finishing second in Class 1 and seventh overall was the team of Brendan Gaughan, Las Vegas/Buddy Feldkamp, Redlands, Calif. (No. 162 HMSChevy). Parkhouse is a second-gen desert racer as are Gaughan and Feldkamp. Gaughan, who won his class in last year’s SCORE Baja 1000, is in his final year of NASCAR Cup racing with one race left on his farewell tour.


Defeating 36 total UTVs to win the overall UTV win title and her Pro UTV NA (Naturally Aspirated) in this year’s race was CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

The Mark Samuels, three-rider team raced to the overall motorcycle victory for his ninth consecutive overall motorcycle win in the SCORE World Desert Championship

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www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Josh De Jong, ninth SCORE Trophy Truck

Kristen Matlock, 39, Alpine, Calif., a racing mother of two and wife of PRO UTV FI star Wayne Matlock, who are from Alpine, Calif., with a winning time of 10:49:02 in her No. 2971 Polaris RZR XP4 1000. No stranger to the SCORE winner’s circle and podium, she amazingly once again drove solo to the victory. The first lady of SCORE desert racers, Matlock joyfully expressed at the finish line, “I started at the very back of the class and ended up passing all the UTVs from all four classes, including my husband (Wayne Matlock, No. 2971 who finished third in Pro UTV FI). He was leading the 82

race for the majority of the day until race mile 395.”

second straight victory in the SCORE Baja 500.



In the SCORE Legend class for SCORE Trophy Truck drivers over 50 years old, Phoenix’s Nick Vanderwey survived the carnage in his class of five starters to win his class as the substitute driver for driver of record Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va., in their RPM Racing No. 5L Chevy V16 built by Geiser Brothers. Vanderwey drove from the start to race-mile 360 and Jeff Geiser took it from there to the finish for the team’s

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

The race featured a course, finalized and plotted by SCORE President/Race Director Jose A. Grijalva of 493 miles. It ran both north and south of San Felipe in a counterclockwise direction on the east side of the Baja California peninsula. The historic race course was another memorable example of all that Mexico’s Baja California has to offer, including highspeed dirt trails, sandy, rocky and silty

Wes Miller out of Las Vegas racing in the Pro UTV Forced Induction class

natural terrain, dry lake beds, majestic Baja washes and canyons, stretches along the ocean with elevations from sea level to over 3,000 feet. The course was another jewel reflecting the stark beauty of Baja California. There were three physical full-stop checkpoints and 198 virtual checkpoints. Checkpoint 1 was at race mile 155.63 (Laguna Salada), CP2 at rm278.11 (Laguna Amarga) and CP3 was at rm459.11 (Camino altura Percebu). There were just six speed zones for a total of only 8.65 miles. Much of the course ran through Laguna Salada as well as going through

parts of four of Baja California’s infamously magnificent washes: Amarillas, Chanate, Huatamote and Azufre. All Sportsman classes along with Pro classes 7SX, 11 and 9 ran an abbreviated course of 433.34 miles.


The SCORE Baja 500 is one of the top motorsports events in the world. It was started originally in 1969 by the NORRA organization. With tremendous assistance from Ensenada tourism advocate Nico Saad, Mickey Thompson and his fledgling SCORE

International organization were invited by the Mexican government to take over the event starting in 1974. Sal Fish ran and later owned and produced the SCORE Baja 500 for 39 years until he sold SCORE in December of 2012. For more information regarding SCORE, visit the official website of the SCORE World Desert Championship at www.SCOREInternational. com.#scorebaja500. E

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Super Clean Duel

84 84

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 2020 2020 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

l in the Desert

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series September 18-19, 2020 Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park | Chandler AZ By Scott Spinning Photos by Spinning Wheels Photography

#967 Ben Booker leads a group of UTV Production Class racers


www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



Modified Karts led by #528 Connor Barry and #572 David Gasper

hhat has been long awaited since the beginning of March, the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series hit the dirt at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, Arizona, presented by Super Clean Duel in the Desert. Back in February of this year, Arizona Regional was the last race held on the original track. Shortly

Mod Kart Talan Martin flying

Jr 2 Karts. #488 Olive Hoover, #477 Billy Wilson and #477 Kaylee Federwisch


afterwards Kyle Leduc assisted with a new layout for the track. Due to Covid, most of the season got postponed. The original track was set up with four turns, with turns one and four the high speed sweeping turns. Turn two was a tight left-hand one-hundred-eighty degree turn which then went to a ramp and led to a downhill jump into a right-hand one-

hundred-eighty turn. Everything ran in a counterclockwise direction. The new layout starts the track going in a clockwise direction. Turn four was changed into two different courses with the outer part for the trucks and buggies and the inner turn for Mod Karts and UTVs. A short straight section was added then

UTV Turbo Dan Kelly

Logan Leggit rolling over on the start lap

UTV Turbo Dan Kelly

ProLite Katie Vernola flying

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

a second turn was placed to the infield heading to the third turn. The downhill is now an uphill, over a jump into a now right-hand one-hundredeighty. The old turn one is now turn five and stayed a sweeping turn. With everyone trying to get back to normal, Lucas Oil planned their Arizona event in mid-September. Also planned was the first ever, triple header race. Still with

summer temperatures, early morning start times were scheduled. Each day RZR 170, Jr 2 and Mod Karts started off the morning. Following opening ceremonies, ProLite, UTV Turbo, Pro Buggy, UTV 1000 hit the track. The main event was Pro 2. There was no Pro 4 scheduled to race. With the season getting close to the end, points were on the line for some of

the top drivers. Some drivers pushed their vehicle to the max to maintain those point placement. By the time this article is published, the season will have finished. To see who won each class, head over to Lucas Oil Off Road website at, http://lucasoiloffroad.com.

ProLite Cole Mamer

Mason Prater, ProLite

RJ Anderson, Pro Buggy

Trey D. Gibbs, Pro Buggy

UTV Production Class #987 Billy Nichols and #912 Brock Heger

Ryan Beats, Pro 2


www.ssorm.com - NOVEMBER 2020 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


Matt Brister getting a better look at the course

#188 George Llamosas pushing #155 Carson Greco up the start/ finish jump in the RZR 170 class

#718 Chance Haugen and #704 Dan Kelly in UTV Turbo

Dale Ebberts, Pro Buggy

Friday, Round 6 Results RZR 170 1. George Llamosas 2. TJ Siewers 3. Ryder VanBeekum JR2 Kart 1. Talan Martin 2. Olive Hoover 3. Logan Leggitt Mod Kart 1. Connor Barry 2. David Gasper 3. Ethan Ebert PROLite 1. Brock Heger 2. Ronnie Anderson 3. Madix Bailey Turbo UTV 1. Ronnie Anderson 2. Chance Haugen 3. Corry Weller PRO Buggy 1. Eliott Watson 2. Darren Hardesty Jr. 3. Trey D. Gibbs Production 1000 UTV 1. Myles Cheek 2. Brock Heger 3. Dallas Nord PRO 2 1. Jerett Brooks 2. Doug Mittag 3. RJ Anderson Saturday, Round 7 Results

RZR 170 1. George Llamosas 2. TJ Siewers 3. Ryder VanBeekum JR2 Kart 1. Lake Adler 2. Olive Hoover 3. Talan Martin Mod Kart 1. Connor Barry 2. David Gasper 3. Braden Chiaramonte PROLite 1. Brock Heger 2. Cole Mamer 3. Ronnie Anderson Turbo UTV 1. Ronnie Anderson 2 Corry Weller 3. Robert VanBeekum PRO Buggy 1. Eliott Watson 2. Matthew Brister 3. Dale Ebberts Production 1000 UTV 1. Myles 88

Cheek 2. Brock Heger 3. Robby Hornsby PRO 2 1. Ryan Beat 2. Doug Mittag 3. RJ Anderson Sunday, Round 8 Results RZR 170 1. George Llamosas 2. TJ Siewers 3. Declan Shields JR2 Kart 1. Brodie Martin 2. Talan Martin 3. Chaden Zane Minder Mod Kart 1. David Gasper 2. Connor Barry 3. Jerett Brooks, Pro 2 Brody Eggleston PROLite 1. Cole Mamer 2. Madix Bailey 3. Jimmy Weitzel Production 1000 UTV 1. Myles Cheek 2. Brock Heger 3. Robby Hornsby PRO Buggy 1. Eliott Watson 2. Trey D. Gibbs 3. Brady Whitlock Turbo UTV 1. Ronnie Anderson 2. Corry Weller 3. Trey D Gibbs PRO 2 1. Jerett Brooks 2. Doug Mittag 3. Ryan Beat ProLite bunching up in turn 3. #52 Ronnie Anderson, #29 Madix Bailey, #8 Carson Parrish, #94 Christopher Polvoorde and #50 Mason Prater E

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com/channel/ UCSgmNJ8CpGJPwBotZrVigOA


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AMA District 38 I-8 Dezert Racers

Lucky's Revenge 2 September 26, 2020 Superstition OHV Area El Centro CA www.amad38.com

Eric Hartell and Sandy Flores, third UTV Unlimited


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Photos by https://www. Judd Neves facebook.com/ Nothing But Dirt Racing JuddNeves. Photography NothingButDirt. RacingPhotography/


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Tyler Sarver, first 250 Expert

Eddie Noonan, fourth Senior Amateur

Hunter Saad, second 200 Novice

Top Ten Vet-Masters + Women 1. Kyle Hearold 2. Daniel Flowers 3. David Smith 4. Henry Daly 5. Loren Dimond 6. Joshua Smith 7. Byron Kukla 8. Shad Bodenstadt 9. Ryan Stephens 10. Damon Hawks Top Ten 200/250/Open 1. Tyler Sarver 2. Joshua Sharp 3. Kole Parker 4. Joe Saelens 5. Kyle Milligan 6. Isaac Hodges 7. Evan Estrada 8. Braydin Collie 9. Cooper Shira 10. Chad Goodsell Top Ten ATV 1. Juan Sanchez 2. Clint "Caveman" Guidry 3. Carlos Valencia 4. Eric Hartell 5. Mike Weaver 6. Anthony Demars 7. Andrew Salas 8. Alejandro Calzada 9. Zach Winkleman 10. Rachael Weaver

Top Ten UTVs 1. Josh Row 2. Bryce Marking 3. Larry Hammers 4. Doug Maclaehlan 5. Eric Hartell 6. Wesley Feeler 7. Karl Ziegler 8. Janelle Feeler 9. Will Salazar 10. Dustin Twamley CLASS RESULTS 250 Exp 1. Tyler Sarver 2. Kyle Hill 250

Am 1. Isaac Hodges 2. Braydin Collie 3. Cooper Shira 4. Joshua Espinoza 5. Noah Clevenger 250 Nov 1. Andrew Hendrix 2. Luke Howard 3. Brenten Adams 4. Wesley Atherton 5. Josiah Northcutt 200 Am 1. Chad Goodsell 200 Nov 1. Fisher Saad 2. Hunter Saad 3. Adrian

Micah Morgan, fourth Super Senior Expert


Brian Morris, second Super Senior Novice

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https://list.robly.com/ subscribe?a=7c856c30cc304e39349f5d88327c2ad8

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Mark Hritz, first ATV Senior Novice

Juan Sanchez, first ATV Expert

Mike Weaver, first ATV Vet Amateur

Jack Northcutt, seventh Super Senior Expert

Joe Saelens, second Open Amateur

Clinton “Caveman” Guidry, first ATV Senior Expert


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

Josiah Northcutt, fifth 250 Novice

Andrade 4. Noah McBroom Open Exp 1. Kole Parker 2. Kyle Milligan 3. Evan Estrada Open Am 1. Joshua Sharp 2. Joe Saelens 3. Jack Hahn 4. Chazz Gonzalez Open Nov 1. Tommy Crow 2. Anthony Biondo 3. Cole Herbrandson 4. Ian Sullivan 5. Jacob Saelens Senor Exp 1.

Kyle Hearold 2. Daniel Flowers 3. Joshua Smith 4. Shad Bodenstadt 5. Ryan Stephens

Sen Am 1. Courtney Ludwin 2. Robbie Pippin 3. Darin Smith 4. Davin Brigman Sen Nov 1. John Krempp Jr. 2. Kevin Ciccarelli 3. Chad Prey 4. Eddie Noonan 5. Brad Destache Vet

Exp 1. Henry Daly Vet Am 1. David Smith 2. Byron Kukla 3. Jason Mount 4. Devin Thornton Vet Nov 1. Eric Nelson 2. Joey Melchior Sup Sen Exp 1. Loren Dimond 2. Evan Estrada, third Open Expert Derek Ball 3. Steve Orton 4. Micah Morgan 5. Loren Taylor Sup Sen Am 1. Chris Segal 2. Chad Busch 3. Don Elliot Sup Sen Nov 1. Zac Shira 2. Brian Morris 2. Dirk Hosmer Sup Sen Beg 1. Ben Moshier Master Exp 1. Mark Zela Wom Nov 1. Kristin Baxter ATV Exp 1. Juan Sanchez ATV Am 1. Donald Franc ATV Nov 1. Anthony Demars 2. Andrew Salas 3. Alejandro Calzada 4. Zach Winkleman 5. Mario Montes ATV Sen Exp 1. Clint "Caveman" Guidry 2. Eric Hartell ATV Sen Nov 1. Mark Hritz ATV Vet Exp 1. Carlos Valencia ATV Vet Am 1. Mike Weaver ATV Vet Nov 1. Hector Monroy ATV Wom Am 1. Rachael Weaver Chazz Gonzalez, fourth Open Amateur 2. Sandy Flores UTV Unlimited 1. Josh Row 2. Bryce Marking 3. Eric Hartell 4. Chris Niemi UTV Stock 1. Larry Hammers 2. Wesley Feeler 3. Janelle Feeler 4. Will Salazar UTV Sport 1. Doug Maclaehlan 2. Dustin Twamley UTV Production 1. Karl Ziegler

Chad Goodsell, first 200 Amateur

Wesley Atherton, fourth 250 Novice

c om www.amad38 .

Photos by Judd Neves Nothing But Dirt Racing Photography

Will Salazar, fourth UTV Stock

Davin Brigman, fourth Senior Amateur

Chris Niemi, fourth UTV Unlimited

Doug Maclaehlan, first UTV Sport

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She arrived at my office after that long drive and I examined her, mainly her neck. I put her through the standard orthopedic and neurological tests that any good doctor should do when evaluating for neck soreness and headaches. The real thing that stood out was how sore her neck was just below the skull on the right side. No one would notice this unless they actually took the time to feel the area with their hands as DC's do during an examination. MD's just generally talk to you, maybe have you move around a bit and send you to the pharmacy for drugs, then tell you to come back in a month if the drugs do not work. This person's neck was so sore and tender, you could barely touch it with light pressure. I could tell right away that her upper neck vertebrae were misaligned, locked in place and causing severe local muscles spasms just under the skull. This condition can irritate the nerves that come out of the spine in the same area. This is what DC's call a subluxation. This condition includes a spinal misalignment, locked up motion and/or abnormal motion (usually lack of motion), muscle tenderness/spasm and irritation to the adjacent nerves from the spine. The spinal subluxation for a DC is what a cavity is to a dentist. It's mainly what we do to help folks with health issues, we treat and correct subluxations. The spine is rarely, if ever “dislocated” or actually “out of place.” It is locked “in place” like a link of chain that cannot move properly.

It should be Malpractice


ello Off Roaders! Boy do I have a case study for you folks. I've been in practice since 1983 and have gotten used to the fact that very few medical doctors (MD's) think much about referring one of their own patients to a chiropractor (DC) for any given condition that may be helpful for that person.

Headaches for years

A few years ago, I got a phone call from Mexico. The lady on the phone was telling me she has had severe migraine headaches since she was about 15 years old. She is now 40. I asked her if she had been to any MD's, or a neurologist and she told me she had been to several over the years. All of them just kept sending her for more drugs. She said she had been sent out for five MRI's in the last 25 years, several CAT scans and x-rays. She was even sent out for psychiatric evaluation as none of the MD's could do much with her nearly constant, severe headaches. This nice math teacher at 40 years old was at her wit's end as the drugs were no longer helping her control her headaches and pain levels. She was now having difficulty functioning with her normal daily routines. The nice guys at El Agave, a Mexican restaurant next door to my office at that time, knew her and told her to call me for her headache issues. From where she was in Baja California, she decided to give me a try as her last resort. I told her ahead of time that I could not be sure I could help her with her headaches until I met with her and evaluated her condition. It was about a five hour drive, including the border wait, that she made with her mom, to get to my office. They planned to stay here in San Diego if I thought I could help her. 96

Baby Steps

As this was her first chiropractic treatment, I decided to give her a gentle, baby type adjustment, as I did not want to scare her off. The adjustment, even though it was gentle, caused a release of pressure in her neck that went off like firecrackers! I think the guys down at the gas station a block away heard the popping, cracking sound! It was a huge release! The lady’s eyes got big and she looked at me in S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - NOVEMBER 2020 - www.ssorm.com

disbelief. I rechecked her neck for pain and tenderness and it was almost 100% better. I asked her if she was okay and she said that she had never experienced anything like that in her life. Her headache was 90% better within seconds after the chiropractic adjustment. I did a little muscle work, stretching and then told her that I thought I could help her with her headaches. She got a hotel room and stayed in San Diego for 5 days to get follow up treatment. After 4 more days, her headaches were gone, 100%, for the first time in 25 years! She went back down to Mexico and returned a month later for a follow up treatment. She had a slight flareup of the headaches. Her neck had been subluxated, locked up for 25 years so it was not going to be cured in one treatment. This lady had been “labeled” with a misdiagnosis of Migraine Headaches when in fact, it was a Cervicogenic Headache, meaning headaches caused by a neck problem!

What's the problem?

What do I see as the real problem here? Well, since this patient had headaches for 25 years, (she was in a car accident at age 15 by the way), not ONE of the MD's suggested or recommended, that maybe she should try seeing a chiropractor for her headaches, NOT ONE! That should be malpractice! Whether that is arrogance or ignorance, or a combination of both, I do not know? What I do know is that I see this same thing over and over in my 30 years of being a DC. If a patient had come in to see me and I saw that patient had a tumor or an infection and I told the patient they just need 30 more chiropractic treatments instead of referring them to an MD that could better help their condition, that would be malpractice on my part. But when MD's just send folks out for more drugs, more tests, like what happened to this nice lady for 25 years of headaches, it's just standard procedure for the medical profession! Yep, sure is folks. Sad as that is, it is the way the medical profession works. Drugs first, then maybe exercises or physical therapy, then surgery. The MD's are in bed with Big Pharma and never think of referring a patient to a DC. It should be

www. kingshocks. com criminal. It causes folks to fall into classic Rx drug use for years, decades and worse. It should be chiropractic and/or physical therapy first for all non-medical emergency conditions, drugs next, surgery as a last resort. The chiropractor should not be the last resort but the first resort! Most folks just do not know any better and

www. outfrontmotorsports. com

therefore do not know all their options with a given health condition. Then politicians, MD's and regular folks wonder why we have a nation of prescription drug addicts? Tell folks what you know and spread the word so folks can make better, informed choices when it comes to their health care.

Dr. Gary DeForest is a San Diego based chiropractor with his clinic in Mission Valley. He is always happy to speak with you about any health concerns. He can be reached at his clinic at 619 291-2462 or e-mail at deforest192@yahoo.com E

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