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We use oil every day when you drive to work, but do you know where it comes from? Its correct name is petroleum. Did you know that oil comes from the bottom of the ocean, deserts and arctic areas? Oil is formed from plant and animal remains due to millions of years of extreme pressure and temperature which turns it into oil. To get the oil out of the ground the international companies set up oil rigs above where the oil is and then drill a hole to put a long pipe down to suck up the oil. They use oil platforms to get the oil from the bottom of the ocean. Some are semi-submersible so they can move around. Most oil rigs are portable and can be moved after all the oil has been sucked out. This is helpful because they can travel until they come to the next oil spot. Oil is used in every engine and fuel in the world. Everything that has an engine uses oil in some way. Whether it’s in the engine, diff, or gear box, they all need oil to work or they wouldn’t work. All hydraulic machines use oil as well. Refined crude oil is also used in the fuel to run all engines except electric engines. It is needed in all of these things to help lubricate them and keep them cool. So now you know why it is important to have oil and to know where it comes from, because without oil most of the world’s machines wouldn’t work. It is an essential thing to have and that’s why most countries argue about it because they won’t it for themselves, or to sell it and make a profit. By Jack Buffon. References:

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