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songsoo kim

This portfolio is about systems of encounters, how we encounter the ‘everyday’ with surprise as means to make it an event and communicate to others. I use the verb encounter as it means to come upon or to meet unexpectedly to approach the daily experience. Architecture is to look at the mundane, the everyday, and in describing it make it appear and no longer simply pertain to regular itineraries, thus transforming it. The daily rituals in three cities New York, Paris, and Seoul are translated and changed to speak about the quotidian of these three global cities.

encounter(s) evidence of encounters (dis) play of affection frames of perception travelling at home windows of exposure framed views views in motion on waiting

evidence of encounters the flaneur is not predisposed to urbanity - it must be encountered. This is the encounter of the human, the architecture and the program. site: opera garnier, paris program: fashion atelier and cafe critic: eduardo rega studio: gsapp new york/ paris fall 2012 right: field of encounters

movements and density of encounters at opera garnier in section

field of encounters of a day in an event of a ballet performance

itinerary based programmatic analysis

juxtaposition of programs distinguished by a surface

encounters between surfaces according to porosity

display of views: encounters of views between people and structure. light projections and shadows

(dis) play of affection display of affection is a play between the forces of speech, touch and gesture. This play of forces makes up the display of the public - that affection between couples, families and strangers. site: 125th street & lenox ave, new york program: amphitheatre critic: jane kim studio: columbia university gsapp introduction to architecture, summer 2012

diagram: areas and movements of public display of affection

historic photos of harlem: catalogue public display of affection

study of cat’s cradle as weave study for display of affection

movement of cats cradle as density of public display of affection

tension between lines replicate the cats cradle movement

densities of weaves frames views and creates tight spaces for contact

frames of perception lincoln center is the place of performance, but it also frames enactment of daily rituals. It is quotidian that enlivens the event makes the experience.

the the the and

program: fashion atelier site: lincoln center, new york critic: jane kim studio: columbia university gsapp new york/ paris, fall 2012 right: carts and trollies in relation to body movements

practice of everyday carrying luggage, assisting the elderly, couples holding hands, make up the scenes of lincoln center plaza

study modules that perform as frameworks and movement

frameworks of views controlled by porosity of weave right:sections, movement through frames

frames create views and volumes and control lighting

diagraming projected encounters of the new atelier at lincoln center metropolitan opera house

look down at downtown seoul

travelling at home seoul is home to 25 million people and myself. ‘travelling’ means to leave the familiar, and ‘home’ is what is familiar. i am challenged by seoul’s complexity, the sense of surprise i feel is to travel. but these moment s of encounter with seoul is with ease, thus, travelling at home. photos taken by songsoo kim in seoul, korea

left: seoul framed out the subway window right: exposed in transit

view from an apartment window drawings: research at guga urban architecture of built environment of seoul

windows of exposure exposure lives a tricky life of borders, exposure can be dangerous, but exposure can be illuminating. this armature exposes the hide and seek of display as exposure. site: flatiron building, new york program: armature critic: thomas demonchaux studio: gsapp new york/ paris fall 2012

right: graphing exposure rates according to grey scale of photos taken at flatiron

modules for exposure study angles, nesting and density

density of various apertures make up the armature

exposures of photos graphed according to grey card in photography

framed views walking on a street we often find ourselves behind people - the view of the back is prevalent. We find that the view from the back is as revealing as that from the front. program: changing room by changing the armature site: garment district, new york critic: babak bryan studio: columbia university gsapp new

right: following the movement of a silk dupata and drycleaning

weaving study of various densities to control porocity and circulation movement

framed views by structure and density of weave controlling circulation and porocity

section plan view of changing rooms’ circulation

views in motion the pace of a walk affects what we observe. this is what i observe, at such a pace, walking between bryant park and the pompidou center. site: bryant park, new york program: look out critic: jane kim studio: columbia university gsapp new york/ paris, fall 2012

right: site lines through the trees on bryant park projected to a virtual pompidou

the view of the body is framed by the geometry of sitelines

views as circulation

on waiting waiting is the event of restlessness. site: orchard street, new york project: prosthetic using a white oxford shirt critic: eduardo rega studio: columbia university gsapp new york/ paris, fall 2012

folded shirt waiting to be worn

process of making a waiting shirt

prosthetic for waiting

tracking restlessness while waiting on orchard street


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