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The University of Sheffield School of Architecture

Semester One Project 1 ‘Home Truths ‘ This project enables students to get to know each other, the studio as a work environment, and Sheffield as a place. Working in groups, the students begin by exploring an area of the city in order to identify a potential site. Using only rough physical models, the students are then asked to design a place where the group can live and work, exploring notions of privacy and communality. At the end of the project the students come together to discuss all the things they would need to know in order to further their design, developing a curriculum for a school of architecture.

01 Andreea Ditu P5 - ‘Play’

Project 2 ‘Room Archaeology’ Each group is assigned an existing space which they are required to analyse, record and represent in great detail. In the first instance the students are asked to produce a measured survey and photographic record for the space. Special thanks to the Freeman College at Butcher Works, CADS, Exchange Place Studios, and ROCO Creative COOP for their help with this project.

04 Group E1 P2 - ROCO

Project 3 ‘A Sense of Place’ Working with the same room, the students are asked to analyse and represent the space using a variety of more subjective methods. One-day workshops introduce the students to a range of techniques such as mapping, photography, film-making, animation and collage.The project ends with a series of exhibitions; capturing and communicating the essence of the spaces looked at. Project 4 ‘Person, Activity and Space’ Working in groups, students are asked to explore a specific domestic activity, using representation to analyse and explain what that activity means, how it is physically enacted, and the nature of the space which it might generate. The aim is to develop an understanding of the relationship between person and space, and to begin to appreciate the symbolic and ritual aspect of architectural space. Project 5 ‘Making Space’ Working individually, students are asked to design a pavilion to house the activity explored during P4. The pavilion is a freestanding structure sited in a public space, an object of pleasure and delight, displaying a strong relationship between user, activity and space, and between internal volume and external form. Students are asked to explore degrees of permanence and enclosure, as well as the wider context and how people approach and engage with the spaces they create. Research Project R1 This introduces the students to the importance of precedent and the value of research, whilst allowing them to develop skills in verbal and visual presentation. Working in their studio groups the students are asked to research a building which uses a particular material in an innovative way, placing their study in the context of the architect’s body of work and other relevant examples taken from the world of contemporary architecture.

02 Group D2 P2 - Exchange Place Studios 03 Group B4 P3 - Butcher Works

05 Ella Macleod P5 - ‘Bathe’


06 Yuxin Wu P5 - ‘Play’ 07 Group D2 P2 - Exchange Place Studios 08 Group F2 P3 - George Porter Workshop 09 Group D2 P2 - Exchange Place Studios





10 Group A3 P2 - CADS 11 Group E1 P2 - ROCO 12 Axel Grubba P5 - ‘Dine’ 13 Group E1 P3 - ROCO


Sheffield School of Architecture 2015 Catalogue (144ppi)  

Full catalogue of student work from the School of Architecture Summer Exhibition 2015.

Sheffield School of Architecture 2015 Catalogue (144ppi)  

Full catalogue of student work from the School of Architecture Summer Exhibition 2015.