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the suspicious Inquisition, ever wary of some new heresy. Ignatius talked to others about their spiritual life and journey. He wanted to help others to live their lives passionately, but with a passion that, while fearless, was also prudent. Passions can lead people to be foolish and do foolish things, but they can also foster love that is heroic, courageous, and immortal. Ignatius’ holy passion was rooted in the grace of understanding God’s wonderful, awesome love for the human race, a love that had led God to become human in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Throughout the Exercises, Ignatius guides the excercant

The Chapel of the Transfiguration.

used, but finding the truest passion of the heart—Jesus—remains unchanged. Br. Robert recently completed a thirty day retreat praying the Spiritual Exercises at the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.

The Coburn Hermitages.

to find the truest passions of the heart, to be realistic in assessing them, while remaining true to our inmost being. The Spiritual Exercises have historically figured large in the spirituality of the Society of Saint John Evangelist. One of the Society’s early members, Fr. W.H. Longridge, produced the first English translation of the Exercises. This translation was used by Englishspeaking Jesuits to give the Exercises well into the twentieth century; more contemporary translations are now The Society of Saint John the Evangelist

The meadow at Emery House.


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Cowley Magazine - Autumn 2005  

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Cowley Magazine - Autumn 2005  

The SSJE brothers magazine

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