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F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 8 | W W W. D E S E RT H O R I Z O N S C C . C O M


NEW GOLF MEMBERS Denny & Jean Bacon Dick & Katherine Clancey Todd Dokken & Jean Bass David & Monica Eade Rob & Suzanne Earnest Don & Bridgette Johnson Steve & Holly Jaros Thomas & Shelly Lowen Jerry & Rusti McFarland Gerald & Karen MacDonald Gene & Donna Mikov Lyle & Beverlie Morrison David Mourning & Marie McMorris Robert & AnnaMae O’Connor Lisa Sorenson & Craig Taylor Robert & Lorna Savage Sam & Carol Wilson Fritz & Jeanie Wolff NON RESIDENT GOLF MEMBER Robert Capelloni Jerry Graham Bob Innis Arthur & Susan Ralph LEGACY GOLF Stephanie Steele & Peter Ney

NEW SOCIAL MEMBERS Reza & Maryam Afsarzadeh Jasper & Francesca Rosemary Agate Joyce Bulifant Mark & Marilyn Bonebrake Judy Diamond Charles & Maureen Dale Dawn Fraser Linda Ghilotti Mary Harrison Jaime Hernandez Tony Iskandar David & Sowers Johnson Roman & Marilyn Kunciak Ron & Bridgett Lavigne Sharon & Edward Haskell MacCollister Paula Manoski Julie & Marty Block McCabe John & Corliss Morthland Steve & Daryl Nelson Clinton & Gloria Newell Tom & Mary Nolan Peter & Mary-Jo Placido Hal & Janie Seim Terry & Sandy Sklavenitis John & Shirley Stringer William & Margaret Tinsley Morris & Paula Westlund Jim & Mata Shillito

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 8 | W W W. D E S E RT H O R I Z O N S C C . C O M





DEAR FELLOW MEMBERS, Here we are in early February. It seems like only yesterday we were waiting eagerly for the opening day of our golfing season. I don’t need to tell you that the club has seen a whirlwind of activities and events. It is really fun to meet and welcome new members into our club. If you see a face you don’t recognize, don’t be shy. Go up to them and say “hi”, followed by “how long have you been at DH?” If they say 20 years, say “oops”, laugh together and carry on. However, being friendly to a person you don’t know will make an opportunity for you to build new friendships. One of the things I am struck with the most, is the interest in, and passion on the part of our members for the club to grow and improve. We welcome ideas, suggestions, and even criticism because this is the way we as a Board, along with our staff can keep the club on the right track, moving forward. You can help us in this area by directing question, suggestions, ideas, etc to a committee chairperson, or to one of the executive of the Board. That way, we know and can ensure that the needs of the membership are met. We are blessed to have many staff who have been with us for many years. Their desire is to make us happy, but giving criticism veiled as a suggestion directly to the person is counter-productive. An example that I overheard: one well-meaning member asked Jesse if he could speed up the greens, while moments before I heard another well-meaning member ask if they could be slowed down a bit.What is Jesse to do? This kind of push/pull happens a lot particularly as it relates to the golf course. Please, please, direct your questions, concerns, criticisms to the Greens committee chair, or to the General Manager. I assure you that you issues will be addressed. We’re in peak season now! Let’s go and have some fun!

Ken MacKenzie, Club President


F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 8 | W W W. D E S E RT H O R I Z O N S C C . C O M


DEAR MEMBERS, What a start to the season we have had around here. We have had so much fun, providing a First Class Private Club Experience for all the Members of DHCC. I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing staff, who gets our vision and goes out and executes on a daily basis. The weather is currently warming up and the course is really starting to green up and fill in.With some procedural changes, the golf course will only get better as the season progresses. Jesse Ayala and his team have done a tremendous job and we can’t thank them enough for all their hard work and dedication. Our Food & Beverage Team have really stepped up their game this year. Our beloved Junior, has transitioned into the restaurant supervisor role nicely. It is a pleasure to see how well Sergio, Jacky and Junior combine their enthusiasm and skills in planning and executing events on a weekly basis. While we are already half way through the season, there are a lot of exciting events planned in the upcoming months. Please check your calendar and look for the “On The Horizons “e mail that comes out every Monday detailing the upcoming events. The Golf Operations Staff continues to work hard to exceed our Members expectations.With Rick leading their way, the team is really starting to gel and we know they will make your golf experience first class. I want to say thank you to all the Members who made donations for the “Golf Staff Challenge”. Without your generosity, events like this would never happen. Thank you for the support. The Desert Horizons Professional Golf Tournament dates are April 9th-12th.This is going to be a week of fun and excitement and we encourage all our members to participate and be a part of this tournament. There is a major title sponsor for this event, and we are going to draw high quality golf professionals. The Pro Am will take place on Monday April 9th for an afternoon shotgun (limited to 60 members/participants). One other way that you can participate is by housing a player during the week. If you have any interest in housing a professional golfer, please call Kathy Simmons at 760-773-9515 for more information. One other item that I need to mention relates to rules and regulations at the Club. Pets are not permitted in the Clubhouse or any other premise of the Club, including the Golf Course. The exception to this rule is for designated pet friendly events (i.e. yappy hour, dog show, etc). We thank you in advance for adhering to the rules of DHCC. In closing I want to thank all the members of Desert Horizons Country Club for their willingness to help out wherever they are needed. Not only do we have an amazing staff to keep everything moving, but our members’ willingness to join in makes us the perfect team.

Damien Gallardo, General Manager

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 8 | W W W. D E S E RT H O R I Z O N S C C . C O M


LOVE’S IN BLOOM Valentine’s Dinner

Wednesday, February 14th 5:30 p.m. Cocktail Reception | 6:30 p.m. Plated Dinner | 8:00 p.m. Dancing Come and Join us on Valentine’s Day for a Romantic Evening with the Desert Horizons All-stars, featuring the beautiful and multi-talented Alexa Sophia. PASSED HORS D’OEUVRES Brie and Raspberry en Croute Scallops Wrapped in Bacon with Spicy Tartar Sauce Curried Chicken and Mango Fillo Cups Red Endive with Herb Cheese and Walnuts

CHOICE OF ENTREÉ SALMON OR VEAL TOURNADOES SALTIMBOCCA Tournadoes of Veal wrapped in Proscuitto, Sage, Provolone Cheese, Wild Mushroom Sauce Served with Red Rice Pilaf and Asparagus Bundle

AMORE SALAD Sliced Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Julienne Yellow Pepper, Basil, Micro-Greens, Balsamic and Olive Oil

DESSERT Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce $84.95++ PER PERSON

Jackets Recommended | Make Your Reservation Today! RSVP with Entree Selection to 760.340.4646

Polo Day at Empire Polo Club Sunday, February 18th, 2018 Food & Beverage will be ready at 10:30 am Polo Matches at 12:00 pm & 2:00 pm There will be a shaded area set up for Members to sit and enjoy the Polo Matches. Please bring a chair with you. Fruit & Cheese Platter | Hors D’Oeuvres Sandwiches | BBQ Burgers, Brats and Hot Dogs Beer | Wine | Champagne | Mimosas | Bloody Marys $29.95++ per person RSVP with the Receptionist at 760.340.4646 Limited to 30 Members Meet at DHCC at 10:30 a.m. to carpool. There is a $20.00 Per Car Entry Fee to access the Polo Grounds. EMPIRE POLO CLUB | 81-800 Ave. 51 | Indio, CA 92201



Ted Robinson Memorial Classic

This was our 1st Major of the Men’s Golf Season, our 2-Day Member-Member tournament. There was some great golf played and fun was had by all.

OVERALL GROSS CHAMPIONS: Craig Taylor & Tom Lowen 138

Desert Flight 1st Gross Craig Taylor & Tom Lowen 138 2nd Gross Mike Snyder & Dick Clancey 142 1st Net Jerry Graham & Rob Strain 197 2nd Net Dave Hickey & Steve Jaros 197 Horizons Flight 1st Gross Stewart Thomson & Lynn Sopwith 2nd Gross Sam Spinello & Vic Beghini 1st Net Harry Aldrich & Brent Jacobs 2nd Net Fritz Wolff & Dan Hanson

159 159 195 201

Country Flight 1st Net Dave Taylor & Paul Redmond 2nd Net Bruce Shepard & Jon Holzgrafe 3rd Net Dick Frankel & Dave Bochsler 4th Net Ken Cook & Bill Morrow 5th Net Tom Robinson & Dan Jameson

195 198 200 205 210


OVERALL NET CHAMPIONS Dave Taylor & Paul Redmond 195

CLOSEST TO HOLE WINNERS Desert Flight Hole #3 Jerry Graham 17’6” Hole #9 George Chase 0’6” Hole #12 Dave Hickey 10’0” Horizons Flight Hole #3 James Clancey 35’7” Hole #9 Gavin Koyl 10’8” Hole #12 Dan Hanson 5’11” Country Flight Hole #3 Dave Taylor 17’3” Hole #9 Dave Bochsler 14’10” Hole #12 Doug Burwell 12’2”

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 8 | W W W. D E S E RT H O R I Z O N S C C . C O M

Couples Invitational

Thank you to the committee of Bill and Claudia Morrow, Bill and Kathy Simmons, Ed and Barb Meserve as well as Jay and Lee Clancey. Day One was 9-holes of Scramble and 9-holes of Chapman. Day Two was Jack and Jill, One Best Ball of the Men and One Best Ball of the Ladies. OVERALL GROSS CHAMPIONS OVERALL NET CHAMPIONS

Brent & Mary Jacobs // Patrick & Susan Terrell Dick & Lynn Frankel // Ray & Sandy Moran

Desert Flight 1st Gross Brent & Mary Jacobs // Patrick & Susan Terrell 2nd Gross Dick & Kathy Clancey // Greg & Debbie Grisamore 3rd Gross George & Carol Chase // Jim & Mary Dobson 1st Net Randy Goat & Kathy Simmons // Tom Walker & Sandra Pandolfo 2nd Net Jay & Lee Clancey // Dan and Carolyn Thies 3rd Net James & Barbara Clancey // Kevin & Susan Brosch

301 326 328 268.61 269.48 271.85

Horizons Flight 1st Gross Randy & Beverly Morris // Tom and Carolyn Worrall 2nd Gross Rob Zwemmer & Bobbi Lou Webb // Al Morshita & Seija Tyllinen 3rd Gross Ed & Barb Meserve // John Hagestad & Sue Werner 1st Net Dick & Lynn Frankel // Ray and Sandy Moran 2nd Net Humphry & Happy Koch // John & Jill Mingay 3rd Net Robert & Suzanne Earnest // Rick Greenthal & Michelle Yount

345 355 366 264.61 272.61 276.87

Closest to the Pin Hole #3 Humphry Koch Hole #3 Greg Grisamore Hole #9 Seija Tyllinen


301 264.61

6’4” 11’5” 4’10”

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 8 | W W W. D E S E RT H O R I Z O N S C C . C O M

G O L F U P D AT E C O N ' T Golf Shop Staff Challenge

Thank you to all the members for their support in donations of money, gift cards and wine. It was a great way to spend the afternoon out of the golf shop! 9 HOLE SCORE COMPETITION Rick Ruppert 37 Leigh Coleman 37 Matt Urban 38 DRIVING RANGE SKILLS Hitting Buckets of Water Leigh Hitting the Green from a Blind Shot Rick Hitting the Green a 100 yard Punch Shot Matt Most Shanks on Driving Range (2) Rick

ON COURSE COMPETITIONS Least Putts Matt Most Greens Hit Rick Most Fairways Hit Leigh Eagle on #15 Rick Least Putts on #14 & #15 Matt & Rick Closest to the Water in 2 on #14 Leigh Closest to the Pin on #12 Leigh

COURSE & CONDITIONS I want to provide the Members an update on the Golf Course Conditions and some of the items we are currently working on. Due to the warm temperatures after the over seeding and continuing for most of the winter months, Common Bermuda Grass didn’t go into dormancy as expected. This caused the Bermuda Grass to outcompete the Perennial Rye on many areas of the golf course specially on the south facing slopes. As the night temperatures begin to drop and the days got shorter Bermuda Grass began to go into dormancy, which created brown areas and breaking the uniformity of the Perennial Rye Grass on the golf course. My team has worked very hard to reseed these areas with Perennial Rye Grass seed. In two to three weeks with the weather improving and the applications of foliar and liquid fertilizers, the aesthetics and playability of the golf course will improve as we move forward in the season.The application of turf enhancers will also help with turf color. Another item that has been brought to my attention, relates to what is known as a “fried egg” lie in the bunkers. With our bunkers being new, the sand is soft and we are making adjustments to rectify this issue. We have found a new approach to maintaining the bunkers, and you should see more consistent lies in the near future. The grounds crew and I will continue to work tireless to improve the condition of the golf course.

Jesse Ayala, Golf Course Supertintendent


F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 8 | W W W. D E S E RT H O R I Z O N S C C . C O M


It’s been 3 months and what a great time down at the courts. Here’s what’s been going on in the Tennis and Pickleball world. There have been a mainstay of Men Tennis players that meet every Monday,Wednesday, and Friday at 8:00 a.m.The women meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays and an occasional Saturday for some fun competitive play as well. We hosted Indian Ridge here for a Pickleball play day and had 24 participants , and a good time was had by all ! We have had several Pickleball clinics that have been well attended, and there has been a great progression of ability among our players. February 9th, 10th and 11th, Palm Desert is hosting a senior games tournament where several of our members are participating , we should all try and get out there to support them! Pickleball takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. and everyone is welcome. The courts office has had a complete remodel and what a transformation!! Come by and see it and visit me! Our very own member Kim Jagd won a Silver medal in women’s age doubles at the 2017 National Pickleball Tournament, and we should be very proud to call her our own. Tennis and Pickleball lessons are available, for groups or individuals, please contact me to schedule your lesson. I want to personally thank Byron Graves for sending out the mass emails of information to our pickleball community, he is greatly appreciated!

Karent Gysin, Court Director

Trivia s h t i g N Every Wednesday

from 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Enjoy this Fun, Complimentary Event.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 8 | W W W. D E S E RT H O R I Z O N S C C . C O M



2018 Bocce Ball League Monday Night League February 19th - March 26th 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. $75.00 per player Open to Men and Women of All Levels 6-Player Teams // 8-Team Limit Includes a Buffet Dinner served on Opening Night and on Championship Final Night. Service Staff will be available for Food & Beverage All Bocce Equipment is provided. Call the Receptionist at 760.340.4646 to Register your Team or we will Place You on a Team.


The weather is cool, the grass is green. That can only mean on thing – the season is here and in full swing. Our first two months have been incredibly busy and exciting with a lot more fun and activities on the horizon. Along with the usual golf events we have many more things to keep you entertained. And like always, our staff is here to assist with any of your needs. We hope all had a pleasant holiday season and my staff and I would like to thank all of you for your support and generosity this holiday. Thank you. With a large request for vegetarian items this year I thought we would give you an interesting small bite to try at a sporting event of just a casual afternoon on the patio. Bon Appetit!

Chef Mike Shulby, Executive Chef

Recipe: BBQ MUSHROOM SLIDERS pimiento cheese

bbq mushrooms

2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese 2 oz. cream cheese 4 oz. roasted red peppers 1 tsp. Sriracha ½ tsp. granulated garlic ½ tsp.Worcestershire sauce ¼ tsp. ground black pepper 2 tbsp. mayonnaise

2 tbsp. vegetable oil 1-1/2 cups fine diced onion 6 large Portobello mushrooms – Remove stems, clean gills with spoon, halve, slice thin ½ cup BBQ sauce

Mash all ingredients with a fork.

Saute onions in oil until they begin to carmelize. Add mushrooms and cook until tender. Remove from heat and stir in BBQ sauce.

sliders 16 slider buns 32 dill pickle slices To Assemble the Sliders: Spread each roll with 1 tbsp. of cheese. Top with BBQ mushrooms, dill pickles, and top of bun. Toothpick slider and serve with lots of napkins!


F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 8 | W W W. D E S E RT H O R I Z O N S C C . C O M


The start of the season has been busy and full of energy. Desert Horizons is a very special place and thank you for allowing me to be a part of an amazing team. I would like to applaud the House Committee Members, for their support and dedication in helping my team execute our premier events. We are excited for the addition of Arturo Solis JR to the management team, he has been a great asset to the club for many years. With Jacky and Arturo helping me, we are ready to take the service to an entirely new level at DHCC. On behalf of all the club house staff we would like to give a worm welcome to all our new Members, and be ready to have fun this season At Your Service,

Sergio Alvarez, Clubhouse Manager

Bistro N i g h t

Join Us Every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 8 | W W W. D E S E RT H O R I Z O N S C C . C O M








STAMPEDE at desert horizons corral Saturday, March 10th, 2018 5:00 p.m. | No Host Cocktails 6:00 p.m. | Dinner: DHCC Salad Bar Flat Iron Steak | BBQ Chicken Legs Country Potatoes | Beans | Ranch Style Peas Apple Crisp | Ice Cream | Cowboy Cookies For Vegetarian Requests, please contact Receptionist ahead of time.

CALIFORNIA RANGERS Voted San Diego’s Best Country Band Live Music & Country Dancing throughout Evening $58.00++ per person Wear your Denim & Boots! Make Your Reservation Today Call 760-340-4646 or Email 44900 Desert Horizons Drive | Indian Wells, CA 92210 | 760-340-4646 |

R E A L E S TAT E Hello Friends! What an exciting and busy season so far! With the weather warming up in time for all of the events on the desert calendar, we can already see it’s going to be a memorable season. With the La Quinta Arts Festival and the BNP Paribas Open right around the corner, buyers from everywhere will be coming in to peruse homes available for sale. In this event, it’s not only a great time to buy a new home, but a great time to sell as our valley is placed in the national spotlight. If you have any questions or want to discuss market conditions and what opportunities may be available to you, please call or visit the onsite office anytime. Have a wonderful rest of the month as we get to welcome Spring.

Bobbi-Lou Webb Cell: 760-409-7465

Rob Zwemmer Cell: 760-880-9996

Zwemmer Realty Group Luxury Homes by Keller Williams Desert Horizons Onsite Office 75486 Augusta Drive Indian Wells, CA 92210 Office: 760.610.0204

F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 8 | W W W. D E S E RT H O R I Z O N S C C . C O M


44-900 Desert Horizons Drive Indian Wells, CA 92210 760-340-4646


2017 - 2018 Board of Directors Ken MacKenzie


Stewart Thomson

Vice President

Bill Slattery


Rob Strain


Dana Berkett


Pete Bohn


Jay Clancey


Jim Hansen


Karen Lempert


Bill Morrow


Bill Zirkle


DHCC Happenings | February 2018  
DHCC Happenings | February 2018