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English Examples: Wish- Book Report This book, Wish, is written by Felice Arena. Wish has 121 pages and was published by the Penguin Group. It was first published by HarperCollinsPublishers in 1999. This book was published in 2005. I decided to read this book because it was our class text and it was required in English. The main characters in this book are Sebastian and Jack. Sebastian is from a farm “located way out in the middle of nowhere – a dusty sunburnt stretch of land in outback Australia,” as the author put it. Seb has Down syndrome and has been brought up to believe that he is just like everyone else. Jack is a friend that Seb meets on his journey to the city, he plays a very important role in this book because he helps Seb get his 100 planes and his wish. Madeline, Jack’s twin sister is also important because she helps keep the secret about Seb when he stays at their house secretly. Macka is trouble and a bully, but I believe he contributes as well because I think that he helps Seb gain more confidence in himself and helps him learn the difference between right and wrong. Seb and Alex’s mum has a rare cancerous disease and needs a donor bone marrow, without one she will die. Neither Seb nor Alex is a match. Alex introduces Seb to the “mega wish” on his birthday, where you are required to clap 100 planes into your sight for your wish to come true. Seb goes to the city and hitches a ride with some bikers. He meets Colleen, a woman with the bikers. But she tells the police about him and he flees from them. Seb leaves to go to the airport and on his way he meets Jack. Seb tells Jack about the mega wish and he and Jack become fast friends. Jack’s sister Madeline finds out about Seb. Macka finds out about Seb secretly staying at Jack’s house and has a bad plan for Seb. Macka catches up with Seb while Jack is at school and tells Seb to steal wheels for him from a sports shop. Seb, knowing this was wrong, stole the wheels anyway and got busted by the shop owner. But Jack comes to the rescue and sells his board in order to help Seb. Seb and Jack finally get to the airport, but the police take Seb away. Jack promises to help Seb. Seb arrives home. He gets 99 planes, so close yet so far away given the amount of planes that fly over his house. Very luckily, Seb gets 100 planes! He wishes for his mum to get better, the 100 th plane was Jack’s plane, with him, a doctor and his dad in it. Jack is a match for Seb’s mum. I really liked this book, and I think that the moral of this book is: that nothing is impossible, if you put your heart in it. Because Seb didn’t give up when things got hard, when Colleen busted him or when he got caught stealing, or when the police got to him. To me, the book didn’t have many weak points. I learned that little things count, if Seb had never met Jack, he wouldn’t have been able to save him mother’s life. I would definitely recommend this book to others, though it was short, and a bit easy, it is a very good read. Reference: Book: Wish, Written by Felice Arena. Published by the Penguin Group 2005.

Graffiti- Art or Vandalism? Graffiti is divided into two parts: Arts and Vandalism. People continue to argue whether artists or vandals create it. Some may think it as beautiful and creative. And others, like me think it as ugly and defacing, I believe that those people are right. If people think that graffiti is “art” why is it that in some stores, it is illegal to sell spray cans to under eighteens? I believe it is because some people abuse the right to use spray cans. Which is completely fair; if people can’t use them properly, why sell them at all? In addition, if people want their building or property to look good, they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves or hiring someone. However if they pay or give a graffiti artist their consent to do it, it is completely their decision. Graffiti isn’t just spraying slogans, initials or names onto buildings. It comes into many different categories. Graffiti can be as little as scribbling your name into a chair. And that’s where people get into trouble in schools and in workplaces. Those who do graffiti often do drugs as well. Drug and alcohol use also can come into it. It shows what sort of people does graffiti, it’s not pleasant. Graffiti decreases the desirability of a place or object. One of the most common places for graffiti is on trains, which may bring down the amount of people that travel on trains. Graffiti is defacing someone else’s property that they have no ownership op. Graffiti is not an artwork, it is a disgrace.

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Animal Cruelty I believe they shouldn’t be locked up in zoos and in cages. It’s unhygienic to keep them in boxes. It’s not natural to keep them caged. They are taken from their natural habitat. They have the right to live the life they want. How would it feel like, to be a chicken? You would be sitting in tiny boxes, with little food and straw and lots of other chickens. It would feel terrible. It is extremely unhygienic, for the chickens and for other animals as well. The animals could catch diseases from it, and could be passed onto other species also. It smells, really bad. To keep animals in cages is not natural. Before humans came into contact with other animals the animals were free. Being free was natural to them. The animals weren’t in cages then, so why should they now? Being taken from their natural habitat isn’t right. It is also bad for the animal. They are exposed to a different lifestyle so they won’t have their proper instincts. So if they were to be put back into the wild, they would not survive. Zoos are considered a place where people can learn about how animals live and behave in nature. But compare how animals act in the wild, to how they behave locked between four walls of a zoo. Instead of going to the zoo, where it could probably cost you a lot less money, look outside or go for a walk. The animals you would see are living the life they are meant to be: in their natural habitat. If you can’t do that, you can always learn about them by watching wildlife videos or documentaries, television programs or by reading about them in a book or on the internet. Animals like polar bears, lions or tigers are used to hunting, providing for themselves. They can’t do this because of the pre-set meals given to them by the zoo. Those habits are replaced. You might think that animals get used to being in captivity, but they don’t. Even the ones that are born and bred in the zoo, still have their natural instincts. Animals should not be kept in cages for different reasons. But there are exceptions: if the animal is sick, they may need to go to the vet to get better. But after that they are released back into the wild, or where it was found. We get to choose what we eat, decide what we wear, and go where we want in this life. Animals kept in captivity and in zoos, do not get this freedom. They do not have the power of free will that we do, and sometimes we may think: “My parents wont let me do this.” But once in a while, we should take a step back, and think, just for a second, we are not those animals, and we are incredibly fortunate. If you have been to the zoo, you would have seen all the animals in their small enclosures. Do they really look happy? Or would they rather be free in the wild? You decide. By Sammy Jo Sly.

Going back to school! Going back to the traditional way of things, like going to school should be encouraged. Messing around with the “new” way of learning, shouldn’t. I believe that online education is rubbish; students should go back to school. Firstly, some families are big. And educating children with online schooling can put a lot of stress on the family. Especially on the parents, because they may have jobs that provide for the family and things can get tough at home. If students go to school, they are using the schools power, and the household power bill reduction is huge. Some families wouldn’t be able to afford many hours of computer and internet usage. That’s what school’s are for, not homes. In addition, students attending school helps develop important social skills that will be extremely useful in life. If students are locked up in their homes, they still get to interact with other kids, but it isn’t the same. They need to be able to make friends and play with the other kids in the playground. Sometimes parents don’t have the proper training to work the technology, and it would get frustrating on the child and the parent. Teachers go to meetings, conferences and Pd’s which teaches them about how to teach kids. Parents don’t usually get that. Going to school is traditional and it should stay like that. It is less stress on parents, saves money on power bills and helps develop important skills in children that will be useful in their lives. By Sammy Jo Sly

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