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S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

www.ssorm.com - FEBRUARY 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE







54 | MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge

08 | Sherri's Turn

Wrapping up the 2020 season with More Racing in Barstow CA

10 | Dirtbits

62 | AZOP Canyon Christmas Grand Prix

FEBRUARY 2021 - VOL 39, NO. 5

Joël Robert and Mike "Too Tall" Bell pass away

16 | Virtual 59th Annual TDS Desert Safari Coming Up

Government shutdowns and over regulation can't stop the spirit of the event

20 | Project Fun

DIY Vehicle Feature: 2016 Jeep Rubicon JKU

White RV held the annual grand prix and team race at Canyon MX in Peoria AZ

68 | AMA District 38 Christmas Classic Presented by Roadrunner Off Road at Plaster City East

78 | Legacy Racing 4WP Desert Showdown Kicking off a brand new race season with a brand new race series

24 | Oceano Dunes Public Works Plan

Who does the plan really serve? Off road enthusiasts or non-OHV users?

26 | Off Road Friends

Reader photos of friends and family who are as fun as friends

44 | Bike Shop The trials of a pro racing career

46 | The Endangered Off Roader San Diego Off Road Coalition news

48 | Blast from the Past Revisiting the Mint 400 Contingency 41 years ago

50 | 4x4 Coach 4WD Trail Guide tips

96 | Dr. DeForest's Off Road Health Tips Black Ghost in the Darkness

97-99 | Classifieds

Free off road photo classifieds


88 | Bluewater Parker 425 Presented by Best in the Desert, the first race of the 2021 season

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4 Wheel Drive Club member Jon Gray in Dirt Slinger at a previous TDS Desert Safari in Truckhaven near Salton City CA (Bottom) AMA District 38 Christmas Classic: #99V Danny Barker teamed with Henry Daly for a second Vet Expert finish in the team race while #97Q Ismael Hernandez and Danny Magdaleano finished second ATV Expert. Photo by Judd Neves


Kicking off the Off Road Friends reader feature we have the Baja Boys: Rodge Snicks, Daron Jaco, Brian LaBelle, Todd Collin and Dennis "Murf" Murphy in Erendira, Baja California, Mexico. Photo by Randy Barnes

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an you say devastated? This month it was my plan to re-create the "All Aboard the Trump Train" feature we did several months ago, but even bigger and better because we'd be celebrating another four years of Trump Making America Great Again! Change of plans. Like millions of other patriots across the nation the fraudulent election results took the wind out of our sails. It was no big surprise the corruption surrounding the election. The big surprises and major disappointments were the Supreme Court and vice president also refusing to stand up for election integrity. So what now? Why bother to vote is a question that flits in and out of my mind. 8

We've gone from four years of daily sometimes hourly enouragement from the greatest president our nation has had in modern times to hearing virtually nothing because of corrupt big tech and their censorship machines. It's been okay for four years for the anti-American liberals to post their fantasies of killing Trump. Who can forget so-called comedienne Kathy Griffin's photo of Trump's simulated bloody head hanging from her upraised hand? Where was the censorship with all that violence glorified? The deep state American-hating swamp was more devious than even Trump himself imagined. And with precious

few allies on his side the dream to Keep America Great was waylaid. Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head on his January 18 program when he said: "The Trump family was alone in Washington from the beginning." So where do we go from here? That is a good question and politically I have no answers, but personally our plan is to focus on what our responsibilities and tasks are each day and to put one foot in front of the other and just do what we can do to Keep America Great in our little corner of the world. As Joe Biden day by day dismantles what Trump's plan for America was, we can turn off the news and make our homes, our jobs, our families, and our lives the best that we can. It means stopping the grumbling about what's wrong with the political landscape and Luther King Jr

Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve . . . You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love - Martin

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

FEBRUARY 2021 | VOL. 39 • NO. 4

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Our Facebook post on the last day of President’s Trump’s term: Thank you President Trump, the greatest president of all time! It was an honor to be an American under your leadership! Thank you for your sacrifice, your hard work, your perseverance, your love for America and all of us who are blessed to live here, for the example you set for us to never give up no matter what the opposition. What you accomplished in four years of battling opposition every day, every hour, every minute is awe inspiring. We will never forget! Photo by Judd Neves. Racer: Josh Trimble

focusing on what we can do to make things right. Martin Luther King Jr. once said "Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve . . . You only need a heart full of grace. A

soul generated by love." So the goal? Focus on what's right, not what's wrong each day. Find someone to serve. Be a part of what's right with America and never give up on the dream President Donald J. Trump planted in our hearts! E

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1970s and early ’80s, died Sunday, January 24, 2021. He was 63. Born on Aug. 8, 1957, in Los Angeles, Mr. Bell began riding at age 10 in the mountains near that city, but he did not start racing until he was 14. Mr. Bell’s father, Bill, was an avid racer and well-known tuner who did development work for American Honda on its four-stroke desert racing machines during the late 1960s. “My dad didn’t want me to get into racing until he knew I was ready for it,” Mr. Bell once recalled during an interview. “I think it proved to be a good decision. A lot of kids were burning out by the time they were 16, because they’d already been racing for so long, and I was just really getting into it.”

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Joël Robert passes Belgian world champion won seven Trans-AMA Nationals


oël Robert, the legendary Belgian motocross racer who won the 250cc Motocross World Championship six times, including five consecutive titles from 1968 through 1972, has died. He was 77. Born Nov. 26, 1943 in Châtelet, Belgium, Mr. Robert grew up in a family Joël Robert of motorcycle racers. His father, Fernan, than 30 years until it was broken by raced speedway events. His uncle and fellow Belgian Stefan Everts in 2004. cousin also competed. Mr. Robert began traveling to “At my birth, my father said, ‘We will America in 1967, along with other make a rider out of him,’” Mr. Robert once world championship riders, for a series recalled during an interview. “At the age of of races against America’s top riders. 2, I was able to take a chain off a bike, link He won seven Trans-AMA Nationals by link.” during the 1970 and ’71 seasons. At 7, Mr. Robert was given his first After being inducted into the motorcycle, a Gillet 125. AMA Hall of Fame in 2000, Mr. “I didn’t even reach the foot pegs,” he Robert continued his involvement said. “To start or stop, I needed a wall or a in motocross acting as manager for tree to lean against.” Belgium's Motocross des Nations Mr. Robert earned his first 250cc team. world championship in 1964, riding a Mr. Robert’s biography is privateer CZ. He was just 20 years old, at available at motorcyclemuseum.org/ the time the youngest rider to win a world halloffame/detail.aspx?RacerID=92. motocross title. In 1968, he reclaimed the title by 2 points over Sweden’s Torsten Hallman. Mr. Robert won the title again in 1969 over fellow Belgium and CZ rider Sylvain Geboers. Mr. Robert won the 1970 250cc Motocross World Championship on a factory Suzuki RH70. It was Suzuki’s first Mike Bell, 1957-2021 world motocross title, and also the first for Mr. Bell advanced from novice a Japanese manufacturer. He would go on Californian won 1980 AMA to expert in just six months. In 1977, to win the world championship again in Supercross Championship he finished fourth at the Los Angeles 1971 and ’72 with Suzuki. Supercross, a precursor of future successes. Remembered as one of the most ike Bell, one of America’s In 1978, Mr. Bell scored one of his naturally talented motocross riders in leading Supercross and biggest wins, the Superbowl of Motocross history, Mr. Robert won 50 motocross motocross racers of the late Grands Prix, a record that stood for more

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Mike Bell passes



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https://www.instagram.com/ jpdesigns1/?hl=en https://www.industrial-bolts.net/ bolts-4-u/

www.ksurplus. com www.castlesteelbuildings.com


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www. outfrontmotorsports. com www.howeperformance.com

in the LA Coliseum, beating another future AMA Hall of Famer, Bob Hannah. “When I woke up the next morning, I thought I had been dreaming,” he said. “But my father had put the first-place trophy at the foot of my bed, and there it was—I really had actually won the Superbowl of Motocross. It was one of the proudest moments of my career.” At 6-foot-4, Mr. Bell was known as “Too Tall,” a nickname he said originated with Yamaha public relations person Ted Otto. “They had all kinds of nicknames for me,” he said, “like ‘Granddaddy Long Legs’ and stuff like that, but ‘Too Tall’ just stuck.” Mr. Bell raced for Yamaha during his entire pro career. His biggest claim to fame was winning the 1980 AMA Supercross Championship, but he also won 20 AMA and Trans-AMA nationals. During the early 1980s, knee injuries began to take their toll. Mr. Bell retired at the end of 1983. He remained active in motocross and participated in legends racing and other local events. Mr. Bell was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2001. His biography is available at motorcyclemuseum.org/halloffame/detail. aspx?RacerID=127.

W.E. Rock presented by Maxxis 2021 Schedule Changes


e were hoping 2020 was the last year with schedule changes, turns out we were wrong!


COVID restrictions have struck again and we’re making some BIG changes – please read. Bagdad is out. There’s a small window to host the Bagdad event and once we get out of March, it doesn’t happen for a couple of reasons. We’ve been told it can’t happen before summer, so Bagdad is canceled. Instead, we’re going to Rangely, Colorado – our application is pending – but we anticipate its approval for June 26-27 at the Rangely Rock Crawling Park. The last time we were there was 2015. We have a new event site for the East 2 event, we will be at Cedar Canyon Ranch in Glencoe, Oklahoma. This site is just north of Tulsa, the rocks are virgin and the property owners are excited. Thanks to Wyatt Brown for the recommendation. Short version of the schedule: West 1 – May 8-9, Three Peaks Recreation Area, Cedar City, UTAH West 2 – June 26-27, Rangely Rock Crawling Park, Rangely, COLORADO

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

West 3 – August 7-8, Broken Boulder Farms, Goldendale, WASHINGTON East 1 – April 24-25, K2 Katemcy Rocks, Mason, TEXAS East 2 – June 12-13, Cedar Canyon Ranch, Glencoe, OKLAHOMA East 3 – July 16-17, Kizzar’s, Dayton, TENNESSEE Delta Classic Rock Crawl - May 28-29 Delta, UTAH Grand Nationals September 11-12 Location TBA Thanks for sticking with us, it really is going to be a great season, once we get through all the changes. Just think…if you’re building a car, you’ve got more time now. Visit www.werocklive.com for more info and to follow us.


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said, 2021 represents our 10th year of the Dirt Series! THE Yep, May 7th 2012 Rd 1 out at Cahuilla Creek MX! Lots of good memories! So this UTV | Quads | ATV | Modern & Vintage Motorcycle Shock revalve / rebuild and service • Forks revalve / rebuild and service year we are going to try and Shock body hard anodizing • Spring kits, stabilizer bars and more! do some flashback posts and look back at all the cool stuff Side by Side Services Include: we tried to do in our first year Performance Suspension Set Up Includes: Eibach spring kit, revalve, rebuild, oil, of Dirt Series races! seal kit & nitrogen, from $1,798.00. Now on to the current Complete Shock Revalve Includes: Shims, oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $998.00. Complete Shock Service Includes: Oil, seal kit & nitrogen, $619.00. fresh new year... Spring Kits & Stabilizer Bars Available for most popular models, please call for Although we do have specific pricing information. some location TBAs listed on We proudly service: our schedule, our dates are firm and we look to rebuild for this year and grow each round to make what we had bigger and better than it ever was! For more information on our complete line of SXS product and services please contact us today! Phone: (760) 955-8757 | E-mail: info@noleenj6.com Not gonna bore ya with anymore yapping so here is County to hold the event in March, because the 2021 Dirt Series Schedule; all large scale events are still on hold. We • Mar 13th @ Barona MX, Ramona CA are making this decision now because we • Apr 17th @ TBA recognize that traveling to Las Vegas and • May 15th @ Cal City MX, participating in the Mint is a significant California City CA financial investment. By doing so, we are • Jun 19th @ TBA preserving the safety, integrity, fun, and • Aug 21st @ TBA value of this historic race for everyone • Sept 18th @ TBA involved.” These dates are Saturdays so yes, The Mint 400 has adjusted its racer there will be a few doubleheader weekends payment plan around the new dates so with SXS Regionals which weren't racers can continue to reserve their start available at press time, but should be on positions with a small down payment. All our website now. details are now updated on themint400. And for those of you wondering com/racerinfo. about Lake Elsinore Grand Prix, mark your Racers - If you would like to request a calendars for Nov 12th, 13th & 14th. refund you may do so by logging into your As always, we appreciate everyone's Off-Road Racer Profile and initiate the he Mint 400 announced recently support and look forward to getting our refund inside your dashboard. that The Great American Off-Road race series and events back up and running Parking Pass/Ticket Holders - If Race™ will adjust their event dates this year! you would like to request a refund, and move to Wednesday, December 1st We are also near our phones so email refunds@themint400.com with the through Sunday, December 5th, 2021. The dont be afraid to text, email or call us for following information: Receipt/Order shift comes in response to the inability updates. Number, Name of Ticket Purchaser, please by the State of Nevada, Southern Nevada Thank you again for all your support put “Mint 400 Refund” in the subject. Health District and COVID 19 Mitigation Task Force to permit large scale events in Clark County. Since the Ivanpah Valley is closed to off-road racing between March 15th and November 1st, and there are numerous outdoor events already scheduled in the fall, the new December dates were the only available option. through the 2020 adventure! We look “The health and safety of our racers, forward to seeing everyone back out at the sponsors, exhibitors, staff, and the public track for our 2021 races! has always been, and will always be, Contact info: 909-695-8729, mobile ven though our 2020 season was cut our number one priority,” said Mint 400 909-800-9820. www.DirtSeriesRacing. short due to circumstances beyond Co-Owner and CEO Matt Martelli. “We com; www.SideXSideRegionals.com or our control we still had a few races, don’t have a green light from the State or www.ElsinoreGrandPrix.com E thus keeping our history intact. With that

Suspension Experts

The 2021 BFGoodrich® Tires Mint 400 Shifts to December


Dirt Series 2021 Schedule Unfolds



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Check the website for signing locations or print a petition, sign and mail it in. Online Petitions do NOT count.

Recall Gavin Newsom S i g n i n p e r s o n o n l y, online petitions do NOT count

recallgavin2020.com www.ssorm.com - FEBRUARY 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


By Patrick Vaughan, President Tierra Del Sol 4WD Club of San Diego

16 16

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com S&S www.ssorm.com


ere we are with a new year and renewed hope of wheeling together and that we can get back to having in-person events later in 2021. As tradition has it, the TDS Desert Safari is scheduled for the first weekend in March, just like each year for the last 58 years. Given the uncertainty of restrictions and closures at the moment, we have made the decision to have a virtual 2021 event for our 59th Annual TDS Desert Safari to be held on Saturday, March 6, 2021. We hope you can join us online as we all look forward to having a big in-person event to celebrate the milestone 60th Annual in 2022.

For the virtual 2021 event, you can log on and purchase your favorite Safari swag. We are working on ways for you to enter an opportunity drawing so please stay tuned and keep checking our website [www.tdsdesertsafari.com] and social media posts for online live broadcasts on March 6th. If conditions allow, our apparel tent will be open March 5-7 next door to Jack in the Box in Salton City. Please come by, there may even be a few off road vendors to see. At the time of writing this, the desert in the Ocotillo Wells area is open for off-roading, but currently closed to all camping, even dispersed camping. Many

of our club members still hope (fingers crossed) we can go camp and wheel in the desert that weekend, but we will have to wait and see. I’m sure everyone has their own image of Safari weekend, be it cresting the hill coming from Borrego Springs and catching that first glimpse of the desert floor carpeted with campers for as far as the eye can see. Or it may be coming north or south along Highway 86 and observing more and more campers, trailers, and toy haulers as you get closer to the S22 intersection. While we may not be socially gathering for a big event this March, we do hope we can responsibly

continued next page

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TDS club member Jon GRay in Dirt Slinger

18 18

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com S&S www.ssorm.com

camp and wheel in the desert for the weekend. Inherent with Tierra Del Sol and its Desert Safari event is its continual efforts in maintaining access to public lands for responsible vehicular recreation. We were very fortunate to have been able to hold the 58th Annual Desert Safari last March 2020. Thank you all for your support during that event. It allowed us to raise money to be able to donate to many good causes including a donation to Friends of

Oceano Dunes to help keep our beloved Pismo Beach open to off roading. The TDS club continues the fight for free and open access to public lands for our recreational enjoyment. We look forward to your support of our virtual event this year on March 6, 2021, and hope to see you all in person as soon as possible. Visit our website for all up to date information www.tdsdesertsafari.com E

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2016 Jeep Rubicon JKU


20 20

Year, Make & Model: 2016 Jeep Rubicon JKU 2WD or 4WD? 4WD Daily Driver? Recreation? Race? Daily driver Tires: 37x13.5xR17 Nitto Ridgegrappler

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com S&S www.ssorm.com

Wheels: Method MR312 in Bronze Suspension: Teraflex Alpine CT4 Long Arm Suspension System & Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust Shocks Engine: 3.6 Liter Pentastar Carburetion: Fuel injected

Transmission: 5 speed automatic Differential: 5.13 Brakes: Teraflex Big Brake Kit front and rear Exhaust: Magnaflow Rock Crawler High Clearance

Bumpers: Front Smittybilt XRC Gen 2 Rear Smittybilt XRC Gen 2 with tire carrier Fuel Cell: Stock Roll Cage: Stock



Lighting: Heise Lights - Headlights, tail lights, fog lights, pod lights, 52 inch light bar, 20 inch light bar, and tire brake light.

Communications: Hand held Baofeng radios

Paint: Stock, Firecracker Red

Vehicle modifications made by: Rez Customs

Powder Coating: Swift Powder Coating - Fenders and Rock Rails Exterior Protection/Recovery: Hard Rock 4x4 Control Arm Skids Winch-12,000lbs Smittybilt X20 Seats: Stock leather Pedals: Stock Belts: Stock Safety Equipment: Mounted window breaker and seat belt cutter, full trauma medical bag, fire extinguisher, recovery equipment

22 22

Navigation: Stock

Additional interesting info: 10lbs CO2 PowerTank, K&N Cold Air Intake, Adams Driveshafts 1350 front and rear, PSC XD2 Big Bore steering box, RPM JK Ultimate 2.5 Ton HD Aluminum Steering Kit Anyone you would like to acknowledge who helped with the project? Ryan Leonard at Rez Customs helped with the majority of this build. Owner: Robert Lewis aka Big Bob Age: 32

City/State: San Diego, CA How long have you been involved in off roading? I have loved off roading my entire life. I got into Jeeping about a year ago and became addicted real fast. How did you get started in the sport? My wife wanted a Jeep so I bought her a 2017 JKU Rubicon. We started talking about the build and she didn't have the same vision I had for it. So three months later I decided to get one so I could build it how I wanted. What other off road vehicles do you currently own? My wife's 2017 JKU Rubicon Where do you go off roading?: We have been all over Southern California hitting some of the hardest trails.

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com S&S www.ssorm.com

Rodriguez Canyon, Corral Canyon, and Borrego Springs are some of our spots we like to go. Our favorite spot by far has to be Sand Hollow, UT. That place is spectacular. It has everything you could ever want and more. I can't wait to go back. We are planning a Rubicon trip this year as well. E

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fter a very long wait, years of Campground for OHV, with a brand new camping area is desperately needed to preparation and many delays, on direct dune access “southern entrance” compensate for the already diminished December 31, 2020 State Parks to the Park for OHV. After years of available camping permits caused by the finally released their long awaited Public expressing our concerns, State Parks has California Coastal Commission and SLO Works Plan (PWP) for Oceano Dunes failed to provide us with either of these in APCD’s 2019 closure to the 48 acres of our SVRA. Leave it to a government agency to barely fulfill their end of 2020 deadline this draft PWP. prime beach camping area. We need more within just hours of the 2021 New Year. The PWP actually does propose the camping and recreational opportunities This current released PWP draft development of Oso Flaco with the use at the Park, not less. Somehow State is a far cry from its original intent and of our OHV Trust Fund, but instead they Parks seems to believe that we will be purpose. In fact, there is very little, if plan to develop the campground for non content once again, off roaders giving up anything at all in the PWP that resembles OHV users. Parks also does not have a everything in exchange for nothing. We any actual benefit to OHV users of the new Southern Entrance actually defined must all speak up! Park. The PWP looks The Draft PWP The land at Oso Flaco was more like a very long list and Draft EIR will be of spoon fed concessions originally purchased and paid available for public a for the California Coastal for by the OHV Trust Fund, review and comment Commission. and yet the current plan period for 60 days, In a nutshell, the offered in the PWP is for the beginning December PWP would impose heavy development of this property 31, 2020. Please take new restrictions on the some time to review Park and its users. These for non OHV camping use. this document and would include reduced day How exactly does that make provide your thoughts user passes for street legal by submittal of public any sense? vehicles, reduced camping comments. Friends permits and a major reduction to daily in the current plan. What they offer us is of Oceano Dunes will be needing as much OHV vehicle passes permitted. The PWP that someday, maybe, they will look into help and as many public comments as we also lays the framework for a timeline to the possibility of developing a new OHV can get for this one. Every voice counts! end beach concessions, as well as studies campground at Oso Flaco with direct OHV The comments deadline will be March 2, aimed at eventually removing all night use Dune Access. If the Oso Flaco campground 2021 at 5pm You can view and comment OHV vehicle use from the Park. While all and southern OHV entrance point is not a on the PWP using the link below. Thank of this directly hurts OHV and serves us no part of the immediate plan, then there is no you! positive benefit at all, the remainder of the actual benefit to OHV left in the PWP. https://www.oceanodunespwp.com/en/ PWP lays out many extensive non OHV The land at Oso Flaco was originally meetings programs such as new boardwalks and the purchased and paid for by the OHV Trust For more information on how you butterfly groves. Fund, and yet the current plan offered in can join us with the fight for Oceano With the many extensive non OHV the PWP is for the development of this Dunes SVRA, please go to https://www. related projects in the PWP, which part property for non OHV camping use. How oceanodunes.org E of it was supposed to be included for us? exactly does that make any sense? The The key component for OHV and the Oso Flaco Campground development for basis for this entire plan, should’ve been OHV is the basis, and the most necessary the development of the new Oso Flaco component for off roaders. This OHV



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i r F d a o R f Of

Friends and Family. L-R: Peyton Monroe, Brock LaBelle, Courtney Huitt, Brian Huitt, Mike Santuci and Pete Molloy at Soggy Dry Lake, CA. Photographer: Brian LaBelle

26 26

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s d n ie ast… ways having a bl These kids are al Wells! o ill ot Oc in l Reef this time at Shel d Carlson an o, Herbon, Trej Woohoo!!! - The kids, Riverside, CA


27 27

A dozen good friends riding vintage Triumph's and BSA's up near Idyllwild Calif. this past December. - Randy Ressell, Orange County CA

Best off road buddies: Mary and “A’da”. Steve “Steny” Stenberg and his granddaughter. - Melinda Stenberg, Chula Vista CA


Salton Sea, January 2020. Riding out in Ocotillo Wells with good friends Herb and Donnell and myself - Lance Kappner, Chula Vista CA

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Don Uy and friends with their Roman Candle for New Years - Julie Peck, San Diego CA

Joe Dillon from Poway CA with some off road friends

Having a fun night in the desert with random hats found in the trailer with Robert Berry - Kera Berry, El Cajon CA


www.ssorm.com- FEBRUARY - FEBRUARY2021 2021- -S&S S&SOFF OFFROAD ROADMAGAZINE MAGAZINE 29 29 www.ssorm.com

“Son, pop an aspirin, let’s go.” My son and I at Pole Line Road a few years ago. - Brian Fusilier, Beaumont CA

The Gordon’s Well Clan - Julie Peck, San Diego CA

Checking out Trump’s wall with my friend Tony Judge in Campo. - John King, Santee CA


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That’s me and my son, Brock LaBelle, at Gas Domes in Ocotillo Wells. You can see a tiny sliver of the Salton Sea in the background. We were laughing and trying to recreate the pose we struck at the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix in 2015 (inset photo). He has grown A LOT in the past five years! - Brian LaBelle, Brea CA

32 32

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com S&S www.ssorm.com

MORE OFF ROAD FRIENDS AHEAD Holly, Katie & Shelly at Glamis Veterans’ Day ceremony, 11/14/2020 - Holly Falk, Lakeside CA

San Diego Jeep Club on Gold Mountain, Big Bear CA. - Robert Puffenbarger, Oceanside CA

Girl Gang at the top of Superstition! And a creeper photobombing – Nicole, Jenna, Rebekah, and Shaina from So Cal

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Nothing better than being with new and old friends in the desert! - The Herbon, Trejo, and Carlson Families, Riverside, CA

Liddy and Eric Norquist - Tom McEntire, Chino CA

Our small gang riding at Superstition: Alena, Kim, Travis, Sam, Debbie E, Kurt, Hannah, Debbie and Warren

British Bike Friends: Mike Haney, Jim Wilson, Mark Walters and Randy Ressell


Vintage off road friends - Christopher Larson, Texas

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Me in the foreground - then Johnny Crash on the left, with April and Bryan Meyers founders of Sand Asylum - Cortni Rench, Phoenix AZ

Our dune family doing prom night at the dunes. - Shawn Gunnels, Ferndale WA


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Tammy and Harlow Calahan my off-road best friends! - Richard Calahan, Temecula/Ocotillo Wells CA

PJ, Wesley and Rusty Sexton

Kristin Baxter (center) #913L will be running #3 plate this season in District 38 desert racing. She has only been riding/racing for less than a year and has the passion to be #1 running through her veins! She works hard at building skill and technique. She is also a mother of 2 teen daughters one who has special needs, (which is part of the reason you will find her teal and green jersey with her numbers backwards for dyslexia). She runs her boyfriends business, her salon business and is a nurse. She will be running in the Legacy races this season as well as D38. This little lady shoots for the moon and is an inspiration to all women. She is always encouraging women to ride and race. She meets up with a group of girls randomly throughout the month and not only helps build their confidence on the seat but within themselves and their skill. I don’t know how she does it all but she leaves an imprint on many! - Kyle Hearold, Ramona CA

Jeff McEntire, wife Linda and their kids Nicole & Andy McEntire - Tom McEntire, Brea CA


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Brian LaBelle and friends in Idaho

MORE OFF ROAD FRIENDS AHEAD Off road friends deciding on the next adventure!!! Tierra Del Sol, Ocotillo Wells SVRA - Shiloh Sanders, Vista CA

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My daughter Savannah Ramirez (left), me, and my son-in-law Elias Garcia in Glamis. - Cortni Rench, Phoenix AZ

MORE OFF ROAD FRIENDS AHEAD Stacie Albright from Mokelumne Hill CA out at the Glamis Dunes during the afternoon sand drags gathering signatures like crazy for the Recall Gavin Newsom petition. You can contact her for information about where to sign 209-217-6886 or visit www.RecallGavin2020.com where petitions are available to download, print, sign and send.


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Eric Norquist, Bill Gomez, Tom McEntire and Barbara Billings, New Year’s Weekend

Husband Wife Team for life!! July 2020 in Cooke City Montana - Rowdy & Kristen Yates, Gardiner, MT

Glamis 2020 Quad ride. Tim H., Bryce B., Chance D., and Jacob W.

Jim Ostrich and Janet Ruddy at Ocotillo Wells on a private parcel accompanied by a 1983 XR80 and Ezgo dumpcart. - Tom Harrington, Bonita CA



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Coming Next Month:


Los Amigos pits, at Cohabuzo - ZR Promo

Send your pit photos from any type of off road racing to ssormag@gmail.com

INCLUDE NAMES & LOCATIONS No alcoholic beverages visible in photos Deadline February 12, 2021 After that OFF ROAD KIDS Deadline March 15, 2021

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s d n e i r F d a o Off R

Donnie Moffat and CR Kemple, July 2020, near Bears Ears National Monument, Utah. - Dusti Kemple, Durango, CO


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Bike Shop The Trials of a Pro Racing Career


f you ride dirtbikes, professional off-road motorcycle racing is brutal to the riders. I don't just mean what the riders bodies take as they hit bumps, jumps and berms. I mean it's hard on the rider's ego. At any given supercross or national motocross race there can be as many as 175 riders between the 250 and 450 classes. That's how many people were signed up as national pros with the AMA last year, with about 89 on team rosters. Looking at pro football, there are 53 players on each of 32 teams for a total of 1,696 players. In football's last 50 years, only seven times has a team lost every game in one season. That is out of about 1,900 games. If the players on the losing teams played the year before or after, they won a few games. Last year, every one of those 1,696 players experienced the thrill of victory. If you played baseball professionally, the worst team in the last 120 years "only" won 36 games in a season. My point is in professional stick and ball sports, virtually every player is a winner at some point in the season. At any AMA professional motocross or supercross race there can easily be over 100 riders entered. Out of those 100, only two will be able to 44

By Clutch Roberts

say they won. Many riders don't even qualify for the "show", the evening supercross program or one of 40 riders in a motocross national. Imagine driving hundreds or thousands of miles to race, only to have some hotheaded kid ride across your front wheel in qualifying. I have to hand it to anyone who races professionally on a motorcycle. Winning is fun, believe me. I have won a few amateur motorcycle races, and it felt fabulous. I still savor the memory of crossing the finish line and raising my hand. I thought about

From Ricky Carmichael Facebook Page

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

going pro when I was young. I had desire and some skill, but costs and injuries prevented it. Yes, racing motorcycles is dangerous and expensive. So, imagine you choose to turn pro. You dedicate your life to it. You do everything right, get in shape, get faster, get sponsors and go racing. It is possible you may win some local pro races. If you live and race in southern California, you better be really good if you want to win, because there is a lot of talent there. Let's say you did really well locally and moved up to ride nationals.


www.ceetracing.com If you did that in 2002 or 2004, you wouldn't win a single moto, unless your name was Ricky Carmichael or in 2008 and your name was James Stewart. Those two riders had perfect seasons, winning every single moto (24) in


the series. That had to be brutal for their competitors. In the 2020 supercross series there were five different winners. That should help those bruised egos. Oh, wait, every winner was a motocross or supercross champion

in a previous year. It's a good thing riding dirt bikes is so fun, because if you race just to satisfy your ego, you will very likely be unsatisfied. E

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f you are like me, you may be experiencing an election hangover. What happened at the federal level can be hard to swallow. I see two types of problems coming to off-roaders in the coming years. First is the threat of wilderness legislation. Federally designated wilderness is a land designation that prohibits all mechanized vehicles. Areas with this designation can have no motorized or even non-motorized vehicles operated. With the president, as well as the house and senate majority democratic, wilderness legislation is likely to come. The other threat would be from the president using the Antiquities act to designate National Monuments. I expect Biden will redesignate land that President Trump took out of National Monuments and probably make additional designations.

Parks has released their long awaited draft Public Works Plan. Land use documents such as this have alternatives that are discussed in the text. The first place I went to look was to see what the alternatives are.

The Future for Oceano Dunes Plans always contain a "No Action" alternative. This looks at what would happen if nothing new or different is done.

I have seen draft plans with as many as six alternatives. More complicated plans usually have more alternatives. In my years of reading plans, I have never seen a "no action" alternative be adopted. This plan has only two alternatives. The other alternative is the "No OHV alternative." In that plan, OHV (green and red sticker vehicles) would be phased out over five years. Street legal vehicles would continue to be allowed. This is bad news for off-roaders who value Oceano Dunes. SDORC, CORVA and other organizations are looking into ways to stop this. You can see the plan here https://oceanodunespwp.cmail19. com/t/r-l-juhktya-kuiluldiyk-r/

Corral Canyon On a brighter note, Corral Canyon has reopened for off-road vehicle use. We were able to apply pressure and logic at the right place and am happy the area is open. Last month I wrote about Oceano Dunes (Pismo) releasing a draft Habitat Conservation Plan and Environmental Assessment for Wilderness boundary sign near Painted Gorge. There may be comments. Since last month, State more of these in our future. 46

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Out of State Off Road Registration The State legislature is back in Sacramento and bills are being introduced. I believe this session will, once again, be abbreviated. Our lobby group has introduced our reciprocity bill again, now it is known as AB232 with Assemblyman Gallagher. The states of Utah, Arizona and Nevada have passed laws that say they do not recognize California off-road registrations (green and red stickers). If you want to recreate off road in those

www.neosyntheticoil.com states, you need to purchase registrations from those states. This would be similar to requiring car drivers to get on road registrations in those states to drive on their roads (which is not required). Our bill would require off-roaders who come here from states that do not recognize our state's registrations to buy a registration to recreate here. Our goal with this bill is to get those three states to drop their policy of requiring our residents to buy registrations to go to those states. We think Arizona residents who go to Glamis will be the first to make a fuss about it. We expect other bills that interest us to be introduced soon, like red sticker and Carnegie bills. The bill introduction deadline this year is February 19th.

SDORC Radio Show SDORC has a radio show on AM 1170 and FM 96.1 on Sundays at noon. Our VP Audrey Mason and I go in studio with Dave Stall to bring you the latest off-road news both political as well as fun.

SDORC & the Rebelle Rally


We are proud to announce that Audrey and SDORC secretary “Specializing in Hand-Crafted Vehicles” Nicole Honstead, Long-Travel Buggies Repair Facility Sheet Metal Ultra 4 x 4’s & Jeeps Tube Bending Wiring Off-Road Trucks Mig/Tig Welding will be teaming up Performance Parts to compete in the “THE ONLY FAB SHOP YOU’LL EVER NEED” Rebelle Rally this www.rawmotorsports .com coming October. 42065 Zevo Drive #16 Temecula, CA 92590 This is an all-female, eight day competition to promote you. You can contact them at where competitors info@sdorc.org have to find checkpoints to gain points. SDORC is a membership They are only allowed paper maps and organization, so if you are not signed up, compasses to navigate with and whoever please go to sdorc.org and join us for just has the most points at the end wins. The $25 per year. Your membership will help ladies are looking for equipment and us fund our lobbyist as well as other financial sponsors and have many ways activities. E

Join San Diego Off Road Coalition to help protect off road areas www.sdorc.org/join-sdorc/

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Blast from the Past 1980 Mint 400 Continency Photos by Trackside Photo www.tracksidephoto.com


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

An M-60 tank was ‘entered’ in the race and was a favorite in the contingency area. It actually ran a couple miles in the race and was entered by the Nevada National Guard.

Bud Feldkamp pushes his and Malcolm Smith’s Funco through Mint 400 contingency, approximately 1977

www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com -- FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2021 2021 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE

49 49

Benefits of being a Trail Guide

4WD Trail Guide


The Trail Guide is a very rewarding position. Here is what you can expect. • Satisfaction from teaching a respect for the environment and the outdoors, and living an outdoor-centric ethic. • Satisfaction of providing perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime experience to someone who might not otherwise get the chance. • Providing lessons in history and geology. • Setting the agenda and timetable,

ou’ve been four-wheeling for some time now. Probably drove a few challenging trails and endured a weekend in ugly weather. Perhaps you participated in one of my excursions (or someone else’s) and thought, “I’d like to be a Trail Guide.” That’s great. While the position entails a fair amount of responsibility, it’s a good way to more fully experience fourwheeling. And to give back to the hobby by teaching others. Trail Guides (also called Trail Leaders) are skilled individuals who “I’d like to be a Trail Guide.” are willing to share their and generally doing it your way. passion, knowledge, skills and respect for • Receiving accolades and fame for the outdoors with others. Some outfitter a successful run. This can be fleeting but guides use horses and pack mules. We use might get you nominated for the next Trail 4WD vehicles. Guide job! To become a Trail Guide requires • Being in front, out of the dust. both skill and personality: the right mix of tangible and intangible characteristics to Challenges of being a Trail Guide lead a group of four-wheelers on a trip that The Trail Guide is also a challenging could be challenging and memorable. position. Make note of these. It starts by being a student while on • In a word, responsibility. You are the trails. Observe how other Trail Guides responsible for ensuring a safe and – to the lead their excursions. Scrutinize their extent possible – enjoyable trip. A pretty actions, and decide how you might handle heavy load, if you think about it. the same situations. Take notes throughout • With responsibility comes pressure the day as you encounter the different to make sure all goes well. That means situations. you don’t get lost, the vehicles come out Ask pointed questions along the way. Learn the various nuances needed to master reasonably intact, and there are no major each trail. Help fellow drivers through their conflicts. Stress varies with the group size, your relationship to the group (friends, challenges. club, large organization), trail difficulty, 50

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

and your familiarity with the trail. Even with a small group of friends on a wellknown trail, you will experience some stress. The stress is much greater on a distant trail you had no opportunity to scout in advance. • You are constantly on alert. You cannot relax and merely follow the vehicle in front. Know where you are at all times and how to reach designated locations like the trailhead or campsite. • You must exude confidence at all times. Even when concerned, try not to show it. • Lots of homework before the trip. It’s your responsibility to map out and scout the trail when possible. You need to determine the last place to gas up, and when and where the group will meet. You also need to decide on campsites, hotels, and a host of other details. • Grumbling and dissatisfaction after a poor run. Dissatisfaction can come from myriad causes. Poor management of time and not sticking to schedules without easily understood reasons will get you poor marks. So will being a “road monger.” That’s someone who pushes too hard to meet a timetable and cajoles people to get going or stay up with the pack.

Specific skills a good Trail Guide needs

A Trail Guide should have certain skills. These include: 4WD Skills: To become a Trail Guide, you must first be an experienced driver. Experience builds your confidence – and it shows. The ability to read the terrain and pick successful lines is at the top of the list. As the lead vehicle, you do not have the benefit of watching vehicles ahead of you negotiate the obstacle. Except for very difficult situations, you’re likely to attempt the obstacle without a spotter. A good Trail Guide is also a good teacher. He coaches drivers through tough spots. On some days, you’ll have to spot an entire group through difficult terrain. Observe how different vehicles behave. Of

www.autofab.com An adventure with unexpected difficulties can still be viewed as highly successful. After all, difficulties create teamwork, camaraderie, and stories to be told. Plan for contingencies but go with the flow. Despite your best effort, you cannot control the weather. An unseasonal CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

No dust up front.

primary concern are wheel base, transmission type (manual, automatic) and suspension (coil springs, leaf springs, articulation). Your vehicle must be built to a level beyond that required for the trail. Know its capabilities and limitations. Scouting and Planning Skills: A successful ride is the result of planning and preparation along with the skills you bring. Scout the trail(s), and plan the trip thoroughly. Yes, you must do your homework.

Multi-Drive Quarter Turn Fastener Buttons


• • • •

3/16 Hex 5mm Hex Flat head Coin

• 7075 T651 - As strong as steel • Easy to Clean • Dome and Flush Styles • 3 Lengths: 0.425 - 0.500 - 0.575 • 6 Colors

you have! W hat ever www.sdiracing.com www.ssorm.com - FEBRUARY 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



www. kingshocks. com

Boundary Peak – tallest in Nevada

cold spell or a rainstorm can make a huge difference in comfort and road conditions. Assume there will be breakdowns. Some vehicles aren’t maintained well. But even properly maintained vehicles can suffer a breakdown. Brush up on mechanical skills, and pack tools and spare parts. Be prepared. Have a backup campsite. Know the location of the parts store in the nearest town. Carry a spare sleeping bag for the unprepared guest. These and other contingencies can mean the difference between continuing with a trip and aborting it. Leadership skills: The Trail Guide is the leader and the manager for the entire trip. This person sets the tone and style for the duration. You need management skills to design, plan, delegate, motivate and make decisions. You need leadership skills to communicate, establish a vision, establish trust, and generate confidence. The leadership tools and techniques you employ will be influenced by the makeup of the group and type of trip you are leading. Here are three situations that will influence your leadership style: 52

• Leading a 4WD club may require you to specify some extra rules and be more insistent. One rule could be, “No one is allowed to pass the trail leader.” Many clubs return to the same trails year after year; members know them well. You may find it difficult to maintain control of this group. On the positive side, you can count on their knowledge and experience when help is needed. • An Adventure/Expedition of eight to 10 days or more can require significantly more emphasis on certain skills. The planning requirements are higher and scouting in advance may be prohibitive. Fewer details of the trip are known and contingency planning will be more generic. Your leadership can really be tested by adverse weather, poor campsite choices, poor fuel management, and vehicle maintenance issues. • Professional guiding – meaning you are paid – places new demands on you. Expectations will be higher. Driver experience and vehicle equipment will vary. This group is more likely to defer to your leadership, allowing for quicker decision making. However, some guests may need personal attention. You’ll have to budget your time accordingly. Communication Skills: This takes many forms. The more people on the trip, the more time you will spend communicating with them. Communication is your primary tool for management and leadership. Communication includes written information (emails, texts, documents), verbal (tailgate meetings, campfire exchanges) and two-way radio transmissions.

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Customer Skills: You are providing a service. Everyone who participates on your guided trip is a customer – yes, a customer. It makes no difference whether they pay for the service or not. Adopt a customer-focused mindset. Bottom line: Be customer-focused. Let the customers’ safety, comfort, and success guide your decisions and behavior. You make better decisions when you view the group as customers (or guests). Additional Skills: Knowing basic first aid is helpful. Four-wheeling is generally a safe hobby. But minor bumps, scratches, stings and burns can occur. Remember to always pack a first-aid kit. Basic mechanical skills are also crucial. Your vehicle or someone else’s could suffer a breakdown. Your guests will look to you for leadership on resolving that issue. Becoming a Trail Guide is a noble goal. While not for everyone, fourwheelers who obtain that status find it very rewarding. For me, being a Trail Guide is the apex of four-wheeling. If you’re inclined, commit the necessary time and effort. That will be a worthwhile new year’s resolution. Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach, teaches 4WD owners how to confidently and safely use their vechicles to the fullest extent in difficult terrain and adverse driving conditions. Contact him at tom@4x4training.com or visit www.4x4training.com to develop or improve your driving skill. Copyright 2021, Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc E





com/channel/ UCSgmNJ8CpGJPwBotZrVigOA


www.ssorm.com - FEBRUARY 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


MORE e l x a s Tran g n i r e e Engin

Bradley Ellis finished fifth in the combined course score for the Unlimited class

54 54

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

e g n e l l a h C er 5, 2020 b m e c e d • a c w barsto .NET WWW.MORERACING PHOTOS PHOTOS BY RNR


www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com -- FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2021 2021 -- S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE

55 55

MORE Transaxle Engineering


Matthew Turner, third Class 2000

Reece Pettersen, fifth Class 1600

George Maciel, first Class 2000

Jeremy Buckley, ninth Class 1600

Shane Lapka, seventh Class 1600

Janis Miller, fourth Class 2000

Brent Veenstra, sixth Class 9

Phil Casey, first Class 7200


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Jake Lindquist, first Class 5/1600

CLASS RESULTS TOP TEN CLASS 1600 1. Bryce Farrar 2. Garrett Curran 3. Zach Sizelove 4. Cole Hardin 5. Reece Pettersen 6. Jorge Ventura 7. Shane Lapka 8. Matt Creveling 9. Jeremy Buckley 10. James Eichler Class 9 1. Eric Ruble 2. Wesley Welch 3. Raul Yanez 4. Jim Eichler 5. Thomas Burns 6. Brent Veenstra 7. Parker Nelson 8. Pat Pring 9. Nathan Vizzo 10. Brandon Heald Class 2000 1. George Maciel 2. Matthew Turner 3. Richard Oja 4. Janis Miller 5. Michael Jones 6. Aaron Bruno 7. Ken Long 8. Rich Henry Unlimited Class 1. Eric Hardin 2. Rolf Helland 3. Johnny McCall 4. Mason Cullen 5. Bradley Ellis 6. Dan Fertal 7.

Rodney Kaven 8. Greg Goltz 9. Beau Johnson Class 6100 1. Paul Broughton 2. John Gonzales 3. Ryan Agius Class 7200 1. Phil Casey 2. Austin Smith Class 5U 1. Wes Moser IV 2. Cade Garcia Class 10 1. Justin Buckley 2. Ron Weddle 3. Nash Youngren Class 1400 1. Charlie Landstrom 2. Mark Rotarius 3. Brent Downing Class 1300 1. Lee Perfect 2. James Woods 3. Christopher Parr Class 5/1600 1. Jake Lindquist


www.axiaalloys.com Johnny McCall, third Unlimited Class

www.ssorm.com - FEBRUARY 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


MORE Transaxle Engineering


Christopher Parr, third Class 1300

58 58

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S



MORE Transaxle Engineering


Cole Hardin, fourth Class 1600

Brent Downing , third Class 1400

Wes Moser IV, first Class 5U


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

Ryan Agius, third Class 6100

Eric Hardin, first Unlimited Class

James Eichler, 10th Class 1600


Bradley Ellis, fifth Unlimited Class

www.ssorm.com - FEBRUARY 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



Canyon Christmas

62 62

S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com S&S

December 19, 2020 • Peoria, Arizona Photos and Story by KarakurtMP / Nikola Pavlovski

Grand Prix



Santa Claus aka Team Wingnuts out of Flagstaff, AZ finished eighth Team Expert

The 2020 Arizona Offroad Promotions Rowley White RV Series held the annual Christmas Grand Prix and Team Race at Canyon Motocross in Peoria, AZ. Sponsored by RideNow Motorsports and Roadhouse, the course had no shortcomings of high speeds and big air tabletops in the motocross section, and physically demanding

deep desert wash soil. Race day began as a sunny, chilly, and dry day at Canyon Motocross with racers from all over coming together for their chance at the podium. Saturday was packed full of nine total races, with the main event being the two hour long Team Race. With 75 teams competing for the pole during the highly anticipated Team Race, the

Tyler Mills from Surprise AZ, first UTV Pro Turbo

64 64

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starting line was nothing short of epic. Of the 75 teams competing were 14 racers who braved the course alone. The Pee Wee classes had great turnouts with their chance to gain experience for their racing futures. After the bikes and ATVs had their go, the UTVs had their own chance at the motocross track and deep desert washes.

Podium results for the Team Race were all from the Team Expert class, having completed 11 laps. Team Da8 #09 out of Peoria won 1st with 02:06:06 on the clock. Team Stooges #05 out of Scottsdale placed 2nd at 02:06:16. Lastly, placing 3rd at 02:10:59 was Team Washed Up #013 also out of Peoria. Ironman team top three were 1st place Team Gallian #047 from Cave Creek, 2nd place Ant Samora #019 from Tempe, and 3rd place Team Ouellette. The Big Bike race was a fast blow out between first, second and third places. Zach Myers #16, pro class, riding his KTM blew everyone off the track with a 4 minute 35 second lead over second place Dustin Queen #974, Open A. Coming in third was Ruffin Dodson #211. Santa Claus and his reindeer even made an appearance to warm up for their trip around the globe to deliver joy to all! Santa did not disappoint by showing off his flying skills on the motocross section. It is no wonder how he does it. AZOP Racing keeps Santa and his reindeer in shape all year long. AZOP would like to thank all the sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers, and spectators for making this another great race day. For complete race results and upcoming events visit www.azopracing.com BIG BIKES Team Expert 1. Team Da8 (09) 2. Team Stooges (05) 3. Team Washed Up (013) Team Sportsman 1. Moto Bros (004) 2. Team Kc Racing (14) 3. Team Fried (038) Team Vet 1. Those Guys (049) 2. Team Mark (025) 3. Jurrasic Dudes (046) Team Ironman 1. Team Gallian (047) 2. Ant Samora (019) 3. Team Ouellette (122) Team Family 1. Slow Guys (058) 2. Team Staser (056) 3. Shake & Bake (034) Open A 1. Dustin Queen (974) Open B Juke Kelly (025) 2. Chris Otero (202) 3. Zak Haroldson (74) Open C 1. Juan Lopez (465) 2. Walker Yost (51) 3. Tanner Lindley (174) 125-250cc B 1. Ruffin Dodson (211) 2. Clayton Hixon (130) 3. Hunter Beltran (170) 125-250cc C 1. Juan Lopez (465) 2. Dawson Lee (26) 3. Joshua Lee (307) Vet 30+ B 1. Angel Perez (519) 2. Chris Kieffner (009) Vet 30+ C 1. Kevin Rennaker (420) 2. Jonny Gates (668)

Team Da8 out of Peoria AZ, finished first overall in the Team Race



Santa’s littlest reindeer at the Christmas Grand Prix

3. Zach Zito (149) Senior 40+ B 1. Brian Amideo (426) Master 50+ A 1. Greg Fry (911) 2. Gary Peterson (59) 3. Richard Heyer (311) Master 50+ B 1. Chris Bouchard (613) Super Senior 60+ 1. Daniel Heim (12) PEEWEE BIKES Pee Wee 50cc 4-6 Years 1. Tucker Adams (314) 2. Parker Miller (441) 3. Mateo Panuco (433) Pee Wee 50cc 7-8 Years 1. Joshua Cameron (716) 2. Owen Morris (70) 3. Radley Kronkright (203) PeeWee 65cc C 1. Shay Anderson (45) 2. Bryson Miller (414) 3. Rush Wermes (105) MINI BIKES Mini 80-150cc B 1. John Smallhouse (188) 2. Danny Carter (71) 3. Tiernan Finnegan (41) Mini 80-150cc C 1. Logan Skaggs (696) 2. Seth Johnson (61) Mini 65cc B 1. Braydon Dodge (187) 2. Tyler Mclane (3) 3. Ty Gillman (329) Women’s C 1. Coyle Gillian (008) 91-300cc 10-15 yrs 1. Jose Llamas (187Q) 2. Brayden Earlewine (17) Pull Starts. 1. Jeff Lewis (24) 2. Jonathan Bennett (55) 3. Nicholas Berry (2).

www.azopracing.com for more info 66

Pull Start class winner, Jeff Lewis out of Surprise AZ

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Nicholas Berry, third Pull Start


https://list.robly.com/ subscribe?a=7c856c30cc304e39349f5d88327c2ad8

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December 12, 2020 https://www. Plaster City East - Plaster City CA WWW.AMAD38.COM facebook.com/ photos by Judd Neves JuddNeves. Nothing but Dirt Photography NothingButDirt. RacingPhotography/

Justin Morgan, first overall


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Cecilia Richardson, fourth Womens Novice

Lance Goodsell, first 200 Amateur

Kimberly Loppnow, teaming with Kristin Baxter finished first Womens Novice in the team race



Race 1 (Age classes + Women) Top Ten Overall 1. Justin Morgan 2. Robert Youngs 3. Kyle Hearold 4. Erick Burnworth 5. Henry Daly 6. Jason Mount 7. Ivan Delgadillo 8. Byron Kukla 9. Robbie Pippin 10. Josh Smith Race 2 (All Quads) Top ten Overall 1. Chris Avalos 2. Julio Gomez 3. Ismael Hernandez 4. Danny Magdaleno 5. Edgar Barraza 6. Juan Sanchez 7. Dean Sundahl

8. Alfredo Rodriguez 9. Carlos Segura 10. Steve Carver Race 3 (200, 250 & Open) Top Ten Overall 1. Justin Morgan 2. Braydin Collie 3. Tyler Sarver 4. Evan Estrada 5. Justin Wilson 6. Zach Walker 7. Daniel Fenton 8. Joshua Sharp 9. Noah Clevenger 10. Joe Saelens UTV Top Ten Overall 1. Todd Barnhill, Kole Parker 2. Elliott Watson 3. Jesse Melrose, Brian Kim 4. Tanner Currier, John

Julio Gomez, second overall Race 2 and second ATV Expert.

Chris Brooks finished fourth overall and second Open Expert in the team race with Cory Gustafson


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Currier 5. Richard Hedgecock 6. Dustin Twamley, Joshua Butler 7. Art Eugenio, Art Zambrano 8. Larry Hammers 9. Scott Trafton, Ron Trafton 10. Mike Sandoval CLASS RESULTS Open Exp 1. Justin Morgan 2. Evan Estrada 3. Daniel Fenton 4. Kyle Milligan Open Am 1. Justin Wilson 2. Zach Walker 3. Joshua Sharp 4. Brad Pifer 5. Isaac Hodges Open Nov 1. Merritt Townsend 2. Robert Rodriguez 3. Kyle Morgan 4. Max Darsonval 5. Kyle Sutter 250 Exp 1. Tyler Sarver 2. Kyle Hill 250 Am 1. Braydin Collie 2. Noah Clevenger 3. Cooper Shira 4. Eric Moreno 5. Joshua Espinoza 250 Nov 1. Fisher Sadd 2. Salvador Paniagua 3. Luke Howard 4. Andrew Hendrix 5. Eli Kell 200 Am 1. Chad Goodsell 200 Nov 1. Hunter Saad 2. Adrian Andrade 3. Noah McBroom 4. Connor Belew Vet Exp 1. Justin Morgan 2. Robert Youngs 3. Henry Daly Vet Am 1. Erick Burnworth 2. Jason Mount 3. Ivan Delgadillo 4. Byron

Kukla 5. Ismael Bohme Vet Nov 1. Nick Destout 2. Gregory Williams 3. Travis Ladd 4. Luis Santacruz 5. Thomas Dunn Sen Exp 1. Kyle Hearold 2. Josh Smith 3. Jason Morgan 4. Courtney Ludwin Sen Am 1. Davin Brigman 2. Clint Morrison 3. David Sikorski 4. Justin McNeil Sen Nov 1. Clint Skullerud 2. Chad Prey 3. Michael Kent 4.

John Sherrell 5. Joseph Moore Sup Sen Exp 1. Robbie Pippin 2. Pete Andrassy 3. Art Pifer 4. Jason Cogbill 5. Mark Baker Sup Sen Am 1. Chad Busch 2. David Kendrick 3. Chris Segal 4. David Rinder Sup Sen Nov 1. Zac Shira 2. John Sommatino



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Lilia Rodriguez, first ATV Women Novice

Matthew Belew, sixth Open Expert

Master Exp 1. Mark Brown 2. Mark Zela 3. Rickert Haag Wom Am 1. Cassidy Estrada Wom Nov 1. Kristen Baxter 2. Karen Gariepy 3. Cecilia Richardson ATV Exp 1. Chris Avalos 2. Julio Gomez 3. Ismael Hernandez 4. Danny Magdaleno 5. Edgar Barraza ATV Am 1. Donald Franc ATV Nov 1. Alfredo Rodriguez 2. Carlos Segura 3. Andrew Salas 4. Junior Razo 5. Casey Lizaola ATV Vet Am 1. Larry Hammers 2. Mike Weaver ATV Sen Exp 1. Dean Sundahl 2. Steve Carver 3. Eric Hartell 4. Clint Guidry ATV Wom Am 1. Jolene Crouse 2. Rachael Weaver 3. Sandy Flores ATV Zac Shira on an electric bike finished first Super Senior Novice in Wom Nov 1. Lilia the team race with Robert Feinstein


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Rodriguez 2. Jessica Engen UTV Pro Unltd 1. Todd Barnhill, Kole Parker 2. Richard Hedgecock 3. Scott Trafton, Ron Trafton 4. Mike Sandoval 5. Oscar Ruiz, Roberto Ruiz UTV Pro Prod 1. Elliott Watson 2. Brett Berker, Craig Estrada 3. Skip Fitch 4. Max Carver, Steve Carver UTV Pro Stock 1. Jesse Melrose, Brian Kim 2. Larry Hammers 3. Janelle Feeler, George Ryan 4. Wesley Feeler 5. Brian Vesco, Justin McNeil UTV Sportsman 1. Tanner Currier, John Currier 2. Dustin Twamley, Joshua Butler 3. Art Eugenio, Art Zambrano 4. Doug Maclachlan, Larry Howie 5. Jon Swedlund, Ron Hofer Team Race Top Ten Overall 1. Justin Morgan, Robert Youngs 2. Tyler Sarver, Braydon Collie 3. Anthony Santos, Daniel Fenton 4. Christopher Brooks, Cory Gustafson 5. Lance Goodsell, Chad Goodsell 6. Cooper Shira, Noah Clevenger 7. Kole Parker, Cameron Green 8. Joshua Sharp 9. Chris Avalos 10. Justin Kennamer, Chase Northrip TEAM RACE CLASS RESULTS Vet Exp 1. Justin Morgan, Robert Youngs 2. Henry Daly, Danny Barker Vet Am 1. Ivan Delgadillo, Erick Burnworth Vet Nov 1. Luis Santacruz Open Exp 1. Anthony Santos, Daniel Fenton 2. Christopher

Jessica Engen, second ATV Women Novice


Rodney Engen teamed with his daughter Jessica and finished second ATV Novice in the team race

Brooks, Cory Gustafson 3. Kole Parker, Cameron Green 4. Justin Kennamer, Chase Northrip 5. Kyle Milligan Open Am 1. Joshua Sharp 2. Art Pifer, Brad Pifer Open Nov 1. Robert Rodriguez 2. Andrew Usry, Gregory Williams 3. Ian Sullivan 4. Smith Hilfiker, Spencer Hilfiker 5. Andrew Salas 250 Exp 1. Tyler Sarver, Braydin Collie 250 Am 1. Cooper Shira, Noah Clevenger 3. Tanner Engen, Cody Hatfield 250 Nov 1. Brenten Adams 2. Eli Kell, Luke Howard 200 Exp 1. Lance Goodsell, Chad Goodsell 200 Nov 1. Hunter Saad, Noah McBroom 2. Tim Belew, Connor Belew Sen Exp 1. Jason Mount, Josh Smith 2. Andrew Hendrix, Eric Moreno 3. Pete Andrasi, Kyle Hearold Sen Am 1. Davin Brigman, Courtney Ludwin Sen Nov 1. Jeff Apple, Michael De La Garza Sup Sen Exp 1. Jason Cogbill, Robbie Pippin 2. Mark Zela, Bill Hinkle 3. Jack Northcutt 4. Chris Segal, Stephen Orton Sup Sen Am 1. David Rinder Sup Sen Nov 1. Robert Feinstein, Zac Shira Wom Nov 1. Kimberely Loppnow, Kristin Baxter 2. Cassidy Estrada, Karen Gariepy ATV Exp 1. Chris Avalos 2. Ismael Hernandez, Danny Magdaleno 3. Julio Gomez, Edgar Barraza Julio Gomez, Juan Sanchez ATV Nov 1. Casey Lizaola, Jacob Lizaola 2. Jessica Engen, Rodney Engen 3. Junior Razo, Alejandro Calzada ATV Vet Am 1. Hector Monroy, Larry Hammers ATV Sen Exp 1. Steve Carver, Eric Hartell ATV Wom Am 1. Jolene Crouse, Rachael Weaver 2. Jenn Shuart, Sandy Flores Steve Carver finished second ATV Senior Expert. He also raced in the motorcycle and UTV classes as well as winning the ATV Senior Expert class in the team race along with Eric Hartell.


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Casey Lizaola, first ATV Novice

Chris Avalos, first overall Quad, first Quad Expert

74 74

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Gregory Williams, second Vet Novice Lesar Rescue

Jeff Apple, first Senior Novice in the team race with Michael De La Garza

Cameron Green, third Open Expert in the team race with Justin Kennamer

Mark Brown, first Master Expert


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Art Eugenio from GETSOMEPhoto.com on the other side of the camera. Along with co-driver Art Zambrano they finished third UTV sportsman, seventh overall

Brett Berker "Steers and Stripes" Race Team with co-driver Craig Estrada finished second UTV Pro Production

Elliott Watson, second overall, first UTV Pro Production E


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https://www. facebook.com/ omfperformance/

www.omfperformance.com www.ssorm.com - FEBRUARY 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE



4WP Desert

Steve Strobel, out of Clarks NE with Christian Strobel and Jeremy Cheadle finished first overall and first Unlimited Trucks

78 78

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t Showdown

https://www. facebook.com/rnr. photos.1

Pahrump, NV • January 9, 2021 www.legacyracing.net




4WP Desert Showdown

ABOVE Ken Knudsen, eighth UNL Trucks BELOW Trevor Rasmussen, second Class 10


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4WP Desert Showdown

ABOVE Vito Ranuio finished first UTV Turbo BELOW Chasen Gaunt out of Torrance CA in Class 6100

82 82

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TOP TEN OVERALL 1. Steve Strobel (UNL Trucks) 2. Madix Bailey (UNL Trucks) 3. Steve Olliges (UNL Trucks) 4. Travis Williams (Class 6100) 5. Travis Chase (Class 6100) 6. Brandon Bailey (Class 1) 7. John Bowers (UNL Trucks) 8. Eric Husteda (UNL Trucks) 9. Todd Jergensen (Class 6100) 10. Brent Fox (Class 10) UNL Trucks 1. Steve Strobel 2. Madix Bailey 3. Steve Olliges 4. John Bowers 5. Eric Hustead Class 10 1. Brent Fox 2. Trevor Rasmussen 3. Mike Coulter 4. Mike Frye Class 1 1. Brandon Bailey 2. Ladd Gilbert 3. Butch Jensen Trophy Lite 6000 1. Ty Fall 2. Josh Cobb Class 6100 1. Travis Williams 2. Travis Chase 3. Todd Jergensen 4. Jordan Brenthel 5. Kirk Harkey Class 1/2 1600 1. Christy Sizelove UTV NA 1900 1. Kaden Wells 2. Maddie Wedeking 3. Tim Fitzpatrick 4. Mike Podratz 5. Michael Pascarella UTV Turbo 1. Vito Ranuio 2. Dan Fiasher 3. Ryan Piplic 4. Josh Shelton 5. Russell Bowers UTV UNL 2900 1. Nolan Williams 2. Cindy Jo Auilera 3. Robert Vanbeekum UTV Sportsman S900 1. Craig Macintosh UTV Stock U900 1. Chris Blais 2. Cory Edger 3. Jack Olliges 4. Robert Campbell 5. Tim Fields

Kaden Wells, out of Apple Valle UT, first UTV NA 1900


Robert Campbell, fourth Stock U900

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4WP Desert Showdown

Robert Vanbeekum from Queen Creek, AZ finished third UTV Unlimited Class 2900

84 84

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4WP Desert Showdown

From Gilbert AZ, Dan Fisher finished second UTV Tubo

Brandon Schueler out of Phoenix AZ finished eighth UTV Turbo

Kirk Harkey, from Perris CA, fifth Class 6100

Ladd Gilbert, second Class 1

William Long from Wasilla, Alaska finishing seventh UTV Turbo

Sam Chournos out of St George UT, sixth UTV Turbo

Andre Laurin, sixth Class 6100

Reed Dodenbier, 10th Class 6100


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ATER P W BLUE m www.bestinthedesert.co january 15-16, 2021 parker az

88 88

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5 r 2 e 4 k r Pa

S PHOTOS ARTICLE BY SPINNING WHEEL photos by rnr photos & spinning wheel photos

Kevin Thompson and Harley Letner finished first Sportsman Class 8100. Spinning Wheels Photo


Jeff Nash and Andrew Habgood in the Sportsman 8100 class. RNR Photo

Jon Steinhilber, Joe Lowery and Kevin Steinhilber, third Class Vintage C/T. RNR Photo

Mel Wade along with Harley Wade, Melvin Wade IV and Elijah Pacheco, second Class 7300. RNR Photo

Harley Coffland and Dennis Coffland, second Class 3700. RNR Photo

Chris Schweers, Cody Gregory, Jon Schweers and Trevor Barkley, sixth Class 5000. Spinning Wheels Photo

Jeff Harmonson, Darrell Herzog, Tyler Herzog and Grant Melton, third Class 4700. Spinning Wheels Photo

Andrew Hulse, Wayne Guidinger, Ben Hulse and Michael Kraft , second Class 4700. Spinning Wheels Photo

Josh Bradfield, Chance Lee, Tyler and Curtis Bradfield racing in the Vintage C/T class. Spinning Wheels Photo


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Andrew Yurcho and Andy Yurcho, second Class 1000. RNR Photo


to a few hours later in the day. This meant no group had broken and was not able to finish the est in the Desert opens the 2021 season starting in the dark or having the sun in your race. The suspension on most of these vehicles with the running of the Parker 425, eyes. is what the desert took its toll on. At one of the presented by Jimco Racing. COVID Friday’s race had seventy-four starters. areas where I was viewing, the driver had to over the last year has put a damper on several By the first complete lap nearly one-third of the pull off course. We looked underneath and saw events, not only with BITD, but with several other promoters and organization, but BITD felt that the race should go on. It was highly recommended that all people still follow the regulations of social distancing and wear a mask. This year an agreement was not reached with the Colorado River Indian Tribe about the use of their land, so the entire course had to be placed on public land in the BLM area. This shorted the race about 25 miles. The start/finished was placed back where the old Parker 400 started on Shea Road. This year followed last year's program with a two-day event. And just like last year the split days made it not so rough on racers, crew and staff. They even moved the start time Kelly P. Mcarthur, Keith R Smith and Brian Kennon finished fifth Trick Truck. Spinning Wheels Photo CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE www.ssorm.com - FEBRUARY 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE 91

BLUEWATER Parker 425

Running in Class 5000 Trey Hernquist with Bill Hernquist, Dominic Denardi and Rick Ellison. RNR Photo

92 92

S&S S&S OFF OFF ROAD ROAD MAGAZINE MAGAZINE -- FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2021 2021 -- www.ssorm.com www.ssorm.com

the track bar mount, one of the four links and the limiting strap mounts were torn from where they had been welded. Friday’s race also had two www.signartgraphix.com groups racing. Sportsman/8100, Vintage C/T, Classes 1700, 3700,7300, 2700 and 1200 were in a two-lap category. Classes 1000, 5000, 4700, 7200, 6000, 1100, and 2000 were set for three laps. In just under six hours after the start, Wheeler Morgan, from Brawley, CA, in his Raceco chassis, sponsored by JB Wholesale Roofing and Building Supply Co and Reed’s Automotive, drove across the finish line for the last time that day to get an unofficial time of 05:53:38.747 and first place. He was followed in by team Andrew Yurcho and Andy Yurcho, from Fullerton, CA, in their Alumi Craft chassis, sponsored by Perfect Source, Pistol Vision and JB Race Prep, driving across the finish line at 06:09:03.502 for the unofficial second place. The next was for the big boys and their toys. This included the Hank Winter with Jeff Huebner, Dustin Winter and Scott Tilley, sixth Class 1000. RNR Photo Trick Truck, Classes 6200, 6100 and 1500. Forty-four entries started the race. By the end of the day the track claimed fourteen vehicles. The Trick Truck team of Kevin Thompson, Harley Letner, Brent Bauman and Beau Morton finished the race in 05:35:27.383 for the unofficial first place. Second place was team of Adam Householder and Trevor Ellingham with a time of 05:40:55.176. At the time this article was written, the official results had not been posted. To see the official results, go to BITD’s website at BITD.com. All my photos will be posted and a link will be on my website at spinningwheelsphotography.com. Find RNR Photos at www.facebook. com/rnr.photos.1 Troy Grabowski and Ricky Gutierrez, second Class 5000. RNR Photo


www.ssorm.com - FEBRUARY 2021 - S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE


BLUEWATER Parker 425

Larry Trim with John Koeth, Keith Blatt and Shannon Switzer finished first Class 2700. RNR Photo

Josh De Jong and Louis Zavas, 11th Trick Truck. Spinning Wheels Photo E

94 94

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freeway of modern Highway 8 from San Diego to El Centro. You really have to pay attention to the road and not be at all distracted for any reason. The kids were playing at the dinette which was located just behind the front seats and entry door on the passenger side of the rig. I had a friend with me who had never been camping out there before sitting in the front passenger seat. I'm a stickler for safety belts when on the road. It was well past dusk, the sun had gone down to the west over the Laguna Mountains but there was still just a trace of light up on the ridge. I had my lights on already for sometime now as we approached the highway 78/S-2 intersection. Many folks pull over here before turning off the S-2 and on to the

Black Ghost In The Darkness

have been riding and driving out to the local desert and mountains of San Diego for over 50 years. First as a little kid with my Grandparents, John and Rose DeForest, who were rock hounds and Indian artifact hunters in the 1950's and 60's thru the 70's. Also as a teenager riding dirt bikes with my Uncle Gary DeForest, even my Dad gave it a try a few times. More in my 20's and 30's trail riding with my buddies and as a father of two with my own kids through my 50's. I've always enjoyed the camping and family fun away from the daily routines back in town. My Grandfather John, never took driving out there for granted and was generally always prepared for trips with a proper first aid kit, clothing, snake bite kit, spare parts, food, water and tools, just in case you needed them. The roads could be dangerous with lots of curves and traffic. We were never in a hurry to get out there. Just get there safely and enjoy the wide open spaces. We did a lot of hiking, learning about the plants, trees and animals and the various Indian Tribes that lived there not so long ago. In about my mid 40's, I was heading out to Ocotillo Wells with my kids and a friend. I had an older 1977 Class C 26 foot motor home that was in good shape and ran well with a trusty Dodge 440 in it that pulled our trailer full of dirt bikes just fine. It was called “The Eldorado.” We would take Highway 67 up through Ramona to the 78, on up to Santa Ysabel and head north on the 79 toward Warner Springs so as to avoid going down twisty and steep Banner Grade via Julian. At S-2 we would turn right and head southeast back towards Highway 78 near historic Scissor's Crossing. Many off road folks take this route to the desert from east county and areas north of San Diego. This route is not for the faint of heart, just a 2 lane road for the most part. Not the cushy 96

nowhere, I hesitated for some unknown reason. I did not let fully off the brake pedal and had not yet touched the gas pedal. In that split second instant, a black full size pick-up truck with no lights on at all went past the front of us eastbound in darkness like a black ghost. And it was really moving, well over 60 mph, maybe 70 mph. The truck never slowed down, never moved, just went straight on by in front us as if the driver had thought that I had seen him! That idiot driver should have had his lights on at just before dusk. Yet, there he went by in near total darkness in a black truck with no lights whatsoever! As many of you already know, lights are required on some of the back roads, even in the daytime! My heart was racing and I was cussing out my passenger, raging in adrenaline as I knew what a disaster we somehow just avoided. I know she took a good look out that window as I watched her before checking the westbound lane again from my side. She really did not see that black truck! I knew it was not her fault and I apologized. She understood what we had just avoided as well as I did. I calmed myself down and proceeded to turn east on the 78 as we approached the Yaqui Narrows, named after the Indians that used to live there, in the area now called Shelter Valley. We proceeded down to the desert floor towards Ocotillo Wells. As I drove on into the night, she asked me, “How did you know that truck was coming, Gary?” Here, she was on that side, had a better view than I did and she never saw it coming in the darkness. I told her that I did not know. I told her that I just had a gut feeling, a notion, that I should look again, hesitate for whatever reason. Even when the truck passed right in front of us, it was hard to see, just a flash, at best, out the windshield! I thought to myself, “Gary you saw a black ghost in the darkness” and I thanked the Lord in my head, talking to myself, silently. To this very day, it still gives me goosebumps when I think of that moment. Just another drive down to the desert, one of hundreds over the years. Had I just pulled out, I'm sure the truck would have plowed into the right, passenger side of the motor home. It may have hit the door where my co-pilot was sitting. It may have struck a bit farther back where the kids were

To this very day, it still gives me goosebumps when I think of that moment. Just another drive down to the desert, one of hundreds over the years. 78 for a stretch of the legs. There is ample room on the shoulder just before that intersection. The S-2 has a bit of an angle at the stop-sign there and that makes it a little hard for the driver to see traffic coming down the hill from Banner heading east. As I approach this intersection, I generally angle the front of the motor home towards the west so as to be able to better see traffic coming from that direction. But this time, I did not and could not see well. It was dark, night had fallen. So, I asked my friend in the passenger seat to look for me “Is there anyone coming on that side?” I got a “No, all clear” from my passenger. I started to let off the brake pedal as I could see there was no one coming from the westbound lane that I could see clearly out my driver's side window. But, out of

S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

sitting. We all know that many motorhomes are not that sturdy, no real metal protection above the frame, many just plywood and sheet metal and foam. I'm pretty sure the impact would have caused death to anyone on that side of the rig. At the speed that truck was traveling, I think the driver of that truck may have been dead as well. It certainly would have ruined our weekend and perhaps even ruined our lives. Now due to this incident, I always look real well, both ways, anywhere even in broad daylight. As a doctor for over 30 years here in San Diego, I'm always preaching prevention for health conditions.

Some things to think about

• Never be in a hurry to be anywhere, never drive fast, it's just not worth it. Take your time to look both ways twice and then some. • Never be distracted by anything while driving. Never let a passenger, a cell phone, food, drinks, something fell down on the floor, kids fighting in the back, never let anything distract you. Research is showing that using a cell phone or texting while driving is worse that drunk driving! • If you do not have a great view of

possible oncoming traffic, do what it takes to get a good view! Do not guess with your life and the lives of others. • Keep your eyes on the road, those curves can come up to bite you. This will help you avoid an accident even if it is not your fault, like someone coming over into your lane. • Do not over drive the road and the conditions. Know what the weather, wind and road conditions are before you drive. • Make sure all your tires are in good shape and inflated properly. Blow-outs can be and sometimes are deadly. • Know that all your lights are working, trailers as well. I've seen younger folks speeding, changing lanes, making passes where it is not allowed on blind areas of the road, all loaded up in their trucks headed to the desert to camp and ride in a big hurry. Hopefully they do not kill someone else in the learning process. I've also seen younger folks throwing trash out their truck windows as they come back from the desert. It's disgusting! If you witness this type of behavior on the road and you can get the license plate, report it when you get a chance. Camping, hiking, off road riding is all great fun for family and friends. It is not without risk. The drive to get there and back

is the biggest risk in my opinion. Never take the road for granted. If just one person takes note here and avoids an accident, it makes my time to peck this out worth it! Always look for the “black ghost in the darkness,” use your lights, your head, play it safe. Arrive alive and enjoy your off road adventures. Dr. Gary DeForest is a San Diego based Chiropractor in practice for 36 years. He is always happy to speak with you about any health concerns. He can be reached at 619-291-2462 or deforest192@yahoo.com or text 619-300-7717. His grandparents’ Indian artifact collection was donated to the Anza Borrego Historic Society and is rotated at the museum along with other collections and displays. Dr. DeForest likes to ride vintage motocross and flat track with San Diego based California Vintage Motocross (calvmx.com).E

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2013 Pacific Coachworks Powerlite 28 ft Toyhauler. Front bedroom, fold down couch and 2 electric doubles, Sleeps 6+. Custom ordered and purchased new in Jan 2013. 12’ 6” load space (Polaris RZR 4 seat in it now), lots of extras. Too many things to list here. If interested please call or e-mail for more info and details. I don’t have a ton of recent pictures but you can e-mail for additional ones that I have. 4 kw gen, 40 gal fuel, 120+ gal water, 5 New tires. Asking $22,500. Please call Paul @ (619) 985-3673. pwpowell@cox.net

EZGO golf cart, 36 volt electric hot rod, full front suspension and floating rear, call for details, everything plated, powder coated or stainless, ready for river or dez, $5,500, Ron, 619-306-3443


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CLASSIFIED ADS Send your ad to ssormag@gmail.com 2007 Polaris Outlaw 525, K&N Filter, Dyno Jet Re-jetting, D&G Exhaust. $3,500. 949-642-8671

Cadillac Northstar Motor for sale $3000 obo. Caddy Motor for your buggy. Comes with injector manifold on motor stand. Was spare for my  Funco buggy but that is sold. Call or text Dave @ (760) 802-2893

Honda CT110 original. Only 240 miles from new. Recent service, new battery, air filter and oil. Ready to go. Runs like new. Clean CA title on non-op. Great for the back of the motorhome or use around town. High/ low transmission, CDI ignition. Everything works as it should. No trades. Please serious buyer, no tire kicker. Email: spys@earthlink.net

Sand Rail, 1776 VW Engine, 110 Engle Cam, Supertrap Exhaust, Chenowith Frame, Custom Upholstery, New Rear Tires, Rear Disc Brakes, Neal Pedals, $4,500, 949-642-8671


S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

2004 Honda 400EX, K&N Filter, Dyna Jet Re-jetting, D&G Exhaust, New Rear Holeshot Tire. $2,500, 949-6428671

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Race ready Mini Dwarf Mini Mod, Victory chassis copy, chromoly material, mig welded. Made with good parts. Good competitive car. Only one year old. Seat, Motor, Clutch, Steering wheel, Ready to go, Moving on with the race program. $8,500. 760-412-0654 2005 37’ Forest River Sierra Sport 5th wheel toy hauler with garage. Brand new AC put in last August. Everything works! 5500 Onan generator, newer awning, axles flipped, original owner ordered the trailer with no graphics. 2 queen beds, couch and dinette beds. Very clean trailer with manuals and service records. $23,000 located at Lake Martinez Yuma. Can deliver if we make a deal. 619-335-0135

Good little two seat buggy. Desert car. VW motor and trans. $5,000 obo. Title in hand. Runs and drives good 760-412-0654

2011 Yamaha YZ450. Desert tank ,new fork seals and oil, new top end, new clutch, new crank, Baja Designs light kit, street legal $4,000 928-581-2839

2016 Polaris Ace 900 SP, 144.5 Hours, 1418 Miles, New Battery, Has Roll cage, Method Beadlockers (original tires too), Sound System, 2x Roto Pax, Evans Racing Shocks (External Reservoir), Winch. 2 Extra Belts, 2 Oil Change kits, OGIO Polaris storage bag. Clean title. Located in Ramona, $8,600 obo, Jeff 619994-2345

1970 SL-138, many extras, runs good, show bike. (602) 348-1856 $2300. Phoenix AZ

1980 Yamaha YZ 125, Excellent Condition. New $275 HPI ( Horsepower Ignition Kit ) Stator, CDI, Coil & Kill Switch New $100 Carburetor Manifold, $2500 calolds@yahoo.com, 858-245-9846 E

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S&S OFF ROAD MAGAZINE - FEBRUARY 2021 - www.ssorm.com

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