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The University of Sheffield School of Architecture

06 Wei Wang - Art as the Catalyst Dealing with a sample of shrinking city, the aim is to imagine the future of Padova’s industrial district. Through the analysis of the site and social issues, the industrial area might be abandoned in the future but new functions will birth from this place. Through the improvement and development at people’s requests this area will be rebirthed for creative purposes.

12 Yao Li - Art Island The aim of this design is to build an attractive area as the starting point for Padova’s industrial region’s regeneration. After intense development, the decay of city creates many voids in Padova. This design transforms urban voids around buildings, makes them from private to public, from closed to open, by breaking the original factory and creating new interactive voids.

07 Jiayang Lu - From Factory to Landscape After practical site research in Padova, I have imagined the possible changes in ten years, thirty years and fifty years. I determined the design direction which is to transform the factories to public and to make factories as part of the urban landscape. By doing this, the aim is to provide the public with a leisure place. In the meantime, the impression of the industrial district could be improved and more people would be attracted there.

13 Chun-Yin Lin - Sharing Your Goods The Sharing Market contains open-air activities and exchanging spaces for different types of trading. Moreover, considering this market as a hub of community, this space also provides café and community library. In addition, in order to keep the resource of crops and decrease the dependence of commercial seeds, the seed-library will collect every generation of crops to maintain the advantages of hybrid crops. The Sharing Market is not only a place to get something people need, but also a space for sharing their life.

08 Wenqian Ni - Human Involvement My design started from dealing with the problems of the Padova river site. This site needs a bridge in the centre to facilitate people’s activities and involve some sports in the wasteland, Finally, this whole area will be changed by people and it will need a visitor centre in the future. My design has taken the river area to create an urbanism landscape that provide the residents with a greater community experience. 09 Shulin Lai - Farming on the Edge The aim of this project is providing low cost houses to help new immigrants settle in Italy. This project includes housing, workshop and organic urban farm. Building construction will start from riverside houses and growing vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, the workshop will be built for food production and power generation. Finally, restaurants and clubs are constructed.


10 Wanqing Xu - Welcome to Self-Built Tribe This project is originated from the biodiversity of this site. The wild landscape is suitable to create a self-built community. I started from the underpass space for the public activities and then the unfinished workshop “making” their buildings. It is an open structure and organized of modules. People can choose each spaces they like and we will support materials they will need so they can finish their own spaces themselves. 11 Meiyue Ren - Architectural Facebook In most developed cities, people are facing the shrinking of aspects of their living context. People nowadays need smaller scale buildings and spaces that ease communication. I created a space that is flexible to contain more diversity and to suit people’s requirements. Transparent corridor space is created for them to connect with each other. That is called ‘Architectural Facebook’.


Sheffield School of Architecture 2015 Catalogue (144ppi)  

Full catalogue of student work from the School of Architecture Summer Exhibition 2015.

Sheffield School of Architecture 2015 Catalogue (144ppi)  

Full catalogue of student work from the School of Architecture Summer Exhibition 2015.