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Buddy Guy Plays the Blues

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Uncle John’s Band


Charles Bradley Furthur


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Manzarek Rogers

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May/June 2012

Still Dead


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Shiva Glass

May/June 2012

Lucky Day Bail Bonds May/June 2012

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ence on their styles. While he was a pioneer in the Chicago area blues scene, his style of blues has

Buddy hams it up for the audience

never been restricted solely to Chicago Blues, but has instead ranged across the different types of blues music and ventured into rock n’ roll. Throughout the set, Buddy showed he hasn’t lost a step when it comes to ripping off lightning-fast and intense blues riffs. He hasn’t lost his ability to sing either, with strong soulful vocals. Guy showed his ability to impersonate his late friends and mentors, doing a perfect John Lee Hooker, imitating the style of late blues legend Albert King, and mimicking his dear passed friend, Junior Wells. Reaffirming that age is just a number for him, Buddy jumped next into a inspired version of the song from his latest album, “74 years young.” He even updated it with a verse about being 75 years young, though he is really 76 now.

Buddy Guy “76 Years Young”

By the time Guy got to the part of the set where he comes out to walk around in the crowd and solo, the crowd was ecstatic. As he ended his show, many in the crowd were certainly disappointed that Guy did not live up to his threat to keep playing all day long. This was one great

By Steve Siegfried


uddy Guy credited his appearance at Wanee Fest’s Peach Stage on Friday

before and they knew the words better. While the audience might have been

and Orlando Wright on bass holding down the bottom section.


afternoon to his driver. Apparently they

a made bit lethargic by the hot Florida

had to drive 12 hours straight to make the

sun, it didn’t take them long to rise to

Often credited as one of the few

gig. But Guy showed no ill effects from

the occasion. From the second song on,

still-living blues legends, and a world

the long car ride. In tribute, he dedicated

Guy had them eating out of the palm of

class guitar player, Guy has been

the song, “The Things I Used to Do” to his

his hand.

performing for live audiences for over

A highlight of the set was the interplay


six decades. His credits include play-

between Buddy and his ace second gui-

ing guitar of best friend Junior Wells

old blues legend was on fire from the

tarist, Ric “Jaz Guitar” Hall. Hall dem-

seminal album, “Hoodoo Man Blues,”

beginning of his set. Early on, he had to

onstrated the chops that shows he could

widely considered the first album to

chide the crowd for a lackluster attempt

easily front a killer band of his own.

actually capture the sound of Chicago

Looking healthy and spry, the 76 year

to sing along with the classic, “Hoochie

The organist , Marty Sammon, held

Blues. Guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix,

Coochie Man.” Buddy let on that he

his own soloing as well, with a tight

Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughn

played the same song in India the week

rhythm section of Tim Austin on drums

have all hailed Guy as a major influ-

4 Still Dead

May/June 2012

Ric Hall held his own with Buddy

“When you make me happy, I like to play all day long. And I said that’s why they’re gonna have to cut me off.”

way to beat the Florida heat. Considering his smoldering set and the enthusiastic repsonse from the crowd, it is a good bet that this won’t be the last time we see Buddy Guy at Wanee Fest. Here’s to hoping that in 25 years he will be singing about being “100 years young.”


Buddy Guys Set List: 01 Intro > Nobody Understands Me but My Guitar 02 Hoochie Coochie Man 03 She’s 19 Years Old 04 Someone Else Is Steppin’ In (Slippin’ Out, Slippin’ In) 05 The Things That I Used To Do 06 I Just Want To Make Love To You 07 Banter/ “Sister Went To Milk” 08 74 Years Young 09 Boom Boom 10 Drowning On Dry Land 11 Use Me 12 Strange Brew 13 Let The Door Knob Hit Ya 14 What’d I Say 15 Voodoo Child > Sunshine Of Your Love > Miss You > Outro (instrumental medley)

May/June 2012

Still Dead


Key to Uncle John’s Band’s suc-

Guitarist Alan GIlman tears off a Garcia-like lick

cess as duplicating the sound of the Grateful Dead is their employing of two drummers to provide the Rolling THunder sound of Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann. Drummers Dan Degregory and Mike Bortz complement each other well and hold the rythmn down with the help of bass player Mike Edwards. Edwards also shops off his vocal chops, stepping up to sing several of the songs in the groups repetoire. Second guitarist and main vocalist Steve Connely is adequate, but they could use a stronger vocalist. From what I could tell, keyboardist Art Nelson was solid, though he was too low in the mix to hear very well. Overall these guys are a solid, rocking band and provide a fun live show. The crowd was into it and danced along to the culmination with the songs, “Morning Dew” and “U.S. Blues.” If I had one reccomendation for them it would be to include some songs by

Carrying on the tradition Uncle John’s Band

but then again maybe they do usually perform other songs. I just happened

their seafood entrees. They even have

to see them on a night when they were

been featured on The Food Network for

covering an entire Dead album.

their fare.

The band also has fairly regular gigs

By Steve Siegfried


other people besides the Grateful Dead,

kipper’s Smokehouse in Tampa has

Uncle John’s Band was formed in

a perfect atmosphere to catch a live

Clearwater, FL in 1990 and is booked

band and they know the Dead songbook frontwards and backwards.

While the band as a whole is good,

at The Ringside Cafe on 4th St. N. in St.

the heart and soul of the operation

Petersburg, FL.

seems to be guitarist Gilman.

But if you have the option, see

Born in New York state, Gilman has

them at Skipper’s Smokehouse. The

been a long time Deadhead, having

tone with his axe uncannily close to that

atmosphere, large hippie crowds, and

gone to see shows since the late 70’s.

to catch the band performing, they had

of Jerry Garcia, due in no small part to

energy level contribute to the fun.

chosen to play the complete Grateful

the replice “Tiger Rose” guitar he had

years, Uncle John’s Band has per-

Dead album “Europe ‘72” in order,

built exclusively for himself.

frormed live at Skipper’s. The Grateful

song by song.

band. The stage is located outdoors

regularly in clubs around the Bay area.;

Guitarist Alan Gilman achieves a

between the bar and restaurant, with

On the Thursday night I happened

drinks available from stands. Every Thursday night for the past 14

Dead cover band is a popular attrac-

The fact that these guys have been

On this night he went for the clean Garcia tone of the early 90’s and it

tion and still brings large crowds every

together a long time is evident as soon

gave the songs from “Europe ‘72” a


as you hear them play. They are a tight

fresh sound.

6 Still Dead

May/June 2012

The cover charge of $8 is failry reasonable and Skipper’s also boasts drink specials and deals on beer during Uncle John’s Band shows. Skipper’s is also known for their food, with many people raving about

After New York, Gilman resided in West Virginia for a time, working in local bands during his time there. He also is one of the longest running members of his band, having played with Uncle John’s Band since 1993 and also being a part of previous incarna-

Steve Connely feels the groove

May/June 2012

Still Dead


tions of the band. Nationwide there are literally hundereds of Grateful Dead cover bands, with at least on in every mid to large sized city. Uncle John’s Band definitely stands

out as one of the top tier in this group,

beer vendors, as few were ready to

so they are well worth the money to

leave quite yet at the early hour of 12



As trhe band closed out their second

Emotional homecoming for Charles Bradley

Uncle John’s Band packed up their

set of music with “U.S. Blues,” the

gear, and looked toward their gig the

crowd gravitiated back towards the

next day at The RIngside Cafe.

By Steve Siegfried


ife has been a long hard road for soul singer Charles Bradley. The 64 year old Gainsville native

moved to New York when he was

After a warmup by the band, the

in true James Brown form, he had the

keyboard player stepped out as emcee

crowd eating out of the plam of his

to announce Charles to the stage.


The man himself is a true throwback

Aknowledging his birthplace of

young. After a period of time being

to the golden era of Stax and Motown.

Gainesville, right down the road from

homless, Bradley moved to upstate New

Stage presence is an understatement as

the Wanee campgrounds, Bradley was

York and took on a series of labor jobs

he put everything he had into bellowing

quite emotional with the warm home-

to scrape by.

out his selection of original soul tunes,

coming he received.

But he never gave up

After several numbers,

his dream to become a

Bradley stepped out into

soul singer.

the crowd to give tear-

After years performing

ful and hearfelt hugs to

as a James Brown imper-

many of the audience

sonator, Bradley finally

members as his band

got his break.

held down the groove.

In 2011 he released

These emotional

his debut album, “No

displays are common-

Time For Dreaming” on

place at every show he

Dunham Records.

does, but this time it took

The album came out

on extra weight as he

to rave reviews across the

played for the people of

country and since then

his birthplace.

Bradley has been touring

After several calls from

non-stop with his band,

the band to get back

The Extrodinares.

up on stage and sing,

In a rainstorm at

Charles finally made his

Wanee Festival, Bradley

way back to the micro-

put on a typically smok-

phone to deliver a couple

ing show.

more songs, including a

While the crowd was a bit smaller than normal due to the elements, they

Bradley tearfully hugs a crowd member

were no less enthusiastic

and 79’s soul and funk.

8 Still Dead

May/June 2012

larly powerful version of his signature song, “Why is it So Hard in America.”

when Bradley’s tight band started grooving their mixture of 60’s

slowed-down and particu-

For those who braved the mixed with a few covers. Dancing and moving across the stage

rain to see him, Bradley was surely one of the highlights of the weekend.

May/June 2012

Still Dead


Two nights with Furthur By Steve Siegfried


t has been a long strange trip for the

bers Bob Weir and Phil Lesh took to the

surviving member of the Grateful Dead

main stage for two days with their cur-

lethargic “Ripple,” they reached the

rent incarnation of the Grateful Dead,

highlight of the first part of the show.

since Jerry Garcia passed in 1995. While they have re-formed as The Dead from time to time over the years,

named Furthur. The first show on Friday was hit or

After an uneven “Alligator” and a

“My Brother Esau” was never a hugely poplar tune when the Grateful

mostly they have pursued projects with

miss, maybe due to the Florida heat

Dead played it back in the 80’s, but

their own bands.

taking a toll on a band used to playing

Furthur rocked this song hard. Hopefully

at night.

they keep it in the rotation.

While former Dead drummer Mickey Hart led his own band of Rythmn Devils

After opening with the anthem “Not

of the Wanee Festival Mushroom stage

Fade Away,” the band played a short,

earlier on the day, former band mem-

tight “Brown Eyed Women.”

10 Still Dead

May/June 2012

A by the books “Scarlet Fire” led into a rather mundane “Eyes of the World.” A main reason for the lack of spark

during this first show might have been

sturmental, “King Solomopn’s Marbles,”

during Garcia’s lifetime, but the Furthur

lead guitarist John Kadlecik.

the band finally found their stride.

arrangement plays more as a crowd

What followed was a perfectly

sing-a-long then a serious song to be

Known for his ability to eerily mimic the playing of Jerry Garcia, Kadlecik

played “Unbroken Chain,” featuring an

was a bit off on Friday, pushing hard to

interesting jam between Kadlecik and

find a groove on his solos but coming

bassist Phil Lesh.

out sounding stale and repetitive.

Bob Weir got his turn next, singing

explored by the band. After leaving the stage, Phil Lesh came back to give his donor rap. Since receiving a liver transplant sev-

“Death Don’t Have No Mercy,” and

eral years ago, lesh has made a point

tion” with “The Eleven.” Both well

ramping up the intensity as it went

to request that people donate their

played but lacking in intensity.


organs at every show he plays.

Nexty up was the pairing of “Cau-

At this point we got to the highlight

A crowd favorite, “The Wheel,”

of this show. Starting with the jazzy in-

followed. This song was a highlight

On this night, Lesh was surprised as someone set off a sky lantern from the

May/June 2012

Still Dead


crowd as he gave his speech.

Saturday at Wanee got off to a

Having never seen one of the

blustery and stormy start.

mini-helium baloon toys before,

After the Government Mule

Phil inquired of the crowd “what

show was cut short due to

is that thing. Something from

monsoon-like conditions, some

beyond? Is it a bird, a plane?”

people feared that Furthur might

While many people were

not take the stage at all.

expecting The Band song “The

As the rain died off and

Weight” as the encore, as

things began to dry out, peo-

Furthur does cover that song

ple’s hopes were restored, and

and former Band drummer Levon

when the band took the stage

Helm had died earlier in the day,

and launched into “Playin in

instead they came back with

the Band,” everyone knew this

“Touch of Grey” as the final song

would be a different animal than

of the night.

Friday was.

The song started off slow and

Kadlecik was on fire from the

sloppy but through his bass work

get-go and the band was in rare

driving the band on, Lesh was


able to kick-start them one more time and get the song rocking.

Phil Lesh at work

While this was certainly an up and down show, most people still left the show with smiles on their faces anticipating the next night.


After a rocking “China Cat,” Weir provided a rare let-down on the night with a slow and

“What is it? Something from beyond? A bird, a plane?” - Phil Lesh

unspirited “Estimated Prophet.” “Ramble on Rose,” “Bird Song,” and “Sugar Magnolia” were next, sandwiched between the “Playin” reprise. All good.

Bob Weir tries to play guitar was treated to a stellar “Help on the

sion of “Viola Lee Blues” in three differ-

Way” through to “Franklin’s Tower.”

ent tempos with “Bertha” and “Wharf

day show, the crowd had finally been

Rat” stuck in the middle of it.

delivered the goods, in a big way.

Going old school all the way, the band veered into “Cryptical Envelopment,” and “The Other One.” Now it was time for the crowd to dance even harder to a swinging “Shakedown Street.” Showing they can still get werid, Furthur next played a weird progres-

12 Still Dead

May/June 2012

Kadlecik sung out a sweet “Stella

After a somewhat disappointing Fri-

Furthur is set to play a run of shows

Blue” next to calm everyone down

in the fall, but after that it is anyone’s

before the “I Know You Rider” closer.

guess if Weir and Lesh will decide to

After Phil’s donor rap, the band came back one more time for an appropriate and rocking “U.S. Blues” encore.

continue this band or they will go back to their own bands full time. So do yourself a favor and get out to see them now while you can.

May/June 2012

Still Dead


Wanee Fest : An Allman Brothers Family Affair

Warren Haynes has become the band leader By Steve Siegfried

The Allman Brothers Band has hosted the Wanee Festival since its inception, and this year was no exception. With the large amount of side projects and bands affiliated with the Allmans, the festival takes on the air of a family. The bands at the festival that either included a member of the Allman Brothers Band or a family member of the group included Tedeschi Trucks Band, Government Mule, and Devon Allman. The Allmans headlined both Friday and Saturday nights of the festival, closing out on the Peach stage. 14 Still Dead

May/June 2012

Clear to all in attendance was that founding member of the band, Greg Allman is not well right now. After liver transplant surgery in 2010 and a hernia operation last year, Allman has experienced a heart arrhythmia. He was weak for the entire festival and only sang on a few songs. Stepping up in the void was bandmate Warren Haynes. Haynes has become the effective leader of this band, and it continues to thrive under his guidance. Haynes combines a blister-

ing ability on guitar with a voice perfectly suitted to the southern rock that the Allman Brothers specialize in. With fellow guitar master Derek Trucks, Haynes continues the Allman Brothers tradition of tight twin lead guitar attacks. On Friday night the band payed tribute to Band drummer and close friend Levon Helm, who died earlier in the day. They played twosongs by The Band, “It Makes No Difference” and “The Weight.” On “The Weight” they were joined by Trucks’ wife Susan Tedeschi and Furthur bandmember

Bob Weir. Of note in Fridays set was the rarely played Allman’s tune “Blue Sky” and the song “Dreams.” On Saturday they came back with an entirely different setlist. The second night was also guest might as they had three different people sit in for a time with the band. The band started out with the classic hit and crowd pleaser “Jessica.” A rare treat for die hard fans of the band was the performance of “Mountain Jam,” a classic Allmans guitar song that they rarely perform these days. They demonstrated that they

can do more than just southern rock and blues as well, treating the crowd to a jazzy version of the Bob dylan song “All Along the Watchtower.” “Statesboro Blues” is an Allmans staple and had the crowd on its feet. The Van Morrison song “Into the Mystic” was a good choice for Haynes to sing as it fits his voice perfectly. Sandwiched between ”Mountain Jam” was the Howlin’ Wolf classic “Smokestack Lightning,” featuring blistering harmonica from Jimmy Reed. Closing out the show, Greg Allman came out and was

propped up in a chair to sing the Neil Young song, “The Needle and the Damage Done.” Greg sang with heart, if not energy, as he struggled to get through the performance, slurring his words as though he were on pills or alcohol. Healthy Greg Allman or not, the band still put on a hell of a performance, but the mood was a bit bittersweet as the audience left the field. On the one hand, people were buzzing from the great music, but they also were worried about Greg Allman. Here’s to hoping for his full recovery. May/June 2012

Still Dead


right, but it is her amazing singing voice that sets her apart. With a voice that could accurately be de-

Free,”“That Did It,” and “Darlin Be

can get aband to the point where they

as usual.

Home Soon,” they closed out with

are at their peak musically and prefes-

another crowd favorite, “Bound For


Kicking it off with the song, “Don’t

scribed as a more soulful and ranged version

Let Me Slide,” they got the crowd fired

of Bonnie Raitt, Tedeschi has toured for several

up right away,

years with her own band before joining up with Derek.

After a couple more songs, Trucks broke into a raga type solo that melded

With a Gold record and sold out tours under

into the beautiful ballad “Midnight in


So the couple has no plans to devote

After their epic performance, many

band for the near future. That is besides

the highlight of the entire festival.

Derek’s appearances with The Allman

From Wanee they continue right

Harlem.” The song is a perfect vehicle

back on the road, with a grueling


for the amazing voice of Tedeschi. It’s

non-stop schedule of concerts the world

hard to say this was a seminal version


of this song as they always seem to

album as they learned to work together.

play it perfectly, but if you asked the

plied of performances from the last

crowd attending they would agree that

year, due out in May.

Grammy Award and was hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as a “masterpiece.” Since then the band has been touring non-stop and has been generating serious buzz for their electric performances everywhere they go.


The band took to the Peach stage on Friday following a great performance by Buddy Guy.

Brothers Band. This group can only hope to get better. With their award winning combination of blues, rock and soul music

together, and went in the studio to record an The resulting album,”Revelator,” won a

much time to anything else besides this

in the audience agreed that they were

her belt, Tedeschi met Trucks and the the rest is In 2011 they finally decided to form a band

Trucks and Tedeschi The Married Life

From the start, they were picture perfect

On deck next is alive album, com-

already realized, it is hard to fathom how much better they can get. It seems like ages since The Tedeschi

it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Tedeschi and Trucks then plan to

Trucks Band debuted last year at the

Another highlight was their version

bring the band back into the studio to

Wanee Festival. They seemed like a

record their followup to “Revelator.”

road hardened veteran unit wowing the

of The Staple Singers song, “Lord Protect My Child.” The song allows Tedeschi to really strech her vocal range and helped to fire up the crowd even more. After the songs “Nobody’s

Speaking of his hopes for the band, Trucks talks of the importance of honing a band’s skills on the road. According to Derek, only a packed schedule of concerts over a long period

crowd at this years festival. One thing is for sure, the sky is the limit for this pair, and fans of the band can only hope they come back to Wanee again next year.

By Steve Siegfried


he marriage of Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi is almost like music genetic engineering,

Their two children were born to immedicately be considered to have maybe the finest music genes on the planet.

Tedeschi Trucks A must see Band

But even stornger is the band they have assembled for their current venture together. Boasting a picture perfect rhythm section, and a full horn section (all of whom can sing as well), this band is amongst the best touring today. Derek Trucks grew up in music, with his uncle Butch Trucks being a founding member of The Allman Brothers Band. Developing his skills since childhood, Derek has become a world class slide guitar player, forming his own band and joing The Allman Brothers in 1999. His wife, Susan Tedeschi, has tons of acllaim under her belt to bring to their partnership as well. Tedeschi is a solid blues guitarist in her own

16 Still Dead

May/June 2012

May/June 2012

Still Dead


After The Doors The Manzarek - Rogers Band

Airplane and now forming the band

pursued a solo career for a time before

world over to his virtuoso slide-guitar

Hot Tuna, which also played at Wanee.

focusing on producing other acts.


“I haven’t seen these guys in so many years,” Manzarek lamented. Overall they gave a good performance. There is no question that this is

Of signifigance was Manzarek’s

As a producer, Rogers has worked

production work on seminal Los Ange-

on albums for people as diverse as

les punk Band X’s first few albums.

John Lee Hooker and Ramblin’ Jack

He also helped Iggy Pop out when


a rocking and entertaining band. With

he first came to Los Angeles, provid-

a tight rhythm section and a propensity

ing him with a place to stay and even

resume as well, along with a couple

to jam out, they had the crowd dancing

trying to start a band with him for a

Grammy nominations for songs he

along even though they didn’t know

time.But none of that stopped him from


many of the songs.

getting back together with his former

If this band has one weakness, it is in the vocals. While Manzarek is

Door’s bandmates from time to time. Ray produced the final Doors album

Televison and film scores are in his

He has recorded music with the likes of Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Steve Miller, and Sammy

somewhat servicable as a singer, and

“An American Prayer,” in 1978. On the

Rogers just mediocre, neither should be

album the band recorded new material

The combination of Manzarek and

doing vocals. Get these guys a singer

and placed poetry recored by Jim Mor-

Rogers, backed by drums and a bass

and they will be on to something.

rison before his death over the music.

player is an all-star lineup in it’s own

Prominent in the set were several

The Doors have re-formed to tour



songs from Manzarek and Rogers

a few times over the years with differ-

alnum, “Translucent Blues.”

ent singers taking the place of the late

land, before taking a hiatus as Rogers


goes out with his own band on tour.


Manzarek has kept busy over the

Roy Rogers is no slouch either with

Currently their band is set to tour Po-

At Wanee they helped get the

years since the death of the man who

his track record in blues recording,

weekend underway with a serious shot

co-created The Doors with him.

producing, and music writing.

of blues adrenalin. At 73 years of age,

After a few albums without Morrison, The Doors decided to call it quits. Ray

With his band The dela Rhythm Kings, Rogers has treated audiences the

Ray has lost no ability to rock and is brining more intensity than ever.

Manzarek and Rogers jam out

By Steve Siegfried


howing that Jim Morrison wasn’t the only reason for The Doors’ success,

Ray Manzarek and his bandmate Roy Rogers brought their mix of jazz, blues,

Roy Rogers utilized his twin-necked

achieve the goals of peace and love in

guiter to show off tasty jazz and blues

the 60’s before telling the crowd they

chops throughout the set.

reminded him of those days.

Of particular note was a swinging

Mazarek showed real emotion as he

and rock to Wanee Fest on Thursday

and soulful version of “Riders on the

explained that the Wanee Festival and

afternoon at the Mushroom stage,

Storm.” Manzarek dedicated it to Mor-

the crowd made him feel like he was

rison, who died in 1971.

back in the 60’s.

Sprinkling in re-arrangments of a few Doors classics, Manzarek wowed the

Ray appeared touched by the

He even ran in to some old friends

crowd with his undiminished keayboard

warmth and appreciation of the crowd.

from those days, Jorma Jaukonen and


He maented about how they failed to

Jack Cassidy, formerly of Jefferson

18 Still Dead

May/June 2012

May/June 2012

Still Dead


He is waiting to be someone’s best friend 20 Still Dead

May/June 2012

Still Dead  

Wanee Fest

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