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Sisters of St. Mar y of Oregon Foundation 20 Years of Communit y Impac t Annual Report 2017-2018

Our Mission The mission of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation is to enhance support of all SSMO-sponsored ministries through relationship building, fundraising and stewardship.

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation


20 Years of Community Legacy...................................................................................... 2

20 Years of Community Leadership...................................................................................... 4

20 Years of Community Education...................................................................................... 6

20 Years of Community Excellence...................................................................................... 8

20 Years of Community Care...................................................................................... 10 20 Years of Community Compassion...................................................................................... 11 20 Years of Community Commitment...................................................................................... 12

20 Years of Community Generosity Canticle Society...................................................................................... 14 Cornerstone Society...................................................................................... 16 Foundress Circle...................................................................................... 17 Friends...................................................................................... 20 Alumni Giving...................................................................................... 23 Faculty and Staff...................................................................................... 25 OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation Challenge...................................................................................... 25 Light-a-Fire...................................................................................... 26 Gala Sponsors...................................................................................... 27 Whole in One Golf Tournament Sponsors...................................................................................... 27 Gifts in Honor...................................................................................... 28 Gifts in Memory...................................................................................... 29 Gift-in-Kind Donors...................................................................................... 33 Matching Gift Companies...................................................................................... 33

20 Years of Community Spirit...................................................................................... 34

Financial Statement Highlights...................................................................................... 35

The Horizon...................................................................................... 37

Every effort has been made to ensure that this report is accurate and complete. Please accept our apologies if your name has been omitted, misspelled, misplaced or otherwise incorrectly listed. If we have made an error, please let us know by calling the Foundation Office at 503-718-6485 or emailing so we can correct our records and properly acknowledge your contribution.

Annual Report 2017–2018



SSMO Foundation Executive Director’s Message

Dear Friends, This celebratory milestone belongs to you. On behalf of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, Maryville, and Valley Catholic School, I am honored to present the SSMO Foundation’s 2017-18 Annual Report for gifts received through the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018. It is with tremendous gratitude that the SSMO Foundation celebrates twenty years of community impact thanks to you, our donors. Together, with bold leadership and your faithful generosity, we’ve successfully made pivotal development and programmatic improvements, all in keeping with the Sisters’ charism, and for that we are extremely thankful. Take a look at what your steadfast support has done for our community; your belief in the SSMO mission of outreach, eldercare, and education allows us to receive and steward gifts with confidence, securing the SSMO’s firmly established legacy for generations to come. We are grateful for all gifts, large and small. Over 1,200 donors and several program grants and strategic estate gifts provided $2.47 million in fundraising to benefit the Sisters’ community outreach efforts, Maryville’s continuum of care, and Valley Catholic’s educational program. Your generosity strengthens the impact of campus programs and provides life-changing opportunities and experiences for the Sisters, residents, students and families. This is a tremendous accomplishment that we could not have achieved without you. Thank you for wholeheartedly supporting the hearts, minds, body, and spirit of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, Maryville, and Valley Catholic School. With sincere appreciation,

Patricia A. Blood Executive Director, SSMO Foundation


Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

SSMO Foundation Staff Patricia Blood, Executive Director Sabrina Blue, Director, Major Gifts Sharlayne Buuck, Director, Annual Fund Caroline Fogarty, Special Events Manager Sean Lottman, Database Manager Liz Kiefer McDevitt ’11, Alumni Relations Manager

Founding SSMO Foundation Board of Directors Annie Tennant Buell, Chair J. Bryce Strang, Vice Chair Sr. Charlene Herinckx ’66, SSMO Secretary Michael Rompa, Treasurer Sr. Delores Adelman, SSMO Ken Ernst Beverly Quandt Sr. Frances Zenner ’34, SSMO Dave Rianda, Executive Director Carolyn Bowden, Director of Development and Public Relations


“My primary responsibility with the SSMO

The SSMO Foundation was officially

Foundation in 1998 was to develop a board

formed in 1998, but the groundwork to

of directors committed to fundraising, and

build the Foundation began years earlier as

to build an endowment for the Sisters and

the Development Office.

their sponsored ministries in education,

“Recently, it has never been a custom of the

healthcare and community outreach.

Sisters to ask for money, we usually just

It is gratifying to see the success and

made it work with what we had and what

growth the SSMO Foundation has

was offered,” explained Sr. Angeline Sohler.

experienced during the past twenty years;

Sister participated in the consolidation

it speaks well for the continued support

of the fundraising efforts into the newly

of the Sisters’ mission. Thanks to faithful

formed SSMO Foundation. She focused on

donors, the Catholic values exemplified by

editing the Outlook and other publications

the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon remain

from 1991 – 2003 and then volunteered for

steadfast, positively impacting many lives.”

special projects until 2008.

– Dave Rianda

Founding Executive Director SSMO Foundation

– Sr. Angeline Sohler ’43, SSMO Development Office

Annual Report 2017–2018



Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon

SSMO Ministries Corporation

2015-2020 Leadership Team

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Sister Charlene Herinckx ’66, SSMO Sister M. Juliana Monti, SSMO Sister Josephine Pelster ’65, SSMO Sister Rita Watkins ’61, SSMO

Dan Mallea, Chair Dr. Thompson M. Faller, II, Vice Chair Michelle Castaño Garcia, Secretary Eric Barger, Treasurer Bret Cope Mark Donovan Sr. Charlene Herinckx ’66, SSMO Thomas Rask, III Theresa Shrum ’73 Joe Vennes Fr. Philip Waibel, OSB Sr. Adele Marie Altenhofen, SSMO, President, ex officio

SSMO Foundation 2017-2018 Board of Directors Kathryn Calcagno, Chair Patrick Nicholes, Vice Chair Kate Bailey French, Secretary Raquel Apodaca, MD Thomas C. Melillo, DPM Sr. M. Juliana Monti, SSMO Siobhan Loughran Taylor ’77 Patricia Blood, Executive Director, ex officio

Patricia Blood Executive Director SSMO Foundation


Sr. Charlene Herinckx ‘66, SSMO Superior General Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Sr. Adele Marie Altenhofen, SSMO President, SSMO Ministries Corporation



Valley Catholic School

2017-2018 Board of Directors

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Bret Cope, Chair Andy Kyler, Vice Chair Sr. Catherine Hertel ’58, SSMO, Secretary David Poppe, Treasurer Dr. Kelly Fox ’86 Sr. Maggie Pastro Dr. Harper Pearse Sr. Rita Watkins ’61, SSMO Kathleen Parry, President, ex officio

Erika Howerton ’91, Chair Eric Grasberger, Vice Chair Tania Rhein ’95, Secretary Ryan Hoppes, Treasurer Shannon Lynch Sr. Josephine Pelster ’65, SSMO Tulasi Siddhartha Joe Vennes Sr. Krista von Borstel, SSMO John Matcovich, President, ex officio

Kathleen Parry President, Maryville

John Matcovich President, Valley Catholic School

Annual Report 2017–2018



Valiants Gym / 2006 Strong Bodies. Strong Minds. Home of the Blue Crew, the Valiants Gym is used for a variety of events. The 26,000 sq. ft. facility includes a gym with bleacher seating for 1,000 spectators, athletic offices, concession stand, locker rooms, weight room, lobby and multi-purpose classrooms.

Valley Catholic Elementary and Middle School / 2011 United We Thrive The Valley Catholic K-8 building upholds the Sisters’ mission of excellence in education by providing an environment for nurturing the whole student -- mind, body and spirit. The 67,000 sq. ft. building is LEED Gold certified and designed to emphasize energy saving systems as part of a commitment to sustainable practices.


Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation


Athletic Field Lights / 2013 Night Games Brighten the Valiants’ Outlook When the athletic field lights were installed, Saturday afternoon football games were replaced by Friday night games under the lights, positively impacting life on campus. The field lights give scholar-athletes the opportunity to represent Valley Catholic School and the Sisters on the field long after the sun goes down.

“The SSMO Foundation works diligently to build a strong and vibrant school community, helping to ensure that resources are in place for Valley Catholic students to thrive. The school is blessed with a community of generous donors who strengthen the values instilled by the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon that support life-long learning. The school embraces Excellence in Everything, Opportunity for Everyone, a philosophy championed on the Valley Catholic School campus. Much of what we accomplish at Valley Catholic School is a result of generous donors and the role the Foundation plays as they carry out the mission of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon.”

– John Matcovich

President, Valley Catholic School

Annual Report 2017–2018



Athletic Facilities / 2014 Turf’s Up The turf field, grandstand and field house give Valley Catholic year-round opportunities to proudly host athletic competitions and strengthen our school community. Ball games are popular events where students, families and fans of all ages cheer on the Valiants.

Kelly Auditorium Renovation / 2015 Best Seats in the House The renovated Kelly Auditorium gives Valley Catholic School an updated performing arts venue. Drama productions and concerts take place throughout the year in the auditorium, highlighting our students’ talents, and giving them the opportunity to develop their gifts.


Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation


Science Building / 2016 Building Minds. Building Futures. The high school science building exemplifies the Sisters’ legacy of faith-based quality education and expands the world of science for high school students. This two-story, 13,000 sq. ft. building comfortably accommodates two biology classrooms/labs, two chemistry classrooms/labs, one physics classroom/lab, a resource room, mud room and greenhouse.

“It is interesting to think about how different this campus would be if the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation was not established 20 years ago. At the time, it seemed like an unusual concept, and I questioned its purpose. Much has transpired since 1998 and I have come to realize the value the Foundation brings to our Congregation and those served at Maryville and Valley Catholic School. I appreciate their efforts to engage the Sisters with our community of benefactors and friends. Their confirmation and articulation of our mission, and their appreciation of who we are as a religious community is sometimes astonishing. On behalf of the Sisters, I am forever grateful!” – Sr. Charlene Herinckx ’66, SSMO

Superior General, Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon

Annual Report 2017–2018



Maryville Memory Care / 2011 The Memory Care unit at Maryville provides a warm, homelike and safe environment for residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss. Maryville is one of the Sisters’ sponsored ministries and has been dedicated to meeting the critical health care needs in the region for over 50 years.

Maryville Transitional Care Unit / 2015 In the new Transitional Care Unit patients enjoy private rooms as they receive high-quality, short-term physical rehabilitation. With on-site physical therapy and skilled nursing, patients gain strength to return to their normal routines quickly.


Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation


Maryville Therapy Courtyard / 2015 The Therapy Courtyard is designed to expose patients to a variety of surfaces, helping them to regain and build skills for daily living. The courtyard is conveniently located for patient access and is a tremendous addition to Maryville, a top-rated, nationally recognized care facility.

“The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation understands the needs of Maryville and its residents. Maryville focuses on meeting the critical healthcare needs of our community and considers it an honor to carry out the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon’s life-affirming values to care for the physical, spiritual and social health of others. We are grateful for our partnership with the Foundation and faithful supporters who play a vital role in fostering the well-being of the Maryville community.” – Kathleen Parry President, Maryville

Annual Report 2017–2018



Endowments and Scholarships Endowment Funds ensure that we carry out in perpetuity the mission and ministries of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon. Scholarship Funds strengthen the legacy of Catholic education by providing support for Valley Catholic School students in need of tuition assistance. Contributions may be made to funds at any time by outright gifts or bequests.

Endowment Funds

Scholarship Funds (non-endowment)

Nick Ferrer Memorial Fund General Endowment Fund Kipp and Teresa Johnson Fund Monti Memorial Music Fund Bernard J. Schulte Fund Sisters’ Legacy Fund Social Justice Fund

Alsdorf Family Scholarship Margaret E. Dever Scholarship Henri and Patricia ’54 Joyaux Scholarship Dr. Catherine A. Lach ’73 Scholarship Monti Memorial Music Scholarship Mychal Joseph Rinella Memorial Scholarship Patty and Randall Vemeer Memorial Scholarship Ford and Hilda Watkins Memorial Scholarship

To learn more about named endowments and scholarships, please email


Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation


Sequoia Society Remembering the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation in your estate plans allows you to leave a legacy and make a lasting impact for the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon and their sponsored ministries of Maryville and Valley Catholic School. The Sequoia Society was established to recognize and honor individuals who have established planned gifts to benefit the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon and their sponsored ministries. We are grateful for the generosity of the our Sequoia Society Members. Anonymous Alexander and Fely Abaria Bob and Chris Adelman Julian and Jeanie Amaya Tara Bassett ‘77 Reverend Donald Buxman Nancy Callahan † Joseph† and Edith † Cholick Dorothy Davy Sheila Day † Rev. Msgr. Arthur P. Dernbach † Elsie Franz Finley † Kathryn A. Ferrer Michael and Michelle Garcia Mel† and Paula Hartmeier Margaret Heineck ‘46 Raymond and Catherine Honerlah William H. Hunt † Kathryn M. Kreutzer

Dr. Catherine A. Lach ‘73 Kathleen Bassett Magnusson ‘66 Paul Mann Skip and Dorothy McBratney Dwain H. Quandt Arlene Rauch † Bernice Ruettgers † Sr. Lorraine Schneider, SFCC ‘41 Gordon and Debora Sepich Roger Sherman Linda Spenner † Tony and Jackie Staley Scott and Terri Stream Linda and David Tozer Dina Trachta Lorna VanderZanden ‘71 Berniece Volpe † Yvonne Weber ‘47

For additional information, please go to or call 503-718-6485.

†Deceased at Time of Publication

Annual Report 2017–2018



Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation 2017-2018 Honor Roll It is with grateful hearts that we thank the individuals, families, businesses and foundations whose generosity strengthens the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, Maryville and Valley Catholic School.

Canticle Society The Canticle Society takes its name from the biblical canticles of praise that are prayed daily by the Sisters. This society recognizes the generosity of donors who made gifts of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. EXCELSIS ($50,000 +) Sheila Day ‘57 † Elsie Franz Finley † and Robert W. Franz † Rev. Donald P. McHugh † Harper and Geri Pearse Arlene Rauch † Foundations OCF* Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation Corporations Intel JUBILATE ($20,000 - $49,999) Richard and Rachel Baek Jamey and Shannon Eisenhardt Colleen and Werner Nistler Don V. Romanaggi, MD Foundations Anonymous Clark Foundation Estate of Ronald and Beverly Delong Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund Corporations Nike, Inc.


MAGNIFICAT ($10,000 - $19,999) Anonymous Todd and Audrie Alsdorf David and Bobbi Barry Greg and Stephanie Gilbert Walt Gorman and Marcia Petty Ryan and Sara Hoppes Todd and Jeanelle Lindsey Frank McKeen and Lois O’Halloran Jan and Yahong Neirynck Foundations A.J. Frank Family Foundation B.P., Lester and Regina John Foundation Dwyer Charitable Trust LAUDATE ($5,000 - $9,999) Anonymous Soonwoo Cha and Yekyung Cho William and Tara Clark Mark and Angela Crandall Marvin and Julie Decker Jan and Claudia Filip Eric and Kim Grasberger Christian Hanson and Erin Dingilian David and DeDee Heinsen Adrian and Marie Hernandez David and Carrie Hobson Brian and Erika ‘91 Howerton Mathew and Jacquelyn Hunt Noel and Danielle Kinder Dr. Catherine A. Lach ‘73 Hae Jin and Kyungha Lee Mark Mertens & Meg Dever Mertens ‘73 Steven and Sally Michaelis Sr. M. Juliana Monti, SSMO Jeff Olson and Raquel Apodaca Melvin and Julia Petersen Nancy Pettit Charles and Hillarie Prestopine Mark and Fara Sabahi Shawn Smith and Kristin Vosberg-Smith Mark and Chin Stone Thomas H. Sutherland Ty and Lynnette Trabosh Jan Wizer Joe and Sherry Wonderlick Cathy Zagunis

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Foundations Anonymous Fund #16 of the OCF* Juan Young Trust Corporations Anonymous The Standard GAUDETE ($2,500 - $4,999) Anonymous Anthony and Dorothy Aiello Carol and Mike Barnes Rob Baumgartner and Julie Campbell Susan Berkman Maximilian Blau and Angeles Beraza Daniel Charles Mendoza and Rosa Sanvicente Herrera Heung-For and Mei-Ting Cheng Shawn and Bonnie Choruby Santiago and Audrey Crespo Marc Demarest and Mary Jo Murawski Michael and Diana Desmond Brian and Margaret Dooney Sean† and Sheri Dooney Mark Dryfuse and Hao Wu Joseph and Rosalie Edmondson Kathy Eskandani ‘75 Xioa Peng and Ling Han Chris and Mechell Hansen Wayne and Melissa Hathaway Gene and Barbara Huey Makarem Hussein and Nermine Ramadan Alan and Mary ‘82 Jesse Shiv and Supriya Kaushik Gwang-Soo Kim and Kumhyo Byon Sean and Lori King Ryan and Michelle Kinkade Stephan and Melissa Klopcic Anne Lambson Andrew and Kimberly LaVeine David and Deirdre Layzell Erik and Kathleen Lee Dan and Kathleen Mallea Carl Marshall and June Thanasophon Darron and Denise McGlothin David and Michele Menkens Curtis and Cheryl Montgomery Margaret M. O’Neill


Krzysztof Ostrowski and Anna Kolinska Rajesh and Smitha Pamujula Arnab Paul and Aparna Balachandran Sandra Popham Laxman and Sasi Prakash Sai and Usha Prasad Chinna Prudvi and Sreedevi Pitta Graeme Queen Joseph and Nora ‘82 Schreck James and Maxine Schroeder Jim and Julie Sherwin Krishnakanth and Vani Sistla Nikhil and Noreen Soares JP and Michelle Spampinato Ekan Subramanian and Jayanthi Alphones Shawn and Megan Thomson Keshavan and Nandini Tiruvallur James and Michelle VondenKamp Curt Ward and Jennifer Rychlik Dean Waters and Jeannie Louie John and Tamie Webber Chris Wiebe and Soudy Southasarn John and Stacy Williams Stanley Yee and Mei Po Chiu Foundations Robert M. and Cecilia A. Stuckart Fund of the OCF* Corporations Chevron Corporation Tektronix Foundation BENEDICTUS ($1,000 - $2,499) Anonymous Andrew and Lisa Aebi Jody and Mary Agnew Frank and Victoria Altenhofen William and Concettina Anctil Nicole ’02 and David Auxier James and Deena Baldino Linda Balthazar Shane and Penni Bangs Kevin and Milagros Barley Steve and Laura Biggi Robert and Lindsey Birbeck Jim and Kathryn Bishop Zane and Kim Blomgren Patricia and Peter Blood Roger and Jennifer Bly Paul and Elizabeth Boileau Robert and Linda Burns Sue Burns

*Oregon Community Foundation †Deceased at Time of Publication

Sharlayne and David Buuck Rev. Msgr. Donald Buxman Tracy and Emily Camp Robert and Antonette Caren Lucy Chen Matthew Coussens Rev. Vincent L. Cunniff Thomas and Beth Cupani Donald and Kathryn Dimeo Frank Dulcich Tom† and Cindy Dulcich Tim Dunn and Agnieszka Janiewicz Daniel and Marilyn ‘63 Durkin Randall and Tammy Eck Barry and Yvonne Evans Susanne Evers ‘85 John and Nancy Fallin Paul Fischer and Karen Kustritz Bob and Judy Fisher William and Mary Jo Futral Michael and Michelle Garcia Tim and Lisa Gard Van and Dale Gatlin Ethan and Jordana Gaumond Jeff and Jennifer ‘87 Gfroerer Shantinath Ghongadi and Padmajarani Kodachwad Dale and Kristin Goodno Carlin and Paul Gram Stephen and Margarita Gunther Robert and Cecile Harroun Albert and Patricia Havlik Margaret Heineck ‘46 Alan and Irene Hendrickson Rita Henningsen Brian and RaeAnn Jackson Tom and Stefanie ‘90 Jacquemin David and Marlys Jones Jeffrey and Mary Jones

Susan Jones Christophe Juncker and Anna Fisher de Leon Manuel and Marty Karlin Sarah Karlin Jonathan and Margaret Kau Kirsten Keller ‘78 Patrick and Rachell Keys Daeyeon and Mi Yon Kim Hyung Seok Kim and Jiho Jung Gloria McGrath Klupenger John and Jean Krautscheid Kathryn M. Kreutzer Peter Kroepfl and Mary Reisch Rob and Kim Krueger Keller and Laura Kuhner Gautam Kumar and Babita Dhayal Rorie and Jan ‘74 Leone Jim and Natalie Lieblick William and Rosella Lindblad Edward and Kathryn Lipp Richard and Laura Lorenz Joshin and Kristiina Luiz Kevin and Melissa ‘92 Martin Michael and Mary Alice ‘69 McMenamin Dennis and Melissa Meier Eric and Lesley Messer Marc Meylemans and Lynette Wong Michael J. Miller Paul and Emelda Minweh Brian and Andrea Nelson Vishal Nishar and Karnika Jhaveri Don and Joanne Olson Timothy and Heidi Olson Jim Osterkamp M.J. and K.M. Owens Sommer Panage ‘04

Annual Report 2017–2018



Omkar Parajuli and Shikchya Tanjukar Betty Ann Pawelek Paul and Janet ‘79 Petersen Dean and Carol Petitt Murad Pirani ‘98 David and Shirley Poppe Shannon and Sarah Poulin Amit and Parikrama Punj German Quesada and Alejandra Gonzalez Ermel and Christine Quevedo Vladimir and Natalie Rak David Rianda Joseph F. Rinella Mark and Deepti Rowland Kathy Saier John and Miki Saito Jesse and Sara Sampson Ravi Sathyanarayana and Rekha Rao Stephen and Kristin Sawrey Glyn and Danette Scales, Jr. John Scheeland Bill and Karen Schell Tim and Samantha Schreck Mary Seats Roger and Beverly Siefkes John Skinta and Dayna Grajewski Kory and Kate Slayton Margaret Sonderen Anthony and Mary Spiering Tony and Jackie ’58 Staley John and Mary Ann Tawney Tracy and Leigh Teague Man Tran and Cecilia Nguyen Nghia Tran and Minh Vo Lynn Trexler Douglas Trobough and Susan Lair Charles and Alice Turina Benjamin and Mindy Van Vleet Todd and Kerry Vander Weit Anthony and Loraine VanDomelen Subbarao and Sivagami Vanka Gerald and Joanne Warren Walter and Florence ‘41 Weber Bruce and Roberta ‘62 Weber Brian and Mary Whitney Leopoldo and Bella Yau David and Betty Zivich Foundations Anonymous Eton Lane Foundation Robert and Antonette Caren Charitable Fund


St. Martin de Porres Trust William and Karen Schell Charitable Fund Corporations Applied Materials, Inc. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Mentor Graphics Patrick Lumber Co. United Technologies Corporation

Cornerstone Society The Cornerstone Society recognizes the generosity of donors who made gifts of $500 to $999 between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. Anonymous (2) Mohammad Alba Antoinette K. Arenz Philip Badowski and Vani Yalapalli Eric and Mary Barger Tony and Barbara Benjamin R. John and Lyla Buuck Martin and Julie Canoy Michael and Luciena Case Matthew Clark ‘96 Grace Cox Darien Curl William and Rebecca Dickson Melvin and Marie Finegan Thad and Amanda Fisco Michael Fredd and Karen Sadler- Fredd Dale and Kate French Helen Gerde Mary Ann Hanifan John Harroun and Molly McCall Paul and Meghann Hartley Kathi Harvey Patricia Heino ‘59 Ralph and Janet Holland Jane Kotrik Horning ‘57 Alan and Julee Howard Joyce Howard and Alan Caruso Russell and Jennifer Humberston Susan Ingram Thomas and Raean Johnston Adele Jones Brad and Julie Jones Nick and Abbie Jordan Pat Joyaux ‘54 Brendan and Carrie Kelly Andy and Barbara Kyler Martin and Judith ‘76 Larson

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Israel and Melissa Laureles David and Karen Law Alex and Sophia Liu Christopher and Genevieve Long Joel and Sue Magenheimer John Matcovich and Jennifer Young Douglas† and Lisa ‘74 McKillips Michael and Paula ‘66 McVay Nikhil Mehta and Lynne Gosalia Thomas and Sheila Micka Michael Miller and Stephanie La Riviere Miller Thomas and Crystal Miller Sean and Kimberly Mish Keerthi Mitra and Archana Srikant Joseph Molinari T.O. and Darlene ‘49 Morrow Venkitasamy Munusamy and Prabhavathy Jagadeesan Murugasamy Nachimuthu and Sripriya Subramanian Luis and Rosalba Navarro Dao and Ann Nguyen Duc Nguyen and Donalyn Ramones Vince and Kristen Nguyen Peter and Cheree Nosack Elizabeth Noyes Satoru and Eiko Ohishi Donald and Judy Olson Amod and Leena Patankar Tri and Voc Pham Steven and Karen Porter Reen and Karin Presnell Kenneth and Jeanne Prier Sid Ramachandran and Tulasi Siddhartha Francisco and Theresa ‘87 Ravelo Mark and Julee Richards Craig Shrontz and Lynn Ristig Paul and Linda Roshak Stephen and Elizabeth Rouffy Agus and Caroline Rusli


Laura Rutto David and Mary Saunders Claude and Cynthia Schmitt Sujoy Sen and Sulakshana Nath Lino and Amy Serrano Margaret Slagle Theresa Sloan David and Laureen Stein Andrine Stricherz RozAnn Stricherz Bob and Barbara Sulek Jeffrey and Nancy Sy Barbara Tabler Ross Taylor Siegfried and Marie ‘84 Thoma Dina Trachta Paolo Tubito and Samantha Frearson-Tubito Sunny and Annabelle Ty Theresa Utlaut Rupin and Sudha Vakharwala Bart and Amy VanderZanden Most Rev. John G. Vlazny Yvonne Weber ‘47 Benjamin Werner ‘02 Bruce Wolfe K.L. and Lauren Wombacher Myron and Tawny Wurzer Marti Younkin Foundations Daniel J. Potter Memorial Foundation Corporations Tiny Keepsakes US Bank

Foundress Circle The Foundress Circle recognizes the generosity of donors who made gifts of $100 to $499 between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. Anonymous (10) Bob and Chris Adelman George Adlhoch Richard Albertini Brian and Karen Alles John and Liz Amann Ralph and Stefanie Amann Frank and Susan Amato Julian and Jeanie Amaya David and Katherine ‘84 Anderson Edgar and Diane Andreas

†Deceased at Time of Publication

Cemil Atay and Ngoc Ngo Mary Augustyn Mark and Joyce Auxier Margaret Barnes Sue Bauer Ike and Kathy Bay John and Inez Becic Tom and Jennifer Belusko Annette Bernards Jacquelyn Bernards Christopher and Malia ‘97 Bernards David and Theresa ’89 Berry Achintya and Binata Bhattacharyya Kristin Bieren John and Kathleen Birrell Bill and Judith Blair Edward and Marilyn ‘57 Blake Paul Blankenmeister Family Sabrina and David Blue Dorothy Bochsler Tim and Judy Bonino Jerry and Lois Boogaard Carol Boyden Jim and Janice Brady Edward and Kim Braun Robert Lapinski and Monica Brennan ‘67 Zachary and Katherine Bromert Amy Brown Marita Brugato Kathleen Buck Richard and Patricia ‘50 Burling Eli and Karen Cadavona Lamberto and Leona Calderon Lee and Michaela Cannard Peter and Melinda ‘89 Carbon Humberto and Gladys Carlos Jerry Carmack Gregory Carrick and Bernadette McCullen-Carrick Nicky and Loauna ‘61 Cerda Pani and Subha Chakrapani Vernon and Lois Chartier Jefferson and Jeanne Chen Michael and Sharon Claboe Anne Clinton Chris and Sheila Connelly Ryan and Marie-Gabrielle Conser John and Terri Cook Leonard and Joann ‘54 Cooper Bret and Martha Cope Cory and Katherine ‘06 Coussens Sophia Cowles ‘16 John Cowles and Mary Ulmer Nancy Cox

Chauncey Curl Derrick and Caroline Custino Dick and Margaret Daniel Walter Davey Amy De Guzman Gary and Venera De Voe Laura Dean Richard and Laila † DeMartini Arthur and Sandra Diederich Tom Dieringer Khoi Dinh and Kim Le James and Marian Dolan Philip and Catherine Dolan Jeanne and Michael Donnelly Mark and Mary Donovan Madonna Doocy Thomas Dooher James Miller and Marron Dooney Julie Doran Sharon ’74 and James Douglas Richard and Margaret Drake Michael and Heather Droessler Stephen Druse Elizabeth Duback J. Dugan Rupp Richard and Janet Duggan Lucille Dungan ‘71 David and Lenitra Durham Marlene Duyck ‘59 Will Eberhart Brenda Eberhart Kay Edens Terry and Kriste’ Eros Michael and Kay Erwert

Annual Report 2017–2018



Marguerite Etcheverry Joe and Judy Etzel Jeffrey and Melinda Fagnan Glen Failla Dr. Thompson M. Faller Marie Farrell Dan and Adrienne Feehan Donald and Mariann Feldmann Kathy Ferrer Bill and Caroline Fogarty David and Victoria Foord James and Estelle Fox George Galati Richard Gallehr Cabrini Gamache Damon and Heather Gentry Margaret Gillem Donna Gilroy Derek and Glenna Girtle Mark Gordon and Anne Zweibel Prasanna and Kavitha Gowda Debra Grabler Laurie Graves-Reavis Charles and Brenda Gray Michael and Cheryl Gray Katherine Greco Jeremy Grondin Todd and Debra ‘83 Guthrie Rich and Sue Haener Walter and Agnes ‘51 Hall Joanne Hansen Milagros Harshbarger Patrick Hayes and Brigitte Blin-Hayes Claudia Heacock Allen and Ida Hecker Steven and MaryPat ‘77 Hedberg Philip and Belinda Hedrick Nick and Naomi Hegwood Susan Heidegger Delbert and Rosa Hemphill Jeffrey Hemphill and Lisa Hansen Damien Hendricks and Amy Troy Al and Maxine Hertel Michael and Nancy Hicken Steve and Linda Hickok Maurice and Margaret Hillyer Son Ho and Linh Nguyen Michael and Deanna ‘69 Hochstein Curtis and Darrelyn Holzgang Aron and Patsy ‘89 Homberg Jean Hoodman Douglas and Lisa Hookland Thomas and Basha Hope Matthew and Heather Hough


Danielle Howard Blake and Elizabeth Howells Darryl and Leslie ‘87 Huffman Jason and Trasie Humble Francis and Patricia Hutchins Doug and Monique Ierardi Thomas and Claudia Irrgang Scott and Abigail Isaac Steve and Jean Isaak Thomas Jacob and Archana Thomas Chris and Krista ‘95 Jacobson The Honorable Mary Mertens James ‘74 and Art James Michael and Shauna Jasperson Donna Jerome ‘65 Kirk and Kathy Johnson Lucille Johnson Stephen and Melanie Johnson Tracy Johnston ‘83 Michael and Danielle Julier Brian and Monica Karl Lucille Kaye Russell and Linda Keizer Sean and Nina Kelley Gerry and Joyce ‘54 Kelly Jim Kerber Barbara Kerr Rosemary Kershaw Carol King ‘62 Joseph and Deborah Kirk Ali Etemad and Marianne Klaas David and Sonja ‘62 Klapperich Richard and Sara Knapp David and Connie Knight

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Rev. Frank Knusel Judith Knutson Frances Koehnke William Kolzow Cathy Kramer ‘74 Irene Kustritz William Lambson Peter and Suzanne Landoni David Lane and Akiko Kondo Paul and Alison Langton Michael and Linda Lawyer Quang Le and Nguyen Ho Yau Leong and Amelia Choong Frank and Joanne Lesage Yvonne and Gary Lewellyn Jake Lewis and Pasha Hunt Grace Link ‘56 Ginhann and Rueychin Liu Stuart and Jeanne Lorimer Gary and Constance ‘59 Luetkemeyer Kurt and Sonia Lulay Don Luu and Lynn Dinh Tin Luu and Tin Bui Michael and Michelle ‘94 Lyons Robert MacNaughton Kim Maher and David Wiltz Hao Mai ‘90 Kathleen Maier Yatin and Asha Majmudar Rajendran Manickavachakam and Jagadeswari Rajaram Douglas and Melinda Mannen Gregory and Rebecca Martin Darren and Toni Masingale


Helen Mason ‘38 Richard Matcovich David McBride John and Meredith McCloskey Mac and Cheri McDevitt Marilyn McDonald Bracken and Marcy McKey Michael and Monagene McLain Scott and Cheryl McLean Marlene McMahon ‘62 Robert and Linda Meagher Beth Mihm ‘92 Christopher and Nancy Miller Marie Minderhout Frances Moellman ‘54 James Moellman Joseph Monihan John and Cindy Monroe Tom and Jackie Moore Susan Morris Isabella Morse Dale Moses Monsignor Gregory Moys Heinz and Cristina Mueller Mary Ann Myers Anna Jean Nagelhout Reza and Anna Nassib Luis and Nenita Navarro Ray and Sally Nelke Philip and Bianca Nerenberg Khiet and Thuy Nguyen Toan and Thuan Nguyen Vincent Nguyen and Lily Tran Hoi and Nicky Nguyen Tam and Oanh Nguyen

Hung and Angela Nguyen Eileen Norris Mary Nosack Janis Nussbaumer ‘66 Robert O’Connor Elizabeth A. Olson Matt Osborn Hoyoung Park and Jee Youn Cha Ted and Kathleen Parry Prahalad Parthangal and Ghayathri Garudapuram Carol Pausz Anton and Rosemary Pausz Elaine Payne ‘77 Raymond and Becki Perryman Roger and Kathleen Pfeifer Wayne and Susan Phillips Andrew and Rita Pinkowski Herbert Plep David and Jeanette ‘00 Plep Pauline Poe Gary and Linda Pope Richard and Mary Potter Sesh Poulin Steven and Linda Price Kristine ‘69 and Barry Prime Joanne Profitt Marc Prophete Ralph and Diane Puncochar Marty and Angie Quandt Aristotle and Kathy Quintos Gary and Susan Rae Shane and Meghan ‘98 Randall Frank and Kathleen Randolph Vikas and Sangeetha Rao

Robert and Jean ‘57 Rapp Vishnu Ravichandran Lewis and Christine ‘64 Ray Carl† and Donna Reding Donald and Sarah Reid Nancy ’55 and Gerald Rhein Margaret Richardson Loren and Penny Rickerl Frank Riebe Dale Ries Frank and Margaret Rinella Carla Roberti-Adler Chris and Rosalind Rockweit Alan Rousseau and Carolyn Kelly Margie Rowe Mario Roxas and Paola Peirano Ken and Susan Roy James and Christine Russell Denise Salazar Anita Schacher Courtney Schaefer James Scheidt and Sally Bowen John and Kathleen Schmitz James and Marcia Schonlau Kurt and Sheryl Schultheis Matthew and Laura Schultz Joe and Susan Schumacher Carolyn Scofield Rakesh and Tracie Semenchalam Suzanne Sharkey Roger Sherman Marisa Silver ’98 and Gretchen Jewett Ravindra Singh and Amrita Sehgal Richard and Susan Skayhan Bill and Liz Smith Nick and Kim Smith Tracy ’84 and Johnny Smith Diane Smith ‘68 Joel and Kristina Sobotka Brian and Monica Spangler Anthony and Gale Stacchi Henry and Barb ‘67 Stadelman Richard and Mona ‘52 Stahl David and Peggy Stein Richard and Cynthia Stewart Eugene and Katherine ‘00 Stokke Randolph and Gwen Stone Ed and Elyse Stoner Jim Stull and Rebecca Callahan Jack and Germaine ‘40 Sullivan Andreas Sunardi and Youngkun Park Joseph and Heidi Supang Sukhbinder Takhar and Ravjot Kaur

Annual Report 2017–2018



Steven and Suzanne Taylor David and Siobhan ‘77 Taylor Ross and Claudia Thomas Anthony and Louise ‘81 Thomas Gloria Thompson Ronald and Beverly Tiedemann Sean and Molly ‘84 Todd Gener and Pamela Toledo Diane Tolzman ‘74 and Paul Drake Chakkrapong and Sompong Tongsak Lorraine Toops Kris and Jeanna Troha Julie Turner Nicholas Utzinger Paul Vames David and Anne VanDaam Sr. Clare Vandecoevering, SSMO Kathryn Vanderzanden Allan Vanderzanden Diane VanderZanden ‘57 and Roy Stocks Eldos Varghese and Melanie Galang Randall and Mary Frances Vemer Eddie and Ruth Veniegas Ruby Veniegas ‘99 George and Jo Ann Vennes Joe Vennes Jesse and Patti Villarreal Robert and Blanka Vlasak Berniece Volpe † Leonard and Marylee Vuylsteke Timothy and Carol Wachter Jacob Walsh David and Phyllis Warfield Sr. Rita Watkins ‘61, SSMO James and Lora Wells


Jeanette Werner Hal Westby John and Becky Whetten David Whitaker Theresa White Brent and Jennifer Wilder Cameron Williams and Shannon Lynch Mark and Rory Williamson Bruce and Joanne Williamson Carol Wills Janice Wilson Judith Winczewski Sandra Wisniewski Edward and Mary Wolf Larry and Ester Wong Ross and Elizabeth ‘03 Wyman Sue Yockey Kuang Yoo and Christine Moay Robert and Kristine Young John and Miranda Zambon Hector and Rita ‘71 Zapata Michael Zupan Foundations Amazon Smile Touchmark Foundation Corporations Cascade Meats, Inc. Comcast Corporation Daimler Trucks North America Hicken Medical Clinic Hobson and Associates, LLC JRS Farms, Inc. Lim’s Taekwondo Academy, LLC Oracle Corp. PayPal Charitable Giving PGE Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Vietnamese Holy Cross Sisters Wedbush Securities Inc. Wells Fargo

Friends This list recognizes the generosity of donors who made gifts up to $99 between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. Anonymous (8) Alexander and Fely Abaria Agnes Abel ‘70 Richard and Loni Adams Scott and Victoria Albertson

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Sr. Adele Marie Altenhofen, SSMO Edward and Carol Andersen Michael and Andrea Anderson William Angel Gayle Arbogast Angelica Arellano ‘99 Ronald and Virginia ‘63 Arnett Mark and Heidi Baenen Guruswamy Balamurugan and Thenjeya Natarajan Derek and Donna Balbag Randall and Tina Barkhurst Dick and Debbie Barsotti Suraj and Keerth Bathija Kotibabu Bathula and Lakshmi Jaladi Richard and Julianne Bauer Brett and Sheri Bauer Joanna Beale Bob and Maura Beard Richard and Kathleen Beemer Rice and Linda Berkshire Lance Berra Edward and Sylvia Betts Robert and Jennifer Biever Vandana and Niraj Bindal Patrick and Teresa Binder Reilly Blood ‘16 Meghan Blood ‘09 Louise Bogard Andrew and Marcia Bomber Shawn Bonnett and Kari Eastburn-Bonnett Marietta Boyer Garcia ‘62 The Brandt Family Edward and Patricia Brant Carol Brentano Linda Brixley Stephanie Brown Matthews John Spinden and Kathleen Bruers-Spinden Daiana Bui Allen and Kathleen Burns Robert and Janice Burris John and Ann Busch Trevor Cable and Martina Ford Diane Callahan Dylan and Claudine Campy Nanyu and Mingming Cao Patricia Carbaugh Joel Carper and Grace Yeh Tejasvi and Shreya Chakravarthy Gregory and Michelle Charles Mahesh and Nidhi Chaudhari Venkata Chava and Madhu Potla Raymond Cheung and Chiung-Yi Huang


Rajkumar and Uppasana Chinnakonda Mark and Vivian Christianson Nena Clark Wesley and Elaine Clement Dzung Co and Rosalyn Van Sheldon Cober Pasquale and Stephanie Cocchini Charles Rahe and Helen Connor Helen Conover Michael and Amy ‘94 Contreras Andrew Oldham and Toni ‘87 Cooper Michael Cormack and Henny Tanugoro Rick and Christine Cruz Justin Cullers Nadine Cummings Krishna Dandamaraju and Rajyalakshmi Bommaraju James and Heidi Danicich Abishai Daniel and Supriya Goverdhanam Burzin and Perzin Daruwala Randy and Cynthia DeBortoli Michael and Michelle DeFabio Remy J. and Sally Delplanche Daniel and April Denike David and Karen ’82 DeRego Jitesh and Anji Desai Vijay and Anshu Dhingra Khoa Dinh and Tam Do Vanessa Dodson Theresa Doherty Maureen Dooney Yaeko Dow Jacob and Melissa ‘02 Doxtator Jordan and Sharon Drake Rohit Joseph and Cenita D’Souza Ryan and Angela Dukes Mike and Amy Dunlap John and Melissa Efstathiou Danny and Jeannine ‘93 Eisenbacher Rita Emmi Mark and Denise Ernst

†Deceased at Time of Publication

Kathryn Espig Jefferson and Margarita Felix Toni Ferguson ‘66 Detlef and Annette Fischer Arlene Flores and Jim Meyer Richard and Julie Frankovic Patricia Frasco Edward and Barb Fredenburg Gabriel and Shailah Frias Eugene and Sharon Friedman Theodore and Norma Frith Madhukar Gaddam and Usha Jetti Peter and Mary Gallagher Joseph and Adrienne Gallardo Victor and Corine Gallegos Deepak and Radhika Gargeshwari Charles and Madeleine Gendron Mehran Geranmayeh Sr. Marianne Giesel ‘56, SSMO Michael and Sarah Gifford Owen Gifford Amin and Samira Godil Anita Goetsch Wilfred Gomes and Eunice Lewis Carol Graff Julie Gray Warren and Kimberle Groh Ronald and Mary Ann Guenther Sr. Juana Gutierrez, SSMO Larry and Patricia ‘60 Haffner Daniel and Cynthia Haftorson Michael Haggerty and Jacqueline Hayes Jonathan and Diane Haines Rosalie Hall N.G. Hamilton Girish and Niveditha Handral Jan Harman Richard and Amy Harris Janine Harvey M.D. Hasan and Ashrafun Moutoshi Jason and Lisa Hashima Andrew Haugen ‘07 Creagh Hawes Sharon Hays Louann Heesacker ‘56 Connie Heger Albina Heindl Jeffrey and Malissa Heinen Russ and Lisa Heinsen Richard and Nina Henderson Dale and Donna Herinckx Martin and Mary Herrera Heidy Herrera Sr. Catherine Hertel ‘58, SSMO Michael and Amanda Hoffman

Shivakumar Hogalagere and Subhashini Manyam David and Linda ‘65 Holmbo Floyd and Joan Holmes Ron and Annabelle Hoover Gene Hornof Yuwen Huang and Yihyun Chang Jiming and Kelly Huang Gary and Lynne Hubka Kazi and Nita Huque Mai Huynh Lakshman Inteti Venkata and Usha Christi Mark and Nancy Irwin James and Kelly Jeong Rajvir and Ameet Jhooty Ranil and Roshini Jinadasa Donald and Madeleine Johnson Greg Johnson and Anne Lewis Berniece Jones ‘55 Karen Jones Tom and Barbara Jorgenson Paul and Kathleen Juenemann John and Liesl ‘86 Karasaki Lillian Katz Jeffrey and Karen Kawaguchi John and Mary Keith Carolyn and Terry Kelly and Karolyn Menze Mike and Nickey Kemp William and Marjorie Kenny Ron Keogh Ryan Keppel Jawad and Faiza Khan Tom and Lisa King Sr. Denise Klaas, SSMO David and Heather Koukel Wayne Krietz Wayne and Marian Kuch Thomas and Theresa Kung James Kyser Mihaela and Marius Lacatusu

Annual Report 2017–2018



Sr. Lawdean Lamberger ‘52, SSMO John and Analizza Lambino Ritchie and Susie Langfield Lyndsey Lanphere ‘97 Michael Lasky and Kristina DiPaola Joan Lauren Susan Layne Dennis Lechniak Aaron and Cristina Lilak Troy and Malissa Lindner Kenneth and Lynn Link Rev. Paul and Cindy Linnemann Sean and Christina Lion Esther Loanzon Calvin and Ruth Locke Bernadette Lombard ‘62 Mike and Ruth Long Everett Lovrien and Pierrette Christianne-Lovrien David and Kelly Lowry Julia Loyacano Johny and Jemma Luiz Taylen and My Hanh Luu Huy and Lynn Ly Ramon and Anna Macasa Mirela Mangiurea Dan Johny and Deepa Maret Mariappan and Chitra Mariappan Eric and Jonquil Martinez Raji Mathew Adam and Gloria ‘92 Mathis Christopher and Linda Matto Megan McCue Steve and Cheryl McCurry Patrick and Helen ‘54 McDaid


Liz ’11 and Nick ’11 McDevitt Scott and Sharla McGee Scott and Jessina McGregor Mary Anne McGuire-Hickey Edward and Sandra McKieran Marcia Menard Daniel and Shiaoli Mendyke Michael and Catherine Merz Kannan Meyoor and Sripriya Agaram Theodore Miller and Stephanie Vaughan-Miller Bob and Kathy Moberg Samir and Asawari Mokashi Linda Mooney Charles and Darlene Moore Brent and Andrea Moore Lauren Moore Hamid Moradkhani and Homa Rabiee Ricardo and Anna Moreno Chad and Rachel Morrow David and Emily Moynihan Usman Mughal and Zahra Baloch Paul and Lois Muller William Muller Judy Murphy Prabakar Murugappan and Subha Singaram Jeffrey and Tracie Napoli Mark and Tara ‘96 Narkon John and Kathryn ‘83 Nearman John and Mary Nguyen Tuoi and Diep Nguyen Loc and Megan Nguyen Timothy and Diana Niermann Tony and Maria Nosack

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Michael and Elizabeth Odegard William and Judith O’Kief Mark Orchard and Jean Drevdahl-Orchard William and Carol Orton Timothy Pacholke and Teresa Rokos Mark and Linda Pagano Hyoungjun Park and Heekyoung Han Joodong Park and Haewon Nam Donald and Lynn Parker Albert and Mary Passadore Gary and Mary Kay Paul Nantachai and Tharika Phuvasate Andrew and Jenny Ping Walter and Billiette Pitz Carol Post Elaine Protti Scott and Jill Pruitt Jeffery and Joyce Purdy Jose and Liza Puthenkulam Ugo Raglione Partha and Kripa Raguram Javed Rahman and Hajra Tariq Guru and Anitha Raj Raghuvir Ramachandran and Hamsa Subramanian Keoki and Jessica Rauschenburg Mark Reis Daniel and Lee Ann Remington Greg Rewers Steve and Tania ‘95 Rhein Holden Richards ‘11 Mark and Jennifer Robbins Matthew and Melissa Rocha Patrick and Mary Rockford Victor Rodriguez and Christine Guenther Darlene Rodriguez and Georgia Lindsey Brenton and Tonya Rogers Alissa Romano Loyal and Sarah Roth Cathy Rother Jolene Rouse-Calkins Nader and Libertad Sabahi Ari Sabet and Nooshin Rahimi Ashutosh and Garima Sagar Zaheer and Sameeha Sait Alfredo and Rita Sangil Joan Santos Gary and Ann Satterfield Walter and Dolores Sauer Jerald Savariaradimai and Arockia Henishia Jerald Brian and Ivy Scazzafavo Andrew and Heidi Schaer Theresa ’68 and David Schierman


Janet Voss Vincent Vu Rendy Wan and Caroline Somadi Richard and Mary Weber Herbert Weihrauch Arlene Welter Bruce and Maryann Wenrick Larry and Mary Wesselman Alice White ‘53 David and Marychar White Markus and Tara Wieser Cameron and Kelli Wilson Philip and Mary Ellen Wolf MaryBeth Wolfe James and Molly Woolf Eric and Anjali Wynkoop David and Heidi Yee Foundations Kreutzer Family Trust Robert and Rebecca Schmidt Craig and Jennifer ‘88 Schoen Patricia M. Schreiber Linda Sharpe Diana Sheehy Maureen Sheridan Satish and Priyanka Shrimali Jeff and Terry ‘73 Shrum Neil and Christy Simon Steve Applebaum and Mary Sinclair ‘76 Robert and Helen Sinclair Garret Sitenga and Kristine Lamendola-Sitenga Kanya Smith Ronald Smith Thomas and Laura ’84 Smith William and Mary Sobolewski Bradley and Sarah Spiering Davie and Heather Sprigg James and Eva Starr David and Sharon Stecher Timothy and Valerie Stecher Richard and Barbara ‘58 Stevenson Mary Stirling ‘79 Anne Storm Gordon and Darlene Story Jayson and Elizabeth Strayer Michelle Strear Leo and Geraldine Stronczek Babak Tabrizian and Pardis Mehrassa Ty and Val Takayama Jason and Stella Tan Victor Tapia and Linda Osuna Bruce and Doreen Tate David and Howcy Taylor

Michael Taylor and Peggy Shane Taylor Jean and Ouidad Tazo James and Neysa Terry-Gray Rick and Stacey Tetzloff Paul and Tatyana Thalhofer Tue Than Sunil and Gitanjali Thanik Corrine Thomas Peter and Elizabeth Thomson Robert and Christine Throckmorton LeRoy and Judy Tomes Minh and Nina Ton Paula Tower May Tran Reed and Lorelee Trull Tami Truong Peter and Erika Tuenge Uma and Satyavathi Udata Eugene and Darlene ‘59 Unser Douglas and Jasmine Utberg Bhaskar Uthanumalliah and Kirthika Balakrishnan Emily Van Buren ‘08 Mark and Jacqueline Van Hoomissen Patricia Van Loo Robert and Mary Vandehey Joan Vandehey Matthew and Chie VanderZanden Karla VanderZanden ‘72 Lawrence and Delynn VanDomelen Chris and Betsy Velluto Shyam and Jyoti Venkitesh Mark Vickers and Valerie Robbins-Vickers Victor Volkodav and Inna Stephanian-Volkodav

Corporations GE Foundation Bobadilla Law, PC Travelers

Alumni Giving 30S Helen Riverman Mason ‘38 40S Germaine LaVoie Sullivan ‘40 Florence Giddings Weber ‘41 Margaret Heineck ‘46 Yvonne Bernard Weber ‘47 Darlene Jardee Morrow ‘49 50S Patricia Seidler Burling ‘50 Agnes Steinkamp Hall ‘51 Sr. Lawdean Lamberger, SSMO ‘52 Mona Gosselin Stahl ‘52 Alice White ‘53 Joann Barsotti Cooper ‘54 Mary Hertel Heesacker ‘54 Patricia Roshak Joyaux ‘54 Joyce Hoge Kelly ‘54 Helen Manly McDaid ‘54 Frances Moellman ‘54 Berniece Witthar Jones ‘55 Nancy McGowan Rhein ‘55 Sr. Marianne Giesel, SSMO ‘56 Louann Prantl Heesacker ‘56

Annual Report 2017–2018



Yvonne Hamilton Lewellyn ‘56 Grace Hertel Link ‘56 Marilyn Kleczynski Blake ‘57 Sheila Day ‘57 † Jane Kotrik Horning ‘57 Jean Kotrik Rapp ‘57 Diane VanderZanden ‘57 Sr. Catherine Hertel, SSMO ‘58 Jackie Briggs Staley ‘58 Barbara McEachern Stevenson ‘58 Marlene Schmidt Duyck ‘59 Patricia Heino ‘59 Constance Carr Luetkemeyer ‘59 Darlene Klein Unser ‘59 Patricia Unger Vanderzanden ‘59 60S Anonymous (2) Patricia Wehage Haffner ‘60 Loauna Fery Cerda ‘61 Sr. Rita Watkins, SSMO ‘61 Marietta Rigert Boyer ‘62 Carol Reghitto King ‘62 Sonja Farmen Klapperich ‘62 Bernadette Verschingel Lombard ‘62 Roberta Barsotti Weber ‘62 Virginia Roshak Arnett ‘63 Marilyn Spieker Durkin ‘63 Suzanne Flores ‘63 Mary Neitling Sullivan ‘63 Christine Briggs Ray ‘64 Linda Crunican Holmbo ‘65 Donna Pesenti Jerome ‘65 Margaret Waibel Williamson ‘65


Toni Morrow Ferguson ‘66 Sr. Charlene Herinckx, SSMO ‘66 Paula M. Vanderzanden McVay ‘66 Janis Marie Nussbaumer ‘66 Monica Brennan ‘67 Barbara Delplanche Stadelman ‘67 Betty Jo Kaufmann VanDyke ‘67 Theresa Dethloff Schierman ‘68 Diane Lux Smith ‘68 Deanna Gamel Hochstein ‘69 Mary Alice Foelker McMenamin ‘69 Kris Spies Prime ‘69 Sandra Evers Scott ‘69

Susanne Evers ‘85 Brenda Wahlberg Van Dyke ‘85 Liesl Trask Karasaki ‘86 Sheryl Schultheis ‘86 Toni Cooper ‘87 Jennifer Passadore Gfroerer ‘87 Leslie Vilhauer Huffman ‘87 Theresa Vu Ravelo ‘87 Dori Sullivan Lopuszynski ‘88 Jennifer Kalmanek Schoen ‘88 Theresa Smith Berry ‘89 Melinda Evers Carbon ‘89 Patsy McLain Homberg ‘89

70S Anonymous (2) Agnes Pelster Abel ‘70 Joan Hertel Stieger ‘70 Lucille Greger Dungan ‘71 Rita Hertel Zapata ‘71 Karla VanderZanden ‘72 RoseAnne Dionne Zivich ‘72 Dr. Catherine A. Lach ‘73 Meg Dever Mertens ‘73 Theresa Drake Shrum ‘73 Sharon Noles Douglas ‘74 The Honorable Mary Mertens James ‘74 Cathy Collins Kramer ‘74 Jan Sheerin Leone ‘74 Diane Tolzman ‘74 Kathy Hickerson Eskandani ‘75 Judith Barfield Larson ‘76 Mary Sinclair ‘76 MaryPat Dever Hedberg ‘77 Elaine Fromwiller Payne ‘77 Siobhan Loughran Taylor ‘77 Kirsten Hollister Keller ‘78 Janet Scheckla Petersen ‘79 Mary F. Stirling ‘79

90S Stefanie Hanson Jacquemin ‘90 Hao Mai ‘90 Erika Fulkerson Howerton ‘91 Melissa Root Martin ‘92 Gloria Boyer Mathis ‘92 Beth Mihm ‘92 Jeannine Haener Eisenbacher ‘93 Gina Spanu ‘93 Amy Harris Contreras ‘94 Michelle Quevedo Lyons ‘94 Krista Gram Jacobson ‘95 Tania Vanderschuere Rhein ‘95 Matthew Clark ‘96 Tara Mapston Narkon ‘96 Edith Veniegas Reinecker ‘96 Malia Hanson Bernards ‘97 Lee Cannard ‘97 Lyndsey Lanphere ‘97 Christy Quevedo ‘97 Murad Pirani ‘98 Meghan Curl Randall ‘98 Marisa Silver ‘98 Angelica Arellano ‘99 Sara Bonino Knapp ‘99 Jeb Stager ‘99 Meredith Medina Thompson ‘99 Ruby Mamaril Veniegas ‘99

80S Louise Growney Thomas ‘81 Karen Anctil DeRego ‘82 Mary Koehnke Jesse ‘82 Nora Sass Schreck ‘82 Debra Calcagno Guthrie ‘83 Abigail Acosta Isaac ‘83 Tracy Johnston ‘83 Kathryn Graff Nearman ‘83 Katherine Koppy Anderson ‘84 Leslie Calcagno ‘84 Tracy Fitzpatrick Smith ‘84 Laura Hamlin Smith ‘84 Marie Kroon Thoma ‘84 Molly Smith Todd ‘84

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

00S Anonymous Jeanette Philbrook Plep ‘00 Katherine Quevedo Stokke ‘00 Nicole Volpe Auxier ‘02 Melissa Gates Doxtator ‘02 Angela Holmes ‘02 Benjamin Werner ‘02 Elizabeth Dondlinger Wyman ‘03 Sommer Panage ‘04 Katherine Gram Coussens ‘06 Andrew Haugen ‘07


Emily Van Buren ‘08 Meghan Blood ‘09 10S Elizabeth Kiefer McDevitt ‘11 Nicholas McDevitt ‘11 Holden Richards ‘11 Reilly Blood ‘16 Sophia Cowles ‘16

Faculty & Staff Sr. Adele Marie Altenhofen, SSMO Mary Augustyn Joseph Bernard Christopher Bernards Kathleen Birrell Patricia Blood Sabrina Blue Marcia Bomber Edward Braun Sharlayne Buuck Julie Canoy Matthew Coussens Sally Delplanche Mark Donovan Melissa Doxtator ‘02 Sharon Drake Melissa Efstathiou Nancy Fallin Caroline Fogarty Victoria Foord Patricia Frasco Dale French Peter Gallagher Madeleine Gendron Heather Gentry Jennifer Gfroerer ‘87 Dale Goodno Jeremy Grondin Sr. Juana Gutierrez, SSMO Andrew Haugen ‘07 Connie A. Heger Nick Hegwood Eric Holstrom Heather Hough Joyce Howard Doug and Monique Ierardi Krista Jacobson ‘95 Shauna Jasperson Ranil Jinadasa Kathy Johnson Rebecca Johnson Patricia Joyaux ‘54

*Oregon Community Foundation †Deceased at Time of Publication

Marty Karlin Barbara Kerr Sr. Denise Klaas, SSMO Anne Lambson Linda Lawyer Lam-Thi Luu Doug Mannen John Matcovich Elizabeth McDevitt Linda Meagher Sr. M. Juliana Monti, SSMO Bob O’Connor Kathleen Parry Carol Pausz Jessica Rauschenburg Julee Richards Carla Roberti-Adler Joan Santos Kim Smith Joel Sobotka Anne Storm Kris Troha Mei Po Chiu Sue Yockey

OCF* Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation Challenge This list recognizes the generosity of those who made a gift to the Joseph E. Weston Challenge for financial aid between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. Mr. Weston generously matched $35,200 in 2017-18.

Anonymous (3) Richard Albertini Todd and Audrie Alsdorf Ronald and Virginia ‘63 Arnett Judy Barfield ‘76 Jacquelyn Bernards David and Theresa ’89 Berry Paul Blankenmeister Family Meghan Blood ‘09 Patricia and Peter Blood Reilly Blood ‘16 Tim and Judy Bonino Marietta Boyer Garcia ‘62 Allen and Kathleen Burns Cascade Meats, Inc. Clark Foundation Michael and Amy ‘94 Contreras Leonard and Joann ‘54 Cooper Rev. Vincent L. Cunniff Karen ’82 and David DeRego Mark and Mary Donovan Stephen Druse Frank Dulcich Daniel and Marilyn ‘63 Durkin Kathy Eskandani ‘75 Susanne Evers ‘85 Marie Farrell Sr. Marianne Giesel ‘56, SSMO Walt Gorman and Marcia Petty Larry and Patricia ‘60 Haffner Andrew Haugen ‘07 Susan Heidegger Patricia Heino ‘59 David and Linda ‘65 Holmbo Jane Kotrik Horning ‘57 Donna Jerome ‘65

Annual Report 2017–2018



Theresa Utlaut David and Anne VanDaam Bart and Amy VanderZanden Alice White ‘53 Ross and Elizabeth ‘03 Wyman Hector and Rita ‘71 Zapata David and Betty Zivich Michael Zupan

Light a Fire

Berniece Jones ‘55 Pat Joyaux ‘54 Manuel and Marty Karlin Gerry and Joyce ‘54 Kelly Richard and Sara Knapp Ritchie and Susie Langfield Martin and Judith ‘76 Larson Rev. Paul and Cindy Linnemann Hao Mai ‘90 Dan and Kathleen Mallea Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund Patrick and Helen ‘54 McDaid Linda Mooney Dale Moses Mark and Tara ‘96 Narkon Mary Nosack Janis Nussbaumer ‘66 OCF* Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation William and Carol Orton Mark and Linda Pagano Albert and Mary Passadore Elaine Payne ‘77 Paul and Janet Petersen ‘79 Murad Pirani ‘98 Ermel and Christine Quevedo Nancy ’55 and Gerald Rhein Steve and Tania ‘95 Rhein Walter and Dolores Sauer Marisa Silver ’98 and Gretchen Jewett Henry and Barb ‘67 Stadelman Richard and Mona ‘52 Stahl Mary Stirling ‘79 Eugene and Katherine ‘00 Stokke Jack and Germaine ‘40 Sullivan David and Siobhan ‘77 Taylor Corrine Thomas Sean and Molly ‘84 Todd Lorraine Toops Eugene and Darlene ‘59 Unser


This list recognizes the generosity of donors who made a gift to support financial aid for Valley Catholic School students during the paddle raise at the 2018 Valley Catholic Gala. Half of these funds are designated for the financial aid endowment and half are for immediate disbursement. This special appeal raised $113,000. Anonymous (2) Sr. Adele Marie Altenhofen, SSMO Mary Augustyn Christopher and Malia ‘97 Bernards John and Kathleen Birrell Maximilian Blau and Angeles Beraza Patricia and Peter Blood Sabrina and David Blue Paul and Elizabeth Boileau Zachary and Katherine Bromert Amy Brown Sharlayne and David Buuck Martin and Julie Canoy Cory and Katherine ‘06 Coussens Nancy Cox Michael and Diana Desmond Sean† and Sheri Dooney Jamey and Shannon Eisenhardt Glen Failla John and Nancy Fallin Dan and Adrienne Feehan Paul Fischer and Karen Kustritz Thad and Amanda Fisco Bill and Caroline Fogarty David and Victoria Foord Dale and Kate French William and Mary Jo Futral Peter and Mary Gallagher Tim and Lisa Gard Van and Dale Gatlin Damon and Heather Gentry Jeff and Jennifer ‘87 Gfroerer Greg and Stephanie Gilbert

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Derek and Glenna Girtle Dale and Kristin Goodno Carlin and Paul Gram Eric and Kim Grasberger Warren and Kimberle Groh Stephen and Margarita Gunther Todd and Debra ‘83 Guthrie Sr. Juana Gutierrez, SSMO Chris and Mechell Hansen Christian Hanson and Erin Dingilian Paul and Meghann Hartley Patrick Hayes and Brigitte Blin-Hayes Connie Heger Nick and Naomi Hegwood David and DeDee Heinsen Jeffrey Hemphill and Lisa Hansen Damien Hendricks and Amy Troy Ryan and Sara Hoppes Matthew and Heather Hough Blake and Elizabeth Howells Brian and Erika ‘91 Howerton Jason and Trasie Humble Doug and Monique Ierardi Thomas and Claudia Irrgang Steve Isaak and Jean Isaak Brian and RaeAnn Jackson


Chris and Krista ‘95 Jacobson Michael and Shauna Jasperson Alan and Mary ‘82 Jesse Kirk and Kathy Johnson Stephen and Melanie Johnson Pat Joyaux ‘54 Brian and Monica Karl Sr. Denise Klaas, SSMO Cathy Kramer ‘74 Rob and Kim Krueger Keller and Laura Kuhner Sr. Lawdean Lamberger ’52, SSMO Anne Lambson David Lane and Akiko Kondo Israel and Melissa Laureles Rorie and Jan ‘74 Leone Todd and Jeanelle Lindsey Edward and Kathryn Lipp Christopher and Genevieve Long Richard and Laura Lorenz Kurt and Sonia Lulay Kim Maher and David Wiltz Douglas and Melinda Mannen Darren and Toni Masingale John Matcovich and Jennifer Young Mac and Cheri McDevitt Frank McKeen and Lois O’Halloran Robert and Linda Meagher David and Michele Menkens Michael Miller and Stephanie La Riviere Miller Theodore Miller and Stephanie Vaughan-Miller Duc Nguyen and Donalyn Ramones Vince and Kristen Nguyen Colleen and Werner Nistler Eileen Norris Jeff Olson and Raquel Apodaca Timothy and Heidi Olson Margaret M. O’Neill Ted and Kathleen Parry Carol Pausz Steven and Karen Porter Reen and Karin Presnell Keoki and Jessica Rauschenburg Francisco and Theresa ‘87 Ravelo Donald and Sarah Reid Mario Roxas and Paola Peirano Ken and Susan Roy Mark and Fara Sabahi Glyn and Danette Scales, Jr. Courtney Schaefer Andrew and Heidi Schaer Tim and Samantha Schreck Kurt and Sheryl Schultheis

*Oregon Community Foundation

Jim and Julie Sherwin Richard and Susan Skayhan Kory and Kate Slayton Shawn Smith and Kristin Vosberg-Smith Joel and Kristina Sobotka Anthony and Gale Stacchi Ed and Elyse Stoner Anne Storm Jim Stull and Rebecca Callahan Thomas H. Sutherland Tracy and Leigh Teague Ross and Claudia Thomas Shawn and Megan Thomson Man Tran and Cecilia Nguyen Paolo Tubito and Samantha Frearson-Tubito Bart and Amy VanderZanden Most Rev. John G. Vlazny James and Michelle VondenKamp Sr. Rita Watkins ’61, SSMO John and Tamie Webber Brent and Jennifer Wilder Cameron Williams and Shannon Lynch John and Stacy Williams Mark and Rory Williamson Bruce Wolfe K.L. and Lauren Wombacher Leopoldo and Bella Yau

Gala Sponsors Beaverton Law Group, LLP Paul and Elizabeth Boileau

Cinder Staffing Common Ground, LLC Independent Dispatch, Inc. Gautam Kumar and Babita Dhayal Leonard Adams Insurance, Inc. Todd and Jeanelle Lindsey Maryville Jan and Yahong Neirynck Tanasbourne Pediatrics, LLC Touchmark Living Centers, Inc. University of Portland Washington Trust Bank

Whole in One Golf Tournament Sponsors Alliance Insurance Partners, Inc. Columbia Bank Consonus Healthcare / Rehab Specialists CYO/Camp Howard Directors Mortgage Education Tour Center Fund Evaluation Group Independent Dispatch, Inc. Lease Crutcher Lewis Leonard Adams Insurance, Inc. Pasha Hunt, Broker Medline Industries, Inc. Northwest Investment Counselors, LLC Oregon Health Care Association Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists Pacific Office Automation Pacific-Bridge International Trading, LLC

Annual Report 2017–2018



Pegg, Paxson & Springer Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon Schryver Medical, LLC Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt, P.C. Signature Paving Services Smart Snax Soderstrom Architects, LTD USI Northwest VALIC

Gifts in Honor

Diane Andreas David and Emily Moynihan

Nick Hegwood Mark and Fara Sabahi

Sr. Joyce Barsotti ’58, SSMO Dick and Debbie Barsotti

Sr. Charlene Herinckx ‘66, SSMO Dan and Kathleen Mallea Michael and Paula ‘66 McVay

Kathleen Birrell Mark and Fara Sabahi Sr. Geraldine Brady, SSMO Jim and Janice Brady Klaudia Cepeda Ryan Keppel

2017 Jubilarians Patricia and Peter Blood Reverend Donald Buxman

Mylene Cepeda Ryan Keppel

2018 Jubilarians Peter and Patricia Blood

Dorothy Chvatal The Chvatal Family

Sisters Who Taught at St. Agatha Donna Gilroy

Kimberly ’14 and Joanna ’17 Duyck Marlene Duyck ‘59

Abolfazl Alba Mohammad Alba

Jeff Evans Mark and Fara Sabahi

Sr. Adele Marie Altenhofen, SSMO Anita Schacher Joyce Howard and Alan Caruso Reza and Anna Nassib Gordon and Darlene Story

Sr. Paula Fox, SSMO Andrine Stricherz Sr. Ruth Frank ‘57, SSMO Anna Jean Nagelhout Sr. Marianne Giesel ’56, SSMO Toni Ferguson ‘66 Yenny Gray Charles and Brenda Gray Jessica Guiducci ’07 Ellett and Chris Guiducci ’10 Lynn Trexler Sr. Mary Ellen Hanson, SSMO Bill and Liz Smith Claire & Nora Harroun Robert and Cecile Harroun Whitney Hedrick Philip and Belinda Hedrick Sr. Elma Heesacker ’55, SSMO Melvin and Julia Petersen


Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Sr. Catherine Hertel ’58, SSMO Melvin and Marie Finegan Mr. Johnson and Mr. Hatton Sommer Panage ‘04 Pat Joyaux ’54 Bart and Amy VanderZanden Marty Karlin Marisa Silver ’98 and Gretchen Jewett Melissa Kessler Mark and Fara Sabahi Sr. Denise Klaas, SSMO James and Heidi Danicich Sr. Delores Klupenger, SSMO Melvin and Marie Finegan Kailyn Knott Mark and Fara Sabahi Gloria Lach Dr. Catherine A. Lach ‘73 Sr. Lawdean Lamberger ’52, SSMO Anita Schacher Sr. Patricia Marie Landin, SSMO Gloria Thompson Diane Callahan Grandma Loretta Rakesh and Tracie Semenchalam Maryville Memory Care Staff Alan Rousseau and Carolyn Kelly John Matcovich Zane and Kim Blomgren JD ’15 & Taylor ’18 Menkens David and Michele Menkens


Sr. Alberta Schwall, SSMO David and Theresa ’89 Berry Michael and Sharon Claboe Marietta Boyer Garcia ‘62 Mike Segerdahl Mark and Fara Sabahi Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Dr. Catherine A. Lach ‘73

Sr. John Therese Miller, SSMO Derek and Donna Balbag Melvin and Marie Finegan The Honorable Mary Mertens James ‘74 and Art James Johnny and Tracy ’84 Smith Sr. M. Juliana Monti, SSMO The Honorable Mary Mertens James ‘74 and Art James Elaine Payne ‘77 Johnny and Tracy ’84 Smith Nenita Navarro Marisa Silver ’98 and Gretchen Jewett Sr. Diana Jean Neumayer, SSMO Rosalie A. Hall Jim Ney Mark and Fara Sabahi Sr. Ina Marie Nosack ’44, SSMO Rev. Frank Knusel

Stan & Linda Wong Marc Meylemans and Lynette Wong Alexa Weight Nadine Cummings

Gifts in Memory

Sr. Barbara Rose Sohler ’62, SSMO Julie Turner

John William Bader, Jr. Anonymous Barry and Yvonne Evans Elsie Franz Finley † Daniel and Cynthia Haftorson Kathleen Maier David Whitaker

Sue Ann Spatz Patricia and Peter Blood

Mary Barnes Margaret Barnes

Eric and Kyle Sweeney Anonymous

Catherine and Bruno Barsotti David McBride

Sunday Noelle Swehla Cathy Zagunis

Alice Baumann James Miller and Marron Dooney

Melanie Toth Mark and Fara Sabahi

Sr. Lilliosa (Agnes) Beitel, SSMO Jim Kerber

The VanderZanden and Boileau Families Anonymous

Sr. Betty Bender, SSMO Ike and Kathy Bay

Sr. Angeline Sohler ’43, SSMO Laura Dean

Tina Tran May Tran

Sr. Geraldine Bernards ’47, SSMO Jim and Kathryn Bishop Thomas and Raean Johnston

Sr. Josephine Pelster ’65, SSMO Leopoldo and Bella Yau

Valley Catholic Faculty, Staff and Coaches Peter and Patricia Blood

Sr. Phyllis Ann Ries, SSMO Dale Ries

Valley Catholic Teaching Staff Martin and Judith ‘76 Larson

Josef Scheidt James Scheidt and Sally Bowen

Sr. Jean Marie Van Dyke, SSMO Melvin and Marie Finegan

Juanita Schmidlkofer Anonymous

Melissa Vega Smith Mark and Fara Sabahi

Sr. Colleen Schmitt, SSMO Richard and Julianne Bauer Sue Bauer

Sr. Juanita Villarreal ’62, SSMO Anita Schacher Jesse and Patti Villarreal

Robert E. Burns Marguerite Etcheverry

Emmelie and William Schultheis Gary and Susan Rae

Sr. Rita Watkins ’61, SSMO Don and Joanne Olson

Sandy Buzzetti Daniel and Lee Ann Remington

†Deceased at Time of Publication

Rose Biggi Steve and Laura Biggi Sr. Janice Boogaard ’56, SSMO Jeanne and Michael Donnelly Helen Gerde Maureen Ryan Bruers ‘48 John Spinden and Kathleen Bruers-Spinden LaDonna Brugato Marita Brugato

Annual Report 2017–2018



Isabel Frison Donald and Kathryn Dimeo Patricia Fullenwider Peter and Elizabeth Thomson Anne & Margaret Galati George Galati Charlie and Minnie Gillem Margaret Gillem Norman C. Gray Michael and Cheryl Gray Olive M. Growney Anthony and Louise ‘81 Thomas Marie Gustafson Mike and Nickey Kemp

Sr. Mary Callista Walter Davey

Sr. Consolata DeMartini, SSMO Richard and Laila † DeMartini

Sr. M. Andre’ Campau ’39, SSMO Patrick and Teresa Binder Helen Mason ‘38 James and Christine Russell

Rev. Msgr. Arthur Dernbach William and Rosella Lindblad

Sr. Mary Carmel Thomas and Raean Johnston Vivian Christianson Mark and Vivian Christianson Dorothy Chvatal William and Rosella Lindblad Constance Clark Jerry Carmack Yaeko Dow Arthur Coussens Michael and Mary Alice ‘69 McMenamin Sr. Edna Rae Crozier Walter and Agnes ‘51 Hall Sheila Day ‘57 Robert and Jean ‘57 Rapp Sr. Rose Delores Costello, SSMO Gary and Lynne Hubka


Sr. M. Aurelia Dietmayer, SSMO Albert and Patricia Havlik Susan Donovan Mark and Mary Donovan Mary Patricia Dooney Maureen Dooney James Miller and Marron Dooney Doris Drake Jeff and Terry ‘73 Shrum Mary Fox Dugan J. Dugan Rupp Sr. Rose Imelda Erceg ‘48, SSMO Mary Seats Sr. Anna Evers, SSMO Susanne Evers ‘85 Nick Ferrer Kathy Ferrer Rev. Brendan Flemming Robert Lapinski and Monica Brennan ‘67

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Louise Hamilton Yvonne and Gary Lewellyn James Hanson Richard Albertini Jacquelyn Bernards Patricia and Peter Blood Tim and Judy Bonino Allen and Kathleen Burns Cascade Meats, Inc. Stephen Druse Frank Dulcich Susan Heidegger Richard and Sara Knapp Ritchie and Susie Langfield Linda Mooney Dale Moses William and Carol Orton Mark and Linda Pagano Albert and Mary Passadore Walter and Dolores Sauer Corrine Thomas Lorraine Toops Theresa Utlaut David and Anne VanDaam Michael Zupan Edna Ruth and Roger Hecker Carol King ‘62 Leo Heineck Carol and Michael Barnes John and Jean Krautscheid


Thomas and Rosemarie Heitzman Tony and Barbara Benjamin Maggie and Bob Herbage John and Ann Busch Marian Herron Edward and Barb Fredenburg Joanne Hansen Sr. Anna Hertel ’55, SSMO Al and Maxine Hertel Isabelle M. Hopper Elizabeth A. Olson Mary Hughes Linda Brixley Sr. Maureen Kalsch ’73, SSMO Joel and Sue Magenheimer Hao Mai ‘90 Connie Kienow Antoinette K. Arenz Sr. Gemma Kindel, SSMO Dale and Donna Herinckx Sr. Marcella Kindel, SSMO Dale and Donna Herinckx

Sr. Sharon Kirk ’56, SSMO Edward and Marilyn ‘57 Blake Carol Brentano Donald and Mariann Feldmann Joseph and Deborah Kirk Wayne and Marian Kuch Most Rev. John G. Vlazny Charles Rahe and Helen Connor Madonna Doocy Mark and Denise Ernst Theodore and Norma Frith Jane Kotrik Horning ‘57 John and Jean Krautscheid Darlene Rodriguez and Georgia Lindsey LeRoy and Judy Tomes Philip and Mary Ellen Wolf Sr. Barbara Klapperich, SSMO Thomas and Sheila Micka Loren and Penny Rickerl Phillip Klupenger Gloria McGrath Klupenger Carolyn Kolzow William Kolzow Sr. Mary Fidelis Kruetzer ’44, SSMO Steve and Linda Hickok Gary and Lynne Hubka Francis and Patricia Hutchins Patty Krug Maureen Sheridan Sr. Dismaria Lane, SSMO Katherine Greco Jean Lebeck Lair Douglas Trobough and Susan Lair Elisea V. Loanzon Esther Loanzon All Residents of Maryville Sandra Wisniewski Sr. Clare McCann ’34, SSMO Robert and Rebecca Schmidt Violet McCoy David and Peggy Stein

Irene McGrath Gloria McGrath Klupenger Frances McMahon Louise Bogard Marlene McMahon Patricia Van Loo Jeanette Werner Agnes Miller James Miller and Marron Dooney Paul and Vera Miller Michael J. Miller Josephine Hope Moberg Bob and Kathy Moberg Mr. and Mrs. Moellman & Johnny Frances Moellman ‘54 Emily Moellman James Moellman Joan Molinari Joseph Molinari Alicia Moore Tom and Jackie Moore Shelley Mueller-Blankenmeister Paul Blankenmeister Family Marie J. Muller William Muller Sr. Mary Callista O’Connor ‘45, SSMO Walter Davey Herman and Christine Ott Helen Conover Joan B. Owens M.J. and K.M. Owens Peggy and Bob Planansky Carol Graff Olive Plep Herbert Plep David and Jeanette ‘00 Plep

Kayci McCurry Armstrong Kathy Ferrer

†Deceased at Time of Publication

Annual Report 2017–2018



Beau Rasmussen ’03 Anonymous

Jim Sonderen Margaret Sonderen

Nick Vandehey Joan Vandehey

James and Dorette Ristig Craig Shrontz and Lynn Ristig

Paul Spatz Peter and Patricia Blood Reilly Blood ‘16

Clarence and Claire VanderZanden Karla VanderZanden ‘72

Suzanne Roberts Joel and Kristina Sobotka Dr. Fulton Saier Lance Berra Richard and Margaret Drake Eugene and Sharon Friedman Carolyn and Terry Kelly and Karolyn Menze Calvin and Ruth Locke Stuart and Jeanne Lorimer Edward and Sandra McKieran Gary and Mary Kay Paul Cathy Rother Kathy Saier

Edward and Johanna Spiering Anthony and Mary Spiering Jessie A. Sposito David and Phyllis Warfield Gordon Story Darlene Story Phyllis and Harry Swanda Bob and Barbara Sulek Francine Gouveia Swehla Anonymous

Joyce Sample William and Rosella Lindblad

Wyatt Taboh-Graziano Robert and Christine Throckmorton

Sr. Celine Schindler, SSMO Edgar and Diane Andreas David and Emily Moynihan

Virginia Tate Bruce and Doreen Tate

Joe Schmidlkofer Anonymous Rita Seaman Andrew and Rita Pinkowski Helen Jamieson Seidler Richard and Patricia ‘50 Burling Barbara M. Benson Sharkey Suzanne Sharkey

Annette Tolzman Diane Tolzman ‘74 and Paul Drake Alice Collins Turina William and Rosella Lindblad Eloise Utzinger Nicholas Utzinger Sr. M. Barbara Vandecoevering ’29, SSMO Kathryn Vanderzanden

Marian Sherman Roger Sherman Creston E. Smith, Jr. Kanya Smith Marion Smith David and Theresa ’89 Berry Sr. Clotildis Smith ’23, SSMO Allan Vanderzanden Joyce Sobotka Joel and Kristina Sobotka


Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Sr. Ermelinda VanDomelen, SSMO Madonna Doocy Venkata Venka Subbarao and Sivagami Vanka Patricia Vemer Randall and Mary Frances Vemer John Volpe Jr. Berniece Volpe Robert J. Welter Arlene Welter Daniel White Theresa White Theresa Wills Carol Wills Arlene and William Wilson Janice Wilson Sr. Mary Mildred Wolf ’22, SSMO Edward and Mary Wolf Sr. Theresa Margaret Yettick ‘33, SSMO Anonymous James and Helynn Starr Sr. Frances Zenner ’34, SSMO Antoinette K. Arenz


Gift-in-Kind Donors Anchor Printworks Brad Avakian Jim Barnes Beaverton High School Advanced Health Careers Betty Blais Peter and Patricia Blood Suzanne Burnett Patty Burrows Jerome and Joanne Cholick Carlotta Collette Peter and Charlene Compton Dorothy Davy Craig and Janelle Duyck Mike and Debra Duyck Alvin Evers Cary Evers Joseph and Beverly Evers Bill and Caroline Fogarty Margaret Fortsch Frank McKeen and Lois O’Halloran Full Sail Brewing Company Greg and Stephanie Gilbert Dale and Bonnie Goodno Cathy Hamilton Mary Heesacker ‘54 Donald and Alicia Herinckx James and Doris Herinckx Hillsboro Hops Joyce Howard and Alan Caruso Hai Nguyen and Dawn Huynh Julie Huynh Kevin and Deanna Hyland Jesse Estate Vineyards Rebecca and Stephen Johnson Elaine Jolliff John and Liesl ‘86 Karasaki Rhys Karasaki Manuel and Marty Karlin Sarah Karlin Edward and Kathy Kemper Barbara Kerr Rosemary Kershaw Linda Kimball Cliff and Alice Kinney John Kipp Joseph and Deborah Kirk Ali Etemad and Marianne Klaas Joan Lauren Dori ’88 and Ziggy Lopuszynski Melissa Lowery Lam-Thi Luu Brigitta Martell

Liz ’11 and Nick ’11 McDevitt Allyson McGinnis Neil McGinnis Patrick McNamee Robert and Linda Meagher Allen and Kelleen Meeuwsen Thomas Melillo and Melinda Adams Thomas and Skip Monaco Charles and Darlene Moore Thanhhuong Nguyen Northwest Quilters, Inc. Nothing Bundt Cakes Oregon Golf Club Panzer Nursery Paper Caper Pegg Paxon & Springer Funeral Chapel Rebecca Petersen Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club Dale Ries Lee and Virginia Robertson Donna Routh Kathy Saier John Scheeland Sandra Scott Siltstone Wines Smart Snax Patricia Smith Jeb ’99 and Michelle Stager Ginger Steele Joan ’70 and Paul Stieger Mary Sullivan ’63 Bruce and Suzanne Thiel Top Golf Man Tran and Cecilia Nguyen Joseph and Brenda ‘85 Van Dyke Walter and Marjorie Vandehey Patricia ’59 and Arthur Vanderzanden Norman and Betty Jo VanDyke Ruby Veniegas ‘99 Mark and Janet Vinson Camaron and Tamara Vogt Eugene Waibel Washington Trust Bank Brian and Mary Whitney Ron and Margaret ‘65 Williamson

Matching Gift Companies Applied Materials, Inc. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Chevron Corporation Daimler Trucks North America GE Foundation Intel Mentor Graphics Nike, Inc. Oracle Corp. Patrick Lumber Co. PGE Tektronix Foundation Travelers The Standard United Technologies Corporation US Bank

Gala donors were previously recognized in the Gala Program

Annual Report 2017–2018



Valley Catholic School Gala This glorious evening celebrates all things Valley Catholic. Its success is a result of the collaboration between volunteers, donors and generous guests who believe in the mission of VCS and fostering academic excellence.

Whole in One Golf Tournament The Whole in One Golf Tournament is a perfect reason to play golf, mingle with friends and support the great work on our campus. The tournament, held in September, is a popular event that unites our entire campus community. The Sisters, Valley Catholic students, and Maryville residents all benefit from this day on the course.

Alumni Events We value our alumni and the role they play in continuing the Sisters’ legacy of Catholic education. Their stories are woven into the fabric of our school community. The Foundation considers it a privilege to host events honoring alumni, giving them an opportunity to reconnect with classmates and reminisce about days gone by at their alma mater.


Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Financial Statement Highlights

Total Assets....................................... $9,879,361

The Year In Review: July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

Total Endowment............................. $2,875,491 Total Contributions and Subsidies.... $3,574,879 Total Grants to Related Entities........ $1,365,272

















2014 2015 2016 2017 2018




2014 2015 2016 2017 2018












$ 9,062,413










2014 2015 2016 2017 2018








38% 2,000,000

7% 3%


28% 1,000,000





Capital Projects

Debt Service

Campus Schools




Campus Schools

Debt Service

Capital Projects




Annual Report 2017–2018


“The dedication and diligence of the SSMO Foundation are a tremendous boon. Their commitment to the vision and mission of the Sisters and to all the entities on the SSMO Campus has provided a backbone of support as donors’ wishes are stewarded and dreams are catapulted into realities.” – Sr. Adele Marie Altenhofen, SSMO President, SSMO Ministries Corporation

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation

Imagine what’s next.

Annual Report 2017–2018



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Profile for Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation Annual Report 2017-18  

Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation Annual Report 2017-18