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S²M² JULY NEWSLETTER A Message from the Executive Director


Can you believe the summer months are almost over? As we move forward into the 2nd half of our year, I would like to encourage all of our single moms to pull out their 2013 list of goals and take a peek at them. Now begin to scratch off all of the things that you have accomplished. You are getting closer and closer to the finish line!


July 29th- Back to school event for single moms August 3rd- Mogul Mom graduation August 6th- National Night Out August 11th- Coaching & Conversation w/ Jackie O August 30th- Infant Mortality Kick-off event

I’m excited about our progress to date with our group being “Present and Accounted For”… we are on the road to eliminating excuses and a mission to provide solutions for single moms and their families in Memphis. Recently we started our Mogul Mom Business Boot camp for Single Moms in Business. Classes are underway and these ladies are learning how to own, operate and grow their business. In the next few months, keep your eyes open for the unveiling of our Single Moms University, “A Single Plan” Emergency Preparedness Training for Single Moms and Our Single Moms IT program “Re-boot”. I urge you to remain active in the programs and activities that will come, lots of hard work, innovation and passion are coming through these projects. On September 23rd we will be hosting our Single Moms National Family Night, where we are encouraged to have a family style dinner with our children. I have secured a photographer to also provide family photos for a small fee. Payment plans will be available. Please also remember to invite other single moms to our group we have a membership challenge underway. Hope to see all of you soon, Nicole

JULY 2013


Days: Command: Daze:

A time or period of time in the past, present or future. Authority to control, control or dominate, to be able to obtain something. State of confusion, unclear thinking, bewilder (to leave somebody feeling confused or amazed), to stun (especially as a result of a blow or shock).

Back To School ALREADY??!! School begins in less than 30 days? Mom… I need……(Everything) Tax Free Weekend is coming? WHEN? School Sports Physicals are needed (TODAY?) Will my child (ren) wear a uniform or not? How will I get all of their supplies? School Fees, Senior Dues, Athletic Fees Lunch Fees, Field Trips, Lab Fees School Starts an hour EARLIER??  Should I purchase or rent the instrument? Before or After Care (or both????) School starts earlier this year?? August 5th???

July 2013

A statement from the Director of Development

Greetings Ladies, I am honored to be a member of such a wonderful organization. Since the duration of my membership with Successful Single Moms Memphis, I have been granted the opportunity to work with mothers of strength and promise. We all have a story but what makes us unique, is the choice that we make every day. Every day we all choose to celebrate our future instead of letting our past dominate us. As SSMM continues to grow so will our tasks and events. It is very important for us to stay active and continue to give back for the progression of ourselves and SSMM. Each one of us has a talent and a gift, don’t let those talents and gifts go to waste, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!! I am looking forward to the great things that are in store for our single moms and I expect for you all to encourage other single moms to join our movement.

Ashley Grayson

Yikes! Certainly I can go on and on and on with the random thoughts that cross our minds as we prepare for the new school year. Let’s agree that the above thoughts are at least 10% of what we have to consider, but for the sake of time I believe this above example is enough to cause a pause in our step (otherwise known as becoming dazed). The good news is we don’t have to remain in a daze as we figure out how to achieve, purchase, sign, shop and, manage to keep our sanity! Yes, it is easy as moms to become overwhelmed by what we perceive we have, don’t have, need or want for our children. Rather than concentrating on what we don’t have let’s look at solutions that can take us to where we need to be. Remember to take advantage of the Sales Tax Holiday Shopping Weekend which takes place in Tennessee on August 24, 2013. Plan ahead by shop- looking in the stores you plan to make your purchases at. Keep a mental picture of the layout of the store, so that you know exactly where to go on that weekend. Enlist the help of your children, mate and family members as you shop. A word of caution though, most sporting equipment are not tax-exempt during this weekend. Consignment shops and thrift stores are great places to find gently used uniforms and school clothes for a great bargain. Remember, you don’t have to purchase everything by the first day of school. Become savvy and ask for wisdom on what is really necessary to purchase for the first week of school especially if you have more than one child. It’s perfectly ok to continue purchasing school clothes throughout the school year piece by piece. Keep in mind while these tips are only a thimble full of ideas; I am confident that you can come up with more that can help you command your days and come out of your daze! I am saying to you my fellow successful single mom; you can do this!! Practice commanding your days (also known as your future) by speaking and thinking positively about what you want to see happen. This means you have to want to become proactive to change how you are going to approach this new school year; which by the ways begins on Monday, August 5, 2013. Start by making small steps, those small steps will turn into medium steps, and those medium steps will eventually turn into great strides!! It takes practice, and we know that practice makes perfect. We have the power to command our days when life hits us especially hard. Pray over your children, their friends, their teachers and administrators Seek God’s wisdom as a mother and speak well to your new day daily See beyond the confusion; focus on your goals you have set for your family Remember every day is another chance to command your day. See beyond the confusion (daze). Speak possibilities into every situation. Remember you are a Successful Single Mom! You are Capable! You CAN Overcome ALL Obstacles! Paris Ducker


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal It is the courage to continue that counts.

JULY 2013

S²M² Monthly Newsletter Greetings Ladies! We are excited to include you in our membership circle with Successful Single Moms Memphis. We’ve done some amazing things thus far and have some incredible ongoing and future experiences in the works for you and your families. We want your membership experience with SSMM to be unique, educational, fun and inspiring. After all, we are women of possibilities, purpose and power! If you or someone you know would like to become a member of SSMM, please contact Membership Coordinator, Joyce Parkinson at with “MEMBERSHIP” in the subject line. An application will be sent to you expeditiously. And, remember, membership is absolutely FREE!! And, as an added incentive, we’re offering a $25 gift card to the SSMM member who brings in the largest number of ladies who become active members. Joyce Parkinson

Manners on the Move: Etiquette Tips for Back to School Submitted by: Etiquette Essentials Good manners start at home, but don’t worry; these etiquette tips will get you started. Etiquette tips will boost confidence for you, your child and teacher, because we all care. 1. Respect Time: Explain to your child what time his/her school starts and ends. Explain the importance at arriving on time because late arrivals are disruptive. Arriving 5 minutes early is generally fine, unless the school has a different policy. 2. Respect Authority (the Teacher): Explain to your child that the teacher is in authority while school is in session. The teacher should be addressed by Miss., Mrs., Ms., or Mr., followed by their last names. Parents can help by addressing the teacher in this manner. The use of proper title shows respect. 3. Respect Others: Respect is essential to ensure you have a positive school experience. Your child should never take anything that does not belong to them. This includes homework, lunch, money, snacks, etc. 4. First Impressions: Explain how important it is to be clean and dress appropriately. This includes bathing, hand washing, and teeth brushing. It’s not required to have a new on the first day, but avoid wearing wrinkled, torn, or dirty clothes. 5. Every day Etiquette: Setting good examples will teach your children good manners. Once they hear you saying, “Thank You, “and/or “Pardon Me,” they will likely follow your lead. Acknowledge and praise them for using their manners. Allow your children to see you perform Random Acts of Kindness by helping someone in need.

Additional Tips: 1. Send Sufficient Supplies 2. Don’t linger around your child’s classroom on the first day. 3. Start bedtime a week prior to schools start date. 4. Prepare lunch and outfits the night before. 5. Don’t overschedule your child in activities. 6. Carpool Lines: No cell phone, animals, loud music, etc. 7. Behave your manners on the playground. 8. Show suitable sportsmanship. 9. Be polite when encountering different people. 10. Respect Classroom Rules.

July newsletter