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Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium

FAA Collaboration Fact Sheet In global air traffic management, NCOIC’s involvement spans the Atlantic. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Joint Program Development Office (JPDO) for NextGen, and the Single European Sky ATM Research Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) are working with the NCOIC™ to develop two patterns—one for weather dissemination and another for flight objects. The goal is interoperability in joint endeavors. Uniquely, the NextGen JPDO invited NCOIC to represent global industry’s position, on two working groups—Network Centric and Weather. On July 6, 2009, the FAA and NCOIC entered into an agreement to advance the Enterprise Architecture of NextGen, FAA’s national airspace (NAS) transformation program. NCOIC’s contract with FAA has a potential value of approximately ten million dollars and spans five years. Working collaboratively, NCOIC members will develop “voice of industry” recommendations about applying net-centric standards to the NextGen procurement, as a way to achieve interoperability in the NAS and, potentially, the skies beyond U.S. borders.

The agreement caps a multi-year relationship between the two organizations.

Timeline •

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March 2007 – FAA’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Powell, asked the Consortium to review FAA documents that defined a path to a net-centric future for its Next Generation Air Traffic system April 2007 – NCOIC signed cooperative research and development agreement with FAA and established the Aviation Integrated Project Team September 2007 – FAA joined NCOIC as a government member January 2008 – NCOIC concluded formal review of FAA’s draft strategy for Cyber Security; delivered to FAA March 2008 – NCOIC performed formal review of FAA’s draft strategy for Information Management and Exchange July 2008 – NCOIC Net Centric Analysis Tool was used to evaluate two FAA experiments, as part of “Net Enabled Operations Spiral 1” demonstration Nov 2008 – NCOIC published “Vision For a Netcentric Aviation Ecosystem” March 2009 – NCOIC published “Comparison of SESAR and NextGen Concepts of Operations” Ongoing – NCOIC representative serves on JPDO’s Net Centric Working Group Ongoing – FAA participates in NCOIC Aviation IPT meetings and discussions ###

FAA Collaboration Fact Sheet